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i know we know next to nothing about this hennessy gal but i also keep picturing her and blue meeting and blue being SO overwhelmed and enamored with this Cool Fast Car Driving And Gun Slinging Magic Girl to the point where she’s always trying to find a reason to talk to henessy but the moment she’s near her she starts sweating buckets and laughing really loudly at everything she says, even if it wasn’t even supposed to be funny and everyone’s like “??? blue what the hell?” because they’re too used to the “getting mad at her crush” blue-and-gansey brand of blue liking someone and have never seen her this instantly gone for someone before

I would like to thank @leaalda for making these amazing banners.

This is an effort to spread the word about all fan fiction writers in our little fandom. If you would like to be featured or nominate a writer, please contact me. Please reblog this post if you can and check out some of @ficmuse work!

1. First things first, if someone wanted to read your stories where can they find them.

I post all of my work on AO3

2. Tell us a little about yourself.

I’ve been a writer and a poet since childhood. Professionally, I’ve worked for a major Internet service provider, been an executive secretary, made collections calls and even sold windows door to door. I just completed an art history Capstone in Roman and Greek art and am contemplating graduate school. I’m also a mom and a wife. I’ve worn a whole lot of hats in my life.

3. What do you never leave home without?

Something to read. I carry my Kindle in my purse. I read a lot of romance, mystery, and historical fiction.

4. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Depends. If I’m really immersed in something I’m writing, I’ll pound the keys until 2 am or later. Ideally, I’m in bed by eleven.

5. If you could live in any fictional world which one would you choose and why?

Westeros! Ice zombies? Dragons? Bring it on.

6. Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met.

I’m a fangirl with a travel budget, so I’ve met some actors from my various fandoms, including James Marsters from Buffy and William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy from Star Trek. I like attending conventions. I’ve met Charlaine Harris, one of my favorite authors. That was a big thrill, too.

7. What are some of your favorite movies/TV?

TV: X-Files; Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Friends. Movies: While You Were Sleeping; Fifth Elements; Pride and Prejudice (2005).

8. What are some of your favorite bands/musicians?

Music is a really important element of my life. I need music while writing, cooking, driving, you name it. My all time favorite bands include Coldplay, Depeche Mode, Garbage, and Muse. Musicians? Jeff Buckley, Leonard Cohen, Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan.

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anonymous asked:

i'm a freshman in college and i feel like ive missed out on so much in terms of dating as a teenager bc i was never able to have that experience like most people do. for a couple weeks, i'd been talking to and hanging out with this girl i really liked, i thought it was gonna work out but i just found out that she isn't interested anymore. it makes me so sad bc its so hard to find girls to date and i just really want to be with someone but i feel like i'll never find anyone


It might be worth chatting to a lesbian-friendly therapist about it. Getting past being denied many teenage rite of passages because of your lesbianism is not going to go away overnight. Many of us feel ripped off, or disadvantaged, when it comes to relationships and dating into our early adulthood. In order to find someone, have hope, and have a meaningful relationship, it’s imperative that you work on yourself first. It’ll improve your relationship with being a lesbian, coming to terms with how it’s impacted you, and it’ll increase your confidence to make relationships and dating run smoother.

- Ash

tazzae  asked:

In my 5e playing group, our Druid is a pacifist and a vegan. Our DM is an action DM, so fights/combat are almost always the climax of every session. Perhaps not surprisingly, everyone including our Druid participates in those fights and we just tend to suspend the Druid's pacifist character during that time. I struggle with trying to think of a way that we can find some kind of harmony between my DM's preferred game style and allowing a player to play the kind of character they want to play.

Well, the druid never has to deal lethal damage. Instead, they can choose to deal nonlethal damage each time they attack. This is sort of like how classic Clerics aren’t supposed to draw blood, so they tend to use bludgeoning weapons rather than slashing or piercing.

Just like veganism, your druid can’t force party members to become pacifists. They can still participate in combat nonlethally and chastise their allies for their actions. The druid can always try to convince the other players that monsters may have useful information if kept alive, or that a fight can be avoided, or perhaps they can scare off a predator if they damage it enough. On the flip side, maybe the druid is a pacifist only in that they won’t START a fight, but they will participate if attacked and will always offer the opportunity for surrender.

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Ngl I find it shady that you've never mentioned going to tatinof until now and suddenly it's ""I went to the Dolby showing"" I'm so special and popular just like the millions of phannies that say they used to watch dan and phil back in 2012 just stop being a fake bitch to get noticed lmao

Imagine being so salty you forget a bitch always has receipts

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Hey! You probably get this a lot, but I love your blog!! I was wondering if it wouldn't be too much to ask if you could do a Got7 reaction where the reader has a very strong southern accent and being embarrassed at times bc they used to be made fun of for it?

This is me because I am southern. But I’m on a ranch Texas southern not cute lil miss belle south Carolina southern… 


He’d listen to you more carefully, its not that you were hard for him to understand but some of the things you said he’d never heard before. Talking to you was like hearing a whole new language. He’d find himself picking up on your mannerisms, saying things like y’all, aint, and reckon, so when ever he let them slip during an english interview the other boys would always chuckle.

