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The Last Jedi Trailer Breakdown

* Please note that the following breakdown contains some potential spoilers for the movie - they’re mostly based on inferences and rumours, but you probably want to skip this post entirely if you’re spoiler-averse. *

I’m exhausted (I woke up way too early to watch that trailer!), but I knew I couldn’t rest until I had done this. There is so much to unpack here, so you’ll have to excuse me for omitting some things (mainly space battles) and skimming over others. 

I’m sure I’m wrong with a good chunk of this, but this is all meant in good fun.

I hope you enjoy my first stab at breaking this baby down - if you think it can be improved or spot anything that needs to be corrected, please let me know.

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anonymous asked:

Hey, Fran! Have u ever consider headcanon abt Baku and Kiri met before they entered Yuuei? I mean, just think about it: Baku is a huge bully while Kiri stand up for them who get bullied. Like?? What if they got into fight?? How would they react when they meet again in Yuuei?? WHAT IF KIRI HATED HIM BEFORE

Aw anon, I’m so not gonna give you the answer you hoped you’d get to this haha I’ve talked briefly about something on these lines on my main blog not too long ago, but in general the way I feel about this is, there’s no way Kirishima could ever hate Bakugou. I’m positive their relationship would have been a friendship whatever moment in time they were to meet, tbh!

And this is in part about how Kirishima just doesn’t seem to know how to hate, like, anything so why would he hate Bakugou of all people, but it’s also about how I don’t feel like Bakugou changed all that much between middle school and the first day of high school? Kirishima didn’t meet a perfect version of Bakugou, he met a Bakugou that lauched himself at Deku and had to be restrained by Aizawa, a Bakugou that blew up half a building to beat Deku, a Bakugou that was more yelling and explosions than anything else - and Kirishima looked at him and saw him anyway, you know? He looked at Bakugou fighting against Deku and thought “he looks desperate”. He looked at Bakugou and didn’t stop at his yelling and violence, not even in the very beginning. This would have happened before their UA days too, in my opinion - Kirishima and Bakugou, they have personalities made to fit together. You don’t need to chip anything away for them to like each other, they see worth in each other, they understand each other. When they first became friends Bakugou wasn’t any less shouty and angry and Kirishima wasn’t any less righteous and earnest than how they were back in middle school, all in all!

Well, what you were talking about was a one-time meeting anyway, right? Considering Bakugou’s always been cocky and shouty but has never engaged in uncalled-for fights, and how all his bully-like behaviours have always been restricted only to interacting with Deku, I doubt he would have actually fought Kirishima. At best he could have told him to mind his own business before angrily stomping away, tbh. A meeting like that would have hardly left an impression on either of them, let’s be real haha

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Making Gifs from Netflix Videos

For Macs Only!

Sadly, this tutorial only works for macs, from what I can find. However, I would still read as a PC user, as you might be able to find a comparable program to the Quicktime version found on Macs. PC version of Quicktime does not have the proper feature in order to do this tutorial. It doesn’t need to be Netflix, it can also work for any online based HD streams, like Hulu, Amazon Prime, Google Play, and HBO Go – I used Netflix because it’s what I had. This method is actually super easy once you get the hang of it, and saves time/space compared to looking for and downloading films/tv shows.

For this tutorial, you will need:

  • Photoshop
  • Quicktime
  • Your choice of online video (Netflix in this case)

We will be making gifs like these, which were taken directly from Netflix, from the film Copenhagen

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anonymous asked:

#1 Hey Kosmo! I am a big fan of your sims. I don’t have tumblr, but have been following you for several years now. I need some advice girl. I have been using Ephemera’s Natural tan + skin to make some grey-scale dark-skinned sims. They look great in CAS. However when out of CAS, I can literally see none of the details I’ve worked so hard on. What is going on?!? Is this game lighting issue or a skin issue? I’m thinking maybe this skin has too low of a contrast.

Ello Nonny! First of all I want to say thank you for following this Trash Sims Blog of mine lol 💕 Finding grey-scale dark skin is really hard and its easier to just lower the color saturation in GIMP/PS. Coming out of CAS, you have to make sure dark skin has a decent enough lighting because EA sucks at lighting dark things in The Sims games. It also helps to have your detail settings on high and have an HQ mod. Second, Sorry this took so long to answer. I ended up being rather busy the past few days but this post you made has just inspired me to do something of a general WCIF for Black Sims CAS CC basics (stuff that isn’t just hair). Specifically for Dark Skinned sims because its hard to find and I get a lot of questions about it. So without further ado:

Kosmo’s Genereal CC for Making Dark Skinned Sims:

First is Skins. Skins are usually what help shape and make a sim. That definitely is true for dark skinned sims. These are some of the skins that get dark and keep their detail or are made specifically to work for dark skinned sims that I keep in my game.


Next up is makeup that I think helps when making dark-skinned or just ethnic sims in general since Black people have the widest variety of facial features. Things like Nose masks can help give your sim’s nose new shape if sliders aren’t cooperating with you. And face highlighters are essential when it comes to dark skinned sims because without them, their face lack the natural looking shines and reflections that appear on them in real life. They’ll look flat and monotone in color which is just plain weird honestly. I also listed my favorite lipsticks that can get dark enough to match dark skinned sims.


