i will miss you:(


Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have ever made it to 7000 followers. I can’t express in words how grateful I am for everyone that is here in my life even if we may not talk much. I know my blog is a huge mess of fandoms and shit posts but I am lucky all the same to share it with you guys. You are the reason I am still on this mess of a site and still making shit content. All I can say is thanks so much for making my days so much more enjoyable and interesting. You guys are the real heroes here. Anyway I am bad at talking about this stuff for too long so let’s move onto the list of some of my favorite bloggers. It’s going to be a long list because almost everyone I follow is special to me in a different way so I hope you can stay with me through this long list. Lastly I am grateful to everyone who is following me through the bad times and the good times this blog goes though. This wouldn’t be possible without you so have my thanks from the bottom of my heart!


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I’ve missed hearing from you. But I really miss the days when I smiled whenever your name popped up on my phone’s screen. I just never thought that we could reach a point when the thought of you made me a little anxious.
—  🖤
Taking a leave

@seekerwithnoshirt and I aren’t going to be playing FFXIV for the foreseeable future. We’ve got a lot going on IRL now and just don’t have the time any more. I’ve already told my friends and all the Jackals but I probably won’t be posting here much either so no hard feelings if you choose to unfollow.

The officers are taking the reins of Jackal & Hide and I wholeheartedly trust them to do a great job of running it smoothly. The Sunny Seaside Bar will continue to run once a month. I’ll probably log on every now and then to say hello but Inarah and Kilid have gone to semi-retire on the Noscean coast with their daughter, Dimah.

We’ve had an amazing two (going on three) years with the Jackals and all the friends we’ve made along the way so this was a very difficult decision, but it’s what’s best for us right now.

Hope you all enjoy your continuing time in Eorzea, and Azeyma light your way.

me a couple months ago: alright! I’m going to completely change my writing style in order to get better, less jokes and more drama, detailed background descriptions and shit

me, realizing now that I wasn’t a bad writer before and excessive descriptions and drama are over-rated: I’m done now, I want to go back to writing like myself

the god of writing: the what?

His eyes are green. The kind of green that pushed its way through the piles of gritty snow to remind you that spring was coming. His eyes are the kind of green that mint ice cream gets jealous of. The kind of green that budded on the prisoners of winter, bringing life back to their branches. That churning, passionate green that the ocean turns during a storm. The color of the forest after it rains. That green color that brings hope and life into those eyes. I could see it and he knew that I could, I love you.
—  Jenna A.

In honor of having over 400 followers, I wanted to make a ~follow forever~ to show just how grateful I am for the people I’ve met on tumblr and within the giant mass of you crazy people that deal with the cryptic little shits, The 1975. I constantly see these blogs on my timeline and tumblr just wouldn’t be the same without them ! 

(in no particular order)

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