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a charm with shinsou and aizawa sounds nice, but you aren't talking about them actually being in a relationship, right? that is a child and an adult, i'm not going to waste time telling people what to ship but it would just be good to know so i can avoid any chance of seeing that kind of stuff. (i wanted to ask before making any assumptions because i know it could just be a mistake of some kind)

OMG no no no! Don’t worry, their relationship is purely only mentor/student! Same thing with Izuku and All Might! If I every talk about a ship, I would use their ship name! That’s why I just said ‘’ Shinsou & Aizawa ‘’! But thank you for asking! :)

Problem Solving

Obi-Wan: [annoyed and fatigued] Anakin, what the HELL are you doing? I should have known that when they told me the Republic had fallen, you were somehow involved.
Anakin: [boastfully] I’m being evil! Look at this place! LAVA! FIRE! MY NEW EMPIRE! And you? You are a dead man, Kenobi.
Obi-Wan: [exhausted sigh] Ohhhkay, Anakin, we’re done with this. How long has it been since you slept? You need rest. C’mon. Let’s go.
Anakin: [confused]…what?! What are you talking about I AM A WICKED SITH LORD MY HEART IS MADE OF DARKNESS. Aren’t you fearing for your life?
Obi-Wan: [unimpressed] …Uh, sure. I’m terrified. Anyways, General Skywalker, it’s bedtime. [walking over and picking up Anakin off the ground]
Anakin: [eyes widening as Obi-Wan throws him over his shoulder] E-excuse me? I’m Darth Vader you can’t just – 
Obi-Wan: Oh but I am. That’s what makes this so bleakly amusing.
Anakin: I don’t believe this, I don’t need a nap how dare you! Put me down I demand that you – oof!
Obi-Wan: [throwing Anakin onto a bed on the ship] I’ll see you when you wake up, Anakin. [closing the door behind him]
Anakin: Wh-what?! HOW DARE YOU MASTER, uh, I mean YOU JEDI SCUM I AM VERY VERY ANGRY ABOUT THIS OPEN…open the door…hey, this is that one really soft blanket…ANYWAYS I AM STILL VERY ANGRY.
Obi-Wan: [outside the door] Yes, I imagine you must be. Did you notice all those pillows in there?
Anakin: Yes OK this room has adequate pillows. If one were to be…going to sleep…which I am…not. [snoring]

Adapted from a conversation with @gffa

Y’all IF (and I mean IF) Alex and Maggie do ever break up and you celebrate that, then you are so sick and pathetic to be celebrating the demise of one of the very few healthy lesbian relationships on TV.

You don’t even have to like the ship, the characters, or even the actresses but you MUST recognize how important it is for a canon lesbian couple on our screen. They’re changing lives, making people feel okay with themselves, letting young people see that there’s nothing ‘taboo’ about two women loving each other. Respect that, please. Don’t be assholes, okay?

Voltron characters according to my 11 yr old sister

(If it’s typed “__” it means I said it)

Prince Lotion

  • Sexuality: oehifehfeqfiohqfe
  • Ship: No one. he’s mean.
  • How do you feel about him?: He’s a mean grape


  • Sexuality: mmm boys
  • Ship: Someone idk who
  • How do you feel about her?: she looks like a grape also.. But I mean
  • she has strips down her face. And she looks like her cat she’s just that.

Garmaydon (Because he makes gourmet food)

  • Sexuality: Gorl
  • Ship: Space “???” him and space go together
  • How do you feel about him?: He looks like a buff grape “Are all galra just grapes to you?” Yeah pretty much…

Hunk Domnom

  • Sexuality: Gorls
  • Ship: Shay
  • How do you feel about him?: he’s nice… “any other comments..?” *shrugs* he’s nice. I like him. He’s a good friend. He’s the nicest persons.