A Few Slider Suggestions ^_^ I HIGHLY SUGGEST just going through OneEuroMutt’s Sliders in general. They have a lot of them and they’re very useful for sim making diversity


I hope this helps you guys some and I might add on to the list as I’m constantly discovering better ways to create and tweak my sims lol 💕 Sorry for any typos, I’ll fix them as I see them.

RIP Club Penguin

Okay, so since it is the day Club Penguin is shutting down, I figured I would share a few stories from there that I remember the most. We all remember the arrival of the dojo and cardjitsu, the blowing up of the original hq, the arrival of Herbert, the changes in art style, the new puffles and everything. But these stories came from my youth and mostly real life, so they are very close to my heart.

So, I first joined when I was 6 or so under the user name of Pinkiannah(I think that is how I spelled it) and I was obsessed. My bro and I would play it everyday after school or on the weekend. We actually fought over whose turn it was to play.
I remember keeping my penguin pink constantly to fit my username and I remember my favorite puffle being a pink one that I creatively named “Pufflannah” I adored her and had her walk with me everywhere. But, one day, Pufflannah ran away. I was devastated to say the least, I screamed and cried about how she was gone. So, to make me feel better, my brother helped me collect enough coins to adopt a new one who I named in honor of her. I then went on to get fricken 10 puffles over the next few years as more and more came out. I remember getting another pink one named icing to go with sprinkles (a blue one), an orange one I named Jake (when I was obsessed with AT), a brown one I named Brownie Brain(I still love that little guy, the brown ones are my favorites next to the yellow ones), and a rainbow one named Skittles.

Another story involves my older brother( @all-stargamer99 ) who also had his own account (I have another story involving him after this), he bought the Club Penguin merchandise like the original puffle plushes and even a cardjitsu deck, but his favorites by far were the plushes. He named them after his original puffles on his account and made little scrapbooks out of pictures he took (I may scan them just because they are actually super adorable).
But one day, being the silly 8 year old he was at the time, decided that his blue puffle was in need of a hair cut. So he cut the puffles hair and started crying once he realized his mistake. To make him feel better, I gave my pink puffle plush a hair cut too, so that his wouldn’t feel alone. Tbh, I think we still have those plushes, I will have to find them when I wake up.

My second to last story once again surrounds my brother and his obsession with Club Penguin. At this time I was slowly out of it and went on to Pixie Hollow(which is now closed and that sucks, the games on there were awesome!) and other online games. But, my brother also was obsessed with this Playstation 1 Spiderman game. So, at the age of 10 (likely a little older, I vaguely remember) he decided to make a Club Penguin super hero named “Puffle Man” who basically could shapeshift into any kind of puffle and use their abilities to stop these super villains he based off of marvel bad guys! He made a fun little comic series about the guy based around the plot of that Spiderman game I was talking about! The character was actually… really well made for a kid his age! I loved reading the comic since he involved these symbiote/bear things into his story to make a black suit arc as well! I think at one point we tried to make a spin-off into the future to follow the guy’s kid? But we only made one and a half issues.

Tying that last story into my final one, I was inspired to make a comic of my own! It was called Bat-puffle(a puffle that was basically Batman but he could turn into a bat) fighting this evil Penguin villain I creatively called “The Penguin” it was only a page or two long and it was crappy. However, my brother loved it! Around this time, we had been shown the wacky adventures of Baman Piderman and decided to make our own version with Puffleman and Bat-puffle! We made a thick book of comics based out the cartoons that were out at the time, and we planned to follow through with the rest, but after a while we just stopped due to interest in other things.

I have so many fun memories with my older brother because of this game, and I honestly hope that the Club Penguin Island app that Disney is making fares well and is a good way to continue from where its predecessor had ended its run. RIP Club Penguin, thanks for so many years of fun and amazement.

Take My Hand Ch. 3

When the mutant underground headquarters is attacked by the Sentinel Services, John and Clarice have to make a run for it with their kids. They’re always one step ahead of Sentinel Services, but can that last? Set in a future AU where John and Clarice are married with two kids.

Ao3 | FF.net

“I’m sort of hungry again…”

Clarice lifted her head at the sound of JD’s voice. At some point she had nodded off, her arms wrapped tight around Hope. Shoving her hair back from her face, she sat up, still keeping one arm around Hope. Orange sunset light shown through the car windows, which meant she had been asleep for at least an hour.

They had switched vehicles three times since the farmhouse, but besides changing cars, they had only stopped once for vending machine snacks and a bathroom break at a rest stop. They had gotten a couple stares at the rest stop since the kids were in pajamas during the day and so was she, though John’s jacket had helped make hers a little less noticeable. She and John had done their best to shield the kids, and Clarice and JD had made sure to keep their heads down so no one got a good look at their eyes. Still, it was likely that someone would be able to ID them if they were asked. Hopefully they were far enough away from Atlanta at that point that Sentinel Services would take a long time to reach the area.

When they had stolen the Jeep they were currently using, Clarice had climbed into the backseat with Hope since the four-year-old was refusing to sleep. Clarice had bundled her up in John’s jacket and hummed to her, but instead of Hope, Clarice had been the one to fall asleep.

