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I swear, I will never forget the day I saw your face for the first time. I was just casually scrolling through my dash and was Attacked with your prettiness?? Like, I had no clue you were so pretty when I followed you and when I saw your face I was like wow I can't believe I've been following a goddess this whole time

THAT’S SO AAAAH!! IM CRYING 😭 MY LESBIAN HEART ❤️❤️❤️ I’m sorry to disappoint but the only kind of goddess I am is the goddess of being a completely useless lesbian ™ 


and the things that I think what made it a surprisingly good movie. 

SPOILERS AHEAD and a really LONG post 

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The blue rose is a flower that seeks to convey a message of mystery, enchantment and a sense of the impossible. One should never forget that as a flower that is not found freely in nature, the blue rose has a certain charm and unique mystery that does not reveal itself freely.

Fly free, babygirl.


From my twitter, that’s why the @/skywalkerxseb.

I met him, he is the most amazing person ever!!! I waited almost 7 hours just to see him. When he was near, I asked him if Loki was in Infinity War but because of all the people shouting, he understood “Is Loki finished?” and he answered “No” (is that a spoiler? lol) He signed my picture and now he knows I ship Lokane lol jk. I even have a group selfie but I look horrible xD


I will never forget the day that the anime club pranked the whole school. So the news crew for morning announcements at my school interviewed the anime club president and asked him what his favorite anime was and he said “everybody loves raymond” and nobody in the news crew got it and nobody that edits the news got it and so it aired the next morning and none of the teachers got it but holy shit 75% of the students at my school fucking died that day

NCT When You Like Cuddling Up to Them

Requested by: anonymous ;))) (omg wowie it’s sure been a while since i’ve updated i hope you didn’t forget about this request omg sORRYY)

Submission: “Hi sorry for forgetting the unit! Guess I was too excited lol~ I’ll re-request^^ NCT 127 + Kun reaction to when their s/o loves cuddling up to them randomly just because they like being close! Thank you again ^-^”

Genre: fluff

961 Words


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BTS Reacting To Their S/O Having A Panic Attack During A Haunted House

~I need to shorten these titles. Jeez lol~ 

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Seokjin: *omfg this boy. so disrespectfully hot* Jin in an instant would be out of that house as soon as you fell to the ground from fear. He didn’t think you would be that frightened, but since you were he would apologize profusely and promise to never let you be that frightened again.

Originally posted by kumamon-yoongi

Yoongi: He would highly assume that you would be a bit more used to being scared, or give a less of a reaction than even him. But when some kind of clown zombie thing pops out and you fall down, scooting away from it with loud screams and cries he would grab you and walk out the way you went in. “Jagiya, I really didn’t think it would affect you that badly… I’ll make it up, I promise.” Yoongi would feel really bad. 

Originally posted by girlmeetsyoongismixtape

Hoseok: I am dearly sorry, but this boy, Jung Hoseok, J-Hope, Hobi, Hobichi, Sunshine baby, would not walk into a haunted house voluntarily. He would not let you walk in, he would not walk in even if the fate of the world rested on him getting through the haunted house. “The world has been around long enough. It should be okay if it ends now.” He wouldn’t be doing the coddling even if you did walk in. He would be in worse shape than you would be if you walked in. lol 

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Namjoon: This boy would feel guilty af. Like you would not be able to get him to stop apologizing. He would like rush over to you and brush your hands from your face so you could look at him. He would help you up and shelter you from anything else that might pop out as you two were trying to leave. He would so make it up to you. He’d still feel bad so like four days he’s still apologizing. lol 

Originally posted by jeonseouls

Jimin: This boy would be trying to pay attention to not having a heart attack so bad that he would forget about you for a second. He would be trying to figure out when the things were going to jum’p out. But then he would hear your cries and be like “Oh shit Jagi is here too…” Needless to say, it’d be along and silent drive home as you plotted your revenge. “I’m sorry…” “JIMIN YOU FORGOT ME AND RAN AHEAD.” “Again… I’m sorry.” 

