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The Elf and the Dwarf

Overall Summary: Erebor was reclaimed and the line of Durin had not ended. You were an elf and now that your quest was over, you didn’t know what to do especially since you gained feelings for a certain King Under the Mountain.

Chapter Summary: Gandalf calls for a meeting.

Chapter Categories: Angst, Humor

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AN: I don’t know how to write anything but dialogue. Sorry.

You curse as you get yourself lost again. Even though it’s been a month, the vast halls of Erebor are still as confusing as the first day.

“That’s not a very nice word, lass,” you hear a voice say. You already know it’s Bofur.

“Thank valar you’re here. I seem to have lost my way,” you tell him. “That is quite obvious. Follow me princess,” he says, bowing. You punch him in his arm. “Where are we?” you ask as you look around. 

He tells you about Erebor as he gives you a tour and you make sure to remember everything.

“And my tour ends here,” he says stopping in front of the council room. You nod and thank him.

You walk inside and Thorin is sitting at the head of the table with Balin, Dwalin and Fili to his right and Lord Elrond and Lindir on his left. There is a space between Lindir and Elrond which you figure is for you.

“If I had known that there was a meeting I would’ve cut my tour short,” you apologize, taking a seat next to your father.

“Nonsense. If you are to live here it would be better for you to get to know the city instead of getting lost and asking for directions,” Thorin says and you can’t help but take it as an insult. 

Your heart clenches but you ignore it. “How kind,” you say a little sarcastically, “has my father informed you of our meeting with Bard?“ 

“Not yet. I was just about to,” Lord Elrond states. You nod.

“Bard has requested help to rebuild the city. I have informed him that more of your kin will be here soon and that you’d probably help,” you say.

“We are all very busy. We have no people to spare. Maybe later when everyone is settled, but the choice will be up to them not me,” Thorin explains.

“Is that why you came from Dale?” Fili asks.

“Yes. Last night, I was approached by Legolas while on watch. He relayed the message that his father wanted to see me, but in reality it was Bard it was him that wanted to me,” you explain.

“Then why send the elf?” Thorin asks.

“Because he knew it would bother you,” you reply.

“Petty is he,” Thorin mutters, but you hear him and smile.

“Is that all that they have discussed?” Balin asks.

“I am uncertain. I may or may not have lost control of my anger and basically called him heartless,” you reply.

Dwalin smirks muttering, “that’s my girl.” Thorin can’t help but let a little smile cross his face.

“And what prompted this exactly?” Balin asks, not exactly pleased with his brother and king at the moment.

“King Thranduil told me that Thorin would be selfish and not give help. I told him that he was wrong based on the fact that I had returned the jewels he went to war for. He asked me why I defended you and what I had to gain which led to me saying that I had learned how to love and be loved and that that is what he needs to learn as well,” you say, not exactly meeting their eyes.

You felt ashamed at your outburst now that you think of it. It is not becoming of a princess of Rivendell to speak so freely. While willowing in self-pity, you fail to notice the smile that has not only graced the dwarves’ faces, but your father’s and Lindir’s.

You all turn toward the door as it swings open and lets in Gandalf.

“I must apologize for being late. I had other business to take care of,” he states, taking a seat next to Lindir.

“Why have you gathered us, Gandalf?” Thorin asks.

“We are not all here,” is his reply.

“Well who are we waiting for?” Thorin asks and the door opens to reveal Bard and Thranduil. You turn away quickly, looking at the table.

“It seems that you clean up nicely,” Thranduil comments as he takes the seat next to Bard who is sitting next to Fili.

You glare at him.

“I see that I have yet to knock you off of your high horse, your majesty,” You reply sarcastically.

“You wouldn’t be able to reach it if you tried,” he responds.

“You’ve sunk low enough for me to do so,” you retort.

“Are you quite done?” Gandalf asks.

You sit straighter.

“Wonderful. Over these past few months of our journey, I and Rhadaghast the Brow have noticed that there is something dark looming over these lands. Which is why Greenwood is now reffered to as Mirkwood. I do not know what lingers, but I do know that this darkness does exist,” Gandalf exclaims.

Thranduil and Elrond looks at the wizard

“You are not suggesting that he has returned,” Thranduil states.

“That I am. Not completely, but he still lingers. I have seen him at Dol Goldur,” Gandalf replies.

“Its been 2000 years, how has he not been destroyed?” you ask.

“The One Ring that Islidur had failed to destroy all those years ago. It contains a piece of Sauron’s soul and while the ring is still in existence, so is Sauron,” Lord Elrond explains to those gathered around.

“And where is the ring?” Thorin asks.

“It was lost many, many years ago,” Gandalf adds.

“Are you suggesting that we search for this ring that we do not know the location of?” Thorin asks.

“No. It is a fools quest. I have come to warn you about the darkness. There will be many trying to overtake Erebor and Dale, but you must prevail. I also came to tell you that these childish antics will bring nothing, but destruction,” Gandalf replies.

“I do not know what you are talking about,” Thorin denies.

Your gaze moves over to Thranduil and he doesn’t look too happy at being called childish.