“I’m hungry, too, bud,” John said, glancing at JD via the mirror. He looked like he could use some sleep himself, which made perfect sense seeing how he had been up for at least 36 hours, probably closer to 48.

“We need to find somewhere to stop anyways,” she said, “Or you need to let me drive.”

“I’m good.”

“Yeah, you tell me how good you are when you pass out on the steering wheel.” Clarice gave him a ghost of smirk as he scowled at her in the mirror.

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i wasn’t pretty sure about doing this but masha told me i should and here we are!

this tutorial will cover what I think are the basics for making icons based on what I’ve learnt and found useful through the years, if you have any type of question ask me and I’ll gladly help you!

psa:  english is not my main language so apologies for my mistakes

 Let’s start! 

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4x17 “Identity and Change” Ask Round up.

Okay I got A LOT of asks on this so I’m combining here.

Anonymous said: hi! could you do a breakdown of the 17 promo if it’s not too much trouble? thanks!

Anonymous said: do fitz and aida really kiss again next episode? I had to watch the promo with volume off but the shots looked so similar to this weeks kiss that I wasn’t sure if it was a new one or they just randomly showed the kiss this week in the promo again to emphasise the ‘id cross the universe’ thing.

Anonymous said: Sorry to bother you, but what was your overal take on the promo for 4x17? And more specifically about another Fitz/Aida kiss being in it. I’m sure someone has probably all ready asked this question, so I’m sorry to bother you.

Anonymous said: could you do a post breaking down your thoughts on on 4x17 promo?

Anonymous said: Hi! :) What do you think about the promo for next week? I’m so sad about the kiss tbh, they’re trying to kill us

@the-nerdy-stjarna  said:  4x17 Promo questions. When Madame Hydra says “I need to find her and expose anyone who’s helping her.” Do you think she’s referring to Daisy or Jemma. 'Cause the latter would mean she presumably showed Fitz a picture (which may explain the surprises look on his face?) but the former would make more sense seeing Daisy clearly being hunted at HQ (and Aida’s interest in keeping info about Jemma as far away from Fitz as possible). (I’M SO EXCITED!)

Anonymous said: Analysis of the promo??

Okay lets break this puppy down!

Can we find out what it is with Mace and putting bags over people’s heads here?   And nice try Mace, both Jemma and Daisy know exactly where you super secret base is at.  

Mace gets his angel wing shot and is revealed as leader of the Resistance.  AKA nailed it.

He also says, “Welcome to Shield” and confirms the Resistance Shield.  I also love this shot for Coulson’s “What did you get me into look here?” look.  I’m also kind of interested who is standing behind them in standing behind them in the civilian clothes.  Come on Trip!  Or Hunter!

Jemma’s obituary again, though what caught my eye on the frame by frame is look how many Classified Files there are on Jemma….adding fuel to the fire that something is being covered up…and that no she did not die in a lab accident.  She was eliminated…maybe for being ‘contaminated’.  

The voice over talks about finding “Her” and anyone who is helping her.   So Her could be Jemma in which case Daisy, Ward, Shield, and soon Radcliffe will be in their line of sight.  Same goes for Daisy.  Those people are all helping her and in danger.  

And where we really start to have fun….That is not Fitz AIDA Is talking too.  There isn’t enough beard.  So this could be a random minion, Ward (double or even triple agent now), or another returning face…lets say Mr. Bakshi.

Fandom rejoice!   Its our Fitz!  That is actual puppy followed by I know something is up Fitz right there.  And I know the promo can be misleading with how its cut but it looks like he perhaps overhears AIDA talking to her minion.  Especially if part of AIDA’s conversaion is making sure “The Doctor” doesn’t find out who “Her” is.  So this could be a big turning point for Fitz or at the very least, enough for him to start digging on his own.  Where Fitz is going to be in major danger is when he starts to go against AIDA and starts to break free as he is who she needs.  

Going under the thing for length….kiss speculation is under it if that is what you are after.

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I know that this has been way long over due (LOL 3 years to be exact) - an UPDATED GIF TUTORIAL. Shout out to @holdmetightae for mentioning this to me. 

First off, this tutorial is going to take you through the whole process of making a gif. So yes, I’m going to start from the very beginning: getting screen captures, to bringing it to gimp and also my editing and coloring process.

The very first gif tutorial was very basic - the more so simple version. I’m still going to keep that up for anyone that likes to go back and use it as reference. But I do want to point out that when I make gifs, the process is never the same. 

Some days, my gifs look great and other times they just look awful. That being said, I want you to look at this as more of a guide more than anything. You guys are free to experiment when it comes to the editing AND coloring part. But everything else is just the basic how to for a gif. 

