i will never change the name of it either

on loving the human

i. they will not appreciate all your gifts, will akin them to a cat bringing dead mice to their feet. this is fine. everything else you give, they will find gorgeous. if you are vain enough, give them something of yours to wear. if you are rash enough, give them something of yours to wear. they will find it beautiful and every Other will know you’ve claimed that one. be sure no one else, such as Not-Cat or even the crows, have done the same yet. a human, no matter their talents, would be worth such a war. you must remember this, if you see them keeping feathers-blacker-than-night in their hair/pockets/pouches. you might be able to fool them from another Fair, but, if the birds have gotten to them, there is no return. best to pick another that can catch your attention. any of them would start pleased with that.

ii. to appear human while first wooing them is best. you will need two ears, two eyes, a nose with (only!) two nostrils, 32 teeth, 206 bones, and about 640 muscles that do not slide or slip or slush. both halves of your (singular) face must react together, but not mechanically, robotically, stiffly, or in any manner similar to plastic or silicon. one side of your mouth must not be higher or lower than the other unless it is a facial expression, of a half-smile or frown. your eyes must not be too close together, or too far apart, your ears must be even, the spacing of your nose-to-eyes-to-ears-to-forehead must all be within a certain ratio. if you must, watch a good artist space faces to see the estimate. but you must not be too perfect, either: your teeth not too straight or too white, your nails not too clean or pristinely cut or without variation, your skin not too blemish-free. you need some faults in order to appear human. you must maintain solid form at all times. still, it’s likely they’ll know, regardless. at least, they’ll probably appreciate the effort. (remember, being seen without protection is even more telling. keep sugar and pewter/tin/aluminum with you at all times; these will look enough like salt and iron. it is also advisable you carry ‘offerings,’ even if you never leave them anywhere. creamer cups are most popular.)

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male idol groups as i come to know them

shinee: kings of kings, 5hinee???, once in a blue moon comebacks, always slays tho, taemin has killed people??, jonghyun cries, key/minho is loud, tofu leader onew, dibidibidissing themselves is a specialty, live vocals for days, visuals, rind dinG DONG DIGGY DINGY DING

shinhwa: you thought shinee were kings, actual gods, legends, eats cds for meals, fans are moms, doesn’t let members live/leave, grown men but also smol children, m style, don’t make them dance 2x speed dances, butt grabbing, kissing, they talk about farting a lot, grown men that i shouldn’t like but do, my mom thinks they’re good looking af

bts: any armys here xD, i thought rapmon was a pokemon, fans are kinda :/, lots of in fandom drama, despise exo/exo-ls, screaming, aloof, do they have other friends???, bulletproof boyscouts makes me cringe sometimes ngl, choreo will apparently kill you (lie), lightstick lowkey doubles as a weapon, FIYUHHHH OH AYE OH

got7: literally the easiest name ever jyp what u doin, actually has 7, united nations group, memes, wild af outside of korea, JACKSON, dab7, people talk a lot of shit on bambam :/, dancing kid yugyeom, they have a dog, a DOG, best leader jaebum, it’s jinyoung not junior, dancing kings with bts, gotbangtan saved my life, mark who?

exo: i’m not even gonna start, sm does whatever with them, members left, idk any names, only do and kai, fandom is kinda :/ too, despise armies/bts, CHOGIWA, wolf was a tragic era, no one talks about the history mv, call me (daddy) baby, good music, apparently invented everything????, exo next door was cringey and my life at the same time, kudae oolf naega oolf

seventeen: wait how many members???, boy with long hair (its not long anymore??), good at everything, self producing idols, short angery man writes songs, vernon is a meme, they’re all memes, american hyung josh, only chan is actually 17, they have a general leader????, sub units within a group???, justice for china line, have they ever failed at anything??, carrot is the fandom name???

infinite: hoya hoya hoooya, old man sunggyu, weekly idol’s children, i have never met an inspirit irl, or online, unique sound, quality music, looked a lil dusty in the early days but thats ok

vixx: kinky kpop group???, lightstick vibrates????, i love n, and leo, they got me chained up lmao i’m sorry, i have never met a starlight irl either, where yall at???

24k: who???, just kidding, people don’t know who they are tho, i’m in love with the leader, listen to oasis its a bop, sunbaes to so many of ur faves its unbelievable, give em a listen, go to russia/europe on the regular???, go through so many lineup changes what is their company doin smh, look em up hunnies

toppdogg: T O DOUBLE G, T O DOUBLE G, who???, just kidding, lots of bops, give oasis and arario a try, members keep leavin like no???, stay???, one member is literally named camel, have a good ass fandom name, topp klass, vvvv nice, i have never met one irl, hmu lol

monsta x: i can be your hERO, joohoney, slept on, no one can spell their name???, all in changed my life, wonho is lowkey kinky, no mercy really had no mercy, kings of circle choreos, wheres thEIR FIRST WIN???, shownu is a giant teddy bear, you thought you knew memes, inventor of the meme, stan talent pls ;-;

vromance: STAN TALENT DO IT LOOK THEM UP RIGHT NOW STAN THEM, grown men i love but shouldn’t, vocals slay me, eats cds, so much potential ;-;

**this is all just jokes but @ me if you want lol it’ll just be for a ridiculous reason

One Day

Summary: pastel!dan is a kindergarten teacher and is married to punk!youtuber!phil, who he hates and doesn’t get along with at all. They’re parents forced them to marry each other. Dan is unhappy but things finally take a turn.

Genre: AU, Fluff

Word Count: 2,792

A/N: I changed the prompt slightly because I can’t enough of pastel!dan.

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I know we’re all so tired of the quote, but “I’ll never change, but I’ll never stay the same either” really applies here, especially with this video. She’s still all of those “versions” of Taylor. But after all of the abuse and hate and name calling, she’s grown and added another “version”. Now she’s all those versions, and the bad ass, takes no shit version and I couldn’t be PROUDER.

anonymous asked:

Can i request a Jaypark smut where you're in charge for the night and you overstimulate him (maybe some post-orgasm torture) and he's begging and a mess and y/n is darkskin plus sized girl? I love you're writing!


Eyeing Jay, you could feel yourself getting more upset as he stares at the girl in front of him. You were going to let it go until he licked his lips and that’s when you had enough. Letting his hand go you walked away from Jay and he snapped out of his trance calling your name but it was too late. You didn’t want to hear whatever he had to say anymore. Smirking wickedly as you flipped your hair back over your shoulder swinging your hips you made sure by your walk Jay knew what he did was wrong.