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Taehyung: I feel like he would never let go of your hand. He seems like he would say something like “If it gets too much Jagi just tell me and I’ll get you out of here.” *Tae is so soft to me idk* so when you fell and started crying he would cover you with his sweater as he made a beeline back to the beginning. And only when you both were safe from the jump scares would he remove his sweater and look into your face, brushing away the stray hairs and asking if you were okay.

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Jungkook: You two would lose each other. Plain and simple. He would be running around trying to get out and there you are, trying not to die from a gosh damned panic attack. Only blood curdling screams would bring him back from his own mission. He would run around trying to find you and when he did he would go to every length to get you out. Even pushing past other people and things. No matter what though he would definitely be in trouble for leaving you behind. 

A/N: So yeah. I’m sorry. But here’s another request. I love you guys and thanks for the over 800 followers. Xxoo <3<3<3<3 

Korean!Keith HCs

Disclaimer: I’m projecting a lot from my personal east coast Korean-American experience. oh, and NO K-POP/IDOL HCS. BECAUSE KOREANS ARE REAL PEOPLE WITH VARYING DIASPORIC AND ETHNIC BACKGROUNDS. WE ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN UWU PALE ASIAN AESTHETICS kthnx :) :) :)

These aren’t in any particular order btw. If you don’t necessarily hc Keith as Korean, that’s cool too! I shared some of these with @hakpng (who also has AWESOME Korean Keith hcs!!) so they might be familiar to folks.

  • surnames! 안키스 (Keith Ahn) or 설키스 (Keith Seol). I also love @hakpng ‘s hc of Keith’s Korean name being 박김수/ Park Kim Soo. so imagine: 안김수 / Ahn Kim Soo or  설김수 / Seol Kim Soo. beautiful. (also lol projection bc those are my parents’ surnames).
  • Keith isn’t as strongly connected to his roots (2nd gen immigrant kid ftw!) but he still wants to learn more about his history and culture.
    • always desperate to learn more about Korean history (wtf with that single paragraph in the thick U.S. History textbook about the Korean War) and even mythology. but there aren’t as many resources in English so he’s frustrated and often stuck scouring the web for hours.
    • he once stumbled upon traditional music and discovered that he LOVES IT SO MUCH! listening to 사물놀이 and 판소리 helps him calm down. the constantly switching rhythms, the raw power and energy of the music, the tales that are woven into performances; it’s all v comforting for him.
    • English is actually his first language. At home, his parents talk to him in Korean/Konglish and he always responds in English. it’s p natural for him to do so. 
    • He understands Korean and can read most of it (minus business/political jargon). He’s not as confident with writing and speaking it tho… he’s actually SUPER self-conscious about speaking. when he was growing up, he’d get made fun of by other Korean kids/extended family for not being “fluent enough” bc he never really spoke the language. all the teasing and shaming added to his insecurities about speaking.
    • BUT Keith loves the Korean language! he loves the warm, familiar feeling that sprouts in his chest when he hears it!
    • his parents once sent him to Korean language school at church but it was so overwhelming and Keith felt so anxious and inferior he ended up teaching himself the language (gradually, over the years, and immersion in the culture at home helped a lot).

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MULAN. ☽ ˣ @honoreflected

Man o’ man, where do I even begin with this girl?
Mulan, you and I have been friends for YEARS – you’re practically my baby sister by now. I remember the day we met like it was yesterday and I can’t believe that I didn’t approach you a day sooner, babes. For the longest time, I kept my distance from you; I had this crazy assumption that you were just a troll roleplayer, always joking around and hardly ever staying in character. But then you sent me that friend request and I figured that it was time to get to know the perfect person that is you.
I’m so glad that I did.
Honey, you turned out to be one of the most beautiful people on the planet. ON THE FUCKING PLANET. And not to mention, a great writer! Just ask your 900+ followers. c; You’re always thinking of others and you never fail to do what’s right or decide what’s fair for everyone, even if your gut tells you otherwise. I’ve seen your saddest times, your hardest times, and your happiest times and you’ve definitely seen all of mine. It’s just so crazy how you became such a huge part of my life so quickly. It was so quick, that it was almost impossible to believe and ever since we exchanged Roleplayer.Me comments, I beat myself up for not giving you a chance way back when first started. Now, I can’t even go a day without talking to you or I’ll probably lose it. Lol. Mulan… B.Cookie… you mean more to me than Jasmine does or ever will – and you KNOW how deep my love for this character is.
Basically, I love you best friend and I always will. That’s a promise!

