i will make light of your situations!

ACA Enrollment


In light of what happened last night, I wanted to make sure everyone knows:

If you get your health coverage via the Affordable Care Act, and you enroll in a Qualifying Health Plan for 2017 by the end of the current Open Enrollment period (January 31, 2017), you will have coverage through the end of calendar year 2017. The GOP will probably prioritize repealing the Act, so who knows what happens for 2018, but there are laws in place which ensure that you’ll keep your 2017 coverage.

If your situation dictates, PLEASE make sure you’re enrolled in a QHP before the end of Open Enrollment. 

hey guys, i get that there are killing stalking fans who don’t romanticize or normalize the relationship between the two mcs, but what i and most everyone else are upset about is the fact that there ARE people who do that. there are people slinging around the word ps*cho, making really shitty memes that make light of the abusive situation bum is in, joke about things that really shouldn’t be joked about, and treat sangwoo like he’s the hottest shit to ever shit– it’s really harmful; you shouldn’t idolize an abusive person no matter how ‘attractive’ you find them. so, people who read k/s, please do your part in educating your community. there’s a reason why the ‘sjws’ are getting upset in the tag. thank you!


Requested, thank you

“Here, I have lots of pairs” Rogue said as she handed over a pair of her black gloves to you. “Thanks” you sighed revealed. “Now there’s two untouchables in the school” you laughed playfully, trying to make light of the situation. “For very different reasons” she chimed in. “I’ll see you in class tomorrow” you said, before walking out of her room. In the corridor you began to make your way towards your room, while fiddling with one glove to fix it. “Hey” You looked up to see who’d spoke and saw Logan approaching. “What’s with the gloves? he asked, brows furrowed. “Oh um, Charles thought it was a good idea. Just to be safe… with powers an all” you explained. “Right” Logan nodded slowly as he realised what you mean, a light chuckle passing his lips. 

Seventeen’s Reaction : Their S/O is afraid of spiders

Hi Love ^_^ I loved the reaction with got7 where you’re afraid of spiders ☺️ I wondered if you could do the same but with seventeen? ❤️ 

S.Coups : You were currently standing on a chair pointing at the tiny spider that was crawling on your kitchen’s ground, making sharp high pitched noises. Seungcheol couldn’t help but giggled at your cute reaction in such a ridiculous situation.

“Ok, I’ll kill it. Just get on the floor now, you might fall and get hurt sweetheart”

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Jeonghan : Would look at you with a light smirk, amused by your big fear of those tiny insects

“I’ll get it, just leave the room and have a seat jagi”

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Joshua : “Pls JOshuA kILL THis Sh- KiLL iT”

He’d nod, a faint smile on his face

“Sure darling, let me help you”

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Jun : You’d just shout from another room and he’d be like

“Shit. Again.”

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Hoshi : Is afraid

“wHY dOn’T yOU Ask JeoNGHan HyUNg ?!”

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Woozi : “Oppa ! Please get it it’s awful !”

“Oups gotta blast honey, have a good time~”

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Mingyu : “Mingyu ! There’s an awful spider in the room ! Can you help me ?”

“No, busy eating, it’s on your business love”

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The8 : As the cutiepie he is he’d help you out gladly, not liking when you’re that scare, he’s perfectly aware that you hate that

“Sure jagiya ! Where is it ?”

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Seungkwan : Confident af

“Sure baby, where is it ?”

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But then he sees it

“OH IT’S THAT BIG *coughs* Oh omg woozi hyung’s calling me I SHOULD GO TO SEE HIM BYE”

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Vernon : Would happily help you as he likes it when you need him.

But when he sees the animal he’d be like *gif*


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Dino : Sweetiepie Chan would help he’s freaked out s/o and then offer a cuddle session to reassure you

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‘ cheers ’  sentence starters  ━━━━

❛  are you as turned on as i am  ??  ❜
❛  she’s the queen of loco.  ❜
❛  &  what do i get for my troubles  ??  a gun stuck in my face  ❜
❛  i’m ashamed god made me a man. ❜
❛  oh,  a completely unprovoked personal attack…  i like it  !!
❛  you’re right.  i feel like striking you.  ❜
❛  it’s a dog-eat-dog world  &  i’m wearing milkbone underwear.  ❜
❛  i hope i can regard that as civility in light of today’s situation rather than sarcasm at my expense.  ❜
❛  to me,  our relationship makes perfect sense.  ❜
❛  i have,  on several occasions,  been known to perspire a bit.  ❜
❛  life’s treating me like it caught me in bed with its wife.  ❜
❛  well,  whatever you say.  i really don’t care.  ❜
❛  incidentally,  i’ve taken your little wisecracks for a few years now,  you hideous gargoyle  &  if you ever open that gateway to hell you call a mouth in my direction again,  i’ll snap off your extremities like dead branches  &  feed them to you at gunpoint. ❜
❛  … have a good life.  ❜
❛  well,  at least get the tension on that bun checked.  i mean,  if that baby goes,  we’re all dead.  ❜
❛  hello in there,  _____.  tell me,  what color is the sky in your world  ??  ❜
❛  i’ve never met an intelligent woman i’d want to date.  ❜
❛  &  while you’re up there floating around,  remember the day i said this:  you are the nuttiest,  the stupidest,  the phoniest fruitcake i ever met.  ❜
❛  shut up.  shut your fat mouth  !!
❛  make me.  ❜
❛  make you  ??  ❜
❛  what are you all sitting around here like a bunch of wimps for  ?? 
❛  what’s up  ??  my blood-alcohol level.  ❜
❛  everyone in this bar is on a connecting flight to beyond loony.  ❜
❛  i’ve never felt so low in my life.  ❜
❛  those kids had a pretty good time in that ambulance.  ❜
❛  last night i got knee-walking drunk  &  now i’m back in this bar a mere seven  &  a half hours later,  hung over…  well,  it’s official.  i have a problem.  ❜
❛  you know how you’re always talking about how you hate your life  ??  how come you wanna make it longer  ??
❛  why would she be carrying a dead rat in her purse  ??  ❜
❛  interesting little article here.  it says that the average human being only uses seventeen percent of his brain.  you realize what that means  ??  we don’t use a full…  sixty-four percent.  ❜
❛  you know,  i’ve always wanted to pop you one.  maybe this is my lucky day,  huh  ??  ❜
❛  you disgust me.  i hate you.  ❜
❛  i could look at you if i wanted to,  but frankly,  i’ve grown tired of counting the comb marks in your hair.  ❜
❛  listen,  if you don’t love the guy then why don’t you back out of this  ??  ❜
❛  i’m supposed to tell the richest man in the world that i don’t wanna marry him  ??  ❜
❛  i can’t be trusted,  trust me.  ❜
❛  the only thing he’s had in his hands all week is her ass.  ❜
❛  tell me you didn’t see that coming a mile away.  ❜
❛  you are my best friend…  now,  what is your name  ?? 
❛  i think you’re perfect just like you are.  ❜
❛  beer  ??  isn’t that the amber colored,  carbonated liquid  ??  i’ve heard goo things about it.  ❜
❛  did i ever tell you kids about the first thanksgiving  ??  it took place between the ancient egyptians  &  aliens from a distant galaxy.  ❜
❛  i think i’m going to be pregnant for the rest of my life,  just like it said in the yearbook.  ❜
❛  oh,  joy,  christmas eve.  by this time tomorrow,  millions of americans knee-deep in tinsel  &  wrapping paper will utter those heartfelt words,  ‘ is this all i got  ??  ’ ❜
❛  touch  my breasts,  friend,  i am lactating  !!  ❜
❛  we can put man on the moon,  but we can’t put metal in the microwave.  ❜
❛  this afternoon,  in a moment of extreme weakness,  i cheated on you.  ❜
❛  you think it’s easy being a lousy father  ??  ❜
❛  i am perfectly prepared to marry him  &  spend the rest of my life with him…  i’m just not particularly looking forward to it.  ❜
❛  next to his life,  my life has always appeared dull.  then again,  next to a barnacle’s life,  my life has always appeared dull.  ❜
❛  how would the civil war had changed if abraham lincoln had octopus tentacles instead of a beard  ?? 
❛  buy me a pitcher of beer  &  you can kiss me on the lips.  ❜
❛  that’s a great idea  –  leave two women who hate each other in a room full of glass  &  alcohol.  ❜
❛  hey,  speaking of bars burning down,  guess what i did  ??  ❜
❛  fight  ??  i’ve had sneezes that lasted longer.  ❜
❛  she’s a big  ‘ a ’  with no  ‘ t’s ’ ❜
❛  for all sad words of tongue  &  pen,  the saddest words are these: ‘ it might have been. ’ ❜
❛  if i win,  i get to go to bed with you.  ❜
❛  am i drinking again  ??  certainly not…  i never stopped.  ❜
❛  there is some crap up with which i will not put.  ❜
❛  you know,  you’ve made my life a living hell.  ❜
❛  but before you make your final decision,  let’s try this:  have sex with my twenty-five times  &  if at the end of the night  you’re still not sure,  i won’t say another thing.  ❜
❛  i finally figured it all out.  life makes sense  &  i am not crazy. ❜