Sitting back at your house, you pondered over what to do to the male. Biting on your lip, you drummed your fingers against your leg humming softly. You loved Jay and there was no question in your mind that he loved you, he just had a habit of looking at everything with legs. Which was not a bad thing, you had caught yourself eye fucking the shit out of Simon for a week straight when Jay wasn’t there or he was busy and you were stuck with Simon, but when he was there your mind stayed focused on him. He struggled with that, yes you were over-weight but you weren’t some horrid creature. You were just curvy and yes you were black it shouldn’t be a surprise, that’s why he was drawn to you because you had what he wanted. But sometimes his mind wandered and for the first month of your relationship you argued about if he wanted you or not. It was so bad you almost broke about it so you agreed for his sake that you would be more confident in yourself. He didn’t always act so rash when it came to looking at other women but in your mind maybe it was time to spice things up a bit. Standing up, you walked towards your bedroom looking at your phone lighting up once again. With a soft laugh, you texted Jay the command to come over night giving him any other insight or explaining yourself because you knew he would be here.

Moving around your room you started to dress yourself slowly in favorite things you knew would make him loose his mind for. Getting out a black lace one piece outfit that had strings along your back keeping it out, you reached your hand down to tie it into a bow around your ass. Your breast stood proudly against the lace, your nipple piercings rubbing against the fabric gently. Shuddering you pulled up some thigh highs that were silk white with bowties on the middle of them. Grabbing at your favorite pair of red pumps you placed your makeup on slowly and sat in your black desk chair waiting for him.

Jay got to your house in under thirty minutes he had been worried and slightly annoyed with you for not returning his phone calls and he had a right mind to put you in your place. He unlocked your door with the keys you gave him, taking off his shoes and setting down his overnight bag because he wasn’t leaving again unless you two got into a horrible fight but he tried to think positive. Jay walked down the hallway slowly, wondering why there was nothing on because you were usually in the kitchen or front room. There was no smell of a cooked meal, and he had to admit he felt a bit empty. Jay saw the light peeking out from the bottom of your door as he advanced down the hallway, pushing it open his eyes met with yours as he took a wordless step back. He knew something was up and it was confirmed with how good you looked in that outfit that you rarely wore.

“What is this?” Jay asked coming inside after collecting himself. His eyes dashing over your plump thighs that he wanted around his waist, how he wanted to press his tongue against your breast. Hold you close and fuck you nice and hard until the bed was protesting from how he slammed into your brown voluptuous body.

“Come in.” You said softly beckoning him forward with a finger. Jay stepped in a bit closer. “Sit.” You pointed to the bed and Jay frowned but sat down nevertheless. Your eyes roaming over his defined figure, a black polo on his body and baggy jeans but fuck did he always look so good to you.

“How are you?” You asked teasing him playing with your nails crossing one leg over the other flicking your tongue across your bottom lip.

“I’m worried and wondering why you’re acting like this.” Jay sighed ruffling his hands through his long black locks. “Why did you leave like that Y/N? I was so embarrassed.” He groaned softly looking at you with pleading eyes.

“Well that makes two of us.” You cut in eyes glaring at him before you lifted your hands in the air taking deep breaths.

“Excuse me?” Jay asked sitting up straight looking at you as if you had slapped him.

“You heard me. I was really disappointed in you Jay. I thought to myself, damn not this again. My man is doing it again? But anything for a fat ass, right?” You asked laughing softly. Realization slowly etched onto his face as he crumpled and leaned forward trying to explain himself.

“Baby-“ You cut him off lifting a hand up and Jay could feel his cheeks heat up at how you were acting.

“Nope. No baby this and baby that. You do the same thing every time and you expect me to be okay with it. I had to look in the mirror and tell myself it wasn’t me. Because it’s not, and I would hope if you were bored with me then you’d know not to let the door hit your ass on the way out.” You said simply placing your hands down in your lap crossing them as your eyes roamed his figure.

“Of course you know I’m not bored! Or I wouldn’t be here!” Jay shouted and you nodded your head smirking.

“See, you’ll tell me whatever I want to hear just to keep me happy and get your dick wet huh?” You asked as your eyes twinkled with mischief.

“Alright fuck this I’m out if you want to act like that I’ll see you tomorrow.” Jay got up to leave and you waited for him to get to the door, anger washing over you as you tried to control it, taking one deep breath you called out his name.

“Park Jaebum. If you walk out that door you are never coming back, not tomorrow or next week. And I’m never going to find you either. You can start packing up all your shit if that’s the case because baby I don’t need you.” Getting up out of the chair, you pressed your hands down against the dresser pushing one leg back from the other. You knew he loved these games of push and pull, usually he was daddy for a good reason but tonight you wanted to change that. It was risky, and you didn’t know how it would go but seeing him freeze and turn around to look at you with pleading eyes that held a fire you knew you were doing good.

“What do you want me to do then Y/N? You’re basically calling me a liar and trying to say I don’t love you when I damn well know my heart.” Jay half raised his voice as his face turned red.

“You’ll do anything I say?” You asked arching your back a bit bouncing lightly on your heels back and forth, Jay couldn’t help how his eyes trailed down to your plump bottom that he wanted to smack, he was almost at a loss for words thinking about how it would be to have your ass bouncing back on his dick as you wrapped your silk like walls around him.

“Baby, my eyes are up here.” You teased him but pressed your breast together giving him a wild smile as your hair fell into your eyes. Jay was hooked, sighing he leaned against the door frame.

“Yeah, whatever you want I will do it.” He lifted his hands in defeat.

“Strip then.” You commanded. Jay looked at you, about to ask if you were serious but he saw the look on your face. Rolling his eyes, he stripped off his shirt throwing it onto the floor, his muscles and abs on display decorated by dark ink.

“Good boy. Pants next.” You nodded with your head and Jay rolled his eyes.

“Fuck that you’re not treating me like a child.” He said at the door way.

“Saying the man acting like a child. Either drop those pants or get out. I’m sure Simon would love to do it for me.” You hit below the belt and in the back of your mind fear screamed for you to shut up because if he left you would be a sobbing mess on the bed. Jay was livid beyond words, looking at you for a long hard time and he almost made you back down. But you remembered a few words is nothing compared to a few looks. Tilting your head, you looked in his eyes waiting for his move. Jay shook his head undoing his pants he dropped them down to the floor stepping out of them.