  • Sexuality: Ninja “is he a gay Ninja?” just Ninja.
  • Ship: lONce
  • How do you feel about him?: umm he looks emo. But he’s not emo that
  • much. I’d say…. *deep sigh* he’s nice but edgy, and he’s pretty mean

Coletay (The “C” is silent)

  • Sexuality: *extreme squick* G A Y
  • Ship: S H I Y R O
  • How do you feel about him?: He kinda looks like he’s from Zelda/an anime

Dyail (Pronounced Dale)

  • Sexuality: Like you “So bisexual?” sure
  • Ship: no one. I’m sorry
  • How do you feel about her?: I’m tired but *deep sigh* she looks nice


  • Sexuality: “*softly* is he me?“ sure (Bi)
  • Ship: Nyafro (Keith)
  • How do you feel about him?: He looks annoying. Aaaand nice? funny? okay.


  • Sexuality: GA- "like Matt?” -Ayyy
  • Ship: Coletay (Matt)
  • How do you feel about him?: *lizard sounds* I’d say… he looks bossy, in all the pictures he’s mad. Why? “Do you want me to get nice pictures of him?” No.

Syam (Pronounced Sam)

  • Sexuality: Boui
  • Ship: I’m sorry, no one.
  • How do you feel about her?: I like her. she’s nice. “is that it?” mhm

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why do not you like cream. İm just asking

I just don’t. Not a fan.

They aren’t compatible at all in my opinion, and the ship doesn’t have a great history either. Plus, there was this whole Nightmare x Cross thing going around and then the creators just threw this idea in everyone’s faces out of no where. The fact that Dream is literally Nightmare’s brother didn’t make it better.

When it happened I was going through this whole hyper-relation thing with Nightmare’s character, and I wasn’t really at a happy point in my life, either. It just kinda felt like… Dream stole Cross from Nightmare? Something like that. And it was really freakin weird but I felt it because I was an anxious ball of sad hormones. And because of that memory, every time I see it, I just feel this really weird clenching in my chest. It’s a bizarre psychology thing.

Aside from that, which I’m steadily recovering from, they’re just bros in my opinion. Or rivals, rivals are good. (also gives Dream and opportunity to properly reflect the personality he’s supposed to have.)

Cross is a violent anti-hero and Dream is an honest-to-goodness small hero dude who is depicted as way too innocent (who also can’t get his priorities straight), plus they have such an uncomfortable first impression of each other… I don’t see them clicking.

Some things I’ve picked up about the toonblr community in my time here:

  1. No one likes fishing.
  2. Like 73.25% of you are furries.
  3. There’s a very wide range of art styles and they all look amazing and they breathe a lot of visual diversity into the content that gets produced.
  5. Lovable cogsonas that almost make me feel bad for clearing cog facility after cog facility in my quest for MAXIMUM LAFF.
  6. A bunch of you have a crush on the VP.
  7. In the same vein, I’m pretty sure everyone has at least one OC that they ship with Riggy Morale.
  8. Loan sharks are a fan favorite when it comes to art/cog OCs.
  9. Everyone is really friendly and humble and supportive, and the community has a lot of positivity to offer.
  10. Toontown_memes.JPG
  11. Some of you have outright rejected Throw and Squirt as tools in your toons arsenal and have invented unique playstyles by only using certain tracks as a means of injecting new challenge into the game, and this is a VERY interesting phenomenon to me.

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Wow caryl is so platonic and we are blinded by shipping goggles that's why Maggie and Rick and michonne are also feeding Daryl grapes and chocolate pudding and gazing at him in all the photos too, oh wait...

I think you need to take off your shippy glasses and realize the whole symbolism of the pictures, that is basically Daryl as hades therefore B3th is coming back.

Oh no wait there is a symbol over there that represents J3sus somehow so it’s basically D3sus canon

Oh no wait it’s actually Caryl as the mother/son bond they are, you know, making it sure people see it like that.

Oh no wait, actually I think it means…

1234780 pages later:

In conclusion, this cover that features Melissa McBride as Carol and Norman Reedus as Daryl, with them both being sexy af and hugging each other from behind, and feeding each other grapes while the other makes a sexy face for the camera it’s about every single crackship that ever existed, deal with the facts, have a nice life.