Originally posted by jbssi


Having spent his time in the United States your accent wasn’t something he was too much of a stranger too. California has its cowboys too. Still, it was different and he’d find your way of speaking something he could chuckle at. He’d get used to it quickly though, and would soon not even notice it was there.

Originally posted by marksseunie


He’d always mock your accent or ask you to repeat the things that you had said. It would be pure fun and you knew that, since you were able to mock his accent as well. He’d be the only one allowed to though, if anyone else tried to make fun of how you said words like ‘dog’ and ‘Knock it off’ they would get an earful. 

Originally posted by memeslutbutt


With his english not being superb being around you would help his get better. But just like a mom teaching their kid, he picked up on your accent too. At first he didnt realize there was an accent until people were calling him out for ‘trying’ to speak with a southern accent. He’d think it was funny, not that you had an accent, but that he had picked up on it and was now starting to speak that way too,.

Originally posted by jypnior


At first he would giggle a lot, he had never heard anything like your accent before, it was cute and different. He’d find himself wishing he was talking to you every time someone spoke english to him and even after knowing you for a long time your accent never got old. He loved all the little sayings you had. 

Originally posted by youngjaelesbian


He’d always be mocking you and repeating your accent back to you. He’d always have you repeat some of the things you said and would always compare you to people who played southerners on tv. God forbid you ever say y’all though, cause he’d take that bull by the teets and milk it 

Originally posted by jaybleep


He’d always pretend like he wasn’t completely infatuated with the way you talked. He didnt want to come across as mean or rude for laughing at your accent like the other boys would. Still, he’d find himself wanting to hang out with you more than the others just because of how cool you sounded to him. 

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raraadsel  asked:

So I just saw your five favourite small moments and wondered, do Marzia and/or Chiara ever suspect or even find out about Elio and Oliver being together? Thanks again for helping us through these tough times until we see the movie, you are an angel!! 😘

You’re welcome <3

Chiara definitely does not. There’s a terrific scene near the end where she is chasing after Elio and Oliver’s bus. Oliver waves to her and she is upset he never said goodbye. Mrs. Perlman (MVP of this film) invites her to dinner and says “bring Marzia” LOL.

Personally, I think Marzia knew something. She looks worried from the moment Oliver arrives and seems suspicious of Elio’s intentions on their date to the bookstore. Elio is wearing billowy when he lets her know she’s not his girlfriend… On their way home from the train station, Elio’s mom stops in town and Marzia approaches him. He’s clearly been crying and she understands it’s because of Oliver. Even though Elio chose Oliver over her and broke her heart, she shows him compassion. She says she loves him, they hug and agree to be friends. MARRY ME MARZIA    

When I was 17 I had just got home from school. Like every other day I would find a pair of my moms or my older sisters panties to use to jerk off with. So there I am sitting on the edge of my bed stroking away with a pair of my moms black silk panties when the door to bedroom opens. To my surprise my mom comes walking in with laundry. Worse yet I start shooting cum all over the place on me, on the laundry and some landed on my moms arm. I freaked out and covered up my messy hard dick best I could with her panties. Funny thing is she never said anything. Just stood there for what seemed like forever. Then turned walked out and shut the door behind her. After that I would always have a couple clean pairs of panties in with my regular underwear. Never have spoken about it to this day. Probably why I like wearing panties and jerking off with them still.

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hey this might sound like a bit of an odd thing to say but your art reminds me a little of philip gustons work?? but like WAY more aesthetically pleasing lmao. i think its how the more u look at it the more there is to see? like theres lots of details u miss on a quick look over and i Really Really Love spending time just properly looking at your work and taking it in. aaaaa your stuffs just super interesting and fun i LOVE it

I’ve never heard of him before but I’m looking up his stuff rn it’s SO GOOD!!  His use of shape+color is so neat omg

like this is such a nice comparison, thank you anon!!! And I’m glad you enjoy finding all the little details I like to hide in my stuff! 

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Hi! What is Will, Jem and Tessa's favorite food? :)

Jem loves mangoes. It’s a food he didn’t get for nearly 200 years. Mangoes grow in southern China so he could get them as a child from the seasonal markets in Shanghai. London is not a place where mango importing was much of a thing. So when he finds mangoes in a supermarket post-Brotherhood, he’s a little more thrilled by it than Tessa can understand. 

“It’s a mango.” 

“I know.” 

“Jem. It’s just a mango, why are you so excited?” Then he has to explain it to her about how he used to get them as a treat when he was a kid and stories about sitting with his mother learning to cut them open properly when he was a little kid, that kind of stuff. He never stops loving them. 

Will likes boring hearty food. He really genuinely enjoys beef stew and fresh bread. He’s eats like a farm boy. Happily. He also is a huge fan of chocolate tarts and will just sit and eat them until they are gone or someone forces him to stop. 

