i will make a url joke

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wait howd u get ur url? i havent been following you for very long so i havent seen anything

i have a running joke when people do the whole tumblr thing of “who did you kill for your url?” and… since it’s vriska, in the comic she kills tavros

so i answer with tavros

death is one of the biggest jokes in the comic and me making a joke off of one event that canonically happened in the comic =/= me making fun of tavros’ abuse

you can find all the posts i’ve made thus far about it under /tagged/who-did-vree-kill

moodboard based on url

yes thats right im making moodboard aesthetics based on your url. if your url is fandom based perfect, if its not its okay, ill make a moodboard based on what i think of when i see your url or through browsing your blog. 

  • must be following me, this aint free labour (im actually joking i never check who follows me or not so its all up to you)
  • send me an ask with one song, it could be anything, current or not (this wont affect your moodboard i just need song recs)
  • reblog this post, its free advertising for me (im joking i just want a lot of moodboards to do so spread the word)
  • it might take me a little while to do all of them, ill be doing them slowly but i will do all of them

The general attitude towards “su criticals” is profoundly odd to me for three main reasons

1. People seem to be under the assumption that folks are dedicating their life to hating on this show. Like, I cant speak for everyone but most people just enjoy talking/joking about the show in a critical manner. If youre not into it, avoid it. Blacklist tags n urls. Block people. It isnt that complicated

2. People are upset that it had a dedicated tag and people have blogs for it?? Uh?? Like, if anything thats CONSIDERATE if you dont like it?? It makes it easier to seek out or avoid depending on preference

Like… ppl get hate and shit if they post it on their mains, ergo they sanction it to a sideblog. Its not. Its not that important yall…

3. Yall ever seen a movie review? Critisism exists for everything and complaining abbt critisism in spaces dedicated to critisism is beyond ridiculous. Like ???

Holiday season is upon us, so I thought it would be fun to do something nice. Besides, who said you can only play secret santa in real life?

H O W  T H I S  W O R K S 

  • you will be assigned a url by december 1st, and throughout the month of december you’ll be sending that person nice messages
  • you will be receiving messages as well from your secret santa
  • on christmas day (december 25th) if you want you can reveal yourself to the person you were assigned to. you can also make something for them (gifset / edit / moodboard / playlist / fanfiction etc) if you like.


  • the messages should be sent anonymously and you should put something like “your secret santa” at the end of each message
  • they can be jokes, trivia about you, questions, inspiring quotes, movie/book/tv recommendations, christmas puns. basically anything nice
  • you don’t have to send messages every day but do it at least 2-3 times a week

T O  E N T E R

  • reblog this post before november 24th (likes are for bookmarks only) 
  • send me an ‘i want a secret santa’ so that i could pair you up with another blog
  • enable your anon asks (if not already) and keep them on till christmas
  • this is totally optional but you can follow me for updates
  • if you change your url or decide you do not want to participate after reblogging the post, please send me a message.

you will receive a message with the url of your secret santa between 23rd-30th of november

please, do not cheat.  the point of the whole event is to spread positivity and love, so it won’t be fair if you only receive and not give something back. if you have any questions, you can always hit me up

Good luck and enjoy your secret santa month!

The original owner of this url was the edgiest top kek anti-sj I’ve ever seen. First the staff terminated his account (brutaltrains) for harassment, then he remade. And now he changed his url around a day ago (traingirls-vs-the-world) so I’m making this one an SJW blog out of spite! I’ll usually talk about reverse oppression, how “TRIGGERED!!!!” jokes are bad, and anti-actual oppression. Either specifics or in general. A couple things about me that he hates, off the top of my head:

1. I’m one of the “”“not sane”“” trans people

2. I use singular they pronouns along with he/him

3. I’m a raging SJW, of course

4. I believe “TRIGGERED!!!!!!” jokes are toxic

5. I believe that there are more than two gender categories (only male/only female), non-binary people exist

Hello world :3c

Okay, I'm not usually one to call people out directly, but:

A karamel shipper with the URL @delectablezanylady12 has recently taken to attacking supercorp bloggers via text post. Said blogger has also found an affinity for referring to characters and other bloggers by racist, anti-Semitic, and homophobic slurs, as well as preaching the false notion of supercorp fans’ “heterophobia” as rationale for the actions listed above.

