i will miss you two


hey it’s michelle!!! so school starts tomorrow for me and its my senior year of high school woooooo!! i just wanted to make this follow forever to thank everyone on here for making my dash great! i made this blog over two years ago and while i went on a hiatus during the 15/16 season (especially during the second half of club season), i’m glad i came back this summer!! i really missed posting about football (barcelona tbh) and i’m glad to have made new mutuals who are really really amazing and have amazing edits/gifs!! and thanks to everyone who continued to follow me while i was on my hiatus yall are the real mvps lol but yeah thanks again guys!! much luv to you all

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wikipedie  asked:

Okay listen but Jily married and everyone says how many puns Sirius would say about Prongs being a stag but also I imagine he'd say a lot of puns about their relationship too, especially since it's not so conventional and accepted by society(1/2)

And he’d be subtle sure but it would be a lot and james and lily would try not to laugh too obvious and lily would face palm. And everyone else excepting the marauders would be like “aaaah so much love so cute"Remus’d roll his eyes & Peter’d snicker

OMG like imagine a just-a-little-tiny-bit-fuck-off-prongs-im-sober drunk Sirius go..

 ‘I’ve seen more of you two than my own dick, *gasp from audience* so i guess its inappropriate to say that i will miss you two idiots” or

“Lils, honey, hands off- James is still my husband” or

“James I have been seeing you watching Lily’s arse for the whole evening- and I admit it looks really good today- but pay attention” 


i understand better than you know.

pairing: peter/ava
word count: 1k
summary: a series of oneshots centering around peter parker and ava ayala. mcu based.
prompt #1: coming home with injuries.
rating: t

a/n: guess who’s starting off with a bang? 

I decided to turn this into a oneshot series because, knowing myself, I’m gonna get so many ideas! so why not put them all in one place? I missed writing these two, and I hope you’ll like my mcu take on them!

totally, and completely, inspired by @chalantness like always. my blog is turning into spidertiger central. and I like it.

read on ao3.


Her touch startles him, sends waves of warmth through him. She’s gentle, careful not to press too hard or nip him with her claws, which are, thankfully, withdrawn at the moment. She starts from his chest and goes south, stopping at his abdomen, where there are long gashes in his suit. Eyebrows scrunch down in fury. She’s wishing she had been there, he bets.

“Ava,” he breathes. She’s already blaming herself, for no reason at all. She might not be saying anything right now, but Ava Ayala is one of the most predictable people he knows and that’s probably because he knows her so well. Somehow, she tries to put the weight of the world on her shoulders when she doesn’t have to. Maybe it’s because it’s just in her nature, or maybe it’s because she lost her family and couldn’t do anything to stop it. And she was so young when it happened…she was defenseless

“C’mere,” she says, pulling him forward by the arm and he melts into her. He lets his head make its home in the juncture between her neck and shoulder, arms folding around her upper back and waist. When her arms fall around his torso and he feels her lean up on her tiptoes a little, he sighs and closes his eyes.

“‘M alright,” he mumbles tiredly.

“You’re just saying that,” she mutters back, weaving her fingers through his hair and it feels phenomenal. “Tell me how you really feel.”

“I kinda wanna pass out and not wake up for a long time,” he admits with a dry laugh.

Ava snorts, pulling away to look at him. “Let’s get you gauzed up. You’re staining my suit.”

“That’s my fault?”


Made another Frisk and Chara for fun. They’re basically just designs and personalities I originally had in mind, just revamped and more interesting. I don’t plan to do much with them, just draw them from time to time. As they have nothing to do with this blog in particular (this is Pyro and Bluebell’s blog after all), I’ll draw them more on my art blog @taidoodle !

Sleep Sound 7

Synopsis: Pharah and Mercy have trouble sleeping. A series of chance encounters prove that the solution might be each other.

Pairing: Rocket Angel (Fareeha “Pharah” Amari/Angela “Mercy” Ziegler)

The harried businessman in the seat next to Angela muttered a gruff apology when his knee knocked against hers as he tried to settle into the cramped seat. Angela offered a thin-lipped smile, returning her attention to the message from Fareeha.

See you in a few hours, Angela. Have a safe flight.

Thank you, Schatz, she responded. Her thumbs paused over the keyboard. She worried at her lip, then typed. I’m excited to see you :)

As am I. And everyone else, as well.

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I love both lol. I lean more on Season five though ngl. (HOT af)

 I just draw him in his lavender hoodie most of the time because it’s easier and I’m very used to it but I love his punk biker outfit and his messy hairstyle just as much. He has a versatile wardrobe and style! (One of the very few ygo characters with great taste in fashion). <3


“They say you cannot love two people equally at once. And perhaps for others that is so. But you and Will—you are not like two ordinary people, two people who might have been jealous of each other, or who would have imagined my love for one of them diminished by my love of the other. You merged your souls when you were both children. I could not have loved Will so much if I had not loved you as well. And I could not love you as I do if I had not loved Will as I did.”

Imagine video-calling Woozi when he’s away on tour and having the other members constantly interrupting you two.