It's Still Dark Outside

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader
AU: whatever floats your boat I guess

Prompt(s): 468. “You keep me going.”

Warnings: nothing unless you count “hell” as a swear words

A/N: short fic for @justhamilton cause I love ‘em…//


I woke up to a sudden feeling of heat pulled away from my body and a shift in the mattress. My vision blurred and my mind still delirious, I barely managed to make out the situation in front of me. It was still dark as hell but I could see a soft glow of light outlining Alexander’s silhouette.

He somehow managed to escape my “iron grip”, as he calls it. Most likely to go back to his study and write more and more and more, as always. I really disliked having the feeling of waking up to a lonely bed in the middle of the night, but what can I do? I’m helpless for that man.

Still a little loopy, my mind was debating back and forth whether to confront him or stay in the lingering warmth of the bed until he came back. Eventually I couldn’t resist his absence anymore and trailed after him. The floor boards creak with every step I took.

Placing my hands against the walls to keep my balance and feeling my way around the dim hallways, I managed my way over to his study. Sure enough, there he was, hard at work, going at the ink and parchment nonstop. I knew he acknowledged my presence because he pulled his chin up and paused for a moment before going right back to his writings.

“Alexander, dear,” I whispered out to him.

“I’ll be there in a moment, but now please take a rest, you need it,” he responded, distractedly.

I glided atop the floor over to him and placed a small hand on his shoulder.

“I need it?” I ran my other hand through his hair, “Alex, sweetheart, look at yourself,” I moved my hand under his chin and tilted him up to look at me.

He smiled softly at the glowing features of my face, from the light he had at the corner of his desk. I ran my thumb under the continuously darkening bags under his eyes and leaned down to kiss his forehead.

“Come back to bed,” I practically begged.

“How can I say no to that face?” He sighed in surrender, “Just let me finish up this last piece,” he bargained.

I pulled up a seat and sat on his left side, then interlocked my arms around his waist, positioning myself a little behind him and resting my head against his shoulder. I let in a long inhale and crinkled my nose in disgust when I realized he hadn’t gone to wash himself yet.

“Alex, dear, please come and…” I yawned, “…and take care of yourself.

“You are…” I felt myself getting dizzy.

“my highest…,” I felt my eyes falling heavy.

“…priority” I barely managed to finish off in a whisper.

Just as I began to doze off, a sound jolted my consciousness. He placed his pen down. So I lifted my head in confusion as a response. He turned and pressed his forehead against mine. And sealed our lips in a soft kiss, and I grinned stupidly in a state of distraction.

“Hmm?” I mumbled in confusion.

“Let’s go back to bed,” he replied sweetly.

I tilted back to look at the parchments and though in my delirium I was certain he was nowhere near finished.

Before I could topple out of my seat, he lifted me up, bridal style, as I let out a gasp of surprise. I could feel every slight bounce as he carried me, one foot after the other, one creaking sound after the other, and felt myself released onto the so familiar comfort of our bed. He laid himself next to me and I automatically snaked my arms around him as he pulled me in a close embrace.

“I don’t understand how you manage to work like this, everyday,” I mumbled into his chest, continuing to intertwine limb with limb.

He kissed the top of my head.

“You keep me going.”
Constructive criticism is always appreciated :)

~Attracting new friends spell~
*Please note that this spell is NOT too attract new lovers.

- 3 brown candles.
- A sheet of paper.
- A pen.

- Light the candles.
- On the sheet of paper, write down the attributes you would like your friend to have.
- Say each one out loud.
- Fold the paper in half twice.
- Light the edge of the folded piece of paper from one of the candles and repeat the words below:

‘With heart and mind I do now speak, bring to me the one I seek, let this paper be the guide and bring this friend to my side. Pain and loneliness be no more, draw a companion to my door. Let not this simple spell coerce or make my situation worse. As I will, it shall be.’

- Let the paper burn out then snuff the candles. Only use these candles for the same kind of spell.

Every time you see a situation in which a trans person or trans people could be hurt, I want you to say to yourselves, “Eight trans children killed themselves in two days.” I want that to light a fire under your ass and make you speak. Don’t stay quiet. Eight trans children killed themselves in two days. Stand up and fight for them.

In Light of Some Discourse That Has Found Its Way on My Dash...

Let me make something clear as both an original writer and a fanfiction writer: critiques aren’t things that you’re required to accept. At the end of the day, no one has the right or the authority to tell you what to do. Now your relationship with accepting or rejecting critiques can vary greatly depending on the situation you’re in (i.e. being a novice fanfiction writer vs. being an aspiring writer being given edits from an editor that can be the difference between getting published and throwing your manuscript out). But at the end of the day, it’s your work, so it’s always your decision what happens to it.

Now, that being said: writers have a responsibility to do their characters, their settings, and their subject matter justice. This is because you are creating media that is being consumed by the public, and this consumption of media may and can have societal implications.

You are not required to change your story if it’s seeped in harmful stereotypes about a group of people. However, you certainly cannot become defensive when consumers notify you of the harmful stereotypes that you have put into your writing. Now assuming that you are a socially responsible and ethical creator of content, the mature thing to do would be to acknowledge your shortcomings (especially if the criticism concerns subject matter you are not an expert on) and to make attempts to correct the errors of your writing.

What you shouldn’t do is fall back on the common attitude “my writing I’ll do what I want with it.”