Gandalf lets out a loud sigh and you smile a bit. Gandalf is so done with both Kings.

“If these great kingdoms are to prosper like they did before Smaug attacked, then you will all have to get along. Bard seems to be the only level headed King out of all of you,” You explain making Thranduil and Thorin’s head snap to you.

It’s true. Bard is like the mediator of sorts between the two races. He shouldn’t be because he needs to focus on his people, but Thorin and Thranduil will not speak unless you or Bard are in the same room.

“Are you calling me crazy?” Thorin asks, appalled.

“I’m calling you petty. You cannot get over something that happened over 171 years ago. It is time to forgive, Thorin. That is the only way to be at peace,” you state.

“Of course you would defend your kin,” he mutters.

You stand angrily. 

“Do not give me that, Thorin son of Thrain. I have always chosen this company over my kin,” you state.

“Really? Because the way I see it, your loyalty still lies with the elves and that is not good for my people.”

“I had a chance to return home, yet I did not because I wanted to help you. I had a chance of giving away your quest to the elves of Mirkwood, but I did not do so because you are more important to me then one of the Kings of my kin. I would choose you over my kin, but you would never do the same for me. I should have never came on this quest. Dwalin, Fili, I am terribly sorry, but I am no longer able to stay. Father, I will be going back to Dale. I’m assuming that you are staying there as well. Bard, if that is alright with you, I would like to stay there as well,” you say looking at the man.

Bard nods saying, “There are guards standing at the front gate. The one on the right, his name is Ingmar. He is a young lad with blonde hair and blue eyes and he will be expecting you.”

You are taken aback. He’s been expecting a falling out between you and Thorin. It’s then that you know that you and Thorin were never meant to be.

You nod and turn back to Thorin.

“King Thorin, thank you for your hospitality and the adventure filled 7 months that I have experienced. Long may you reign,” you say, bowing.

“ Galaeron, Haemir. Please follow me. I have a few things to pack up,” you tell two of your fathers guards.

You know that borrowing two will not be bad given the fact that there are four guards for your father, two for Thranduil and two for Bard. You can say that he is going to be just fine.

The two elves follow you to your room.

You put all of your clothes into the trunk located under the bed. Whatever belongings you have scattered across the room, you stick in there too. You stop as you see all of the drawings that ori has given you. You smile as you see one with Fili Kili and you sleeping one on another. You’re sleeping on Fili’s stomach and Kili is sleeping on yours. You put it away to keep your tears at bay and close the trunk, telling the guards to take it to your fathers quarters in Dale.

You sit on the bed, contemplating on whether or not to say goodbye to the dwarves. On one hand you should because they’re like your family but on the other hand you’re only 30 minutes away.

You leave swiftly, walking through the halls that no one would expect you to be in. You make your way to the entrance of Erebor, not getting caught by any dwarf, at least until you walk out of the gate. You ignore your name being called and continue your trek to Dale.

You stop at the front gate and look at the guard on the right.

“Are you Ingmar?” You ask. “That I am. You must be lady y/n,” he states. You nod.

“Let me take you to your room. Caelen, take my place!” he calls out and another guard replaces him.

“How long have you been expecting me?” you ask as you both make your way to the town hall.

“Only since this morning,” he responds. You look at him, confused. He notices your confusion and begins to explain.

“King Bard came to me after Lord Elrond went to Erebor. He said that your emotions were high and to make a room for you in case you came and here you are,” he states.

“Is that all the explanation he gave you?” you asks.

“Yes. Were you expecting something else?” he asks.

“No. Of course not,” you respond. He nods and takes you through the halls of the King.

“You will be staying with the king and his family, as his request. You are welcome to stay for however long you want,” he tells you and you nod as you stop in front of a room.

It’s just as nice as Erebor’s if not nicer. Instead of seeing into the mountain, you can see over the entire city and the mountain too

“Thank you,” you say. He smiles and takes your hand, kissing it. “Its been a pleasure escorting a beautiful lady such as yourself,” he replies and you can’t help, but notice that he has a lovely smile.

“You’re quite a-” but you’re interrupted when you’re almost tackled by three figures.

Ingmar laughs as his King’s children wraps their arms around your waist. 

“Lady y/n! Are you here to stay?” Tilda asks. “Of course, Tilly! In fact, I’m staying right in this room. You know, my hair needs to be rebraided again,” you say smirking. She giggles and pulls you into the room with Bain and Sigrid following behind.

“I will take my leave,” Ingmar tells you. You nod and sit on the bed. Tilda kneels behind you. “One big braid?” She asks. “One big braid,” you respond.

“Are the halls of Erebor as great as everyone says?” Bain asks. 

“Absolutely amazing. Twice the size of dale and it’s all in a Mountain. You cannot believe the beauty of it all.”

"Then why are you here? You seem like you’d miss it an awful lot,” Sigrid asks.

“Because I don’t belong there. Besides I wanted to see my wonderful Bardlings again,” you say. The two girls giggle. 

