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A year ago today (20/10/16) we watched one of the most amazing scenes in SSW. This will always be one of my favourites, leaving us on a cliff edge until the next ep, leaving Robert worrying if Aaron would survive. The emotions, going back for the ring, the most beautiful proposal. Just wow, an amazing week in Emmerdale history.

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when the new campaign starts are you gonna change your name to the new team mom?

I’m……. honestly, probably gonna stay teammompike. or maybe swap over to one of the keyleth urls I’ve got. but I hate change and love pike so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ we’ll see

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OZPIN - somehow infused into your subconscious as a disembodied voice, he encourages you to take better care of yourself, gives you someone to talk to late at night when you can’t sleep, and promising him to get his body back 

QROW BRANWEN - helping him realize that he isn’t a burden and discarding alcoholism 

BARTHOLOMEW OOBLECK - taking notice of how envious you are of the attention he gives Zwei and can’t help but laugh and confesses, “oh, darling, cease your worrying. there’s no need to fuss, as you are the one who brings the most joy to my life.“ 

JAMES IRONWOOD - aiding the general in appreciating life as a whole and actually getting him to take leisure for once, without carrying the premises of Atlas on his shoulders

TYRIAN CALLOWS - calling him your baby boy, holding his face in the palms of your hands and telling him he is so much more than what Salem deems him as

SALEM - stroking you leniently in the cresylic hours, showing you there is nothing to fear 

WHITLEY SCHNEE - showing him the error of his father’s ways and inviting the boy to begin anew

WILLOW SCHNEE - meeting at a dinner party at the Schnee Mansion, conspiring to rip her away from Jacques so she can be herself, helping her stop drinking and find a reason to live happily again 

ROMAN TORCHWICK - teasing him about his mascara but still being willing to help him apply it and make sure he looks glamorous

NEPTUNE VASILIAS - calling you "my kind of woman”, heart swelling as he learns more about you and becomes emotionally invested 

COCO ADEL - leaving lipstick stains all over your body

KALI BELLADONNA - always making you the finest herbal tea and making not so appropriate jokes to rile you up 

GHIRA BELLADONNA - snuggling with him is like hugging a furnace - his body is layered in fluffy coats, and is such a comfortable experience; especially when you manage to make him lightly rumble with a gentle purr

SUN WUKONG - trying to make you appreciate yourself more by always leaving little messages and pick me ups throughout the day for you to see 

WINTER SCHNEE - making her breakfast in bed on her day off has her flattered, “I am humbled by your charity. Thank you.” and spends it however you wish 

GLYNDA GOODWITCH - comforting her after realizing she has lost so many students to the fall of Beacon

OSCAR PINES - pressing frozen packages of strawberries to heal your bruising knees, getting grass stains with him, growing dirtied after falling into mud together and just laughing it off

RAVEN BRANWEN - giving her a reason to break into a smile, without malice and discreet love making sessions to avoid starting a commotion from fellow tribe members

CINDER FALL - rebuking tyrian and arthur’s snide remarks and reassuring she is lovely in spite of what damage afflicts her 

EMERALD SUSTRAI - sometimes she sees you and wonders “Where the hell would I be without you?" 

TAIYANG XIAO LONG - taking care of young Yang and Ruby and playing games where he’s the dragon, you’re the princess and those little ones are the huntresses in shining armor coming to rescue you 

BLAKE BELLADONNA - staying up late at night discussing what you’ve always been desperate for in life, eyes gridlocked on the starry hemisphere and slowing inching closer as she purrs under your benevolent touch to her ears

WEISS SCHNEE - lying naked, bodies exposed as you smooch her back, trace along her scar and enlighten of the resplendence she holds despite how adamant she may be 

YANG XIAO LONG - holding her hands, grazing the bottoms soothingly, and staring her straight in the eyes to stop her anger from overflowing

RUBY ROSE - playing in the forests as ladybugs land atop your noses and daydreaming


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2) the josh fic should be up sometime today. i’ve got most of it written out and tbh i hate it but eh. it’s been on hold for too long and i feel super super bad about not finishing it so i’m working on it right now and it should be up in a few hours. 

i love how everyone collectively ignores lights out (2016). like it’s a pretty good horror movie but there’s barely any edits for it and there’s even more attention to other horror films that have gotten worse reviews, but everyone just, completely ignores it. it scared everyone so much we just silently decided to pretend it never happened

I’m Disappointed

I am very disappointed in Chris Savino. I’m sure most of you already heard the news, and if you haven’t, I’m not going to go into full detail because this a Loud House blog and that’s a kid’s show; therefore, I want this to be a kid friendly blog. And what happened wasn’t kid friendly in the slightest, so if you don’t know what happened and would like to, then you should Google it or even scroll through the recent section of the Loud House tag.

When I found this show, I looked up to Chris Savino for creating a show that was so diverse. Little did I know that this man doesn’t know how to properly respect women. Honestly his wife should divorce him because that counts as cheating in a sense I believe. My stomach feels upset just thinking about it.

I just wondered how could the man who created the show that made me realize that it’s ok for me to like boys and girls like I do and that I shouldn’t have to hide it and gave me the confidence to come out of my parents could be so sick and disgusting. I told my mom about it and she said that just because he’s the creator, that doesn’t mean every single idea in it was his. And I think I just saw something about how it was someone else who pitched the idea that they should have LGBT characters to show their support. So I was looking up to the wrong person.

I am so upset because the Loud House is an excellent show, the best modern Nick toon I have seen in a long time. The show basically saved Nick. But now this is going to cause for it to fall again. People will boycott the show because of the news they heard. However, I will continue to watch the show until it loses its quality or until I lose my interest. And I hope that you will not let one idiot ruin the entire show for you and will do the same.

Watching the Loud House will never be the same again for me, I will still enjoy it, but I will always be reminded of the women who suffered from Chris Savino’s actions. And he was not fired, he was suspended. Meaning, he is banned from Nickelodeon Animation Studios until there is a decision on whether he should be fired or not. If he is fired, I am scared that the Loud House’s quality will decline and ultimately get cancelled much earlier than it would have if Chris would have been able to stay. I am afraid that the movie that I was looking forward to will be cancelled. Honestly, I am so angry at him. With him being as sick as he is and then creating a show that started to restore Nickelodeon’s quality and to suddenly be suspended like that is like someone falling and not being able to get up; someone reaches their hand out to pull them up but the arm that it is attached to is severely bruised and aching, so therefore they have to let go and the other person falls again. And sure, Nick still has SpongeBob, but they can’t rely on one show alone to bring in success. Maybe if they hadn’t thrown out the Fairly OddParents like the way they did, theyd still have a chance.

However, if the news is true, it would be selfish for me to wish that my show won’t be ruined over the safety of those women. If it is true, I hope Cris Savino is fired and I hope that any other animation studio will never hire him again. The safety of those women mean more to me than the Loud House does or Nickelodeon.

All we can do is hope for the best for the Loud House and the rest of the team and hope that those women or any other women or anybody is never wronged like that again.

Have a nice day everyone