i will never be over him singing ok

*sneaks into ur house*

//*drops this in front of u before making my radical escape*//

(Um, if you could see my face right now, it’s absolute, unadulterated shock and excitement because I’ve NEVER HEARD A SONG THAT SUMS UP DARK SO COMPLETELY AND I CAN JUST SEE HIM SINGING IT, HIS AURA SWELLING WITH THE CHORUS AND JUST AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. ok, ok meltdown over now. I’m cool, I’m calm. I’m FINE. So I’m just going to write this little thing and leave it here for you guys to enjoy…)

Dark opens the little music box and listens to the small song play, tinkling and plinking with a happy tune, and he rests his hands on the keys of the piano, feeling the beat of the music before diving in.

His music melds with it as he laughs, short and dry, blood staining the white keys and burning the image into his mind. The body lies on the floor behind him, splayed out in the last throws of the fight of his life, and now Mark is dead. Dark leans his head to the side and lets the music drift around him. It blocks out the ringing in his ears.

Mark is dead, gone, at last.

Dark’s fingers shake as he continues to play. Finally, all he’s ever wanted and dreamed of. He’ll take Mark’s place, become the heart and soul of the thing his life is tied around, that ever elusive group of children watching and praying for an appearance from him. It’s all in his hands, these cold, bloody hands.

Then he thinks of the Egos. What will they do when they find out? Their poor Amy won’t be very happy about this, of course, but Dark can hardly believe he’s done it. He can still see it all, the moment that the light left Mark’s eyes, the moment Dark knew he’d won.

But still there’s the nagging feeling, that little demon tearing at his stomach that they’ll find him, stop him from having his moment, his channel. Yes, they’ll try to take it from him. They always have. They steal everything that he’s worked for. He’s done all the work all these years, all the heavy-lifting. Every step forward, they took because he’d laid down on the wire.

And that means only one thing. He has to make sure the others are out of the picture.

He rises from his piano slowly, music stopping abruptly, and staggers into the hall. His aura guides him, a puppeteer pulling the strings. Everything he’s ever wanted, all of it, he can have it. If he just finishes them off…

But Wilford sees the blood on his hands and the look of victory in his eyes, and he’s there standing in the way, like always. Warfstache was always there to stop him before, but not now, no more.

Now, Dark is going to win. Finally. Finally.

Then Dark feels cold gunmetal pressed against his forehead, and he bolts awake. Warfstache is still there, sleepwalking with a gun in hand. That rose-colored idiot. Dark lets go of the breath he’s been holding and pushes the weapon away from his face.

It was nothing but a dream… a crazy, horrible, wonderful dream, but one day, he promises himself, one day, it’ll be real.

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Do you think Paul still cries over John?

I think sometimes he still has some sad moments when he thinks about the past and what happened between them, even if he is not a nostalgic man. Never forget that once he cried while singing Here Today, and that he said:

“At least once a tour, that song just gets me. I’m singing it, and I think I’m OK, and I suddenly realise it’s very emotional, and John was a great mate and a very important man in my life, and I miss him, you know? It happened at the first show, in Gijon: I was doing fine, and I found myself doing a thing I’ve done in soundcheck, just repeating one of the lines: ‘I love you, I love you, I love you.’ I did that and I thought, ‘That’s nice - that works.’ And then I came to finish the song, to do the last verse, and it was, 'Oh shit - I’ve just totally lost it.’

He also talks about John in present tense and about his death once he said:

“At home, at weekends or whatever, it wells up and I can’t handle it. But most of the time I can just about handle it, you sort of have to get through the day.“

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Justin's version of Despacito just reminds me how great sound mixing can be in with current technology. I mean I'm sure he can speak the words and sing them ok but lol have you heard him try to sing it live? Just my 2 cents on them creating a summer hit to which will never be fully sung live in concert lmao

LMAO its actually hilarious because when you listen to the remix carefully, you can hear Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee like singing over him on the words he struggles to pronounce right.. like they’re covering up for him and trying to mask his bad spanish

I’m not good for you. (Part 2)

Type: mini-serie.

Pairing: Jace Herondale/Wayland/Lightwood X Reader.

A/N: there is Clary too but this is a Jace x Reader, sorry for who ship Clace. I ship Clace also 💕but this imagine is based on a dream i made a few nights ago. And also i’m sorry for any mistakes, English isn’t my first language and i wanted to share this with someone.

“You can not do that! Are you serious?” Izzy begin “Please tell me it’s a joke. She can not force you to do such a horrible things!”

“Maryse does not force me, i accepted.” i explain for the four time.
It’s been a week since Jace and me are returned from the mission. Since that day i have not spoken with Jace, i try my best to avoid him and it’s simple because of the missions and because he spends his free time with Clary or alone in his room. Unfortunalely it’s not the same for Maryse, two days later she called me in her office.

“I called you to talk about something very important. Sit down.” she orders “Obviously you know what happened.” she continues as i sit in front of her and i nod.
A few days ago it has been discovered that Maryse e Robert were in the Circle and now everyone thinks that they cannot trust the Lightwood anymore. I do not know what to think, lately i don’t have a good connection with Maryse but she remains the only mother figure to me and i owe her a lot and before this period she was always normal to me. Just like Robert, he was and is always kind to me, he never treated me differently from his children. They have made bad choices, but they were young and impressionable. Now they have changed and they are doing everything possible to change their position. Alec and Isabelle did not take the news very well. She behaves normally and she says she is ok but it’s was a shock for everyone and i am her Parabatai so i know when she is not ok. But we support each other, she helps me with well…everything and i help her through this and for whatever she need me. Alec was furious at first, he always put his family first instead of himself and his parents never told him about their past in the Circle. Fortunatly Max is not at the Istitute, he is too young for this, he is very clever for his age but it is a complicated situation and he is still a child.
“Well, we need you for bring again the Lightwood’s name to the light. You’re our only hope and as a member of this family is one of your duties.”
“Now i’m a family member? Lately you do not treat me like one.” i remind her.
“I treat you like everyone, you’re a Shadowhunters. There is no room for sentimentality, especially since Valentine returned. We need our people to trust us. If you want to do something to help, well, i have a proposal. With this you can help Isabelle, Alec, Jace, Max and all of us, you can help your family.” she says and she know that she is right, she hit my weakness. In all these years i’ve never found a proper way to thank Maryse e Robert, they saved me and it seems that now it’s my time to save them. She’s right.
“Fine, what should i do?” i say, if there is anything i can do to repay them i’ll do it. Maybe if i do what she want me to do she’ll treat me better, she could treat me like a real family member and not like a burden. I want her to accept me, i don’t know way but i need her approval, she may be a difficult person to interact with but she is a very strong e powerful woman and i respect her.
“I know you would have accepted. To fix this problem we need a solid union between two of the most important families, us and the Penstorm! You’ll marry James Blackwine.” she says and i froze. I…WHAT? She must have hit her head somewhere or maybe i was training with Izzy and i have bumped my head and now i am dreaming. It is a madness.
“What?! I can not marry a stranger. I am an adult technically but i will not marry.”
“This is the only way, they are the most important family at the moment. They occupy an important position in the Clave and we need this. If you marry James Penstorm we might have the power and respect that they took away from us. I know his family very well and i know that James is ok with the marriage, in fact it was his idea. He keeps his eye on you since the first time he saw you in Idris. I know you can do it, you’re an amazing young Shadowhunters and with this you can save us and could take you in high position. Sometimes we have no choice, we must do what is right.” she says and it seems she have already decided. I have no choice, she’s right…again. I’m a Shadowhunters first, i can’t let the emotions take over on me. Until now they not brought me nothing but sadness, for Jace i’m nothing and i never will be anything. Maybe this is the sing that i should turn the page and forget him or maybe he finally notice me in that way, but who i am trying to convince? It’s impossible and it will be too late. You know what? I am tired of thinking and i am tired to wait for someone that not love me the way i do, i want to be undestood and loved. Less think, more doing.
“Ok, i’ll do it.” i say at the end.

