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i know you said you were saving taz requests for a later time, so im sorry if this just adds more to your pile! but youre just in general one of my fav artists, esp re: TAZ, and i dont know if you keep up with fandom things, but lately there was a blog hating on taakos just because they were chubby or fat or overweight and it really hurt as someone who sees themself in chub taakos. i guess the point of this is, have you ever considered drawing a chubby taako? itd make my whole month, i think!

Hello friend. I’m sorry that this sort of hullabaloo is happening in the fandom. I hope I can make your whole month ( and then some ) by offering you a cute, soft Taako.

What do you guys think about like a gift set? A plushie, a bath bomb with a surprise inside, and a candle. So like a pink bat, a rose quartz bath bomb with a ring/necklace inside, and a candle with the same look/scent. Or a nessie plushie, a nessie egg bath bomb with a toy inside, this sort of thing. I’ve wanted to branch out a bit more and do other things besides plushies, that’s why my store is called just caprien, not caprien plush. I think I can come up with a lot of designs people would like. It’s fun because the plushie, the bath bomb, and the candle can have all the same scent. It feels like a special novelty set and that’s the sort of thing I want to make. Also sorry I’ve been a bit inactive I was dealing with some stuff.

for me, i know a relationship is over when we’re not having fun any more. like, when it feels like a chore, when it feels like i’ve forgotten what it’s like to laugh or have a day without stress, then i know it’s done.

for example now, we’re working through things, but because we’re so open and honest about everything we can have these conversations about feelings a frustrations that don’t turn into arguments and still enjoy each other’s company. like this weekend after church i had a chat with his parents and i brought it up with him and we had this big chat where we agreed on somethings, and disagreed on somethings. the whole time, we were making homemade pizza and drinking wine and we ended the day with love and kisses and jokes and fun. the conversation was necessary, but so is the fun. it’s so important to not lose the fun.

Love Live! Characters as things people at my school have said

Honoka: Regret, regret
Umi: We don’t have time to wallow in self hatred! You have a test next period!
Kotori: Didn’t we make a pillow in grade seven? Yeah, that was the only time school has ever been fun or important.
Hanayo: I hate math. But math class doesn’t have any presentations, so I guess math is okay.
Maki: I wasn’t kicked out of band, I left because I was too good for them.
Rin: Gym class is like the Olympics! Except with more of the sport and less of the Olympics.
Nozomi: She’s so cute, I want to be her. Or kiss her. Whatever.
Eli: I hate it when people say “She’s really quiet.” Like yeah, I know.
Nico: *While going through math questions* I’m too good for this.

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Have there been any horror spoofs that have actually been good?

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Young Frankenstein is the holy grail of horror spoofs. As it should be. The thing that makes it different is that it comes from a place of love. Mel Brooks is a huge horror fan and grew up on the Universal classic monsters. He even produced David Cronenberg’s The Fly. 

He made this spoof as an homage, because he loved Frankenstein. He loved all of those old films. That’s what separates it. The Wayans Brothers, talented as they are, they made Scary Movie because they hated Scream. They hated I Know What You Did Last Summer. Hated that whole wave of horror in the late ‘90s. They were legitimately making fun of all of it. And that only grew more and more obnoxious throughout the sequels. 

Mel Brooks was taking these classic movies and he wasn’t making fun of them. He was finding humor in them, and that’s a completely different thing. That’s why Young Frankenstein holds up so well. 

I also have to give a shout out to Brooks’ less-beloved horror spoof:

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Dracula: Dead and Loving It. Because I just love, love this movie and I always have. It’s one of his least-appreciated films. But I encourage everyone who’s dismissed it to go check it out or give it another shot.

so here i am making another one of these because i’ve somehow reached 300 followers! that’s hard to imagine given that i never expected to have even 30 followers in the first place, much less 300. i still can’t believe people are even interested in me writing an au version of a character that’s already not incredibly popular, but i’m also very thankful that people have given this blog a chance. i’ve had some fun times writing here, & have been able to expand my portrayal of digger far beyond what i ever thought i would. i’ve been lucky enough to have followed, befriended, &/or interacted with some awesome people, so here’s a little shoutout to them. know that i appreciate every single person that follows me, however, & would like to say thanks to all of you!~

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You guys did YouTube videos for what? 4 years? If you were SO uncomfortable, you could have communicated that to her and maybe things could have changed. Instead you ran to the next best thing, a coworker, and are trying to convince us you DIDNT cheat even though you DEFINITELY were at least TALKING to this girl while with Lucy. She popped up out of no where and you have no one but yourself to blame for the criticism.