MEGARA. ☽ ˣ @nxtmegara

You already know how much you mean to me. But… My darling! I can’t believe the circumstances of how we’ve met. Lol. Not only are you a bestie in RP, but you’re a bestie in RL, that is also my COWORKER. I just can’t. You’re an angel sent from Heaven, you just don’t know. When I was new at our crazy, slave-driving job, you welcomed me SO nicely without hesitation, along with other people too. You even bought me a Princess Jasmine pin for Christmas and a Rajah Tsum-Tsum plush randomly, just because. JUST BECAUSE. That’s how I knew we had a real thing going. AND THEN RECENTLY. You opened up to me about your personal life a little bit more, insanely revealing to me that you were into character-writes too. That literally blew my mind. Blew it. You’ve always been different than everyone else at our job but, it’s even more-so now that we have a deeper connection no one else around us will ever understand – and that’s pretty freaking cool, if you ask me. Work used to suck but, it’s worth showing up to everyday now, knowing that you’ll possibly be there, cracking up at dumb shit and avoiding mess with me. Lmfaoooo! I love you, my mermaid! Lots and lots! ~

GENIE / FLINT LOCKWOOD. ☽ ˣ @flintlockwood

My baby! Oh, guys. This is my heart right here. He is my beloved Meatball, Flint. But first and foremost, he is my main Genie of the Lamp. I have been roleplaying as Jasmine for a long enough time and for years now, I’ve struggled to find a Genie to have as a main / best friend. And then he came along and we instantly had more than an RP connection. / Fli-nie / , you mean so much more to me than some silly old RP account. Honestly, truly. That’s simply because you are absolutely incredible in character and out of character – just angelic either way. The bond that we share is irreplaceable; it’s gotten to where I can spot your editing / many, many profiles a mile away. You have made millions of other accounts to keep you occupied lately, all of which you’ve added me from. And even though your big, blue account is inactive, you’ve still held onto it just for me. That means something. I’m not going to lie, I miss having you there but being with you as Flint is just as perfect. You’re such a blessing! Just know that you will always be my number one Big Blue Baby Boo and my best friend forever!


MIRAGE. ☽ ˣ @femmexfatale-x

Mirage, Mirage, Mirage. We go waaaaay back – even farther back than Mulan and I. When I first joined the Disney verse, you were the very first one to speak to me, the first to write with me, and the first to co-own RPGs with me. We went everywhere together hand in hand and always had each other’s backs. Sadly, after a while, we grew distant as our RL’s grew busier and then you vanished completely, from time to time. But even still, you always made it a point to contact me as soon as you could and I was always willing and happy to hear from you! Then, thankfully last year, out of the blue, you made a huge come-back and things were back to the way they used to be between us. Ever since then, it has been like old times hanging out with you and catching up on everything we’ve missed out on. You’re the ride-or-die that everyone on the planet is wishing for and I’m so glad to call you mine. I love you babygal!

ICHIGO. ☽ ˣ @xkingshinigamix

You already know you hold a special place in my heart, Ichi. We haven’t known eachother for very long but, I already know for a fact that I can always depend on you. You’re my King, my Knight, my Protector. And I couldn’t ask for a better companion.

RAJA. ☽ ˣ @fireversed

My OTHER Raja + her muses. When I first made my account, before my hiatus, you were one of the very first people to speak to me here. I was SO new and SO nervous to post my writing but then, you were just so welcoming and sweet and the ice-breaking message you sent to me was too cute! You gave me the confidence that I needed and I want to seriously thank you for that. So now, when I call for my furrier Rajah, I have high hopes that you’ll come prancing from around the corner alongside him! xD ILYBBY.