Currently i am in my room with a very disgusted Izzy and an angry Alec.
“Guys, really it’s ok, i want to do this. If i marry James Blackwine i can save the name of the family. We can’t risk anything now. If this is the only way i’ll do it even i you like it or not. I appreciate your support and i love you both but this is my decision and finally i can do something to repay your parents. I need you both, please?”
“I do not like this idea you know. You do not have to prove anything and Jace is such a fool if he has not noticed you. I don’t say this because i am is Parabatai and we swar to protect each other and all…but is a jerk sometimes.” Alec jokes and we start laugh. “This is the wrost idea i’ve ever heard, it is not right that you have to fix a mistake done by our parents! But if you want to do it i am with you and if you want to get back i am with you.” he ends.
“I agree with him. I hate the idea that you have to marry someone to save our ass and if you do that only to forget Jace don’t do it, there are plentys way for that, but if you really what to marry him ok. I will always be by your side, we took an oath, remeber?” Izzy smile.
“I do not do this for Jace. Yes, also because of him but his not the main reason. I want do it for save our family. I cannot let them ask you such a thing Izzy, he asked for me and a marriage is not for you at the moment. I have nothing to lose. And, Alec, we all know you cannot marry someone that is not Magnus, you love him and he love you too and finally you are happy with a-a-a magnificent saxy warlock and you can’t let him go.” I say and then take a deep breath, I didn’t realize how fast I was and i not even breathing in the middle of my speaking. I look the two siblings in front of me only to find them to look at me shocked.
“Breathes and inspire honey. We appreciate the fact that you thought of us and probably we would have done the same. I am with you only if i can ne the bridesmaid and you know what that means, right? BACHELOR PARTY!” Izzy says, now it is my turn to ne shocked, i look at Alec for help.
“Slow down Izzy, now we just have to worry about how to tell everyone.” says firmly Alec.
I let myself fall on the bad and buried my head in the pillow hoping that it is just a nightmare. As long as i have these two by my side everything will be fine…right?

➡Pt. 3?


Santiago Cabrera singing to a baby

I can’t even put into words how amazing SHINee in Dallas was . I want to do a fan account but I don’t even think I can because I won’t be able to do it justice. Seeing them so close I had the realization wash over me of them being REAL over and over it was so overwhelming … i bawled during Replay AGAIN lol …I have never known the feeling to be this happy before in my life …I got noticed by Onew and he grinned at me and I think I will never be the same lol he is SO SO beautiful and and his VOICE is perfection and gave me chills hearing it live … the way he would stand there always gently swaying from side to side looking around the room … constantly adjusting or fiddling with this shirt to make sure it looked ok… or nervously biting his bottom lip as the others talked … he was so precious omg … his stage persona is SO strong when he’s dancing and singing he just oozes confidence .. but the second it stops and the talks begin he just quietly watches over the other members and prompts them to speak first ..and when he does speak it’s not much .. just softly and gently with a beautiful smile ..I will never forget him he’s just as beautiful and amazing and gentle as I expected him to be … I don’t even feel sad it’s over I just feel so happy I was able to see a SHINee World concert at all T_T

My King

Pairing: Joshua x Reader

Genre: fluff/ slight angst

Word count: 1.6k

Originally posted by lonexsamurai

“Joshyyyyyyy” you called following after the small brunette boy.

“How many times have I told you not to call me that?” He grumbled.

You watched as he climbed up the rickety wooden ladder of your tree house a confident smile plastered on his face when he made it to the top.

“You coming up?”

You nodded following in the older boys footsteps. Once you had reached the top you looked around at the books and puzzles scattered around you before panning over to Joshua. He leaned against the edge of what you believed was supposed to be a window. You watched as he stared around the neighborhood a content smile on his lips.

“I’m the king of the world!” He screamed spreading his arms out beside him.

You giggle before chiming in, “I’m queen of the world!”

You both fell to the floor in a fit of giggles. Toothy grins plastered on your youthful faces. You both sobered up quickly and looked at each other wistfully.

“I feel far too young for this level of responsibility,” you reasoned making Joshua laugh.

“No silly the king is the responsible one.” He said puffing out his scrawny chest.

“Josh you’re 8, what do you know about running a kingdom?” You asked, placing your hands on your hips in a sassy manner.

He shrugged, “maybe I will know when I get older.”

You nodded. Both of you fell silent after that, your minds running wild with the thought of kings and queens and everything in between.

“Josh,” you whispered.

“Hmm?” He hummed looking over at you.

“You’re my best friend…” you trailed.

His eyes were set on you, begging you to continue.

“I don’t want to lose you,” you frowned.

He scooted close to you, wrapping an arm around your shoulder.

“You won’t lose me, I’m your king,” he giggled.

“Promise?” You asked sticking out a pinky.

“Promise,” he smiled linking his pinky with yours.

You thought back to all those years ago. The innocent bliss of a child’s mind and the promise of a future both of you had no idea of. Although you mostly stayed in contact you eventually faded away until your first day of middle school.

You scoured the courtyard, hoping to see a familiar face among the mass of preteens surrounding you. Not one person looked familiar. The reality of a new school full of new people set in leaving you sad. You sat down on the nearest bench and pulled out a notebook. It was one of those Lisa Frank notebooks everyone loved. You opened it and began doodling with nothing in mind. It wasn’t until you were finished that you realized it was a set of crowns.

“Oh good now we have crowns,” said a voice

You looked up and Joshua stared down, brace faced smile on full display.

“Joshy”  you squealed getting up to hug your best friend.

“I missed you.” He chuckled wrapping a pair of scrawny arms around you.

It was then you realized how squeaky his voice was and you let out a giggle.

“I missed you too,” you smiled pulling away from the hug.

“It’s been years…” he exaggerated.

You shook your head, “only 4.”

“4 years too long.” He smiled.

You nodded.

“Promise me you won’t leave… again,” he chuckled sticking out his hand.

“Yeah I promise,” you said grabbing his outstretched hand.

“Like for real though,” he said with raised eyebrows.

“Oh my God yes josh I promise I won’t leave,” you groaned with a cheesy grin plastered on your face, “Buuut if something were to happen we always have the treehouse.”

“Ahh yes our castle,” he chuckled letting your hand go.

“Yeah and our kingdom of loyal citizens aka your dogs.”

He smiled at that making you smile as well.

“Just to make sure we’ll always be friends we have to promise that we’ll hang out in the treehouse at least one a year, deal.”

You nodded, “deal!”

And that’s how things went through middle school and all throughout high school. Though your friend was solid through the years of school you had both endured it kind of faded after graduation. You both went separate ways, you going off to college and he moved away. It was years later that you found out he had moved to Korea and became a singer. You were happy for him as you watched him do what he loved and living his life, even though you were no longer a part of it.

The memories flowed through your mind as you walked. A sad smile sat on you lips as you realized just where you had ended up. The small brick house sat empty at the end of the Cul-de-sac. The “For Sale” sign that sat in the front yard made it obvious. You ventured into the surprisingly well groomed backyard and over to the tree house. It still stood, high up in the large oak tree near the far left corner of the backyard. Managing to climb up the old rickety ladder, you sat looking over more of the memories you had made up here. You looked over the leave covered floorboards and up onto the walls where old drawings were placed. Your fingers trailed over the initials carved into the tree trunk. A smile graced your lips as you look at the makeshift heart carved around it. Your initials had been carved there since the first day of your friendship, the heart however was a newer addition.Joshua had placed the heart around it the day he told you he liked you, back in 8th grade.

8th grade, the year your friendship grew to something more only to be squashed by the hardships of high school. You sat there for awhile as you thought of more memories, like the first time you heard Joshua sing or the part your parent threw for your graduation. It was that party you realized how much you truly did love Joshua. He was your first love but you never got to tell him that because he left soon after your came to that realization. You were so enthralled with reminiscing that you didn’t hear someone climb up the ladder.

“Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t know anyone was up here.”

“You turned around to face the voice, “No it’s ok-”

You looked over scanning the brown haired boy. The same angelic eyes and pure smile.

“Josh,” you whispered.

“____!” he smiled pulling you into a hug.

You fell silent as his arms wrapped around you. Your thoughts became jumbled and your word ceased to come out. There was nothing you could do except cry. Cry because he was here. Cry because you missed him. Cry because he didn’t forget about you.

He pulled away looking you in the eye. There was no amount of words that could express just how jumbled you felt right now staring back at him. His hands cupped your cheeks and his thumbs swiping away the tears as they fell.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, his voice laced with regret.

“You didn’t forget about me,” you cried out.

“I could never,” he said shaking his head, swiping more tears from your eyes.

“Then why didn’t you tell me you were leaving?” You asked.

He shook his head, “ I just… couldn’t.”


“I- I”

“Why Joshua?” You asked your voice cracking when you said his name.

“I love you! It would have hurt too much to tell you goodbye when all I wanted to do was stay.”