No. A thousand times no.

Whether you’re writing fanfiction or publishing a book, you have to realize that any creative content you release is going to have implications on the audiences that read them. This is especially true when it comes to writing about cultures, identities, and lived experiences different from your own. Your words have implications on the lived experiences of these cultures and identities, especially if they perpetuate harmful stereotypes or blatant pieces of misinformation. You words have the power to offend and anger people. When you find yourself in the position of angering and offending people because you have misrepresented their lived experiences, your job isn’t to get defensive.

Your job is to acknowledge their feelings and acknowledge the impact your words have caused.

This is why research is important. This is why cultural competency is important. This is why social responsibility is important.

If you’re writing about a culture, identity, or lived experience that you know nothing about, obviously it is impossible to understand every single thing about that subject matter. But it should be your responsibility as a responsible writer to understand and learn as much as you possibly can. Attempts at accuracy should be important for writers. And I understand, depending on your skill level and access to information, it is often difficult to attain this accuracy yourself.

This is why listening to critiques is so important.

When another person’s culture/identity/lived experience is at stake, you should expect anger and annoyance. Because it doesn’t feel good to read representations of your lives and see them depicted incorrectly, no matter how big or small the error, and it feels even worse to have your corrections and offers for information stomped on and ignored because “it’s not your writing.”

If someone tells you you’ve misrepresented the lived experiences of queer people despite all of your research, listen to them. Talk to other queer people, learn about what you’ve done wrong, and make the personal decision to do your research better the next time around and provide a more positive depiction of queer communities in the future.

Lack of resources or lack of access to information does not excuse incorrect or unrepresentative writing.

Your words have an impact, and you need to recognize that impact. If you can’t do online research, read other representative pieces of writing. Talk to people. Reach out to more experienced writers. Hell, maybe come to the understanding that you might have to make certain aspects of your story vague or eliminate them altogether because you do not know enough about a subject matter to write honestly on it.

This takes practice. This takes experience. This takes time and patience. But it is something that needs to be taken seriously. 

Now, that being said, this is not a direct attack on anyone. I’m purposefully not answering the post that inspired this and I’m purposefully not tagging anyone in it. These are my own thoughts as both a reader and a writer about a topic that has always and will continue to be important to me and it angers me when people choose to treat it lightly and carelessly.

Good day. 

I don’t understand why everything I adore
Takes a different form when I squint my eyes
Have you ever done that?
When you squint your eyes
And your eyelashes make it look a little not right
And then with just enough light
Comes from just the right side
And you find you’re not who you’re supposed to be?

This is not what you’re supposed to see
Please, remember me. I am supposed to be
King of a kingdom or swinging on a swing
Something happened to my imagination
This situation’s becoming dire
My tree house is on fire
And for some reason I smell gas on my hands
This is not what I had planned
This is not what I had planned.

I'm so alive for Team the North Remembers rn
  • Sansa: lady stark, over your shit, adventurous eater, practical tactical brilliance
  • Jon: willing to put off his booze cruise in essos for literally just this, big brother mode activated, manbun
  • Brienne: zero fucks left to give, so pure
  • Tormund: 'careless whisper' by george michael, has giants
  • Davos: old sport
  • Melisandre: new lol* (lord of light) who dis, necromancer shit, done w/ the netflix & ice cream for now
  • Podrick: makes killer sandwiches, mostly along for the ride but actually makes it out of every situation alive so that's probably useful
  • Edd: fine
Attracting a New Friend Spell

You will need the following items for this spell: 

  •  3 Brown Candles 
  • Sheet of paper 

  • Pen 

 Start by lighting the candles. On the sheet of paper, write down the attributes you would like your friend to have. Say each one out loud. Fold the paper in half twice. 

Light the edge of the folded paper from one of the candles and say :

 “With heart and mind I do now speak, Bring to me the one I seek, Let this paper be the guide and bring this friend to my side. Pain and loneliness be no more draw a companion to my door. Let not this simple spell coerce Or make my situation worse. As I will, it shall be.”

 Let the paper burn out then snuff out the candles. Use these candles only for the same type of spell. Within the next few weeks, you should meet someone with some or all of the qualities you seek. Remember that you have called this person to you, so you can have the confidence and the time to explore the relationship properly. Never ever be judgemental about qualities in your new friend that are not ones that you have requested.

I think I’m seeing stuff about writing more dark themes and here’s my two cents about it I guess.

It’s OK to write about those things. You can write it, develop it, and go as in depth as you want! Terrible things happen and people read about it because either it makes for a good story or helps people cope with their own situations.

What’s not okay is glorifying bad behavior and horrible acts. You don’t condone, excuse, and encourage this stuff and you really have to drive home that this stuff is deplorable. Don’t write that stuff in a good light or make it seem like it’s a good thing.

And please please please  do your research. If this work is going to have an audience then do your homework. Whether you’re talking about victims, survivors, mental health, etc. Just take the time to be respectful and mindful about it!

Crimson Curses

Pairing: Draco x Reader

Request by an anon: Hello :) Can you please do a Draco X Reader where the reader is on her period and stuff and he is taking care of her and fluff? I really love youre writing:) <3

A/N- Hello! Awww thank you! :) I know how much you need Draco when you’re on your period :(( So…here you go!

Clutching your cramp-issuing stomach, you groan quietly and snuggle closer into the cocoon of blankets. The bloated feeling in your stomach and the feverish symptoms of ‘The Crimson Curse’ all make their unwanted appearance. 

The comforting, light footsteps of Draco pad softly up the spiral staircase; easing your frustration at the whole goddamn situation. Golden light flitters through the barely open, sage curtains as the Boys’ Dorm door creaks open.

Draco slips open the curtains of his four-poster and places a large bundle of items on his bedside table. It’s a mystery how he got all those up there without breaking his neck…especially since his wand is buried beneath the bundle. You conclude that it was most likely the work of Crabbe and Goyle.

“You okay, love?” Draco says softly, brushing the wires of hair surrounding your face with his gentle hand.

You groan in reply, arduously budging over to allow Draco to enter. The bed sinks slightly as he shuffles toward you. With an effortless pull, he has you securely in his warming arms, which you gratefully snuggle into.

His large hand rests on your waist while the other caresses your (h/c) hair softly. “I brought chocolate.” he says excitedly before chuckling at the sudden attentiveness in your previously death-reflecting eyes.

You watch as Draco reaches over and passes you the Muggle chocolate bar which he had somehow obtained. Riping open the irritating barrier of wrapper which lies between you and your saviour, you barely acknowledge Draco’s fit of laughter.  

Lobbing the useless piece of foil Merlin-knows-where, you revel in the satisfying taste of melting Cadbury’s chocolate. 

“I believe I’m the one dying, Draco. You have no right to laugh.” you pout in annoyance, still munching your chocolate.

“Aww, I didn’t mean it in a malicious way, sweetheart.” he chuckles softly. Pulling you closer to him and allowing you to rest your head on him.

An excruciating ache erupts form your unprepared stomach. The sudden occurence of sending you into a fit of tearful groans. “(Y/N) love? Are you okay?! Shall I get Madam Pomfrey??” Draco exclaims; going into a panic. 

“Does it look like I’m freaking okay, Draco?” you breathe through clenched teeth.