Before we go ahead and jump into the tutorial, a few points to keep in mind:

  • Input Quality = Output Quality ; essentially, what you put into your gif will result in what you get out. So please, use HQ/HD videos when extracting frames and screen captures.
  • Tumblr’s max size for a single gif is 540px IN WIDTH ; so use less frames (10-15 range) for big single gifs. (2MB max for each gif)
  • If you are making smaller gifs such as 268px IN WIDTH or smaller, you can use more frames but don’t over due it. (2MB max for each gif)

What you need:

  • Gimp
  • MPEG Streamclip
  • Animstacks

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anonymous asked:

if i may ask, what version of photoshop do you use? where could i download it at for free? and if you don't mind could you maybe help me with making gifs with a mini tutorial? mine aren't very hq like yours, do you use torrents or direct downloads? it would mean a lot if you can maybe help me! i love your gifs so so much and they're so beautiful! i hope this isn't too much to ask! <3

I use cs5 and you can probably find a download on a torrent website check here !! i made a giffing tutorial under the cut on how to make clear crisp gifs <3 like this post if it was helpful(: 

result :

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History Rant: Shinsengumi/Bakumatsu

Okay, it’s been a while since I asked about what you guys wanna know about Japanese history, and I haven’t forgotten you. I guess I’ve got a few thoughts bouncing around in my head so I’m just going to rant about the shinsengumi and the surrounding time period for a bit cause I feel like it. Uhh if you need sources and want to read more, I could probably find some for you, but this is all from my brain lmao. I repeat: this is definitely not even remotely everything I could say on the subject nor is it researched or sourced okay please read this post lightly and not as a scholarly article!!! That being said, DO feel free to use the information below as a springboard for your own interest and research. 

This is my absolute favorite time period in Japanese history. When I was about 14 (in the ancient year 2000), I discovered the shinsengumi via Rurouni Kenshin. Sure they were the enemies, but I wanted to know who these people were and at the time there was little to no information on them. Then I just started learning a lot about Japanese history and taking Japanese classes, lol it was a gateway drug. Contrary to what everyone might think, I could not chose anyone in the Shinsengumi as my favorite historical figure, but I love them like something out of a really cool story. I think history is supremely interesting; often more interesting than novels. I hope you’ll enjoy learning a bit about them too. 

First of all, a brief history. You have to know that the Shinsengumi (which just means the new group/squad/whatever) came around in a time of civil war. After ~200 years of isolation, the Tokugawa shogunate and its system of keeping the warlords under its control had turned the balance in economy and social structure upside down so that the people on top (the samurai) were the poorest. The shogunate itself also became weak and ineffective, and by the 1850s when Perry showed up to force Western trade on Japan there was legit NOTHING to be done except accept his offer or face utter defeat in the face of a West that had advanced while Japan hid in its own borders with minimal outside contact. 

Two major factions came out of this: one for opening to the west, and one for expelling the foreigners (most notably headed by the Choshu, Satsuma, and Tosa clans, who were not among those in favor of the shogunate). The second one later came to support getting rid of the shogunate and reestablishing the emperor and became known as “sonno joi” which is easier to type than all of that. 

So where do the shinsengumi come into this?  They were formed from a bunch of ronin to protect the xenophobic wimpy emperor in Kyoto (aka hold him captive) and uphold the laws of the also wimpy shogunate. Originally they were stationed outside of Kyoto, but were eventually given permission to police the city. 

And they were AWFUL. Straight-up, the worst. They were given a lot of nicknames, most famous of which is the Wolves of Mibu. They hunted down and slaughtered the emperor’s supporters.

They had very strict rules, which on the surface seem almost honorable - following bushido (which is just a bunch of bs made up by the ailing upper class btw), no personal fights, no personal income, can’t leave the shinsengumi - but they resulted in a lot of members having to commit suicide or having to die in battle. And they did mercilessly enforce their code. An example that comes to mind is Yamanami Keisuke, who was a vice commander of the shinsengumi like HIjikata, and had to commit seppuku when he tried to leave. 

The Ikedaya incident aka map 6 is what really got them famous and made people want to join them. They crushed a group of sonno joi supporters and probably?? prevented them from setting fire to Kyoto. 

The shinsengumi are really famous and romanticised today, as you well know. Like most of Japanese history, the bad parts are glossed over! But I do love them, so I can’t say anything. 

Returning to the general view of historical events, what I think is really interesting about this time period is how things ended up. Sonno Joi did win in the end. The shogunate gave up power, and they reestablished the emperor, but—! The emperor’s supporters moved the imperial hq and set him up as a puppet ruler, making themselves the actual ruling council (aka just like the shogunate) and then began a very seriously intense westernizing of Japan! Expel the foreigners indeed, haha. 

UM, I want to post something more in-depth about the swords and their characters and stuff but I’m still thinking about it >__> so you get this shitty nonsense instead. About 50% history, 50% my thoughts and JUST Hijikata and Okita for right now bc they are kind of like the BIG 4 popular sword group (sorry Nagasone) and also (my) faves. Although I feel like I wanna add Kondo he’s just kinda boring and then I also wanna write about Sakamoto Ryoma (who Kondo was executed for killing lol IF HE DID???) but I haven’t even mentioned him thus far and tbh he deserves his own post. 

Hijikata Toshizo, Vice Commander, devil creature?, hot guy

Here he is, wow look at this handsome fella. Yes that’s right this is my icon. I have read that Kane’s personality is based on him (in the same way that Yam emulates Okita) but I don’t think so at all. Mostly because Kane is a stupid muffin and actual Hijikata was known to be a serious samurai guy. Just a farmer guy (and kind of .. pharmacist?) being the best he can be. He was mostly in charge of keeping things in order in the shinsengumi, and also did a lot of interrogation… and may have done some very, very gruesome things. But also, he wrote shitty haiku, which is p charming. Apparently he was incredibly handsome and people fell in love with him like all the time and I know that’s true bc I’m also in love with him. 