You fell silent as his word sunk in.

“And now I know I shouldn’t have said that because now you’re not speaking.”

“I love you too,” you whispered.

“I’m so dumb like why would I say that what’s wrong with me?” Joshua went on staring at the floor obviously not listening to you.

“Hey!” You shout catching his attention.

He looked up at you with flushed cheeks and an awkward smile. You giggled as you looked over his soft features before placing your hands on his shoulders.

“Did you say something?”

“I said I love you too you dork,” you beamed.

His head shot up and his eyes widened as he scanned your face for any sign of insincerity.


“Yes for awhile now,” you chuckled plating with the collar of his shirt.

He nodded pulling you into his arms. He kissed your temple, his lips trailing down to your cheek before finally landing on your lips. They were soft as they meshed with your in a needy type of way. His arms wrapped around your back pulling you as close as possible as he deepened the kiss. You felt yourself smile into the kiss just before he pulled away. He left a soft kiss on the tip of your nose before letting you go.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting to do that,” he chuckled.

“Damn you Joshua Hong,” you smiled.

“Watch your mouth there is no foul language in this kingdom!” He said deepening his voice.

You shook your head as you realized just what he was doing.

“Oh yes I’m sorry my king,” you bowed.

“You are forgiven, but are hereby sentenced to receive a consignment of kisses,”

“Wha-” you started only to be stopped by Joshua peppering your face with kisses.

You giggled as his lips glided over your face, leaving sloppy kisses on every exposed piece of skin on your face.

“Joooooosh!” You squeaked pushing him off you.

“Yes my queen?” He asked brows raised in anticipation.

You slapped his chest playfully to which he chuckled. He pulled you closer, setting you on his lap and you guys talked. Talked about the past, present, and what the future held.

But one thing was for certain he was Josh and you were ____, never one without the other. Now together and forever, king and queen.

West End ExR

Ok right so here today is the one year anniversary of me going to see the very best exr dynamic in existence in the west end so have this:
-Grantaire sat in ABC Cafe reading a newspaper with his feet propped on the table ignoring everyone until Enjolras started singing
-I mean after that he was only nodding sarcastically but hey it’s Grantaire what were you expecting
-He interrupted Enjolras halfway through his rant and it was beautiful
-There was also a bit where he sat on Enjolras’ desk and tossed the papers in the air like idk how they all coped with him honestly
-Let’s talk about Enjolras too ok he was beautiful and passionate and I will never be over him
-onto the sads
-Drink With Me was awful ok like it was fine until the end of Grantaire’s bit but then he was trying to get Enjolras’ attention as he walked past by poking his chest and it was meant to be a joke but his face was just crumbling you could see it and Enjolras just stopped immediately and sat him down and started whispering to him and you could see Grantaire sobbing and there was very intense hugging with hair stroking and everything
-and then the barricade
-it got to the bit where they laid Marius down after he was shot and there was another super intense hug with more hair touching and then Enjolras pulled away to climb up and over the barricade and Grantaire just froze for a moment after before chasing up after him but he wasn’t quite coordinated enough to keep up and he was shot on top of the barricade trying to save Enjolras and I just
-bonus: in the muckup matinee Grantaire thrust his bottle in Enjolras’ face (I’ve only heard about this not seen it but you can guess that it was very sexual knowing them)
-bonus bonus: in the finale recording you can kind of hear Grantaire screaming at Enjolras to come back when they’re climbing the barricade just before the music swells as everyone is shot

If you need more there is always the ridiculous Twitter flirting

Day 2: Movie Night

Once again let is thank wonderful  @thanekrios  and @kurauamami for letting Liam get all this love)

“Let’s have a movie night,” Liam catches her on the way to her quarters when she thinks about one million things at the same time and carries a bunch of data pads, a tray of food (with the damned greens Lexi and Sam insist she has every dinner) and a cup of coffee. He immediately takes the tray and the data pads and smiles from ear to ear earning himself a chuckle. Sara watches him and sips her coffee offering him some – he makes a gulp without question because unlike Cora who they both like their coffee sweet. “So what do you say?”

“We had one a couple of days ago, didn’t we? By the way I think that after this horrid thing I’m forever disappointed in asari remakes. “Fast as a cruiser furious as a varren”, who came up with this title?” Sara scoffs and shakes her head. Liam just laughs loudly not one bit concerned when Lexi throws them a look from the kitchen. Thankfully, the door in her quarters slides shut before she can point out that the movie was a great success and some of the crew actually liked it. Peebee did. So did Jaal and Suvi. Sara suspects that Vetra dosed off somewhere in the beginning while Gil got lost in some online game closer to the end.

“Yeah, right, but I was talking about you and me, you know?” Liam puts everything on the coffee table and crashes on the couch. He has a thing for them Sara thinks fondly and sits beside him throwing her legs over his lap. “You and me, okay? Let’s talk about you and me, let’s talk about all the good things, and the bad things that may be!”

She can’t help it. Sha laughs nearly spilling her coffee over her chest. He takes the cup away and continues singing (it’s a bit off, he never gets the tune right but who cares? His voice is hot anyway and he actually can hit the notes unlike herself) taking a pause to have a drink.

“Ok I get it, seriously, I get it, just you and me, now stop with the classics. What do you want to watch?” Liam returns her the cup, now half empty and just smiles when she glares.

“I was thinking about “50 Shades of Grey”, the one where there’s this drell, I don’t remember his name, and this blonde girl who was in the…” He looks at her and pauses, stops smiling and frowns. “What? Why are you looking at me that way?”

“You know, we can watch porn if that’s what you want. I mean in any porn movie there’s more to the plot and sex”, she leans forward to plant a kiss on his cheek.

“I didn’t mean it that way!” He waves his hand. “If I wanted one I’d suggest “Game of Groans” or “Why I Dumped Your Father”. Also there was this one movie about Shepard”, they both chuckle remembering the outrage in the media that lasted for some time. “It’s romantic, and you like romance and stuff, right? You said it the other day to Kallo.”

Sara blinks, giving him a funny look, and puts her cup on the coffee table. Her hand come around his neck and she gives him a proper kiss on the mouth, which he returns immediately fingers grasping her knee.

“You are so sweet,” she pecks him on the nose and giggles, when scoffs. “It’s really sweet for you to remember that and want to be all considerate, but I have you for the romance in my life. And for the sex, and for all the other dirty stuff. So let’s not torment you and watch something nice. And yes, I’m sure that I don’t want to watch it. This movie is embarrassing and I’d rather watch it with Scott anyway.”

“Why Scott?” Liam asks clearly confused.

“He hates romantic movies. Best revenge I can come up with except telling his girlfriends all embarrassing childhood stories I know about him”, Sara giggles remembering how lost and nauseous her twin looks when she makes him watch something so cheesy.

“He has some blackmail too, doesn’t he?” She shrugs her shoulders.

“Yep. That’s why I don’t abuse my power. Anyway, enough about him. What are we watching tonight, loverboy?”

When the screen lights up and “A long time ago in a galaxy far far away” appears Sara snuggles closer to Liam, perfectly content with her life.

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ok ik people have already talked abt matt singing but I'm literally never gonna be over it so consider: him constantly singing while doing shit, like he's making a sandwich or editing or cleaning and quietly singing and maybe he doesn't even notice that he does it but Ryan is listening and he does that cute little smile bc he loves listening to Matt sing and he compliments matt but matt gets all shy and is like "pff it's not that good really" but he's secretly really happy Ryan liked it

IM NEVER GETTING OVER IT EITHER aaa i loooove that so much!!! imagine he’s going to matt’s room to ask him if he wants to go with him to the store and he just stands outside the door for a minute listening to matt sing to himself…
n then in the car ryan puts on a song he knows matt likes n matt starts singing along and ryan’s like >:)

Baby- A Peter Pan One-Shot

Title: Baby
Request: An imagine plz where a baby was sent to neverland and you and Peter take care of him ( you and pan aren’t together) but he really likes it and he plays with the baby and fluffff
Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader

“Y/N!” Peter called.
No answer.
“Y/N!!!” he called again.
Y/N finally woke up in her tent, and rushed out still half asleep.
“What do you want it’s like 3 am!?” Y/N asked.
Peter walked towards her, holding something in his arms.
“I woke up a few minutes ago because I heard crying. Outside my tent was this.” Peter said.
In his arms, wrapped in a blanket, was a little baby.
He was probably no older that 6 months.
“A baby?” Y/N asked.
“Yea. Someone probably didn’t want him, and sent him here. We’re stuck with it forever.” Peter sighed.
“Well one, it’s a he not an it. And two, we can survive with a baby to take care of.” Y/N added.
“Alright, well what’s his name? And do you promise to help me take care of him?” Peter asked.
“His name is, hmm…how about Harris? I’ll take care of him with you, this’ll be fun!” Y/N responded.
“Harris it is. So what do we do first?” Peter asked.
“We should feed him. I’ll go mush up some food and put water in it, you just feed it to him. This won’t be too hard!” Y/N said.
“Yea, fun, sure.” Peter sighed, rocking the baby in his arms.