After a few disastrous moments of Draco flapping about panicking, then gradually coming to his senses and soothing you, the pain soon subsides. 

Draco’s strong arms turn you so he’s spooning you. In this protecting position, Draco wraps his arms around your panging stomach. The extra warmth he provides keeps the pain away for a good few minutes.

“It’s ok, love.” Draco whispers into your ear. Softly stroking your stomach which feels like a swollen balloon. He kisses down from your temple until his plump lips meet your awaiting ones.

The remaining hours of the weekend consist of fits of giggles, pain, chocolate, more pain and CUDDLES.

No Light ;; Carl Grimes

Prompt: Y/N has made a long-term enemy in Carl Grimes. But when she is fatally injured, he reveals something shocking. Or not so shocking, actually, because it’s in almost every Carl fanfic ever

Warnings: death, gore, profanity, I suck ass at writing angst

Dying sucked.

All those books you read before the world turned to shit had it totally wrong. They described a white light, warmth and the pain slipping away as the end neared.

Well, bollocks. The gaping wound in your chest stung like a thousand knives were being driven into the skin. The blood running down to your stomach felt soggy and clumpy with rugged flesh.

Well, you’re probably wondering how I got myself into this situation. If we rewind, say, four hours, I think we can make things clear.

You’d been camping out with Rick and his group ever since they found you curled up by a railroad track, sound asleep. Initially, you’d attacked them and almost sliced his fingers off - but eventually, they calmed you down and you dropped your knife.

They’d taken you back to their camp - a prison. They were half-carrying you, since your exhausted body was lacking the necessary foods and water it needed to survive and you felt ready to pass out.

It was when Glenn and Rick hauled you through the door that first night you met the notorious Carl Grimes.

As the son of the guy who saved you, you’d been labouring under the foolish delusion that he’d be similarly accepting. It felt like a slap in the face when he regarded you with suspicion and shouldered right past you.

Over a period of a few months, you’d learned not to expect any positive attitude from the boy - at least not to you. You saw he wasn’t an antisocial boy, and associated with almost everyone else at camp. But try as you might, you couldn’t seem to get him to look at you with anything other than distrust and dislike. For reasons unbeknownst to you, the boy hated you.

You were scheduled to go with Rick and Carl that morning. Every one in the group tool shifts in the mornings, an hour-long scan of the perimeter of the prison to check for stray walkers, or hunt for extra food.

You knelt on the floor of your cell that served as a bedroom, quietly packing your satchel. It wasn’t much - just an apple, a length of rope and wire, a compass and a spare jacket. Daryl also begrudgingly advised you to always keep a spare dagger or two handy, so two lay atop your coat.

You weren’t too good at using knives. Daryl had tried in vain to get you to use a crossbow, and Michonne laboured for days trying to teach you to slaughter with one of her katanas. Guns and rifles felt alien in your hands, and your shots often fell several feet far to the target. But the whole group, including you, were shocked to discover your brilliance with a bow and arrow.

You’d made the realisation by accident, on a whim. Carol was tying up the bridge when a stray walker stumbled out the shoreline of the woods. She hadn’t seen it, working on knotting the rope, and your shouts had been futile. So you’d done the first thing you thought of. You’d grabbed a spare bow, whipped the notch into place and fired the arrow.

It hit the walker straight between the eyes, and it dropped like a stone. Your eyes widened, and your hands shook so badly you almost dropped the bow. You raced over to Carol to find her unharmed, and the walker keeled over on the grass, rejoining the land of the dead once again.

You slung the string of the bow over your shoulder as you jogged out to meet Carl and Rick. They were already waiting, both with guns in hands. You buckled your sheath of arrows over your chest as you approached.

“You ready?” Rick checked, and when you nodded your affirmation, you set off. Once under the shelter of the trees, Rick said,

“We should split up; Carl, Y/N, you go left, circle clockwise until you meet me in the middle. You see any walkers, stab, don’t shoot. We can’t attract any more. Be safe.” He nodded at us and started off in the opposite direction, his heel spraying up a few brown leaves.

“Come on then,” Carl mumbled, already walking away. You refrained from rolling your eyes, but with great difficulty. As you walked in tense silence, with you staring at the back of his head with a glare so hard it would crack rock, you finally stopped and let the question leave your mouth.

“Why do you hate me?”

He stopped dead in his tracks and turned slowly round to face you. His crystal eyes held as they always did; spite, disbelief and dislike.

“Are you joking? We’re looking for walkers and you wanna talk about your feelings? Suck it up, princess. We don’t have time for this.” He turned away again, but you found yourself standing your ground, though your legs were trembling.

“I’m not taking another step until you answer the goddamn question.”

In seconds, your back hit something hard, so hard you winced. It was the trunk of an aged oak, and you were pinned there on your tiptoes by your throat by Carl’s forearm.

“Get off me, Grimes!”

“You listen to me, princess. We only have one job today, and it’s not to discuss our personal feelings to each other. So we are going to keep walking until we meet my dad in ten minutes, or-’

He broke off as a distant yell of "SHIT!” echoed through the trees, along with the faint sound of bodies hitting the ground. Your eyes widened and met with Carl’s, just a few seconds before he let you go and sprinted in the direction of the shout. You dived for your bag immediately and streaked after him.

Your eyes widened as you saw the scene before you. Rick’s gun was a good few feet from him, and a lone walked had climbed atop him. Sweat shone in the sunlight on Rick’s face as he yelled, writhing, trying to keep the walker’s gaping jaws from sinking into his flesh.

You grabbed Carl’s arm as he raised his gun, eyes narrowed on his target. “Don’t!” you hissed, and his eyes turned to you in disbelief. “We’ll only attract more. I got this.”

You knew you’d never pull an arrow in time, so you did the only think you could think of. Impulsively, you sprinted forward, grabbed the walker by his smouldering clothing and yanked him off Rick.

In the few seconds of confusion that followed, you were only aware of a few things.

The walker hitting the ground.

Rick scrambling to his feet.

Carl’s warning screams.

And the agony as a full set of teeth sank into your calf.

Your scream stuck in your throat, but your body reacted. You fell, hard, against the leafy canopy, kicking madly to get the walker off your leg - though the damage had already been done.

Rick lunged, dagger in hand, and stabbed the walker in the top of the head; it’s jaws fell limp, and as Carl yanked the walker off you and it’s teeth were ripped from your flesh, that’s when you screamed.

It almost tore your vocal cords, but you couldn’t seem to stop. Blood gushed from the crescent-shaped puncture wounds in your leg, which felt so agonising it set your whole body shaking violently. Your screaming finally died down as your voice gave way to an odd mix of hyperventilating and sobbing.

You felt arms wrap themselves around you, felt your head on somebody’s lap. You blinked through your thick film of tears to find Carl Grimes’s eyes, so beautiful you never missed the opportunity to admire them, hovering above your face.

You stretched a shaking hand toward his face without realising it was soaked in blood. Your fingers left a streak of harsh red on the pale skin of his face, and as you opened your mouth to speak, blood bubbled to the surface. You spat it out, choking, on the ground beside you.

“Y/n? Y/n, can you hear me? You have to stay with me, okay? Come on, Y/n.”

“Why do you care?” you whispered, your voice sounding horrifyingly grazy and coarse. The agony in your calf was throbbing dully, sending jolts of pain through your body. “I thought…you hated me.”