Yes, we did YouTube for four years.  And throughout those four years, there was varying degrees of “uncomfortableness”.  It was fun in the beginning but as my career got more and more intense, it started to feel more like a burden than something I enjoyed doing.  But I continued to do it because you make compromises for someone you’re in a relationship with.  YouTube was never a career for me so it was hard to get into the mindset, even if it was for a half hour, once a week, to make a video when I was working 80 hours on top of that. But it was amazing to see the responses and comments from people who were so committed to our channel and relationship which is why I continue to make an effort, even if there were problems going “behind the scenes”.

Firstly, Alycia didn’t pop out of nowhere.  We definitely TALKED while I was in my previous relationship because we were co-workers and best friends.  We were close friends for OVER a year before our relationship evolved.  Secondly, she is not the “next best thing”; she is not someone I settled for. She brings such happiness in my life and works everyday to put a smile on my face.  We have so much in common and she brings such a peaceful comfort to my life that I’m not sure I’ve felt before.  This is not to compare or say anything negative about my previous relationship -  People change and sometimes that happens in a different direction in relationships and people fall out of love.  You only live one life and you shouldn’t compromise happiness because a few thousand people online are rooting for you.  I’m sorry that people feel hurt and confused.  And nothing I say is going to change that.  

I’m not answering this question because you deserve an answer.  I’m answering this question because everything you’ve said is so widely incorrect and inappropriate.  If you would really like to talk, you can come off an anonymous and we can do this privately.

  • Sun Jing: Hey babe.
  • Qiu Tong: Yea, babe?
  • Sun Jing: I love you, babe.
  • Qiu Tong: OMG babe, I love you, too, babe.
  • Qi Fang: Hey guys, can you shut the fuck up please?

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👀 giiiiiiirl I could see them being like this! Just ain't shit on a Sunday! Honestly it's Rick being a heathen. 😂🤣 but for real how it was set up, the rainy Sunday morning and everyone just chillin. And here comes Rick being his freaky self. I was cheesing & laughing the entire time. I loved that little quip at the end from Rick talking about repopulating the earth because I truly believe he's going to try and do that all by himself since Andy couldn't contain himself. So sexy&fun! Loved it!

Thank you, babe! I really did make Rick a whole entire heathen, didn’t I? 😂But it feels like he’s usually the “Just a little more” one in their relationship. Michonne tries to be a responsible adult and in just crumbles in the face of his charm. I, too, like to think he’s gonna try and convince her that they can repopulate civilization. And what a wonderful world it would be with just a bunch of little Rick and Michonnes running around. ☺

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I saw ur shirts and i think they're really cute! I wanna get one but I'm nonbinary and I can get pretty bad dysphoria sometimes so I don't really wanna get the Witchy Woman or Femme Not Fragile ones (I really love that one tho!) And i still go to school so the You're Full Of Shit ones won't do (but I LOVE IT!!!♡) so I'm just wondering if you might get some more gender neutral witchy stuff soon? I really like your designs and I hope you have a fun and easy time making thrm!!!!

You bet!! I just wanted to get those out because they were requested ones! I have a few ideas brewing around still though. I wouldn’t forget about my NB honeys though!! 

If you have any ideas, or anything you want to see on one, please let me know!!!!

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I follow you for you art. I follow you for your stories. I follow you for you personality. I am so so glad I found you because you are an amazing person and you make every day happier and more fun for me. You are one of the reasons I write. You are one of the reasons I smile. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being here ^-^

I know i received this message a long while ago but i kept it on my inbox to see it more often, but i think teh time to answer is here.