Over the next few weeks, Y/N and Peter were getting adjusted to taking care of Harris.
Y/N would wake up at midnight to feed him, Peter at 6 am.
They were like parents to the baby, and had become like siblings because of it.
Peter was even starting to love Harris.
“Where’s Peter?” Y/N asked some of the lost boys.
“He took Harris with him to the shore line.” a lost boy responded.
“Alright.” Y/N responded.
She headed for the shore line, and when she got there she was astonished.
There sat Peter Pan singing to a little baby.
Y/N was giggling out of her mind.
“If you hear me Y/N just come out here!” Peter called.
“Keep singing, Harris likes it.” Y/N smiled.
“Sing with me!” Peter added.
“Ok.” Y/N laughed.
She began to sing to Harris along with Peter, and the little baby was grinning widely.
After the song was over, Harris was starting to fall asleep.
“I’m kind of glad we have him here.” Peter said.
“Yea me too.” Y/N added.
“He makes everyday interesting. I never thought being a dad, of sort of a dad I guess, could be this fun.” Peter said.
“You make a great dad.” Y/N smiled.
“And you make a great mom.” Peter responded.
“So is Harris sleeping in your tent tonight or mine?” Y/N asked.
“Mine, for sure.” Peter responded.
Y/N laughed, “You love him so much. It’s cute.”
“I may not have at first, but know it’s different.” Peter added.
“I’m glad you changed. You’re a great person, Peter.” Y/N said.
“So are you, you’re the best friend I could ever ask for.” Peter responded, “Best thing to happen to this island, well beside Harris.”
Y/N laughed, “You’re obsessed with him.”
Peter laughed too, “I know. I know.”




anonymous asked:

lucaya fic based on, "You are everything and more, I love you."

Lucaya isn’t my OTP for the fandom, but it’s pretty damn close. I’m sorry if this isn’t long enough, but my creative juices are in something of a drought. Let me know if you want more, and I might be able to add on to it in the next few days.

Without further adieu, “I Think - No, I Know.”

Maya and Riley were sitting in Riley’s apartment doing a whole lot of nothing when her phone buzzed. Well, Riley was doing homework, but Maya was just doodling on her shoes.

Lucas: Maya, I understand that things are complicated, but I miss you. Can we hang out, talk?

She tossed her phone to the other side of the bed when Riley’s voice startled her. “What’s wrong with you?”

Maya furrowed her brows at her brunette - at the moment, loud - friend. “What do you mean?”

Riley rolled her eyes. “You’ve got a good-looking huckleberry out there, liking you, texting you, and look at you. You’re sitting here doing nothing.”

Maya slowed down her speech like she was Farkle, explaining quantum physics to one of the ‘normals’. “But you know I don’t like him!”

Riley adopted her best nonchalant face - Maya knew it well - and stared into Maya’s eyes.“So you stare at him like you’d like to be licking his abs, why?” 

Maya threw up her arms in exasperation. “But he likes you!”

Riley continued as if they were talking about a pair of shoes or something, and not one of the most wonderful guys that they’d ever met. “And, you know that I don’t want him.”

“Why not, if he’s so good-looking?” Maya asked, trying to out-logic her.

Riley dropped all pretenses of not pushing them together. “Because I love you more than I like him. Because I don’t see us working out. I never really did.”

Maya started without thinking about what her argument would even be, “But-” and fortunately she was cut off. She was running out of reasons.

“Go be happy.” Maya took in her best friend’s face. She wasn’t weepy, she didn’t look emotional, just sincere. It was entirely possible that Riley was over Lucas. While it made her feel guilty as all hell, the thought made Maya’s heart sing.

“Ok, but what am I supposed to say to him? ‘You’re a greek god? You’re the sweetest person that I’ve ever known?’  ‘You are everything and more, I love you.’ How about that?“ She felt her voice rising and her face reddening, but she couldn’t do much to stop it.

She was completely startled when she heard a male voice behind her. “I’d say that’s a start, Maya.”

Maya blanched and whipped around. Lucas was sitting there in the bay window, waiting for her. Riley tapped on her shoulder and said, “I’ll leave you two to it,” with a smile, walking out of the room.

Lucas looked at her with his bright eyes, and she felt herself melt a bit. “You don’t have to label it. You just have to let me know what you’re feeling. I’m prepared to take this as slow as you want.”

Maya tried her hardest to glare at him but she couldn’t quite manage it. “You know that I have issues, right? Big, scary, dark and twisty issues.”

“Like I don’t have issues? Your issues make you real. I don’t like you in spite of them Maya. I’m not interested in a ‘perfect’ Maya, other than the one I already have.” He sighed. “I do have you right?”

She looked up at his compassionate face and felt her heart stutter. “You have me.” She took his hand. “If nothing else, you have me.”

Lucas held her face in his hand and smiled. “You’re not my second choice, Maya, you never were. You are everything and more. I think - no, I know - I love you, Maya.”

“Don’t say it if you don’t mean it, Lucas.” She was trying to keep the tears back because she was seeing all of the ways that this could fail.

Lucas looked her in the eyes. “Maya, I’ve never meant anything more. I’ve never felt anything this strong. You make everything more beautiful in my eyes. You color my whole world golden.”

Maya leaned over and kissed him, trying to show him how she was feeling. He pulled her in and kissed her back, hard. She responded enthusiastically, with violent kisses that were half tongue and half teeth, latching onto his lips.

When she pulled away, she realized that she might have bitten him too hard, because there was a bit of blood on his lip. “I think you might be dating a vampire, sorry.”

Lucas grinned, split lip and all. “So we’re dating now?”

She laid a more chaste kiss on his lips and whispered in his ear. “Huckleberry, you need to learn to quit while you’re ahead.”

“You drive me wild, Maya. I bleed for you. Can we just have this?” The pleading look in his eyes was almost too much for her to bear.

She bit her lip. “Yeah, I think we can manage that.”

After Lucas had left, Riley and Maya were back to lazing the day away. All was well until Riley’s phone buzzed. Maya glanced at it before Riley could get to it and gasped.

Lucas: Thanks for asking me to come. She might have never let me say anything without the ambush.

Maya rounded on Riley. “You.”

Riley held up her hand, not in surrender, but in a silencing motion. “I regret nothing.”

“You did this!” Maya screamed as she hopped on top of Riley, wrestling her in a way that she knew wouldn’t hurt. “You are without a doubt, the most stubborn, headstrong, person I’ve ever met!”

Riley stood her ground - metaphorically, she was on the floor underneath Maya - and yelled, “You had it coming!”

Maya got up off of her and stood, offering Riley a hand. Riley toughened her face, but it relaxed entirely when she was pulled into a bear hug by maya. “Thank you for being my stubborn best friend.”

I altered the prompt a bit, just because I’m writing this sometime in season 3, when it’s sort of new. I hope I did it justice!

Progressive Chelsie Shipping Chart: Series 1 through 6

This is an update of a little something I did after S4. I’ve redone it to include events from S5 and S6. This is exactly how the insanity began, friends, with a picture of a castle and a pooch’s rump. Read through this and see how close the description comes to your actual shipping experience. I imagine it’s been pretty similar for all of us.

Hmm. What’s this? A show called Downton Abbey? Oh, a doggie! Its little bum! How cute!


That butler guy has a sexy voice. The housekeeper is really pretty.


Oh, lookie here. She’s asking if he’s ever thought about marriage. Look at them LOOKING at each other. *shippy radar pinging loudly and quickly* Oh, this should be a thing.


He’s jealous because that farmer proposed to her. (Of course, she said no!) Oh, I’m really feeling it now. This NEEDS to be a thing.


Oh, no! He’s collapsed in the middle of dinner! She’s so worried, and see how she takes care of him! OMG, she’s in his BEDROOM! I ship it! I ship it!


