i will miss you lots in ny ok



✖️No Fuckboys Allowed Part One✖️


“Thanks for picking me up Derek.” I latch onto my cousin that I missed so damn much. “Anything for my little cuz” he reaches for the suitcase that’s in my hand. “You sure about living down here Y/N? It’s different from New York.” He was right about California being different from NY but I’m pretty sure I can handle the LA life.

“I’m sure Derek…I’m just nervous about living on my own for the first time.” We walked out the airport together and into the parking lot.

“You’ll be staying with me to you find your place do you don’t need to worry ok?” He looks back at me and flashed me smile, showing off his grills.

“Thank you for letting me crash at your place.” I’m really grateful to have a cousin like Derek, it’s been awhile since I’ve seen him so I know we’ll be having tons of fun together.

“It’s all good no need to thank me but I will warn you about something?” He pops open the trunk and puts my bags in.

“What?” I’m unsure about what he’s bout to tell me. Did he get some girl pregnant?

“Some of my friends will be in and out my house. They cool people Y/N but I’m warning some of them are fuckboys.” I never seen him this serious before.

“No need to worry because I won’t be messing around this summer, I got to focus on myself.” I let Derek know that he doesn’t need to worry about me messing around with his friends.

“Just letting you know cuz” he annoyingly ruffles my hair which took me forever to do.

“Come on Derek!” I groans and hoped in the passengers seat.


My cousin place is definitely nice, his success in his music career really paid off. Derek gave me a full tour of his three bedroom condo, he showed off his sneakers and his grills.

“Now this is your room.” He holds open the door and I step in with wide eyes. My room is beautiful, the walls are orange and the furniture is modern.

“Is amazing!” I ran to the king size bed and jumped in it. “Good, rest up because we going out tonight so be ready by 11.” He says all this before leaving me alone in my room.

I get up and walked to my balcony, I have a beautiful view of the city. The sun is bout to set and a smile lands upon my face.

Since it’s my first night out in LA I’m definitely gonna dressed to impress. After my little nap I left my room to get my bags from downstairs.

Walking down the steps I can hear Derek laughing his ass off, as I walked further down I noticed to other people laughing along with my cousin.

I nervously walked through the living room to get to the front door without them noticing me. I don’t look my best right now, I just woken up from a nap and I have sweats and a hoodie on.

“Aye Y/N come here.” Derek calls me over to the dining room table that is currently full of weed.

I walked over to them nervously with my eyes on Derek, he can sense my discomfort so he meets me halfway and puts an arm around me.

“You good?” He whispers in my ear and hands me a J. “Yeah..” I smile and take the J.

“This my cousin Y/N, Y/N this is Tyler and Ark.” I was introduced to his friends. “Don’t you two dare try to fuck her.” I bust out laughing as I exhaled the smoke.

“Excuse him he’s a little over protective of him.” I say to them. “He ain’t gotta worry, he already set our asses straight.” Ark grins.

I pass the J to Tyler and he asks “You coming out tonight?” Before hitting the J. “Definitely I just have to get ready.” Speaking of getting ready, I dismiss myself from the conversation and went to get my suitcase.

Once I was in the privacy of my room I went through my clothes to fine something suitable to wear. All these clothes and I can’t even pick through one of them.

My eyes finally settled on my McKenna dress that I purchased from fashionnova a couple of weeks ago. It’s about time I wore it.


After showing and getting dressed I finally left my room, it’s a little after eleven so hopefully Derek won’t be mad.

“Y'all girls always take forever.” He dramatically says as I walked down the steps. Once he sees what I’m wearing he shakes his head.

“What?” I puffed my lips together.

“You do realize that I’ll be fighting dudes off you tonight right?” He’s being so extra right now.

“Boi whatever.” I rolled my eyes and carried onto the front door. “Why can’t you just wear jeans and hoodie.” He has to be joking.



Sitting in VIP is mad annoying right now, all these thirsty goes trying to talk to me and the boys. I can’t hear to chill and have fun, not be questioned and drooled over.

