i will make more of these because it was so fun

hey guys! i don’t know about you, but around the holidays i usually like to curl up with some hot chocolate and read. so i’ve gathered some fics that are good for those cold winter nights.

** means i haven’t read it, but it came highly recommended 

chestnuts roasting… & all that by elsi_bee 

Louis is apparently the only person at his new job who is single as can be. It’s not a big deal to just tell his new colleagues that he has a boyfriend, right? Until he has to make this imaginary boyfriend magically appear at the office holiday party. Cue fake relationship antics with a certain someone who is more than willing to play along.

my world is filled with cheer (and you) by rbbsbb

They’re all in Secondary school together, and Harry isn’t new to pining. The annual Secret Santa gift exchange is on, though, and when he pulls Louis’ name, Harry decides that he needs to get his boy the best present that he could ever ask for.

(Or, Harry is in love with Louis, his best mate, and is his Secret Santa this year.)

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BTS replaced you. - pt.END

[pt.1] [pt.2] [pt.3] [pt.END]

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“You guys have no idea how hurt she is that you basically threw her to the curb and left her like that.” I looked at all seven of the men who stood before me after Y/N had ran to her room and closed the door behind her.

“Why are you interfering? What did you say to her to get her to hate us like this?” Jungkook stood before me, squaring up as if he was ready to throw a punch. But I took a step back.

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ceo!tom holland...
  • tom holland, CEO of Holland Industries, was all everyone could talk about 
    • only 21 and already so successful 
    • and extremely attractive 
  • although you couldn’t stand all the buzz around him since you knew him from school, unfortunately losing touch once he took over his dad’s business
    • of course you liked him so it was hard for you to see him around pretty supermodels all the time
  • it was like one am one night and you were craving a slurpee so you went to the gas station

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Reputation first impressions

I am so far out of the demo, nobody is going to care about this, but for the six of you who have asked me if I’ve listened to the new Taylor Swift record, since I’m such a big dumb fan of 1989, here are my first impressions.

I just finished the first playthrough, and I like it. I haven’t paid super close to the lyrics, because I’ve literally listened to it one time, so this is just based on the general musical tone and pacing of the album. 

Thoughts on the rest of the record:

…Ready For It? kicks off with a punch that winds me up for the rest of the record. I’m generally not a big fan of that dubstep wuuuubbbbvvvvsszzzzzz sound, but it works for me in this context.

End Game is a collaboration with Ed Sheeran and Future that left me cold. It feels out of place on this album, but especially after …Ready For It? got me so pumped up to hear what comes next. The vocals are so overproduced, the whole thing is a little much for me, but I suspect that the legion of Taylor fans who love Ed Sheeran will eat it up. (See above about how I’m not in the demo for the album.)

I Did Something Bad is glorious, lyrically and musically. I love that Taylor Swift is just dropping a huge DEAL WITH IT to everyone. This is probably my favorite song on the album.

Don’t Blame Me feels like a Lorde song, which sort of made me go “Buh? Wha? Fluh? Huh?” because I listened to Melodrama right before I listened to Reputation.

Delicate didn’t do much for me.

Look What You Made Me Do didn’t floor me when it was a single, but I feel like it works so much better in the context of the album, which isn’t what I expect from a pop album that is usually designed to have a bunch of singles (notable exception is Tove Lo’s Queen of the Clouds, which is a pop concept album and damn near perfect. Also, her new record, Blue Lips, is great).

So It Goes… feels like a song that could have been on 1989, and I mean that in the very best way. 

Gorgeous is another one that could have been on 1989, the emotional B-side to Blank Space. I expect it to come back around in summer.

Getaway Car feels like a song that didn’t quite make the cut for 1989. I wasn’t crazy about it.

King of My Heart has this particular beat that’s common in pop right now that isn’t my favorite thing, and the vocals are way over processed, but for some reason those two things come together to make this track the exception that proves the rule.

Dancing With Our Hands Tied feels sort of like if Imogen Heap collaborated with Everything But The Girl in like 2002. It’s lush in a way that I haven’t heard Taylor Swift before, and I really liked that. 

I’m not crazy about the falsetto in Dress, but maybe that’ll change. 

This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things is a lot of fun, and feels like it would be right at home in a modern Broadway musical. (And honestly, I just don’t care who – if anyone – that song is about. Music critics just need to get over the tired trope that Taylor Swift writes songs about everyone she has dated or known or whatever. Maybe this song is about someone in particular, but why does that even matter? Maybe it’s about you, stupid music critic, you big dummy.) 

New Year’s Day is a great album closer. The stripped down vocals, simple harmony, and solo piano are such a great counterpoint to the production of the rest of the album. I can feel the brief moment of darkness at the end of it, before the house lights come up, as the lights go out on the stage. I think this song is going to be in a lot of graduation videos this year.

So, overall, 4 out of 5. One track I just don’t like at all, two tracks that I can take or leave, and 12 songs I really liked. Reputation didn’t grab me on its first listen the way 1989 did, but I feel like I’m going to get into it more upon subsequent plays.

But not grabbing me right away and compelling me to restart the album right away doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not a great record; it just means that it wants me to do a little work to find my way into it. It’s like, The Bends grabbed me right away and I played it to death. OK Computer took me several listens to appreciate and love, and all these years later, I never play The Bends, and will put OK Computer on pretty much always. 

Did I just compare Taylor Swift to Radiohead? You bet your face I did. Don’t @ me. I contain multitudes.