“On the bed, please sir.” You tried a different approach until you got him where you wanted him. Jay watched you before he slowly took his time to get on the bed, moving to lean his back against the headboard.

“Gotcha.” You thought as you moved towards him slowly, straddling his waist you cupped his cheeks softly looking in his eyes. Jay leaned into your touch but you saw the defiance there. Licking across his bottom lip you initiated a kiss between the two of you that was anything but slow and gently. His plump lips smacking against yours, his teeth clamping down on your bottom lip calling your submissive side out with his actions. Your hands tangled in his hair for a bit pulling on the strands as you kissed him back. After a while you rolled your hips down against his, creating a soft friction for the both of you. Your hands moved to grab at the handcuffs you placed under the bed. You lifted his left arm up, taking a somewhat deep breath against his lips you handcuffed his left arm to the headboard. Jay was caught off guard cursing giving you time to reach over to the other side and grab the other handcuff almost running out of time as you struggled to cuff him down. Rolling off him you watched as Jay looked at you with a death glare.

“Is this funny to you?” He asked and you shrugged.

“I’m all about being serious right now. I’m punishing you to deny you of the things you really want. Because I can’t break up with you I fucking love your dumb horny ass too much but if you don’t get it right this time then I will let you walk out that door and never come back.” You admitted as you walked to your desk grabbing a long white feather. Jay kept his mouth shut, though he was feeling angry he told himself that no matter what it was better than a breakup. “All the things I’m going to do to you.” You admitted sitting the feather down on the bed. You walked out of the room making your way to the kitchen grabbing your cup of ice from the freezer. Smirking you moved to turn the stove on low heating up food you had cooked for Jay much earlier in the day tricking him into thinking he had nothing because you were sure after this he would have an appetite and you may not have legs. Yours hands searched the fridge for your whip cream and a cherry popsicle that had ice cream on the inside of it. Making your way back to him you put everything down crawling on the bed between his legs. Spreading them open you pulled down his boxers until he was left in nothing, Grabbing the popsicle you unwrapped it looking at Jay.

“My baby isn’t hard yet so, we need to fix that.” You cooed out, licking on the frozen substance until it started to melt you placed it on his lower stomach close to the base of his dick. Jay bit harshly on his bottom lip jerking at the cuffs but you tried not to focus on what he was going through. Your hand grabbed at your feather, running it up and down his abs and over his nipples. You watched his body become littered in goosebumps soft reluctant moans falling from his hips as his head rolled back. Smirking you pressed the feather against his twitching member, rubbing the tip of the soft item against the opening of his dick head. Jay cursed jerking his hips and you enjoyed every moment of it, circling the feather around his tip as his member jumped. Your free hand grabbed at his balls and you played with him watching him moan and writhe against the bed.

“Does it feel good baby?” You asked him with a wicked smile, he growled at you, wanting to say more but you started to drag the feather up and down the underside of his dick near his sensitive spots and veins. The popsicle slowly melted on his skin, you leaned down to lick up some of the sticky substance letting your tongue lick around his base. Letting your hand go from his balls you gripped at the popsicle rubbing it up and down his shaft coating him with it before you let your tongue lean down to flick across his balls quickly. Wrapping your lips around them sucking on each one, gently nibbling on the sack as your tongue drug across it. Jay was bucking his hips up into nothing but air, the feather tickling him and making his back arch. You moved your mouth to lick under his dick attacking his personal sensitive special spot sucking on it. The feather went to his balls, Jay rolled his back as precum oozed from his tip. You licked your way up to the top licking him clean and nibbling on his head, wrapping your lips around him to give a few sucks before he was cursing out your name spilling his cum into your mouth. You were shocked at how easy he gave it, but greedily you lapped at the bitter sweet substance that painted your tongue.

Pulling back, you sucked a bit on the popsicle rubbing the rest of it up and down his chest until it was all smeared. You leaned forward to lick it off your tongue dancing across his skin that was still shuddering and trying to calm down. You moved the feather to tickle at his limp member getting it hard again. Reaching over for an ice cube, you rubbed it around his tip causing Jay to cry out in short pain, the freezing block of ice hurting a bit. You loved it so much, he shook his head no not wanting the stimulation but you kept it there until it was melted water. Leaning down you lapped at it licking the water from his tip. You gripped at another ice cube but pressed it into your mouth this time. Sucking on it letting it melt on your tongue you blew cool air onto Jay’s penis watching the member becoming even harder and red at the tip. Smirking you opened your mouth letting some of the water fall onto his shaft making a loud slurping noise. Jay groaned shuddering and watching you, his hair starting to fall into his eyes. You waited until the cool ice was gone, instantly leaning down you wrapped your cold lips around the hardened shaft. Bobbing your head up and down you worked yourself up to deepthroating him and letting him rest at the back of your throat for periods of time. Swallowing around his shaft and hollowing his cheeks. You took your mine with him, your tongue moving to lick from side to side under his dick, wrapping around it and licking across his tip. You loved how he cried out for you, how his hands fisted and he lightly pulled on the handcuffs. He was moaning your name louder, his chest rising and falling quickly, little beads of sweat collecting on his body and you were more than proud with what you were doing. Staring to make slurping noises on him you bobbed your head up and down faster, your cheeks hollowing out some so that you could create a tighter suction space for him. He was trying to not rut his hips but you encouraged him grabbing one of his hips to help him push up against your face. Gripping at an ice cube you placed it against the underside of his dick rubbing it down to his balls and back up, the spit from your lips dripping down to the base of his shaft, and against his balls. Jay’s head rolled back, mouth agape as he gave out another shuddering cry and came again, his hips snapping up against your face as he emptied his load.

“Baby please.” He stared in a cracked voice, his mouth falling open as you pulled back and cleaned him off for a second time. You shook your head getting of the bed going to get your vibratex from the closet. Pulling it up into the wall beside the bed, you let the setting rest on high, rubbing it up and down the underside of his dick. Jay cried out as his body became red, you knew it was probably hurting him because he never came so much back to back and it was going to get harder for him to do so.

“It hurts baby please, I’m sorry.” Jay begged but you weren’t listening. Climbing back on the bed you grabbed at the whip cream, shaking it up you popped the top off spraying some on his chest and on his thighs. Your tongue slowly flicking across his skin, marking your territory with your teeth as you bit down on parts of his body. Your mouth playing with his nipples. Leaning down you cleaned the white substance from his thighs pressing the vibrating head against his balls watching his feet plant into the bed as he lifted his hips. Your mouth planted wet kisses along his skin until you were breathing in his scent at his neck, sucking little hickeys on each side, finding his spots easily you played with them moaning against his ear to tease further.