“Will you teach me how to use that?” Bain asks, pointing at your bow. “Only if your father allows. I cannot teach you to wield weapons without your father’s permission,” you tell him. He nods.

You look at the room around you. Your things are sitting in a corner. The bed is nice and soft and big enough to fit three full grown people. There is also a door that leads to a separate room and you guess that it leads to the bathroom. There is a dresser in front of the foot of the bed with a vanity hanging above it. There is a a desk on one side of the bed and a little table on the other. It’s a very spacious room and you love it.

“Done,” Tilda cries out. “Thanks Tilly,” you say, giving her a hug.

When Kili had been shot with the arrow, you had stayed in Lake Town with the brothers, Oin and Bofur. You told Thorin that you would be more useful staying with then going onto Erebor with them and you were right. Kili had gotten sicker and you it was thanks to you that he was still alive to make it to Erebor. During that time, you had grown very close to his children and you’ve come to love them like your own. , Bard’s house was attacked by orcs. Thankfully, Legolas and Tauriel had both come to help.

Thorin did not looked pleased to have five of his company staying behind, but in your heart you knew that was only because of the dragon sickness. If it was Thorin, he would never leave his nephews behind especially Kili.

You look out the window and you can see an orc pack of at least 80 making it’s way toward the mountain.

“No,” you mutter.

“Children, go back to your rooms, alright? I’ll see you beauties later,” you say, kissing them on their forehead and quickly making it out of the room. 

You run out the way you came and you see Legolas stepping out of a room and you grab his hand, pulling him along. Some of the guards follow us and you let go.

“What’s wrong?” He asks, hurriedly.

“An orc pack of 80 is headed into the mountain. There’s no way they can survive,” you say, pausing to jump on one of the elve’s horses. Legolas follows and we ride off to Erebor. By the time we get there, the dwarves and remaining elves noticed their presence.

You swing your sword, cutting off one head and the battle begins. The pack gets taken down within 20 minutes

As soon as it is over, you jump off my horse and check on your father. 

“Ada, are you alright?” you ask him, cupping his cheek.

“I am fine, dear. I have fought in more wars than you. This is nothing,” he tells you. I nod. You look over at the Company and they can’t seem to look you in the eye. You rake your my eyes over them to check if none of them got injured. You turn back to the horse as you see no injuries.

“I’ll just leave you to it father,” you say, getting on the horse. He nods and you turn your horse, tearing up.

After all that you’ve been through, not a single thanks from any of them. They couldn’t even look you in the eyes. Some friends. 

“Are you alright?” Legolas asks you, drawing the attention of the dwarves. 

“I’m fine,” your wiping your tears away. You tap on your horse and it goes walking back to Dale. Your shoulders slump.

Legolas puts an arm on your shoulder and asks you if you’re alright again. You look at him and shake my head, tears slipping down your face. You fail to notice the fact that the company is still watching you both. 

Legolas nods and you continue your trek back to dale.

“According to Galaeron and Haemir, you have decided to move to Dale. Ido not understand why you’re staying at Dale. You seemed very adamant when telling my father he was heartless,” he tells me. 

You smile.

“Given the fact that you and your father are only here for a while, I will not run into him as often as I would Bard. After returning to Erebor, Thorin and I got into a little spat. Gandald called both your father and Thorin out on their childishness and I added something about forgiving the past deeds. Harsh words had been exchanged and I felt my leave was necessary. I will not do so well there for I’m afraid that I will die of a broken heart,” you tell him.

“I do not understand. Did you choose a mortal life?” he asks you.

“I’ve been trying to ask my father, but he has been ignoring me every time the topic comes up,” you explain.

“It is understandable. It’s a very hard topic to talk about especially if your father loves you a lot and only wants what’s best. Tauriel very is adamant on moving to Dale to be closer to that dwarf of hers,” Legolas growls out.

You let out a laugh.

“You will find someone eventually, Leggy,” you tell him.

He groans.

“I hate that name,” he says.

You laugh again but your smile drops as you smell a foul, moving scent in the air. You turn around to find a single orc creeping up behind Thorin

You notch your arrow and send it flying straight into the orcs head. The company turns around in shock. How the elves or Gandalf didn’t pick it up, you do not know. You notice Thorin nod and you nod back. You turn back around.


The Company watches once again as y/n takes her leave. 

“Uncle! Surely you cannot let her leave yet again!” Fili exclaims.

“She has made her choice,” Thorin grumbles. He turns toward Lord Elrond. 

“What I want to know is how your daughter felt an orc behind us and yet you did not?” Thorin asks him highly suspicious.

“I did not act to show you exactly how much my daughter cares for you. It’s obvious when you first entered Rivendell that she cares a lot for you. For all of you. Did you not question why you were given meat ()a/n: lets pretend this happened) when elves only eat vegetables? Did you not question how you were released from Mirkwood? Did you not question how you three miraculously survived mortal injuries? It is because of my daughters love for you. She cares too much for those that do not care for her in return,” Elrond States. 