Four Puffs 1/2

Steve Harrington/Henderson!Reader
Word Count:

Request: @mikeygc3000​  said: Could you write one where you’re Dustin’s older sister and all the kids can tell that you and Steve are in love but are in denial so they set up a blind date by tricking you and Steve and you both end up together in the end???? And lots of fluff!???? (P.s I just found your blog and I’m in love with it)”

A/N: sorry to break this up into two parts, but it was getting monstrously long, and I need to edit the second half, lol. Also, fun fact, someone is credited as playing Mr. Henderson, so I headcanon’d a bit. (and as always, requests are OPEN)

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a mess [richie tozier x fem!reader]

Originally posted by edsgazebos

summary: reader gets herself in deep shit with the bowers gang and richie tries to help her but just gets themselves in even deeper shit and it’s a mess but it’s ok because they have each other :,)

requested: can you do a richie imagine where the reader gets herself into deep shit and richies just like “see what you did, now i have to go fix this” and he just makes it worse and their both a mess but like its okay bc they have eachother? does that even make since idk if it doesnt you dont have to ride it ahha

warnings: some swearing (it’s richie duh)

word count:

a/n: omg  love this request and had fun writing it! + sorry for not posting in so long whOOPS

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Chat Room???

Title: Chat Room???

Characters: Dean, Reader, Jody, Sam

Word Count: 2,813

Warning: Fluff, that turns angsty, that comes back to fluff. Pretty normal for supernatural violence

A/N: Not really sure how this one came to me, but I’m glad it did. Enjoy!!

Chevy67: hey

Pie94: hey stranger, how’ve things been?

Chevy67: meh, another road, another long drive. How’d work go? Did you talk to your boss?

Pie94: Yup. I was right. He’s an even bigger ass when he’s mad

Chevy67: LOL

Chevy67: at least you tried

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Stigma: Do you want to perpetuate it, or do you want to end it?

The thing with “all or nothing” thinking with ANY disability is you run over peoples’ autonomy.

Shut up and stop saying “well what about cancer?” Cancer is a disease that threatens life that should of course be cured! Degenerative conditions that make a person deteriorate over time should be researched and cured if the person with the condition wants it because the increasing needs and sudden changes in ability are hard on the person, maybe more so than caregivers.

Comparing disabilities or mental illnesses like blindness or autism or a spinal cord injury or bipolar disorder or PTSD to degenerative conditions or life-ending diseases like Alzheimer’s, ALS, Huntington’s or cancer is stigmatizing. It suggests our lives are not worth living unless we get a cure. Some may want a cure, but the choice should be the person alone, not society.

I just said the answer, but I’ll ask anyway. Do you know what the biggest problem is for all disabilities and illnesses (physical and mental) besides accessibility? 


Stigma is turning disabilities and mental illnesses into jokes, tropes and stereotypes. 

Stigma is ignoring disabled voices and focusing on caregivers instead of the people who really need the care and help.

Stigma is society taking its own beliefs about disability instead of hearing about it from disabled people, and sticking to its own beliefs instead of letting their wrong ideas be challenged.

Stigma is movies making the villain “crazy” with an unnamed mental illness who ends up either dead or in an asylum, which implies mentally ill people are dangerous or evil, and that the only way to be safe is to kill them or lock them up.

Stigma is “mental patient” being a Halloween costume.

Stigma is villains being disfigured or disabled to imply disability is something bad or evil. (Davros on Doctor Who is a GREAT example of this. He’s very similar to Stephen Hawking, except he can talk with his mouth and move one hand!)

Stigma is being asked “like Rain Man?” when I tell people I’m autistic because that is the only “autism” people know.

Stigma is being told I don’t know what I’m talking about when I talk about being autistic…and the person saying that is not. 

  • Look, non-autistic parents, I don’t know what your kid’s favorite snack is, who their favorite TV character is or what their favorite color is, but I know that marshmallows feel like a disgusting pulsing mess in my mouth, a rough shirt seam can feel like sandpaper rubbing blisters into my skin and a room full of people talking might as well be church bells clanging right next to my ears for all the sense the noise makes to me. 
  • It doesn’t matter if I can talk and your kid can’t, I understand what they are feeling in a way you, a person who is not autistic, *never* will.

Stigma is mentally ill people being dehumanized and mistreated because TV and movies teach society that they’re bad.

Stigma is turning mental illnesses into a threat, “Ohhh behave before they cart you off to the nuthouse!”

Stigma is able-bodied neurotypical people turning away from and ignoring those who are disabled and neuroatypical.

Stigma is people whose voices will never be heard being force-fed bleach until they vomit or poop bloody mucus, and nobody will ever know or bring their abusers to justice because their abuse is “treatment”.

Stigma is disabled lives being devalued so much that people who can’t save themselves are killed EVERY DAY because they’re “such a burden” and society thinks that is okay and shouldn’t count as murder.

The only way to beat stigma is to bring these things out in the open and let people who live those conditions talk. No, not caregivers, the actual people who have or are those conditions! 

Make people uncomfortable! TALK! That’s the ONLY way!!! 

Call out Hollywood when it uses mental illness to make characters evil or dangerous instead of it being a typical person who has a vendetta. 

Call out Hollywood when it makes a disabled character the villain!

Call out people who call autistic people the R-word or make fun of them!

Call out people who use the R-word on intellectually disabled people!

Call out charities like Autism Speaks that use fear mongering to raise funds for research that is not helping autistic people!

Call out abusive “therapies” that aim to make life easier for caregivers at the expense of the comfort and safety of the disabled or mentally ill person!

Call out news articles that “okay” the “mercy killings” of disabled or mentally ill people!

Call out stigma. Call it out. Be annoying. Don’t stand down. 

Keep talking. 


And notice stigma when you perpetuate it yourself, too. I probably do it a dozen times a day or more, and I have to say “hold on, girl, wtf did you just say?! Don’t say that! No!”

Stigma: Do you want to perpetuate it, or do you want to end it?

