i will make you like him jenna


“Tyler doesn’t write love songs, but there’s definitely a lot more going on in the song than just liking a girl. I knew that he had to do something to make him look less warm and giddy in love. There are so many different ways you can show love to someone. There are actions, gifts - and there are words. Tyler is definitely a man of words. I’m glad he at least described me in a way that i kept my smile on”

- Jenna on being called ‘a butcher with a smile’

imagine going to disney world with luke and him smiling at you and looking at you like you are the most fascinating thing in the entire world as you run around pointing out different things from the movies you love and the characters youve grown up watching and he just watches you in awe and your smile is so infectious that he cant help but giggle and laugh and let you drag him around the park and buy you little presents that you point out that you love and then at the end of the day youre both exhausted but both of you know you had the best day ever together and your hearts are full of so many memories and giggles

it makes me sad to see fans of twenty one pilots hating on the new music…i don’t think you understand what tear in my heart means, and what it symbolizes. the song is literally about how he’s come so far and he’s finally happy with himself for the most part and how much jenna has helped him with that…why do you want him to go back to writing about having to struggle with his fears? bands do not cater to you, especially not a band like twenty one pilots. tyler writes directly from his thoughts and heart and i know i don’t want that to change.

I’ve talked a lot about Clara’s face when she looks at The Doctor. But man, his face here. Pure, unabashed adoration. He loves that woman. 

He loves Clara for her adventurous spirit and how well she knows him. He loves her for making him smile and for being so enthusiastic even when they’re stuck in an underwater base instead of traversing the universe like they’d both prefer. He loves her for wanting to be right alongside him. 

Argue if you want about kind of love that is but his face is 100% heart eyes. 

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Nate Maloley - Fanfictions

“Hey babe,” Nate greeted me walking into the living room where I was watching the new episode of Awkward.

“Hey, what’s up?” I asked, but it was more like a nice reply, I wasn’t really paying attention to him, I was too busy with the scene that was going on with Jenna and Matty.

“Uh, not much. I just found something really interesting.”

“Mm, really?” I reacted trying to make him believe I was paying attention.

“Yeah. I just wanted to check something out and your computer was on, so I used it and I found some stuff that I can’t decide why you have saved.”

I frowned finally turning my gaze away from the TV and looking at him.

“What do you mean?” I asked in confusion. My computer was full with all kinds of documents for my work, I didn’t think Nate would find anything interesting between them.

“I checked the sites you have saved in your browser and I found a wonderful blog,” he said smirking at me and I immediately knew what he was talking about.

“Oh my God,” I whispered with wide eyes. This was more awkward than the series itself I was watching. “I-I can explain,” I started, but had no idea what I should had said.

“Really? You have an explanation for why you read dirty fanfictions about your own boyfriend?” he asked with an amused expression on his face that just made me feel even worse while his smile grew wider with each passing moment.

“Someone sent me those, okay? One of my colleagues found that blog and sent it to me as a joke.”

“And you just kept it saved because…?” he said trying to get me continue.

“Because I didn’t finish reading them and… I mean… Oh fuck,” I growled knowing I wouldn’t be able to explain this, so I had to admit the truth. “Okay, I read them because I enjoyed reading them and they were quite entertaining when you were away. There, now you know!” I exclaimed rolling my eyes as Nate kept smirking at me.

“Babe, I have to tell you, that you surprised me with this one,” he chuckled.

“Which one did you read?” I sighed knowing there were some weird ones on that blog, and then I hadn’t mentioned the hardcore ones.

“I just read a few. But I have a few questions tho,” he told me standing up and nodding towards the bedroom. We sat down in front of my computer and as he moved the cursor the screen came alive showing that damn blog’s front page. “Okay, so Y/N stands for your name, right?” he asked smirking as he scrolled down. I nodded. “Well, it was strange reading it with my own name for me, but whatever, that’s my problem,” he said and it just made me laugh. “Okay, I read that one and I found it a bit funny that I was a CEO. Do I look like a damn CEO?” he asked giving me a weird look.

“No, Nate, it’s just… It gives you power and young girls like to imagine how it feels like to be with a powerful man,” I explained the meaning behind the words.

“I am powerful!” he frowned at me.