“Son where’d Derek?” I tapped Danny on his shoulder. “He just texted me hold on…” Sammy reaches for his phone, “he’s here.” Where cause I don’t see him.

“Found his crazy ass!” From upstairs I can see my best friend waking in with a beautiful woman attached to his side.

“Who’s that?” I pointed out to Sammy. “Fuck….I don’t know but she’s bad.” She definitely is, she got curves too.

Derek whispers in the girls ear and heads upstairs to us. “Aye bro that’s your girl?” I dap him up.

“Nah man.” And boom there’s my queue to go and introduced myself. Line thirsty guy sliding through a girls DMs I rushed down the stairs and into the crowd to find her.

I pushed past all the lames that were trying to get my attention just so I can get this women’s attention. She sat at the bar with her back arch, her hair in a bun showing off her beautiful face.

“Excuse me?” I stood next to her and my gawd she melt like heaven. She turns around and her eye went down to my shoes then they travel up to my face.

“Yeah?” Her gaze was sharp and her voice was soft spoken. “I’m Nate.” I was bold enough to introduce myself to her. “Y/N” she sounded unsure of herself.

“I hope you didn’t just give me a fake name gorgeous.” I gave her a gummy smile and she returns it with a sly smile.

“No…you just caught me off guard.” Her is so soft as if she’s fragile, someone that is too precious to be broken.

“I’m sorry about that.”‘I placed my hand over my heart and gave her my sincerest apology. “I just had to talk to you…I saw you walked in and I couldn’t help it.”

My flirtatious behavior had her gaze fixed on mine and I did not mind it at all. She hummed a soft tone and said, “really Nate?” Just her saying my name had me jumping on the inside.

“Of course, you don’t believe me?” I raised and eyebrow at her.

“I do…you’re just very blunt and confident.” She subs the back of her neck.

“You don’t like that?” I leaned in more so I can hear her.

“I do.” Her eyes crinkles when she laughed. Her laugh is even beautiful. “I would love to by you a drink, if you don’t mind?”

“Why not.” She smirks my way and I called the bartender over. “Two fireballs please.” She seemed like the type to enjoy a fireball.

“So tell me Y/N, did you come here along?” I would hope she came here with a few friends.

“No, I came here with cousin.” She tells me, her hands reach for her glass and she took the shot down like a champ.

“Is she around here, your cousin?” For some reason she laughs at me.

“My cousins a he.” My eyes widen realize that I’m hitting on Derek’s cousin.

“Pause…Derek is your cousin?” She gave me furrowed eyes.

“How do you know my cousin? She answers my question with a question.

"He my friend, we go way back.” I tell her and she nods. I feel like something has changed inside her.



My cousins words replayed in my head, Derek had warn me about some of his fuckboy friends and I would hate for Nate to be one of them. He seems too good too be true.

“Maybe we should head up to him?” I decided to redirect this conversation, Derek already warn me once.

I got up first and walked off to the VIP section. As I’m walking I can feel how close he is to me and I can definitely feel his eyes staring at my ass.

I picked up my pace when I reach the steps, Derek stands at the top holding out his hand for me to take.

“Why your face red?” He looks at me and back at Nate. “Tell me y'all didn’t do anything?” Derek grips my hand harder.

“Of course not! We just talked and he brought me shot.” I explained to him, he gives me a nod and walks me over to the lounge chair.

I take a seat and Nate walks over to Derek, even though it was loud I can hear them talking about me.

Nate’s eyes are on mine as his lips move, I started to get annoyed with it so I got up and walked over to them.

“You two do know I’m here right.” I said loud enough for them to hear me. “Sorry Y/N.” Derek chuckles and rest his hand on my back.

“Whatever, I wanna go home Derek.” I didn’t feel like being here anymore, especially with the way Nate was looking at me.

He could be the biggest fuckboy ever and there’s no way I’ll be getting my heart broken by him.