Having a child with Negan would include:

Originally posted by ofdragonsanddreams16

• Whenever he feels like it’s too cold for them, him taking his scarf off to wrap it around their neck instead, commenting with a chuckle all along how badass they look before wrapping his leather jacket around them to be completely sure that they’re warm

• Him being a protective Dad and always making sure that they’re safe as well as feeling the anger boiling up in him whenever he hears that someone dared to mock or hurt them in any way before making sure that this person won’t ever do that again

• Him loving it to come back from a long day of work and seeing how you both lay cuddled closely against each other and peacefully sleeping in bed, only for him to quickly take his jacket and boots off to lay down next to you and take you both into his arms

• Him loving to playfully scuffle with your kid, all while laughing until he calls loudly out and acts as if they have completely defeated him, just to glance up to you and purposely tell you in an exhausting tone but with a small wink how he had just no chance against them

• When he’s coming back from a long day, him loving to hear the sound of their voice calling for him and the soft but quick footsteps that become louder before he can see their happy face and can finally pick them up and hug them tightly

• Him and your kid playing pranks on you and just laughing until their stomachs hurt as they see your surprised face before he comes over with them to hug you tightly all while knowing that you’re gonna to pay it back to him

• Him going from the stern and serious big bad wolf he is with his men to being the most loving Dad as soon as he sees your child stumbling on their little legs towards him, already smiling widely while holding their stuffed animal or even a picture they have drawn for him in their small hands

• Him walking around the Sanctuary with them on his shoulders, in his arms or by his hand all while almost not being able to keep a serious face due to being that proud and happy to have his child right with him

• Him reading bedtime stories to them, only to find them boring with time and just changing them to some funnier stories and beginning to make it a personal challenge for himself to make them laugh with his tales until he and you realize that he won’t ever be able to make them sleep if he continues that way

• As your kid is old enough, him getting a little, smaller baseball bat for them and wrapping barbed wire around it to make it look just like Lucille before teaching them how to use it properly and protect themselves from the dead

• Him having some moments of fear that someone might try to take you both away from him or even use you to take revenge on him, knowing too well that he has enough enemies only to make extra sure that you’re both safe

• Instead of stopping them, him laughing loudly and acting all like the proud dad he is when he hears your kid cursing for the first time, knowing that with his vocabulary it was just a matter of time until your child would adopt it 

• Him letting his men search for things for them or doing it himself when he’s out for a run, before being just as excited as your child when he gives them a new toy or stuffed animal

• Him loving to point resemblances between him, you and your child out, doesn’t matter if it’s about the way they look, talk or even move and just having to chuckle especially loud whenever he sees how they lean or gesture just the way he does

• Even though he wants them to grow up as safe and protected as possible, him making sure that they grow up to be a fighter just like you and him, who knows that it takes a lot of work and determination to make it in this kind of world

• Him being, especially because of his past, paranoid when it comes to your child being sick or even just having a small cold and immediately letting his doctor check them to know that they are going to be okay, as well as to urge the fear and the horrifying memories out of his mind

• Him just enjoying to teach and show your child new things, while loving to see how excited they are and how admiring the glance in their eyes is as he shows them how to do it

•  As soon as he lets your kid try it then, him just having to chuckle about their clumsy tries before encouraging them to try again until it works while he feels extremely proud to know that he was the one who helped them

• Him especially loving to do that with the sports he was so passionate about as a kid and as well as coach later and trying to make it more fun for them as he’s acting as if he’s commenting in a very Negan way from a sporting event while they’re playing table tennis or any other sport with him

• Him feeling unbelievably proud and happy as he hears them first mumbling to him that he’s their hero, only for him to hug them tightly as he even feels how he gets emotional as he realizes again how much they love him

• Him making sure that he has more than enough time for you both and just giving tasks to Simon to be able to spend some more hours with you, all while showing you both that you really are the most important people in his life

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RFA: MC Crying From Laughter

May I request a headcanon where RFA+Saeran+V are trying to make MC laugh because she didn’t look happy as usual, but when she did laugh she starts crying on the floor in tears because whatever they said was super funny?

Hi, it’s Pancake 😁 I’m sorry this took me so long, I’ve been;; really, really busy. I’m sorry if this one doesn’t turn out great… but I’m trying! Some of these got waaay longer than I wanted them to… oops. I hope you enjoy it anyways 👍🏻

⁃ If you’re ever unhappy, ya boy Yoosung knows
⁃ You guys had gone to an internet cafe and you were just kind of poking at your food
⁃ “MC?” Yoosung asked. “Are… uh, are you okay?”
⁃ You met his gaze and looked back down. “Yeah?”
⁃ Awkward silence.
⁃ “Are you sure? You seem, well, sort of upset?”
⁃ I mean you wanted to tell him, but you didn’t want to ruin your date
⁃ So you just said, “I’m fine,” and hoped he would accept it
⁃ He didn’t.
⁃ “No, you’re not,” he said firmly.
⁃ And listen y’all this kiddo has absolutely no idea what else to do so he just stands up and dumps his entire bowl of ramen on his head
⁃ It was…
⁃ Very unexpected, to say the least
⁃ All the shock and emotion just rolls out in one big wave and you’re laughing and crying and Yoosung is chasing you around the table screaming “hUG MEEEEE” but you’re wearing your new shirt and he’s covered in ramen and the whole cafe is staring at you like you’re crazy and that’s when you realize
⁃ You love being with him. You love acting like stupid college students and doing the simple things together. You love holding his hand and tousling his hair. You love it when he cups an uneasy hand over your face and kisses you. You love the way he says your name.
⁃ You love him.

⁃ Movie nights are usually much more fun when you’re not holding back tears
⁃ You and Zen were trying to unwind before his big performance tomorrow, and you didn’t want to stress him out
⁃ You made it half an hour before he caught you off guard and asked if you wanted popcorn
⁃ You didn’t have time to swallow back the lump in your throat and your voice broke as you answered
⁃ Then he asked if you were okay, and all of the emotion started spilling out
⁃ Oh honey
⁃ The poor angel was just so lost
⁃ I mean you were blubbering and ugly crying (even though you still look gorgeous with tears and snot streaming down your face) and Zen couldn’t understand a dang word you were saying
⁃ So he just kind of pulled you in and wrapped you up in his arms
⁃ You just stayed like that, leaning into him until the sobs simmered into hiccups
⁃ His hands traveled up and down your back and found your ribs and
⁃ You really didn’t expect to get jabbed
⁃ A burst of laughter escaped you before you knew what was going on
⁃ And suddenly he was tackling you and you were gasping for air between spurts of uncontrollable giggles
⁃ There was not a ticklish spot on your body that his fingers didn’t find
⁃ When you thought you couldn’t breathe anymore, Zen relented and you guys settled back on the couch, panting like crazy
⁃ Consider yourselves unwound

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S02E06 “GIRL POWER” thoughts

OH man okay what an episode. I have a LOT OF THOUGHTS so I added a Read More somewhere down there for you. Once again it’s a ton of observations mixed with mental notes and a lot of half-thought theories.