“So did I,” the boy whispered, and a tear ran down his cheek. “But I realised you just…you reminded me of her. Of my mother. And I couldn’t stand it. But I swear, if - if I could take it all back, I would.”

“It’s…it’s okay,” you mumbled. “I lost…my mother too. But I’ll see her again now.” Your wayward hand reached out to Carl’s pocket, and you slid the gun from the holster. “Please.”

His hands were shaking as he took the gun. “I don’t - I can’t.”

“You have to,” you sobbed. “I can’t…I won’t turn into one of those things. If you ever cared about me, even a tiny bit, you will do this one last thing for me.”

“I do care about you,” he swallowed. “I love you. You’re smart, and funny and brave and beautiful. You can’t die. Please, please don’t die…”

“You know it’s my time.” You enveloped your hand in his, feeling the contrasting temperatures of your cold fingers and his warm hands. You guided his hands to the trigger of his gun, lifted it up to press against your head.


You nodded, closing your eyes.


The pain was ebbing.


Was that light?


“I love you.”

Right before death took you, you sought his eyes.

Super Junior meeting you for the first time

Leeteuk: He and Shindong are MC’s for a new show and he just heard that there will be another MC who happens to be a girl. As you walk in to practice your speech with them Shindong hugs you happily, as he already knows you. He then grabs your wrist dragging you over where Teukie is standing to introduce you to him. Overwhelmed by your appearance the leader of Suju just manages to do a fighting pose and then getting the situation very awkward with getting quiet and just shaking the mike nervously in his hand, looking over to Shindong quietly asking him for help.

Heechul: Normally this kid can’t hold himself from saying something really bad to girls. But as you bow to greet him as Kangin introduces you, after he arrived at the dorm, his cheeks get light pink and he smiles shyly at you making sure not to look at you for too long. I think inside he is telling himself all the time he is near you to shut the hell up with dirty or mean comments.

External image

Yesung: Yesung is such a cute ball of fluff. After bumping into you, cause he didn’t recognise you standing next to other bandmates in the small corridor of the dorm, he would be very embarrassed, covering his red face with his tiny hands. He would not be able to say something to you or even to look at you for the next half hour.

External image


Kangin: He is in a show together with other members and you are the MC of this show. As it is a foreign show they are required to speak at least a bit of English. When it is his turn to introduce himself to the audience he starts mumbling in clumsy English. As you react with a huge smile and the audience starts cheering for him he turns a bit more self confident and winks at you occacionally.

External image

Sungmin: Siwon wants to introduce you to the other band members and takes you to the dorm of Super Junior. You are also a main role in his new drama and you two just enjoy hanging out together. Sungminnie heard a lot about you before so he is actually pretty nervous meeting you in person for the first time. As he is a little shy and awkward at the beginning Siwon wants to encourage him to be more outgoing, hugging him from the side. But this is embarrasing Sungmin even more, so he shakes Siwon away to show you he doesn’t need any support for this and says “Hi” to you in a low voice.

External image

Shindong: You are Enhyuks best friend. As you come in he is sitting on the couch togehter with Shindong. As Shindong gets shy when a girl is around very fast Eunhyuk immediately looks over to his band member to observe his reaction to you. Shindong starts glaring at Eunhyuk cause he didn’t tell him you will come and trys to hide behind him.

External image

Donghae: *points at gif* This is exactly how he would look at you. Donghae can be badass hot when it comes to MV’s or Super Shows. But when it comes to girls this cutie gets awkwardly silent and he just can’t manage to say something to you the whole time you are near him.

External image

Eunhyuk: This kid is not shy at all. Short after he is beeing introduced to you he starts hitting on you making abiguous statements and complimenting you all the time you do something even if it is just having a sip of your water.

External image

Siwon: After you two got introduced you would tell him that you already saw him in his Drama “She was pretty” and that you loved his funny expressions he does all the time during the series. He leans over to you looking into your eyes and starts wiggling his eyebrows “You mean like that?”, what brings you to burst out laughing.

External image

Ryeowook: He also is not very shy in front of girls, greeting you with a bit aegyo when he meets you the first time. You know that he can get a little bitchy but at your first meeting he is very polite and cute when he talks with you.

External image


Kyuhyun: Let’s face it: Kyuhyun is a cheeky brat. :D He would invite you immediately to ignore his hyungs an follow him to his room where he has got wine and games to enjoy the evening.

External image

This is my second Super Junior Reaction. I hope you’ll like it. I know I still have to practice but please be nice ;-)

How to find your God(s)/Goddess(es)

Have patience. Lots of it. This can be helpful in understanding better and can also be the same method as finding your spirit animal/familiar/spirit guide.

Sometimes, you can choose your own deity(ies). Sometimes, they choose you.

They may stay with you for a short period of time. They may stay with you for life. Some of them will only help with certain situations or until you get the message. They make themselves known to you when both of you are ready.

As one of my other witchy friends @cyrnarosorcery suggested to me, you can try an “Open Invitation” ritual where you light candles and meditate and see who approaches you.  A guideline to help:

“I meditate, at this moment, to reach out to my potential deity(ies). Please step forth and show me who you are. I am very much interested in meeting you. Thank you.”

Be extremely patient and look out for any signs. The deity(ies) may not physically reveal themselves to you but they may give signs leading to them. What do you see? What do you feel? Hear? Any abnormal sensations/thoughts? Outside of meditation, is there anything unusual? Keep a look out for anything. It may take days, weeks, months, years but always look out for something. Never give up. Always have patience. They reach out to us, individually, in different ways.

When you do find them, thank them for being there with and for you. Find out more about them. Research. Ask them questions. How are they going to help you with your life? What do they expect from you in return? How do you go about worshiping them? How are you able to receive additional messages from them? Any questions you have for them, ask.

To each of us, we have our own deity(ies) that approach us in different ways and give us different messages. None of us ever have the same exact experiences/encounters even if we share the same deity(ies).

Personal Story

It took me over twenty years to find out the identities of my two deities.

For me, I saw the signs (through crows and their behavior towards me) and physically heard a woman’s voice. I was hearing several voices at the time but hers was the most prominent. It was within the past three years that I started seeing images of a woman pop into my head. A woman in a long black dress, flowing black hair down to her thighs, surrounded by crows and carrying two large swords. It wasn’t until last year that I realized she had a name - The Morrigan.  The crows were leading me to her. Sometimes, when I’m randomly going about my daily activities, I will hear her say something or she would flash into my mind. Sometimes, I hear her laughing and sometimes, her voice is so sudden and loud that I would physically jump.

Another deity who was reaching out to me - Odin. Most of my life, I had been praying to a god but didn’t really know the identity of him. For about twenty years, I felt a masculine presence whenever I prayed. Last year, I finally asked him to reveal himself and I started seeing a lot of ravens. In my over twenty years of living in an active city, I had never seen ravens in person. Just like my first experiences with crows, they terrified me but I realized that they were bringing me messages. Just to be sure it was him, one day, while I was on my way to work, I asked him to show me three ravens within an hour. Not only did I see three ravens within the hour, I also saw a black and white crow. The next night later, I had a dream where I was staring at a wall. Everything was black around me but the wall was the only thing illuminated and in focus. On it were two wings – a crow’s and a raven’s. I heard two voices, a male’s and female’s, both working in harmony to form the sentence- “We are with you”.