Tessa is a lot more varied in her food preferences. Tessa grew up poor. Tessa ate the same biscuit recipe every day all winter. Tessa ate turnip soup and rarely got to eat a full cut of meat in her entire childhood. Everything was chopped up for soup or stew so it would go as far as possible. She has a soft spot for oatmeal and fresh berries but that’s about the only food from her childhood that she remembers with much joy. 

For Tessa, food is either eaten because she needs it to live or it’s part of an adventure. 

Her favourites change because she’s constantly trying new food. 200 years old and she’s still delighted every time she gets to try something for the first time. When she travels it’s a huge part of the trip for her. She wants to find something she hasn’t had before. 

“They’re noodles. We have had noodles before.” 

“These have a different sauce. I like it.” 

“I like it too but it’s still just noodles.” 

But some part of Tessa will always be the little girl in her aunt’s kitchen eating baking soda biscuits and turnip soup with a few pieces of chicken in it because Aunt Harriet let Nate have most of the chicken. 

magicalninjamax  asked:

i wanna make a book of shadows to pass down to my children cause i want them to be witchy. how would you go about this/make one? i've never made one and idk what to put in and i get all panicky

Hey, that’s a great idea! First of all, you can put in anything you want. Not helpful, huh. Start with a notebook, any type. You can just buy one, you don’t need to make it fancy or artsy or whatever if that’s not your thing, but if it is, go ahead! Next, fill it with the basics. What you believe, what you practice, type of witch you are. Then put in spells, info on elements or correspondence or stuff you find helpful. You can then use it like a magical diary, write down the spells you do, what you’ve experienced, spirits you work with, basically anything magical! I hope this helps!

anonymous asked:

I dont really know who to ask about this, so I guess I'll ask you. I used to identify as bisexual, before a traumatic incident happened with a man, and now I kinda still find myself attracted to men sometimes, but I could never even date one or do anything with one. Am i a fake if i call myself a lesbian? Im so sorry if this is triggering or anything people have just been saying so much different stuff and I just dont know, love you!

no, i don’t think you’re fake. lesbians who are lesbians because of trauma are still lesbians.

anonymous asked:

I love your blog!!!! <3 If its ok and you feel comfortable writing it may I request alpha Mirio, todoroki, and bakugou with an omega that smokes medical weed to help with anxiety since they can't find a normal anxiety medication they aren't allergic to or that's doesn't make them puke all the time. Sorry if you aren't okay with writing this I don't want to make you uncomfortable (>~<)

no it’s okay!! i’ve never written anything like this before, so i’m going to try my best! i’m gonna put it under a cut because i know drug use can make some people uncomfortable even when it’s entirely legal

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Some new OC stuff

I don’t have any drawings but here

Lute and Lyre - a boy and a giant white crane bird. Lute plays the flute! They explore ancient ruins built around music. He uses his flute to play tunes that activate traps and seals and moves platforms to advance. Once he finishes a floor Lyre flies him up to the next one!

Manny is Ezra’s crow bro. He looks a lot like a human except for the wings so he’s easily mistaken. Buys and sells drugs, you can always find him sitting in some alley, he’s never NOT high as a kite. They hang out until the early morning and enjoy their nights just joking and dropping acid.

Wren is a caretaker dreamweaver. He MAY exist in an AU where scientists find a way to bring a weaver into the physical world. I’m not sure yet. He enjoys being a caretaker for the weaver gods but tries creating dreams sometimes - he’s still pretty rusty. He’s not bad at fighting and practices it in his spare time with weapons he creates.

gentiles on this website: “The Old Testament God is cruel and vengeful!”
actual Jews in my synagogue yesterday: “My favorite part of the reading is when it says the Torah is not in heaven so it’s too far to reach, it’s not across the sea so we can’t get it, but that it’s in our hearts… the idea of having that be so close, of being so close to something divine, that thrills me.”
“And here, where it says ‘the Lord will delight in you as he did in your fathers’, that’s such a beautiful thing. You know, God is this all-powering being, and God delights in us.”

gentiles on this website: “You can’t be an atheist and religious!”
actual Jews in my synagogue yesterday: “I’m just not buying any of this. I was born during the Holocaust and I could never wrap my mind around this omnipotent all-seeing God, and usually I’m a little moved by this, I try to be hopeful, but when I look around the world now, I just don’t buy it! If I really believed there was a God, I would resent him.” [still wears a prayer shawl and attends synagogue regularly]

gentiles on this website: “Religious people never question what they’re told, they just followed blindly!”
my actual rabbi: “Sometimes the Torah can be like an older relative whom we love dearly, and who has a lot of wisdom to give, but who also says things that cause us pain, that we find offensive or wrong. And I think the wrong instinct would be to pretend we don’t hear what they’re saying, or to cut them out entirely, or to be guided by them into thinking and behaving in offensive ways. What we need to do is engage the Torah. We need to wrestle with it, and try to understand it, to figure out where it’s coming from and learn how we can progress from it, because the Torah is not unchanging. It belongs in each of our hearts, and it changes for us as we study it, as each generation challenges its old assumptions.”