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*Me and my future kids talking*

Kids: Mommy, who was president from 2016-2020?

Me: I don’t remember kids, but let me give you a rundown on what happened at the 2017 Oscars-it was WILD

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Jiminie!!! What was going thru your mind during the fansign??? Did you see the look on kookies face when you leaned into him??? -jikook trash

Kaze please……….

Didn’t anyone mention this yet?

Maybe I just missed it out at some point, but I never saw someone speaking about the contrasts in FFXV. For example: the contrast of life-span between Noctis and Ardyn.

One who lived way to long for his own liking…

One who never had the chance to live his life altogether…

And then there are the typical ones, like light and darkness and so on… but that one just hit me today. What do you think about it?

Losing followers by the truckload 😂😂😂 is it because I reblogged my own body photos or maybe the fact I mentioned I support body positivity for ALL GENDERS! Who knows but all I care about is I get rid of the weak ones to make room for the better ones. Peace ✌🏼👌🏼💕

when the war ends, ron and hermione go home. harry disappears. no one hears from him for three weeks, he wanders aimlessly from hotel room to hotel room, trying to find a new city, somewhere to begin again. he’s in london when he calls his friends, tells them that he needs them.

for ron, home is full of ghosts, for hermione, home is full of her parents questions, questions she can’t answer. so when harry suggests they get an apartment together, they jump at the chance. hermione does most of the apartment hunting, calculates costs, fills out the forms. ron and harry shop for furniture, ron doesn’t know what home means anymore and harry never knew, so they’re both trying to carve a home for themselves in this new world.

they move into a three bed apartment, but it soon becomes two bed as hermione and ron start sharing more and more often and hermione declares that it’s a waste not to use the third room as a study.

ron cooks, harry cleans, hermione makes sure the bills get paid on time. they talk less than they used to, there’s a silence that hangs in the air, but it’s getting better, they’re healing together.

hermione decides to go to sixth form, she wants to go to university. she’ll think about the future later, but right now she’s young and she wants to learn.

ron gets a job at a local corner store. he volunteers at a soup kitchen on weekends. he doesn’t know what he wants to do or be yet. the wizarding world he grew up in no longer exists.

harry doesn’t do anything for a while. part of him still feels like a ghost. but slowly he starts to thaw out, he starts small, reading to children at the library. eventually he realises he wants to work in social services. he wants to save children the way someone should have saved him.

it’s not perfect. they’re all a little cracked and their lives are messy. there are nights when none of them can sleep. there are days when getting out of bed seems too hard. but it’s okay, cause they’re never alone. time passes, life moves on. they learn how to live again.

 hermione graduates with a ppe (politics, philosophy, and economics) degree and starts to climb the ladder at the ministry of magic. she’s ready to change the world.

 ron proposes to hermione. she says yes. harry starts to suggest he move out but is quickly shushed, it’s been the three of them for so long now that they couldn’t imagine it any other way. ron works with his father in the ministry for a while but when hermione gives birth to their first child he quits. he’d rather be a stay at home dad any day. 

and harry? harry saves children. he works for social services and he’s an expert at seeing past the guise of suburban normality to what lies beneath. his co workers notice how astonishingly good he is at noticing the signs of abuse, and one of them realises why and kindly asks if he’s seen a therapist. he hasn’t but he soon does. he has to edit out the bits about magic but he finds in the end it still does him good. as well as all this, he works with the ministry of magic, helping muggle parents understand what it means to have a wizard/ witch as a child. 

harry never marries, he’s the first to know when ginny and luna get engaged and when luna decides that only grooms having best men is just so antiquated, harry is luna’s best man. 

they grow old together, harry, ron, and hermione. they buy a house in the country side together. to the granger- weasley children, uncle harry is like a second dad. 

the war still haunts them, but they live and learn and love. they change the world, not by winning a war, but by remaining kind after and recognising that it is the smallest actions that play the biggest role.

Hate Crimes.

I was always meh over all the America hate in my dashboard because literally everything has hate today but now I have a reason to feel disgruntled.