You don’t need to thank me, i need to thank everyone for being here and supporting what i do. Cause in a way, i wouldn’t be inspired to do much more if i wasn’t getting such nice feedback all the time.

Hetalia Fandom Hub: Blog News

It was foggy this morning, and I didn’t expect it at all! I must have mist something!

April Fool’s Notice

April 1st is fast approaching, and while plenty of people will no doubt be making jokes and pulling pranks, we’ve decided that we won’t be amongst them! Though it would be nice to have a little fun with you all and play a trick, we’re going to be business-as-usual! Because of that, if you see something and you’re unsure if it’s a prank or not, you can contact us and we’ll help get to the bottom of it! 

Survey of the Fans

We’d like to being doing more to help the fandom, and in new ways, so tomorrow we’ll post a link to a survey asking about you, the fans, and your habits! Please look out for it and respond! It’s important we get as many different views as we can about this stuff!

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how do you think the jealousy Harry comes? like, body language/communication/ does he get a bit possessive, even in the slightest? maybe is a bit angry at himself for feeling it cause he doesn't like when the opposite happens? 🤔

Definitely angry at himself because he’s very aware he doesn’t like it when he’s the one on the opposite end of the spectrum. So to feel that bubbling green monster that makes him uneasy and slightly insecure it’s not fun and it makes him more grumpy than anything else - angry at himself for feeling that and angry at the situation that brought that out of him.

Touching would be his way of showing that. I don’t think he’d ever go full on “oi mate, quit staring at my girlfriend” cause that’s not him (unless things got out of hand) but definitely a bit more touching - holding your hand, one hand on your lower back while he stand taller. It’d be more of a body language thing, a very very subtle way of reminding whoever is making him jealous that he’s here and he’s with you and you’re with him.

there’s a scale at our new hostel here in korea

official weigh-in yesterday morning: 75kg

soooo i’ve gained like, a kg. which honestly, given my bathroom issues (i am now chugging probiotic drinks and eating “high fiber” cookies lmao) i think that my 3 weeks in japan was actually maintenance. i’m cool with that, given how much i ate (and especially drank) and how much we walked (a shitload) 

butttt that puts me at 165lb still, which means i still have 10 pounds to lose (at least, but that will put me in a healthy weight range)

honestly losing 50+ pounds already though has seriously changed my life

  • i’m no longer afraid/dislike people taking my picture. 
  • i can fit into straight size clothing (my jeans are a size 27 from uniqlo), which makes traveling so much more fun because i don’t have to worry about whether a t-shirt souvenir i like is going to fit.
  • i’m actually awake and feel rested when i awake in the morning
  • my knees and ankles no longer feel pain after long days of walking around|
  • i actually look forward to taking the stairs instead of the escalator, because taking them 2 at a time makes me feel amazing. i used to avoid them because i would be so tired after a flight or two!
  • my stomach has shrunk so much. i used to be able to eat a lot more than i can now, and this is helping me to eat foods that may not be healthy (ie - korean fried chicken lol) but still keep it to reasonable portions without having to weigh my food out or measure anything. it’s so much easier to look at a plate and know that i’ll eat only until i’m full and won’t eat the whole thing lol

reply with reasons that you’re glad that you’ve made health progress! we may not be to where we want to be yet, but we can still be proud of how far we’ve come, right?

Back in action~

Was sick/busy for a while (don’t ask how many times i’ve been to see Scarpim XDDD) but Zorro is finished and I’m about to start either Fledermaus or Meguriai, with plans to collaborate on The Treasure Sword of the Hapsburgs once schedules permit. I’m also almost halfway through act one of Wao Youka’s Phantom! Although I skipped the songs so that will be ‘fun’ coming back for them on the second pass D:

I’m just going to mention that @zukalations does have a list of potential projects…we are not immensely territorial, but that is because if a show is on the list it will end up being a completed project, the only exceptions being overlaps with a subbing group that has been around longer than us

Once we invest in the materials for a project (this can be up to $200, depending on the show) there is not a lot that will make it not happen, but i will not complain about someone else doing it as long as there is the same courtesy in return ^^