POCAHONTAS. ☽ ˣ @ofthewiind

Just. Ugh. You’re the most amazing Indian Queen that I’ve ever met. Deadass. You give me such life and you’re such a beautiful and great writer. I didn’t think my love for Poca could get any stronger, TBH. Then here yo ass come, all flawless n’ shit. c; ILY, ma. Thank you for sticking with this basic-ass queen.

LOLA BUNNY. ☽ ˣ @hoopsheartthrob

#WCE right here. You’re the epitome of bunny badass and you slay me every single day. I had no choice BUT to include you on here. AND YOUR BIRTHDAY IS IN APRIL TOO? Please. Lol! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to potentially become your best friend in the whole entire world because we’re honestly meant to be when you think about it – I mean, come on now.

ESMERALDA. ☽ ˣ @murroyilodel

Esmeeeeeee! Oh, girl. You’re such a sweetheart in every way! I will never forget that day, a few weeks ago, when things weren’t going so well with me and you sent me that sweet, random message. That really made my day and it gave me the feel goods that I needed. Thank you so much, honey! That won you a permanent place on my besties list and you’re definitely A1 in my book.

MOANA. ☽ ˣ @horizoncrossed

Mo! You are beyond perfect, from muse to mun! It is a delight to see your bright, beautiful posts on my dashboard every day! You definitely do Moana a justice and I’m so excited to see where this friendship will take us! Expect tons of loving from me, okay? ~


Those of you that I’ve peeped and literally swooned over.
If anyone is / feels left out, I’m so sorry! That is not intentional!
But there are so many of you now and I’ve recently gained almost 50 more followers, so! Lol!

@snakemade ( jafar. ) , @cantsayit ( megara. ) , @distrcss ( megara. ) , @air-hercs ( hercules. ) @gloryfound ( miguel. ) , @goldfound ( tulio. ) , @worldlyevil ( maleficent. ) , @futurxxs ( ishizu. ) , @leparoza ( aurora. ) , @servesthegods ( chel. ) , @starhaze ( multi-muse. ) , @lecturebeaute ( belle. ) , @underworldreign ( hades. ) , @inhxrmony ( ariel. ) , @sailedstars ( jimbo. ) , @boorishbrute ( gaston. ) , @dreamswithin ( edward. ) , @mistressofevil ( maleficent. ) , @glassedcoffin ( snow white. ) , @wabbitseezon ( daffy. ) , @riffraffstreetratidontbuythat ( female aladdin. ) , @adventhero ( cloud strife. ) , @hxilprincxssaurora ( aurora. ) , @spacebabed ( beautiful stargirl. ) , @oceancalled ( moana. ) , @problem-free ( timon. ) , @flxbber ( professor phillip. ) , @wiccanblood ( thorn. ) , @bengalisms ( caspian. ) , @cavetigrim ( shere khan. ) , @rxseblanche ( belle. ) , @incarnateyouth ( peter pan. ) , @ofmallum ( maleficent. ) , @ibisangelus ( rinoa. ) , @the-char-memeing-prince ( prince charming. ) , @kcybladcr ( sora. ) , @diilwen ( sophie. ) , @pickanosis ( osmosis. ) , @tinkiisms ( tinker bell. ) .

Obviously, each and every one of my followers mean a lot to me! But these are just the few that have really stood out / have contacted me over the past few weeks! My list keeps updating so of course, more of you will be on the next Follow Forever post, for sure! I hope to get to know more of you soon!

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I want Zeus to grant Liam The Original a 24hr reprieve from death to see his brother get married. I don't even care if he's a ghost. I want this so much and we'll never ever ever get it.

Maybe he could be a Force ghost, ala Star Wars? LOL

I will be MIGHTLY disappointed if the eldest Jones isn’t at least MENTIONED in the run up to the wedding. Yes, Killian and Liam parted on good terms and got to say goodbye, but that doesn’t mean that Killian doesn’t still miss him and wish he could be there for his special day.

Killian’s got a new family with Emma and the Charmings, I just don’t want the show to forget about his other family, even though they’re gone.

Too Cute


 Bucky Barnes x Reader
 Hi! I love your writing!!! Can you write a one shot where the reader goes to a concert with the avengers and Bucky and Steve lets her get on his shoulders so she can see and they like each other so it’s all cute and the team knows it too. Fluffy! lol thanks!
Warnings: None
Notes: Hey guys, I have my prom today so sorry for this one being a bit short. I have induction days at my new school next week so the imagines may be in short supply, I’m sorry in advance. Anyway enjoy!

