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*retreats to a corner to suffer in silence for what she did to Gabe* I LOVE THIS MAN, but he surely doesn’t have it easy.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 (coming soon)

Also, in case you can’t read the text from displays on first panel they say this :

Phone panel : “Not sure I expected to ever see you again after all that happened, Reyes.. But to meet you as a shadow casted by even a darker matter is something I wish I never saw.”

“I never believed in ghosts either, but it seems like my beliefs were wrong. You know I always enjoyed the dark.. Jack.”

Sombra panel : “Sorry for my attitude earlier, Gabe. I really want to talk to you.. And I got churros >3″

“Fine. Come over. Just don’t make me get up for the door.”

“Got ya!”

hey everyone! given the current blow up that is happening (read about it here. I won’t reblog just because I’m sure if you follow me you follow other Star Trek blogs and will be subjected to it a lot over the next few days) I just want to say that I love all the beautiful people here who make amazing art and write amazing fic and do amazing cosplay. you’re all amazing and special and I’m really proud to be in a fandom with YOU. you are what makes this fandom a beautiful place.

I’m so sorry that this has happened and made everyone scared and upset. I’m thinking of you and I love you <3

Every day during lunch there will be several parties of two straight men having lunch together, that insist I seat them at a table for four even though there are only two of them. Because I guess homosexuality can be transmitted through accidental undertable foot contact now? Who knew?

Right now you might be asking “What happens when four straight men are having lunch together?”

Well what do you think?

They ask for a table for six. I shit you not.

I was airing my humorous grievance to our daytime bartender who only nodded and said. “They order wine and ask me to bring it in a pilsner glass.”

The cocktail server corroborated this saying some straight men will demand he show them the glass a drink comes in to make sure it’s suitably “masculine” looking before they order it.

And the dishwashers hate this because it makes their jobs much more complicated. It’s really not fun to have to drop what you’re doing to scrub dried red wine out of the bottom of a narrow pilsner glass. Especially when they have literally THOUSANDS of other dishes you have to do in a short amount of time.

Straight men ask for special accomodations for their straightness all the time.

That being said, Disabled folks, chronically ill folks, folks with severe allergies and other special needs:

NEVER feel ashamed to request the accomodations you require to enjoy your time at a restaurant. Hand to God we are happy to do it for you- a person who actually needs it.

It would honestly be a nice break from catering to all that fragile masculinity.

The first time Mulder wore the Postage Stamp tie was at the end of Conduit when they went to visit the returned abductee in the hospital.  Mulder was having a bit of a sulk when the mother of the abductee didn’t want her to talk about her experience. And despite him doing ‘brooding malcontent’ so well, Scully wanted to stick him in a post box addressed to Outer Siberia because she knew she’d have to listen to him whine for days.

Mulder wore it next at the end of Shadows.  After watching Lauren Kyte drive away, Mulder asked Scully if they could go see the Liberty Bell.  In an effort to entice her to come with him, he promised that she could lick the postage stamp tie if she came along.  Scully didn’t need to be asked twice. They were too late, but Scully consoled Mulder by demonstrating how she could imitate the action of the bell’s tongue with her own.

After that night the tie just proved too distracting.  When he wore it in the Kennedy Centre in Space, neither of them could focus on whatever they were supposed to be doing because they kept having flashbacks to Philadelphia.  From then on Mulder kept it tucked away in the bottom of his suitcase, reserving it for after hours entertainment only.  It’s unfortunate that we never saw it again.

In the new reality, they would not serve as the heroes. They would mature to become the ancestors of the twelve they formerly regarded as theirs, and this twelve would be chosen for glory.

So is that’s what’s going to happen to John and company too? They’re going to be the guardians while Nanna, Grandpa, Mom, and Bro are the players?



Well I was wrong! He was telling the truth about being Jade’s grandson.

In his timeline.

He’s the grandfather pre-Scratch, and the grandson post-Scratch.

How does that make sense?

I don’t know how that makes sense. I don’t know who he’s able to communicate with a scratched timeline.

But now I’m sure that’s what’s going on.

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"That only happened once and it was your fault!" Trimberly

This is Trini getting all pouty because Kim won’t make out with her while her parents are away because they almost got caught last time. 

“That only happened once and it was your fault.” Trini pouted, sitting next to Kim on her bed. 

“How was it my fault?” Kim shot up and looked over at Trini.

“I’m pretty sure you were the one who was reaching up my shirt while we were doing math homework.” Trini playfully lifted her eyebrow at her girlfriend. 

“Like you were complaining.” Kim countered, her face moving closer to Trini’s without thinking. 

The next thing Trini knew she was naked under the covers with Kim. Their clothing thrown all around the bedroom. Kim was on top of Trini placing soft kisses all over her skin. 