“Yes, but not in this way,” I said pointing at the screen where a kind of Fifty Shades of Grey fanfiction was seen where Nate was the powerful businessman and the reader his shy but sexy love interest. Nate rolled his eyes and scrolled down.

“This one. That’s absurd,” he exclaimed getting to the next one.

“What’s absurd about it?”

“The fact that they think I would ever watch The Notebook,” he stated worried. “I would scream until the very end.”

“It’s a romantic gesture, baby. You watch the movie with the reader because you just want to be with them doing whatever,” I explained softly smiling at him, but he just rolled his eyes again and went on.

“Oh, and this one was my favorite,” he smirked at me and I checked it out. That was about having sex with him in the kitchen. I had to admit, it was pretty heated and sexy.

“Really? Why is that?” I asked trying to hide my smile.

“Because it inspired me.” I raised my eyebrows at him waiting for him to continue. “Now I know where I want to be inside you next,” he baldly said making me laugh.

“Oh my God, you can’t read these, okay?” I told him kissing his lips.

“What? Why? I think we should recreate these,” he suggested scrolling down again. “And I want to start now,” he said and without a warning he stood up, lifted me up into his arms and headed out of the room.

“Nate!” I screamed laughing. He put me down to the kitchen counter and stood between my legs as he took no time to crash his lips to mine.

“You are about to experience many-many fans’ dream, baby,” he mumbled into my lips as I felt his hands undo my pants.

Well, it was definitely better than what I read, for sure.

I can’t actually understand how and why some people think that it’s okay to judge who Tyler loves or not. Like, he loves who he loves and you can’t change that. It’s not your (our) business.

 Like, people judge Jenna and say awful things about her but… Why? What did she do to deserve this? The only thing that I see Jenna doing is encouraging the boys, being happy for them, being always there for Tyler and making him smile (and being a cutie patootie). Even Josh said that Jenna makes Tyler a better person. So why do you hate her? Because she makes him happy? That doesn’t make any sense, guys.

Tyler is happy with her. She never did anything wrong. She is always amazing with the clique and takes care of Tyler, Josh, Mark, the whole crew and us. So why do you guys hate her? Why do guys keep posting awful things about someone that Tyler loves so much? Explain to me how that makes sense because I can’t see any.

And yeah, I’ll always fight for Jenna until she gives me a reason to change my mind about her. But do you know what? I don’t believe she ever will. Because she is amazing and I love her for making Tyler happy. I truly respect Jenna and I think you guys should all do this. You don’t need to love her, but respect is everything.


Twelve (John) & Clara // You’re Pulling Me In

John Smith always has the same dream with the same girl “Clara” in it. But it seems impossible to find her, even with him having a sketch of her. On one of his business trips, things start getting weird for John as he starts hearing and seeing the girl from his dream. Then memories start flooding in him, in which he is the Doctor and Clara is his companion. He remembers, however, he still doesn’t have all his memories and is confused. So he decides to pack his bag as his instinct carries him home…well to a house with a blue gate. The moment he opens the little blue gate he knows it’s the TARDIS (change of chameleon circuit probably to keep Clara safe and hidden). He knocks on the door and it is Clara who opens it. But the moment she does open the door, the Doctor remembers that she too has forgotten everything because they pressed the neuroblock together. Where do they go from here? (I dunno…you think that on your own)

There is a line that one should never cross with RPF stuff...

I saw a Colepaldi post that really raised my eyebrows. I don’t know if the post was meant to be joking or not, but I feel like I have to say something.

Folks, please remember that Peter Capaldi is happily married to Elaine Collins. They’ve been married for over 20 years and he is still head over heels in love with her. He doesn’t have eyes for any other women in a romantic way.

Write Colepaldi fanfiction, make videos, do fanart/photo edits, etc all you want, but remember that Peter probably won’t appreciate it if you run up to him and go “Why aren’t you with Jenna?!”

Thanks and have a great day.

P.S. Anyone who sends me hate over this is pathetic. I’m not sinking your ship or saying it’s wrong, I’m just reminding everyone of what’s real. 

Here’s an artwork I just finished, based on “Into the Dalek” from Series 8 - which was one of my most favourite Dalek stories ever.

I just love the duality: in the beginning of the episode, the Doctor asks Clara if he is a good man, and at the climax, the Dalek tells him that the Doctor would actually make a good Dalek!

Here’s an ode to that!

Hope you guys like it.

It was a strange one, because we both knew it was happening for a while…I’m just trying to think what his reaction was, I mean we both knew it was coming so we both could feel it but we’re not, y'know, he’s very Scottish and quite dry. So we’d much sooner kind of like find something to insult each other and make fun of each other which secretly means I love you than y'know be hugging. It was incredibly emotional and I got some y'know lovely gifts from him. But I see him all the time still, it’s just you kind of know its the end of a thing.
—  Jenna on how Peter reacted to her leaving (Kansas City Planet Comic Con)

tale as old as time
tune as old as song
bitter sweet and strange
finding you can change
learning you were wrong

to clara, the doctor is nothing but a monster who captured her against her will. to the doctor, clara is a light in his dark and miserable life. clara could just be the one to break his curse, if only he could make her see him as anything other than a beast.

Something happened in their relationship three years ago. She doesn’t feel good about it and I think she really does like Toby and wants him to be on her side. She definitely wants to get back in his good books. You find out in the next couple of episodes why she needs to make amends and why it’s important to her.
—  Tammin on the divide between Jenna and Toby
The initial differences were … Matt was like a tornado that you kind of like tried to work around. Peter is much more internal and the room will come to him, whereas Matt would go out to the room. I think those were the first kind of big things that you’d notice. But they’re both really generous actors and imaginative and you really, really don’t know what they’re going to throw at you, which makes my job quite easy because often if you’re reading something you’re like, “I just don’t know how to play this” and I think, “Well, it’s fine. I can just turn up and look at Peter.”
—  Jenna on differences and similarities between Matt and Peter

apparently everyone’s hating on josh just because he didn’t let tyler stay with him in LA. there’s probably a good reason for that, considering jenna is with tyler on tour now. jenna is also (most likely) the reason why they have seperate buses. josh probably wanted the best for tyler and jenna and wanted them to have their privacy. something else to consider is that i’ve heard that josh’s anxiety hasn’t been doing him very well either. so there are a bunch of things to consider before you start making such childish assumptions and sending death threats such as telling josh to kill himself, and generally fucking being rude to josh. we don’t know if tyler was being serious or if he was actually pretending, though he did look pretty annoyed and upset towards josh. telling josh to kill himself isn’t going to make tyler happy. telling josh to fuck off won’t change that he didn’t let tyler stay with him. telling josh that you’re going to stop listening to their music and unstanning him or whatever isn’t going to make anything better. stop being fucking rude to josh CONSTANTLY. there’s not a day that goes by where i don’t see or hear of someone bashing josh. it’s fucking childish and embarrassing.

I watched the video and burst out crying because Tyler isn’t singing about depression or suicide anymore. Tyler is singing about love. Tyler has made over 40 songs not just including his songs with twenty one pilots but also solo, and not one of them has been about love completely, but Jenna has saved him. If you listen back to songs like “Drown” you can clearly tell how much happier he is now. And that makes me beyond happy for him and Jenna, but for Tyler especially because he no longer battles with his demons the way he did before.

Darren was on the host committee for Jenna’s event.

“The host committee helps plan, set-up, and pay for the event. The host committee invites their individual contacts, friends, and colleagues to the event. They use their network to raise dollars from people otherwise unable to be reached.”

When I first heard We Don’t Believe What’s On TV, I thought Tyler was comparing his relationship with Jenna with the ones they portray on TV. “If you stick around I’ll sing you pretty sounds and we’ll make money selling your hair”, saying that that relationships shown on TV are very much based around how a person looks/their style. But he doesn’t care about the way Jenna’s style or anything, he just cares about what she’s like inside “I don’t care what’s in your hair, I just wanna know what’s on your mind”. “I used to say I wanna die before I’m old, but because of you I might think twice”; he wants to grow old with her. “We don’t believe what’s on TV, cause it’s what we want to see”; regardless of the fact that the relationships on TV are perfect, he knows his relationship with Jenna won’t always be perfect, so they can’t believe what’s shown. I don’t know, when I first heard the song that’s what I thought of