“And who said we didn’t care lad?” Dwalin asks angrily obviously offended by the comment

“The fact that you all avoided her gaze after she got off her horse told me all that I needed to know,” Lord elrond responds, looking down at the dwarf.

“She chose to leave us,” Kili whispers but Lord Elrond hears it anyway.

“This is the only time she has ever done so. She did not leave you will you were poisoned by that arrow. In fact, she saved you. You take her for granted. Now I will gather my things and make for Dale. You, Thorin Oakenshield, need to think about what she means to. I do not want my daughter to die of a heartbreak over a selfish dwarf,” Lord Elrond says. With that, he, Thranduil, and their guards get their things and head back to Dale.

Thorin grunts.

“Finish the preparations for tonight. I will be in my chambers,” Thorin announces, stomping away and leaving behind a very confused company.

TITLE: Unrequited Love Is A Bitch Pt. 1

To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves.


IMAGINE: Being in love with Steve and not getting anything back. 

[gif is not mine] this is quite sad, but on the brighter news my goodness how good was cacw? (message me with your opinion). also tell me what you think of this and request! 

Steve looked at the woman in front of him, the woman who has stood by his side ever since they first met. The woman who knew him better than himself. His heart broke as tears cascaded down her face. My god, was she beautiful. Truth be told she was never shock factor beautiful but a certain natural beauty in her that may not make people look twice but once you got to see her you never once want to stop looking at her.

“Steve,” she began, “I don’t know when it started but I love you, like I love you in the sort of way where I want to go outside when it’s pouring rain and dance with you, not caring if I get sick. I love you in the way that I’ll let you watch whatever show you want to, or what ever take out you want. I’m asking you to love me like how I love you. I’m asking you to pick me, choose me, love me.” She stared helplessly at him, “Please.” She added brokenly.

He stood there watching as she poured out her heart to him. He clenched his fists at his side and stared at her, “(Y/N)…I-…Sharon-,” He pathetically tried to put his sentences together, but how can you when you’re about to reject the love of the most amazing and most important person in your life?

(Y/N) closed her eyes and sighed, she nodded once. “I understand.” She clenched her jaw.

It was those two words that broke him. Of course she would understand, she always understood him, even when he was being the most stubborn person on the planet –she still manages to understand him. He reached out and tried to wipe away the tears but she jerked back as if he burnt her, his heart clenched at the action. She never moved away from him, never.

“I have to go,” she mumbled, she turned but Steve caught her arm, “Steve, let me go, please. I need time.”

He hesitantly let go, “Forgive me.”

She smiled at him, her smile was broken and not bright as it usually is, but my god did she still look breathtaking. “There’s nothing to forgive Steve. You can’t help if you don’t love somebody.” She gave him one final smile and walked away.

As (Y/N) overlooked the city she never realized just how much she loved it. “You don’t have to run away you know.”

(Y/N) looked over her shoulder and saw Sam standing by the door, his eyes fleeting between her and the back packed on her bed.

“I’m not running away Sam,” she paused, “this opportunity was given to me before. I was considering it but there was always one thing holding me back.”

“Steve.” She nodded. “He loves you,” he began moving towards her.

“In a best friend way Sam! Not the way that I love him, not the way I need him to love me,” she took a deep breath. “I can’t be in the same room as him and knowing that he knows just how much I love him and how much he doesn’t love me back, and that he loves her!” She turned to face him, “Don’t you get that? I’m going to waste away because that’s all I’m going to think about! I won’t be able to do anything, I will be nothing!”

“But with this? Moving away? It will give me time to process, give me time to get over my feelings for him and yes, I will never 100% get over him, but I can sure hell get to 99.9%.” She bit her lip, “I won’t be that type of girl who wastes her life and career just because a man rejected her, or sit around and wait for him to love me back or have a fucking knight in shining armor to rescue me. That’s not me.”

“Okay,” Sam pulled her into a hug, a tight one at that, “I’ll miss you kiddo. When you go don’t be a stranger and don’t make new best friends okay? Because that spot is reserved for me and me only.”

“Yes, you and your bird costume,” she chuckled into his chest and she could feel him laughing as well.

“Come on, I’ll drive you to the airport.” He walked over to her bed and picked up the bag. He looked at the room once more and noticed a picture sitting by her bedside table. “Aren’t you taking this with you?” Sam picked it up and handed it to her.

(Y/N) looked down at the picture frame which held a picture of her and Steve. She remembered the day that it was taken.

It was a nice summer day and the group decided that it was a good day to have a trip down to the lake. (Y/N) remembered how she didn’t want to swim during the morning and instead opted to sit under the massive willow tree. After five minutes of sitting by herself Steve came over and joined her. They spent their time talking and looking as Clint and Tony began pushing each other into the water, the next thing they knew Thor took a photo of them. It was her absolute favourite.

(Y/N) shook her head, trying to disperse the memory. She placed the photo frame on the table. “No. If I want to get over him, I can’t have this around me.” Sam nodded understanding.

They walked out of the room, Sam ahead of (Y/N). As they reached the door she looked back once more at her bedroom. Her home. She flipped the light switch off. It was time to move onto a new life.

