i will make you like him jenna

my brother is starting to listen to be more chill

i’m gonna type out what he says about each song. (italics are when i’m saying stuff to him) (edit: i made this a week or so ago and i forgot about it so i’m posting it now)

Jeremy’s Theme - “who’s jeremy and why is he special enough for his own song” “it’s just an instrumental and he’s the main character” “oh”

More Than Survive - “is this michael-yeah it’s michael” “i love michael” “me too”
“how many times can one person say christine” “oh just you wait” “oh my god it’s still going”
“go go go go!”

I Love Play Rehearsal - “what if you think of this one?“ “yes.”

The Squip Song - ”wow okay it’s from japan buddy”

“are the alien noises in the background necessary?” “yes.”

Two Player Game - “of all the characters to get a tattoo of he picks pacman?-oh it’s michael again nvm i like him.“

“this ones good” “theY keEp yElLINg” 

*lots of headbanging* 

“oh god they’re yelling again okay” 

“michael is my favorite person too” 

“oh my god so much yelling.”

The Squip Enters - ”what’s this one-oh okay”

Be More Chill Pt 1 - “what if i don’t want to take my hands out of my pockets?“ “idk man” 

“i know the squips a bad guy but i like him” 

“I’m made of math’ *cackling*” 

“*judgy tone* Madeline.”

“ohh hamlet” 

Do You Wanna Ride? - ”i want frozen yogurt….”

Be More Chill Pt 2 - “waIT I DONT LIKE HIM ANYMORE” “the squip?” “YEAH”

More Than Survive Reprise - ”this ones good" 

“okay it’s good but there’s a reprise in the first act??”

A Guy That I’d Kinda Be Into - “*gets to the end* wait-what?? go back????”

The Squip Lurks - ”my aesthetic"

Upgrade - *headbanging to the ‘upgrade-upgrade!’ part* 

“back to christine? okay.” 


“poor michael…” 

“wow they didn’t even try to rhyme anything with loser-i mean it works so hey” 

*mumbles* “what?” “nOTHING i wasn’t singing along.” 

“*voice cracks* he-e.. he blocked him-m…”

Halloween - ”this is good"

“oh wow okay they’re all yelling now” “yeah aha they do that-” “shhhh i wanna hear”

Do You Wanna Hang? - “i don’t like this one..” “me either”

“oh the squip makes everything so much more uncomfortable, he’s like an old man trying to help jeremy-*realizes an adult tying to get a teenager laid*oH MY GOD”

Michael In The Bathroom - ”*hears the first note* NO NOT THIS ONE.”

“this is so much more heartbreaking when you’ve heard the rest of the story”

“george has such a nice voice”

“*glaring off, not really at anything in particular* michael deserves better. can we find him a nice boyfriend?”

“*tears in his eyes as it ends, forcing a smile*that was fun let’s never do it again thanks”

The Smartphone Hour (Rich Set A Fire) - “is this jenna ro-*hears chloes part* oh yeah it is cool”

“you said she was in heathers too right?” “yeah” “cool”

“*jaw drops a bit* wait rich did what??”

“he burned the house DOWN?!” “yep” “WHAT THE HECK RICH”

“’no i was crying’ *laughs* same” 

“..is that george?!” “yeah, the guys dress in feminine clothes and dance and sing in this song” “thats so freaking cool..”

The Pitiful Children - ”ohhhh i like the squip again”

“is he literally going “beep boop”?!”

“*nodding his head* this one is really good”

The Pants Song - “i don’t know if i’ll ever love anyone that much” “same”

“ohhhh, is this aplay on michael loving jeremy?” “i mean, yeah but like-” “no they’re gay.”

The Play - ”*eyes widen, before belting* MICHAEL MAKES AN ENTRANCE”

“i want the confidence of jake with the squip”

“did michael go ‘ugh’ at the girls?” “i think so” “mood.”

*at the two player game reprise part* “HEY IT’S THEIR SONG AGAIN!!” 

“jeremy christine is lying to you she doesn’t love you, but it’s okay cause michael does” “LIAM” “what?!”

Voices In My Head - “oh rich.”

“homeslice?? what year is it” “i wish i knew”

“i mean sure i’m happy for jeremy but like come on, he obviously loves michael”

“is this that will guy you love?” “sure is” “oh- i see why now. his voice is really nice.” “mmhmm”

“*eyes go wide when everyone starts singing* thats so cool”

“*frowning* is this the last song?” “sorry, but it is” “no i need more” “we can listen to the full performance later” “okay..”

imagine the squad™ going to Athens, Georgia for spring break senior year to honor the play

- the ride down is hilarious in and of itself

- Jake drives bc his car is fucking huge

- Chloe rides shotgun bc she will throw up if she’s not in the front

- Brooke, Jenna, and Christine sit in the middle and play stuff like never have I ever and it’s really sweet and a really good bonding time for all of them

-Chloe is jealous and nauseous

- rich, Jeremy, and Micheal sit in the back with Jeremy in the middle

- at some point Micheal falls asleep on Jeremy’s shoulder and rich just starts quietly grilling Jeremy about their relationship

- “listen dude just tell me if you’re in love with him,,, I’m bi so I don’t judge, you’re cute together so I won’t make fun of you that much, we both had the same Japanese computer application installed in our brains for an extended period time, what is there to lose???”

- eventually Jeremy just pretends that he’s asleep too


- first they quickly realize that the CDC isn’t even IN Athens

- second they realize that Athens is the weirdest mix of hippies and rednecks ever created

- for example, there a street with a pottery studio across from a bbq
restaurant called the butt hutt


- he buys all this uga merch and weird southern gear like a shirt that says “sucker for a guy in seersucker”

- he also buys a pair of seersucker shorts for jake buT ITS NOT RELATED SHUT UP CHLOE

- Chloe also lowkey loves the southern aesthetic and spends the entire time running around to all the cutesy southern boutiques with rich and brooke

- Jenna actually tours the university of Georgia bc she just honestly enjoys college tours even though she’s already signed to go somewhere else

- Jeremy and Micheal discover a place called the “wonderbar” it’s a bar and a retro arcade combo. They find fake ids and then do not leave the building

- At some point they go on a giant food tour and Brooke is v upset to find out they don’t have pinkberry “WHAT THE FUCK IS A MENCHICES???”

- they see a bunch of cool places then just eat wafflehouse the entire time bc it’s good and cheap and literally EVERYWHERE

- the theatre scene is fairly decent and they go see a local kid and teen theatre group do legally blonde

- Christine falls in love with the girl playing Elle from the audience


- they only get one hotel room and just sleep on top of each other like puppies

- when they leave the room it’s like a fucking clown car


Tom Holland Imagine: Jealous

Summary: tom is jealous of how close you are with Josh while you’re on tour with twenty one pilots

A/N: josh and Tyler are literally my loves so if anyone gives me crap about them I will personally come for you. This also fucking sucks so I’m sorry


“Y/N! We’re going bowling! Wanna come with us?” Josh called from the door.

“Yeah! Just let me get my shoes!” I called back.

I grabbed my tennis shoes and then was out the door. Josh, Tyler and Jenna were all waiting for me by the car when I reached them.

“Hey, kiddo. You ready to go?”

I nodded and climbed in next to Josh in the back seat. Josh yawned and laid his head in my lap as Tyler pulled out of the venue. I began to run my fingers through Josh’s bright yellow hair as Tyler told us a story about a past experience he had with bowling that ended with him being tossed out and banned from the bowling place in Columbus. I looked down when I felt Josh laugh and smiled at him.

“So, Y/N. How are things with Tom?” Josh asked once Tyler finished his story.

“Yeah! How is he? He still a knight in shinning armor?” Jenna asked.

I smiled and looked out the window at the mention of Tom’s name.

“He’s great. He’s super busy with Spider-Man and everything though so I haven’t been able to talk to him much.”

“I’m sorry, Y/N. I’m sure he’ll call the second he has a chance, though.”

I smiled at Jenna before I turned my gaze back towards the buildings we were passing. Tyler and Jenna began to tell more stories as I felt Josh watching me. I knew he wanted to talk about Tom, but I just wasn’t up for it. After a few minutes pass, we finally pull up to the bowling alley. Tyler made us all sit still for a moment while their manager called him about details for tonight. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and pulled it out to see Tom was trying to FaceTime me.

“Hey, Tom!” I said as I answered the call.

“Hey, Y/N. it’s Harrison actually as you can see. Tom’s doing an interview and I was bored and my phone died. So I decided to use his and talk to you.”

“Oh, hey Haz. That’s cool. How’s the press tour going?”

“Good. Tom’s exhausted though. What’re you up to?”

“I’m with Tyler, Josh and Jenna. We’re going bowling. Say hi, Josh!”

I turned the camera to show Josh laying in my lap. Josh made a funny face before we both started laughing.

“Oh, hey Josh. Well, I gotta go, Y/N. Tom’s almost done…”

“Oh. Okay. Bye, Haz.”

“Bye, Y/N.”

I felt my heart drop as the screen went black. I was hoping to at least see Tom’s face or hear his voice.

“Ready to go, Y/N?” Tyler asked.

I nodded and tried to ignore their sympathetic looks as we walked into the building.


By the time we were done bowling, all thoughts of Tom had left my mind. Tyler and Josh tried to keep my laughing at all seconds which ended with us getting kicked out. Not really a surprise though since at one point Josh literally ran down the alley and knocked some other kid’s ball in the gutter.

On the way back to the venue, I posted a picture of me sitting on Josh’s lap and Tyler and Jenna standing behind us making funny faces. I knew the picture would make the fans laugh.

When we arrived back at the venue, I ran to get ready for my set.

Josh and Tyler high fived me as I walked onto the stage.

The crowd went insane as I sang my heart out and Josh drummed in the back. Since my drummer was sick, Josh was filling in for the night. After I finished, Josh came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my cheek. The crowd went insane as we walked off the stage with Josh’s arm around me.

“Alright guys. Good luck! I’m beat so I’m gonna head back to the hotel.”

Tyler and Josh said goodnight to me and then I was on my way to the hotel.

As soon as I closed the door behind me, I felt my phone begin to vibrate in my pocket. I pulled it out to see Tom trying to call me. It was probably Harrison again, though.

“Harrison? Is this you again?”

“What the fuck, Y/N!?” I heard Tom’s voice yell.

“Woah, calm down. What’s wrong?”

“Don’t give me that shit! What is going on between you and Josh!?”

“Me and Josh!? What are you talking about!?”

“Harrison told me he was laying in your lap, and then the picture and then him kissing you tonight!? Is there something you would like to tell me!?”

“Tom you need to calm down! There is nothing going on between me and Josh! He is like my brother! And like you would even care! It’s been like 2 weeks since I’ve talked to you!”

I heard Tom sigh on the other side of the phone.

“I know, love. I’m sorry. I’ve just been so busy I barely have time to breathe. And I’ve never stopped thinking about you and I just wanna see you so bad but I knew I couldn’t ask that of you when you’re on your dream tour and then when Harrison told me about Josh laying on your lap and then you posted the picture of you in his lap and then the kiss tonight, I just snapped. I’m so sorry, love.”

“I love Josh, but as a friend. I’m IN love with you, Tom. I haven’t stopped thinking of you either. I miss you so much.”

“Good. Cause I’m standing outside your hotel room.”


“I have tomorrow off. And I just need to be with you. Come let me in, love.”

I hung up the phone and ran over to the door. I opened the door to see my beautiful boyfriend standing on the other side smiling at me. I jumped into his arms and nuzzled my face into his neck. Tom wrapped his arms around my waist before picking my up and carrying me into the hotel room. Tom laid me down on the bed before pressing his lips against mine and sliding his hands up and down my sides. I moaned into kiss and Tom smirked. I knew I was in for one hell of a night.