After everything, he kept on being the best and led what was left of the shinsengumi after Kondo was executed, trying to fight the new government. But he was gunned down in the battle of Hakodate (lmfao the Kane/Hori scene in map 1-1 which tells you the order of these…. is none). 

I’m pretty sure that Kane’s design and personality are LARGELY influenced by the more romanticised versions of Hijikata in things such as Hakuouki (which I haaaate, no offense). But I like to think that a lot of it comes from him being a sword from a proper name, just without an real antiquity or heritage. Like Hijikata is a farmer-born ronin following bushido and upholding the samurai lifestyle, Kane is kind of a weird excited kid who is a fancy sword…? Well, maybe it’s a stretch. Just aiming really high and being super hot.

Horikawa is kind of a mystery though. I think his outfit at least stems from the more modernized Hijikata you can see above, but I can’t really get the rest. Like I said I didn’t like.. do research for this post, so I’d be interested in hearing other opinions or ideas! 

Okita Souji, 1st squad leader, child prodigy, eventual cat-hater

OTHER THAN artists’ renders?? this is the best photo I’ve ever been able to find and I’m not sure if they ever confirmed that it’s Okita. 

What does he look like, who knows.  Regardless…  he was not beautiful like Hijikata, but we can keep pretending. This bitch was so good at swords when he was a kid he had mastered like all the things by the time he was 18 and became an instructor himself. He was the leader of the 1st uh, troop of the Shinsengumi and famous for being really fucking good at stabbing dudes in the fucking neck and also being a generally funny happy guy. I’ve read he liked to play with kids too, which is p cute (or creepy). He’s like always paired with Hijikata (in EVERYTHING) but idek if they were friends. He had tuberculosis as everyone knows, and it’s said to have been discovered when he collapsed during the Ikedaya incident, but the cause of his collapse is debatable.  Still, as a result he had a very very short life, and so died outside of the fighting in a hospital at about about 25ish? He tried to murder a cat he kept seeing in the garden and he couldn’t, and that really pissed him off. 

What can I say about okitagumi?? It’s already well-known that Kashuu looks fancy because the sword broke and couldn’t be repaired. I don’t need to address that or really anything about him. Except that I love him. Both he and Yams look p young because Okita was very young himself, so I like to imagine they both reflect his age despite their own age/origins/etc bc they have such a deep connection with him. I also hope that every time they’re pictured with cats, it’s bc of the above reason. 

But YAMS??? Now I have at least one thought about his design. Of course he was made to reflect Okita bc he looks up to him so much. But…????

The aforementioned (prettier movie/ova version of) Rurouni Kension version Okita Souji is always the one I imagine bc just….!?? Whenever I look at Yams this is legit all I see. If you have not seen this movie, then please watch him in action here in this clip of the Ikedaya incident, just the first minute or so. I’m right, right? You know I’m right. Except for the clear gap in design details, Yams looks like he’s copying him 100%. Also his bubbly/kind personality that gets a little bit creepy/idgaf in battle is soo the stereotypical Okita personality, it’s so good.

Anyway, PLEASE feel free to send me your thoughts/theories or requests or anything like that. I’d love to hear what you think! 

Suggested reading:

So if you’ve made it this far, congratulations on reading this… masterpiece. I wouldn’t consider it a really good reference or anything (PLEASE), and I honestly just wrote it bc I felt like it. Future history info will be more informative with actual research and references/sources, and I’ll probably do another, more educational post on the Shinsengumi and the time period in the future. HOWEVER for now, if you are very interested in the Shinsengumi and want some actual intellectual and organized information, I URGE you to please read this book: 

Shinsengumi: The Shoguns Last Samurai Corps by Romulus Hillsborough

It is THE English book on the Shinsengumi. I recently bought it again for my kindle (I left my hardback copy in america lol) and it is just as great as I remember. Seriously worth the read. 

under the cut, you will find a tutorial on HOW TO MAKE A PHOTO MANIPULATION (AKA MANIP) FOR BEGINNERS. this will explain solely how to create a two person manip like this, X or X. this tutorial was written and made for you by abbey. please reblog or like if this helped you !! NOTE: i used photoshop cc, but this should work on all ps versions !!

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thrp’s diverse fc resource directory revamp 

This update has been a very long time coming, and after two years, the diverse resource directory has undergone a complete revamp! As always, every FC on the directory is a diverse FC (meaning that they are a person of color and/or a trans person and/or plus sized) that has rp resources. 

What’s new? 

  • A few new FCs have been added and are currently being added.
  • All images and information for the old FCs have been updated to reflect the FCs’ current ages, as well as their updated names and gender identities in some FCs’ cases. 
  • The new theme (huge thanks to Raven!) allows for sorting of multiple categories at one time (ethnicity, gender, and age rather than only one at a time), something that was not possible with the 2014 version of the directory. (Note: unfortunately you cannot sort more than one ethnicity at a time, but you can search for FCs by searching multiple ethnicities using Diverse GIF HQ! Click here to find out how.)
  • Rather than listing every resource on the FC’s image like the last version, clicking on the FC will now lead you to their tag on Diverse GIF HQ. This means that updates to their resources will be much more efficient (updated immediately when they are reblogged to Diverse GIF) and you can see all of their gif hunts in one place, with one click. 