I hope you guys know that at some parts of writing this I almost teared up a bit. And, I changed a few little things (hey, if I can have some who should be dead alive then I can have someone who’s dead being burried there too.)

Fuck you anon. Fuck. You.

It wasn’t fair, Lily mused as she stood in front of the two freshly covered graves. It wasn’t fair that the baby- Remus’ baby who was no older than a few months old- would have to live without knowing how brave his father had been, how vivacious was his mother, how proud the two of them would have been of him. It just wasn’t fair.

She had managed to get through the funeral well enough. It was a small affair. She, Harry, Andromeda and the remainder of the Weasleys had gathered to bury their loved ones. Lily had stood off to the side awkwardly and watched the Andromeda and Molly do something no mother would ever want to have to do- bury their child. Lily was ashamed of herself for having her eyes seek out Harry’s lanky figure, so much like his father’s that it made her chest hurt. She was ashamed that not ten paces from her were two inconsolable mothers burying their children and here she was secretly rejoicing that her son, her Harry, was standing, heart still beating, chest still rising and falling as blood still coursed through his veins. She felt vile.

Everyone had gone back to the burrow after the quiet affair. Everyone except her. She stayed back at the cemetery for quite a while after they left.

Remus’ headstone was white, much like that of the others beside him, and was inscribed upon in Latin. Underneath the almost foreign script to her read a line in English, ‘Liberty for a wolf, is death for the lambs.’ Despite it all, Lily felt a chuckle grow from inside her and burst forth through her lips in a small choking sound. She tried to imagine what Remus would say if he could see it- no doubt he too would laugh and contrive some witty retort. Quickly, she banished the thought from her mind as her eyes clouded with water.

“Oh Remus,” she murmured, “You silly little boy. God, I’m going to miss you and Tonks. Who else is going to make stupid jokes about me going stag somewhere if not you and Sirius?”

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MTVS Epic Rewatch #110

BTVS 4x20 The Yoko Factor

Stray thoughts

1) You know? Sometimes it’s good old fun to watch the characters you love crumble a little bit and air their dirty laundry, you know? It’s good for the soul, it’s all I’m saying.

2) “Quite frankly, I don’t think he was ever the soldier that you all hoped he was.  Boy thinks too much.” Okay, A) He never did a whole lot of thinking, at least not before Buffy showed up and started questioning literally every single aspect of his life; and B) This is clearly a jab at the military mentality that has caused so many problems in the past (at least in my country), the whole due obedience shtick by which people end up doing despicable things just because they were told to

3) Spike knows best.

4) Spike really likes bragging about killing two slayers, right? I like that Adam questions why he hasn’t been able to kill Buffy, and Spike clearly wonders the same thing. Of course, after the flashback in Fool for Love with Dru and the Chaos Demon we finally understand why - it’s not just that he basically lacks the ability to stick to a plan and follow through, although that’s part of it. Buffy has gotten under his skin, and as much as he claims he wants to see her dead, that’s more wishful thinking than actual want. He wants to want to see her dead/kill her. But he can’t bring himself to actually do it - or even to want to do it - because… well, it’s Buffy. 

ADAM:  Two Slayers.

Spike: That’s right.

ADAM:  And you killed them both?

Spike: Yeah.  I killed the hell out of them.

ADAM:  Yet you fear this one?

Spike: Hey, watch it, mate.  I don’t fear anything.  Just know my enemies.

ADAM:  Do you?  Then why haven’t you killed this Slayer yet?

Spike:  Because… stinking, rotten luck is why.  On top of that, now I got this buggering chip up my head.

5) And this is one of the things I like the best about Spike - even if in this case he’s choosing to use this skill for evil. He actually understands Buffy and the Scoobies, probably better than they understand themselves or each other. It is one of the perks of being an outsider, you know? But there’s more to it. It’s Spike’s nature. He’s a very keen observer of human nature. It might have something to do with the fact that even as a vampire he’s very in touch with his humanity - even if only with the darkest side of it. I think it also has to do with who and how he was before he was turned. He was a poet and he was shy and a bit of an introvert. So he had years of practice on being an outsider and just observing. And it kind of pays off. 

Spike: The Slayer’s got pals. You want her evening the odds in a fight you don’t want the Slayerettes mucking about.

ADAM:  Take them away from her.

Spike:  Now there’s a plan.  (…) Yeah.  Leave `em to me.

ADAM:  You can’t hurt them.  What can you do to make sure they’re out of the picture?

Spike:  Not a blessed thing.  They’re gonna do it for me.

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Reasons Joss Whedon is a Good Feminist

I was disappointed by how quickly Black Widow’s infamous “monster” line in Age of Ultron became ammunition against Joss Whedon. I had a different reaction, I felt as though Joss was using the Hollywood blockbuster, a platform that is classically rather sexist and misogynistic, to make a point about a woman’s right to choose. Black Widow’s pathos didn’t rest within the fact that she was not able to conceive but that she wasn’t given a choice in the matter, that she wasn’t allowed to be both a mother and an operative. Instead, misunderstanding led to outrage which led to condemnation, not only of the movie and the line but of Joss as a feminist.