Last week in Kansas, a man shot two other men thinking they were Middle Eastern and allegedly yelled “Get out of my country!” before opening fire, killing one, injuring the other as well as injuring another man who tried to step in and wrestle the gun away.

Now by the above statement, unless I’d mentioned that it was racially motivated with that statement, you’d have thought it was just a drunken brawl. If I’d have phrased it as

A man yelled something and opened fire at two others, killing one and injuring the other as well as another man who tried to step in to help.

would you have really known? No.

Then why look through a racially filtered lens in the first place is the question which unfailingly always come to mind.

I’ve always heard of the worst of what has happened in detail on tumblr, regardless of whether I’d seen it on the news first. Now obviously it wouldn’t be in much detail in my country because our news channels have enough things to comment on which lie within our borders, but nevertheless, we still are informed about the happenings abroad. And tumblr has never failed me either.

However, how disgustingly inefficient do you have to be to not properly inform your people about a hate crime which took place in your own goddamned country? This is a hate crime much like any of the others which have happened in the past. Not to glorify it, but why hasn’t this blown up and been taken notice of? Why do most of the people here not know about this? 

Is it because he was Indian? Is it because he was brown? Is it because he may not have been Christian? Don’t they matter too? Don’t people matter?

Your country is going rampant with trying to “weed out” POC but mind you, America isn’t the home of white people.

It. Is. Not.

So don’t you dare use that rubbish as logic against this.

A man died because of the other’s deranged, bigotistic and racist views. He died. Someone lost their life because of another’s ignorance.

Does colour matter that much to you? It’s just a biological thing.

Does religion matter that much to you? It’s just a belief. None of them advocate hate anyway.

Ignorance. Ignorance is what fills your nation, like a slow killing poison. But all right, I will not blame you people. After all, you need to be told too. This is not the first time such a thing has not received coverage. Because brown people are invisible after all. And an eighty-odd year old man on a morning walk is definitely snooping to see where he can plant bombs because he’s brown.


Shame on you, Donald Trump, for not even informing your people about this. Forget speaking against such happenings, at least don’t hush it up. They’re not babies.

But I still have hope because I know that so may of you are in face actually informed and are broad minded and are against all this hate. See Ian Grillot. He didn’t have to step in. But he did. Why? Because, why not? He’s human. We’re all human. We all need to love each other and live in harmony. Not get all jittery just because they’re a little bit different than you.

I’m in no way related to all this but it angers me to see so much hate and violence in the world for no bloody reason even though I know there are so many many good people out there too. Like the people who helped raise the money for the people involved in this case. You’re all lovely blessed humans.

America, you’re the hope for millions of people around the world. Don’t let yourself get tarnished over a few gun-wielding hate-filled morons.

To end this I’d like to echo Sunanya Dumala’s words, “He did not deserve a death like this.” Yes, her husband did not deserve a death like this. No one deserves a death like this. Even more so a death disregarded in the country he wanted to do so much for.

RIP my man. It would’ve been nice if people were colour blind and maybe religion blind as well.


i’ve been playing overwatch for the last two months and recently decided to learn how to play sombra. i’m still terrible at this game, but hey, i got potg and the trophy!

i think i feel more comfortable using the label pansexual because i’m nb like that’s just a personal thing of mine but i don’t mind telling people i’m bi or pan it’s just like. whatever yk. also i don’t understand the difference much so for me it wouldn’t be a problem?????

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I just binge read The Course of Honour and you now have a new fan. The story is everything I love and I'm quite overjoyed at seeing how fast you've been posting. Please tell me you already have it written and just need to edit it. It is so disappointing when I find a story s good and it is never completed. So I wanted to say fantastic job. I love the characters and I'm excited to read more. Selfishly I'm hoping it'll be a long story

I am flattered that anyone might even entertain the possibility that I could write and post 4k+ chapters twice a week, but no, Course of Honour is done. It’s actually gone through a first pass edit, and at the moment it’s going through beta where @emilyenrose improves each chapter approximately 300% and then I post it and make people sad about Jainan. Sorry about that, I didn’t realise how much Sad About Jainan there was in the first half.