“Well, this is a surprise.” Jenna said as her and Tyler walked down to breakfast the next morning.

I smiled and laid my head on Tom’s shoulder.

“I have the day off so I decided to visit my beautiful girlfriend.” Tom said as he kissed my forehead.

But the beautiful moment was soon cut short once Josh came into the room.

I rubbed Tom’s shoulder to calm him down as he death glared Josh.

“Tom, please behave.” I whispered into his ear.

“Well, Josh. Seems like your plan worked.” Tyler said to him.

“Wait, hold on, what plan?” I asked.

“Well, Josh noticed how upset you were about Tom being so busy so he decided to MAKE Tom have time for you…” Jenna said as she stirred her coffee.

“What do you mean?”

“He was ummm… kinda going above and beyond to seem flirty with you to piss Tom off…”


“I’m sorry, Y/n! I really am, but you were just so sad and I knew he would call if he thought he was losing you! And it worked didn’t it!?” Josh said.

“I’m gonna kill you, Dun.”

Josh’s eyes went wide as I began to chase him through the hotel.

“That’s my girl.” Tom laughed as he watched me chase Josh up and down the halls.

Do It For Science (Michael M. x Reader)

Request: Be More Chill: Michael Mell x reader please?

Warnings: None, really. Probably some swearing.

Word Count: 2168 (geez)

Requests: open 

Monday, 11:32 AM

“Y/N, I’m gonna go get something for lunch, you wanna come with?” Michael asked, shutting his locker.

“Nah, my brother came home high last night and made a PB&J before remembering he doesn’t like peanut butter, so I’ve got lunch taken care of.” You said, holding up the sandwich.

“Ah, alright, next time then?” He said, raising his eyebrows and smiling.

“Yeah, of course.” You answered, and he walked toward the entrance of the school. You turned around, seeing Jenna and Christine looking at you.

“Hey guys!” You said, walking up to them.

“Don’t ‘Hey guys!’ us, Y/N.” Jenna said, and Christine hit her arm lightly.

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what even is the BMC fandom anymore like a bunch of rogue DEH fans decided to give this new musical a try and now our numbers are increasing rapidly and everyone is trying to tell me that jake has a squip that looks like kermit the frog and michael has a squip that looks like left shark next you’re gonna tell me that jenna has a squip that looks like none pizza left beef!!! and the other day i dmed george salazar and asked him to come to my toga party aND WE’RE ALL A MESS THIS ENTIRE FANDOM IS A FUCKING DUMPSTER FIRE WE JUST SIT AROUND AND MAKE JOKES ABOUT HOW JEREMY IS A FURRY WHY DO I LOVE THIS GOD DAMN FANDOM SO FUCKING MUCH????!!!!?!? {in all seriousness I’ve seen a lot of hilarious BMC jokes that have made me laugh for days and this fandom is full of really talented people doing amazing things so thank you!!! please never stop doing what you’re doing!!!!}


Pairing: Tyler/ Reader/ Jenna// Warnings: Smuts, Threesome, GirlxGirl, And the reader is the top with Jenna at a time// Rating: Mature// A/N: Yes! This does include Jenna! If you don’t like it, I’ll have another Josh one out soon. Don’t worry. But I’m a bisexual female and Tyler and Jenna are hot as fuck. Leave me be.

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“Just tell me who it is” Jenna says, pushing your arm lightly. For about the past half hour the two of you had been just messing around on Instagram live, and someone asked who your crush was. Your response was “I don’t have any major crushes, but I have someone in mind” or something along those lines. “Jenna, it really doesn’t matter. I can’t have them.” You say, shrugging and tucking your legs underneath yourself. “If you can’t have them, then there’s no harm in telling me” she says. “You’re right. It’s you, Jenna. I am truly, madly, deeply, crazily in love with you” you joke, looking up at her adoringly. She looks back down at you and smiles. “Yeah we all know that one” she jokes, leaning her head on your shoulders.. Truth was, before her and Tyler had gotten married or even met, you two weren’t shy on experimenting. Well, you knew you also liked women, so it was more of her experimenting. Everything fell through when Tyler came. He had her hooked, and you couldn’t be happier for her. It seemed Jenna was meant to find him, so it didn’t even phase you to back off. Though, as far as you knew, Tyler didn’t know about this. As for your secret crush, it was Tyler. It made you feel awful to have feelings for him, even if it wasn’t a major crush. She opens her eyes wider and looks up at you, doing the puppy dog face. “You’re rediculous” You say. You lean down slightly and whisper Tyler’s name. She nods her head, and her face was unreadable. “But, it’s not a big deal or anything. It’s not a major crush. And as we’ve established, they’re unavailable” you say, just in case. Jenna laughs, and you feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. “It’s fine. I’m not mad” she says, making sure the audience can’t hear. “Maybe he’s not as unavailable as you think” Before you can respond to her, she turns the phone back and begins answering questions. “A lot of people want us to kiss. Let’s just give the people what they want” Jenna says. You couldn’t even tell if she was serious or not, but you caught a glimpse of her phone, and saw Tyler had joined the audience, and was watching. “Your husband is here” you say, looking at her. She smiles and shrugs, leaning in to kiss you anyway. Her lips were soft against yours, exactly how you had remembered them to be. The kiss was nearly a make out, just without tongue. As soon as it started, it was over. The two of you stare at each other for a moment, before turning and laughing. “Oh, Tyler, I’m here to steal your girl” You say into the camera. The two of you continue on the stream, with Jenna consistently checking her phone. “What, are we not interesting enough for you?” You ask. She looks up and smiles. “It’s Ty, just arranging some things” she says, with a wink you were sure you had imagined. “He wants us to come over” she says. “Okay, is there a reason?” You ask. “Not really, or, none that you guys need to hear” She says dramatically, pointing at the phone. She ends the stream after your goodbyes and you gather your things, heading to the car and driving to Jenna and Tyler’s shared house. You guys didn’t really talk on the drive, but you did blast music and obnoxiously sing, per usual. You finally pull into the driveway, getting out and walking in behind Jenna. “Ah, you’re home” Tyler says, standing from the couch and waking to Jenna, kissing her softly. “Okay, I’ll just..” you say, waking to the couch and sitting. “Does she not know?” Tyler asks. That caught your attention. “Know what?” You ask, looking between the two suspiciously. “Jenna told me you like me” He says, bluntly. You practically choked on nothing, earning a low chuckle from him. You quickly stand up. “Jenna, what the fuck?” You say, heading to the door. They protest behind you, both speaking frantically. You open the door and are faced with Josh, fist in the air as he was about to knock. “Great timing” he said, letting himself in. You didn’t want to make a scene, so you waited for Josh to walk a little further away, before motioning for Jenna to say something. “Tyler knows everything. How we messed around and everything before I met him, you’re bi, you like him, all of it” she says. You run your hands through your hair, feeling even more stressed. “And I’m okay with everything. More than okay, actually” he says, a faint smile on his lips as he takes a step closer to you. You clear your throat and look past him, towards Josh who was in the kitchen. Tyler sighs and turns quick in his heels. He walked over to the boy and started talking, but they were too far away for you to understand what they were saying. Jenna looks down at you, eyes lingering. “Me and Tyler were talking during the stream, and nothing has to happen if you’re uncomfortable” she says. “What is even happening?” You ask. “If you want me to be blunt, we were offering a three way. Considering you like Tyler, Tyler thinks you’re hot, me and you have our history. It just makes sense” she says. You look around the room, trying to just think for a moment. You take a deep breath and slip past her, heading up the stairs to their room. “You coming?” You ask. She smiles and follows you to the room. The tension in the dimly lit room could’ve been cut with a knife. You knew once this happened, none of your relationships would go back to the way it was. Either way, Jenna grabbed a hold of your face, colliding your lips together. You wrap your arms around her waist, pulling her closer to you. She slowly and gently pushes you towards the bed, breaking away only so the both of you could get on the bed comfortably. She begins to kiss you again, but you quickly flip so that you were now settled on top of her, straddling her waist. The kissing resumes, with you pulling off her shirt and yours. Jenna smirks and sits up with you still on her lap. She grabs a hold of your butt rather roughly, and you unclasp your bra, throwing it to the ground. You also undo hers, before pushing your fingers through her hair and pulling her face closer to yours. It was getting hot and heavy, almost like you two were just going to start and finish without Tyler. Of course, the door swings open to see a rather angry, yet visibly horny Ty. “You really had to start without me?” He asks, walking over to the bed. You almost move off of Jenna, not exactly knowing where you should be. “Just stay there” Tyler says, getting on his knees on the bed behind you. He pushes your hair out of the way, latching his mouth onto your neck. You lean your head to give him more access, while Jenna helps you out of your pants and underwear. In one quick motion, you’re on your back on the bed and Jenna is lowering herself between your legs, while Tyler is stripping behind her. Without warning, she thrusts two of her long fingers inside of you, curling and twisting to hit you in certain spots. You listened to the way Tyler was talking to Jenna, and it was driving you crazy. You looked at Jenna and saw her body jerking, meaning Tyler was fucking her. Jenna grabs on of your thighs and wraps it over her shoulder, leaning down to lick stripes along your clit while continuing to finger you. Tyler grabs on to your leg, pulling you forward so Jenna could get deeper, but also so he could use you as leverage to get deeper in her. Jenna begins to hum against you, the vibrations causing you to moan out. Everyone at that point was moaning intensely. Jenna starts licking in figure eights, and you wrap your fingers into her hair, pulling a bit to get her to moan and hum more. Not long after that, she’s pumping faster, licking harder, and you finally spill, Jenna quick to clean up everything that came out. You sit up on your knees and look at Tyler as he’s still pumping in her. You take Jenna’s face in your hand, and tilt it upwards to kiss her. When she reaches her own end, her moans are swallowed up by your kids, and you pull away, smiling triumphantly​. Tyler still wasn’t done, but he pulled out of Jenna. “Time to switch places” he says. Jenna moves to where you had been been laying and Tyler grabs your hips, pulling you towards him. Your naked body is pressed against his, his breath hitting you. You turn your head and look at Jenna, and she nods, indicating it was okay. Tyler grabs your head and turns it back to him. “Tonight, you’re ours. Everything goes” he says. He leans in and kisses you softly, making sure you were still comfortable. When you make it clear you are, he makes the kiss more passionate, reaching around and slapping your backside. You moan out and pull away. “God Ty, just fuck me already” You say. He chuckles and flips you onto all fours, and you see Jenna had started to rub herself while she watches you both. You move her hands out of the way and thrust your own two fingers into her, smiling when her back arches. Tyler rests his hands on your hips, quickly burying himself deep inside of you. He thrusts in and out, every time he pushed himself in, he rolled his hips. You take after Jenna and lean down, licking and sucking on her clit. She grabbed a hold of your hair, pulling every time you began to suck on her. You curl your fingers into her, making sure to do so every time you pumped in. Tyler’s grip on your hips tightens, only moving one to bring back down and slap your ass hard. You hum from his actions, and smirk when you feel Jenna written underneath you. Tyler’s penis was large, length and size. It was stretching you more than you had ever been before. His thrusts were hard and fast, and were getting sloppier after a while. After one final pump, Jenna reaches her second orgasm, and you’re quick to clean it all up. Tyler digs his fingers into you, thrusting even harder and faster, so you use your now free hand to rub at your clit. He pushes away your hand and does it for you. A few moments later, you reach your own end, moaning and laying your head down on the sheets. You hear Tyler ask Jenna something, and hear the words ‘birth control’ and you realize he was asking where to finish. With this information, he finishes inside of you, continuing to thrust until he was all out. He pulls out and the three of you lay on the bed, listening to each other breathe. “We should do that more often” Tyler says, causing you and Jenna to laugh.
Feathers, Part 4

Hello again, lovelies!! I bring you part four of Feathers. As always, many, many thanks to @charminglyantiquated for creating @elsewhereuniversity and letting everyone play. :D Part 1 Part 2 Part 3   Oh! I’ve also started cross posting this to AO3. you can find it here.



Slowly, slowly, he steps aside. You wave your group though the doors, nod as he makes the ‘I’m watching you’ gesture (you’d expect nothing less), and step through.

Part 4:

You spend four days in the library. Well. You spend four days-worth of hours in the library, only seven or so of which really pass. The books you sought were deep, deep in the library indeed.

It’s Not-Jenna who finds the treatise, though you think she might not have done it on purpose. She was trailing her hands along the spines of the books you’d all already looked at, and knocked the last in the row off the table. She’d bent to retrieve it, and found herself at eye level with the tome.

(It really is a good thing you’re so deep- the squawk she’d let out would have been enough to have you evicted, had a librarian heard it.)

As it is, it took Not-Jenna finding it, and Cat-Eyes to navigate the spell work keeping it on the shelf. You ended up having to pluck it out while Thirteen used a rolled up magazine to beat back the grasping tendrils that kept reaching for it until Not-Jenna and Cat-Eyes could find a different book of the same size to give to them.

You were all quite glad to retreat to the library’s cafe, after that.

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Sober - Part Six (UPDATED)

Angst/Slight bit of Fluff/ but mostly angst

Characters: Kwon Jiyong a.k.a G-Dragon (BigBang), Song Mino (WINNER) 

Part One Part Five Part Seven

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“Mia!” Mino shouts my name in such a high note that I think that the glass of water in his hands will burst into shards.

I smile at him as he stumbles to get up from the armchair and run towards me. There’s an expression of fear and relief in his face, accompanied by his puffy cheeks which seem to be streaked with tears. I try to sit upright but he puts a hand on my chest and gently pushes me back down. He puts his hand behind my head and places it on the plastic covered pillow.

“What- how - why am I here?” I stammer through my words and looks at the small hospital room.

“Shhh,” Mino comfortingly pushing my bangs away from my face and plants a single kiss on my cheek. “You got into a little accident and got a concussion.”

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Not As Good As Her Part 2

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Hello everyone! This is a cheating fic about Josh Dun, since I love an angsty fic. Part 3 will be out soon, and will be the last part! I’m sorry if this is slow, but part 3 will rip your heart out.

If you don’t like angst, you can read my other fic here. Which is another Josh Dun fic about an unknown number messaging you.

WARNINGS: mentions of cheating, bad language

You woke up and rolled over. 11:00 p.m. That was the time on the clock. You looked around the room confused, until you the memories of the night before flooded your mind. You rubbed your eyes, and tried not to imagine Josh and that woman in your bed. You would’ve cried if there were any tears left in your body.
You stayed in bed for a while before you decided to get something to drink. Jenna was in the kitchen sipping on a cup of tea when you came in. “Hey, how’d you sleep?” she asked when she saw you. Horribly you thought to yourself. “I slept fine.” She smiled. “Well, Tyler went to get your stuff. I say we get ready, and go shopping, maybe even get you a makeover. We have that party tonight for the celebration for the Emotional Roadshow!” she said. Does she really think you’re going to go to a party to celebrate that asshole’s tour? “We can go shopping, but I’m not going to that party tonight,” you told her. She pouted at you. “Y/N. The best kind of revenge is acting like you are so much better off without him. So change up your look, buy a brand new outfit, and show that dick what he missed out on!” she exclaimed. She did have a point. You reluctantly agreed. You made yourself a cup of coffee while she changed and grabbed some clothes for you to wear. You changed into a cute sweater and jeans from Jenna, and headed out.

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Imagine #3: You're friends with Jenna and like Josh.

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Requested: Yes

Request: Can you make fanfic about reader and Jenna Joseph being friends while reader and Josh are liking each other and yeah :))) 

Word Count:1,400

Warnings?: None

A/N: Keep sending things in! Though I would like to write something for P!ATD

“Y/N its obvious you like him!” Jenna giggled at the blush that was creeping up your neck,  rolling your eyes at her for making a big deal out of nothing. “Or maybe I am blushing because you are embarrassing me,” You fired back gesturing at all the other people in the coffee shop that were staring at the both of you, well mostly Jenna since she was being loud and kept hitting your arm.  Rubbing the spot where she had repeatedly hit you, it was tender and rubbing it wasn’t helping the red marks go away or the pain of it.

“Or you really do like him,” Jenna repeated again reaching across the table aiming to hit your arm, jumping down from the high stool avoiding the hit altogether. Her face twisting in annoyance, “Let’s go Jen, it’s passed the time we are suppose to be seeing the boys,” You admitted grabbing the phone on the table and watching Jenna check her phone before hopping down from the stool.

“Let’s go!” You hollered earning more looks from everyone, the both of you stepped out of the coffee shop. “You are sure you don’t like Josh?” Jenna whispered breaking the silence between the two of you. Stopping in the middle of the sidewalk, making eye contact with her before saying, “I am sure, 100% sure I don’t like Joshua Dun,” You lied right through your teeth, Jenna was quiet for a second before nodding her head slowly, waving her hands in an ‘Okay’ way. Jenna knew that you liked Josh, everyone knew that you did even the fans knew, it was just a matter of time before you came to terms with it.

You did like Josh, he was funny, sweet, caring and had one hell of a sleeve and could play those drums like a god. But you didn’t want to come to terms with the fact that you liked him, since you didn’t want to confess those feelings for someone and not have them feel the same way. That’s why half of the time when you both were in the same room, you put the distance between him. It had gotten into your head that if you kept the distance between the two of you, those feelings would grow less and less. But the only thing that it has done for you was make those feelings stronger for him.

Little did you know was that Josh felt the same way about you, he found you different and unique in a way that drew him to you the first time you both met. It angered him at times that whenever you both were in a room together alone or with others you would avoid him along with not talking to him if he joined in on a conversation.

“You must be in some deep thought man,” He heard Tyler speak up from across the dressing room, perking up at the sound of his bandmate voice. “Yeah, just thinking is all,” Josh told him leaning back against the couch, Tyler gave him a concerned glance and was about to say something before the dressing room door burst open revealing his wife and her best friend.

“Where have you guys been?!” Tyler hollered in question, wrapping his wife in a hug and poking Y/N in the arm. It didn’t go unnoticed by anyone the way she, 1. Flinched away from the contact of the touch, and 2. The tension that grew between Josh and Her. “We got held up at the coffee shop,” Jenna spoke for the both of them, mumbling something into Tyler ear about how she was trying to get you to admit you like Josh. Tyler nodded his head in understanding, he has been trying to think of the perfect way for Josh and Yourself admit the feelings towards you both.

“Hey Jenna and I are going to go and RUN!” Tyler screamed grabbing onto Jenna hand, practically dragging her out of the room before slamming the door shut behind them. While they were barricading the door from the outside, Josh and You were both confused by what just happened.

“What.. What the Fuck is he on?” You groaned rubbing the arm that Tyler had poked, “I don’t know to be honest,” You jumped at the sound of Josh voice from behind you, you had forgotten that Josh was in the room with you. This was going to be awkward moment in the room for the both of you, taking a seat in the spinning chair where they got their makeup done. Pulling out the phone that was in the back pocket of the jeans you had on, scrolling through twitter and occasionally tumblr. It had been silent in the room for twenty minutes and to say that it was driving Josh crazy was a huge ass lie.

That was the main reason he broke the silence, “Why do you hate me?” Josh blurted out making you jump from the sudden sound of his voice.


“Why do you hate me? Whenever we are in the room together alone or with friends you always avoid me. And never make conversation with me, or just straight up annoy me! It’s rude for one when you don’t acknowledge someone especially if they try to get you to talk too them,” Josh was breathing heavily from the outburst, he watched you intently from the couch, watching as you tapped the chair arm with your finger nails.

“I don’t hate you,” You finally told him, fixing your eyes on the wall across from you. “If you don’t hate me than what is it? Am I annoying? Am I not good enough for you to talk to? It’s because I don’t cook that’s it isn’t it,” Josh rambled on and on listening off all the things that came to his head, not even noticing that you had stood up from the chair that you were in and was walking towards him. Leaning down each arm on either side of him, your faces only inches apart from one another.

“I like you and I honestly thought that if I avoided you or even didn’t acknowledge you that it would have those feelings for you disappear. Obviously it did the opposite since I still like you, and I understand if you don’t like me since well I did ignore you,” Josh busted out laughing, his arms wrapping around his waist, “Yes haha, I know it is funny someone like you liking someone like me. This is why I didn’t want to tell you or admit it outloud.”

That stopped Josh in the middle of his laughing fit, “What? No I’m laughing because I like you for one. And wanted to tell you, but you would always avoid me or ignore me, which made me think that you didn’t like me.”
“You like me?”

“Well yeah, you are funny and beautiful, I knew that the moment I meet you I wanted to be with you,” Josh grumbled scratching his head with his hand, a smile breaking across your face, “Well than..”

“Would you like to talk more to one another after the show tonight? Maybe get a coffee or Taco Bell?”

“Totally Taco Bell,” You laughed at his shy state that he was in now, Jenna and Tyler both walked back into the dressing room, holding hands along with large grins. “We heard you both confessed to liking each other. It is all cute and everything but we have a show to play brother,” Tyler kissed Jenna on the cheek before heading out the door, Josh following closely behind. He didn’t give you a kiss on the cheek, but he did hand you an ice pack, “I saw the red marks that Jenna caused, this will help.” Josh threw the ice pack, before running off down the hall towards the stage.

“I don’t like him! You’re embarrassing me!” Jenna mocked in a high pitch voice, waving her hands around in the air, rolling your eyes at her antics grabbing the nearest thing it being the ice pack in your hand and throwing it at her.

“OW!” She cried out in fake pain when it hit her arm, “You lucky I like you,” Jenna groaned before walking out the room towards the stage too watch the show. Yourself following close behind, you couldn’t wait for the show to be over so you could hangout with Josh.

Saudade: Ch19

 Ever since Tyler and Josh started working on the new album, they had been hanging out nonstop. Which also meant, Jenna had been hanging around you more often as well. She never brought up the subject again, unless you two were for sure alone. She wasn’t as bold about suggesting other ideas either, but instead stayed more quiet, and served as someone to vent to or propose ideas of your own.  Josh was extra caring and sweet, always having his arm wrapped around you or letting you lean on his shoulder, holding your hand or letting you sit on his lap, cuddling you up to his side or having your legs draped over his. Tyler was even starting to be more vocal with you, which made you suspicious at first, but later happier. He took time to ask you how your day was going and check up to see how Josh was treating you, and even occasionally brought you over some cookies or a cinnamon roll to share with Josh in the early morning. You assumed this sudden change was due to the whole week of isolation, but a small voice in your mind still tempted to convince you that it was Jenna exposing the information instead.

Spending so much time with Jenna freaked you out at first, mainly because she knew your secret, but later, you learned that it wasn’t that bad, but instead really helpful. She was able to assist you in sorting out all the crazy thoughts and voices inside your mind, especially when they pertained to Josh and Brendon. Although she strongly disagreed with your decisions, and the choices you wished to complete in the future, she was respectful of your own opinions and what you had to say. Honestly, you had no idea where you were going. While you did truly love Josh, your heart ached for Brendon as well. It also didn’t help that all week you felt miserable.

“I think you should go to the doctor,” Josh insisted at the breakfast table one day, cutting into his stack of pancakes. “You can’t just keep taking pain killers and expecting it to magically go away.”

“I’m fine,” you insisted, drizzling syrup over what was now your third serving. You had been particularly hungry lately and you didn’t know why. Josh didn’t question it, but you had made note of the strange change of diet. “It’s probably just a bug.”

“It’s been since before the awards show,” he argued. “Remember? You almost didn’t even go, and then it’s now, what? Like a week or two later? And you still feel like shit.”

“I told you, I’m okay,” you sighed, scarfing down your pancakes. “Maybe I just ate something bad, that’s why my stomach hurts and I feel so dizzy.”

“Well let me know if anything else changes,” he instructed. “I’m worried about you.”

“Yeah,” you mumbled. “Me too.”

Later that day, you went over to Tyler and Jenna’s for lunch. They insisted on having a barbeque since it was getting sunnier outside, and Tyler also wouldn’t shut up about his new grill, so you both complied. On the way there though, you felt nauseous, head spinning, chest sore. Josh glanced over at you from the driver’s seat. “You okay?” he asked, putting a hand on your knee. “You don’t look too hot.”

“Can you roll down the window?” you whispered, closing your eyes, trying to get a grip on the situation. You felt like the world was spinning.

“Yeah, of course,” he bit down on his lower lip, worried eyes lingering on you before doing as requested, the cold breeze hitting your face.

“Thanks,” you murmured, easing back into your chair, taking a deep breath.

As soon as you arrived, Josh helped you out of the car. “You sure you don’t just want to lay on the couch for a little while?” he insisted, rubbing small circles on your back. “I’m sure Ty won’t mind.”

“I’m perfectly fine Josh,” you chuckled softly, pushing away your headache. “I just got a little overheated and had a bit of motion sickness, that’s all.”

“Josh! Y/n!” Tyler grinned, greeting you both with a hug. Jenna followed behind him, giving out hugs as well, before looking at you, catching a glimpse of something wrong in your eyes.

“Can I uh, use the restroom?” you asked awkwardly.

“Sure,” she nodded, grabbing you by the hand and leading you inside. “We’ll be back boys!”

“I don’t know why,” you sighed. “But I’ve felt miserable lately.”

“Maybe you just need a glass of water,” she shrugged. “Are you hungry?”

“Very,” you responded. “God, I’m starving.”

“Good,” she laughed. “Tyler made way too many hot dogs and hamburgers and we need someone to devour them, although, I wouldn’t be too concerned seeing as the boys eat like pigs.”

“You got that right,” you rolled your eyes with a small laugh. “I’ll be out soon, don’t worry about me. You don’t have to wait.”

“It’s alright,” she reassured. “I’ll just be out in the living room.”

You gave a small smile before locking the door behind you, walking into the bathroom, taking a deep breath. You didn’t understand why you felt so terrible all of a sudden. You ran a hand through your hair, closing your eyes, then reopening them to look in the mirror. You could see the ghost of dark bags underneath your eyelids, signs of how tired and exhausted you were. You hadn’t gotten much sleep lately. You used the restroom and then decided to join Jenna and the boys back out in the lawn for the barbeque. “How you feeling?” Josh wondered, wrapping an arm around your waist.

“Better,” you lied, trying to brighten up for the sake of the special occasion. “Can’t wait to try some of those delicious burgers.”

“I bet,” Josh chuckled. “You’ve had quite the appetite lately.”

“Thought I’d eat a little more recently,” you shrugged. “Wouldn’t hurt.”

“Well tonight, you can feast as much as you’d like,” Tyler announced proudly. “I’ve got enough food to fill the fridge with leftovers, so eat your hearts out.”

It wasn’t like you meant to eat that much, you weren’t even keep track. But it was pretty obvious you were going through hamburgers and hot dogs so fast you could barely count them all. Tyler even laughed, warning you to slow down, but you were so hungry you could barely keep yourself from relenting at the pace. “Geez Josh, do you ever feed her at home?” Jenna teased.

“I swear, she ate like twelve pancakes this morning!” he laughed.

“I’m just hungry,” you muffled out through a bite of hot dog. “Plus this food is really good.”

“What can I say?” Tyler beamed, ego shinning through and through. “I am the barbeque expert.”

“Oh shut up,” Jenna rolled her eyes, kissing him on the cheek. “You burnt like three hamburgers before you finally got the hang of it.”

“They don’t need to know that!” Tyler narrowed his eyes, making both you and Josh laugh.

“Hey uh, I hate to bother you, but I’m going to go to the restroom again,” you quickly explained, sliding out from the picnic table. “Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon.”

“You alright?” Jenna inquired.

“Yeah, yeah,” you nodded. “I’m fine.”

Truth be told, you were anything from fine. The rest of the night you felt absolutely sick to your stomach, having to go to the bathroom constantly, and even hours after Tyler had turned the grill off, you were still craving some more hot dogs. “You should let Josh take you to the doctor’s tomorrow,” Tyler insisted. “It’s for the best y/n. We don’t want you to suffer like this.”

“I’ll be fine,” you argued. “Trust me, it will come and go like everything else.”

“Come on,” Jenna decided, getting up and beckoning you to follow. “I think I have something that might help.”

“O-okay,” you stammered, deciding to go follow her.

She led you into the house, then took you to the back bedroom, opening up a closet and searching through a basket full of prescriptions. “Here,” she decided, picking out a bottle and handing it to you. “This will help soothe your stomach and hopefully stop your migraines.”

“It’s just a pain reliever,” you glanced at her.

“Yeah I know,” she rolled her eyes. “But it’ll help.”

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” you sighed, screwing open the bottle and pouring two tablets into your palm. Suddenly, you felt your stomach doing flips. “Oh god.”

“What?” her eyes grew worried. “What’s wrong?”

“I need to use the restroom,” you muttered, staggering up off the edge of the bed and heading towards the small one in the bedroom, not getting far before Jenna helped you there, rushing you towards the sink, where you vomited. “Oh fuck.” You felt your gag reflex kick in, making you hurl up more disgusting puke. “Shit I’m so sorry.” You turned the faucet on and let the rushing water clean up your mess.

“It’s okay,” Jenna handed you a towel, rubbing small circles on your back. “Just take it easy.”

“Too many hamburgers I guess,” you gave a pained smile, wiping off your mouth and gathering water in your palm, bringing it up to your lips to swish out the nasty aftertaste.

“I don’t think it’s from the food,” Jenna shook her head slowly. “Y/n, I think I know what it’s really from.”

“What do you mean?” you swallowed uncomfortably, putting down the towel on the counter, turning off the running water.

“Come here,” she guided you towards the bed and let you sit down, then returned to the closet where she had gotten the medicine.

“What are you looking for?” you narrowed your eyes.

“When you uh, had sex with Brendon, at the awards show…” she paused. “You said that was the only time in your entire life when you didn’t use protection.”

“Well yeah but,” you forced out a laugh. “You don’t think that I mean, you know, I could…”

“Your frequent urination, sudden change in hunger, dizziness, fatigue,” she began to list all your symptoms. “It would make sense.”

“What are the odds of him knocking me up the one time he doesn’t use a condom?” you chuckled nervously. “Come on Jenna, you’re being ridiculous.”

“It never hurts to check,” she shrugged, pulling out a small box from the back of the counter.

“There’s no way I’m pregnant,” you shook your head. “I’m telling you, I’m sure this is just a bug.”

“Then let’s find out,” she sighed, turning around and handing you the slender box. “One line means negative, two lines means positive.”

“I am not doing that,” you insisted. “I’m not pregnant.”

“Just please,” she took a deep breath. “Trust me on this.”

“Fine,” you grumbled, opening it up and taking out the thin stick, staring at it. You felt your stomach tied in knots as you walked towards the bathroom, closing the door, reading the instructions on the back of the box, your hands shaking.

There was no fucking way you were pregnant. Not at all. The chances of you getting pregnant that one time were like one in a billion, right? Probably not, but you forced yourself to believe it anyways. Maybe you could just take this little test, show Jenna that she’s full of bullshit, go home, take a nap, and then wake up just fine the next day. You’d feel much better and this stupid cold or flu or whatever it was would go away, and everything would return to normal. You carefully set the stick on the counter, washed your hands, and then opened up the door, watching as Jenna chewed on her lower lip, looking at you. She must be so disappointed and embarrassed to have to deal with a mess like you. You felt even more sick knowing how much shit you’ve had to put her through.

“Did you do it?” she whispered.

“Yeah,” you nodded slowly.

“Okay, we’ll leave it there and then check it before you go home with Josh,” she decided. “Let’s go out before the boys get too worried.”

The rest of the night, you couldn’t seem to focus. You were so caught up in that tiny little stupid stick sitting on the bathroom counter. What the fuck would you do if it was positive? No, don’t think that. It couldn’t be positive. There was no way. How the hell were you supposed to explain that to Brendon? Much less Josh? You decided to keep quiet and instead focus on the delicious s’mores that you all were concocting by the campfire. Josh’s arm was wrapped around you, cuddling you close to his body on the lawn chair. You watched as your marshmallow turned a perfect golden brown, smiling with satisfaction, about to pull it out of the flames, when you heard the loudest scream, startling all of you. Josh jumped in his seat, you dropped your stick with the marshmallow on it, and Jenna’s eyes widened. “Holy shit!” you heard Tyler scream again from inside, rushing out to the backyard where you were all gathered, running towards Jenna with something in his hand.

“What the hell?” Josh stared in confusion.

“Oh my god!” Tyler shouted, in tears, racing towards Jenna and hugging her tight. You were afraid he was going to suffocate her he was holding onto her so tight. “Fuck, why didn’t you tell me? Holy shit. Oh my god. Jenna, I’m without words.”

“What are you talking about?” she wondered, watching as he released the embrace, still teary eyed and emotional.

“We’re going to have a kid!” Tyler laughed, bright eyes, happier than ever, holding up the positive pregnancy test for her to see. You froze as soon as you saw the two solid pink lines, your stomach doing flips, head spinning as you watched Tyler break into a toothy grin. “You’re fucking pregnant, we’re going to have a baby, we’re going to be parents, I’m going to be a dad-”

“Uh Tyler…” Jenna’s voice trailed off. “That’s not mine.”

“What?” he stared at her, blinking several times, confused.

“That’s not my pregnancy test you found on the bathroom counter,” she repeated, swallowing uncomfortably.

“W-what do you mean?” Tyler looked at her, twice as puzzled.

“I’m not pregnant,” she explained. “Y/n is.”

Better Late Than Never

Summary: A requested imagine about having feelings for Josh for many years but not acting on them then you get invited to the Grammy’s.

Warnings: None, y’all all safe here.

Rating: Safe, no smut just fluff

A/N: I am sorry I am slow at getting through these requests but I am doing the best I can. Also let’s talk about Josh and Tyler at the Grammys for a sec. 1. I am proud af, they truly deserve this and the awards that are yet to come. 2.They have great legs and they should do that more often. Just saying.

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I got an ask earlier this morning accusing me of being a fake fan for the pure simplicity of me disliking characters and not agreeing with some of their actions. So I’ve decided to make a post with all the things I HATE about this show. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve invested a lot of time and effort into this show, trying to piece together all the pieces and make sense of all the plot holes, but we have to admit there are some major issues with the show which go past just hating a character for being a shit person. So here all the reasons PLL ANNOYS ME.


- They always demonise poc characters or kill them off. For example, killing off Yvonne to set the pace for Spoby to slowly get back on track.

- This show literally glamourises attractive people not having to take responsibility for their actions in the face of the law. The show is literally called Pretty little liars, no wonder they wouldn’t have charges put against them for anything they do. I mean Aria killed Shana and got away with it, Jessica’s killer is yet to be revealed but so far got away with their crime, Ezra stalked and dated underage girls and didn’t get charges against him??! These people get away with shit just for the fact that they are attractive

- Alison’s character development has been so poor. We have literally been thrown nice Alison in our faces and are expected to forget that this girl bullied multiple characters oh the show, emotionally manipulated her friends and pretty much everyone in her life, faked being kindnapped, faked her death and used Emily on multiple occasions

- Aria forever remains a door mat for Ezra. Ezra could do her so dirty and Aria would be there like his little lap dog. She took him back after he stalked her and lied to her for years and suddenly there’s no trust issues? He then cheated on her on live television with Nicole and Aria much like Veronica, chose to ignore it. And omg, I wanted to go to New York and drag her little ass back to Rosewood when she drove all the way to New York to pay Nicole a little visit like what the fuck Aria? You going to go square up to a woman who doesn’t even know who you are?! All because you’re fuck boy predator cheated on you?! PSA: IT IS EZRA’S FAULT GO BE MAD AT HIM, DO NOT MELT BACK INTO HIS ARMS AND CONFRONT NICOLE. Fuck sake. ALSO ARIA ACTING LIKE JENNA GETTING HER EYE SEIGHT BACK WAS INCONVENIENT?!!!? BITCH YOU WERE A BYSTANDING IN HER BLINDING. YOU CAN STRANGLE YOURSELF.

- Veronica not leaving Peter’s cheating ass is something I’m so against. I understand that she loved him and built a life with him. But she could’ve have taken Spencer and Melissa and built something that wasn’t built on lies. I feel so bad for Veronica because Peter cheated on her with both Jesica and Mary (unknowingly) and now there are children out there who born from affaires.

- PLOT HOLES. Maybe these will make sense as the story goes on but there are so many of them

- Useless red herring characters. We are always and forever being lead to believe that the most irrelevant characters have something to do with A.D. They literally drag it out and have the girls play detective when it ends up being pointless.

- Bad portrayal of mental illness. Can we please just think about the fact that to avoid prison time, every A has willingly revealed themselves and acted crazy to be institutionalised Instead of spending time in jail.


- Hanna; Okay, I agree with @prettylittleliarsxxxx time jump Hanna sucks. They literally brought back the shop lifting Hanna. How shit for character development. She’s saltier than McDonald’s fries at the minute. Getting angry at everyone. She’s irritating me so much. And this is coming from a Haleb shipper, but it pissed me off that Hanna and Caleb just flew back into their relationship without even giving Spencer time. Also, the fuck is up with them putting Spencer and Caleb together? Like that just goes against every girl code. It’s a no zone.

- MONA. Mona is quite frankly the best thing to happen to this show. Yes, she might have tortured the girls as A but she redeemed herself over the seasons, and really does care about Hanna. These girls still alienate and demonise her and they’d e pretty little dead girls if it wasn’t for her. She’s helped and saved their asses so many times. I just want Mona to find happiness. She deserves it.

anonymous asked:

Jealous Josh???? I mean guuurl there is no one on this planet who could write a better imagine so please please please write a jealous Josh imagine? Something like you go clubbing and you meet your old friend but he doesn't know you're taken so he's all flirty and stuff and then Josh notices and is all jealous and it ends fluffy like you reassure him you love him and stuff??? (Don't have to be like this it's just an idea you can write it as you like and as you're comfortable with) thanks ily!!!!

Thanks for your request and all the kind words!! 


“Babe, can you tie this?” you ask, your hands were holding up the thin piece of fabric on the back of your shirt.  You’d been fiddling with it for a bit now, but sighed in defeat.  Luckily Josh was just emerging from the shower, the steam rolling out of the door as soon as it opened.  He had a towel wrapped around his waist, you subtly gawked at his v-line and dripping wet body.  

“Sure,” he said before knotting the towel and making his way over towards you.  He took the fabric and you let your hands fall.

“Thanks,” you smile, giving him a peck on the cheek before going into the bathroom.  The mirror was all fogged up, you wiped it down before starting your makeup.

“Tyler’s picking us up in ten minutes,” Josh said as he grabbed some floss from the shelf, “will you be ready in time?”

You nod, leaning over the sink obnoxiously to apply your mascara, “Yeah, I’m good.”

“You look beautiful,” Josh murmured, pulling you into his bare chest and planting his lips on yours.  

You smile against the kiss, “Mm, and you look very handsome.  Is this how you’re going?” You ask, indicating towards his naked torso.  

Josh smiled wide, “I call this the ‘I-hate-laundry-so-I-won’t-wear-clothes’ look, you like?”

You laughed, pressing your hands against his pecks, “I do, unfortunately, I think a lot of other girls will too,” you chuckle softly, “that I don’t like so much.”

“Aw, babe,” Josh fake pouted, wrapping you up in his arms and giving the top of your head a kiss, “you know you’re my one and only.”

Just then a car honked outside and you smirked at Josh.  “Now who’s not ready?”

He pulled away from you sticking out his tongue like a three-year-old and rushing into the bedroom to pull a shirt on.  Then, together, you walk out to Tyler and Jenna’s car, ready for a fun night together.  

The club was a little crowded.  Nothing like what it can be like though.  You’ve been to this same bar before, many times in fact, and it’s so packed you could barely move.  Tonight, there were just the right amount of people.  Enough where you could dance freely without anyone really noticing.  But not so much where you couldn’t escape the dance floor if you needed to.  

You and Jenna walk in, arm and arm, chatting about each of your days events.  Tyler and Josh lingered behind talking about god-only-knows what.  You started off small, sipping on this fruity drink Josh had gotten you and scoping everyone out with him.  Jenna and Tyler went straight for the dance floor, something you couldn’t help but chuckle at.  Tyler busted out some pretty intense moves for someone who was always sober.  

“I’d need at least three shots to do that,” you say.  Tyler had his elbow cocked and his legs doing some strange jig.  It had Jenna laughing though, probably his ultimate goal.  

Josh laughed.  He had one arm slung casually around you, the other holding a cup of beer.  Eventually the two of you joined in on the dancing.  You were a horrible dancer, so you mostly just jumped and swayed your hips.  You really didn’t care as long as you didn’t spill your drink.  

After a few songs you lost track of Jenna and Tyler, you stood on your tip-toes trying to scan the crowd.  It was Josh that eventually scoped them out in the corner.  Jenna was seated, her head in her lap, Tyler was kneeling in front of her, one hand on her knee.  

The two of you made your way over, Josh’s hand hovered on your lower back until you broke through the crowd.  

“Everything okay?” You ask, slightly concerned.  

“She’s getting one of her migraines,” Tyler said.  

“Is her medication in the car?”

Tyler nods, looking back at you with pierced lips.  

“You stay with her,” you say, “I’ll go grab it.”

“I’ll grab her some water,” Josh suggests.

Tyler mouths a ‘thanks’ to the both of you and hands over his car keys.  You start making your way to the exit.

The cool air feels nice on your hot skin.  You almost wished Tyler would have parked further away so you could have enjoyed it longer, but in no time, you have Jenna’s medication in hand and you’re reentering the bar.  As you open the door, it slams into something solid and you cringe when you see that it’s a person you’ve so graciously hit.  

“Oh my god-“ you gasp, your free hand flying up to cover your mouth, “I am so sorry!”

The man turns and you’re even more surprised to see it was your prom date from senior year.  

“Holy shit!” he exclaims, all concerns for being hit by a door forgotten.  “Y/N! I can’t believe it, what the hell are you doing here!”

“Wow, hi!” You say, still shocked, “I live like five minutes down the road, I’m here like, all the time.”

“No shit, I just moved here a bit ago, trying to meet some new people, try new things and all that,” he chuckles.  “Hey, you look amazing,” he says.

“Thanks, you look great too.  Can’t believe it’s been, what? Seven years?”

“It’s crazy.”

The two of you spark up conversation like it’s nothing, like seven years haven’t passed, like you’d never been apart.  You forget all about Jenna’s medication still clutched in your hand.


“Dude, where’s Y/N?” Tyler asks.

“I don’t know, how long’s it been?”

“Long enough, I didn’t park that far.  You should go check on her.”

I stood up from the chair, giving Jenna an encouraging pat on the back before walking away.  I really did feel awful for her.  I’d had migraines in the past.  Nothing to mess around with.  

I make my way to the door when the image in front of me stops me dead in my tracks.  Y/N definitely wasn’t lost, unless it was in this dude’s piercing blue eyes.  It feels like my stomach dropped to the floor.  What the fuck?  

I pride myself on being laid back. I’m easy-going, reasonable.  But watching Y/N look at someone like that, that wasn’t me, that didn’t settle well.  I stayed back, too stunned to move. Y/N was hunched over, laughing at something this guy said.  My jaw clenched when she touched his arm delicately.  This was definitely flirting and I could feel the anger boiling up inside of me.  But as angry as I was, it didn’t compare to the dread building up in my stomach.  I was always so scared of losing Y/N.  My anxiety always found it’s way back in my head, saying things like ‘you’ll never be good enough’ and ‘eventually, she’ll find someone better’.  I was afraid that maybe she finally did.  My instincts told me to walk away, but instead, I started walking closer, my fists clenched at my side, my heart beating in my chest.  Their conversation started to become clearer.

“I think we ought to dance a few songs, see if you still got those moves,” he says.  “Come on, let me buy you a drink first—“

“Oh, there you are babe,” I say, pretending I didn’t just hear his invitation, “we were worried you got lost.”  I walked casually between Y/N and the guy and wrapped my arms around her waist, planting a kiss on her lips.  I faced the guy after I pulled away, staring him straight in the eye.  Not bothering to ask who he was or why he was hitting on my girlfriend.  I was pleased to see how startled he looked, though.

“Um, Josh this is (idk, your prom date’s name lol),” she says.  

(Whatever his name is) holds his hand out towards me.  I make an exaggerated effort to look at his open hand, but keep mine planted firmly in my pocket.  I hated this whole asshole regime.  But I didn’t know how else to show her I cared that she was flirting with someone else.  

“Uh, nice to meet you,” the guy said warily.  

I stare at him intently, realizing what a douche I’m being but too angry and hurt to act differently.

I almost sighed in relief to see Tyler practically dragging Jenna towards the exit.  She looked awful, but I knew that it was our cue to leave.  

“Hey guys,” Tyler said, “Sorry to interrupt, but I really gotta get her home.”

I nod, and before Y/N can say anything else to the guy, we turn and walk out the door.  

The ride home is horrible.  Y/N is so mad.  I can already tell.  She’s got her body positioned as far away from me as she possibly can and stares out the window the entire time.  My chest feels hallow and the voice in my head keeps repeating the same three words over and over again; she’s gonna leave. She’s gonna leave.  She’s gonna leave.  


“What kind of archaic shit was that?!” You bellowed as soon as Josh closed the door to the apartment.  You turn towards him, your fists clenched.  

His eyes widen and he steps back.  

“Seriously?” You yell, “What the fuck was that?”

Josh rolls his eyes, his hands dig in his pocket until he finds his wallet.  He pulls it out and tosses it on the counter.  

“Whatever,” he mutters, about to walk away.

“Oh no,” you say, the anger boiling up inside of you.  You grab his arm and spin him towards you.  “No fucking way are you walking away right now.”

You stare so intently at him, determined to get a response out of him.  But he won’t even look at you.  His eyes trace the ceiling, the floor, the wall behind you.  Anywhere but you.

You begin to realize you’re not getting anything out of him, so you continue, “Do you have any idea how fucking rude you were?  Acting like a thirteen year old angsty teenager.  You embarrassed me!”

Josh stared at the floor.  His hands were buried in his pockets again.  Your nose twitched.  You wanted to make him as angry as he was making you.

“In front of such a nice guy.  (whatever his name is) and I were having a really good conversation and you just jumped in and acted like some uncivilized, caveman.  I was having so much fun too and—“ you pause.  You were almost out of breath from yelling so much.  “Why aren’t you saying anything?” You plead, voice softening.  

Your change in tone makes Josh look up, finally making eye contact with you.

“Why don’t you just go back then?” he asks casually.

Your face contorts into a puzzled look.  “What?”

“To the bar.  Why don’t you just head back, I’m sure he’s still there.”

He isn’t mocking.  He isn’t being sarcastic.  He’s genuinely suggesting that you go back to the bar without him.  

“Why the hell would I do that?”

“Because you were having such a good time,” he says, like it’s obvious.  

Your face softens.  You’re finding it very hard to stay so mad when Josh is just standing there looking so defeated and drained.  

“It’d be no fun without you,” you say.

Josh immediately scoffs and you can tell that he truly doesn’t believe what you’re saying.

“Josh,” you start, “why did you get so jealous? Honestly?”

His eyes drop again and he brings his hand up to scratch the back of his neck.  

“I’m an idiot, I don’t know, I’m sorry-“

“No,” you cut him off, “Why did you get so jealous?”

He looks up at you and keeps eye contact.  His eyes are hallow, sad even.  You can tell he’s having a hard time finding words, but finally he speaks, “I don’t know, I just—“ he pauses again, gathering his thoughts, “I just, sometimes I have these thoughts.  These thoughts that I’m not good enough for you.  And I know you’re going to say that’s irrational and stupid or whatever, but I can’t convince myself that it is.  I try to.  I really do, but I can’t.  I still think it.  I still fight it.  And tonight, I just got so scared that it was happening.. That you were gonna find someone better, and I just-“ he pauses, “I just freaked out.  I’m sorry.”

You frowned, your whole insides aching with the thought of Josh struggling with such demonizing thoughts.  You took a step forward, wanting to convince him that he was wrong, but remembering what he said.  That whatever you said didn’t matter.  That he couldn’t stop believing it.  A tear rolled down your cheek and you continued moving closer across the room until you were only inches away from him.  He looked down at you, exhausted and looking so defeated.  

“I love you,” you whispered, taking his hands in yours.  “I love you,” you said, emphasizing the last word, “so much.  And I’m sorry.  That guy was just some stupid guy from high school.  We were just catching up, I promise.  I’m sorry I made you jealous, I’m sorry I made you feel not good enough, and I know you said I can’t convince you that you are good enough, but I’m going to try.”

Josh squeezed his eyes shut, looking like he was trying hard not to cry.  You delicately moved your body closer to him, wrapping your arms around his torso and letting your head rest against his chest.  You stayed there, finally feeling his arms around you, his hands running up and down your back.  You’d always stay here, because this was home. 

“Besides,” you say, pulling back and giving Josh a slight smile, “I could never go for a guy like that, you’re my one and only.”

Jenna? - A Tyler x Reader imagine

A Tyler Joseph imagine in which you hear him say his ex girlfriend’s name in his sleep. Word Count: 1,116 Requested: Nope (but requests are definitely open) 

My last two fics were about Josh so I gave TyJo a shot on this one. Please enjoy - Lia 

Soft sighs and mumbles escaped Tyler’s parted lips. He stirred in his sleep and his hands crept up to your waist. You rubbed your eyes and squinted to see the clock on your bed side table. 3:00 AM. The only time that you woke up this early is when Tyler would talk in his sleep. Most of the time he would have dreams that no one showed up to a huge show and he’d wake up panicking. On occasion, he would wake you up with his soft sobs and a tear or two on his face. This was reserved for the times he dreamt of losing someone he loved. When he had a nightmare about you, he would gasp as his eyes shot open and immediately embrace you. “Oh Y/N thank God you’re okay. You’re okay. I just needed to know you were okay…” But tonight was something new. At first the words he was mumbling sounded like he was in distress. “Wait… Please… Oh…” you were just about to nudge him awake when a loud noise fell from his mouth. He was… groaning? No. A moan? It couldn’t be. You’d never witnessed Tyler asleep while being caught up in sexual fantasies. At first you didn’t believe it, but then you smirked. That must explain his prior instinct to trail his hands around your hips. 

His eyebrows furrowed and his head swayed from right to left. “Jenna…”

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Make up or break up- Josh Dun

Josh had been spending a lot of time in the studio lately. He had even spent the last 2 nights there. You understood how stressful it would be trying to finish an album but you couldn’t help but miss him. You had been texting him all day asking when he would be home. He didn’t answer. You haven’t talked to him in a day now. He didn’t even bother to text you good night last night.
Hey Joshua. It’s your girlfriend. Have you forgotten about me? When are you coming home? I know you’re stressed but I mean you haven’t talked to me in over a day. I miss you. I love you.
Sent at 5:36pm
I’m extremely tired. I’m coming home now and going to bed.
Received at 5:38pm
Ok. See you then.
Sent at 5:39pm
Josh seemed short in his text. That meant he was in a bad mood. You just wished he would talk to you. The front door opened but you didn’t really notice. You just sat a the kitchen table and stared down at your cup of tea continuing to think. The slamming of keys hitting the counter made you jump slightly and pulled you from your thoughts.
“Oh hey babe. How was your day?” You asked in a calm nice tone trying to make him calm down a little.
“Really, how was your day? That’s what you ask me? My day was fine. I told you I was tired. I’m going to bed. Goodnight.” Josh’s tone was very aggressive.
“I-I’m sorry. Goodnight.” You went to give him a kiss but he just turned around and walked towards the bedroom.
You couldn’t hold back your emotions. That hurt like hell. You slid down to the floor and broke down crying. After a few minutes you heard footsteps approaching you. You looked up and saw an angry Josh. He wasn’t there to apologize or comfort you.
“Y/N can you stop being so damn dramatic. I can’t sleep with you out here crying and feeling sorry for yourself. Now either come join me in bed or why don’t you just leave. You don’t do anything around here. You don’t work and you expect me to be with you all the time. Well guess what I princess I’m at work all day and I don’t expect to come up to you being a fucking drama queen.” His face was red from anger and yelling. You just looked at him in shock unable to even stick up for yourself.
“Say something god damn it.” And with that he slapped you across your face.
You held your face for a moment before you pushed him aside and grabbed your keys and left through the front door.
As you walked to your car quickly you could hear Josh behind you.
“Fuck Y/N wait. No. Fuck. Shit I’m so sorry.” He grabbed for your arm to stop you. You looked into his eyes which were spilling out tears.
“Y/N please. Don’t leave. Please. I’m so sorry. I’ll do anything. I love you. Don’t go.”
You could tell it was going to break him if you left. But if you stayed and didn’t take time to think you might brake.
“I’m sorry Josh, but I can’t. I have to go.”
“Where are you gonna go. Please let’s just go inside and talk about it.” He was holding back his tears from falling again as yours fell one by one.
“Goodbye Josh.” With that you got in the car and drove off. You didn’t know exactly where you were headed but you ended up at Tyler and Jenna’s front door.
As you knocked it finally sent in what happened. You broke down as soon as the door opened.
“Holy crap Y/N. What’s wrong?” Jenna asked as she pulled you into a hug. Ever since you and Josh started dating 2 years ago you became best friend with Jenna.
“J-josh came in f-from the studio and h-he w-was really tired and h-he s-lapped me and y-yelled at m-me.” You tried to explain as Jenna lead you to the couch still hugging you. Tyler appeared in the room with a confused look.
“Hey Y/N, why aren’t you with Josh?” He realized that he probably shouldn’t of asked that once you looked up at him and sobbed harder.
Jenna got up leaving you on the couch and Tyler still stood across the room. She stopped to whisper something in his ear. His jaw dropped as she talked to him quietly. His look of shock turned to pissed. Jenna continued walking towards her room where she grabbed you some pajamas and Tyler came and sat next to you. He was like an older brother to you but it was awkward because Josh was his best friend.
“Y/N. I know you don’t want to hear this right now but it will be fine. He’s just really stressed and he’s never dealt with his stress well. I’ll call him and make sure he’s okay. But I need to know your okay first. You did the right thing coming here and not just leaving for good. Josh loves you so much. He needs you. You guys can’t give up on this relationship yet. I know he hurt you but…” he took a pause searching for the words. “He should have never touched you. I have no excuse for him for putting his hands on you. Why don’t we get you to the guest room and you can rest.” You nodded and he led you to the room where Jenna was setting up the bed for you. You thanked them and they left you alone.
As you got into bed after cleaning yourself up you look at your phone to see that it was 7:32 pm. Josh had called you 17 times, left you 13 voicemails, and texted you 43 times. You had to admit it made you happy to see he wasn’t giving up on the relationship. You still couldn’t bring yourself to listen or read any messages so you deleted them. You laid in the bed just looking at the ceiling. What felt like hours later was only about 45 minutes later when you heard the doorbell ring and footsteps heading towards the door. You heard Tyler raising his voice then slamming the door. Whoever it was he was clearly very pissed at them. You heard a quiet knock on the window that was to the right of you. You got up and opened it and saw a really upset Josh. He gave you a slight smile then spoke.
“I didn’t want to spend the night alone. I didn’t know where you were going and I couldn’t stand knowing that I made you so upset. I came here to see if I could crash here but Tyler said you were in the guest room and told me I needed to leave. But I could let you go again. I can’t do this Y/N. I love you too much. I so so sorry I never meant to put my hands on you.” As he said that you cupped your cheek. You felt a tear roll down your face.
“Please just come in here Josh.”
Josh hoisted himself through the window. You were glad Tyler and Jenna lived on a one floor house because otherwise you probably wouldn’t be in Josh’s arms right now. You went over to turn on the light when Josh let out a slight gasp.
“Shit Y/N. Did you see your face. It’s all bruised. I’m so sorry. I’m such a bad boyfriend. Oh my god I’ll never hurt you again.” You cut him off before he could go on.
“No. Josh it’s okay. Your stressed. I get it. Please just please promise me you’ll take a break from the studio. It’s changing you for the worse.” You looked into his mocha eyes as he just nodded and held back a few tears.
“You know I didn’t mean all that stuff I said. You do so much for me. You cook, clean, take care of me, you practically gave up your job for me. Your such an amazing person and I’m so glad you’re mine. I really mean it. I love you so much.”
“Josh shut up and kiss me already.” With that for the first time in over 2 days he gave you a kiss. It was a small yet loving kiss.
Once pulled apart you both got under the covers and cuddled into each other. You fell asleep after exchanging a few more kisses and ‘I love yous’.

Live From New York, It’s Saturday Night!

Title: Live From New York, It’s Saturday Night!

Request: Hi! Can you write an imagine kinda like “I have a crush on you” but for SNL? P.s. I love your write so much!!

Characters: Josh Dun x Reader, Tyler Joseph, Jenna Joseph, Lin-Manuel Miranda

Warnings: None

Originally posted by nbcsnl

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anonymous asked:

Hey, could you maybe make an imagine to where Josh has been missing for quite sometime (like a few months or so) and everyone is worried sick and stuff. But then Tyler gets a call that he has been found? Also can the reader be his gf please?


Twenty eight hours.  

That’s how long it had been since anyone had heard from Josh.  

Twenty eight hours since you’d seen his name flash across your screen.

Twenty eight hours since you’d heard his voice.

Twenty eight hours since you’d seen his smile.

Twenty eight hours.  

A cancelled show.  

And a bajillion missed calls.

You were sleeping over at Tyler and Jenna’s, too anxious and scared to stay alone.  