No, no, no! He can’t LEAVE! She’ll miss him. She will. Very much. And it costs her nothing to say it. And just LISTEN to how she says it!


Phew, he never did leave. But now, he’s sick in bed again, and look who’s fussing over him once more! I ship it SO hard!


CANCER! NOOOOOOO!!! She can’t. See how crushed he is, thinking he might lose her! But no, she’s ok. And he’s so relieved HE’S SINGING FOR HER! HE’S SINGING!!! I can’t breathe!


Sniffle, sniffle, weep, sob. Lady Sybil died. She’s comforting him. She’s touching his arm. He’s covering her hand with his own! ACTUAL PHYSICAL CONTACT!!! I think I may fall over.


These two! Honestly! While the kids are getting ready to go the fair, these hornballs are having eyesex right there at the servants’ table! Get a room!


He’s angry, but she’s calming him down. She’s touching his chest! Quick! Fetch my smelling salts!


Grigg! Alice! (She means nothing to him! Nothing, I tell you!) Crumpled letter. Wastebasket. Train station. Walking back together. Drinking sherry. Picture frame. And the looks! Just LOOK at the looks! I ship it so bad it hurts! Crying! Actual tears!


FLIRTING?!?!?! Is Mr. Charles Carson actually flirting?


HAAAAAAAAALP! THEY’RE AT THE BEACH TOGETHER! BAREFOOT! HOLDING HANDS!!! HE SAID “RISQUE”! Sweet Chelsie above, please have mercy on my poor shippy heart! ASDFGHJKLASDFGHJKLASDFGHJKL I can’t even take it. I can’t even … I can’t odd … I can’t … I cannot! I have lost my ability to can! Canning hath forsaken me. I can’t even can’t! There is no canning whatsoever to be had. Dead. Dead. Dead. As in, “not alive any more.” Like, “no longer living.” That is to say, “existing no more.”


Charles Carson, you sly dog! Really? “Nobody has to know everything”? “I don’t like it when we’re not on the same side“?  "It puts us back in agreement”? "Get away with you!”? HE’S FLIRTING AGAIN, AND SHE’S FLUSTERED! I’M FLUSTERED! I’m an incoherent mess! Unable to English! Cannot word!


“Invest in a property together”? “A business venture”? Are you kidding me? Investment, my eye! Business, my foot! Oh, help me! Something’s going to explode. My head? My eyeballs? My lungs? My heart? Everything? I can’t tell! It hurts so goooooood!


They’re looking at houses!


But no! She can’t go in on the deal with him. She’s crushed. He’s heartbroken. I’m beyond help.


But wait! HE’S ACTUALLY PROPOSING!!! MARRIAGE!!! FOR REAL! He does want to be stuck with her, and he’s not marrying anyone else, and of course, she’ll marry him, and he’s AN OLD BOOBY! And he’s so happy he’s crying. And I’m crying. And we’re all crying! ARGLBARGL!!! Highly lordship! Æßñçęøîżšùłáå@&$#%€£¥*!? BARROW! Bring me my swooning sofa! On the double!


Oh, no! She’s worried about certain “aspects” of marriage … concerned about his seeing her as she is now. How silly is that? We all know how much he adores her.


See? He thinks she’s beautiful. And he loves her. And he’s happy and tickled and bursting with pride that she would agree to be his wife. He finally said the “L” word! He loves her! Oh, my gosh! We knew it all along, but I can’t believe he said all that! “And if she feels that she must … withdraw …”? Are you kidding me? Don’t even go there!  Do not! “Pat-a-cake friendship lie?” Damn straight! Friendship is part of it, yes, but this is Love with a capital “L.” It will be a real marriage. A true marriage. Living as closely as two people can. There will be nookie! Every night. And most mornings, too. Maybe even the occasional nooner in his pantry or her sitting room.  (I read about something like that in a fanfic once, maybe, I think.)


But he thinks she’s had second thoughts. See how sad he is! Nine days’ wonder, my foot! Nine days? He’ll never “get over it.” But no, he misunderstands her. She hasn’t changed her mind at all. She was just worried that she might disappoint him – that she might not please him. But if he’s sure … And he’s never been so sure of anything! And if he wants her, he can have her – warts and all! (Why is she (mis?-)quoting Oliver Cromwell here? Never mind. I don’t care.)


He’s leaning in … and he’s touching her shoulder and her neck and her face – oh, so gently … aaaaaand … they’re kissing! KissingKissingKISSING! For real! On the lips! Their lips … are … touchingTHEIR LIPS ARE TOUCHING!!! Their mouths are actually making contact! Wait!  Do I see some tongue? This is not a drill! It’s a real, honest-to goodness kiss! And it’s glorious! And now they’re hugging … cuddling … snuggling … just holding each other contentedly. And I’ll bet he’s whispering sweet nothings in her ear – how much he loves her and how beautiful she is. And just look at her contented, relieved smile! It’s everything we hoped for and dreamed of – but thought we’d never get!

But we did get it. And here it is. And I am going to re-watch this scene 936, 274, 875, 148, 516 times until my eyeballs fall out. I need to drink a cigarette … smoke a stiff drink. Wait. I don’t smoke … or drink. Doesn’t matter. I need to start. Oh, help!


He’s going to walk with her to the home farm? A date! They’re “walking out”!


The reception location? Pft. They’re disagreeing over that? It’s not important, and they’ll sort it, so I’m going to not going to worry too much. La-dee-da. Blissfully ignoring this nonsense.


Oh, look! They’re arguing. See how in love they are! My babies love each other so much that they’re fighting. True love, I tell you. The quarreling only proves it. They’re so cute even when they’re disagreeing!


See, here! Our babies are out an on another date! At the … um … well, at the livestock show. Along with everyone else. How terribly romantic. But I don’t care. They’re together, and they’re sweet.


Finally! The reception location is settled. Charles Carson and Elsie Hughes! Just look at the way they’re looking at each other! In front of the family! Their love is on display for all to see.


Do you see these adorable über-goobers?! Do you see them?! Do you see how endearing they are?! Old boobies! He just wants to see her one last time before the big event, to be alone with her for a few more minutes. They’re so nervous and excited that they hardly know what to do with themselves – how to stand or where to put their hands! Cuteness overload! This might be the most adorable thing ever! I ask you, have you ever seen such irresistible sweetness?


And they’re getting married! The wedding! We get to see some of the vows and the giving of the ring! And now they’re officially hitched! Mr. and Mrs. Carson!  Mr. and Mrs. Charles and Elsie Carson! The Carsons*runs around the room like one of those out-of-control cartoon characters* They’re walking down the aisle, and she’s so giddy that she can barely contain her excitement, and he’s just beaming with pride! She’s biting her lip to hide her grin and to keep from shrieking with joy, and he’s strutting down the aisle like a peacock, chest puffed out, thinking, “Oh, yeah, baby!  I wifed her!” I cannot can! And a post-nuptial smooch! And he’s the happiest and luckiest of men! And she’s a woman of such grace and charm, and she’s entrusted her life’s happiness to him. It passeth all understanding. (Well, no, not really. We all understand perfectly.)

It’s happened. It’s really happened. They’re married. After five seasons and thirteen Downton years, they’re finally wed. (Why did no one listen to us from the very first episode? We called it in April of 1912! Why did it take until May of 1925 for everyone else to catch up?) And once again, I can muster no ability to can. My canning capacity is precisely zero. My can is completely empty. I have serious case of CAN’T. Maybe even full-blown CANNOT – or perhaps the most deadly strain: CANNOT EVEN*reminds self to breathe: “deep breaths, now”*


They’re back from the honeymoon! I’m disappointed that we didn’t get to see any of it (they’ve been gone nearly the whole episode, and I’ve missed them so!), but they look so happy. Look at how happy they look! Ah, wedded bliss! I’m going to cry!


Eek! Sofa snuggling! Couch cuddling! But they’re interrupted. Of course. Fie on thee, Barrow!


But the honeymoon’s over. Cooking-gate! Stupid! Grrr! Grumble, grumble. Maybe I can just pretend it’s all a bad dream. Fast forward. Wait.  Rewind. She is pretty silly, flapping her wrist around; and he is kinda funny, bumbling around the kitchen; and she’s looking at him so lovingly … Ok, so there is that, at least …


He’s a curmudgeon. But she’s not going off him, because he’s her curmudgeon, and that makes all the difference! She’s kissing him in the kitchen – in broad daylight and in plain view! And he likes it! He’s smiling! Smirking so smugly! He’s so pleased with himself for having done something right! (Though he probably has no idea what exactly he’s done to make her love him!) And don’t even try to tell me that these two don’t get up to all sorts of hanky-panky in their love nest.