- We know what the Bergsberg sign says! “Once you’re here… you’ll never want to be gone”. –> because everyone somehow finds what they need there?

- I was waiting for the scene where Friedkin finds out the Rowdy 3 are gone. It was fantastic. Lieutenant AssistEnt?! Mental note, teleportation is linked with water and an electrical surge that also manages to interrupt surveillance.

- Ken is just so freakin’ happy with this new living quarters. I wish I could go through those files he has there. Also the only bit of color in the room is in the shower - a red soap thingie and a yellow soap thingie and a blue and a red loofa. What’s going on with that? They remind me of the buttons on Vogel’s jacket.

- Nice leopard print tights, Todd. Also Todd is wearing Dirk’s glowsticks. And they’re red and blue which is a THING because a TON of things in this episode are red and blue (just like the Dengdamor sigil?).

- Pink-coated Dirk vs. Bart in blue! “Are you back to being scared of me?” sounds to me like Dirk wasn’t when he was high on a love spell. I wish we could see what went on there.

- The Mage’s little speech is super interesting and there’s lots to unpack there. The world he conquered was supposed to be different and he was supposed to lose. What changed? If it’s the boy in the murals that’s supposed to defeat the Mage every time, he’s been missing for a long time. Why are we only looking for The Boy now?

- Odd thing I noticed: the boy is dressed the same in every instance of him defeating the mage (same kind of shirt, either yellow or green, blue pants, and a crown) but his hair is a different color nearly every time. It’s black or brown in one, red in one, blond in another.

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Unpopular Opinion: I don’t think Loki fucked the Grandmaster

Because Loki is too smart for that

Look, the Grandmaster is a man who loves games.  He spends his extremely long life putting together blood sport championships because he is a nut and an adrenaline junkie.  What is a more exhilarating game than seduction?  

So I think Loki knows that if he gave it all up to the Grandmaster right away, then the Grandmaster would just get bored of him.  After all, the fun is playing the game.  Once someone wins, its over.  

But if Loki played hard to get?  If he was little tease? Oh I totally could see him in the Grandmaster’s lap stroking the other man’s ego, making out, maybe some light fooling around.  But he knows better than to take this straight to pound town.  Instead he is going to play up being flustered and take the seat on that sofa and let the Grandmaster think he’s slowly seducing him.  

He could drag this out for quite a while, living it up in the lap of luxury with new clothes and fabulous parties while he plots his next move in this beautiful trash planet chaos.  

At least until his brother shows up ;-)

anonymous asked:


( Melly’s Mod Notes: Yesssss. I’m glad I’m not alone on this too! \ o / I know it’s a strange thing to like and adore but its what tickles my fancy if I want something cute or fluffy while having it silly if I want to imagine my favourite robots, haha.

Also I’ve been getting a lot of messages asking me what on earth I mean by non sexual licking headcanons after I put those tags in. Since I really love this stuff, I’ll be more than happy to give examples of what I mean by that. I’ll be primarily using G1 continuity for maximum silliness. )

✦ Introducing the concept of licking at all to the Autobots. I like to headcanon that Transformers/Cybertroninans only have known a fluid-based diet thanks to how energon is formed and never somehow needed to use their tongues. So when they come to Earth and one day see Spike or Chip stick their tongue out to lick their thumb to flip a page or their palm to try and flatten their hair, they are all understandably confused and ask what’s that all about. Cue the strange and fumbling explanation of tongue and saliva and its uses for the humans. Some find it gross. Some find it cool. Most are, once again, intrigued by the wonderful uniqueness of humans and their planet.

✦ Autobots trying this licking thing for themselves in their attempt to better learn humanity. They have a giant basketball court and watch soap opera and ballet on their super computer. Of course some of they are gonna go, ‘I wanna lick too!!’ after learning about the concept. At some point Spike or Spike’s friend needing to beg some Autobots - WHEELJACK. PERCEPTOR. - to please stop licking everything they see or discover because no don’t lick the train tracks you know what train tracks are gUYS-

✦ Short but sweet: Someone trying to explain that weird phenomenon of kids licking street lamps and flag poles during winter time, trying not to giggle the entire time. One of the Autobots - Hound, for some reason and because it’s funny - decides to see if this works in reverse by licking Spike or Spike’s friend out of the blue(?!) during their talk. Everyone learning the terribly truth that yes. It can work in reverse. Ratchet can only stare at the embarrassed parties with judgement as he tries to get their human friend off of Hound’s tongue.

✦ Auutobots finding out, to their delight, this is how dogs kiss and show their love to those they like. On one hand please imagine some of the sillier and friendlier Autobots like Bumbelbee returning affection to dogs this way, grinning the whole time as the dog shakes off the excess energon-saliva and continues to back and lick them back!! On the other hand please fucking imagine Powerglide getting sent to his private hangar for the night when he tries to use this on Astoria and she is o f f e n d e d because wow?? Excuse you??? If she wanted to get slobbered on and in the not sexy way she would have gotten a dog, ‘Glide.