You pulled back, looking down at an angry red shaft, you gripped him by the base of his dick pressing the vibrating head fully against his slit opening. He gritted his teeth you could see the pain from the overstimulation in his face. He wanted relief and to not cum again but you had plans for at least two more rounds. Letting his dick go, you grabbed at the feather rubbing it up and down his dick to tickle him. Your hand dropped the feather, gripping his large appendage with your hand you jerked him off quickly, letting the vibrator stay against his head. Jay couldn’t help but snap his hips up though he was hating this. He could feel his lower stomach tighten up and he tried to tell you in so many cluttered words to stop but you weren’t listening. Having too much fun and enjoying his pleas of cries for you to stop. You leaned down licking across his lower stomach biting on the skin and nibbling at his hips, you pulled back the vibrator from his tip watching as the cum spilled from his dick. You groaned softly leaning down to lick it up slowly, turning the vibrator off you stood up and started to undress yourself slowly. Jay shed a single tear, his body shaking as he took deep breaths and tried to steady himself.

You moved to take your clothes off piece by piece, until you were just left in your thigh highs moving to straddle him again. You placed his tip against your soaked folds, rubbing your wet slit, you mewled in pleasure rolling your head back, you were enjoying it too much to the point you were going to cum like that. Moving to lower yourself onto him, moving to grab the key from under the pillows you started to free him but it was a bad mistake. Jay flipped you over and he started to pound deep into you, his hands gripping onto your hips into a bruising manner.

“Fuck this shit hurts so bad, but I’m going to fuck the hell out of you I promise.” Jay growled, slapping his hips against yours. His mouth leaned down latching onto your nipples he sucked on the plump flesh, moving to grab at your ass cheeks slamming you down onto his shaft. His hips connected with yours he made sure that he didn’t break the contact with you. His dick brushing against your silk walls as you wrapped tightly around him. He groaned out in pleasure as he slammed deep into you. Your hips felt sore, your hands moving up to scratch down his biceps as he pressed against you. He leaned down connecting your lips, his tongue shoving into your mouth to create a heated frenzy. His hand moved to slide against your clit up and down the pink bud harshly. Your hips bucked up against his, little cries escaped your lips as you felt your orgasm approaching your body. Your hips rolled against his as he fucked against your spot, your body was becoming succumbed to the pleasure, your hands moved to scratch down his back, pulling him close to you as he pounded you into the bed.

“Jay-Jay!” You cried out shaking under him, as your orgasm ripped through yourself. You shook under him squeezing around his shaft as he milked you for everything you had. He buried his head in your neck, continuing to rut his hips against yours he spilled his cum inside of you, only a few thick ropes coming out due to how many times he had came. He rocked his hips slowly against yours before he fell on you. You smirked rubbing your hands up and down his back kissing on his jaw slowly. He rolled off you pulling you to his body.

“How do you feel?” You asked softly cupping his cheeks peppering him with kisses.

“Like if I cum again all that will come out is a white flag with the words bang on it.” He admitted with a soft chuckle and you covered your face shaking your head.

“Then we don’t have to do it for a while, I made you food.” You smiled drawing your fingers against his tattoos.

“Oh baby girl.” Jay said gripping at your chin making you look in his eyes. “You better hope that after I eat my body doesn’t feel replenished. Because I’m going to make sure that you’re crying when I’m done.”

NCT U Comeback Theory

NCT U, their first unit, was announced on the 4th April last year and finally made their (super exciting) debut on the 9th April. That means in about a month, it will be their one year anniversary and the one year anniversary of NCT as a group!

SM (and other NCT members) have announced frequently since debut that NCT U is a unit that will have a comeback every year with a change of concept and member lineup. It makes sense that the first NCT U comeback will be around the same time as their debut.

(Also, promotions on average tend to last about two months and with NCT Dream still going - congratulations on the wins, boys - their promotions will probably end just in time for NCT U to make a comeback)

SM have said that with every NCT U comeback, the concept and member line-up will change completely. That suggests that we won’t be seeing Taeil, Taeyong, Doyoung, Ten, Jaehyun or Mark this time. However, they have never said there will not be already-debuted members, meaning members like Johnny, WinWin, Haechan, Yuta or the others may still make an appearance. There are also the undebuted rookies - Hansol needs to escape the basement soon, SM - and even unannounced ones.

There is no way of telling exactly who will be in the group, or even how many members there will be, but I personally feel that NCT U is a unit to watch how an audience reacts to a concept or member. I think that SM might debut Hansol here just to see if he gets the reaction they want before putting him in other groups. This may explain why Ten never debuted after the original NCT U (but then I loved him and thought the audience reaction was good, so I don’t know on this).

Are we going to get another Seventh Sense? Possibly not, because the concept is supposed to change. But SM has been more experimental in terms of music for NCT, so who knows what they’ll bring out? It will probably be great either way.

If NCT Dream promote for six to eight weeks, it’s perfect for NCT U to debut straight after them just to keep NCT’s name on music shows. As long as Mark isn’t included to give him chance to rest, I can’t wait!

Safe Inside

Originally posted by protect-anthony-edward-stark

Hi, and welcome to my new imagines blog! This is my very first imagine on here, so I decided to start of with something a little deeper, but not all of them will be like this, I promise! Feel free to request and enjoy!


Pairing: Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader

Words: 1,848

Rating: PG

Warnings: Mentions of suicide, very sad (I actually cried while writing this) mentions of death

Song: Safe Inside by James Arthur

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Transformation Tuesday

(Below) On the left, I am wearing a men’s 2X t-shirt that was extremely tight on me in high school; it needed to be a 3X. It’s the only article of clothing I have left from those days. I wish I kept others! On the right, I am graduating high school and at or close to my highest recorded weight (312 lbs). I’ve written a lot more about my proper story if you’d like to read it here. But, I want to talk a little more about the person I was and am today. My weight loss journey started after a sleep apnea and prediabetes diagnosis my Freshman year of college. I also was seeing the beginnings of mobility issues. I decided against CPAP, knew type 2 diabetes would be soon if I didn’t change my lifestyle, and started losing the weight.

