i will never forgive that

–Joe Jonas comes to my university for a concert with DNCE in 2017, 9 years after breaking up with Taylor Swift–

Me: *throws paper airplane on stage that says “FUCK YOU FOR THE 27 SECOND PHONE CALL”*

something that really grinds my gears is that nowhere in the books does jk once describe snape as ugly (if my memory is failing me, prove me wrong, but i don’t recall). literally all that’s told abt his appearance is skin/hair/eye colour (none of which can be inherently ugly), hooked nose (also doesn’t necessarily make one a repulsive monster) and dirty hair (can easily be fixed in ten minutes). why does everyone feel the need to comment on how ugly he is whenever he’s mentioned in fics i’ll never understand. 

also i’ve said this before and i’ll say this again, i’ll never forgive the movies for casting age inappropriate actors. even though i love gary oldman and alan rickman, someone like ben barnes and adrien brody would’ve looked much better in their respective roles. 

I’ll never fucking forgive pablo hidalgo for saying armchair hux has a pet cat named millicent and opening up the literal gates of hell like that is by far the worst and most impactful thing he’s done

The one thing I’ll never forgive Resident Evil for is how they put Clancy through fucking Hell
He tried so hard to stay alive and escape only for him to die in the end!
I legit fucking cried


me all week: if flint has to die can they just do it now so i can just stop being stressed and start mourning and get it out of my system
4.05: makes it look like flint is about to die for a few minutes even though it’s obvious he’s not dying in this ep
me: literally i will never forgive you if you do this i will hunt you down for the REST of my LIFE

i will never forgive them for the way they did luna and her debut promotions. her whole album was hit after hit after hit and it all just drowned.

Dear M

How do you do it? How to you get over a relationship so quickly? You said you loved me, that you would never leave me. But you left me alone in my time of need. My family members were dying and you would rather stay away from me. I will never forgive you for that. That was 2 months ago and you are in a new relationship. Maybe I’m just clingy. Scratch that, I know I’m clingy.

I want you to be happy despite everything you’ve done to me. That person has already made you feel terrible. I know I also did things you hated, but you didn’t put up with my shit. Why are you putting up with her shit? Maybe that’s what love is. You love her and you are willing to put up with the pain she causes you. I want you to be happy, if she makes you happy then by all means do what makes you happy. But don’t let her hurt you like I did.

You say I can tell you anything but I can’t. Even when we were dating I couldn’t. You wanted to save me from myself. I was in a lose-lose situation. If I didn’t tell you what was wrong I didn’t love you, if I did you went crazy trying to fix me. What was I to do in this situation? We are starting to talk again but I’m so scared of you. You know how to hurt me, how to get under my skin and make me feel powerless. But you also have the power to make me laugh, and be happy. Are we friends? You act like we are but do friends abandon each other in times of need? 

You know who I am


Sometimes, people don’t deserve your love. People will take you for granted and then suddenly, when you’re gone, they will start missing you. When they do, you’ll be on their mind just as much as they used to be on yours, when they want you back.. be strong enough to say no. That’s really when you need to be strong is when people ask to be back into your life. Forgive them, but don’t take them back.

Yuri!!! on Ice Animate Café ❄❄❄