The Autobots being introduced to the idea of candies. Seeing Spike and his friends eat up the stuff when the humans are hanging out on the Ark. Learning the hard way that robots and sticky/syrupy Earth treats do not mix. Wheeljack and Ratchet deciding that will not deter them and creating their own version of candies. The energon candies being a smash hit with the other Autobots who are intrigued by the lollies and taffies and suckers. Prowl shyly asking for some of the snacks so he can lick on something while doing work, wings fluttering in joy when he’s given a nice big bag of it to show their appreciation for the SIC. Ratchet and First Aid using it to coax stubborn patients into the medbay by promising them sweets. Mirage pretending to be snooty and sticking his nose up if introduced to the sweets - blah blah something about sticky and gooey and yucky - but Spike’s friend may catch an invisible Mirage sneaking a jelly or two when he thinks no one is looking. It’s kind of hard to miss a floating jelly suddenly disappear followed by half a dozen more. They pretend it works for Mirage’s sake.

Energon ice cream. Following the train of thought of the last headcanon, the Autobots wanting to try and make their own ice cream after seeing their human friends enjoy the stuff so much and seeing it in their favourite soap operas and shows. Trying to make their own flavours like copper-nickel or silver-gold and enjoying the delicious stuff on hot summer days to keep their systems cool. It’s all fun and games until Wheeljack tries his hand on making ice cream by building his own ice cream vending machine. No one is sure how but it ends with 95% the Ark is on fire. Optimus Prime regretfully has to ban ice cream making in the Autobot base after that. It’s a sad day for everyone.

Fizzy Drinks

I felt like writing something, but I wasn’t feeling inspired to work on any of my WIPs. I asked @aloemilk for a prompt and she gave me “theatre”. Here’s a bit of Sunday evening fluff!


It had been Hermione’s dad’s idea, which was unexpected.

It had taken The Grangers a few weeks, several heated arguments, and even more tears to accept what Hermione had done to protect them, but they’d finally made their peace with it and resolved to rebuild their family.

However, the one thing that still seemed to be a point of unease was the fact that Ron and Hermione were dating. Of course, given that Ron had made the trip to Australia, and how much of a support he’d been to Hermione, they had quickly put the pieces together, prompting the young couple to confirm that they were officially together.

Her mum was pleased with the development, but her dad had remained eerily quiet on the matter. Ron had felt, more than once, that the older man was sizing him up. Not that Ron blamed him—he hadn’t really been able to clearly articulate to them how much he loved their daughter.

Little did he know that it was obvious to her parents, especially after Hermione had explained their goings on during the past year.

They’d cried during those heart-wrenching moments at Malfoy Manor, hugging Hermione tightly as she recalled the intense pain she’d endured and how Ron’s screams fueled her hope and allowed her to keep fighting. Mrs. Granger had even hugged Ron after that, thanking him profusely for saving their only child.

All of this flew through his mind when her mother piped up during dinner one mid-June evening in Sydney, asking Hermione about their first date.

“Honestly, Mum, between everything at the end of the war, the… the funerals, and then coming here to find you, well… we haven’t really gone on a date.”

Her parents were surprised, seeing how that was usually the first step in establishing a proper romantic relationship.

Ron gulped, not wanting to seem like a disappointment. He badly wanted to take Hermione on a date, hundreds of them, really. It was something he’d been dreaming about for years, if he was honest with himself. Hermione was right, as usual. Between the weight of everything they’d done since Harry beat Voldemort, their moments together had been filled with grief and support. Yet he still worried; he wanted so badly to make a good impression.

An awkward silence descended on the group.

“The theatre,” Mr. Granger suddenly blurted out. “You should go to the theatre. That’s where I took your mum on one of our first dates. Hamlet, wasn’t it, dear?”

Her mum nodded and smiled, a faraway look on her face.

Ron paled. He remembered Bill talking about the theatre once when he was taking Muggle Studies. A bunch of poncy gits dressing up, acting out a story, and speaking a bunch of nonsense. It sounded ridiculous. He was also aware that it could be rather pricey, and his funds were rather limited. Of course, he knew well enough not to say anything out loud.

Hermione spoke up, after noticing the subtle change on Ron’s face. “Thanks for the suggestion, Dad. I think maybe the cinema would be a better option for Ron and I.”

Blimey, he loved this woman.

Ron nodded excitedly. “I’ve heard a bit about the cinema from Hermione and some of the other Muggleborns at school. It sounds brilliant. But…”

“But what, Ron?”

“I… I wanted to do this properly.” His ears flared red as he focused on his girlfriend. “Hermione, would you go out with me?”

Ron heard Mrs. Granger sigh, and Hermione beamed. “I’d love to.”

Ron even chanced a glance over to Mr. Granger, who had an odd look on his face. Making eye contact, he gave Ron a genuine smile and a slight nod, approving of his actions.

After finishing up their dinner, Ron looked up at the clock. He had no idea what time the cinema closed.

“Well, I guess we’d better get going then.”

“Ron!” Hermione screeched. “I have to get ready first! My hair is a mess, I need to change…”

Ron’s confusion was evident. “Why? You look beautiful.”

Hermione blushed. “Well, I’m glad you think so, but this is our first official date and I want to look… you know… special. Mum, will you help me pick something out?”

“Of course, dear.”

Mrs. Granger’s eyes were shining as the two women dashed up the stairs of the small house, talking non-stop and giggling, leaving the two men watching in awe.

Mr. Granger clapped Ron on the shoulder. “These women, eh?”

Ron nodded, suddenly dreading being left alone with Mr. Granger.

“Now, Ron, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this—seeing how we let you two share a room here—but if I hear a single word about you not treating my daughter with the utmost respect, I won’t be very happy.”

“Of course, sir. Besides, Hermione would probably hex my bollocks off if I did anything she didn’t want to do.” Ron’s eyes widened, mortified at using such crass language.

Mr. Granger snorted. “I’m sure you’re right, son.”

A silent understanding seemed to take place between the two men, both of whom loved the bushy-haired witch upstairs. After an awkward moment, Hermione’s dad spoke up again.

“So, you’ve never been to the cinema before?”

“No. From what I understand, it sounds like a bunch of people sitting in a dark room, watching a giant television.”

“Well, I suppose that’s an apt description of it. But it’s more about the experience of enjoying something together. Not only that, but between the big screen, the sound, and the treats, it’s quite fun.”