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I haven't seen Jon and Dany fans deny they loved others before. I'm sure there are a few like in any fandom. But I have seen people point out the difference now vs past ships. And, that is very ok IMO This fandom romanticizes the past ships which both contain lack of sexual consent.

Same here, all the Jonerys fans I know and follow have no problem acknowledging that Dany and Jon aren’t each other’s first loves. Only the Jonerys haters accuse the fans of doing so, and as usual they are making stuff up.

I agree with you that it’s alright for people to compare Jonerys to Jon and Dany’s past relationships. Jonerys is a healthy relationship bullt on mutual attraction, understanding and acceptance. And more importantly, it was their choice to become a couple.

The same can’t be said about Dany’s relationship with Drogo or Jon’s relationship with Ygitte. Neither Dany nor Jon entered willingly those relationships. They were forced to; Dany by marrying Drogo and thus becoming his property under both Dothraki and Westeros law and Jon because Ygritte had already lied to Mance that they were a thing so if he didn’t give into her advances he would rise suspicions that he wasn’t an actual deserter of the night’s watch.

Most asoiaf/got fans are willing to admit that Dany was raped by Drogo (I know that a few still defend the Drogo/Dany ship but thankfully they are a minority). But when it comes to Jon’s abuse by Ygritte, many fans act like it never happened. I don’t know if this is because they skip/don’t read carefully Jon’s point of view chapters or because they genuinely believe that a woman can’t rape a man (if it’s the latter, it’s gross). But in any case, it ends up with them belittling what Jon have been through. 

For me, it is important that both Dany and Jon survived their sexual abuse and they were able to find a healthy love. What is more, by finding a romantic partner who has endured a similar abuse they have found someone who can relate to and understand the impact of their past problems.

Another Humans are Weird

How would aliens handle the competitive nature of humans? I mean, seriously, humans like to make a competition over everything! Race to that next hill during an exploration mission? You’re on! See who can eat the most alien tentacle treat things? Count me in! And when humans come across an alien race that is just as competitive? God help everyone.

Alorakee had just been transferred onto the transport ship Demacles XXI and was looking forward to meeting xer new crew mates. Xey had heard that a few humans were part of the crew and Alorakee was curious to find out if all her manuals and information packets were at all accurate. 

“Betcha can’t fix the shield linkup faster than I can rewire this com port.” 

“Oh please. I can do this with my eyes closed.”

“Prove it!” 

Alorakee had just left the lift to hear two voice arguing back and forth. Xer curiosity was peaked and xey quickly peaked around the corner to see what was going on. 

Humans! Two of them! Were facing each other in stances that her manuals had always called ‘aggressive’ and were often used in shows of dominance. 

Quickly Alorakee slithered forward to separate the two humans. From what xe could tell, based on xer studies, they both appeared to be male. 

“Please do not do harm!” Xe pleaded. This was xer first day as part of crew security and it wouldn’t do to have a scuffle. 

The two humans looked at each other and then at Alorakee with xer smooth hide and dainty feathers flowing down xer spine. They burst out laughing and the aggression vanished from their stances. 

“You must be the new Clarikonian. We’re not actually going to hurt each other.” The first human stated. “We’re just…playing. Yeah. Oh man how did we explain this to Xander?” 

The other human shook his head. “We’re just having a contest, to see who can fix things faster.” 

“Did someone say contest?” Another being joined them and Alorakee made xer hissing noises of confusion. The new being was from an alien race known as the Avorlings. They could change their body density at will making them heavier or lighter at a moment’s notice. 

“Yeah. I bet Tommy boy here that I could fix the com port faster then he could fix the shield linkup.” 

The humans were taking up aggressive stances again and their mouth features were curled up in what Alorakee knew to be ‘smiles’. 

“Aw yeah! I have some droids that need fixing. Let me get them and join this little contest!” 

Alorakee, after making sure once again that the three were not about to battle or harm each other, quickly made xer way out of the technician workshop to find xer superior officer. Xe had questions that xe needed answered about the humans and Avorling. 