I know that some deities do not want you to worship other deities and this is why I asked Odin for a sign. The dream after was just confirmation that he and The Morrigan were willing to work together in guiding me.

Together, they balance me.


Puppy Love (pt 2)

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: so much fluff –seriously it’s almost disgusting-

Word count: 3,9 K

Part 1

broken English alert

When you unlock the door to your apartment that evening the first thing you hear is the sound of light footsteps coming toward you. Next, you see his bunny teeth and eye smile running in your direction. After that a pair of strong arms wraps around you encaging you in a tight lock and he nuzzles his head close to your neck. Lastly, you hear his sugar coated voice whispers tender innocent words in your left ear.  

“Y/N~ I missed you so much”

His tone is so soft and pure it makes your heart cringe. You hold your breath for a moment trying to act as collected as possible. You have been thinking about this situation all day but you haven’t found a solution. Last night your little puppy, Kookie, decided he didn’t want to be a fluffy, cuddly little dog anymore and turned into this super-cute-super-hot guy. Wow what a dream-like situation don’t you think? NO. Absolutely not. Not for a socially awkward, cynical and overly sarcastic girl like you. Moreover your limited experience -ok almost nonexistent- with guys doesn’t help you at all. You remember how your jindo dog used to run towards you to greet you anytime you came home and how heart-warming it felt to have someone waiting and welcoming you. But now, oh god, now is all different. Now your cute puppy is an overly excited mischievous grow up man who behaves like some kind of domestic animal. Fantastic. -What the hell is wrong with the universe? why is he being so clingy now?-. You took pity on him and let him stay in your house, but well, what else could you do? He is alone and seems so naïve you just couldn’t throw him out. And so you have been thinking all day about how to solve this big giant mess that has arrived unexpectedly in your life but you didn’t come to a conclusion. And so here you are struggling to balance yourself as this giant baby clings into you.

“YA let me go!!” You quickly wriggle away from him and run to the kitchen trying to escape the awkward situation and more importantly hide your reddening face.  

“Are you hungry? I went grocery shopping, but I didn’t know what you like so…”

“Everything is fine by me” he says strolling closely behind you.

“OK sit down, I’II fix you something”  As you approach the counter you hope he would stay still for a moment and let you catch your breath while you cook something. You actually start to calm  down as you prepare all the ingredients. That’s until you feel two hands sneaking around your waist.  

“W-what are you doing?!” You panic, your cheeks turning a deep shade of red once again. His touch is as light as a feather as he gently  hold you flush against his solid body, his nose touching your nape.

“I was lonely here all day. I want to stay close to you” he admits with no shame. You stand frozen in place, arms halfway up gripping a carrot in one hand and a knife in the other. -Ok this is hella embarrassing- His hands are gently pressed on your sides tracing random patterns on your shirt and your chest feels like exploding from all the intimacy you have been experiencing in the span of 10 minutes.

“I-I can’t cook like this! Just sit down for a minute” you manage to say still holding your breath with your mind doing the cartwheels.

He whines cutely making you shiver uncomfortably but then obediently goes to sit down on your tiny sofa. You stand there still  for a whole minute, desperately trying to breath normally again.  –Is he freakin serious? OMG I’m going to have an heart attack-

You start cooking some curry but you just can’t avoid the feeling of being observed. Turning around to grab some ingredients you catch Kookie –ok this still sounds weird- staring at you from the sofa a with his best puppy eyes.  You turn around sighing loudly  –If he keeps it up he is going to burn two hole in my back-

“Watch some tv if you want… You can turn it on can’t you?” you say trying to find a way to distract him.

“Ya only because I was a dog that doesn’t mean I can’t do anything! I’ve watched you long enough to learn these kind of basic stuff” he remarks with an hint of annoyance in his voice. You giggle shaking your head. Once the dinner was ready you bring two plates to the small table in the living room. Kookie-dog-or-whatever claps excitedly and his face light up when he sees the food. Although your cooking skills are not so great he looks utterly delighted and eats all greedily.

“You need a name” you say out of nowhere.

“Why? I already have one”  -Yeah right, Kookie. Good luck trying to survive with such a ridiculous name- You need a name to identify him and Kookie is way to intimate and makes you feel a bit uncomfortable.

“You need a human name, something less cute and more normal…. Something like, something like Jungkook, maybe?”

You look at him as he repeats the new name a few times and nods  “Uhm I like that!” Jungkook smiles happily at you.

“So what are you going to do from now on?” you ask him while you get up to start washing the dishes.

“I don’t really know…” he answers lazily shifting his gaze from you to the TV “I think I need to know more about human behaviour to adapt to this form… do you need help, noona?” You almost chock on air and let a plate slip from your hands when THAT word leave his lips. What. The. Hell.  You turn around slowly furrowing your eyebrows.

“Ya when did you learn that?”

He turns to stare at you his adorable deer like eyes wide opened  “Uhm… what? Noona? Isn’t it how I am supposed to call a girl older than me?”

“Y-yes but…” and then it hit you “wait how old are you?”

Jungkook starches the back of his neck and stares blankly into space “In human age… I guess I am around 20” –Damn he is really younger than you- you narrow your eyes and clench your jaw. Well, perfect not only you are stuck with this insanely attractive guy but he is also younger than you: a little teasing brat. You keep on washing the dishes your hands trembling slightly and your heart thumping loudly.

“Why? Does it bother you noona?” you squeal and almost jump when his breath tickles the nape of your neck. –wait what wa… why is he always doing this? Urgh stay away you little brat!-  the way THAT word casually slip out of his mouth with all the intimacy and affection attached to the term makes you so embarrassed. Jungkook turns from a shy nervous wreck to a confident smirking little shit in a moment which is really confusing. It is incredible how you still don’t know anything about this boy –well you didn’t have much time to talk- but his actions and his words affect you so much.  Even the slight contact makes you shiver, every word tumbling out is beautiful lips makes you cringe. You still can’t classified this type of attraction which makes you want to punch in the face and then cuddle him five seconds after. Jungkook sure is a handful.

“G-go take a shower if you don’t have anything else to do!” you hiss hitting him lightly in the stomach with your elbow.

“Uhm but I don’t really know how to do it~” you sighed loudly and -if possible- blush ever more.

“Urgh it-it’s easy just turn up the water and use my shampoo for your hair and grab a random towel…” you stammer a feeling of embarrassment washing over you like lava flow, not daring to  turn around and face his

“Just joking! I’ve seen you enough time to know what to do~” he sings teasingly and you can almost feel the grin on his face.

“OH MY GOD GO AWAY” you shriek face completely red and turn around to smack him right in his chest keeping your eyes fixed on the ground. –why does he have to remind me he saw me naked MULTIPLE TIMES and teasing the hell out of me!-

Jungkook only chuckles amused by your action as he moves towards the bathroom mumbling something about you being too sensitive.    