Girl on the Left

  • she takes care of herself
  • she believes in all her talents, charisma, humor, creativity, and smarts
  • she doesn’t back down from a challenge
  • she can reign in difficult situations and coolly formulate a plan
  • she can leg press the 170 lbs she’s lost (and is only going to lift more)
  • she can run a half marathon
  • she was given a clean bill of health
  • she doesn’t want to hide anymore
  • she doesn’t bottle her emotions anymore
  • she shares her story; the good and bad, hoping it helps others
  • she approaches people 
  • she tells someone when they’ve wronged her
  • she is worth it

Girl on the Right

  • she wouldn’t dream of showing people the music she’s written
  • she thinks all her art and poetry is awful, too
  • she thinks everything she says is weird and awkward
  • she overthinks absolutely everything
  • she solves all her problems; temporarily, with food and soda 
  • it is painful for her to move and complete simple tasks despite only being 18
  • she can’t breathe while she sleeps
  • she worries about how long she’ll live, even at this very young age
  • she thinks her problems and emotions are trivial and not worth sharing with anyone
  • she thinks she just needs to suck it up
  • she opens up to no one
  • she wants to hide and locks herself in her bedroom 
  • she feels trapped

I don’t like to think in terms of before and after, because many of these internal changes happened much, much sooner. They have to! And, it’s never over, either. This is a path I’ve chosen for the rest of my life and it will always need upkeep from me. Sometimes I revert to terrible mindsets and habits. It just happens! While I’m different in so many ways, in a strange way I’m also not. I’m merely free now. I’m the same person, just risen above her circumstances. They still crafted me, but I direct them now. I’m not an actor in my own life. I own this life. My name is first on that damn credits list. Mine. All mine. I did this. Me.

I want to share many glimpses between the two points in time I’ve shared today because everything is really a “during,” isn’t it?

She started smiling a lot

She acted like a damn fool

She learned many new talents, moved to a big city, and played fiddle in the park

She started wearing clothes that made her feel good, not camouflaged 

One more side-by-side. People seem pretty amused to find out about the goth phase, and I still love metal and spooky stuff! I was a sophomore in high school on the right.


hi im thiscrush. i go by the names zei/zura/lyra and i got involved in a  callout earlier and was falsely accused of helping people send rape threats here http://parvo.tumblr.com/post/157768836224/psacallout-on-tumblr-users-116-tentacleds-and 

i have never met op or anyone else on the callout before. all the proof i have atm is under cut.  please reblog if you can.

EDIT: someone had been pretending to be me. op has removed me from the callout

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Jeff Atkins x Reader || Daddy - One Shot (Fluff)

A/N: Thanks anon for the request. Hope you all enjoy my first 13RW imagine, if you do then be sure to like this and follow me for more. My ask is open if you guys would like to request. Much love .xx

It’s been 4 years since my life has changed for the better. I believe an angel had entered my life and brought the light that was never there. That angel was Jeff Atkins.

My primary school life was pure hell and I just couldn’t wait until I was going to be in 8th grade, I was hoping a change for the better. I was bullied. Been called names that I never thought existed and was shocked that these young kids at my age actually knew such things. It’s society that raised such animals but nevertheless I eventually made it in 8th grade and more than half of those people who had bullied me either left to another school or they didn’t get accepted into high school because they didn’t pass their exams.

I couldn’t have been more happier. Many would ask why hadn’t I brought the issue up to my parents ? My parents was and always will be too busy worrying about their business, they say they’re doing this for me but in the end am I really going to benefit from this ?

At 10th grade I finally decided to break the news that my parents that I was still being bullied and I couldn’t deal with the hate anymore. They were shocked and heartbroken to hear the news, their first decision was to move me to a different school and I couldn’t agree more with their choice.

I came into Liberty High in 11th grade, the school may be too far for my parents to drop me off but this time it was to benefit me. My happiness matters to them. I thought to myself that this is finally it, the fresh start I’ve been longing to have. I’ve suffered all these years and didn’t bother crying for help because I didn’t want to seem a burden. Changing schools isn’t easy.

Eventually I had became best friends with Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker. I first met Clay as they assigned him to be my buddy at school, since then we talked a lot and met after school then after meeting his ‘secret’ crush Hannah Baker. Hannah and I also had a lot in common so it was easy enough for me to become friends with her.

I was having the time of my life in 11th grade. Later that year it was announced that prom was around the corner or also known as the formal dance. I wasn’t used to any of this, especially with so many handsome boys in our school. What if it’s back to the old times where every guy agrees with the populars that I’m a pathetic loser ?

A sudden urge of confidence came through me when I looked at my reflection when I was dressed for the big night. I wore a a burgundy dress with a deep plunging neckline that fitted on my body and showed some cleavage - it was not planned to show cleavage as I’m always one to cover up - the spaghetti straps had a lace up design half way up my back and the rest of my back being bare, it had a high slit and from the waist of my dress it had a net to cover up my leg a little. I paired my dress with mid high black heels, for my make up I did a smokey eye and decided on curling my hair.

Clay had offered to pick me up that night and we go to prom together but not as dates of course. If this boy doesn’t make a move tonight then sure as hell I’ll make him. We both walked in arm-in-arm earning stares from everyone and I mean literally everyone. It’s the dress but more especially for the jocks it was the cleavage. They can see all they want but they can’t touch unless my soulmate decides to change my mind.

It was time for a slow dance. I still had no date and was okay with that, what would make me happier tonight is seeing Clay and Hannah together. I sat with her on the bleachers urging her to go dance with Clay and also giving her light shove, we spotted Clay with a handsome someone. Who is that guy and why hasn’t Clay introduced us yet ? I need to have a serious talk with him.

“Who’s that with him ?” I asked Hannah as we walked down the bleachers towards them. “That’s Jeff Atkins, Clay tutors him and well I guess they’re friends” she smiled and looked back at me. “Damn he’s cute no lie” I said as I paid more attention to his facial details. Can one ever be more perfect ? “I’m with you on that one” she giggled. We now stood in front of them. “Hey Helmet” she said first. “Hey Hannah…you look beautiful” Clay replied. “You do too” she giggled. “May I have this dance ?” Clay asked her and extended his arm for her to link with his which she gladly did.

As they walked off hand-in-hand and started slow dancing, “Aww they’re so cute ! I’m so glad they finally got together” I cooed. “I could say the same, I’ve been his wingman for a long time now and he finally got out of that shell of his” Jeff said beside me. That was when we first met, ever since then we had been inseparable. We started taking everyday, flirting from time to time and not long had Jeff asked me to be his girlfriend which I with no doubt said yes.