It was an understatement to say you were a wreck, constantly alternating between ugly sobbing and vacant staring.  Tonight was a staring night.  Tonight was a night where your mind wandered into all the dark nooks and crannies you spent so much of you life trying to avoid.  

You barely felt Jenna’s arm around you.  And you could barely hear Tyler pacing in the dimly-lit hallway, leaving voicemail after voicemail on Josh’s phone.  All going unanswered.  

You’d shut your own phone off.  You’d become obsessed with checking it.  Constantly hopeful that Josh would return your calls.  Tell you he’s alive.  It was eating you from the inside out.  

Twenty eight hours.

Twenty eight excruciating hours.

It wasn’t a police case.  Josh had taken his wallet, his phone, his charger.  All the essentials.  No fowl play suspected.  No suspicious accidents.  He just vanished.  

“He’ll be back,” Tyler reassured you.  He was crouched on the floor in front of you, lightly touching your knee.  “I know he’ll be back.”  You nod, not believing a single word he said.  

“You need rest,” Jenna whispers, giving your shoulder a light rub.  

She’s probably right.  The bags under your eyes have become something out of a horror flick.  You think your insides are too squirmy to sleep, but you lay down, letting Jenna tuck you in like a child.  

Their guest bed is soft.  Like clouds.  

You find your mind wandering.  You start to think of some of the tweets you’d read through about the cancelled show.  Different theories and assumptions.  That the band actually broke up.  That someone died.

You wonder what Josh would say if he was here.  You imagine him kissing the tip of your nose and playing with your hair.  He’d probably tell you to stop thinking about it.  To think of something good instead.  

So you try.  You think of the purest and brightest thing in your life.  You think of it laughing, how it’s eyes get all crinkly when it smiles too big.  You think of how it smells and the rise and fall of it’s chest when it’s sleeping beside you at night.  You drift off, finally feeling at peace.

You’re being shaken awake in the middle of the night.  Dazed, confused and still half asleep, you sit up.  Tyler’s lanky silhouette is standing above you.  

“I’m gonna flip on the light,” he says.  

His warning doesn’t prepare you for the blinding flash that erupts.  

You immediately cover your eyes with your forearm, trying to adjust while still looking up at Tyler.  He has a large hoodie on, the bags under his eyes just as prominent as yours.

“He called,” he says, voice cracking.

Your arm falls immediately as you forget completely about the light.  

You’re already flinging the covers and swinging out of bed.  

“What?”  you stammer, still unsure if you believe Tyler or not.

“He called about fifteen minutes ago,” he pauses, “he’s safe.”

Your hand covers your heart, a weight being lifted.  “Thank goodness,” you exhale.

When Tyler doesn’t respond, you ask, “Where is he?”

He sighs, shoving his hands in his pocket.  “I don’t know.”

“What do you mean you don’t know? You just talked to him!”

“He didn’t say.  Said he needs some time,” Tyler exhales sharply, “doesn’t want to be found.”

“Doesn’t want to be found?” you repeat, “what the hell does that even mean?”  You’re becoming frantic.  You quickly rush to the dresser drawer in the corner of the room and turn your cellphone on.  Josh didn’t want to be found by Tyler.  

That didn’t mean he hadn’t tried to get in touch with you.  He’d probably been trying to reach you all day.  God, why did you turn your phone off? So, so stupid.  

You cradle your phone, watching as it boots up.  You stare at the home screen, waiting and waiting, but no texts come through.  No voicemails.  Nothing.  Josh hadn’t tried to reach you at all.  

You look up at Tyler, your face barely peaking out from your hair.  

“Did he say anything about me?”

Tyler pierces his lips, his eyes drooping sadly and shakes his head.

You choke out a sloppy sob, putting your hand over your mouth and hunching over.  Everything inside of you hurts.  You’re angry.  You’re terrified.  You’re confused.

Tyler hesitates.  Jenna had been the one comforting you all week so he wasn’t quite sure what you needed.  He awkwardly shuffles over and puts an arm around you.  You gratefully lean into his shoulder and ugly cry, wishing for this all to be over.  

“Why would he do this?” you whisper.  

“I wish I knew,” Tyler says.

Two more days go by and you start to ponder with the idea of Josh leaving you.  As much terror and anguish you felt the first day of Josh’s disappearance was nothing compared to how you felt now.  Josh chose this.  He chose to leave.  He chose to ignore your voicemails and texts.  

You wanted to respect whatever decision Josh made, even if you didn’t understand it.  So you’d stopped calling.  You’d stopped texting.  A small piece inside of you thought that maybe your silence would make him realize how much he missed you.  But it was eating you alive.  

Apparently you needed Josh way more than he needed you.  

Tonight you were back in your apartment for the first night since he left.  The silence was horrible, unsettling.  You sat on the edge of Josh and your bed, feeling the throw blanket underneath your fingertips.  The room was eerily clean, all the pillows perfectly placed on the bed, every dresser drawer shut tight.  It really showed that no one had lived in the space for over a week.  You pinched the fabric between your thumb and pointer finger.

You stood up, suddenly too overcome with emotions to sit still.  You walk to Josh’s side of the room, the side usually masked with chaos and disorder.  You pulled open his drawer.  His T-shirts laying neatly, folded just how you left them.  You sigh, pulling one out.  You wish it was unwashed, just pulled off his body.  You wished it smelled like him.  Instead all you could smell was lavender fabric softener.  

Something in your chest cracks as you fail to remember what Josh smells like.  It takes less than a second for you to break down.  You clutch his shirt in your fist and start to sob uncontrollably.  Your insides feel like they’re being ripped apart.  You can feel each stitch pull apart, as your heart tears further and further.  You wrap your arms around yourself, desperate to hold at least some of it together.  

You wonder what you did to make Josh run away.  You thought back to your last night together, and tried to pinpoint any signs that Josh was so unhappy.  You didn’t notice.  Whatever was going on in his head, you didn’t notice.  What kind of girlfriend did that make you?  

What kind of person did that make you?

You pulled your phone out of your pocket then, desperate and hysteric and unsure of what else to do.  

You briefly contemplated calling Tyler or Jenna.  But you knew only one person could make you feel better when you were frantic like this.  So you dialed the only number you still knew by heart.

The line rang.

And rang.

And rang.

Your throat felt tight when Josh speaks to you.  You must’ve heard his voicemail a thousand times, but nevertheless, hearing his voice soothed you.

“Hey, this is Josh, I’m obviously not around to pick up, but I’ll call ya back.”  Bullshit, you thought.

“But leave a message if you want!”


You freeze.  Realizing that you had nothing planned to say.  Nothing remarkable or clever or monumental.  

“Hey,” you whisper, trying to keep your voice as steady as possible.  “Um, it’s me.”

“I know you don’t wanna hear from me,” you begin.

Your nose starts to burn and you feel the tears starting to surface again, you try to hold them back.

“But uh-“ your voice grows thicker, “uh- I-”

You breathe shakily into the line, “I’m just at the apartment and it’s really quiet and I don’t think I’ll really be able to sleep,” you pause.  “And I’m just having a bad night, and I uh- I didn’t really know who else to call,” you wipe your wet cheek before continuing, “Tyler said you’re okay.  Which is good.  I’m glad you’re safe.

I just missed hearing your voice,” you say letting out a shaky sigh.  “And I’m sorry.  If I hurt you- I’m really sorry,” you sob heavily.  An ugly, heart wrenching cry.  “I just wanted to say that the keys under the mat and I’ll leave the light on incase you want to come home.”

You click the end button, letting the line go dead.  You clutch your phone to your chest, hanging your head and continuing to cry.

Sleep evades you for days.  You walk around, a lifeless, empty shell.  You do things.  You make the bed and fold the laundry.  But you don’t really feel any of it.  

Tyler and Jenna stop by one afternoon.  

Tyler looks shitty, too.  He’s skinny and his cheek bones are so prominent, like he hasn’t eaten in days.  Come to think of it, neither had you.  

“This is ridiculous,” Jenna says, all but slamming her fists down on your kitchen counter.  You look up sharply, startled by her sudden outburst.

“We have to go find him,” she says, “he can’t just runaway.  And we can’t just let him.”

“Jenna-“ Tyler interjects.

“No,” she says harshly.  “I can’t sit here and watch you, and you,” she says looking over towards where you were seated, “disappear with him.  You’re both fading away.  He can’t do this to us.”

You look up at Jenna, eyes swollen from so much crying, too tired to register all of what she was saying.  

“How can he do this?” she says in frustration, her voice cracking.  She starts to cry, standing in the middle of your kitchen.  Tyler hurries over, cupping her cheek and cradling her into his arms.  They sway, engulfed in each other’s arms.  

You feel sick.

You quietly push out of your chair and walk upstairs.  This was all becoming too much.  

You stop answering calls.  Jenna texts you constantly, trying to check up.  You don’t even open them.  Tyler calls, leaves messages.  Asks how you’re holding up.

About as good as could be expected.  

You feel utterly pathetic.  But you don’t want to function without Josh around.  Everything looks two shades duller and your chest constantly feels like it’s being compressed.  It’s hard enough just getting the energy to breathe.  You don’t want to talk to Tyler or Jenna.

They come by one afternoon, knocking and yelling your name through the door.  You’re in bed, hugging Josh’s pillow.  You’re biting your lips.  Your teeth sink so hard into the skin, you feel a crack and then taste blood.  

They eventually go away.  And you’re left in silence.  

By the forth day, you gave in and answered the door.

You pretend Tyler and Jenna’s presence is a bother, but you’re relieved to have some distractions  from your thoughts.

You’d been starting to wonder if Josh had runway with someone else.  It made perfect sense.  Josh met a girl at a show, didn’t stop at home, took off.  Didn’t want to be found.  Didn’t want to be bothered.  Called Tyler, not you.

Tyler tells you that he thinks the idea was ridiculous.  But you see Jenna biting her lip in the corner of the room, contemplating your theory.  She obviously doesn’t think it’s so crazy.

Your stomach hurt just thinking about it.  

Tyler and Jenna start sleeping at your place.  You get the feeling that they don’t trust you after ignoring them for three days.  You don’t mind so much though.  You sleep better knowing they’re just two doors down.  

The phone call comes that night.  

And Tyler is (once again) shaking you awake in the wee hours of the morning.

“Come on,” he’s whispering, tugging on your bare shoulder.

You’re grunting, unsure about what’s going on.

“Y/N, let’s go,” is all he says.  You groggily get out of bed, taking the sweatshirt Tyler has out for you.

“What’re you doing Ty?” you ask, disoriented.

“Josh’s mom called,” he says quickly, that catches your attention.  “He’s home.”

You wake up immediately.  Forgetting about being exhausted and half asleep.  

You pile into the car with Tyler and Jenna, nerves and anxiety building up inside of you.

“What’d she say?” you finally ask once the three of you were on the road.  

“Just that he showed up on her doorstep, thought we should come quickly.”

“What if he doesn’t want us there, Ty?” you whisper softly.  You weren’t sure what to expect when you finally saw Josh.  Relief?  Anger?  You were terrified of the unexpected.  He could’ve been anywhere these last few days.  You were afraid he didn’t want you.  You were afraid he’d reject you once he saw you.  

“Too bad for him,” Tyler said through gritted teeth.  

Josh’s childhood house sat back on the grass.  It was the only house with lights on in the entire cul de sac.  Tyler and Jenna got out of the car as soon as it pulled to a stop.  But you remained, staring forward and twisting your thumbs between your fingers.  You couldn’t do this.

Tyler realized you weren’t moving.

He opened your door for you, leaning down so that he was eye level.

“I’m scared too,” Tyler whispered, “but Josh is worth it.” He holds out his hand for you to take.  You look up at him.  His sincere eyes were warm and soothing.  You take his hand and get out of the car.  