The aim of this directory has always been to make it easy for rpers to find FCs that already have resources and locate those resources all in one place, but I realize that many amazing FCs out there unfortunately do not have any resources and as such cannot be listed. In order to get those FCs on the directory eventually, @diversegifhq will have a bi weekly list of featured FCs that need resources (in addition to the Featured FC spotlight that is already there). This way, we can encourage people to create resources for FCs that do not have them, and grow the directory over time. 

Of course, if you see any issues or misinformation on the directory, and/or if you have FCs that you would like me to add, please feel free to let me know! The directory will be updated constantly (alongside Diverse GIF HQ), and more FCs are being added as I type this. I hope you all find the directory to be helpful! Please reblog and share this if you can! 

anonymous asked:

I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who's thought of this but,,,,holy fuck ShiraHina (Shirabu x Hinata) is so fucking cute!!!!!!!! Just imagine them cuddling, Hinata sitting on Shirabu's lap and playing with his bangs, blabbing on about whatever until he falls asleep on Shirabu's shoulder. And fucking hell Hinata is just so cute Shirabu is whipped to the max he would do anything for his little sunshine goshhhhh someone sink down to the pits of rare pair hell and ship this with me pleaseeee

OKAY (sorry this took so long)

I 100% agree with everything you said. the image of shouyou playing with shirabu’s bangs is so sweet aaaaahhhhh i love it

I bet Shouyou starts with playfully making fun of Shirabu’s bangs, then seeing Shirabu’s blush and slight glare, he’ll just laugh and say that he looks cute omg

tbh i really do think shouyou will find shirabu to be really cute as well? his overdramatic reaction to things (see him blurting out HAAHH???? when he saw the new quick) but also when he’s smiling

pining and completely lovestruck Shirabu is so great because he’ll be SO reluctant in expressing anything he feels. but shouyou can definitely draw him out and all of Shirabu’s salt and annoyance will evaporate in face of an actual living sun

oh i also have this headcanon that Shirabu’s super into star wars (his fave is r2d2) so imagine the two of them watching it and Shirabu gets even MORE into the rewatch because Shouyou’s there next to him cheering for the rebels

(he also has to explain to Shouyou what was happening and speculate whether they have a future/space version of volleyball but that’s totally okay)

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pairing: bokuakakuroken

It was a normal day for Bokuto, Kenma, Akaashi, and Kuroo. In other words, Kenma was quietly existing with the only sound coming from wherever he was from his gaming device. Akaashi was going between reading a book and studying. Kuroo was going between screaming in agony over an essay he had to write and sending various horrible pickup lines to Akaashi via snapchat for stress-relief, and Bokuto had given up on school completely and was currently laying on the couch buried in multiple layers of blankets and all the pillows he could find–creating a nest of sorts.

The first few times the “school sucks” nest—as dubbed by Kuroo–had appeared there were various inquiries over its existence. However it was now a given that when Bokuto was stressed by school the nest would appear and he would disappear.

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Bring Me To My Knees (Pt. 8)

Summary: Bucky accidentally demolishes your house. With nowhere else to go, you move in with him.

Prologue [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]    [9] [10]

Warnings: None

Word count: 1800

A/N: Okay so I don’t know how any of the rest of this series is gonna turn out, I hope you like it, but I feel like it’s a really dumb plot lolol Let me know if it’s okay please, I don’t series.

Originally posted by rebekka-donell

Fury took his time in locating the whereabouts of the missing hostages, so you and Bucky took your time redefining your relationship. Now that you were together there were boundaries that needed pushing and lines to be crossed that Bucky never would have dreamed of passing when you two were still friends.

He was still trying to wrap his head around the fact that he could tuck his arm around your waist whenever he wanted to, and he could tangle your fingers together and kiss your knuckles all the way up to your lips if he ever felt the urge.

Which meant that he practically never let you go. When you two were watching a movie together he’d swoop in and plant a short kiss on your unexpecting lips, like he hadn’t felt them in an eternity when really it had only been an hour. And every now and again he looked down at you cuddling into his side and broke out into the dumbest grin.

Life in Bucky’s book was pretty good. And the chapters in yours that had Bucky in them were written the same way, but your story had a little more left to tell outside of your apartment.

Starting with your visit to HQ near the end of the week. Fury had called and told you they were shipping out bright and early, and you had a new team for whatever reason. At least this time Tony was recruited, though you weren’t sure if that would make this mission any better. There were still too many secrets for you to feel good about it.

Maria’s assistant, who was usually the one seeking you out when you visited the floor, seemed to be doing everything in her power to evade you today. It took you nearly fifteen minutes to weave through all the busy agents and catch up to her.

“Hey! What’s your hurry?” You were only a little out of breath, taking huge treads to keep up with her hasty steps.

“Y/N! I didn’t see you there!” Which was funny because you could’ve sworn she watched you step out of the elevator before she picked up an armful of paperwork that had to be distributed right then.

“What are those?” You pointed to the slowly shortening stack of files in her arms and she bristled.

“Just a mission report for Agent Hill, nothing important. I’m afraid I don’t have your file today, everyone’s been working overtime and it’s been so busy. We’re still trying to clean up from the accord, you know?”