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do you have exclusives?

not really! i recently update my rules abt mains and exclusives and stuff. (i’m exclusive w jamie’s yusuke / mains with lauren’s takumi & nicole’s piper but i think that’s all that’s been explicitly stated atm) i’m not rly opposed to exclusivity if i’m really close to & comfortable with someone. but you def gotta communicate that to me early on! i’ve had issues before where people don’t tell me they wanna be ship or be character exclusive and then come onto me for doing sth with someone else and that was a trip. just lmk ahead of time if you want to be mains or sth! i’m open for anything and love having versions of a character you refer to in verses with others. 

I just want to say that I’m really sorry the CW are screwing over Sanvers. I understand how important that storyline is for some of you and it sucks to have that broken. I just hope season 3 can be about Alex individually growing as a person and being the same badass we all know and love.

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((Once again I am here and it's okay, but Basically, The S/O is kinda like the mom, she has all boys, and they literally all differ from each other, and They listen to thier mom, A pair of twins, a really tall and protective blind son, and two brothers who literally cannot stand each other, she decided it should be a good time for them to all meet because she's been thinking of a possible marriage))

Sorry this took so long!!!!

Ok, of I remember correctly, S/o is Oliver’s girlfriend and he is taking the rest of the 2p face to meet her family?

Oliver was standing outside a fancy restaurant with his make-ship family of Francois, Allen, and Matt.

“What are we doing here again?” Francois asked as he light up another cigarette.

“Well, you guys are finally going to meet my love!”

“Yeah yeah, there better be good food vegan food here! I’m hungry!”

“Hi hungry! I’m Oliver! Heehee!<3″

“…..f*ck you.”

“There you all are!”

The four turned to see a pretty woman practically skipping over to them! She was accompanied by five boys. One of them was really tall, taller then Matt, and wearing sunglasses. There were two twins who were on each side of the tall man, and two others who were waling as far away from each other as they could. 

“S/O! I’ve missed you sugar pie!”


The two loves had a quick hug and kiss.

Olli, Olli’s family, please meet my family! I’m s/o and they all are my younger brothers! There is Conner and Cole, they are the twins. Conner is on the left and Cole is on the right. Randy is the tall one. Lastly there are the youngest two, Branden and Dillon. Branden is the one beside Cole and Dillon is beside’s Conner.”

“Oh how nice to meet you all! My name is Oliver, and his is my family! Allen and Matt are also twins! Allen has brown hair and Matt is the blong one. They are my younger brothers, There there is Francois!”

“Nice to meet you all! Francois, how are you related to Ollie?”

“I’m not,”

“What?” S/o and her family looked really confused. The two youngest even stopped glaring at each other to stare at the smoking man.

“Well,” Oliver began, “We were childhood friends, and he has always been there. He practically is like family to me.”

“That’s nice! Now, let’s all go inside and get to know each other. Shall we?”

“After you my cupcake!”

Everyone rolled their eyes at Oliver and s/o. They were being so sappy.

Dinner was going nicely. No fights had broken out and Allen was pleased at the vegan choices. They all ordered dessert. When they got theirs, Oliver cleared his throat.

“Now, S/o and I have been talking about this day for a while. We wanted you all to meet together, because we are talking about marriage.”

That’s when the screaming broke out. The whole restaurant sat and stared as everyone but a pink haired man, the female, and two relaxed blonds, one drinking wine and the other in plaid, got up and began to yell in protest.

The tallest man seems to be arguing the most. At the end of it in the whole confusion, he grabbed the female and then picked her up. A pair of twins saw this, and one started to run as the others lead the tall blind man out the door. They were quickly followed by a pair of boys who looked like they were about to fight each other.

Oliver and his family sat and stared at the retreating boys and s/o who was yelling back to Oliver that she will call him later.

“Well, that when well! Wasn’t that fun! Heehee!<3″

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hmm how about Roxas?