Now, I may make jokes about Mon-el in my distaste for him and his arc as a character, but there is a line to be drawn here. Attacking ANYONE based on their opinions - not racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic ideologies, mind you, just their actual “I like/dislike ____ for this reason” opinions - is uncalled for and cruel, period.

Moreover, preaching hatred and insinuating that an institutionally advantaged (not superior, just privileged) group is in any way oppressed by a minority with little to no power over them - while you are attacking said minority, I might add - is extremely hypocritical, and is nothing more than a grab for even more power over those who have none.

So, in a call to the wise words of Lin-Manuel Miranda: “SIT DOWN, @delectablezanylady12, YOU BIGOTED MOTHERFUCKER”

One of the worst things I see on this website is the 14/15/16 year olds who put things like “psychotic *insert character*” as their url or have some list of (often extremely rare) mental illnesses somewhere in their bio or a page, and then proceed to use mental illness as an excuse for childish and cruel behavior. It’s really making mental illness look like a joke and making it “trendy” to have Bipolar or Autism.

And don’t even begin with the people who use it as an excuse for awful behavior. No, being bipolar does not give you a right to be a jerk or blow up in fits of rage. Having PTSD from someone calling you a mean name, placing on the autism spectrum, etc, none of that equals “I get to be an asshole to everyone.” And yes, if you honestly diagnosed yourself with BPD because you matched a few symptoms on a website, you’re probably wrong.

Basically if you have a mental illness, ok, no one really cares as long as you’re a decent human being. If you want to spread awareness for or run a blog raising awareness for a certain illness go ahead, that’s a very good thing, but we’re all sick of pretending to type incorrectly from faked panic attacks and listing a series of illnesses when someone asks people to not be a cunt. I used to be this way and looking back it’s embarassing to think anyone would act like that.

And for the record, do you know how rare and severe actual psychosis and schizophrenia actually are? If all of these teens are telling the truth, tumblr must be home to every single psychotic person on earth.

If you are a decent human being with a genuine, professionally diagnosed disorder, and you don’t use it as an excuse for every bad thing you do, this isn’t towards you. This is at the teenagers who romanticize and sometimes even fetishize severe illnesses they’re often pretending to have. They’re making people’s suffering into a trend and that’s really disgusting.


And Jimmy said, “Tell me, do you believe in God?”
And I said, “Only if you believe in angels.”
[insp. 1]


what the fuck is wrong with y'all?? i take a screencap to make a quick joke about my fake rivalry with renard and y'all start spamming a 16 year old with hate messages?? cut that fucking shit out right. now. that is not fucking cool. i am not okay with people harassing other people in my name. that’s fucking unacceptable. i don’t care what their URL is, don’t fucking do that.

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You crying about your trans son makes me really happy. Not like "haha your tears fuel more." More of like, "i'm so happy this person can find so much happiness in a fictional character and that just warms my heart.

Okay, so this is the well meaning Tom Collins “warms my heart that you love your good good trans boy.” I’m here to reclaim that. Cause fuck you and your McElstuck! Please stop. We are suffering! (this is fun sarcasm and I don’t mean to be mean to you. I know sometimes jokes can come off as mean in text form. Thank you.)

ur gonna really hate me since i have the url mcelroids and the intentions to make utau voicebanks of griffin, travis, and justin and actually put the url to bad good use

i don’t think i’m gonna actually do the thing i was going to do for april fools

i was going to change my url to zacefronfactkin and update my id page and make posts and stuff to match but that’s a lot of work and i don’t want to risk treasured mutuals not realising it’s a joke and blocking me

excuse the edit lmao i tried

anyway hello!!!! i did one of these last year and it’s soooo fun so i thought i would bring it back! 

what is it?

secret santa!! essentially you will be given a blog and you will message them *on anon* everyday in december then reveal yourself on the 25th

what do i have to do?

reblog this post!! the cut off date is november 27th and you’ll get a url on november 30th

what do i send them?

anything!! check up on them, have a conversation, send them memes etc. (last year i sent my person christmas jokes everyday and it made them really happy omg) also make sure to create some kind of signature so they know it’s you everyday