I personally think Joss is a great feminist, nobody bats a thousand but I think Joss has an exceptionally good record of staying true to his feminist beliefs within his work. It is a darn shame that this has been swept over by the instinctual outrage of people who were gunning for him for any reason they could muster- like that Wanda was going to be a River Tam clone which turned out to be a categorically incorrect and premature assumption. 

So, without further adieu, here’s EverVexingHexes’ reasons why he deserves better than to be picked apart….

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Friends With (Tax) Benefits, 1/?

One of the few things we have stuck to on this blog is that “Thou Shalt Not Post AU/AU’s”.

And then one day, Mod S asked Mod Z “but what if Mabel died while having the kids and Dipper and Henry got friend married?”

And then Mod S started writing things and then OH SHIT THIS IS A THING NOW HELP.

And then Mod S went to Mod Z and went “um….can we post this?”

And then Mod Z went “eh, maybe we’ll start posting au/au’s, as long as they kind of go along with the general rules of this universe?”

TLDR: Here is the thing we’ve been working on forever and we may be posting a few more au/au’s in the future


Multiple universes, a new one branching off for every decision made.

Universes so much in number that not even a top hatted dream demon could keep up with every one of them.

(Dipper tried once when he was 22 and a bit bored and the resulting week long headache that had resulted was decidedly Not Worth It)

Here is one universe, where a certain deal between Henry and Stan and Dipper was never made (why? perhaps Dipper missed a detail, perhaps none of them stopped to think about what being pregnant with triplets would mean, perhaps there was no warning signs….there is no knowing now)l.

End result being, here is Dipper Pines, 27 years old, and watching his sister give birth to her triplets.

There was blood in the OR.

Far, far too much blood.

And Dipper had to choose, make the impossible decision.

Did he save his sister, or her newborn daughter?

(“Dipper Pines, if you love me, don’t worry about me. Save my girl. Please.”

He could never say no to Mabel. Even if it meant losing her.

There was a lot more that was shared between the two of them in the Mindscape before he returned them both to the hospital, felt Mabel leave even as he focused on saving Willow, but what the last conversation between the twins was shall remain strictly between the two of them.)