You are putting the last dishes in the cupboard when your imagination starts to run wild. Your breath hitches when some kind of particular thoughts floods your mind. At first it was just the imagine of Jungkook trying to understand the difference between shampoo and conditioner or trying to turn the shower on, which made you giggle under your breath. But then, oh well, you can’t  help picturing him slipping off your brother’s shirt with his strong arm revealing his delicious milky collarbone and probably strong and define muscles and droplets of water running down from his wet hair to his broad shoulder. God he was well built you have seen it -and felt it- with your own eyes and then… –WHATTHEHELLWHATTHEHELL STOP STOP DON’T THINK ABOUT THAT!-  You clear you throat and shake your head trying to get those thoughts out of your mind –oh no my innocence is lost forever I don’t even know him what am I thinking about I am gonna cry- It’s not that you have never been intimate with a guy before but sure you have never been so close with someone as handsome and Jungkook or someone who loves putting you on edge so much.

You are sitting on the sofa trying to discipline your mind not to wander where it shouldn’t when Jungkook comes out of the bathroom and plops down beside you and shake his head splashing water all over the place.

“Ya stop! Dry your hair!”

“I did” he replies shrugging his shoulders. Rolling your eyes you get up to search for the hairdryer.

“Here it is. You have to use this” you explain standing in front of him and handing him the hairdryer.

“Do it for me” He asks smiling like a fool “Come on noona please” he whines cutely.

You stare at him cringing yet again at the new epithet he has chosen for you, but eventually sit down next to him as he turns around to face you.  You try unsuccessfully to avoid staring at his face which is way too close to you for your liking, the refreshing smell of your lemon shampoo hitting your nostrils. Running your fingers through his silky hair you feel a weird tingle in your chest but you decide to ignore it settling instead to admire his features. He really is beautiful. His skin looks soft and smooth, his lips plump and delicate and his eyes, although closed now, are usually so warm it’s hard for you to keep up with them. It’s that kind of beauty that you can’t help being jealous about but you can’t hate because it’s just too adorable.

“I-I’ll make up something and ask my mom to send me some of my older brother’s clothes tomorrow… he is taller than you but his clothes should fit you” you say trying to make small talks and lighten the uneasiness in your heart

“Thank you noona” Jungkook sings softly a faint smirk forming on his delicate lips.

When it comes the time to go to sleep you find yourself once again frustrated because of the new situation. Jungkook is so tall that he can’t fit in the sofa for sure, but then where? Maybe he should just turn into dog and then sleep on the sofa… certainly not in the same bed with you! The thought of him, even though not in his human form lying with you… no no it can’t work.  

“Argh where do I put you?” You complain out loud, more to yourself than to him.

“Why? Can’t I sleep on the bed with you?” he asks looking at you innocently. Your eyes grew twice their size as you stare at him dumbfounded.

“A-are you crazy? Like that? Absolutely not” you argue gulping –Why are my hands sweating so much? Girl get e grip of yourself!-

“Why? I have been sleeping with you all this time. And I want to stay like this and adapt to my human form” Jungkook argues. He has a point there.

“Well it was different! You where a tiny little dog until yesterday, how are we suppose to fit in my bed now that you are a like this?” –and how am I suppose to feel if you sleep beside me?!!-  

He lazily rubs one of his eyes and then cutely says “Like this” Without any warning he wraps his long arms around you and lift you up effortlessly. You land with your stomach on shoulder and his hands tightly secured around you waist and legs to keep you in place. You let out a shriek and protest kicking your legs in the air like a whining child. Laughing at you little tantrum Jungkook keeps walking until he reaches your bedroom and finally lays you down on the bed. He lays next to you, your back against his chest, his arm tightly secured around your waist keeping you impossibly close to his body.

“Jungkook what-what…!?”  

“Just sleep” he whispers lowly against the shell of your ear. You shiver under his touch and you swear your heart has never beaten so fast in your life and it feels like there are actual pelicans in your stomach. Doing the cartwheels. You lay still for a moment thinking about how to get out of this unbearable situation but unable to concentrate due to Jungkook close proximity; you breath is erratic and your body temperature incredibly high. The way this boy toys around with your emotions is incredible. He has got you wrapped around his delicate long fingers. He is an annoying cocky brat disguised as an innocent lamb, but at the same time he makes it impossible for you to get angry with him because of  his adorable eyes and cute antics. -Is it possible to live with this constant heartthrob? Jungkook is going to be the death of me, for sure-

After what seems like hours you hear his light snores and feel his body relax against yours. You don’t dare to speak nor to move because even though It’s hard for you to admit it -because of your prideful and independent nature- but soon you began to feel safe in his arms. His rhythmical breath against your neck gradually calms you down and lulls you gently. And soon enough you are drifting off to dreamland.

Morning comes too soon as always. Feeling particularly relaxed and refreshed you stretch your arms letting out a satisfied groan. Shifting in your bed you feel a void beside you and your eyes immediately shoot open; you are sure you fell asleep with Jungkook beside you the night before, but now he is gone. Suddenly you hear some light snores the sounds is subtle but it’s near you; looking around you find that somehow during the night Jungkook has slid down the bed, falling on the floor. And there he is, still sleeping in a ridiculous position  with is mouth half opened. You look at him blinking your eyes a few times and then start to laugh uncontrollably. The noise wakes Jungkook up and you can see his eyes fluttering open as he gaze at you and ruffles is already messy hair and making you laugh even more.  

“Yah” his husky, deep morning voice halts you and shut you up.

“Sorry that was priceless” You comment as he lift himself up to a sitting position and rubs his eyes with both hands. He then move his gaze to stare at you intently, a small pout on his rosy lips.

“It wouldn’t have happened if a certain someone didn’t kick me around last night” You blush a little at his remark and cover your mouth to muffle a giggle. You know you have some bad sleeping habits and the presence of a young man in your bed certainly didn’t help to keep you calm. “Sorry” you say chuckling and reaching out to comb his messy hair with your hand. He smiles delighted and leans into your touch closing his eyes.

“You are forgiven”  A low purr leaves his throat and it makes you blush uncontrollably. –Woah I guess he is till somehow a dog… Assdfhkashd he is so cute-  you find yourself fangirling over the boy for the umpteenth time and immediately clear your throat and  drop your hand.

“ok ok you can’t just worthlessly stay here all day! I don’t have class today… we should go out!” you propose.

“Let’s do that!” he says all excited, smiling widely, and you ask yourself if you are going to survive at this overwhelming feelings that keeps growing insides you.

“WAW I love ice cream” Jungkook says looking at the giant ice cream you have just bought for him – after he insisted, whining like a little child- . The weather is really nice today, the sun is warm and the park is full of people enjoying some fresh air.

Sitting on the little veranda in front of the ice cream parlour you notice a recruitment notice. “You know they are looking for new staff here… maybe you should apply! It might be a good starting point, you know, to ‘adapt’ as you said” You immediately suggest. Jungkook looks around a little uncertain but in a flash his expression turns determined and he jumps on his feet.

“That’s not a bad idea at all! I’ll go for it!” and with that said he goes straight into the shop flaunting his most adorable bunny smile.

You chuckle at his usual excitement and watch him from afar. Two minutes later he is back with a huge grin on his face .

“She said I can come tomorrow to give it a try and then she will decide” He announces proudly. You stretch your head to look inside the shop when you notice two young girl giggling behind the counter, one of them bluntly staring toward Jungkook direction. You snort and show your best sarcastic smile. Of course they would be enchanted by his him. Handsome, cute and charming but shy enough to pass off as innocent –Wait what? Can you like stop thinking about him for five seconds for Christ sake?-

“Congratulation” you say nonetheless, because you can see how genuinely happy he is about it.