“Oh, okay. Do you know when I can expect it then?” You weren’t sold on her excuse, but you played along because arguing with her wouldn’t do you any good. She wasn’t the one who watched over your family and wrote down the important stuff, she was just the person to hand it off to you.

“I don’t, sorry. I’ll be  sure to give you a call when it comes in, alright?” You nodded and found your way back to the elevator. It shouldn’t have mattered if everyone was busy, the agents reporting on your family never had any other work, and they were always stationed there, so the workload of all the other agents had nothing to do with their performance.

Something was going on, and you were gonna find out what if it was the last thing you did.

You went straight to the roof after that, opting to speak to your team before heading out to fight Hydra again. Tony was the first person you saw, to no one’s surprise.

“C'mon meatball, I’m sure you have some sort of power up your sleeve.”

“Meatball? Wha-”

“Stop scaring the recruits Tony, they get enough of that from Maria.” Tony whipped around to meet you, smirk the size of Jupiter.

“There she is, Mrs. Metal Man! When do I get my invitation to the wedding?” You didn’t know why you weren’t expecting to get teased today, but you weren’t. You shook hands with the rest of your teammates, who were looking abnormally apprehensive. You weren’t sure if that was because they would be running straight into the line of fire or if Tony had spread another stupid rumour about you being able to detonate people’s brains if they looked at you for too long. It looked like a fair bit of both.

“The day you come out of the closet.” He rolled his eyes and followed the small crowd of recruits into the helicarrier after you. He was less snarky today as well, something that would’ve gone unnoticed by anyone who didn’t spend nearly as much time with him as you did. The only way you noticed was because there were at least a dozen occasions where you thought of the perfect one-liner to respond to the group conversation, and awaited in silence as Tony looked troubled in his seat rather than spit one out.

“You good?” Your voice snapped him out of his silence and he raised his eyebrows like he hadn’t heard you.

“Hm? Yeah, I’m fine. How are you? Get enough sleep with Robocop in your bed?” His heart wasn’t in it, and that was concerning to say the least.

“Seriously Tony what’s going on? Is it Pepper? Rhodes? Steve?” Tony wasn’t allowed to tell you what was bothering him - Fury had made quite sure that he understood that. Still, you were his friend, and keeping this from you wasn’t something he necessarily wanted to do.

“Really, nothing’s wrong Y/N. I’m just planning out some new tech for Rhodey. He says this version zaps him if his steps are too big.” He planted a smirk on his face until you let up and went to take a seat in the cockpit.

The mission itself was just as odd as the rest of your day, which made you more worried than you cared to admit. The building was full to bursting with badly trained Hydra agents, and had absolutely no hostages.

The first problem there was the Hydra agents, because if this decoy base held all of their awful recruits, what were they using all of their good fighters for? The second issue was that this was a decoy base, and that meant Hydra had something bigger up their sleeve.

You did get one hint out of it all, as you snuck up on two of the Nazi’s while they sifted through files in a panic, tossing them into a bonfire as they went.

“Those hostages are our only ticket to finishing this, you should’ve told him to stop.” The one on the left said, tearing chunks of paper at a time and dousing them in flame.

“She was feisty, if he stopped she would’ve tried to get away again.” Hydra agent #2 sounded irked at having his judgement questioned.

“She was pregnant! If we don’t watch her stress levels she’ll miscarry, and then we won’t have any leverage.”

“We have all the leverage we need, even without the hostage. You and I both know all the Asset needs is to talk to the silvertongue, and then Operation Spring in underway.” That was the last of the files, and the end of their conversation it seemed. You took them down before they even spotted you, sending a tranq right into each of their necks and watching them crumple to the ground.

You would’ve loved to question them, but you knew Hydra, and you knew they’d all rather die than spill on their organization. It was better to hand them off to Fury and let him deal with their secrets.

As far as exciting went, this mission was pretty bland. If it weren’t for your constant concern and curiosity in why everyone you knew seemed to be hiding something from you, you probably would’ve fallen asleep on the job. But since you were determined to find answers for yourself and combed through most of the base in search for answers, you were wide awake.

By the time night struck and you were back in the apartment with Bucky, your suspicion was mounting. Bucky’s arm resting overtop your hip wasn’t helping to quiet your mind, nor were his quiet breaths as he slept nuzzled into your hair.

Maybe you were just being paranoid, but this mission and your family’s missing report seemed connected. Sure, it could be a coincidence, but as you’d come to realize, the world was rarely so lazy. What was Operation Spring, who were these hostages, and why was everyone so determined to keep it all from you?

Your tossing and turning managed to wake Bucky up, who sniffed and hugged you a little tighter before lazily opening his eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Bucky’s voice held onto sleep like white held onto stains. It was soothing.

“What makes you think something’s wrong?” By contrast your voice was loud and nervous, making you wince as it sliced through the quiet bedroom.

“Because if you weren’t bothered by something you’d be asleep right now.” He closed his eyes again and rubbed your back leisurely. Sighing, you cuddled into his chest and hugged him closer.

“It’s this stupid mission, Fury’s even got Tony hiding things from me.” You felt Bucky’s frown when he kissed your temple, settling his nose into your hair again.