Who would have thought? The butler and the housekeeper smooching downstairs in the middle of the workday! All my dreams have come true!


Oh, no! His hand is shaking. But she’s his wife, and she loves him. He’s got to retire – or at least step back a bit. It will be a different life, but they can make a go of it. (I kinda wish they’d been allowed to choose to retire – together – instead of having retirement forced on them … or on him, at least. But whatever, Fellowes.) And they’re kissing again! Happy New Year, Charlie and Elsie! Happily ever after! Sigh. *puppy dog heart eyes*


Right, then. Soooooo … Now, what? It’s over. All over. What will I do with my life now? I feel so empty inside. (Not even kidding here.)

*Special thanks to @brenna-louise for helping me track down particular scenes.*

Thom Yorke on Nigel and The Eraser

But who could have imposed a deadline?
If Nigel wasn’t constantly on my back, I would have never brought out the eraser. It was pissing me off that he was treating me like a little boy but on the other hand, it was the only way. If it was only up to me, I would waited a month or 2 for stuff to clarify - & it wouldn’t work or it would crap. So his discipline was a big choc for me. 

Did you need to purge yourself from these songs, from these electronic sounds, before going back to RH? 
It needed to come out, it was impeding me. I also needed to prove that I could work alone, to compose with little means: a bass line for one song, a guitar loop (not sure if it’s the right word) on an other… It was interesting to distance myself from song writing. Because I’m not really a songwriter, I don’t listen to – besides a few old ones like Scott Walker or Stephen Malkmus – songwriters… I mainly listen to beats, sounds, grooves… That’s why I can be very frustrated listening to RH: from my defending body ( couldn’t translate this correctly), we make songs. I wanted to distance myself from this kind of format for the eraser. But Nigel was obsessed with the songs and, on those little bits of ideas that I had made him listen to in beginning, he regularly stopped me and said: “But you have a song, you really needed to sing over it!”

Even your singing sounds new: your voice seems to have found some pleasure.
Its exactly that: the pleasure of just sing. I’m much more comfotable with my voice today, finnaly I have no doubts. That goes for saying, when I sing a song like Atoms for Peace, never has my voice been so exposed, so vulnerable. Nigel was inflexible: “I want a bit more echo. –No. – Ok, then a little reverb. –No. I told you I am not doing that on an album.” A lot of the time, he wanted one or two pieces of voice. I needed to trust in him, even if I sometimes had the impression of being naked. Usually, I always managed to hide the words behind the guitar or behind effects. The worst was on OK Computer: I had the impression that this voice didn’t belong to me anymore, that it had nothing to do with me… All measures taken around this album … I had the impression of being a caricature. 

Do you need a bubble to record, an enclosed environment?

That’s something that Nigel and I always argue about. He thinks we always need to completely isolate ourselves, not to have any contact with reality. I end up thinking he is right: during months with RH, we went into the studio as if we were going to work like a normal person, with fixed hours, from 11 to 23h - & nothing came out of it at all. That routine washed us out: we were taking care of children night & morning, & we were killing ourselves over these songs. A failure.

So your presence can be inhibiting?
Yes certainly. I can be even corrosive. Nigel remembers with horror recording Paranoid Android… During a day or two, I pulled a fit, I was unbearable: “I had no positive energy, I couldn’t bear it anymore…” I dropped the whole thing because if I would have stayed, I would have really lost my marbles, I would have burnt the place down(laughs)… Nigel then reunited everybody, behind my back, and they did three quarters of the song. We were already troubled over ten different versions but there, without me on their backs, they found a solution. I can be a real poison in this machine. When my energy leaves me, I become a burden. 

Chapter 41: No Bullshit


“I know my gift is here somewhere.” I mumbled shuffling through my trunk. Wow, I buy a lot of shit. I heard a voice behind me.


I turned around and my eyes widened in shock and anger.

“Thomas, what the hell are you doing here?! I already dealt with Gold’s trashy ass and now I gotta deal with you?” I spat viciously. I really don’t have the time. These motherfuckers must think I’m playing when I say I’m done with this life and I’m not coming back.

“Rue, listen-”

I felt someone pull me back and I looked up to see it was Chris with the angriest expression on his face.


He cut me off “Nigga I thought I told you to stay away from my wife. Stay away from her and my house.”

I looked between him and Thomas and Thomas displayed no fear but didn’t reply.

Chris stepped up to him. “And if you don’t understand English, I’ll translate in ass whooping.”

I pulled Chris by his arm towards the house. Chris was riled up telling me to let him go so he can give Thomas a “proper translation.” I rolled my eyes dragging him inside.

“Chris, really?”

“What? That nigga hurt you! He hurt you bad! I’m gonna kill him!”

I couldn’t help but smirk at how protective Chris is.

“Chris, its ok.” I reassured wrapping my arms around him.

“You’re right. It is. Because if he never hurt you, I would’ve never got you.”

I laughed feeling myself tear up. “You’re so fucking cheesy.”

“Cheese is delicious.”

“But gives you constipation.”

Chris scrunched up his nose in disgust. “That’s nasty.”

I laughed pushing away from him and going back to the party. Everyone was of course fawning over the beautiful birthday girl. I was talking when Kim tapped my shoulder.

“Kae, look at this!” She turned to Angie and started to sing.

“Butt naked nasty or nah? Can you make it butt naked or nah?”

As Kim sang, Angie dropped her little booty on the ground and back up giggling. Aww she’s twerking! Well, trying to. It was cute and the girls kept cheering her on.

“What are y’all teaching my grandbaby?” Mama J laughed watching her.

“Mama.” Angie mumbled doing her little baby twerk.

I cheesed hard. “Yes I see you, baby.”

“What the hell is she doing?!” Ty yelled with an angry expression his face.

I laughed. “Ty, calm down.”

“Nah, y’all got my niece doing ratchet stuff!”

“What the hell is Angelina Marie Brown doing?” Chris stormed with his hands on his hips in a non feminine way.

“Y’all need to calm down. She’s just twerking her little booty Kae gave her.” Teyana answered holding up her phone. “Twerk for Aunty. Butt Naked Nasty or-”

“Nah! Cut that shit out! I see that little boy eyeballing my daughter!” Chris pointed to his friend Trell’s nephew and picked up Angel.

“The only man you need is your daddy, baby.” Chris kissed her and we all cooed.

Seiko put a hand on his shoulder. “I love to burst your bubble, so you know she’s gonna get older, right?”

“No! She’s staying Daddy’s LITTLE girl forever. Isn’t that right, baby?” He kissed her repeatedly causing her to squeal in delight.

I smiled placing my hand over my heart. My babies.


Angie squealed in delight as I kissed her. This is my baby girl. My Angel. No one else’s. She got down and began to walk/run outside and me and the rest of the guys followed. We stood outside just chilling and talking.

“So do you and Kae want anymore kids?” Ty asked me.

I sighed watching Angie play ball with Bow. “We never talked about it and right now is not a good time but yeah. I want a lot of kids. Around like 18. A nigga needs a basketball team.”

Ty chuckled. “Good luck with telling Kae that.”

Suddenly, all that was heard was the quick pitter patter of Angie’s feet and Bow chasing after her.

“This girl is energetic as fuck!” Bow breathed taking a seat.

Angel stood there giggling and I snapped a photo.

@chrisbrown: Happy Birthday, Lil Sunshine

When it got late, the birthday girl fell asleep in my arms and the guests began to leave. I went into Angel’s room placing her in her crib.

“Damn baby girl. You’re already 1. I can’t believe a year ago, you came into my life. It seems liike just yesterday, your mom was cursing me out and then you came. You’re one of my greatest gifts God has sent me. I love you so much.” I placed a soft kiss on her forehead and I watched as her little mouth formed a cute little smirk.

I walked out of Angel’s room to find Kae laying down watching TV in the living room. I eyed the big window door that led out to the patio and the pool. I grew a mischevious grin and opened the patio door. Kae sat up looking at me confused.

“Why did you open the door?”

“Oh I just wanted to get a better view.” I cheesed more coming up to her.

She furrowed her eyebrows getting off the couch. Before she could say anything, I picked her up in my arms. She smiled hooking her arms around my neck.