  • How I feel about this character
    • I love Roxas?? He is like my third favorite character behind my two tied faves. I think 358/2 days was an amazing game character wise and he makes a lot of sense as a struggling protagonist.
  • All the people I ship romantically with this character
    • Axel is my main one for him. I am fine with others though I mean? I get the rokushi if that were to happen though.
  • My nonromantic OTP for this character
    • I think this is like Brotp, it would probably be Roxas and Sora. It could be  a really cool. Or Roxas and Riku. 
  • My unpopular opinion about this character
    • I don’t like the Roxas Namine dynamic at all. It is a big OTP of many people and I understand the Sokai reflection origin, but I think it was SUPER forced.  
  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.
    • Bring him BACKKKKK and let him BE ALIVE

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so this show voltron that you always blog about (I think that's what it's called),,,,,,,what is it about, should I watch it and most importantly, how gay is it? 👀

“How gay is it?” Asking the important questions, I see.

It’s about 5 idiots who fight in space, a beautiful man who fixes everything and makes funny jokes (I find them funny), and a bad ass space princess.
Honestly, I love it. I used to think it was childish but it’s really funny, entertaining, and enjoyable. If you loved “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” you should enjoy Voltron.

Now…on the gay…personally, I think it’s a good 7/10. I think it’s all about how and which gay ship catches your interest. But I’m not saying Keith and Lance are in love but that’s exactly what I’m saying.

@amber474 That’s not a bad idea, but at the same time, I don’t want to exclude people who aren’t as big or well-known and just want to enjoy the week.

But I wouldn’t put it past these people to do something that pathetic and desperate just to be included in a place not meant for them. I’ll just have to do my best to do my research and check participants’ blogs before reblogging anything. Also I’m definitely open for asks if someone sees me reblog something from a shipper trying to sneak into the fun and wants to give me a heads up. Because all that shit will be promptly deleted.

Maybe I’ll even make a warning post if that happens and let everyone know if someone does that, like ‘Hey, this person ships it so I’d suggest deleting any reblogs you might have posted’. I’m not a fan of callout posts at ALL (like, really, I despise them. They’re really counterproductive and hurt more than they help) but if you try to come into a space you’re not wanted and attempt to pull the wool over my eyes, then I feel like it’s a little justified to single the person out. Not with death threats, but still singled out for trying to be a shit.

At the very least, I suggest making it VERY CLEAR publicly on your blog that you don’t support the ship if you plan on participating in the appreciation week. I know the shippers can lie, but if there’s multiple posts of someone saying they don’t support it, then I’m more willing to trust them and post their stuff to the appreciation blog.

SHIPPING INFO // answer the following for your muse(s) so people know how shipping works on your blog.

REPOST. don’t reblog.

CuDiar and GilDiar.

pretty much anything to be honest ? toxic ships are fair game so as long as both parties are aware it’s a toxic ship and don’t really try to gloss that shit over as cute. 

in all honesty? idgaf about age gaps UNLESS the other person is a minor. diarmuid’s AT LEAST 24 in the age he’s manifested anyway so, i’m not playing that game lmao. 

I am. I used to ship with everyone that came to me asking to ship and in all honesty? After some really bad experiences I’ve grown really selective. Diarmuid is quick to seek out sexual partners so he has MANY of those but in terms of actual ships? There’s probably about three or four romantic ones in there and I’m comfortable with that. I’ve grown to prefer a slow-burn interaction with romantic ships and tend to stray from pre-established romance as it has resulted in a bunch of ships I simply had very little interest for in the past. I want to have ships I’m truly passionate about. 

The moment any suggestive sexual talk comes out, I tend to tag as nsfw. 

Off the top of my head, Akihito, Alibaba, Blaze, Sky  …  and some are still in development, I believe. 

Yes. Please don’t come to me automatically assuming our muses are in a ship, as I’ve gotten people in the past that have assumed Diarmuid flirting with their muse means they’re interested in a romantic relationship with them or that sex=ship, which is not the case. If you have an idea you wish to suggest that could probably steer a potential ship in the right direction, I’m all ears, but I don’t tend to do quick romantic ships anymore.

Sexual ships are plentiful and free game when it comes to Diarmuid. Anything other than that, while I absolutely love romantic ships for him, will require time - plus, I want to limit the amount of ships I take for the sake of being able to juggle them equally. 