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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Hogwarts House Sortings
  • Buffy - Gryffindor
    • Brave, courageous
    • Leader
    • Hero
    • Fights to defend those who can’t defend themselves, always giving power to others
    • Doesn’t back down from a battle, enjoys the fight
    • Stands up to authority when she believes they’re wrong
    • Believes in accountability for her actions
  • Willow - Slytherin
    • Desire for power
    • Yes, this turned her bad, but then she learned to control her power and harness it for good
    • Easily presents as Ravenclaw but Slytherin when tested
    • Needs a balancer in her life (Hufflepuff usually)
    • Crosses lines to achieve her goals (memory spells, Warren)
  • Xander - Hufflepuff
    • He talks plenty about being scared. He’s not in this fight because he’s super brave or noble, he’s in this fight because his friends are
    • Hard-working and loyal
    • Open-minded - Prejudiced against demons but shown to be working past it and trying to be more tolerant
    • 6x22 - “Where else am I gonna be?” - saved the world with words and love, loyal to Willow even when she was trying to destroy the world
  • Giles - Ravenclaw
    • Excited about learning - honestly look at Giles in season 1 or 2, he’s like a puppy
    • Wise - able to look beyond the moment and see the bigger picture - despite caring deeply about people, able to compartmentalize his emotions for the sake of saving the world
    • Individuality, Creativity - does not blindly conform to the Watchers Council - throws out the rulebook and takes his own approach to better train Buffy, willing to question the wisdom of authority when it is illogical
    • Fascinated by learning new things, reads for leisure, gets lost in his studies
    • Aware that he has a dark side and consciously distances himself from it, choosing studies and knowledge over power
  • Oz - Hufflepuff
    • Loyal
    • Creative, unconventional - as shown by music, and his deep thoughts, random statements
    • Intelligent, but he isn’t driven by it and doesn’t pride himself on it
    • Patient, kind, loving, accepting, open-minded
    • He doesn’t place value on being intelligent, he cares deeply about being good
    • Buffy: “I kind of see Oz as the loyal type.” (Phases)
  • Faith - Gryffindor
    • Only sought power so she could have control over her life, she had a rough childhood and was seeking power to escape it
    • Not interested in power over other people - never sought being in charge, never sought being a leader
    • Worried about being a good leader when the role was given to her, concerned about all the lives she was responsible for, considered herself a failed leader for losing some of them, valued their lives over the mission
    • Willing to throw herself into battle
    • Desire to do right
    • Redemption
    • Gets enjoyment from fighting
  • Dawn - Ravenclaw
    • Really into research, correcting people like a nerd
    • Brave, courageous, always desperate to join the fight and prove herself
    • “Watcher Junior”, volunteers eagerly for research, learns languages to translate texts
    • Definitely has Gryff tendencies in her desire to be involved in the fight and jump into the battle, but prefers to research before battle and know what she’s up against, likes a plan of attack, wise and rational during battle (willing to sacrifice herself because that’s the logical conclusion based on the facts)
  • Tara - Hufflepuff
    • Look, Tara is the most Hufflepuff to ever Puff, do I need reasons
    • Kind, loving, patient, loyal
    • Avoids confrontation, unwilling to stand up for herself in most situations, but will always step up to defend her friends
    • Faces Glory, loses her mind (a fate she feared more than death), to protect Dawn
    • Loves Willow endlessly, breaks up with her but remains patient and loving and supportive
    • Loyal to the Scoobies even when separate from Willow
    • Lack of judgement when Buffy confesses about Spike
    • Strong desire for family and belonging
  • Kennedy - Slytherin
    • Manipulative
    • Power-hungry
    • Spoiled, used to getting her way, will deceive people to get her way
    • Eager for a fight and to jump into the battle
    • Confident in her abilities, cocky
    • Still sweet and caring but easily dismissive of danger until she’s been directly affected by it
    • Strong belief in specific people
  • Anya - Slytherin
    • Spent over a thousand years enacting vengeance???
    • Was very good at it, better than most others, more committed
    • Cared more about vengeance than exploring the world
    • Maintains certain disconnect from humanity after centuries as a demon
    • Holds grudges when wronged
    • Willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals (sacrifice herself, regain demonhood, use other people as human shields)
    • Avoids battles out of preservation instinct
    • Strong drive for personal satisfaction, such as sex and money
  • Riley - Hufflepuff
    • Good soldier
    • Doesn’t question orders, just accepts commands
    • Dedicated to the cause
    • Doesn’t seek danger or fights, interested in stability and commitment to people
  • Jenny - Hufflepuff
    • Loyalty - she was loyal to her clan, her people, to the point of spying on and deceiving people she loved - then she switched loyalties to the Scoobies, having grown to love them and seen them risk their lives for her, even though this meant severing her loyalties to her people, an incredibly difficult decision
    • Cares more about people than about ‘duty’ or ‘vengeance’ - chooses to reveal her true identity to Buffy, to assist in understanding what happened to Angel
    • Forgiveness - forgives Giles after Eyghon, forgives Angel what he did to her people, believes he’s good because he’s saved her life
    • Dedication, patience, hard work - tells Buffy it’s impossible to restore Angel’s soul, but tries to do so anyway - does the impossible and translates ancient texts, a feat she and everyone else thought couldn’t be done
    • Refused to tell the others about her plan in case it failed - she wasn’t doing it for glory, she was doing it to make things right with Buffy and Giles, because she cared about them and they deserved it
  • Ethan Rayne - Slytherin
    • Worships chaos
  • Warren - Slytherin
    • Would-be-rapist, murderer, lacks any remorse
    • Pure evil
    • Willing to go to any ends to satisfy his personal desires, no matter the effects to others

List of characters I wanted to sort but couldn’t figure out: Amy Madison, Joyce, Andrew, Jonathan, Kendra.
Characters who were on Buffy and Angel who I hope to sort after Angel: Angel, Cordelia, Harmony, Wesley, Spike.

Also, special thanks to @frankybelacqua for talking over most of these with me and helping me figure out the difficult ones (particularly Faith, Dawn, and Giles, and listening to me go back and forth on Oz).

Some of these I’m open to debate on, others I strongly believe (*cough*Willow*cough*). Let me know what you think on the ones I couldn’t sort, a couple of those are really bugging me.

From the Beginning

This is a head canon I have had for about two years now.  I finally just had to get it out there, I hope you guys like it. Thanks to @xhookswenchx for beta and story counseling! I did go back and obsess a little more after final beta read through, so all mistakes are mine. This story will be about 5 or 6 chapters, my intent is to update each Sunday. This first installment is the prologue and chapter. Feel free to leave any constructive critiques, or comments!!! Also on ao3 and ffnet


Twin cries could be heard in the castle that day, though they were not twins at all.  One wail came from the Queen’s chambers, while the other floated from a lower chamber altogether, amongst the servant’s quarters. Yes, the queen and her own nursemaid, (and best friend)  had birthed their children on the same day.   The friends were cut from two different cloths, their children born of such different circumstance. 

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MTVS Epic Rewatch #134

BTVS 5x14 Crush

1) Disclaimer: Spike is one of my favorite characters and I’m Spuffy trash. That being said, I can’t possibly side with Spike on this episode, and at no point I’m having shippy feels. No way. I think, however, what happens in this episode is pretty on character for both Spike and Buffy at this stage in their arcs as individual characters and in their relationship with each other. Spike had yet to sink to lower depths in his journey, of course. But this episode nails exactly why Spike’s feelings (yes, I think he had those) could not be reciprocated. Not yet. 

2) So, how many “grand re-openings” do you think the Bronze had? Has anyone kept track of the times it was trashed?

3) It is refreshing to see the Scoobies dancing and having fun because, if I’m not mistaken, I Was Made to Love You was the last time we would ever see them be so happy and carefree (or as a carefree as they can be.) 