Just a little update on me irl

I’m questionably on/off FR right now. Mostly I just log on, use my gathering turns on food and pray I have enough to feed them all. Sometimes I’ll bond with familiars during festivals in hopes of making enough money to buy accents. Just haven’t been motivated enough to make treasure via art sales/coli, so it’s kind of hard to do anything on FR. Idk, maybe I’ll get back into it again. It seems to come and go every few months x3

Stuff I’ve been up to after the cut, kind of ramble-y

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Ethan feeling super depressed and generally hating himself and he's having bad thoughts but doesn't want to be a burden to anyone so he keeps it in and Mark drags him out of the office and after a bit convinces him to talk about it and Eth tells Mark it's not as bad as it was and tells him he wanted to die before and Mark becomes Ethan's main method for support and Mark doesn't tell anyone anything Eth tells him bc it's personal and he's basicly the best big brother and lots of hugs 🎶

Yess! Also he becomes really protective after that so when Ty makes fun of Eth Mark will defend him super seriously and Tyler is just like “yeah–it was just a joke–I mean–sorry Ethan” and Mark invites Ethan to hang out a lot more often and makes him dumplings a lot because Ethan loves them? Ethan catches on and tells Mark he doesn’t need to baby him or anything but Mark acts like he has no idea what Ethan is talking about and insists they play another round of Mario Kart (which Ethan wins again because Mark maybe is losing on purpose but he’s good at covering it up)

yknow it is weird hearing some people talk about movies and realize like, they don’t really have any emotional connection to them, they’re just kind of a spectacle they go to be entertained by and that’s it? And i’m like…that’s a perfectly fine way to watch movies, yknow. there’s a huge industry just making Spectacular movies, most superhero movies fall into this, and they’re fun to watch. Cool!

but then people talking like… “oh, you won’t like going to movies when you’re older, because you know how they all end. they’re all the same, you know how it’s going to turn out” and “oh i didn’t like watching that movie because i’ve seen that plot in so many movies before” im just kind of

but… the characters! the emotions! the visuals! the music! it’s…it’s so much more than that!!!! i don’t understand!!!

Seriously, what is with people in this generation?!

So my friend Tri-falls recently deleted all her accounts on tumblr because she just can’t deal with the people on this site anymore. I’ve known her for more than a year and a half and it seems that she has been cyberbullied over and over for her content. Whether its over her stylized bodies of her characters or over her character couples, she’s always getting hate for something utterly stupid, so she did a reasonable and got away from the hate. I didn’t realize she had deleted them at the time so I went back to the site and low and behold some SCUMBAG recreated her account just to make fun of her even more.

Now, I’m a reasonable person, I’m not going to cyberbully them, but still its fucking messed up. And what’s worse is that I know that this isn’t the first time something like this has happened.

It seems that nowadays everyone uses the computer as a shield to bully others. I’m sick and tired of this. PEOPLE HAVE DIED FROM THIS SORT OF THING….and people take it as a joke. 

Now, I’m not saying that tri-falls has died, no she’s perfectly alive, pissed off, but alive, I’m talking about the other thousands, maybe even millions of users who have also been cyberbullied in this way, and how its affected them.

The old saying goes that “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”  Sorry to say, but that saying is, for the most part, false. Sure there are some people that can tune out hate, but there are many people who can’t, and that hurts them on a psychological level.

Some people can barely handle the stresses of everyday life, so they go online to escape from it, and when they get bombarded with hate online as well, that stress builds up even more. That’s how some people develop depression, and darker, even suicidal thoughts.

Honestly, how some people act online sometimes is baffling even stupid, but sometimes you just gotta remember that they’re just trying to get a reaction out of you, if they don’t stop, I think tri-falls is a good example of what to do, just walk away from it, there are many other places to use as an art or social media platform anyway.

With that out of the way, I’d like to ask people, to maybe consider reporting this “new” tri-falls and triforce-falls. DON’T ATTACK THEM. I know what they’re doing is terrible, but attacking them would just put you on their level, wouldn’t it?

I don’t like conflict, but if my friends are hurt by something, I’ll fight for them.

One last thing for everyone who likes to cyber bully others.

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Just stop it already, you’re hurting people