Ron perked up. “Treats? What kinds of treats?”

Mr. Granger smiled, knowing of Ron’s penchant for sweets—much to his professional disapproval. “Yes, there are a number of things we typically eat at the cinema, including popcorn, candy, and,” he visibly cringed, “fizzy drinks.”

“Fizzy drinks? Sounds interesting.” Ron realized anything that made Mr. Granger look so disgusted was probably full of sugar and, and most likely delicious. He couldn’t wait to try it.

Mr. Granger chuckled to himself. “One time, when Jean and I were dating, we went to the cinema and I accidentally spilled a drink all over her dress, halfway through the film. She was furious, so we missed the rest of the show and I took her home. Luckily, she still wanted to see me, and we laughed about it a few days later. It’s a good thing too, because I was already quite taken with her.”

Ron let out a laugh. “Magic certainly would have been useful there!”

As they came down the stairs, Mrs. Granger and Hermione was stunned to see the two men laughing jovially.

Ron caught Hermione’s eye, and sucked in a breath. “Blimey. You look incredible!”

She’d pinned up her hair, and had changed outfits, opting for a black knee-length skirt, warm stockings, a dark blue jumper, and a denim jacket.

She touched her hair self-consciously, as Ron continued to stare. “It’s nothing, really.”

“Looks like I’m not the only who’s quite taken,” joked Mr. Granger.

Ron watched as Hermione approached, holding out her hand. He took it and stood up, pulling her into a hug and gently kissing the top of her head.

“Ready to go?”

He nodded, nerves suddenly exploding throughout his body. He was going on an actual date with Hermione, something that a few weeks ago seemed like an impossibility.

“I promise I won’t spill a drink on you.”

She looked up at him strangely, not understanding why her parents burst out laughing “I hope not.”

Happier (Sam Holland X Reader)

Summary: Songfic of Happier by Ed Sheeran

A/N: As you know, I am in LOVE with Sam Holland wow who would’ve thought? Anyways, I was talking to the lovely Michelle ( @honeynutholland ) and she’s been super sweet and helpful with this whole fic. We also share the mutual feeling of sweRVING BETWEEN LANES AND HOW THEY’RE ALL SUCH FUN PEOPLE. She’s been super fun to talk to so give her a bIG THUMBS UP, SMASH THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTOn

Warnings: Light cursing

Pronouns: she/her

Word Count: 2,780

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anonymous asked:

you said that the dark zodiac is based off of real people you know and characters. is it okay for me to ask the story behind them?

Aries is based on the deviant trope. An uncontrollable individual who lives a hedonistic lifestyle. They indulge themselves on toxic things, such as drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc. They are manipulative, and don’t care about other people’s feelings, especially if it gets in the way of things they desire. So Aries After Dark, I pictured as like that guy or girl at an edgy night club, who is dtf. Down to fuck and/or fight. This is based off of the negative traits of an Aries; dominate, stubborn, short tempered, unpredictable, selfish. I don’t know many aries in person, so it was hard to find inspiration for this based on real people, so I went with character tropes.

Taurus was a little more difficult, so it is loosely based off someone I know who is a Taurus that I don’t like. They’re lazy, and materialistic, and blame other people for their own faults and bad luck. So I combined that person with my character I made in Zodiac as Antagonists series, as a rich, self indulgent, greedy business man trope. I ended up with a character that has a princess/prince complex, that doesn’t really like to do anything, takes what they have for granted, and values materialistic and shallow things in life. Such as jewellery, expensive alcohol, money, etc. Taurus after dark is passive aggressive, sarcastic, and unambitious, and is too stubborn to change who they are, which is the crowning fault of this person I based this on.

Gemini is a complex one. Every bad ex I’ve dated has been a gemini. So in this I rolled them all in one. These people were two-faced, untrustworthy, inconsistent, high strung, fickle minded. As a lot of Gemini’s would testify, they do not like the stereotype that Gemini’s are crazy, or psycho/sociopaths, because their dual personalities and high anxious behavioural issues makes them hard to understand. Which is why I chose that quote “You’re a Psychopath” “I prefer creative”. It just illustrates the opinion of how others see Gemini, vs how they view themselves. So Gemini after dark as a character is a person who is indecisive, and fickle minded. They’re liars and backstabbers because they are incapable of keeping promises, and they know this, so they keep that part of themselves hidden upon first introductions. But they’re also confused by their own self. They don’t know what they want, they dont understand their own emotions. They’re not good with them.

Cancer, as I’ve mentioned, is heavily based off of who I was when I was a teenager and an early adult. So I’ll break down the imagery I’ve used to illustrate this. One thing that cancers are known for is sentimentality. They grow too attached to things. I’ve linked sentimentality with christian imagery, which also symbolizes my struggle with finding myself spiritually through religion. The crown of thorns and the crying Madonna symbolized martyrdom; I kept on sacrificing my own happiness, or rather giving it up. I consensually put myself in pain on purpose. I was drowning in my own pain and emotions, and to deal with that I over indulged myself in unhealthy habits. In the graphic I used smoking as an example, but for me it wasn’t smoking, it was food and drugs and sex. In terms of relationships, I fell in love too fast and too easily, and I would do anything for these people that I fell in love with, even if it meant carving my heart out for them. But as I grew up, and had to live through my share of Gemini’s (read above), I became more and more aromantic. Hence the Love is a lie image.

Leo is another personal one, because this one is talking about a very specific person in my life, who I won’t name, nor share my relation to them. Now I usually get along with leos; the people closest to me are leos. But this particular leo embodies all the negative traits of one. This person believes they are the protagonist of everyone’s story, and everyone else is an antagonist, or a supporting character. They surround themselves with “yes” people, to fuel the illusion that they’re always right and everyone else is wrong. This person does not swallow their pride, and has no intention to. Their pride is the most valuable thing they have, and the only thing that’s important to them. They’re vain, and materialistic. And their claws come out when someone threatens to take away their crown or bruises their pride, or takes something away from them. This person has no problem retaliating and ruining people’s lives. They would set the world on fire if they could. In short, this person is the real life Cersei Lannister.