“Do you love me, baby?” I questioned her.


“Who do you love?”

“Mhh. Lance Gross.” She licked her lips.

I kissed my teeth. Oh so she got jokes? Its cool, I got something for that ass. I moved quickly outside and hovered her over the pool.

“Now who do you love?”

Her eyes grew big. “Oh My God! Chris, let me go! My hair’s straightened!”

“Not until you tell me.”

“I told you!”

“Ok.” I slowly lowered her into the pool and Kae held onto me tighter.


“Get low, get low, get low, get low.” I sang as I continued lowering her.

“CHRISTOPHER!” Kae screamed.

“Baby, who do you love?” I asked in YG’s voice.


“Say it again!”


I smiled placing her on her feet. “And don’t you ever forget that.”

“Dipshit.” Kae glared at me.

“I love you too.” I pecked her lips and she gave me a small smile.

We walked inside the house when she spoke up.

“Baby, I was thinking that maybe we should, um….” she trailed off playing with her ring.

“We should, um, what?”

“Start planning the wedding.” Kae blurted out.

I let a low whistle. “Damn babe, I was hoping we can wait until after I get X out.”

Kae was taken aback. “Oh well, I guess that’s fine.”

“But if my baby wants to plan her wedding now, then she can start now.” I smiled at her and she smiled back.

“Chris?” Kae turned over to face me.


“What do you think Thomas wanted to talk about?” She asked with fear laced in her words.

I clenched my fists but contained my anger. “Nothing. He’s dead to us.”

“But he came out of nowhere. It could be important.”

“If it was important, he would’ve told me the first time!” I snapped.

Kae became mute and turned her back towards me causing me to sigh.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to snap on you like that. It’s just seeing that nigga after everything he did to you, it makes me mad.”

She turned around giving me a smile. “It’s ok.”

“I just don’t want him anywhere near you, ok?”


I pulled her close and started kissing her neck. “So why don’t I make you wet the bed?”

Kae laughed nervously pushing away from me.

“About that…..”

I groaned loudly. “You on your period?”

She scoffed. “No.”

My eyes widened. “You’re pregnant?!”


“Then what is it?”

“Um, well I was talking to a priest for our wedding and I want us to practice celibacy.”


His face turned stone cold at the word celibacy. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and I think it’s good for us. It gives us more time to focus on ourselves.

“Celibacy? Is that another religion because I’m a devout Christian, Kae.” Chris replied.

I rolled my eyes playfully. “So am I, which is why I wanna practice celibacy. Celibacy is not having sex until we’re married.”


“Yeah. No sex. Good night.” I turned over, put out the light, and drifted off to sleep.

I woke the next morning and stretched. I looked to my left to see Chris with the same expression from last night.

“Chris, are you still upset?”

“Hell yeah! You just gonna lock my pussy away like that?!” Chris crossed his arms.

I got out of bed stretching and yawning. “Come on. It’s good for us.”

“No the hell it ain’t!”

“Chris, we’re sinners.”

“We are not!”

“Fornication and having a child out of wedlock is not a sin?” I crossed my arms.

“So? We’ll sin again. God will forgive us.” He got out of bed.

“No we need to cleanse ourselves of sin. Sorry but I’m not sorry.” I got into the bathroom and locked the door.

When I finished my morning routine and got dressed, I called telling him I’m going to talk to him. I got in my car and drove to Thomas’ house. I know Chris wants me to stay away from him, but this could be important. What Chris doesn’t know, won’t kill him. I hesistated to knock on the door. What if its not important? What if he just came back to ruin my life again?”

I didn’t get a chance to choose when the door opened and I came face to face with Thomas.



“Come in.”

I walked inside and I blew air out of my mouth looking around.

“Wow. You did well.” I commented.

“Thanks. You can take a seat in the living room.”

I nodded walking inside the living room and my face dropped. Erin.

“What the fuck is your stank ass doing here?!” I snapped.

“I’m here because this concerns me too, you whack ass bitch.” She stood up.

I scoffed. “Cunt.”

Thomas came in between us. “All right, guys let’s chill. I know y’all hate each other, but chill.”

“I hate you too.” I glared at him.

“We all hate each other but damn it. Act mature. This shit is serious.” He stated looking at both of us.

“What is it? Don’t bullshit me.” I folded my arms keeping my glare.

Thomas sighed. “Well, The Boss is after us.”

“No shit, sherlock.” Erin spat sarcastically.

“I’m not finished. Because we left, his buisness went under. That’s why he’s so pissed.”

“And…..” I urged.

“There’s someone else after us. I think its Attica.”

“Impossible. We haven’t associated with Attica since what happened years ago.”

“Because he’s been planning. He’s after us.” Thomas stated with all seriousness.

“So what do we do?” Erin questioned.

“I don’t know.” He confessed.

“We have to do something because this shit is getting out of hand!” I panicked.

“Calm down, Rue.” Thomas commanded.

“I’m not gonna calm down! I’m engaged!” I flashed my ring in his face. “Damn it! I have a fiancé and daughter to think about! My life is finally getting good and I refuse to get everything I love taken away from me! Not again!”

The room fell silent with my words hanging in the air. I was staring at both of them to show how adamant I am about this.

“I’ll think of something. Ok?”

“You better.” I walked out of his house slamming the door.

Today was a busy today. Meeting with my manager, a wedding planner, etc. I looked at the clock. Damn 3 a.m.? I need to take my ass to sleep. I put on my pj’s and instead of falling asleep, I scolled down twitter. Chris came into the room in just boxers and a mischevious grin. I know what he’s thinking and the answer is no.


He hovered over me. “I ain’t afraid to drown if I’m drowning deep up in your ocean.”

“No, but do you prefer the Pacific Ocean?” I snapped sitting up.

He groaned. “Come on, babe.”


“You know you’re gonna give me that pussy, right?”

“No!” I ran out of bed and he chased me.

“That’s my pussy, baby!” He sang as I ran into the kitchen.

“I am celibate!” I stayed on one side of the island.

“I’m not. Ooh baby let’s get naked, just we can make sweet loveeeeee!”

“Sinful love!” I corrected him.

“That sinful love created our baby girl.” He made his way around the island.

“I’m grateful for her but no. Fornication is bad!”

“If you want it then I got it. We should be body to body!” Chris kept moving smoothly and I moved away making sure I was always across from him.

“No!” I ran upstairs.

“We can do all night, girl!” I heard his voice behind me.


“Don’t you be on that bullshit!”

I ran into the bedroom trying to close the door but he pushed against it.

“Chris, no sex!”

“Don’t you be on that bullshit!”

“Chris, stopppp.” I whined.

“Rueche, I don’t think you hear me! Don’t you be on that bullshit!”

I shrieked still pushing the door with all my strength. Lord help me.

Don’t Take Your Stress Out on Us.

(Tyler Carter)

My husband Tyler and I lay on our bed lazily making out before he had to head off to the studio. Which he was actually going to late to if he didn’t leave like, now.

“Babe, you better hurry up. You’re going to be late.” I laughed shoving him toward the edge of the bed.

“Fine.” He grumbled going to grab a shirt out of the drawer. Once he had put the shirt on we headed to the living room where our three year old son was watching a movie.

“I love you. See you later.” Tyler cooed kissing me on the forehead. “Bye Austy. I love you too.” He yelled giving Austin a thumbs up.

“Bye Daddy. See ya later.” Austin yelled back as Tyler walked out of the door.

“So what do you wanna do today munchkin?” I asked Austin walking over to the couch, picking him up sitting us both on couch.

“Go see Daddy and uncle Michael work.” He cheered throwing his hands in the air.

“How about the park first and then we’ll go see what Daddy and your uncles are up to?” I suggested.

“Ok Mommy.” Austin cheered once again jumping off the couch. “I go get dressed.” He yelled running down the hall to his room.

I followed shortly after him to mine and Tyler’s room to get dressed myself. I decided on cut off jeans short, one of Tyler’s cut up CRSL tanks and red lace-up vans. Just throwing my hair up in a messy bun and leaving my face make up-less.

I walked down the hall to the living room to wait for Austin. He came running into the room shortly after wearing and Young & Reckless shirt, camo cargo shorts, black slip-on vans and a backwards snapback.

“You ready bug-a-boo?” I laughed admiring how stinkin’ cute my son was.

“Yup.” He nodded popping the ‘p’ and giving me a thumbs up.