Neither of them heard the car pull up into the driveway. But they did hear the front door slam and Trini’s mom yell to her to help with the groceries. 

Trini and Kim fell out of bed with a thud and scrambled to grab their clothing. Kim tossed Trini her bra and Trini handed Kim her pants. 

“Who’s fault was this?” Kim asked smugly, shimmying into her pants. 

“Shut up.” Trini laughed, trying to put on her own pants and falling to the floor in the process. 

Honestly? Screen Rant...

So… you released this…

Well good for you… let’s see what else you’ve posted in the past…

^(y’all don’t even know the context of this scene and look at you making assumptions….)

Y‘all can actually go fuck yourselves, Screen Rant.

You made fun of the Reylo community and people who believed Kylo Ren could be redeemed…

We, who have been saying this from the beginning that he can be redeemed - that he is being set up for that…

And now you make an article talking about how possible it is he will be redeemed? After all this evidence has been pouring out and it’s getting harder and harder to deny it? After all this ReySky bullshit you’ve been SO sure of since the beginning?

All this, so you can say, “see we were right!” after his redemption happens in this film…

I see you… we Reylos and Ben Solo redemptionists see you…

Dear Jason (Jason Todd x Reader)

A/N: Here’s stuff!! A letter to Jason from his little sister! More will come! I might make this a weekly updated thing! I’m working on Joyride Part 5 right now!

Warnings: None!

Dear Jason,

We never really got to say goodbye, did we, big brother? I remember what you said when I was little. It was when you were eleven and I was nine. It was five years ago. And I remember it clearly. You made me a promise, remember? You said: “Don’t worry about mom and dad. I’ll take care of you. I promise.” You’ve said a lot of stuff like that over the years, but I guess that’s what stuck with me. You broke your promise, big bro. For some reason that happens a lot. Bruce made a promise to me when he left to find you that you’d be okay. That he’d find you and I’d see you again. Well, I did see you again. But you were in a coffin. Do you know what it’s like to go to your big brother’s funeral? I guess not. I couldn’t even really call it ‘your’ funeral. It got turned into an excuse for rich people that we didn’t know to offer condolences that didn’t help in the name of ‘charity.’ I got treated like a child. Did you know that someone tried to strike up a business deal with Bruce? At your funeral. That’s the kind of irony that we’d laugh at, right? Don’t laugh at me, but some nights I sleep in your room because it makes it feel like you’re still here. Sometimes I pretend you’ve gone away to college and that’s why the house feels so empty now. It doesn’t work too well. You know, it’s been three weeks since Bruce came home with your body. Sometimes it feels like it’s going to be okay, but then I remember that this is permanent. You’re not coming back. Bruce put me in grief counseling. Can you believe that, Jay? Grief counseling. It’s actually the reason I’m writing this dumb letter in the first place, but nevermind that. Dick is stopping by the manor a lot more than usual now and he’s talking about moving back in full time. He’s nice, I guess. I’m really lonely without you, Jay. Sometimes I forget, you know? I’ll see something that makes me think of you and I’ll want to show it to you but I can’t. You’re dead, Jason. Dead. It sounds weird when I say it, and honestly I’m not sure if I even really believe it. Dead. Bruce told us the stuff you’d be doing was dangerous, but this? I didn’t think that you would actually get killed. I didn’t think that it would really happen. I miss you a lot, you know? I’ll see you again. Probably once I’m dead. But I’ll see you again. Is it bad that I’m excited to die if it means I get to see you again? I just want to say goodbye for real. I love you, Jason.

Love, (Y/N)


okay so you know how Dark and Anti “can’t” collab because Anti is a glitchy computer thing and Dark is corporeal? What if Anti uses Schneeplestein to kill Chase, takes over Chase’s body, becomes “corporeal” and then works with Dark? The red and blue lights that Jack has set up make me really, really suspicious… (I’m p sure there’s also a blue light set up but it’s hard to tell- I saw a post saying someone else saw it too tho)

Convoke also makes me suspicious that Anti is summoning other egos and turning them to his side so he can become corporeal and powerful enough to take over Sean, if you consider “Jack” to be an ego.

No matter what happens, Robin and Sean have been doing an amazing job and I love Anti with my entire heart! I’ve never gotten so excited over anything in my entire life

Touch Me, Tease Me: Jackson Smut

Originally posted by marksonislovely

Based on this request

Pairing: Jackson x Reader

Word Count: 1437

Content: Maybe deliberately trying to make Jackson jealous wasn’t the best idea, then again you can’t really bring yourself to complain about the consequences. 

Written By: Sonsee

Authors Note: I wasn’t sure if it was okay to use daddy kink in this because some people don’t like it, so I went without it (but let’s be real this is daddy af).