Virgo I had a little fun with. I had this character idea of a conservative woman that people over look, but is actually a very dangerous person. So I played with the name Virgo, and used Christian symbolism, but I also balanced it with gothic, and witchy aesthetics, and created a story. Virgo’s appearance is very conservative. She’s very critical, and is never in a good mood. But she’s a mason jar that’s been over stuffed with evil that’s about to explode. She’s trying to control these ghosts that stir in her, but every once in a while, when something tries her patience, she acts out. She does not like to be messy, though, so she berates herself afterwards. Virgo after dark is probably one of the very few in this series that has a story behind it. I just visualized a woman in Salem, trying to hide her craft, and being the perfect image of christian puritan woman, but everyone knows there is something dark behind that white lace.

Libra is the reason why I started this series. The most common complaint I’ve seen is that people were growing tired of libra being depicted as light-hearted and soft. So, because of this, I focused on the traits superficial, self-indulgent, and manipulative. Libra’s were also said to be introverts, so I came with the idea of a lone-wolf type. So this aesthetic is inspired by my interpretation of Druella Rosier, Bellatrix Lestrange’s mother. I’ve role played her before, so I was able to draw imagery into this that would relate to her. So Druella, or rather Libra, is a born-rich woman, who is smarter, wiser, and more cunning than people take her for. She doesnt want to live on the name of her father, but make her own name for herself. All her successes are her own. She’s a boss bitch. She gets shit things done alone, and doesn’t need help from others. Libra would destroy your life from the inside out, and it would be right under your nose.

Scorpio’s are my baes. I’ve never met a scorpio that I didn’t like. With that being said, Scorpio’s in a negative light are frightening. They’re very passionate, but because of that they can get obsessive, possessive, jealous, controlling, resentful, suspicious, and dominating. Other people cannot touch what is theirs. What’s worst, is that Scorpio’s are exceptionally mysterious when it comes to emotions and what they’re feeling, so you never really know what they’re thinking or feeling. Scorpio is really based off of every character I’ve ever fallen in love with but would be extremely bad for me. Scorpio after dark is the bad boy that isn’t good for you, and you should not want to be with, and will never change no matter how hard you try. They’ve really sexual, as well, which keys in with the possessive and dominant traits. We’re talking about a Christian Grey type character. But a well written version. Just to make an emphasis of how dangerous this type of person is; most serial killers are born in November, including Charles Manson.

Sagittarius was a bit hard, because the only one that I knew in my life that I didn’t like, did not embody any of the traits of a sagittarius at all, not even the good ones. They were just one blah of a person. But the other ones that I knew, I knew as very adventurous people. They weren’t in the same place for long. So I started to think of any negative traits they had, and that was carelessness and tactlessness. So I constructed a criminal, “dare devil”, type of character that lives outside the law and does what they please. They don’t care about getting hurt, and if something bad happens they just call it part of the journey. The carelessness comes with them not thinking things through, how that this person doesn’t consider how their actions and words could harm other people. They’re knowingly breaking laws and rules, but with their overconfidence, they believe they wont get caught.

Capricorns I’ve always seen as the masculine version of virgo, which already comes with implications. So I based Capricorn after a character who is a capricorn, and that’s Tom Riddle/Voldemort. Capricorn after dark is a malicious figure of power that resides behind the curtains. He is Oz, if Oz was a fascist or the leader of the illuminati. We’re talking about an individual that is dangerous on a global scale. He is both death and the devil, but sees himself as a god. Every chaotic event that’s ever took place in history has been carefully planned and executed by this person, and you have no idea. He is not sentimental, he is not empathetic, he gives zero fucks about anyone. His scale of morality doesn’t exist, he just wants control and power to the highest degree. The kick of it, he doesn’t have to be one person.

Aquarius is the most unique Zodiac. It’s an air sign that’s symbolized by water, for some reason. They’re the dreamers, but I call them airheads. Not because they’re stupid, but because they have thoughts of grander. So for my Aquarius, I brought back from my old series, Zodiac Signs as Protagonists, and put it in the negative. If there was any generation to relate Aquarius to, it would be millennials, because we were born and raised during the rise of the age of Aquarius. So really, this is based off of the negative aspects of my generation. Delusions of grander. Regretting nothing. Unwillingness to conform. Shooting for the stars, and landing in the sun. Aquarius after dark is a person that is a pariah of progressiveness, but they wear that with pride. They believe their views are the correct ones, their way of life is the best way, that everyone else are the insane ones, but at the same time question the vitality of those that begin to sway to their way of thinking. They do not conform, they do not want normalcy of a modern society. Often times they don’t have a job because they don’t want to contribute to capitalism (or rather that’s their excuse), and they are more likely to participate in riots and protests. They believe they are changing the world for the better, one brick at a cop car at a time, but they end up hurting the cause they’re trying to support.

Pisces was pretty simple. This is also another one based off of me. My moon is pisces, so I found this one easy to portray. Pisces and Aquarius are very different. While Aquarius is “woke”, Pisces is living in a willful delusion. They float through life with their eyes closed and disassociate from reality, and make no move to change, even if they live in a constant state of misery. I used drug imagery, because psychological drugs, or downers, allow you to escape from reality and your problems, and bring you into a surrealistic world where real world issues don’t exist. That’s why it’s so easy for someone to become addicted to drugs, because it’s a temporary solution to escape reality, rather than the permanent solution which would be death. Religion has also been used to ignore facts and things you do not want to accept. For example, the idea of heaven was created because people did not want to cope with the fact that one day they will be dead and none of it would have mattered.