I grabbed my purse and Austin’s hand before heading out the car.


As soon as we left the house little man got hungry so we stopped for lunch before heading off to the park for an hour.

Austin was quite pooped by the time we got to the studio so I figured we’d only stay for a little while. If we even stayed at all. Tyler had no idea that we were coming so he might just have us go home. Who knows.

“Hello Mrs. Carter. How are you today?” The young lady at the front desk greeted me as I walked in carrying a sleepy Austin in my arms.

“I’m great. And yourself?” I replied.

“Really good. Hi Austin.” She smiled waving at Austin.

“Hi.” He whispered trying to hide his face.

“He’s so shy. Sorry.” I whispered cradling Austin closer to me.

“It’s ok. The guys are in 3B. You can just go on back.” She informed me pointing towards the hall.

“Thank you.” I smiled heading towards the hallway.

I walked down the hall until I got to the right room and put Austin down so we could greet everyone.

“Hi baby.” I cooed spotting Tyler.

“Oh my god. Hi.” He gasped obviously shocked to see us.

“Surprise.” I laughed waving at him.

“Y/N!” Michael yelled moving from behind Tyler.

“Michael.” I yelled back laughing.

“Aus. My main man.” Michael cheered walking a little further into the room.

“Hi uncle Michael.” Austin cheered in reply.

“Come here. I wanna show you something really cool.” He said kneeling down and holding out his arms for Austin to run into.

“This is really great baby but we’re super busy today. I wish you would’ve called.” Tyler whispered taking my hand.

“I’m sorry. He just really wanted to see you at work. You won’t even know we’re here, I promise.” I reassured him.

“Ok. Well I gotta go talk to Ty. I’ll be back. I love you.” He replied kissing me on the forehead and then heading back toward the room he had just come from.

“I love you too. Go do your magic.” I yelled after him.

By that time Michael and Austin had made their way back into the room I was in. “Austin. Come here baby.”

“What’s up Mommy?” He asked taking the hand I was holding out for him.

“We gotta stay over here while Daddy works. Ok?” I informed him as we walked over to one of the couches.

“Ok.” He shrugged and settled in on the couch.

We sat there just watching everyone work for about 30 minutes and Austin was actually being really good.

“Mommy? I’m thirsty.” Austin whispered to me.

“Ok. I’ll get you something. Wait here.” I toldhim getting up to go to the mini fridge in the corner to get us both something to drink. Luckily they had juice boxes.

“Never lose you flames.” I heard Austin sing and I laughed to myself. “Look Mommy. I’m like Daddy.” He yelled and I turned to see him dancing around with a plastic microphone, I’m assuming he found somewhere on the floor.

“Yea baby. Be careful though. Come over here.” I laughed sitting back down on the couch. He’s so darn cute.

As he danced his way back over to the couch though, the microphone flew out of his hand hitting Tyler in the chest just as he walked through the door.

“Austin Lucas Carter! What are you doing?” Tyler yelled grabbing the microphone off the floor in front of him.

“I’m sorry Daddy.” Austin whispered looking at the ground.

“You could’ve broke something. And you hit me. You know better. And y/n you’re supposed to be watching him. You guys aren’t even supposed to be here.” Tyler yelled throwing his hands in the air.

“I said sorry! Don’t yell at my Mommy!!” Austin yelled back at Tyler starting to cry.

“Austin baby, it’s ok. Come here.” I cooed turning him to face me. “Hey, no more tears alright?” I whispered wiping his tears “It’s ok. I got you. Let’s go home honey. You need a nap.” I comforted picking him and my purse up.

“And you.” I snarled turning to face Tyler. “I’ll deal with you later. Be sure to check the attitude before you get home.”


Austin finally calmed down and fell asleep on the way home.

“Shh baby. Go back to sleep.” I whispered tucking him in.

“Is Daddy still mad?” Austin asked looking rather distressed.

“I don’t know sweetie. He’s still at work.” I replied pulling his comforter up.

“I didn’t mean to. I’m really sorry.” He whispered.

“I know baby. I know. It’s ok.” I cooed rubbing his back and kissing his forehead.

“I love you Mommy.” Austin murmured drifting back to sleep.

“I love you too Austy. Sweet dreams baby.” I whispered kissing the top of his one last time.


After I put Austin down for his nap I went to the living room to watch tv and wait for Tyler to come home.

“Hi.” Tyler whispered closing the front door and leaning up against it.

“Come on y/n. Talk to me.” He pleaded walking over to the couch and sitting next to me.

“I’m really sorry baby. I didn’t mean to get that mad, I’m just really stressed.” He whispered grabbing my hand.

“So that give you a reason to go off on us.” I retorted yanking my hand from him.

“No. Of course not. I didn’t mean it. I’m so sorry.” Tyler defended cupping my cheek. “He hates me doesn’t he?” He asked looking really upset.

“Sweetie, he could never. He thinks you’re still mad at him though.” I told him.

“Dammit. Alright, I’ll talk to him when he wakes up.” He sighed relaxing further into the couch. “Are you still mad?” He asked turning to me.

“A little.” I tried to act upset. “But that cute little face is helping.” I giggled. I could never stay mad at him for very long.

“I love you y/n. So fucking much.” Tyler smiled grabbing my face and kissing me deeply.

“I love you too Tyler.” I giggled when he let go. “Come on. I think I can fix that stress.” I told him grabbing his hand and standing up.

“Shirt and pants off.” I ordered once we were in our room.

Tyler undressed himself and then eyed me up and down. “Wait, this isn’t fair.”

“Will it make you feel better if I take my pants off too?” I asked with a giggle.

“Yes.” He pouted crossing his arms.

“Fine.” I laughed taking off my shorts. “Ok. Lay on your stomach on the bed.” I told him and went to get the lavender scented oil.

I climbed on the bed with Tyler and straddled his legs just below his butt. I put some oil into my hands and started rubbing his shoulders.

“God baby. That feels amazing.” Tyler moaned with a face of pure bliss.

“Yea? Feel better?” I asked moving my hands up to his neck.

“Definitely.” He murmured and I continued on with my massage.

When I was done I laid on my side next to Tyler playing with his hair.

“You’re the best. I hope you know that.” He cooed interlocking his fingers with mine.

“I do but it’s always nice to hear it.” I giggled kissing his nose.

“Mommy, I had a bad dream.” We heard a small voice from the door.

“I’m sorry baby. You wanna lay with us?” I asked Austin sitting up on the bed.

“Are you still mad Daddy?” He asked turning to Tyler.

“Not anymore Aus. I’m sorry I yelled at you and Mommy.” Tyler told him sitting up beside me.

“It’s ok Daddy. I still love you.” Austin smiled.

“Why thank you. I love you too little man. Now get up here. Mommy and Daddy need snuggles.” Tyler laughed holding out his arms for Austin.

“Yah!” Austin yelled running to the bed so Tyler could lift him onto to it.

We all cuddled up at the head of the bed putting on a movie. Austin fell back asleep pretty fast wrapped u in Tyler’s arms.

“Thank you.” Tyler whispered looking over at me.

“For what?” I asked.

“My perfect little family.” He smiled.

“You helped too.” I laughed leaning over to kiss him. “I love you Mr. Carter.”

“I love you too Mrs. Carter.” Tyler smiled widely kissing me one more time and then the top of Austin’s head.

I honestly couldn’t ask for two better men in my life.


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Anon Request “How about one where Dean has had feelings for the reader for a while and one day he goes to take a shower but she’s already in there and she’s singing like Paint It Black or Highway to Hell or something and Dean just gets really frustrated and goes to talk to Sam all like ‘ugh she’s perfect, I’ve never met another girl like her’ and she happens to be walking round the corner after just finishing in the shower, hearing what he said and fluff ensues? x”

Words: 714

Warnings: Hinting smut?

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These are a few of my favourite things

Lets just all appreciate Louis for now

like look at this beauty I just ._.

Why did god do this to me …

never forget perfect, fabulous, beautiful, cute, perfect fetus Louis


God no Boobear, stop being so damn cute!!

My life is officially over …

Why did I even make this post, this is too much

Stupid idea..stupid, stupid idea .-.

Fuck okay forget it, I’m just gonna sit here and admire him


I can even hear him sing…and star into my soul

What did I do to my life…..

ok OK enough enough!!!!!!! I can’t do this anymore he’s too pretty

What did we learn today?

Basically everything about Boo is perfect and everyone who agrees with me looks like this after going through this journey with me: