i will never be hip 8'(

1. Never leave cookies in the oven too long. Even if they’re still really soft, take them out after the recommended time. When they cool they will harden. Trust me, no one likes cookies that taste like rocks.

2. Always take a jacket. Even if you think you’ll be fine. Even if you’ll be inside. Even if there’s a heater. Bring your jacket.

3. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help when you need it because everyone needs help sometimes.

4. The best pancake recipe is 1 cup equal parts flour and milk, ½ cup sugar and a pinch of baking powder. Add chocolate chips for extra deliciousness.

5. Go outside every day. Even if you don’t want to. Even if you have to use all your strength to drag yourself out of bed. The sunshine might not cure your problems, but it’ll do you so much good to breathe fresh air.

6. Don’t let your hobbies fade away. Keep reading, keep drawing, keep singing, keep painting, keep running. Keep doing what you love.

7. Carbs are not the enemy. They fuel your brain. So eat those potatoes and that rice and don’t you feel guilty about it for one second.

8. I know it sounds cliché but time really does heal all wounds. Give yourself 6 months and it won’t hurt so much, trust me.

9. Be kind. There is no reason for you to put someone down.

10. Learn to love yourself loudly and unconditionally and never apologise for it.

11. If you ever find yourself involved with someone who treats you like you’re nothing, run for the hills and never look back. They don’t deserve you.

12. Rose hip oil is a miracle worker. Gently rub over your face each night before bed and your skin will feel like silk.

13. Drink. Three. Litres. Of. Water. Every. Day.

14. Take pictures. Document everything. One day you’re gonna want to look back at all of this, make sure you have the photos to look at.

15. Let go of anything that weighs you down. The past is the past and there’s nothing we can do to change it. Every day is a another chance for us to do better, to be better.

16. Spend as much time as you can with the people who make you laugh.

17. Set up goals for yourself and keep yourself motivated in whatever you’re doing. Always have something to work towards.

18. Try to make your bed every morning. Yes it’s a hassle when you’re half asleep but there is no better feeling then coming home to a nice clean freshly made bed, especially if you’ve had a bad day.

19. Treat yourself but also look after yourself. Eat lots of fruits and veggies and move your body then dance all night and have a doughnut as a midnight snack. Life is about balance.

20. Never be afraid to love, even if you’ve been hurt before. Live life with an open heart and you might be vulnerable but you will experience so much joy.

—  words of advice from a 19 year old
Come Here - Justin Foley Smut

Justin Foley x reader 

Request:  Justin Foley ❤️❤️ , can you do a plot there reader x Justin have a very heated argument (about anything, you can choose) and just as the reader is about the walk out, he grabs her arm and kisses her then end with a smut?? Sorry if it’s too much!!

WARNING: Smut, swearing 

“Are you fucking serious Justin!”

Me and Justin have been arguing on and off for the past 3 days now about stupid things. Lately he’s been finding literally anything to argue about from me not giving him any attention to me not wanting to meet him at his locker. He doesn’t understand that I don’t like being around his friends, especially Bryce. His friends are ass-wholes, and they make my boyfriend an ass-whole when he’s around them. Don’t get me wrong, Justin is the sweetest boy out there, and I love every minute that I’m with him, but when he’s with his friends he forgets that side of him and this is what we are arguing about now.

“Yes I’m serious y/n, what is your problem!” he yells. He asked me to come over earlier and when I did he basically threw me in a trap and said ‘let’s go to Bryce’s house’. 

“My problem? What the hell is your’s, are you fucking in love with Bryce!”

“What the hell y/n! what do you have against my friends!”

“I don’t like them and how you are around them Justin!” I yell back.

“You have to be joking babe! I never act different towards you!”

I dry laugh and pace his room, “Yes you do Justin! you fucking forgot to take me to work cause you were getting high with them!!”

“I said I was sor-”

“And you fucking forgot my birthday 3 weeks ago cause you were partying with Bryce!”

“I didn’t do it on purp-”

“You even fucking made me think you were dead when you decided to play hookie for 3 days at Bryce’s house and not return my calls!!!” I scream, tears coming down.

“Bab-” he tries to grab my arm, but I yank it away.

“NO!” I scream, “your always up their asses, so don’t you dare ask me to go with you to his house!”

“Babe just let me exp-” I pull away from his touch again and he sighs and rubs his face.

“I don’t want to hear it!” I say, feeling emotionally drained from going back and forth.

“You know I didn’t mean to do any of those things!” 

“I don’t care Justin! you still did, so don’t ask me why I don’t like them!”

He stays quiet and looks like he is in deep thought. He doesn’t say anything about what I just said and it’s starting to piss me off. I feel like I’m about to full on cry and I don’t want him to see it so I roll my eyes and turn towards the door.

“Okay whatever Justin, have fun at Bryce’s”. As soon as another tear was about to fall, I felt his hand yank my arm back to him. 

“Come here.” As soon as I came into contact with his chest, I felt his lips on mine. It’s like all of our anger was put into this kiss as Justin deepened it. He made me feel like I wasn’t important to him and the most important thing at the same time and it drives me crazy. He pinned me against the wall and pushed his. His lips went to my neck as he whispered. 

“You’re so damn wrong baby” he says in a husky voice, “I love you so much and I’m so sorry. Fuck Bryce.”

I giggle at what he says and lean my head back as he continues peppering kisses. He grabs my hips and I automatically wrap my legs around his torso. It’s like all my anger went away, and I wanted nothing more but for him to make love to me. His light peppers went to full on harsh sucking and I bit my lip to stop myself from moaning. The way he was sucking on my neck, I know I’m going to have a bunch of purple bruises.  I pulled him closer to me as he parted his lips, begging for an entrance. I let him, and our tongues danced together mixed with our groans. He hands leave my waist, pushing them up my shirt impatiently, causing me to get goosebumps. His hands grazed over my laced black bra, squeezing my breast and I was already turned on just from his fingertips against my skin. He grabbed my butt, carrying us over to his bed. 

“I just missed you, that’s all” I whispered so low that I thought he didn’t hear me. His eyes was filled with love and desire as he pulled of his shirt along with mine.

“I missed you too baby” He locked his lips with mine as he hovered over my body, his hands wandering. His fingers slowly traveled to my leggings, pulling them down. I felt my core becoming hot and wet and needed him. 

“Justin” I whined. He seemed to feel my agony, as his hands slipped into my panties. His fingers grazed over my clit and I sucked in my breath. He nibbled on my chest as he started to rub the figure 8 around my core. 

“Oh my g- Justin” I moaned, grabbing onto his shoulder. He started to rubbed harder and faster and I felt myself getting hotter. He slips two fingers into me and I arched to feel more of him.

“Fuck Justin!” I moan, circling my hips around his fingers. 

“Your so beautiful to me y/n” he whispers again my chest. with his free hand, he unclasps my bra, throwing it across the room, never stopping his hand from giving me pleasure. He takes one of my nipples into his mouth, sucking and flicking his tongue around it as he started vigorously rubbing my clit with his thumb and pumping in and out of me. The pressure was getting to me and I was a moaning mess under him. This was long needed. 

“Oh my go- Justin please baby!” 

He takes his mouth off my chest and goes down to my core. His breath makes me want to grab his hair and pull him further in. He slowly pulls off my underwear and I can’t help but grind against his touch. 

“Don’t tease me baby” I whine.

“Not this time babe”. His hands grab my thighs and his tongue immediately began to lick me out. He starts flicking his tongue against my core, making me grab his hair.

“Baby” I moan, wiggling my hips against his core. He starts moving his tongue faster, pushing my hips further onto his mouth. I throw my head back and fight not to pull his hair. He goes back to finger fucking me and I’m a mess. 

“Justin! baby faster please!” I beg louder, grinding against his face. Listening to my cries, Justin speeds up, roughly rubbing my clit. His tongue slides into me, along with his fingers making me whimper. 

“Justin baby I’m about t-”. He doesn’t stop as he continues pumping while his other hand comes up to my boob, bringing his finger to pinch my nipple making me go crazy. 

“Justin!” I scream as he speeds everything up, groaning against my core. I feel myself clench around his fingers and let my orgasm out with a whimper. I licks everything up and comes up to kiss me. I wrap my arms around his neck, tasting myself on his lips. I want nothing more than to feel him inside of me. As if he read my mind, he threw off his boxers and grabbed my thighs, placing my legs over his shoulder. He came back down to my lips, kissing me passionately. 

“I really do love you baby He smiled, looking at me with nothing but love. 

“I love you too” I smiled. He look down at his bulge near my entrance and look back up to me as in asking is it okay, I nod my head, just needing him already. He slowly pushes into me and I whimper form the pain. 

“Are you okay?” He asks worriedly. 

“Yeah, just keep going babe”. Its been a while since we had sex and I needed to adjust to his size. He starts slowly pulling in and out of me as I gripped onto his arms.

“Faster baby” I moan. Justin started thrusting faster, moving his his hips harder with each thrust. Each of his thrust had me moaning his name. He leaned in to suck on my neck as I dug my nails into his soft and muscled back. As he sped up, his grip tightened on my hips, surely leaving  a bruise, but I didn’t care. This feeling was amazing. 

“Fuck princess” He groaned into my hair, planting kisses from my neck to my chest. I wrap my arms around his neck as he buried himself into me. 

“Oh my-fuck Justin harder please!” I scream. He straighten up and pulled me closer into him, drilling into me. 

“Fuck!” he screamed with each hard and rough thrust. His hands rested at each side of my head as his thrust got more sloppier and rougher making me almost cry at the feeling.

“Justin baby!” I scream as I feel myself clench around his dick. I let my climax overtake me as my eyes go to the back of my head, enjoying the high. This sent Justin over the edge, as he climaxed right after me, fully burying himself into me, riding out his high. A string of curses left his mouth as he finished his high. He came down to my lips and kissed me slowly and sweetly before collapsing onto the bed next to me. Both panting, he pulled me onto his chest, kissing my head until we both calmed down. We stayed in this comfortable silence for a while just enjoying each others company when his phone rings. He reaches over, not letting go of his grip on me, to answer it. 


“Nah man…”

“Not tomorrow night either…”

“Because I’m staying with y/n tonight and the rest of the week….”

Dirty thoughts

Pairings: Sirius Black x reader

word count: 3058

warnings: um, implied smut? 

A/N: I hope you like this, it came to my mind some days ago. English is not my first language and i am doing my best, so please whether you like it or not, please let me know. It’s really important because I want to become a better writer. :) ♥ Oh, and if you want a request feel free to ask, just know that it may not be up really fast due to my filled schedule :) 


Originally posted by potter-imagines-here

He was standing in front of me and was studying my shape. That made me nervous so I was looking at the floor. I felt those familiar rough and at the same time soft fingers slowly moving from the neck to my jaw, titling me head up in order to see him in the eyes. He smirked and got nearer, his skin barely touching mine.

“You have no idea what I am planning to do to you, sweetheart.”, his voice sent shivers down my spine after he whispered those words. Then his lips met my soft skin just below the ear. Moaning I tried to burry my hand in his raven black hair but the boy stopped me. Pushing me lightly I fell on the bed. He hovered above me and then I saw the desire in his eyes. I licked, then bit my lips at the thought what he can do to me.

“I’m all yours. Show me what you are capable of.”, I titillate him. That caused only a devilish grin. His hand ripped my shirt and within seconds his skillful mouth was exploring my curves…

“Come on (Y/N)! We must go!”, somebody shouted so loud in my ear that I fell on the hard floor.

“Are you crazy!? What the hell is your problem? You want me to become deaf or something?”, I screamed back.

“Well, you weren’t waking up so I had to do something.”, Lily, my roommate, said back, “Come on, dress up! We will be late for class.”, in response I groaned, not only my ass was hurting, but because she woke me up from my dream that was just becoming interesting. However, just as I saw the time, my almost wet dream popped out of my head and I started dressing. We had Potions and I didn’t want to get in trouble because of my dirty thoughts.

Somehow we managed to get in class just seconds before the teacher did.

“How is my sweetheart? Did she get enough sleep or she kept thinking ‘bout me?”, the familiar voice I had heard in my dreams asked.

“You are not so important to occupy my dreams.”, I looked at him with a smirk, trying to cover the fact that I was lying.

“You are hurting me, (Y/L/N)!”, placing his hand on his chest, where his heart was supposed to be, he acted as though he had been hurt, “Not caring about your boyfriend?”

“You are such a drama queen.”, I smiled.

“No, no, no! I’m a sexy drama queen.”, his façade as a hurt child continued.

“Well, here I cannot quarrel.”

“Oh, and…”, leaning closer to me he whispered, “You were indeed in my dreams last night.”

Those words immediately made my face turn red. I bit my lips and looked down, hiding my smile.

“You are so sweet when you are blushing.”, he stated as he placed his head on both his hands looking as a child admiring something, ”Oh, here you are blushing even more because of my compliments, which are actually true.”, that boy really didn’t know when to stop, “You are becoming as red as my tie sweetie, is it even possible?”

“Stop it, Sirius!”, he was right, I felt my face burning but at the same time I couldn’t stop smiling because of him.

“Why?”, my boyfriend asked simply while looking at me with an innocent look.

“I-um…I just wanna focus.”

“Yeah, sure.”, and with that our conversation finished. I was doing fine for the first five minutes. Then Sirius put his hand on my bare hip. My body immediately tensed. I was used to it, Sirius was really touchy and liked to show that I was his but this time it was different. I glanced at him but it seemed that he was interested in the boring lecture. I put all my efforts in trying to do the same, but Sirius’ hand was burning my skin. The only thing that was roaming in my mind was me, my boyfriend and some dirty things I’d never thought I would think of. I moved slightly so Sirius’ hand would just fall or something but that didn’t happen, he even moved it upwards. I bit my lip in order to stop the moan that was about to escape my mouth. That was it! I removed his hand, something I didn’t do and looked directly at the teaching trying to look as though everything he had been saying was so freaking intriguing. Yet I managed to catch Sirius’ head turning towards me. Usually I liked him touching me and now I hoped that this didn’t make him see that something was not alright.  

Sirius was staring at me almost the whole lesson and it was a torture, honestly. I didn’t want him to feel bad about that my hormones are ‘activated’. But thankfully the class finished soon.

“Hey, (Y/N), wha-”, as Sirius was about to turn and say something I stormed out of the room heading towards my next lesson – Transfiguration. The good news was that my sexy boyfriend had Herbology and I could focus without a problem. Ha, ha, ha! Guess what?! He was stuck in my mind. His simple movement filled me with desire and it was only 9 o’clock in the morning. That slight touch on my hips and bam I’m head over heels for him. Not that I wasn’t but this feeling was kind of new, it drove me crazy. And on top of this everything I did in class was wrong that I had my house with 15 points down. ‘That stupid bastard! Who gave him the right to affect me that way?! Idiot, fucking sexy idiot!’

We’d been dating for almost 8 months but sex was never a topic. Yeah, we did make sex jokes but only that. Something in me believed that Sirius knew this experience was unfamiliar to me and didn’t push me although he was probably suffering from not training his lil’ friend which made me love him even more. But now, somehow used to all the stress about the exams and homework my body finally decided it was time to get what it wanted. Sirius and I of course had passionate moments but only that.

The whole day I’d been trying to ignore him in order to reduce my feelings but as all my efforts through the day…nothing, I repeat nothing succeed. Again lost in my thoughts, searching for something that will occupy my mind I didn’t notice my boyfriend who was searching for me. He pushed me against the nearest wall and got me out of trance.

“We need to talk. Now.”, he stated slowly with his deep and sexy voice. I gulped nervously and as I tried to get out of that situation he stopped me with putting his hands on the wall so I won’t escape. I observed him remembering each detail. His shirt was enlacing his body so perfectly that his muscles were visible. The sleeves were rolled up just above his elbow. I bit my lips and continue my research. His jaw was clenched, and those soft and pinky lips were just inches away from me. Oh, I was dying to kiss them at that moment but did anything to hold that control over my body. And then, finally, his orbits. There was something in him, something in his eyes. If you ever meet that look, then you would understand what I mean. Those cold grey eyes had so much fire in them, fire that managed to ignite my cells, my body. I was burning from desire for those hands around me, those lips connecting with mine and sucking my soul out of my vessel. He was dangerous. Like a spark in a dry forest. Only one look and I was turning into ash, ash of passion and love.

“There is something.”

“What do you mean that there is something, Sirius?”, I tried to play dumb.

“You cannot lie to me, (Y/L/N) and you know that.”, he came closer and I tried to move backwards but the stupid wall was behind me. ‘Stupid Hogwarts teachers, why making a wall just there?!’

“You are wrong, honey. I’m fine.”, faking a smile had to make him believe me but that naïve dog with super senses could detect all my lies.

“Then why are you running away from me as though I am the devil?”

Those questions and that sexy provoking way of talking were getting me out of my skin.

“Maybe because you are!”, as I told that my eyes got wide.

“Have I done something?”, he asked simply.

“Yes, yes you did!”, crossing my arms I looked away.

“What is it?”

“You are hot and sexy and seductive and, urgh!”

“Wait, what?”, it seemed my statement confused him so I used the opportunity to escape. Just as he realized what I was doing he grabbed my hand and stopped me, “You are ignoring me because you find me attractive. Oh god, what a logic.”, he laughed.

“Don’t you dare laughing you idiot.”, I got out of his grip. Trying to look angry I began walking towards my next class. He tried to stop me but thank goodness the room was like 2 meters away and he didn’t manage to tell anything more. ‘What a bastard! How can he laugh about it? He has no idea how this situation is affecting me. Oh, he will regret this!’

The rest of the day went almost quietly. Sirius was nowhere to be seen. That calmed me down and I was able to concentrate on my homework and essays for tomorrow. As I was studying in the library someone say opposite me on the table. I looked up hoping it wasn’t Sirius. When I saw it was Remus I relaxed.

“Hi, Rem!”, I said with a bright smile.

“Hello (Y/N)! Can I sit?”

“Of course, why are you even asking?”, I took some of my books to make space for his belongings.

“Honestly, I don’t know. Just being polite.”

“Rem, I know you pretty well, no need to act as the good boy.”, I winked at him.

“What are you talking about? I am the most innocent person in the whole school, more innocent even from the virgins.”, he stated while laughing.

“Oh, do not be so sure.”, and here we went again, my desires unlocking again.

“Is there something in common with what Sirius had said?”, the boy asked as he opened his books searching for the needed information.

“What had he said? By the way, where is he?”

“Oh, he said and I quote ‘I am too hot and sexy and seductive for my girlfriend and I will give her some time without distracting her’”

“He what?!”, the anger filled me immediately.

“I, um-shit, shouldn’t have said it.”

“Where is he?”


“Where is that little bastard, Remus?”, I should have looked really scary because the only response I got was a stuttering answer that my boyfriend was in his dormitory.

I collected all my things in fury and stormed out of the library. ‘Sirius! You better hope that I do not find you!’ Reaching the Gryffindor common room I said the password and got in. The only people there were Lily and James who stopped snogging as I entered. But I was too angry to think about how they finally became a thing.

“Where the hell is Black?”, I said though clenched teeth.

“Oh, um…”, they looked at each other confused then Lily answered, “In the boys’ dormitory.”

I threw my bag with the books on the coach and ascended the stairs. Seconds later I was in front of the door and almost ‘kicked’ it down. Sirius was standing in front of his wardrobe and when I showed with such rage his eyes widened. I entered the room without breaking an eye contact and locked the door.


“Sirius! I’m glad we know each other’s names.”

He tried to start a conversation but I stopped him.

“How is my hot and sexy and seductive boyfriend going?”

“Moony told you?”, he then continued doing what he was doing to wit untying his tie.

“Yes, he did!”, the view in front of me was so tempting which made even angrier and horny - a bad combination for a girl with raging hormones.

“I don’t understand why you are angry right now.”, he let his tie untied around his neck and looked at me smirking.

“You are making me insane right now.”

“And what are you gonna do then sweetheart?”, coming closer he sent me that challenging look. I grabbed him by the tie and pushed him against the door. Getting closer I whispered

“You won’t wanna know.” and then I attacked his neck with wet kisses.

“Wha- oh, shit.”, he moaned as I reached his weak spot just behind his year. Burying my hands in his soft dark hair I made him come closer so I can kiss him. It was hard to be dominant with such a giant. When our lips connected I felt that it was different than before. The kiss was rough and passionate. I bit his lower lip and used the opportunity to slide my tongue inside his mouth. Those strong arms I knew so well found their place on my ass. I jumped and wrapped my legs around him. Our tongues were fighting and he wasn’t about to surrender. Changing our position, he slammed me up against the wall and tried to gain control but I stopped immediately although I didn’t wish to. I unwrapped my legs and set foot on the floor. Sirius stood there amazed and maybe…shocked? I licked my lips and that lit the desire in his eyes. I saw my lipstick smudged on his lips which made him even hotter.

“I- woah, what just happened?”

“You saw nothing, Black.”, walking toward him he was backing up - that was the only thing his body could do at that moment. I grabbed his shirt and ripped it off, buttons flying everywhere, “You have no idea how many times I imagined doing this.” After that I pushed him so he landed on the bed. Holding his body weight on his elbow he looked at me puzzled. Honestly I had no clue where that confidence came from, especially knowing what was about to happen but I decided to indulge the feeling. Slowly I unbuttoned my shirt throwing it on the floor. Then I slid my skirt down so slowly that caused my beloved boyfriend to groan at the sight. Removing my shoes I stood there only in my black laced bra and panties. Thanks god I was wearing the sexy set of underwear.

Sirius licked his lips and scanned my body. Believe it or not his friend immediately raised which made me chuckle. I hovered above my poor boy and looked him in the eyes. There was excitement, confusion and desire at the same time. Pushing him slightly so he would lay on the bed I positioned my legs from both sides of his body. Staying inches away from each other was killing us. He did want to do something but there was a thing stopping him.

“You used to be touchy. Is there a problem?”, I asked not even confused. Deep inside I felt everything was quite right.

“Moony and Prongs were right. You’ll be the death of me.”, chuckling he finally placed his hands on my lips moving them up and down, along my back and then back on my tights, “You just took my breath away, darling. I’ve never expected such an innocent girl to hide such a dangerous sex goddess.”

Those words made me do something. I’d never thought I could make him feel this way. Being the fuckboy of the school, well before we got together, always made me insecure about my body and abilities. I’d never felt good enough for that boy, and I kept telling myself I was just a toy. I was filled with fear of being rejected; being left from the boy I truly loved.  When we first met I found him too arrogant and cocky but with time passing I managed to look though that façade and see the poor boy, who was dismissed from his own family. A boy that had been hardly understood. A boy that wanted to hide his soft and vulnerable side. When I was with him he was himself, never hiding, never faking his emotions although he could do it pretty well.

My mouth was moving along his chest, stomach and right above his boxers. Sirius was a mess. Every time we had sex he was the dominant one, I’d never felt confident to do such a thing only because I thought I wouldn’t make him feel good. Apparently, I was wrong. Hearing my boy moaning me name was a pleasure for my ears. I licked a line from the bottom to his neck never breaking eye contact. He bit his lips and then threw his head back laughing.

“Oh, god!”

“What? Don’t have the strength to bear this?” , his grey eyes were looking at me dangerously and yet passionately.

“Is that a challenge?”

“Maybe.”, instantly he put his hand on my head and draw me closer. Connecting our lips for a hundredth time that night, Sirius once again tried to dominant me.

“You won’t give me a chance, huh?”

“I want you so desperately that I cannot control myself, babe.”

As I reached my back to unclasp my bra, somebody opened, no, almost broke the freaking door.

“Sirius, I need to-”, James stopped in the middle of his sentence and in the middle of the room shocked. His eyes were moving from me to Sirius and back.

“(Y/n), what are you doing on top of Sirius?”, I was asked simply.

“What may I be doing on top of my boyfriend half naked, Potter?”

“Oooh”, the reality hit his face “You look sexy on him I can confirm.”

“Go away Prongs!”, I and Sirius both said and threw pillows at him.

“Okay, okay, I am leaving. Those little kids and their hormones… ”, he said while closing the door.

“Remind me to kill him later.”, we both laughed and then looked at each other.

“Now, where were we?”

Things I wish I had the courage to say 
1. That poem of mine that you love, is about you. 
2. No mom, I did not take my medicine today. By the time I had gotten out of bed I had used up any energy, any hope of a better day. I lied when I said I forgot.
 3. I’m sorry
 4. F*ck you
5. Sometimes I still think of his hands on my hips, and sometimes I still crave him.
 6. When I see you in the halls my eyes do not light up. I am proud of that.
 7. I tried to kill myself but I couldn’t get my self to go through with it because I never wanted to forget how the sun felt burning on my skin
 8. When you called me those names I wore them as badge but last week I ripped it off and now I wear my name.
9. No
10. Stop 
11. Please 
12. Sometimes I imagine that my pillow is you, I know it makes me insane but I want to be insane with you.
13. When I hear that song I don’t cry. I turn off the music and I put down the head phones. 
14. I forgot how it feels to not be afraid
 15. It still hurts
 16. I love you.
Murder at Stark Manor Pt 2. Peter Parker x Reader

Part 2  Part 1

Plot: Peter and the gang are invited to a live action role play of Clue, to find out who “killed” Tony Stark.  The reader wants to confess her feelings for Peter but knows about his crush on Liz.

Warnings: just a makeout session 

Thank you guys so much for the love for the first part!

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Peter Parker x Reader 

Originally posted by dial-666-for-satan

“She’s always with Michelle, I’m her fiance! She should be spending time with me,” Peter pouted as she grabbed him. As they walked down the large corridor, lined with old French style portraits Y/N began to think about the time line of the murder, ignoring Peter’s complaining about Liz.

“She’ll never notice me, I was lucky to get that character description,” Peter whined as he touched one of the paintings frames, feeling the bumps and ridged texture. Once he noticed that he wasn’t getting a response, he looked behind him and noticed Y/N standing in front of a large window looking out at the large green yard that was taken over by darkness, yet was illuminated by the numerous fireflies. “Y/N? Are you listening?” he asked, raising his voice ever so slightly. She didn’t budge.

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The Bet

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warnings: Pure smut. Not even trying to hide it. Language, NSFW

Plot: Circa Season 4 - reader is friends with Maggie and likes Daryl. Maggie and reader make a bet about the archer. 

Words: 4130

One shot, has potential for more if ya think its worth it. Also, hope this one makes up for those who hate me because I made them cry with the last one. MWAH!

Originally posted by normgasmphantasm

The heat had been oppressive over the last few days, with no rain or clouds in sight. Off on the west side of the yard Rick, Daryl, Glenn and Tyrese were trying to add support to the fences while you, Maggie and Beth sat under the kitchen canopy taking refugee from the blazing sun.

Maggie and Beth were arguing with each other over something stupid that had happened years ago and you had your gaze set firmly to the west. Sweat was slowly dripping down your brow with the occasional salty drop landing in your eye. You could feel the sweat pooling in your bra, as well as other places, but that could just be because of your current view.

“Hey, Y/N, I’m right, aren’t I? You were there… tell her,” Maggie said and threw Beth an indignant look.

“Huh?” you asked lazily, your attention still half directed at watching the guys fix the fence. Well, not all the guys. Just one guy in particular.

Maggie rolled her eyes at you and repeated the question.

“I’m sorry Maggie, I checked out a while ago,” you offered her a sorry smile and grabbed a couple more snap peas from the bucket.

Maggie turned and followed your gaze to the fences, her face broke out into a wide grin when she was facing you again.

“Uh… no,” she said shaking her head.

“What?” you asked half offended, half confused.

“It’s pretty obvious,” Beth chimed in with a tone of disgust. “You stare at him constantly. It’s kinda creepy.”

You dismissed Beth’s comment and turned to look back at Maggie. “Has she always been like this?”

“Well, she’s always disliked you if that helps,” Maggie laughed and raised her eyebrows at Beth.

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Top Ten Smut Fics 2017

1. When You’re Done (856) 2nd year running

Description: Sheriff Stilinski walking in on Stydia making out or having sex.

Rating: M

Author: The General

2. If You Want Me (529) 2nd year running

Description: Stiles is popular and Lydia is a nerd. They end up at a party where Stiles takes Lydia’s virginity.

Rating: MA

Author: holdyourbreathuntilyouseelight

3. My Aching Soul (437) 2nd year running

Description: Lydia has a dream within a dream but wakes up just like Stiles does in 3x13 and they make out and a bit of smut

Rating: MA

Author: The General

4. Chills (360) 2nd year running

Description: Girls night in. And they’re sharing stories pertaining to what they enjoy in the bedroom with their boyfriends. Lydia has ALOT to share about Stiles. Stiles goes down on Lydia. Cute funny Stydia smutt. something fluffy

Rating: MA

Author: @bellohmyblake

5. Lazy Lover (335) 2nd year running

Description: Lydia has trouble falling asleep, so Stiles gives her a hand.

Rating: MA

Author: @bellohmyblake

6. If at First You Don’t Succeed (288) *New*

Description: write a fic (night and morning after) of that gif set about Stiles losing his virginity to Lydia 3 times + stiles and lydia have sex for the first time and it was awkward so they both lie in bed to afraid to talk to one another for a few minutes

Rating: MA

Author: @bellohmyblake

7. Into Place (272) Up from #10

Description: Lydia and Stiles are making love and Stiles is nervous so Lydia takes the reins but when he grabs her hips against his to keep her from falling, he takes over

Rating: MA

Author: @bellohmyblake

8. Secrets I Have Held in my Heart (260) 2nd year running

Description: It’s been three weeks since Stiles broke up with Malia so he and Lydia could be together, but in an attempt to not hurt the young coyote’s feelings Stiles and Lydia are keeping their relationship a secret from their friends until an appropriate amount of time passes. But of course, as with all of Stiles’ plans things never quite work out the way he plans

Rating: M

Author: reportergirl13

9. Drink Me Under (256) Down from #7

Description: Stiles sees youthful Derek and Lydia flirting and feels a need to step between them because jealousy

Rating: MA

Author: @bellohmyblake

10. Can’t Catch a Break (231) *New*

Description: i’m the one who sent in the sheriff stilinski walking in request and i kind of want different versions of like alison or scott walking in if thats not weird. Maybe i just want people to know that stiles can get some.

Rating: M

Author: The General

steve randle headcannons

warnings: cussing / one brief mention of sex
hope you enjoy please request!!
I STG if the spacing is messed up again I’ll cry

steve randle headcannons

- honestly a huge nerd
- when he first saw you (and every other time) he stared and checked you out so fucking hard
- honestly instant boner
- asked you out with a stupid pick up line
- “are you trash?”
- “what?”
- “because I wanna pick you up and take you out, are you free tonight at 8?”
- always looking at your ass
- Lowkey loves shopping with you
- insists you make his lunch and bring it to him at the DX
- just so he can brag to soda about his hot girlfriend
- though Sodapop knows your super cool bc you bring him lunch too
- double dates with soda and his girl (who hopefully fucking treats him right can I get an amen?)
- cuddling 25/8
- y'all are attached at the hip
- will try and fight anyone who even breathes in your direction
- butt slapping
- chocolate cake every night
- honestly a great boyfriend when you are on your period
- prolly has it marked on his calendar
- wants to walk you to your classes
- kisses are never short
- heated make out sessions
- falls asleep with his head in the crook of your neck with your legs tangled together
- loves to hold you close
- hugs from behind
- grease is always everywhere
- “steve why the fuck is there grease on the fucking milk carton?!?”
- “sorry babe.”
- he’s fucking drunk on your smell
- loves picking out perfumes and shampoos and stuff
- really loves fruity stuff, specifically strawberry
- brags about you nonstop to the gang
- Sodapop loves you and thinks you and Steve are real good together
- ponyboy didn’t like you at first since steve is always hard on him, that was until you made steve be nicer and always babied ponyboy
- he loves you now and probably sees you as kind of a mother figure seein as you and Steve practically live at the Curtis house
- you were the first to say I love you
- it was at night walking back from the curtis house
- “steve, I really enjoy hanging out with you and the gang.”
- “I enjoy having my girl there!”
- “I love you Steve”
- to which he got really flustered but said he loved you too really excitedly
- you guys are the annoying couple that are lovey dovey and high on PDA
- js u guys prolly have sex all the time
- he’s easily jealous
- needs all the attention
- but loves you and is a good ass pure boyfriend

Though humans believe they have a monopoly on fashion trends, Our Friends Below are no strangers to mercurial styles. Clothes aren’t a huge deal, except insofar as they pair well or poorly with horns.

Above: a sample of ten popular horn styles and what they communicate.

1. The Classic. A great way of communicating, “Horn fashion peaked four thousand years ago. I have no time for all this nonsense, now let’s get down to business.” Any noble with these horns is either a tedious stick-in-the-mud or a principled stalwart. (Or a young noble making a flimsy claim of ‘I’m not like those other frivolous youths.’)

2. Sleek. Favored by nobles who aspire to be lithe, slippery tricksters. All the actual tricksters have realized this and chosen some other horn style, and so these indicate a smug, arrogant noble who is much less (or more) dangerous than they think they are.

3. Wavy. Excellent for projecting an air of erotic, tantalizing power; common choice among succubi, incubi, etc. Often draped with chains of fabulously rare stones.

4. Feral. Having wild, curly clusters of horns is a sign of being related to satyrs; going overboard with it is a dead giveaway that the noble is playing up a tiny shred of heritage.

5. The Bull. The only style that communicates “I am not here to fuck around” more than The Classic. Either firmly resolute or just impossibly stubborn.

6. Wild Desert. Unbearable hippie, but definitely knows a thing or two about syncretic mysticism. Listen close, but it might just be a total waste of time.

7. Runic. Prestigious symbol of arcane mastery, impossible to convincingly fake. Definitely knows some spells that’ll shock the most jaded noble, and some they know to never speak aloud.

8. Stylish Asymmetry. For hip, avant-garde nobles glued to their Brimstone smartphones. Also seen on old nobles making a desperate bid to fit in with the Youth of Today.

9. Overgrown. For nobles who reject the stuffy old geometry of alchemical glyphs, embracing untamed magic in the wild parts of the Underworld. Often found with Wild Desert nobility.

10. The Buck. The Bull’s less-restrained friend; none of the simmering poise, all of the hellbent conviction. Best to let them win an argument.

(Feel free to tag yourself in this.)

WORKOUT DAY 3/4 – Back & Bis

Overhead dumbbell press – I do 2 warm up sets and 4 working sets keeping my reps between 6-10

Hammer curls - 4 sets with 6-10 reps

Seated inner bicep curls - 4 sets with 6-10 reps

One arm dumbbell row - 4 sets with 6-10 reps

Upright row - 4 sets with 6-10 reps

Cable crunches – same as workout day 1

Lat pull down - 4 sets with 6-10 reps

Back extension - 4 sets with 8-12 reps, I like to hold a weight while doing this one

This takes me just over an hour to complete. Because my legs are never where I want them, I like to sprinkle in some leg exercises when I have extra time like hack squats, hip thrusts, hip abduction, and glute kickbacks (same as day 1).

Down For The Count

A/N: This is another request for a Derek x Reader, but this one is smutty. The requester asked that Derek be teaching the reader how to defend herself on the gym mat, but she keeps losing. To beat him, she ends up kissing him and then there’s a little smut on the wrestling mat. Enjoy! @coveofmemories

Warnings: Smut


“Babygirl,” Derek said as he moved around on the mat, “You’re small, but you’re a powerhouse. Nine chances out of ten, the unsub is gonna be bigger than you are, which means, you’re going to need their weight against them.”

You had been hired at the BAU because you had an intelligence level rivaling that of Dr. Reid, not because you were particularly adept at fighting. That’s why you were here at 8 o’clock at night; every night you were here for extra training with Derek as your super sexy teacher. “When you say powerhouse, do you mean that I’m full of fire? Because I can’t fight for shit. That’s why I have a gun.”

He laughed. “That’s what I mean, baby.” After three months at the BAU, it was no secret that you and Derek had been flirting with each other. You were losing it - if he didn’t ask you out soon, you were going to go balls out and do it yourself. Occasionally, he slipped and said baby instead of babygirl, so when that happened, it became fairly obvious to others that you were into each other. “Now the basics are of course to go for the eyes, use your elbows and knee to the groin,” he started, clapping his hands together.

You point in his direction. “That one I can do,” you laughed. “I’ve kicked more than my fair share of men before ever thinking of becoming an agent.”

“Then you’re already halfway there,” he said, coming at you and tackling you to the ground. Once you hit the ground, he bore his weight sitting up on his knees, and you couldn’t get free no matter how hard you kicked and squirmed.

“Now what did you do wrong there?” he asked.

You couldn’t think of a way to get out of his hold; that wasn’t good. If it was an unsub and not Derek, and no one was nearby, you’d be done for. The seriousness of the situation didn’t escape you, but you were never one to pass up a funny moment. “I have no idea, but that’s why I’m here at 8 o’clock at night instead of at home in bed. Teach me, Master Yoda.” You bowed in front of him.

“Listen, young one,” he said, trying to imitate you, “If someone has you pinned in the way I just did, you twist one hip up and push down with your opposite shoulder. Wriggling like that gives you the leverage to get out from under them. Try again.”

Again and again, he came at you. Finally, after nearly six or seven tries, you understood what he was trying to say and you were able to get out from under him. “Okay, now,” he began again, wrapping his arms around you in a vice grip, “If your attacker comes at you from behind, stay calm…”

“That’s very likely,” you declared sarcastically.

“Do it anyway,” he repeated. “Stay calm and realize that your legs and head are free, so use them. Kick to the knee, scrap down the leg and stomp on the same foot. That’ll force him to loosen his grip somewhat. Then whip your head back into his head. You’ll undoubtedly hit his nose and force him to loosen up even more. Once the grip is loose enough, drop down, pushing your arms up, get out from under him and give another kick to the knee. Let’s try.”

Again, it took you a few tries to get it, but you started to. However, it was getting difficult to concentrate when Derek was built and muscley and sexy and very very close to you. Maybe if you lost on purpose…

You’d gotten the series of moves, but he wanted to drill them a couple more times to make sure. The next time, when he came at you, you pretended to slip after you got out of his grip, pulling him down with you. “You did that on purpose,” he laughed.

“Mayyyyybe,” you said coyly. “You wanna do something about it.”

He pushed himself up from lying position and crawled toward you, forcing you to lie back yourself, with him hovering over you. As you sat back, you lost your smile, instead focusing on Derek’s heated gaze. Slowly, he leaned into you, taking your lips in a tentative kiss. “Do that again,” you smiled, when he pulled away.

He did as you asked, coming to hover over you completely while he continued to devour you. You could feel his arousal against your leg. Could you do anything here? You couldn’t? Could you? “We can’t do anything here, can we?” you asked, turning your head back up towards one of the surveillance cameras.

“They’re turned off everywhere that isn’t the main building after 6 PM,” he whispered, kissing your neck as you giggled.

“Derek Morgan, are you really going to fuck me on the gym mat?” you asked, being very direct in your want for him.

He kissed up your neck to your chin and back to your lips as he spoke. “Of course not, Y/N. I do that in bed. That’s where I do my best moves, but I’m going to do something.” As you wrapped your arms around his head, he traveled down your body, gently grazing your goose-bumped flesh with his calloused hands. When he reached the waistband of your yoga pants, he looked up tentatively, wondering if you were truly okay. You were more than okay. 

Gasping at his firm touch, you reveled in the feel of his skin against the most sensitive parts of you. He was only teasing you, slowly rubbing up and down the length of your slit with one finger, occasionally coming to rest on the bundle of nerves that was begging for his touch. Even if the cameras were on, you kind of couldn’t care at the moment. He was working wonders with the smallest of touches right now; you couldn’t imagine what he’d like in bed, where he could use “his best moves.”

While he continued to move against you, this time adding another finger to the mix, you decided to do a little teasing of your own, reaching into his sweatpants to grab at his length. Using the slickness of your own arousal, you moved your hand up and down him, stopping at the tip to tease him. Two could play at this game.

With the gym to yourselves and a mighty need for each other, it was amazing that you hadn’t started fucking like bunnies yet, but it was too much fun looking into each other’s eyes as you both tried to out tease the other. “Who knew you were such a tease,” he said, gasping as you ran your thumb over the tip of him.

Letting him slide between your first two fingers, you laughed, biting gently at his jawline. “You had to know I was a tease, Agent Morgan.”

“That’s something I didn’t know I wanted,” he replied at you referring to him as Agent.

The last thing you wanted to do right now was more self-defense training. Right now, you wanted to go back to one of your apartment’s and find out what his moves were. “Well Agent Morgan, there can definitely be more of that at my place if you want,” you spoke as you used his tips from earlier and wriggled out from under him.

Without moving, he looked up at you, the darkness in his gaze making you wet. The come hither movement seemed particularly appropriate right now. “Come and get me, Agent Morgan.”

“With pleasure,” he said, pushing himself up from the ground and running to catch you.


For: @mimigemrose 

Imagine: Being a janitor in Dauntless and the leader of Dauntless, Eric, takes a liking for you.  

Today was another long day on the job, and instead of getting to go home at 4:00 pm, like every other day, you were assigned to clean up after the initiates. Yes, you work in Dauntless as a janitor, and no, it’s not the best job, but when you’re a transfer from Candor and have over 30 fears, it’s the best you can get, you’re just happy that you  got through initiation.

You walk into the training room at 6:00, just as the initiates are leaving, and you see him. Eric, the youngest Dauntless leader and one of your fellow transfers from your own initiation. He is hot as hell, and you may have had a crush on him during your initiation, but you also know that he is a complete asshole. Once all the initiates leave, you are left alone with Eric, and there he stands giving you sympathetic looks, like always. What is his fucking problem?

Eric’s POV

I see her walk in with all her equipment, and as always, I feel myself being drawn towards her. I know I shouldn’t be, I’m a fucking leader after all, and she’s just a lowly janitor. I can do so much better than a girl with over thirty fears, yet, I still want her, and I don’t know why.

I find myself staring at her again, like I always do, but this time, she’s staring right back, the only difference is that she looks very annoyed.


That’s it, this constant staring needs to stop. You put down your mop and walk up to Eric, you look up at him, trying to make yourself seem intimidating, but fail.

“Do you need something?” Eric raises his eyebrows at you.

“Yes,” you say confidently, “I need you to stop staring at me as if I’m some fragile little girl who you feel bad for.”  

Eric smirks down at me as if to say ‘Oh really?’ so I continue, “Just because you’re a leader, doesn’t mean I need your sympathy.”

“What make you think you can talk to me like that?” He says gripping your arm tightly, “You said it yourself honey, I’m a leader, and what are you? Just a petty little janitor. So next time, think twice before trying to sass me.”

“Fuck you,” I mutter.

He clenches his jaw, his grip on your arm tightens, and he hisses, “What was that? You’ll have to speak up.”

You roll your eyes. Bad decision.

“Don’t ever roll your eyes at me Y/N!” Damn, he actually knows your name, “Why don’t we put your little cleaning skills to the test. Be at my place, tonight at 8, and if you don’t show up it might be the end of your life as a member of Dauntless.”

You nod quickly and he walks away. You knew Eric was an asshole, but you never thought he would threaten to make you factionless. You continue cleaning the training room thinking, ‘What have I got myself into?’

You get to Eric’s door five minutes before 8:00, and you slowly knock, he opens the door, staring down at you.

Eric stands shirtless, in loose lounge pants that hang low on his hips, he looks like a fucking God, and you have fight the urge to throw yourself at him, “You’re early.”

You shrug your shoulders, “Better than being late, right?”

He leads you in and your jaw drops at the mess in his apartment, you curse under your breath knowing that he made this place extra messy just for you. He gestures at you to get started and makes his way to his kitchen.

It takes you just over an hour to clean the entire living room and by the end of it, you are absolutely exhausted, you have never worked so fast in your life.

Eric finally walks out of the kitchen, and nods in approval, “Impressive.”

You smile back at him, and he asks, “You hungry?”

At that moment, you realize how hungry you actually are, so you nod at him, and he gestures at you to follow. You walk into his dining room with him and notice two plates of pasta salad sitting on the table.

Eric sits down in his chair and you stare at him, this has to be some kind of joke, why would a Dauntless leader make dinner for a girl like you?

He shoots you a questioning look, then demands, “Sit.”

You quickly sit in the chair across from him and start eating, “Wow, this is really good.”

Eric smirks, and you realized that you just boosted ego even more, “What did you expect?”

“I don’t know, like burnt food, maybe a kitchen on fire or something,” He rolls his eyes at your pathetic attempt at a joke.

“Alright well I should go,” You say putting your dishes in the sink and walking out of the dining room, towards the door.

“Okay, well I’ll see you around Y/N,” Eric smiles, like actually smiles, not the malicious smile he gets when he is torturing an initiate, but a legit, happy, smile.

Your Candor side suddenly shows through and you blurt, “You should smile more often, makes you look hotter.”

He chuckles, and your eyes widen when you realize what you just said, “I-I mean, I’m just gonna go now!”

You walk out the door, and Eric stands in the doorway, looking at you, you can’t help but stare down at his Greek God body.

“Like what you see,” He smirks, and you turn a bright shade of red. He suddenly squints at you, “You have a little something on your mouth.”

You touch the side of your lip trying to get it off, “Where?”

“Here, let me get it,” He leans forward and places his lips on yours, kissing you roughly, eventually he pulls back, leaving you out of breath, “God knows how long I’ve been waiting to do that.”

He walks into his apartment and shuts the door behind him. Leaving you in the middle of the hallway, stunned and in awe. You should sass Eric more often, if it leads to these kinds of punishments.    

A/N: Sorry if that’s not what you were hoping for, I didn’t really know what to write for the request, but I hope you liked it! xoxo

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Wherefore art thou Gnomeo?

Drabble Challenge - Prompt 51 - “Where am I going? Crazy. Wanna come?” Filled for @cowandcalf   

Thank you for the prompt, I don’t gnome if you’ll like this… hehe.  Hope you enjoy it. :) 

“What the hell?”  Harvey exclaimed from the doorway of Mike’s new office.

His old coffee table was covered with approximately twenty garden gnomes, with pink and blue coloured hats.  Mike looked up from the gnome he’s painting Tara and Louis’ names on, and rolls his eyes.

“Say hello to my little friends,” he quips tiredly, putting down the paintbrush and stretching.  

When he’d said yes to helping Louis out with the wedding preparations, he hadn’t envisioned he would be hand painting garden gnomes as bonbonnieres, not to mention all the other obnoxious requests Louis had made.

“I warned you not to say yes, Louis had all the trademarks of a Groomzilla,”

“Thank you, that’s very helpful,“ He replied sarcastically.

Harvey leant against Mike’s desk, folded his arms and smirked, “I thought you came back here to help the needy, well that, and take your boyfriend on long lunches?”

Mike returned the smirk, “Louis qualifies as needy, doesn’t he?”

Harvey chuckled.

“As for taking my boyfriend on long lunches, I believe you were more than satisfied with your ‘Lunch’, yesterday.“

Harvey hummed, “It was delicious,” he agreed, walking behind the couch and pressing a few delicate kisses to Mike’s neck, followed by a peck on the forehead, before taking a firm grip on his shoulders, trying to massage a bit of tension out of them.  Mike closed his eyes and relaxed into the touch.

“Where is the Captain of the USS Insanity, anyway?”  Harvey enquired.

“Groomzilla has a final tasting tonight; he chose to drag Rachel along thankfully.”

As if Louis were gifted with psychic abilities, Mike’s phone started ringing.

“Shit,” Mike grumbled, checking the caller ID, “Speak of the Devil.”

‘Mike, I need a fourth opinion on these hors d'oeuvres, get down here now, these women are ganging up on me.’

‘Louis, I-’

‘Please, Mike.  Corner of 9th and Broadway.’ 

He hung up in Mike’s ear.

Mike sighed wearily, grumbling under his breath about shoving a garden gnome somewhere as he grabbed his coat from the back of the couch.  Harvey watched his boyfriend with amusement.

“Where are you going?  I thought I was getting dinner and a show tonight,” Harvey teased.

Mike smiled, despite himself, “Where am I going?  Crazy.  Wanna come?”

Harvey shrugged and followed Mike out the door. “I’ll follow you anywhere, Mr Gump.”

“We are definitely getting a wedding planner, I’m not doing any of this stuff for my own wedding,” Mike babbled as he hurried toward the lift, turning his head back to see that Harvey had stopped dead in his tracks.

“We?” Harvey asked, eyebrows reaching the heights of his forehead.

“Oh … I um, I meant-“ Mike stammered as Harvey caught up with him.

Crowding into Mike space, Harvey asked, “You mean to tell me that after only two months of dating me, you know I’m ‘the one’?”

Mike met his stare and grinned. “I’ve known since the day you started teasing me about my skinny ties,” he replied cockily.

Harvey grinned, and his eyes dropped to Mike’s lips.  “My only love sprung from my only hate,” he murmured, gently biting Mike’s bottom lip and grabbing him possessively by the ass, and pulling him against him.

“How dare you use Romeo and Juliet to insult my skinny ties!” He moaned into Harvey’s mouth, rutting against him.

“Mike, stop, you know how much I like it when you-”

“When I what?” Mike asked innocently, biting Harvey softly on the sensitive skin of his neck, and continuing to roll his hips slowly against him.

Harvey spun them, pressing Mike against the glass of Louis’ office.

“I love you, there will never be anybody else,” he avowed, “and I’ve always liked fall weddings, but…”

“But?” Mike asked, feeling a tickle of worry.

“But,” Harvey said with a wolfish grin, “First things first.  You know what happens when you bite my neck and grind against me?”

Mike’s breath caught, and a sly smile spread across his face.  “You fuck my brains out.” He confirmed.

“Good Boy,” Harvey praised, pulling Mike toward the library.

Louis could wait.

Authors Note:  Thanks for reading.  This is drabble number 5/8.  You can find the rest here - Millie’s Mini Marvey Musing’s

My trans-masculine  fears:

1. Being alone forever. 

2. Never pleasing my partner(s) sexually. 

3. Never getting a beard. 

4. Shaving what factual hair I have and it not growing back ( can’t happen ).

5. Other trans people thinking I’m not trans enough.

6. Cis people not thinking of me as a real man. 

7. Not having a family.

8. A injection gone wrong. 

9. Being forced off of T. 

10. Being harmed because I’m trans. 

11. Being outed. 

12. Never getting a job because I seam to queer. 

13. Always looking like a androgynous girl / butch lesbian stereotype.

14. Always having huge birthing hips and a big but.

15. Public washrooms.

16. Shaving my head and it looking wearied / not liking it.

17. Trying/doing something that’s so “girly “ others get uncomfortable and make me feel uncomfortable about it. 

18. letting any of my fears get in my way of trying things / doing things I love.

Whats you biggest transition fear ? 

Finally had time for a review!

Alright so i have a Sinthetics prosthetic and I was finally able to play around with it and such. First off, this was a trade item. I traded a Freetom prosthetic for it so I’m not sure what prices are (maybe $300) and shipping usually takes several weeks. 

So here ya go:

The prosthetic is 7″ cut and 1.75″ in girth. Decent size. It has the moveable skin (not as flexible as realmagik) but it’s still makes a difference as far as realism. The balls float in a gel like substance and the shaft itself is firm which makes it waaaay easier for sex. I really like that it doesn’t hang down like other prosthetics, it actually stays up as if it’s erect which makes sex easier to handle. 

Appearance: 10/10  It has a paint to match skin tone and it matches mine pretty well. It looks flushed with blood and even has veins. At the top of the head you can see a circumcision scar which is awesome because if I was born cis I would have been circumcised. 

Feel: 12/10  Upon first unboxing it I thought “I’m not sure what a dick feels like but I think this is close” haha. The skin is moveable, the balls float in gel so you can squeeze them. The head is soft and the shaft is firm enough to hold it’s place and not sink back towards me like other prosthetics do. I’m also told it feels amazing and incredibly close to a cis dick. 

Play: 8/10  While it works great for sex the back is a “flat-back” and its completely hard and uncomfortable against my anatomy, especially when it’s rubbing against me. Not that comfortable. Other than that I feel more connected with it, I can thrust my hips in any direction and it works great. I can actually have sex standing up against a wall (something I could never do because other dicks hang down and don’t have a firm shaft) Basically it sits like an erect dick and that makes me feel 1000% better because I’m more confident. Amazing visual stimulation when someone gives me head.

All in all, a terrific product. Definitely thinking about purchasing their “gym dick” packer. Hope this helps!

Hey, hey, wanna hear something? I will never be a size 0 or a small in shirts. I am a medium or large in shirts and a 10 in woman’s pants.

I’m not overweight, but I’m not considered skinny at all. My bones will not let my hips be any smaller. My bones won’t let my shoulders be more narrow. I am not skinny, and I never will be, yet I love my body as it is.

Don’t let sizes tell you that you aren’t good enough. Ever. 0 short pants at American Eagle look like they were made for 8 yr old girls.

Snow Days

Summary- You do things in the snow to make Zach like it.

Pairings- Zach Herron x Reader

Warnings- B A D  W R I T I N G❗

Word Count- 745 (This is short I know!)

A/N- I BLAME EVERYONE WHO WANTED THIS! THIS IS BAD! Also, for non skiers ‘pie’ is when you angle your skis into a triangle to stop yourself! Let’s talk about the most cliche and uncreative title ever. I can barely edit so excuse any mistakes.

     You sigh, looking out the window at all the fresh snow dusting the ground and a mug of cocoa in your hand. You drift off into a wave of memories from your childhood fun in the snow.

“Can I go back to Texas now?” Zach breaks you out of your thoughts.

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alexianocella  asked:

May I request some with Nyx? I'll let you be creative with it unless you would prefer me to actually come up with it.

10 more minutes to go.

Nyx was standing there staring up at the clock. In 10 minutes he was free to go and he could finally see you.

“Staring at the clock won’t make it go any faster, Nyx.” He turned around to see Crowe looking at him. He laughed softly under his breath and cast another glance to the clock.

“I know, it’s just… It’s been a while since I’ve seen her and I’m excited.” He admitted, smiling. Just the thought of you made him happy.

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Our Little Secret ♡

Yu Agatsuma x MC
Bad Boys Do It Better
@tearsforthelonesome  asks: Hello! It’s me again haha o3o I was wondering if you could do prompt 17 on the smut thing for Yu Agatsuma?? 🤗

Note: Thank you for the request again! I’m starting to love writing for him now omg! lol I hope you enjoy lovely♡

I also want to give a BIG thanks to @fantasyimmortal and @chibikkoi for helping me with editing and such!♡

We’ve been meeting in secret for a little over a month now. It’s been our little secret almost as long as they’ve started dating.

“Yu?! Are you listening to me?” She asked, slapping me lightly on my arm,

“Uh, Yeah… Studying… Got it.” We continued to walk and chat until we reached our destination. “The library?” I asked her and she nodded her head excitedly but immediately her smile turned to a frown.

“You really weren’t listening to me, were you?” I started shaking my head and she let out a sigh before grabbing me by my wrist and pulling me inside. “It won’t take that long, I promise… I just have to have to exchange books,” She said as I followed behind her.

I walked with her to the section that she was looking for. Watching as she struggled to get a book that was sitting on the top shelf. I chuckled to myself while reaching over her to grab it. Before giving it to her, I raised it over her head, “This was the book you wanted right?”

She nodded, trying to jump and get it but, failing miserably, “Seriously Yu this isn’t funny. Give it to me please,” She pouted while crossing her arms.

I took the time to act as if I was thinking about giving it back but then a smirk played upon my lips. I loved teasing her. “Kiss me and I’ll give it to you.”

She waited a little before slowly leaning into me. Closing her eyes and holding onto me as she stood on her tippy toes to get higher. Her soft, plump lips grazed mine as I felt her body go slightly limp in my arm. She deepened the kiss, forcing me to let go of the book and letting it fall to the ground. I lifted her right leg to wrap around my waist as she kissed me so sweetly. Listening to her sweet moans gracing my eardrums, I grabbed her by her hips, pulling her deeper into me as our tongues made figure 8′s in each other’s mouths. Pulling away to nibble at her juicy bottom lip, her moans, her groans… were like music to my ears and I wanted her to myself. I knew she had a boyfriend, though that never stopped us.

Her fingers snaked their way through my hair, hearing her turn into a panting mess every time I slid my fingers across her panties. Most of the time she wore a skirt around me, which made times like this much easier. She had become sensitive to my touch and seeing the way she reacted to me, proved that I was much better than him in this sense.

I pulled her panties to the side, slowly inserting a finger into her as her four walls closed around it. She felt so good and took everything in me not to take her right there. I began rubbing her clit in a circular motion with my thumb as my index finger continued to push into her, hearing her get louder with each thrust motion. I leaned down to nibble on her neck, leaving marks all over her as if to mark her as mine, though I knew they would eventually fade with time.

I watched her shiver under my touch, continuing to moan but, I placed my finger close to her mouth, telling her to bite whenever she felt like doing so. Though I would love to hear her screaming my name… this wasn’t the place right now. Plus, I didn’t want anyone else hearing how beautiful she sounded whenever she was close.

I turned her around, bringing my lips close to her ear as I nibbled on her earlobe, whispering seductively in her ear. I watched as she began to melt, rubbing her slit and feeling her get wetter with each nibble. “I really wanna be inside you,” I mumbled in her ear.

She leaned closer to me, her voice a little raspy as she tried to mumble what she always told me before we did it. “You know I have a b-boyfriend Yu…”

“We’re way past that point,” I smirked, moving my fingers in and out of her at a fast pace as I lightly tugged on her long [H/C] locks, her nails digging deeper into my arm. I knew most of her sensitive spots and what to do to turn her on. I leaned close enough to where she could feel my breath on her neck causing her to shudder and to lean back against me.

“Yu…” I heard her say sweetly but, at that moment, I heard footsteps coming our way. I placed my index finger over my mouth telling her to be quiet.

Grabbing her by the hand, I moved us over one aisle. “I’ll go get a key to one of the rooms…” She said as she stumbled away, trying to keep her balance. I watched her go up to the librarian and get one of the keys for the study rooms. She comes back, dangling the key in front of me as she winked. “We have it for at least 30 minutes so you better make it count.”

Grabbing her by the wrist, I smirked and pulled her toward the last room. She closed the door and locked it, before turning towards me and kissing me deeply again. Pushing me toward the armless chair, she unbuttoned my pants quickly. She pulled them down and let gravity take over the rest, freeing my hard-on. Her soft delicate hands wrapped around me and I felt her warm mouth slightly on the tip. She moved her tongue in a circle motion, toying with me– toying with my patience.

“F-Fuck ____,” I groan as she started to bob her head up and down.

Moving in a circular motion and her fingers snaked their way up my shirt to feel my chest. She looked up at me with her hazel eyes making eye contact. I snaked my fingers through her hair, grabbing a hand full of it before stopping her and thrusting into her mouth. She moaned on my dick, the vibrations sending waves of pleasure through me as I came close to my release but before I could, she pulled back causing me to groan at the loss of her. Saliva trailed from her mouth to my dick and it immediately turned me on more. Something about it just seemed– erotic.

She got up to walk over to the table, bending over and motions for me to come over. I licked my lips as I watched her move her hips back and forth, most likely trying to get a little friction in between her leg. Stopping her, I moved my fingers to hook onto her black lace boy shorts and gave them a tug.

“Fuck…” I groaned when I felt how wet she was. If I really wanted to, I could take her right here but, I wouldn’t unless she said it was okay. I rubbed her from behind, bending her over, watching how her body continued to react to me pleasuring it. Her moans filled the silent room– and it was surprising no one had come to check what the noise was.

She moved her hand down to play with her clit, causing her hips to buck. I really wanted to taste her so, with that I removed my fingers. She groaned as my fingers left her, but then quickly gasped at the feel of my tongue on her. She automatically arched her back for me, allowing my tongue to go deeper inside.

“Y-Yu…” She moaned my name and I had completely lost it. I started to nibble on her clit as her legs started to go weak. She still rubbed herself but, before she could get her release, I pulled away and she groaned at the loss of me.

“Play with it,” I growled as she climbed on top of the table. Spreading her legs wide, she continued to play with herself. I sat back in the chair, rubbing myself to the view of her. She was beautiful and to see her vulnerable and giving me a show– it turned me on more than I’d liked to admit.

“Moan my name.” I groan and she did just that. Rubbing herself harder as she laid back a little, she began fingering herself harder. I started to buck my hips as if I was fucking her. Watching as she came closer and closer to her release, I felt myself getting close as well, but before we could both finish, there was a knock on the door startling both of us.

“It hasn’t been 30 minutes yet… the fuck,” I mumbled to her and she shrugged, both of us fixing ourselves as if nothing happened.

She opened the door but, right before she was about to speak. She froze and I looked to see who it was, smirking at him. He realized who she was with and got instantly pissed.

Opening the door wider, I stood beside her as she cleared her throat. “We were studying… What do you want?” I said as she nudged me in my side and he gave me a side glance.

“I came for my girlfriend… if you don’t mind.” Rei said as she gathered her things and walked out with him. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and turned back to smirk at me.

I rolled my eyes in their direction and started gathering my things when I got a text from her.

‘I’ll meet you at your house later… you’re finishing what you started (;’

I smirked and continued to walk out of the library. If only he knew what she was really doing behind his back. He wouldn’t be so cocky then.