4) And yet, Buffy was not having that much fun… And if I was showing you this screenshot with no context, it would be easy to think I’d taken it from a season 6 episode…

Which is why I personally take offense when people complain about season 6 being too dark and depressing. Because you know what? Buffy was going through a depression. And to this day, I still think Buffy’s depression was one of the best arcs in the show and one of the most realistic depictions of depression in television. You see, Buffy’s depression didn’t start once she was brought back in season 6. It was well under way by season 5. And I think there’s a case to be made about her depression starting in season 2 (after Prophecy Girl.) Of course, this is a rant for another day. All I’m saying, we should be thankful abot this particular arc because the show did A LOT of things wrong, but Buffy’s depression wasn’t one of them. It was nuanced, and it was gradual, and the signs were there all along even if it came to a head during season 6. And yes, it took her a whole season to get to grips with it, and that’s real. Because depression is not a cold that you catch one day and in a week is gone. And I’m glad the writers didn’t decide to write it as one. Seriously. I’ll forever be thankful for how Buffy’s depression was written into the show. Yes, it was dark, and messy, and hard to watch because sometimes Buffy didn’t seem like the Buffy we grew to love, and it was difficult to understand some of the choices she made, but it was very real. Sorry, I know I’m getting ahead of myself and this is something I should discuss while I rewatch season 6. It’s just this shot had “season 6″ written all over it and I had to.

5) And just as if it was season 6, Spike shows up exactly when Buffy is feeling miserable…

Also: notice the wardrobe change. As if he was trying to mold himself into what he thought Buffy wanted. Which is weird, because he knew Buffy didn’t love Riley so why would he turn into Riley? 


ANYA: Xander, I think you may have hurt his feelings.
XANDER: And you should never hurt the feelings of a brutal killer. You know, that’s, uh, that’s actually some pretty good advice.

7) At first I was like: why is Buffy interested in Ben? He’s so meh. And then I was I like: OF COURSE she’s “interested” in Ben - he’s the perfect replacement for Riley. Except for Angel, she had a pattern when it came to “choosing” the kind of guys she was “attracted” to: Owen, Scott, Riley, Ben. Other than Parker and Robin (who actually fit the pattern until his revelation), she always went for the kind of guys she thought could give her whatever version of “normal” she was after. But the thing is, there is no normal. And you can’t make yourself feel things for people even if you think they’re exactly what you need. 

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anonymous asked:

Do you think Williow's a lesbian or a bisexual?

Okay, I had to think a bit about this before giving you a straight answer (no pun intended!) because I feel like I am underqualified to give an informed opinion on this issue since I’m not either a lesbian or a bisexual, and I wouldn’t want to make any assumptions that are well beyond my understanding or field of knowledge or experience. And please, if anyone can pitch in and enlighten me and Anon here, do so!

Before I tell you what I think, I have to quote Willow herself and the way she perceives and thinks of herself:

First and foremost, I believe in the right of every person to define themselves however they want/feel/choose to do it. 

The way I see it? A lot of LGTB people go through a lot of experiences/relationships before they finally come to terms with who they are and venture to label themselves in any way. I have a couple of gay friends and I’ve talked about this with them. All of them were in heterosexual relationships before they came out, and even developed feelings for their partners. But they wouldn’t consider themselves to be bisexual because in the past they were involved with a member of the opposite sex. It’s just the journey they travelled until they fully grasped and understood and came to terms with their own sexuality.

Did Willow love Oz? I truly think she did. Does that make her a bisexual? I don’t think so. Especially not when she defines herself in the way she does.

There are a lot of people who were able to fall in love with a member of the opposite sex before they finally came out. Whenever someone brings up this issue, I always think of Freddie Mercury, who was in a monogamous relationship with a woman for years before coming out and even after he did, he still loved her. But that didn’t make him straight or even bisexual. He just loved this particular woman. Hell, he even wrote one of the greatest love songs about her

Even if Willow loved Oz, and he certainly was one of the loves of her life, that doesn’t make her bisexual in my opinion. After all, after she came out, we never again see her feel attraction towards a man or even develop romantic feelings for a man. She just felt that way about Oz, once in her life and never again.

I don’t know, I might be making a fool out of myself here, and I don’t want to offend anyone, so please enlighten me if I am way out of line.

Translation of “Ienakatta Koto no Ha”

Once again, dialogue in parenthesis and Ike’s narration are by ear. There are actually some parts I just couldn’t make out, so bear with me…

From <The Third Archive>, I have established a connection between <what could be called consciousness> and the third horizon…
[She] had a young child. Though the same could be said for many families across several horizons, she in particular loved her child more than anything, to the point of excess. However, that child would die under certain circumstances. She turned her eyes away from the unbearable <loss> and wandered in the sunlight, cradling the bones of her dead child in her arms…
The <factor> that was predicted to change the outcome of this tragedy - I attempted a [denial] of [her] ad921d60486366258809553a3db49a4a.
Well then. Is the cat within the box alive, or is it dead? Let us take a peek inside the cage…

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