i will miss you miles

If you miss me, contact me, call me, text me, message me, find someway to send something to me. Don’t tell me you miss me and disappear for days. I miss you too. But I’m getting tired of being the only one starting talks.
—  Zachary Wolfgang Applebaum
I wanna see you again. So bad.
You’re miles away and I miss you.
The worst part is, I don’t even know when and if I’m going to see you again. Even though I’m trying not to care, it’s killing me. I wanna see you again.
—  L.N. | when will i see you again?

Do you ever miss someone so much that it physically affects you? Because I miss someone right now, more than anything, and I can feel myself getting heavier, like gravity is forcing me down and I don’t want to fight it…

I miss your smile. I miss your voice. I miss your hugs and kisses. I miss your silliness. I miss the way you tease me. I miss the way you make me feel so loved. I miss the way you call my name and it’s like music to my ears. I miss the feeling how you bring butterflies in my stomach. I miss all of you. I miss you being here with me. I miss you so crazy.
Even when we’re miles and miles apart, you’re still holding all of my heart
—  Jonas Brothers (Inseparable)
Things about a military relationship that i hate pt a million

I hate how hard this is. I hate how I’m in bed alone and all I get are a handful of texts. I hate how I spend most nights crying over how much I miss you and I can’t tell you because it only makes things harder because you have no control over this. And god I just hate not knowing when we’ll ever truly be together. Most of our relationship has been goodbyes and texts. We’ve spent more nights apart than we ever have together. I hate going through day to day shit without you, every single day. And everything makes it worse. I miss you all the time. So much that I can feel myself breaking inside. And I’m so tired of saying and hearing that it’ll all be worth it one day because everyday I wonder if that’s true. If so many nights of sobbing is worth something we don’t know will happen. Or when it’ll happen. And god I just really hate knowing that most of our lives will be goodbyes and maybes. As each day goes by I don’t know if I’m even strong enough for this.

OTP Prompts #2


A: “Let’s just forget this ever happened.”

B: “Agreed. But if we’re caught, you’re taking the blame.”

A: “This was your idea!”


A: “Hey–it’s okay, what’s wrong?”

B: “I’m sorry–I just thought something had happened to you. I don’t know what I would do …”

A: “I’m fine; I’m right here, see? Everything’s okay.”


A: “Is that my shirt?”

B: “Uh . . . maybe?”

A: “… you look better in it, anyway.”


A: “Hey–what the hell! You can’t just barge in here like that!”

B: “… Did you seriously just throw a ninja star at me?”

A: “It’s your fault for interrupting me! I was practicing my aim!”

B: “No kidding–you missed me by a mile.”

A: “Get. Out!”


A: “Ugh, kill me.”

B: “What’s wrong now?”

A: “Does something have to be wrong whenever I want to die?”

B: “Generally, yes.”

A: “… I’m bored.”


A: “You make some cute noises in your sleep.”

B: “W-what? Why were you watching me sleep? And besides–I don’t talk in my sleep and I never have!”

A: “Never said nothin’ about talking, sweetheart. Maybe some … moans.”

B: “ … I am going to kill you.”


A: “Do you ever think about . . . space?”

B: “. . . Are you high?”

A: “… Very.”


A: “I don’t dance.”

B: “Aw, c’mon! It’ll be fun!”

A: “I’m serious–I will embarrass you and the entirety of the human race in the process.”

B: “You can’t be that bad.”

A: “Oh, believe me, I am.”


A: “Uh-oh.”

B: “You broke it!”

A: “No–this is your fault!”

B: “C’s going to kill you!”

A: “This was your idea, jackass!”


A: “Hey–are you listening to me?”

B: “What? I can’t hear you from down there.”


B: “Oh, I can hear you now. And yes, you really are.”