When you worked with the Avengers you never really got any free time, it was constant mission, training and the occasional meeting, oh and not forgetting Stark’s extravagant parties.  However for the first time in what seemed like forever you all had the week off. Of course this meant that you were all immediately bored with the lack of things to do. Sighing you flopped down on the sofa next to Bucky. “I’m booored” You whined throwing an arm over your face. You felt Bucky chuckling beside you and jabbed in the side with your elbow. “It’s not funny Barnes.” You growled with a small smirk on your face. “I have an idea!” Clint suddenly exclaimed, eliciting groans from throughout the room. “What? I have good ideas!” He insisted. “Sure Clint last time we went along with one of your ‘good ideas’ we all ended up brainwashed and sent out to destroy the city!” Natasha insisted with a small smile gracing her lips. “How was I meant to know the hypnotist was working for hydra?” Clint muttered crossing his arms over his chest. “What’s your idea Barton? It’s gotta be better than lounging around here!” You chuckled. “Well, there’s a small concert going on in the park down the road, I thought it would be a fun thing for us all to do!” Clint replied perking up instantly at someone wanting to hear his idea. “What type of concert?” Steve asked skeptically.  “Bit of everything.” Clint replied “They get local bands to come and play, it’s free and everything.” He smiled with a wink aimed at you. “Please guys, can we?” You pleaded like a small child. Sighing everyone eventually agreed, even with slight resistance from Steve and Tony, who both had other things that they had wanted to do.

 As the small venue came into view you grabbed Bucky’s hand and pulled him along with you. “Hurry up soldier.” You groaned tugging on his hand.  “Stop worrying about it doll, I’ll make sure you can see the action.” He chuckled. You and Bucky had always had a very close relationship, people often mistaking you two for a couple. If you were honest you would admit your romantic feelings towards him but you didn’t want to ruin your friendship with him. Groaning as you noticed the sheer amount of people in attendance. “We’ll never be able to see from back here.” You whined, a frown etching its way onto your face. “Right come here.” Bucky commanded squatting down so you could get on his back. “Yes! You’re the best! Thanks Buck!” You exclaimed clambering onto his back and wrapping your legs around his strong shoulders. “Anything for you doll” You heard him whisper, making you blush profusely.

 “Hey Steve.” Natasha whispered into Steve’s ear. ‘Huh?” He questioned, in slight shock from her sudden appearance. All he got in response was Natasha gesturing towards you on Bucky’s shoulders and his hands on your waist.  “They’re too cute.” Steve chuckled.

What If? Sims OC Tag

Chosen OC: Velvet Redman

You can find the story here: Redman Gen 5

I was tagged by @justkeeponsimming. I forgot to put this lol.


  1. What is your character’s favorite memory?: It would be a tie of her wedding day with Laura or when their first child was born. Anything to do with her true love and their offspring will always be a memory she will never forget.
  2. Who and what would your character give their life for?:  Mostly Laura but any of her family she would lay her life on the line for.
  3. What is your character’s greatest fear? She really doesn’t have one. Velvet is fearless in ways but deep down she is afraid of something happening to the one person she can’t live without.
  4. What is your character’s proudest accomplishment?: Giving birth to Edward. He was born from a love so great that each day with him is a reminder of that.
  5. What is your character’s #1 insecurity?: Nothing. She is secure in who she is and where she is in life.
  6. What will/can break your character completely?: Losing Laura. Without Laura in her life now Velvet wouldn’t know which way was left. Before they started dating she could function without Laura around but now she has grown too dependent on her.
  7. What would your character make a scene in public about?: Anything and everything. If she is passionate about it you know she won’t hold back.
  8. What can drive your character to do criminal acts?: Laura.
  9. What Pet (mythical or not) would your character want to have?: Probably a lion. Something fierce but loyal.
  10. What is the cutest thing your character has ever done?: Holding Edward after she delivered him. You could truly see how much she loved him then and will love him forever.