As much as I was scared to be in my first relationship and that too with Jeff, I trusted him with all my life that he wouldn’t hurt me and he’s there every step of the way as I’m always there for him.

A year later we both graduated. The year after graduation we were in our first year of university and which Jeff had asked me to marry him. Later that year when we had gotten married, 5 months after marriage I found out I was pregnant. We were both ecstatic to hear this, our families seemed to be more excited then us. When Jeff got along with my baby siblings when he first met them, I knew then that I made the right choice of marrying him and trusting him with my life.

It was a gloomy Saturday morning, my favourite kind of weather. I was surprised that I woke up for once without being disturbed by our baby Sophia. I looked beside to see no Jeff and no baby, I almost had a mini heart attack until I see Jeff walking into our room feeding her. He wrapped her up all warm and cuddly whilst he just decided to be shirtless. I smiled at them and got up to give them both a kiss. One on each of Sophia’s cheek and Jeff being the eager one to connect our lips.

The sparks go off and butterflies flew all around, it was always this feeling whenever I was with him. I stood on my tip toes and wrapped my arms around his neck to deepen the kiss, just as it was getting heated, my lips left his. “You can’t play me like that” he whined. “Well I just did. Know that you’re the best dad in the world and also the worlds best husband, not forgetting the sexiest” I said and giving him one last peck before walking into the en-suite. “I’m glad that ass is all mine” he said. I turned back to see him smirk “Always will be” I said and gave myself a small spank on my butt. I love this dork.

Tears Are What Makes You Human

I’m the one they tell stories about.

Never more than a hushed voice, or a hurried whisper in passing, but I know. In my classes I always have at least one spot open on either side of me. In line at the cafeteria the older students look back to make sure they aren’t taking the last thing they think I might want. I know no one’s birth name, not even those I might consider a friend.

I know exactly when the change was too, in how my fellow students view me.

My dormmate had disappeared for a night before returning, pupils a little too slitted to not be like Them, but who was I to say anything? The change was not unusual at campus, and Hay had been more depressed than before anyway. Staying out late, carrying more candy than iron or salt.

No one said art majors weren’t already a little Lost.

We had never really gotten along greatly, but he had been a grounding presence for me, an easy source of chatter to draw me out of the math calculations that consumed me. I don’t know why I chose Elsewhere U as my university, seeing as I had planned on being a civil engineer, but I had been drawn into the beauty of it when I toured the campus. Our group of 15 had returned as a group of 16, but details.

After Not Hay had taken over, I noticed small things. Batteries missing from my calculators, thrown in the waste bin and covered with crumpled papers. All the fruit gone from our shared mini fridge, replaced with food that looked a little too ripe for the season. I started eating at the cafeteria more often after that. My side of the room was always left untouched, but I still left more ramen seasoning packets under my pillow and in my dresser. July had told me it was better to be safe than sorry, words that campus lived by.

Not Hay would try and help me with my homework sometimes in exchange for me playing a small tune my Nana had taught me on a fiddle that had been passed through generations, but they weren’t much help. I always told them I appreciated the effort though, a small nod of my head that could be interpreted as a bow.

But that’s not why I’m the one they tell stories about.

The finals for the first semester of the year had creeped up on me, resulting in many nights staying awake on at my desk fueled by nothing but energy drinks and cafe mochas as I worked on advanced quantum physics questions. I had just wanted to build bridges, not understand how the universe worked on a quark scale. I could tell I was upsetting Not Hay by the icy looks I felt on my back. Not that Not Hay slept.

I don’t remember how long I was in the library before, or how I got so far back in between the shelves of books whose names I couldn’t pronounce, but I had found a desk and an outlet, and honestly what more did a university student need as they crammed for their final that was worth 75% of their grade.

I had been working over the same problem for over an hour, several steps needed to find the final value but I was stuck on the very first one. I could have been muttering to myself, or maybe They had just sensed my panic. I hadn’t spoken to anyone in several days, even if I had seen Not Hay most of the time. Not Hay never seemed to speak while I was in the room, something I had been thankful for at the time.

“Are you alright?”

The voice had started me so badly I had marked up my paper with a twitch of my pen. I remember trying to find my voice, knowing it was rude to leave a question unanswered. The girl in front of me seemed to take my silence as an answer anyway. She had looked over my station of worn down pencils, crumpled up papers, and my long empty coffee mug I had taken to stabbing in distracted worry, intelligent eyes scanning my notes before looking at me again. Her freckles reminded me of constellations, the way they appeared and disappeared across her pale skin like stars.

“Are you happy?”

Her voice seemed to come from behind me, even as I was facing her. Looking back, she could have been trying to get me to make a deal with her, but at the time all I could do was cry. No one had asked me if I was happy for years, my family pushing me to follow the lineage of engineers before me and my classmates too caught up in their own studies to notice.

I didn’t answer again, instead letting my head fall to the desk as I sobbed. A cold hand was placed on the crown of my head cautiously. That was all the invitation I had needed before I had thrown myself at the girl and sobbed in her arms.

I missed my final.

Not that it would have mattered.

I had cried myself to sleep, for once not dreaming of failing out of school, but instead of a tall and spindly creature with hair as fine as spun silver and eyes as white as snow. They soothed me, the same voice as the girl from before ringing through my ears. When I woke up I was much closer to the entrance of the library than I had been before, my textbook and notebooks stacked neatly and my coffee cup gone.

I looked at my notes, unable to read anything.

I don’t know if it had been a curse for dirtying Their clothes with my tears, or a pitied gift meant to free me in exchange for my tears, but either way I grew to be grateful for it.

I switched majors after a brief conversation with a guidance counselor. I could still do everything up to basic calculus, and so decided I’d look at teaching careers instead. I had always liked children, and the small town at the bottom of the hill had opened a new primary school suddenly.

But that’s not why I am the one they tell stories about.

They tell stories about me because I had been given the Sight when the Fair One had taken my ability to cry.

I have been having lovely conversations with Not Hay lately. About riddles and dances, all smiles and twisted words as students hurry by us, pretending not to hear the hiss in our voices.


submitted by @karkahn: I guess I’ll jump on the bandwagon and introduce my kitty. This is Trouble, my dad named her and I never really saw a reason to change it, though she will come to Wubbles. I got her from a friend when she was just a kitten and she’ll be either 16 or 17 this year.