Josh is worth it, you say over and over again in your head.  

You don’t even hear Tyler ring the doorbell.

In fact, you don’t snap back into the moment until Josh’s mom is opening the door, staring back at the three of you.

She gasps, holding her hand over her mouth.  “Thank God you’re here,” she says, holding her arms out, embracing Tyler in a giant hug.  

She moves on to you next, squeezing you tightly.

“He’s inside,” she says, leading the way.

You have to fight back the tears when you lay your eyes on a sleeping Josh.  He looks so peaceful, sprawled out on the couch, his head resting on a pillow etched with the words “home is where the heart is”.  

“What did he say?” Tyler asks softly.

“Not much,” Laura said, “I thought he was drunk at first,” she explained.  “I was going to be furious.  But then he just broke down, started to actually cry right on the doorstep.  I didn’t push,” she says, “I just led him to the couch to lay down.”  

Tyler shakes his head then and starts to walk over towards Josh.  No one stops him.  

He kneels in front of the couch, and ever so gently, shakes Josh awake.  You stay back, too terrified to go any closer.

Josh is confused at first, looking at Tyler like he’s a dream.  

But before anyone can say anything, Tyler leans in and hugs Josh.  It takes him a minute before Josh reciprocates the action.  But once he realizes this isn’t a dream, he’s hugging back.

“Tyler-“ he chokes out, “I’m sorry,” his voice is hoarse and filled with anguish.  He’s sobbing into Tyler’s shoulder.  His cried echo throughout the living room, filling the air.

You start to cry.  Hugging yourself around the middle again, fearful of splitting in two.  Seeing Josh in so much pain is worse than you could ever imagine.  You feel utterly helpless.

Tyler is gripping him so tightly.  “Don’t be sorry,” is all he says back.  

It’s all too much for you.  You shake your head anxiously and back away from the scene.  Slow at first, you eventually rush to the bathroom, shutting and latching the door.  That’s when you let out an uncontrollable sob, stemming from all the pain in your chest.  

You weren’t strong enough for any of this, you thought as you stared at your tear-stricken, blotchy face in the mirror.  You were exhausted and confused.  You were relieved and angry.  You were terrified.  You didn’t know how to process any of it.  Josh was unharmed.  Not, in fact, dead in a ditch somewhere.  He was right in front of you, fine in some ways.  So, so broken in others.  

There was nothing you could do.

He didn’t need you right now.  You’d just get in the way.  

You had to get out.  

You unlatched the door.  

As you made your way to the front entrance though, Tyler waited for you.  

“You can’t leave,” he says, standing in your way.

“Tyler,” you choke, “I can’t be here-“

“He needs you,” Tyler says, matter of factly.

“No,” you sigh, “he needs his friend and his mom.  That’s who he reached out to.  That’s who he needs.  He didn’t call me,” you say, the anger flaring up inside you, “he didn’t call me, he didn’t text me.  He didn’t show up at my door.  He doesn’t need me.”

Tyler’s shaking his head.

“Stop,” he says harshly, “don’t make this about you.”

You squint your eyes at Tyler, “Excuse me?”

“This isn’t about you,” he says.  “This is about Josh.  And Josh’s pain.  He is broken and fighting a battle inside his head.  He needs you here.  If you leave now, that’ll be the most selfish thing you’ve ever done.  He is scared and he’s fragile and he needs you here.”

Your face softens and you break eye contact from Tyler, your eyes wondering to the floor instead.  

You sigh.  “Is he sleeping again?”

Tyler nods.  “Yeah, but I think he’d like it if you went and sat with him.”

You bite your lip anxiously.  “Okay,” you agree.

You’re still unsure.  You don’t believe Tyler’s words.  But you try.  

Josh has his mouth open slightly, his head tilted back.  Your heart immediately flutters at the sight.  There’s a chair next to the couch, presumably where Laura had been before you all arrived.  You pull it up close to Josh, as quiet as you can, and you gently take his hand in both of yours.  His skin is calloused and rough, but familiar.  You hold tightly, cupping his skin and bringing it to your lips, softly kissing each knuckle.  

Your heart ached.

You missed Josh so much.  

You never wanted to have to live without him again.  

Eventually you fell asleep hunched over, resting your head on your arms, which were on the edge of the couch.  You weren’t sure how long you sat there, but it was long enough that by the time someone was saying your name to wake you, you had a kink in your neck that just might never go away.

Josh’s voice saying your name had never sounded so good.

You sit up, instantly alert.

“Hm?” you respond, brushing a strand of hair out from your mouth.

Josh’s golden eyes were staring into yours, warm and honest.  You smiled instinctively.  

“Hey,” you whisper.

“Hey,” he says back.  “You’re here.”

“Course, I’m here,” you say.  “I’ll always be here.”

You hope he knows that.  

He nods, his face growing somber.  “I’m sorry,” he whispers softly.

You shake your head sharply, “No, no, Josh,” you aren’t sure how to continue.  You aren’t sure what to say.  Your instinct want to tell him it’s okay.  That everything is fine.  But the bags under Josh’s eyes tell you everything is not okay.  And the dead look in his eye tells you that everything is not fine.  “You can talk to me,” you say instead.

He nods.  “I don’t even know what to say.”

“That’s okay, too,” you say, grabbing his hand in yours.  You squeeze it tightly.  “But when you do know what to say, you can talk to me.  Until then, I’ll still be here.”

“I got your voicemails,” he says.

You nod slowly, remembering the pleads and sobbing over the phone.  

“I can’t really explain why I didn’t call back.  I couldn’t, I guess,” he says, still pondering, “I just couldn’t do it.  I was ready to go on stage Thursday night, I had all my stuff and I was going through the routine and I just had this voice in my mind telling me I couldn’t do it.  That I should just turn and run.  It’s the same voice that’s always saying I’m not good enough.  I don’t know, I guess it just took over.  So I left.  I ran.”

You squeezed his hand harder, wanting to emphasize that you were still there.

“You called.  And Tyler called.  And I just couldn’t face either of you.  I felt embarrassed and ashamed and worthless,” he spits the last part, “It’s so overwhelming,” his voice starts to break, “all of this, I just wake up sometimes and I feel like I can’t handle any of it.  But I don’t want to disappoint you, or Ty.  I just want to be good.”

You cup Josh’s face in your hands.  He has creases in his skin, evidence of agony and pain.  You squeeze your eyes shut and press your forehead to his.

“You’re good,” you say.

He starts shaking his head, but you hold it firmly between your hands.

“You’re good.”

“I wanted to call, but I thought you’d be disgusted by me.  I couldn’t come out of this hole, this dark, dark hole.”

“I love you,” you whisper.  “I love you, all of you.  The good you, the creative, funny, gentle, warm-hearted you.  But I love the insecure you.  The you with all the demons and dark skeletons in the closet.  I love you.”

Josh’s nose squishes up and he squeezes his eyes shut, fighting back tears.

“Please,” you plead, “don’t ever run away like that again.  I was so scared, Josh.  And I know there’s nothing I can say to make the voices go away, but you don’t have to listen to them alone.  I’ll always be here.  I’ll listen to them too.  I’ll remind you how wrong they are.  Just please, don’t leave.”

Josh slowly nods, forehead still touching yours.  

“I’m sorry,” he whispers.  “I’m sorry I scared you.”

The two of you sit like that for a while.  Entranced in each other.

Josh finally pulls back asking, “Can I come home now?”

You smile lightly, “Of course, I told you I’d always leave the light on for you.”

Hair Dye- Tyler and Jenna Joseph (poly)

“Jenna relax. I know what I’m doing. I use to dye hair for a living.” You told Jenna as you put a cape over her.

“Yeah like 3 years ago. This is something permanent. Don’t get me wrong I love you, but you don’t have the steadiest hands.” She said nervously.

“It’s not permanent it last 8-10 weeks. Are you calling me clumsy?” You mocked being offended.

“Yes. Yes I am. Don’t even try and deny it. Tyler and I both saw you trip up the stairs this morning.” She laughing.

“Watch it. Who has the power of the dye here.” You jokingly threatened.

“Just get it over with.” She said taking a deep breathe.

She wanted to dye her hair and she asked you to do it, but ever since you were cutting her hair 3 months ago and you messed up a bit she was nervous. It was Tyler’s fault though. You were a good hairdresser. You did it for 4 years before meeting and marrying Tyler and Jenna.

“Tyler isn’t here to meas this up you can relax.” You said and she did.

Last time you were cutting her hair Tyler came into the bathroom and bumped into your arm making you cut an extra inch of her hair.

You continued at your task talking to Jenna about anything and everything. You had just finished rinsing the brush when you heard a car pull up to the house.

“Better lock the door before he comes in and messes this up.” Jenna joked as she let the color sit on her head.

“Anyone home?” Tyler’s voice rang through the house.

“Stay here. I’ll go distract him. You can rinse your hair in 20 minutes.” You said leaving the bathroom.

“Hey beautiful.” Tyler said kissing your cheek when you entered the kitchen. “Where’s Jenna?”

“She’s in the bathroom.” You said helping him put away some groceries.

It was a surprise for Tyler that Jenna was dying her hair. He was always saying how much he missed when she had her ends dyed blue. So Jenna wanted to keep it a secret. Plus she wanted to see how long it would take for him to even realize. He never really noticed when either of you changed something about yourselves.

“Hey what’s this.” Tyler asked pointing to a tattoo on your stomach as your shirt lifted up.

“Oh my god. Tyler, I got this like 2 months ago. You just noticed.” You laughed.

This was a perfect example. He was so loving and caring and you would think he would be observant of your bodies, but he was oblivious.

“Really?” He asked laughing at himself.

“Yes.” You laughed. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” He said kissing you. “Is Jenna okay, it’s been like 15 minutes.”

“Yeah I think she’s showering.” You said.

“Wanna watch a movie while we wait?” He questioned and you nodded letting him lead you to the couch.

About hour later Jenna came out with her hair dried and curled. You have her a thumbs up and she sat next to Tyler.

“Finally only like 2 hours later.” Tyler said kissing her.

“Beauty takes time.” Jenna said.

“Neither of you have to try for beauty. It just comes natural to both of you.” He said making both of you blush.

After the movie you decided it was getting late so you went up to bed. As you laid down in the bed your phone dinged signaling you got a text.

From Jenna

I can’t believe he didn’t notice. I truly love this man and how oblivious he can be.

Sent 9:32 pm

To Jenna

I know. I love him too. He just realized my tattoo on my side. So do you like your hair, I never got to ask.

Sent 9:33 pm

From Jenna

You got that like 2 months ago. Yes I love it so much. Thank you love.

Received 9:33 pm

To Jenna

Your welcome Jenn. I’m tired. I’ll see you in the morning. Give Tyler a kiss for me.

Sent 9:34 pm.

From Jenna

No need were on our way upstairs now.

Received 9:34 pm.

You smiled to yourself excited that the bed that you had all to yourself was soon going to be filled with two warm bodies.

Once Tyler and Jenna were both settled in bed you in the middle of the two you closed your eyes and started to drift off to sleep. You could feel Tyler playing with your hair and Jenna cuddled up to you.

“Hey jenn” Tyler whispered.

“Hmm” she hummed and you could feel the vibration of her voice.

“Did you do something to your hair? It looks different, but I can’t decide what.” Tyler whisper thinking you were asleep but when both you and Jenna started laughing he knew you weren’t.

“Tyler her hair color is a totally different color. How did you not notice?” You laughed.

“Oh. Well it looks really good. I like you in pink.” He said. “Y/N when are you going to dye your hair?”

“Who knows. You’ll never notice so it doesn’t matter.” You joked.