Once I have a ship I’m really interested in, I want to have many interactions with that ship and love trading headcanons with the other mun about it - so yeah, I can be a little ship obsessed.


CuDiar/GilDiar but I don’t really have either atm ! in fact i don’t think he has any romantic relationships with any muse in the fandom currently.

Interact w/ us! Send in memes. Talk to me OOC. I likely won’t ship our muses if we do not talk OOC a fair amount as I’ve had horrible experiences in the past with people who didn’t interact OOC with me and still wanted to ship. I don’t swing that way. 

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I thought you should know that someone put you on a list of people who ship maxvid.

Ok, who made the list?
How can I get myself off?
Why was I even placed on it?!
I’m ANTI-MAXVID all the way. I make it pretty clear.

marcus-the-innovator replied to your photo “New Horizon Star Girl  💖”

I’m suprised your not getting all wet over the Soraka star guardian skin -_-

 I guess you could say that Ahri charmed me ahah *dies*

 I can tell why you’re making such assumptions, though. Some people know that this blog used to be a Jinx blog and they also know I was a Jinxraka person (Before I started shipping with Ekko, and now I’m still kinda back to Soraka). I But I want to tell y’all a little story how I started shipping Soraka and Jinx. (old art alert)

 It wasn’t a “Two favourite champs together” kinda thing. Not even “A lot of potential” thing. It’s more of a “Botlane brought us together” thing. You could say, I was a fan of Jinx even before starting playing a game, but later I discovered the game itself with my friend, and we were total noobs at it, but of course we wanted to be in one lane, so we went bot lane together. Later we figured out that it’s meta to play “ADC + Supp” combo. So I became “ADC” and started playing nearly exclusively Jinx. But my friend didn’t have any “fave” support, so to begin with, she bought the cheap and pretty straightforward one (Soraka), and after playing for a while as her she liked that champ. We played like that for god knows how long. 

 So I was kinda used to the image of Jinx and Soraka together. When I started the ask blog, a very nice Soraka interacted with me (we’re still in contact with each other) and we RPd a lot of pretty nice (platonic) things. Then I started considering the potential depth of these two together as a ship. Not to mention my Supp became a Soraka main, and really loved the idea, encouraging me to “do more”. (later there was another Soraka blog, but we mostly had OOC mun-to-mun fun and we barely talk now)

 So in the end of the day, I was always more on the Jinx end of the two, and Soraka was a fave of a few other great people I have near me. As a character - I though she’s nice, palyed her when I went Support sometimes, but not more. I was prompted to draw SG Soraka and Jinx too, but unfortunately I’m not in the big mood for them now, because certain other characters are in the way 

And currently as a player I’m a Mid enthusiast, and ohhhh that Ahri looks absolutely stunning

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Out of curiousity do you have ships that don't make sense? For example I kinda think Ryukyu & Gang Orca would be cute together, despite there being no interaction between them haha. It's always kinda fun to hear why people ship stuff that doesn't really make sense lol.

I actually……. don’t ship all that much? Like, I have my ships, and most ships in this fandom I think of positively, but I’m not really the type of shipper who finds myself shipping ‘weird’ things? Most of the time if I start liking a ship a lot, it’s because I see it a lot. And most popular ships are not that strange imo

Although, I have been meaning to do this for a while: might as well use this opportunity to list out my favorite ships! These are in no particular order (except Bakushima will always be #1 in my heart <3):










Amajiki/Mirio (any combination in the Big 3 tbh)

And ya that’s about it! Like I said before, I like most ships in the fandom, but these are the ones that come to mind!

i am TRYING not to bitch but in all fuckin honesty … every single person who has been calling keith an abusive shit just because that gave you some ammo in fandom’s shipping discourse suddenly turning around and saying you love your “emo bby” and turning all of this into a stupid shipping thing or about lance somehow really make me sick to my stomach lmfao like i really can’t with y'all … talking about how this insight relates to keith’s close relationship with shiro is fine, talking about how this relates to the emotions he has about allura is FINE because that shit is all canon and part of keith’s story but y'all really can’t talk about anything unless it’s related to The Ship War or can be used as ammo and it’s the worst