My friend swore up and down that she is a purebred siamese, but I’ve always doubted it, her head is so round, not angular at all like you see with most oriental cats, like your lovely Pangur! and she’s quite a bit stockier in build, more like tabby cats are. I only learned about applehead siamese a year ago, so I have no clue, all I know is that Trouble is a pretty girl andnshe damn well knows it.

She’s my old girl though, squeaky when she meows and purrs like a little motor and doesn’t even mind when you touch the toebeans! She might fuss about your petting the top of her head, but if you rub her chin she’ll wrap her paws around your hand and hold it there so she can lick your fingers, and I’m happy to trade ear rubs in favor of kitty kisses :3

I am a storyteller.  The story may do you no good, but a story is never for the listener.  It is always for the one who tells.
—  Kote, before starting his story
The Promise

Summary: Moving is always sad when you leave things behind. When you have to leave Beacon Hills, you’re more than demolished. You force yourself to forget to be able to move on, but you regret forgetting the day you come back to town, years after your departure. What did you forget? And why does it seem so important for Scott?

Word count: 2070

Requested? Yes, by @5sospoplikerock

Pairing: Reader x Scott

A/N: Wow this took long. Sorry for the wait! I hope you like it! Thanks to @maddie110201 who helped me with this story as well!!

Forever tag list: @rosecoloredshawn @multilovee (you can still ask to be in this tag list!)

“Promise me!” You asked, crying, your little fist constantly wiping away the tears from your cheeks.

“I promise you, one day I’ll marry you, Y/N.” His voice rang against your ear. You can’t help the little laugh that escaped your mouth.

“I’ll come back. I’ll come back, I swear, I promise, Scott, I’ll come back and make you hold your promise.”

“I can’t wait. I miss you already,” Scott mumbled, passing his hand on your soaked cheek and then on your ear to replace a lock of hair behind it.

And then, even if you two were young, you knew what to do. You mouth already closed as you keep getting closer until your lips collided gently for a deep and painful goodbye kiss. You didn’t know if you were going to see him again.

But you made a promise. And he made one too.

It’s been years. Years since you left, left Beacon Hills behind because your parents had to move for work. You had been so sad, demolished, cried for weeks over this city, all your friends, and especially him, your best friend. Scott. You had missed him so much, especially at the beginning. His absence was worse than a hole in your chest; you had so much trouble making new friends. But you had succeeded, over time.

And now, 18 years old, your parents were moving again.

To Beacon Hills.

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@anclrewjosten​ asked me to expand on the dating season of my Foxhole Court meets the Amazing Race headcanon/AU so here goes:

  • recap: all the Foxes met on the Amazing Race years ago, Allison & Renee, Andrew & Neil, Matt & Dan were all on different teams originally but hooked up on/after that race and have now been invited back for Amazing Race: All-Star Couples
  • all the teams remained friends after they left the Amazing Race, their group chat names change based on their experience on the first race. It starts with “THE AMAZING DAN AND RENEE” because they won, it changes to “Neil Boyd” or “Matt Josten” because of all the fan theories that they were husbands, once it’s “Coconut Head Kevin” but Kevin changes it to “Aaron’s Coconut Rage Issues” because it was Aaron that threw the coconut that smacked him in the head
  • everyone this season is racing for 1st place and the right to change the group chat name
  • Phil comments on how, despite having found love on the race, Andrew still doesn’t smile that much - the editors have to edit him flipping Phil off but they really don’t want to
  • everyone places bets on how long it will take for Andrew to smile on camera, they get close after leg one when Neil and Andrew take first place and Neil kisses his forehead, his cheeks, his nose, his whole face really, in excitement. Andrew clenches his teeth and buries his face in Neil’s shoulder until he composes himself
  • Neil and Matt still act like husbands whenever they’re anywhere together: waiting outside roadblocks for Dan and Andrew, passing each other while running so they hug each other mid-run at full speed
  • the only time Neil doesn’t bro it up with Matt is when they’re on airplanes together because Neil and Andrew spend the entire time on their flights going over strategies (and it’s only 80% to keep Andrew’s mind off his fear of heights and flying)
  • the three couples decide not to ever U-turn each other, one of the random teams they don’t know U-turn Neil and Andrew - they don’t come in last because Neil & Andrew kick ass and race through both detours and a different random couple team gets eliminated but the Foxes make the the race a living hell for the couple that U-turned Neil & Andrew, it takes them two legs before they’re eliminated
  • the camera crew might not be able to catch Andrew smiling (because he doesn’t do it) but they are surprised at how often Andrew and Neil are kissing on camera, not even trying to hide it, they kiss each other all the time, on the lips, forehead, cheeks, one time Andrew kisses Neil on the back of his hand and one of the camera guys almost faints from how cute it is (the show was planning on giving them a much different, dramatic edit since Andrew is so ‘emotionless’ but they end up getting the most adorable loving couple edit)
  • after the angry and bickering edit Allison got on the last race, the editors are surprised to find Allison is much more chill and Renee doesn’t have a single explosive bone in her body. Allison rants and gets loud but never at Renee, she kicks something in frustration but as soon as she’s back with Renee she just calmly leans against her and sighs “that challenge was dumb” to which Renee replies “yes but you did it and I’m proud of you” “good, let’s go win”
  • Dan and Matt are the powerhouse couple, they can do everything, they’re both buff as hell, both energetic and passionate, they’re always racing ahead and doing the physically intense detours. and they’re always supportive and kissing each other but the cutest couple edit was already taken so they focus more on damn look at those guns and communication skills as they both lift up those rocks damn
  • there’s a roadblock where you need to complete the task where you have to go down a runway wearing heels and perform a routine - Allison kills it, surprising no one. Dan kills it, surprising everyone except the Foxes, no one expects Andrew to be able to walk in heels let alone move his hips like that (the camera guy actually faints this time)
  • Matt comments on how maybe Andrew should wear heels all the time because then he wouldn’t have to get up on his tip toes or haul Neil down by his neck for kisses but Neil says that Andrew doesn’t need anymore weapons (heels are painful Matt, I know Neil but think how cute, shut the fuck up Matt I actually like him short, I’ll f*cking kill you both)
  • the three teams end up being the final three teams (no one is surprised), it’s the most hectic final leg ever and all bets are off - they don’t actively try to trick each other but they don’t help each other in any way, they trash talk each other but in weird inside joke ways that don’t sound that mean but Matt gets so offended when Andrew shouts “Neil Josten can’t succeed at anything in life” at him that Matt stops mid-run to talk up Neil’s success story, “Navy Blue is not your color, Neil” Allison shouts and Neil starts running backwards to yell “Navy blue brings out my eyes!”, Dan is constantly saying “mediocre” and “weak” to anything the other teams do, Renee doesn’t say anything mean about anyone ever but stares at them until they get uncomfortable. The editors have to edit out all of Neil’s trash talk because it gets very specific, very long, and everyone just sort of stands around stunned for a moment before continuing to race
  • Neil and Andrew win but it’s one of the closest finals ever, Dan and Matt are in second, Allison and Renee in third. The other Foxes demand to know who won but they can’t tell anyone until the show is out and finished so the group chat name changes constantly to different guesses until they either run out of options or get strangely specific “Andrew threatened Phil until he gave him and Neil first place”, “Allison bribed Phil”, “Matt and Neil won” (they weren’t a team this time, doesn’t matter they still won together), “Kevin got hit with a coconut again” (I WASN’T EVEN ON THE RACE THIS TIME)
  • the group chat has never been more active than when the season airs, they all live text each other while watching it, guessing at who wins the leg, who gets kicked off, oh damn that team really fucked up they will actually die if Neil and Andrew go home this leg, wow Neil and Andrew are insufferably cute in this edit make it stop, WHERE DID YOU LEARN TO WALK IN HEELS ANDREW, Dan did you really give Matt a piggyback ride? i was tired and she’s so strong
  • they all get together at Allison and Renee’s place to watch the finale together, they turn it into a drinking game (every time Neil & Andrew kiss, Matt says “you’re the best” to Dan, Allison tells an inanimate object she’s going to sue it) and at the end of the night the group chat changes to “THE AMAZING NEIL AND ANDREW”
LARRYSTERDAM (v2.3 cause version 1 sucked)