Hoooooo boy. I can’t believe it. Chapter 5 is officially here.
This chapter has almost been a joke for the several months I’ve been working on this project, a chapter I never thought I’d get to.
Turns out apparently I have a lot more willpower than I thought I did, and it’s all drawn and ready for me to plow through.
Buckle up, this is the longest chapter in the book by a long shot. It’s a good time though, and if you enjoyed this part of the game I think you’ll have fun with this chapter.

As always, a humongous thank you to everyone who’s been following along for these 8 months!!
I always look forward to dumping pages here every weekend, and seeing your reactions makes me so frikkin happy.
I can’t wait to show you guys the hard work and love I’ve put into this goliath of a chapter.
Seeya soon!✨


“Wow, why are you using a really expensive, limited doll to support BJD artists?” Please allow me to explain. I’m not trying to be dickish, and I do agree that classism and socioeconomic issues can be a real problem in the hobby.
This year, I was very fortunate to be able to travel to Japan to attend the Tokyo Bay Cruise, where I obtained the fabulous Mr. Williams here. At this event, I was also able to meet the founder of Volks, Mr. Shigeta, and his wife. The company included translators on staff so that my husband and I were able to speak to them and let them know how much we enjoy our dolls, and how pleased we were to be there.

Take a moment to think about your job. If you don’t have a job, think about a job you’ve had in the past, or a job that a close family member or friend has. That job is probably difficult. It takes up most of your day, and most of your energy. You probably wouldn’t do it if you didn’t have to. Now, imagine that your job decides not to pay you. You already put in your hours, but that paycheck isn’t coming.

That’s what it’s like when you choose to buy a recast instead of a legit doll. You’re taking work that a sculptor already did, and you’re not paying them for it.

It’s easy to understand this problem when you see a sculptor like Harucasting, who is obviously just one artist, and who does a great job of showing his process and his personality on social media. It’s a lot more difficult to understand why recasting is a problem when you look at a large company with more opaque internal workings, like Volks, Soom, or Fairyland. Because you don’t know the sculptors at a company personally, it’s easy to assume that they don’t exist, or that they won’t lose money when you buy a recast of their doll instead of a legit. This isn’t true. What’s more, in a larger company, there are other people who are impacted as well. Faceup artists, casting artists, website designers, photographers, and shop employees are all part of BJD companies, too. Their jobs are necessary for the sculptors to be able to release their sculpts and produce enough of them to meet demand.

Certainly there are companies in the world whose choices produce predominantly negative impacts in the world (Walton family, looking at you). But BJD companies aren’t really in the same scale. Walmart has $480 billion in revenue each year, while Volks supposedly did $50 million in 2008. That means it would take 9,600 Volkses to make one Walmart.

There’s also the argument that ‘recasters need jobs, too.’ Yes, the version of capitalism going on in China right now is pretty fucked up, and yes, those individuals as people deserve the ability to earn an appropriate wage. But stealing intellectual property isn’t the way to do it.

The other issue that many people raise in regard to recasts is that the BJD hobby as a whole discriminates against people who are disadvantaged socioeconomically, and that recasts are a way to level the playing field. But this doesn’t make any sense. Why, if you are a person who struggles with money, would you choose to take an action that devalues the work of others? You’re reenacting the abuses of capitalism that you’ve suffered from on another person, a person whose work you claim to admire enough to buy it.

I do think that the hobby has taken a turn away from creativity and toward acquisitiveness. It can be really frustrating to watch 'haul’ videos, or see someone getting a new doll that you wanted but couldn’t afford. There isn’t as much emphasis on photography skills, or story writing, or crafting as there used to be. Perhaps this is because of the switch away from forums, where crafting journals or stories are more easy to publish, and toward social media, which is highly visually oriented but without a lot of ability to explain or converse.

Another thing to realize is that the hobby has aged. People who were young and new to the hobby when it started are adults now, and generally, adults make more money than teenagers or college students. Eighteen years of putting your spare money toward a collection can yield a collection that seems massive to someone just starting out. I think it’s important for people who are new to the hobby to know that it’s not a competition to have the most dolls, and that it takes time to get together a large dolly family. For me, I don’t post about my dolly plans very often, and it’s not because I don’t have plans or don’t want to talk. It’s because I know I do have a lot of dolls, expensive ones, and I don’t want to be seen as bragging. Over time, and for a variety of reasons, I’ve felt more and more like I’m sitting in the corner with my dollies watching the party happen.

Which brings me back around to the doll events I’ve attended, this year and in the past. Online, it can be difficult to talk to others, or to feel like you understand a person’s true motivations. In person, it’s really fun to be able to chit chat with people who share your hobby. I’m lucky that there are pleasant meetups in Boston and events in California, and that I’ve been able to meet collectors in Japan, too, who were super nice to me despite my inability to say more than “kawaii” about their dolls. I think, when people buy recasts, they believe that they’re buying access to the community. Unfortunately, that isn’t true. A recast represents harm to the artists. A budget doll that has been loved by its owner is a far more impressive and beautiful doll than a doll that was stolen. Support the artists. Buy legit!

When people ask why I train so hard they’re always surprised that it’s just for me. I’m not training to compete on stage. I’m not training to be more fit then the next person - I’m training because I love fitness. I️t makes me feel good!!! It’s my one time during the day to completely shut my mind off and not think; I just go into the gym knowing on this day and that I’m working on these muscles and go in there and allow myself to figure out my workouts as I’m there. That’s how I’ve come up with so many cool circuits because it’s my time to have fun doing what I love to do. I don’t want to talk when I’m working out - I just want to dance and vibe out to my music and train harder than I did yesterday. I use to feel so bad telling people hey I don’t really want to workout with you or hey can we save this conversation until after I finished lifting? But then it got to a point of me realizing why do I have to explain myself for something that makes me happy? I really enjoying being by myself during most of my workouts because the gym is my therapy - it’s how I release and detox from the world and it’s hard to do that when people are always there. Don’t feel bad for putting you first and doing what makes you feel good even if that means upsetting some other people! Go to the gym - train to be a beast and do it for YOU and not any other reason !!! 💖✨ _________________ 


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! I love you guys ❤️