In retrospect, it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but you knew it was the only way you’d catch his attention. And as much as you should be intimidated by what happens next, you can’t stop the butterflies from fluttering in the pit of your stomach. You’re excited - actually eager for what’s to come.

Jackson clasps your wrist in his hand as he directs you towards the stairs of the mansion. With each step, you grow more and more anxious. Stopping in front of a closed door, he slowly opens it and ushers you in. You barely make out its interior before he closes the door behind him and you’re engulfed in darkness.

The room is quiet. Only the faintest noise can be heard from the chatter of people at the party downstairs. You can’t see him, but you feel him behind you, hovering over you - like a predator inching in on his prey. You hear his quiet footsteps and then you feel his breath tickle your neck. He’s close, oh so close, but not close enough.

He finally breaks the silence of the room, whispering against the shell of your ear. “You like making me mad, princess?”

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Indefinite Hiatus

I’m not entirely sure if I should call this a hiatus or a semi-hiatus, but it’s basically what the title says.

For the past week, I’ve had a lot on my plate. Both things that concern me IRL as well as things mentally. It’s nothing negative or something to worry about, but to put it more simple: I need a break. Like right now.

I recently graduated from my school and I’ve been accepted into my next school of choice with grades among one of the best in all the new entries. I’m really proud of myself for getting this far, and as much as having free time and things to reward myself with, I feel like taking a break from this place is something that just needs to happen for me to do that.

I’m going on a vacation in around a week and a half, and after that I’ll make sure I use my summer in a way that’s both satisfying for me but also doesn’t feel wasted. What that means? I’m not entirely sure yet.

As for snk. I really love this manga. I do. I love making YouTube videos even though it takes a long time. But recently, I feel like my interest in the series has taken another direction. I don’t mean I lost it, or started to dislike the series, but it’s more or less different in feeling if you compare it to stuff before Chapter 91. I might be a whole year late, seeing as how Chapter 84 was almost a year ago at the time I’m writing this, but I’m glad I stuck with this series all this time.

No need to worry though, I still am. I just won’t be actively blogging or talking about it. YouTube videos may or may not continue for the time being, and if they do, the time gap in-between is going to heavily depend on my schedule and mood, as it always has.

As for the fandom itself, I feel like this is one of the reasons why I’m making this decision. Somehow I feel like everything slowly started to die off after Season 2 ended. And, to be completely fair, the majority of things I see on my dashboard are all the same. GIFs/graphics of the exact same scenes, ship hate, and hate in general. I’m not saying it’s like this everywhere, and I’m not “quitting” because I got anon hate or something. This is my own personal decision, but I feel like after a little over 3 years in the fandom I begin to start seeing the cancer that is hate. Even if it’s not directed towards me, it’s disgusting and makes every aspect of being here less enjoyable simply by knowing shitheads like this exist. No one deserves it. You have no right to attack anyone just because your opinion is different. 

It doesn’t matter.

Just shut the fuck up and enjoy this awesome manga.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say about now. Asks, submissions and stuff are closed. I may check on some things regularly, but don’t expect me to reply or blog actively. I’m still over at @a-dank-on-titan, though. We’re keeping the blog going (still, no regular posting schedules) and it’s something I still find enjoyment in.

And if you didn’t catch it already… No, I’m NOT dropping snk lmfao. I’ll still keep up with it and may drop a few cents each chapter.. either that or just reblog, but being this community seems to feel like a chore now and honestly, it’s honestly not that enjoyable as a whole. Maybe I just need a break, like I already said. I may still reblog stuff from time to time so it’s not as if I’m deactivating or leaving… so yeah, I guess this is more of a semi-hiatus, but overall, you get the point.

Thanks to everyone who follows me and helps me have a good time around here. Stay extra dancc.

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Hello my dear! I don't know about you but when Jon said "my father always said, the man who passed the sentence should swing the sword" made me remember of Janos Slynt. And I REALLY want Sansa to know that Jon beheaded Slynt and after seeing that awful poop montage I have hope that we might see it, but then again, Jon may go to Dragonstone and Sansa will never know. Do you think there could be a possibility? Or nah?

Hey doll!

I am not entirely sure honestly. (Yes I realize it is annoying af that I took so long to answer you and then gave you a non answer lol. I am SO SORRY! I am The Worst.)

If it does happen in the show I will be OVER THE MOON! But idk if it would have the same significance that it does in the books tbh? Part of what makes the Janos Slynt connection so cool in the books, at least for me, is the juxtaposition of the two quotes from Sansa and Jon’s respective POVs:

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There are days when I think about Sherlock pre-s4, and I’m hit by the fact: this show makes NO SENSE without johnlock being the point of it all.

I was sure of it before, s4 shook my belief in its core, but after 7 month it kinda comes back.