  1. How does your character feel about sexual intercourse?: It’s something she didn’t need before but Laura has made her crazy about it. 
  2. How close is your character with family and friends?: Very. Her family more then friends at the moment but once you are part of her life she will not let you down. She will protect you with her life.
  3. How does your character react to pressure?: I think she is sometimes a little naive or dumb to realize when she is under pressure. She truly is very relaxed about everything in life.
  4. How religious is your character (if they believe)?: She knows that Auntie Simsoflove exists and is a being that has been around her family for generations. She believes there is more to life then what we see.
  5. How does your character’s personality change when someone gets uncomfortably close (relationship wise)?: If she can ever figure that out? It depends on how she feels. If she loves a person like she did Laura, she needs to take her time to figure out things but will be loving to the point of puking after that.
  6. How does your character’s living space correlate with their personality?: Firey yet cozy. She is a comfortable person but is feisty in her own way. Her style reflects that a lot. It is a lot of warm colors and furniture you wouldn’t think would go together but somehow does.
  7. How well does your character act around with unknown and different people?: Open. She isn’t one to judge but is usually too caught up in whatever she is doing to notice anyone new in her life.
  8. How much does your character value money?: She values it as a fact of survival. Without money she can’t feed her family or keep a roof over their heads. She wants enough to live not to just say she has.
  9. How would this character cope with losing someone extremely close to them? Depends. She would mourn like anyone else but if it was Laura I don’t know if she would survive.
  10. How long does it take for your character to trust others? Not long. She is a little slow on when people may be decieving her and gives her trust blindly.


  1. If your character could change one thing about themselves, what would they want to change?:  Nothing. She is content on who she is.
  2. If your character could go back in time at any point in their life, what would they do to change the present?: She would go back to her teen years and make herself realize how Laura felt about her. She regrets not seeing it sooner and having this beautiful woman as her companion in life sooner.
  3. If your character was given a chance at fulfilling their dream, can they drop everything they have now to go pursue it?: She already has. She is married to her soulmate in life, has a beautiful child with said woman and is working towards an even more beautiful life together.
  4. If your character’s current spouse or partner cheated, would they try to make it work or leave forever?: Laura would never cheat on Velvet but hypothetically if she did, Velvet would stay and make it work but only if Laura wanted to. Laura’s will is Velvet’s own at times.
  5. If a zombie apocalypse begun in the town your character currently lives in, what would they act like?: A zombie. She would be the first to go. She is too slow to catch on that something isn’t right here.
  6. What if your character suddenly woke up to an unfamiliar place, and realize the life they lived was all a dream. Their family, friends, home.. all gone but still crazily vivid in their head. How would they react?: She would lose her mind. Her life without Laura and Edward would devastate her to the point I don’t think she could mentally handle it.
  7. If your character was thrown in jail, what would they be guilty of?: I can’t answer that. You’ll spoil the story. ;)
  8. Rewind 10 years from now, what is your character currently doing?: *looks into the future of Velvet and cries silently* Nobody needs to see that yet.
  9. Your character is in the movie SAW, facing their worst fear. What is that fear, and how does he/she react?: Watching Laura be tortured/die. She would beg to take her place or find a way to kill the bastard.
  10. We regret to inform you that your character is dead. Where do they end up? Heaven? Hell? And how the heck do they react?: Well, *puts on teacher glasses* if you look at her family tree you can see she is actually a descendant of Lucifer Morningstar aka the Devil. All of the descendants to Lucifer go to Hell where they live a comfortable life with their family. The only time this does not apply is if they are an unjust or evil soul that needs to be punished. Lucifer loves his family but will not tolerate his family being cruel to other human beings/sims. Velvet would most likely be surprised since her father grew up without this knowledge and has not be informed of it by any of his Redman family members since cutting most of that side of the family off.

I tag: @pooofy, @blackholesimmer, @laylasims, @simsomedia, @lavender-dreams-sims, @tharmalegacy, @sapphiresims, @sandy-sims, @feverflowers, @myopiccc, @medleymisty, @mrslushiegamer, @mwgaybachelor.