New York used to be New Amsterdam.

Nice coincidence. Wow.

GO TO 3:00


Plus the Amsterdam, HL Thing which didn’t make sense cause even though Amsterdam is in NORTH-HOLLAND (like North England) IN THE NETHERLANDS, we still use NL. Not HL, unless Harry wanted to name it Harryland. Fair enough. HL is the postcode for ‘1017 HL Vijzelstraat’ So i don’t think it is that either. Who forgot to tell him that using HL is like the equivalent of using .eng as abbreviation?


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And all of  that happened^

A squealing Louis

These set of pictures

And the interview that came with it

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((first: sent - second: read. this is the last part probably))


My Chemical Anx: pleass open the door

prince prat: I can’t right now. I’m a mess.

prince prat: I can hear you crying, what’s going on?

My Chemical Anx: im sl sorry for evrrything. i didnt mean ro ignkre your messages. i want to help you so badly but im iseless and i cant and im sorry

prince prat: Don’t say that, Anxiety. I’m gonna quickly refresh myself a bit and then I’ll let you in, okay?

My Chemical Anx: okay


logan!!: Roman has finally let Anxiety in. I’m going to head back to my room now.

Pat: are they okay?

logan!!: I am unsure. I think they will be, though.

Pat: that’s good! here, I’ll male breakfast for you!

logan!!: You don’t have to.

Pat: I don’t mind!!

logan!!: Well, then I’d appreciate it very much.

Pat: I’ll make you coffee as well, just the way you like it. I love you!

logan!!: Thank you. I love you as well, Pat.


Anxiety: thanks for convincing me to go to princey

mr serious: No problem. I trust that it worked out?

Anxiety: yeah im trying to get him to fall asleep now and its almost working

mr serious: That’s good. If he’s been having nightmares, make sure you’re comfortable dealing with Roman if he wakes up from one.

Anxiety: i will. the royal pain is actually quite comfortable so im gonna go get some sleep as well

mr serious: Huh?


[Why does this chat require a name?]
you’ll never know: prince has horrible bed hair

Roman: I deny that statement.

Logan: I would like to see proof of that.

patton: me too!!

Roman: Don’t encourage him!

you’ll never know: {bedhair.jpg}

patton: that’s so cute!!

Logan: Is that Anxiety’s arm around him?

you’ll never know: nope. shut up.

Roman: It is.

you’ll never know: its not my fault that you hug in your sleep

Roman: I do not!

you’ll never know: well, either way, i think we can all appreciate your not so princely sleep talking

Logan: Please elaborate.

Roman: Logic, why do you hate me?

patton: hate is a strong word! Imm sure he doesn’t!

Logan: I totally agree, with both of you.

you’ll never know: same tbh

Roman: Excuse me?!

you’ll never know: i said what i said.

[Roman has changed the chat name to “Anxiety is a backstabber”]

Fooled Around and Fell in Love (Loki x reader)

Song fic

Requested by Anon

Listen to Fooled Around and Fell in Love

A/N: So so so sorry this is soooo late, but I hope you see it and I hope it makes you happy! I really do love this request. Decided to write it from Loki’s POV, which is a bit different than my normal, but it felt right. I included references to Frankenstein because I love the book and it just happened. So yeah. Let me know what you think!


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Anonymous asked: Hi ! Can I request something with Thorin, maybe modern or something after the claim of Erebor ? Where she is a costume designer for the (little) princes, and everytime they hurt themselves in the orc hunt, they come back sweaty, bloody and with holes in their clothes, she scold them and sass them as possible, And that make smile and smirk thorin, and he begins to appreciate her more and more, and they end kissing ? thank you ;)

Here is your one-shot, anon! I do not own Thorin, Fili or Kili. They belong to J.R.R.Tolkien. 

Warnings: Fluff overload. Everybody lives AU

Pairings: Thorin Oakenshield x fem!reader, Fili, Kili

Originally posted by thorinoakenshieldconfessions

The door of your little shop opened, making you look up from your work. Standing in front of you were the two princes of Erebor and their uncle, Thorin. You stood to curtsy, but Thorin waved his hand. The two princes refused to meet your gaze, which was odd unless…“Did you rip your new cloaks already?” They gave identical, sheepish nods. You rolled your eyes. “Let me see the damage.”

               You were a designer of sorts. Your top priority was making certain Thorin and his nephews, as well as your own King Bard looked like the royalty they were. Unfortunately, the two younger Durins always managed to find trouble, meaning they needed their clothes repaired often.

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