“I’m glad I’ll have something to do during the day! I feel lonely to stay at home without you all the time”

“Hey I’m a student you know? I’m busy” you argue trying to sound annoyed.

But nothing seems to affect Jungkook as he stares at you with his puppy eyes and as always catch you off guards with his words “It doesn’t matter. You are here now” he says the usual foolish grin on his lips. You blush a little at his comment and avoid his gaze biting down hard on your tongue –come on Y/N! he is just a tease why does he get you so bothered?!-

“Come on let’s go take a walk !” he exclaims out of nowhere –oh my god he never stops-

The park is one of your favourite place to relax and, when the weather is nice, to sit on a bench reading a book; you used to walk your little puppy here often. But now that he is human it feels totally of weird; not in a bad way, just different. Having a handsome guy walking beside you makes you feel nervous; you notice how all those girls  stares at him with flirty eyes and how even guys seem to check him out. On the other hand Jungkook doesn’t seem to notice. He is too occupied  looking around and making weird enthusiastic noises pointing at a tree, a butterfly a cute doge passing by and so on –Woah he really is a little kid after all- you mumble to yourself but can’t help giggling at his carefreness.

“Y/N-ah long time no see!” A male voice calls you from behind you. Turning around you see Jin, one of your sunbaenim at the University, walking towards you. Jin is a couple of years older then you and although you don’t hang out often you still consider him a good friend.

“Oppa! I’m so happy to see you”

With a huge smile on his face he hugs you tightly “I’ve missed you little one! I’ve barely seen you around!”

“Yeah I know… I have some project to finish and I actually spend most of my time in the library. I have turned into a complete nerd” you says giggling softly. Jin nods understandingly before turning his attention to the boy next to you.

“Uhm sorry, this is..?”

“Oh he is…”

“Jungkook! I’m Y/N guardian”

You slowly turn toward Jungkook, your eyes wide opened and your lips pressed in a thin line. Sorry what?

“O-oh… is that so? nice to meet you!” You notice Jin confused expression, his eyebrows knitted together,  but you are unable to react before he hurriedly speaks “Well, sorry but I’m in a hurry. I’ll text you and I’ll treat you something next time Y/N-ah, bye!” and with a wink he leaves.

“What. Was. THAT?” you say crossing your arms glaring at Jungkook

“What?” his innocent look sometimes just get on your nerves –the nerve of this boy!-

“Since when are you my ‘guardian’? What the hell does that even mean?!” you ask stomping your feet on the ground and pushing lightly against his chest

“Technically I still am your guard dog… I can’t bark at suspicious people in this form, but I’m taking my duties seriously!”He answer with a serious expression straightening his back confidently. You run a hand through your hair in utter disbelief  –Oh gosh what the hell is he talking about! this boy sure has an attitude!-

“Hey Private Ryan, I’m not a little child! Besides Jin oppa is my friend not some random psycho! Now he is going  to think I am weird!” the words slip out of your mouth more harsh then you intended them to be. Jungkook frowns staring at you intensely for a moment. Then without warning he forcefully grab your hand, intertwines his fingers with yours and starts walking forward.

“Yah what exactly do you think you are doing?!” your heart skips a beat and your cheeks turn as red as a tomato upon feeling the smooth skin of his hand engulfing yours.  

“You used to walk me around on a leash all the time, if we don’t do this I might get lost! Be responsible!” He says turning around just to send a mischievous smirk your way–innocent my ass!-

Jungkook keeps walking tugging you along gently. You glare at his back but you can’t restrain a smile. Even though this boy keeps putting you into such embarrassing and nerve-wracking situations  you can’t help feeling an unfamiliar warmth growing inside you. You have never felt so attached to someone  in such little time and it both scares you and excite you. All you know is that having Jungkook around makes you feel incredibly at ease and refreshed. He has turned your uneventful life into a emotionally wrecking rollercoaster and, honestly, you love it. You have no idea what is going to happen from now on, nor you want to know. What matters now is that you are here, walking together, side by side, holding onto his warm and comforting hand and enjoying every seconds of it.

A.N.So here I am! Thank you so much fo all the love on the first part. I just need more fluff in my life beause I am tired of suffering haha  so I hope you like this! As always comments are appreciated or just small talks -I am socially awkawrd but I am relaly sociable yeah I know it’s confusing- 

Anyway the real question here is… part 3 yay or nay? Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestion!

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sorry this is one of my favourite gif it just makes me smile so yeah  even tho it makes no sense to put it in here enjoy it bye


Preference #530: Some Jokes Aren’t Funny.


Request: Can I have: Calum accidentally makes you feel insecure, and one of the other boys notice and comfort you, and Calum see and gets jealous but then realized what he did and makes up for it? Please and thank you?? It would mean the world to me!!

A/N: So the Joke I used in this I found online, I just want to point out that in no way am I using it to offend anybody in anyway.

“You should really stop putting on a lot of make-up, with that acne the blind could read your face” Calum said laughing, trying to make light of your situation. You had been complaining for days about your acne, you had a bad breakout due to your menstrual cycle which really sucked. You were already feeling insecure about it, and put on a little more make-up than usual to try and make it less noticeable. You laughed at Calum’s joke but it was obvious to the other guys that his comment had upset you. You pretended you were ill and went back to your room and left the guys too it. The guys told Calum that what he said was hurtful and it wasn’t right. He then realised what he said and how it may have affected you so immediately came to your room “babe I’m sorry, I was just trying to make you laugh and forget about your acne. I didn’t mean to upset you, I’m so sorry. You look beautiful, it doesn’t matter if it’s makeup, spots, freckles whatever on your face. You’re fucking beautiful okay” Calum said. “You made me feel insecure” you said before continuing to tell him how you felt, and he apologised again and kissed you and the two of you made up. You knew deep down Calum would never intentionally say anything mean to you, because you knew he loved you.

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S A M E id love to hear about your ryder siblings if you’re happy to share :0? (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

OF COURSE! And then you must return in kind!

Okay, so, as I was explaining to @neurotrophicfactors, these sibs began, like, roughly somewhere beneath my sternum as a specific character feeling. It’s how all of my characters hatch: as feelings, sort of in the muscle of my heart. Which sounds maybe cool, but really it just means I make a lot of weird faces while listening to music on the way to work.

Kayahan Ryder likes the following: bad jokes, making light of serious situations, turning on the charm, nerding out over science and space travel, and pretending he can make everyone happy all of the time. Will merrily tell everyone what they want to hear with the very best of intentions, only to have everything explode in his face. Suspects he’s only fooled the world into believing he’s half-ways capable, thanks to his good looks and delightful laugh. (Pinterest board over here!)

Aylin Ryder might be younger, but she is 400x tougher. She’s unapologetically focused and is driven not by any underlying sense of nobility or obligation, but by a need to, like, bludgeon the universe into submission. Used to saving her brother’s ass from the fire, always armed with several guns, a working knowledge of any machinery she comes across, and a string of sarcastic comments. (Pinterest board over here!)

They’ve both got their own things to prove, and learn, and sort out, and recover from. And where better to do that than in the farthest reaches of space??