I don’t know if there’ll be a johnlock canon in s5, or if there will be an ep / special telling us “hey we tricked you, nothing happened the way you saw it”, but I am sure of one thing: at least until TAB, johnlock was the intent. Because all the details we analysed and couldn’t explain without johnlock are still there, unexplained. S4 didn’t change in any way the conclusions of our analysis pre-s4 (except maybe for Mary, but it’s not like s4 is gonna convince me s3 Mary was a good person).

Only S4 is different because it can have sense without johnlock (unless we consider it fake in some way), because of how the narration and characterizations are different - if s4 was a show on its own, it would be correct (relatively), it’s currently not because it’s misplaced as we link it to the rest of the show. (I let aside the inconsistencies inside s4 itself). We can’t make sense of the show pre-s4 with what we see in s4, and we find a ton of inconsistencies and plot holes in s4, because it’s basically not the same story. Even if mofftiss prove s4 to be genuine and not a deceit. 

From ASiP to TAB: It makes no sense if the romance between Sherlock and John is not the entire point. That is still a fact, and so our metas from before s4 aren’t invalid.

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Hello, I would love to contact you in my dreams but I do not know how, do you have any suggestions?

When you are in a dream , call out to me , Ama , call out for me and I ’ ll do my best to come as quick as I can .

Or if you just leave your mind open to me I could let myself in if I happen to visit though one of your dreamcapes . I ’ ll make sure you know it ’ s me .

Vanessa Morgan...

…and what she DIDN’T say.

To clarify (and it should be pretty clear, because it says in the original image on my page), Vanessa LIKED a comment that *I* made, and it was NOT on Twitter.

So, while I still consider this a bit of confirmation of my suspicions of Toni in Season 2, PLEASE make sure you have the facts of what happened correct, because we don’t want Vanessa getting into trouble for saying something she didn’t actually say. 

Thank you!

Oh my god I just realized someone. Okay so I was reading my posts about Arata/Hikari/Yomo parallels to Touken and Ayato and I realized that there’s some differences as well?

After Hikari died, Arata couldn’t completely lose himself in grief because Touka and Ayato were around and he still needs to take care of them. But Kaneki doesn’t have this yet so if something happens to Touka and the baby now, there’s nothing holding him back from going all out and crazy in anger and grief. Arata was already pretty extreme but this would make Kaneki even more extreme.

On the other hand, when Hikari died, Yomo went about causing chaos and havoc because he’s essentially alone and has nothing to live for. Even Uta and Itori only came into his life much later. But if something happens to Touka, Ayato won’t be alone. Because he has Hinami around and I’m sure that Hinami won’t just let him lose lose himself in his grief and anger and go do crazy things from it, especially since he’s the person who’s always been there for her to voice her own sorrows to. I pretty sure she’ll be his support.

I mean, not to say this is absolute but it’s an interesting thing to think about, is what I think at least. I don’t know if something will happen to Touka but if it does, Ken Ken is gonna go crazy for sure. :’)

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Jack has lied before. I can gaurentee he'll lie again when it comes to the egos.

I’m with you on this one! He could definitely be trying to make us think that something will not happen and then BOOM it happens! He’s done it before..

I personally don’t think Anti is going to collab with Dark but the fact that we can’t be 100% sure about it unsettles me!

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Could u do the pros and cons of dating Guanlin plz? >3<

yes omg i got so excited when i saw this request~ 


  • resident swaggy rapper
  • raps for you in 3 languages 
  • very hardworking and strong mindset
  • actually so admirable 
  • i have to remind myself every second that hes 01 liner … how is that possible ??
  • like for his age, he is so mature and preserves in everything no matter how hard it is 
  • the king of manners the whole button thing i was actually fangirling over it so much 
  • would always pay for dates, make sure to pick you up and that you get home safely 
  • very polite and kind to your parents 
  • like when he meets your parents he wouldn’t super overdo it or suck up too much, he’d just be really natural and genuine which is very likeable tbh 
  • your mum: damn if i were 30 years younger i would fight with you for him 
  • visuals too 
  • seems like the type to talk to ur dad about economics and whats happening in the world 
  • will really do his best to look after you 
  • once in a while, he’d send a really cute and sweet text to show affection 
  • i can imagine him to enjoy giving your surprise hugs when you least expect it 
  • would want to have his arm around you in public
  • omg and when guys stare at you he’d have this smirk to show others that you’re already his 
  • and he loves it when you fall asleep on his shoulder on the bus 
  • playing basketball together 
  • and like when you want something off him he’d lift his arm really high to tease you 
  • mastermind behind pranks but always gets seonho to do it and he’s just at the back laughing lol 
  • laughs at everything tbh
  • diligent in everything and anything he does ^^
  • learning new languages together 


  • he might be a little awkward at comforting people? idk 
  • he might be the type to keep it to himself when he’s having a hard time
  • omg he could get jealous but put it off and not say it haha