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Bad Boys Are Bad Boys 20

 Part 18 &19 

 The next night you were sitting on the couch watching the television while your mom got ready to go out to see some cousins.  "Don’t worry about it sweetie,“ Your mom said trying to make you feel better. “He’s going to come around.”

 "Mom, I’ve already been accepted. I’m going to leave him,“ You said every word hurting you.

 "Then maybe you shouldn’t go. You haven’t sent that email in just yet so just wait. Calum may just send it in for you,” Your mom said standing up. “Whatever you’re going to do, make sure it’s the choice that you’re not going to regret for the rest of your life.”

 "Yeah that helps me,“ You sarcastically said as you stood up.  Since talking with your mom you wanted to talk to the one of the other three people that got accepted, but your phone was in your room. As you got up your mom left, closing the door her, to leave you alone for a couple hours. You stumbled your way to your room walking to your nightstand and grabbed your phone. As you started to walk away you saw the picture Calum had given you, making you smile.

 "Personally, I love that picture,” Calum said from behind the curtain covered window.

 "Calum,“ You said walking over to the windows and pushing the curtains back.

 "Can I talk to you for a moment?” Calum asked. You nodded and stepped back so Calum could jump into your room. “I think we need to talk about you going to San Fransisco,” He breathed as he walked to your bed.

 "I think that’s a good idea,“ You said nodding as you followed him. You both stood in the middle of your room and stayed silent until Calum reached over and grabbed your hand.

 "I want to be with you,” Calum started. He nervously bit his lip before he nodded. “I want to be with you and I want you to follow your dreams.”

 "Calum,“ You started.

 "I want you to go to San Fransisco,” Calum said nodding and squeeing your hand. “We can talk every night. I’ll be going to sleep and you’ll be getting up or whatever, but we can make it work.”

 "Are you sure you want me to go?“ You asked looking at him.

 "I’m positive,” Calum said nodding. “You’re just a plane ride away and your mum still lives next door. I’ll fly out to see you with the boys and then when you come back I’ll see you. It’s not like you’re going to be gone forever, and when you get back it’s going to be the best thing.”

 "Calum, most relationships don’t last long distance,“ You mumbled as you rubbed the back of your neck.

 "But we are going to because we’re not like anyone else,” Calum said smiling. “I was going to let you go, make things easier for the both of us in the long run but then I realized I would rather fight with you than make love to anyone else.”

 "Calum, you’ve never called sex that before,“ You laughed.

 "I would do anything for you Princess and that’s because I like you,” Calum said closing his eyes and cursing at himself in anger. “I meant I love you. I love you so much and I’m not going to let anything stand in between us.”

 "I love you and I like you,“ You said smiling a tear falling down your cheek. Calum smiled and slowly leaned in waiting for you to close the space. You smiled and looked over Calum’s face before you closed the space between the two of you, crashing your lips to his. Calum let go of your hand and grabbed your waist, pulling your body to his. He stepped forwards until your back was against the wall, making you smile. You pushed him away and grabbed his biceps to keep your face toward his, walking him to the bed until he fell backwards.

 Calum looked up at you as you pulled your shirt over you head. He smiled as he ran his hands up your sides, his hands roaming your bare skin for the first time in days. Once your shirt was off you threw it on the floor and crawled onto Calum’s lap, crashing your lips to his as he fell backwards. You ran your hands around his neck and laced your fingers in his hair, making Calum smile as you slipped your tongue into his mouth.

 Calum grabbed the back of your head so you wouldn’t pull away just yet. He slowly pressed his lips to yours and sleeping his tongue into your mouth. He moved his hand away from your head and wrapped his arms around waist making it easier as he flipped you over. He pulled away and looked down at  you before he got up, kneeling so he was towering over you, and pulled his shirt over his head.

 Calum smiled when he saw you unbuttoning your trousers. He ran his hands down your side, past your bum, and to the hem of your trouser immediately wrapping his fingers around the fabric to gently pull them off of you. Once your trousers were off and on the floor Calum slowly leaned down and pressed his lips to yours grabbing your hand and lacing your fingers together, making it easier to pin your hands above your head.  

 Calum added pressure to your kiss and you spread your legs so he could fit into you perfectly. You grabbed Calum’s shoulder as you moved your leg up his side, your knee stopping at his side. "I love you,” Calum whispered pulling away from you and looking down at you.

 "I love you too,“ You whispered. Calum smiled as you cupped his face, bringing his lips back to yours. Calum slipped his tongue into your mouth, releasing a deep moan, as he ran his hand down your thigh  to the elastic of your black, lace panties. Once his fingers went under the fabric you pushed him away so that he was laying next to you.  

 "And what was that for?” Calum asked starting to get up. You pushed him back down and swung your leg over him, resting your hands on his chest. Smiling you bent down and traced your tounge up the middle of his chest, to his lips where you pressed your lips back to Calum’s. “I fucking love you,” Calum said making you laugh as he wrapped his arms around you, pulling you under him.


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