“You know if Fury’s putting this much effort in keeping it from you it’s because he thinks it’s the right thing to do.” You did, but just because Fury thought it was the right thing to do didn’t make it the right thing. And judging by Tony’s conflicted face in the helicarrier, he didn’t agree with Fury either.

“Yeah, but still.” You grumbled, and Bucky let out a light laugh before pulling away.

“What do you wanna do then, since you can’t sleep?” His fingers carded through your messy hair and you were struck with awe at how much Bucky must’ve cared about you. He was willing to throw away a whole night’s sleep just to keep you company.

“Let’s keep it old fashioned.” You smiled.

“Hot chocolate and board games then?” Bucky had only been awake a couple minutes and he already felt the words bubbling up inside him, the words he had always wanted to say to you but never knew how.

“You know me so well.”

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HQ!! Rec List - OTP

1. Title: tea-stained polaroids
Author: dalyeau
Pairing: Akaashi Keiji/Bokuto Koutarou
Rating: General
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Summary: “I’m gonna date that,” Bokuto declares solemnly, and Kuroo throws a plastic spoon at his head.

2. Title: geronimo
Author: lagatos
Pairing: Akaashi Keiji/Bokuto Koutarou
Rating: Teen
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Summary: “beach resort au” where Bokuto Koutarou works in a small tourist town’s beach resort, renting out kayaks and surfboards for people he’ll never see again. Akaashi Keiji moves into town for the summer for a photography internship and Bokuto insists on showing him how the natives live.

3. Title: stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before
Author: keptein
Pairing: Akaashi Keiji/Bokuto Koutarou
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Summary: @RufousK - whom Koutarou followed on Twitter in a shameless moment of pure thirst - walks into the record store Koutarou works at. It’s all downhill from there.

4. Title: We Move Like The Ocean (But I Can’t Swim)
Author: Snakebitten_Heart
Pairing: Akaashi Keiji/Bokuto Koutarou
Rating: Teen
Warnings: No Archive Warning Applies
Summary: It was lust at first sight, but the more he discovers how odd he is, ironically, the more Akaashi thinks that it would be great to get to know Bokuto- in a way that doesn’t just involve passing a ball over a net.Or, alternatively, the fic that started as a library AU and progressively became less and less about sorting books.
This is a story about finding love- the wacky, unconventional and weird kind.

5. Title: How Fortunate For You
Author: LugianBeforeSwine
Pairing: Akaashi Keiji/Bokuto Koutarou
Rating: Teen
Warnings: No Archive Warning Applies
Summary:  His phone lights up again, and Bokuto is looking at him with an open, sincere expression that practically screams ‘please kiss me right now’. Bokuto and Akaashi text each other during a boring gen ed lecture. It gets a little out of hand.

6. Title: You Are an Angel, I Am an Astronaut
Author: nekoma
Pairing: Akaashi Keiji/Bokuto Koutarou
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warning Applies
Summary: “It was a strange night for both of us. It was also a misfortune on my part to enter a stall that couldn’t be locked.”“Well,” Bokuto rushed to find something to respond in kind. “If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t see your penis or anything!”College AU – Bokuto often goes down to the club to have fun on a weekend, nothing new, until he pukes on someone’s pants and that someone shows up at his door the next day as his very beautiful, very embarrassed new roommate.(Disclaimer: Not an angel/astronaut AU)

7. Title: how long i’ve watched you
Author: kastron
Pairing: Akaashi Keiji/Bokuto Koutarou
Rating: General
Warnings: No Archive Warning Applies
Summary: Fukurodani plays gay chicken with Akaashi (because he’s too pretty for words). Bokuto never takes part, until he does.

8. Title: five foot something with the skinny jeans
Author: Batman
Pairing: Akaashi Keiji/Bokuto Koutarou
Rating: Teen
Warnings: No Archive Warning Applies
Summary: There’s a long silence after that. Really long. Koutarou’s standing there like an idiot, Sawamura’s standing there like an asshole, Sugawara’s standing there like another asshole, and Akaashi’s standing there like the human version of a Black Keys song.Then Akaashi speaks again. ‘Bokuto-san, you have one thousand three hundred and seventeen pictures of me on your device.’Today on ways not to start your study break: if you lose your camera, it WILL be found by the dude that you took pictures of all night at the party. (Or, Sugawara Koushi observes with great amusement as Bokuto Koutarou’s life falls to chaos around him.

9. Title: jazz for the soul
Author: awkwardedgeworth
Pairing: Akaashi Keiji/Bokuto Koutarou
Rating: Teen
Warnings: No Archive Warning Applies
Summary: “So…you’re a pianist.” Bokuto leans against the piano, stage lights illuminating his hair and Akaashi glares a little at the halo above his head because he is not floored by this jazz singer. Not at all. Not impressed by his wide shoulders or his amazing eyes or the cute dimples or even the faint freckles across his nose. And he’s most definitely not staring at him. He’s just practicing being polite like his mother taught him, maintaining eye contact with people when he’s talking to them.

10. Title: tattoos are permanent, and i don’t like permanence
Author: awkwardedgeworth
Pairing: Akaashi Keiji/Bokuto Koutarou
Rating: General
Warnings: No Archive Warning Applies
Summary: “Kuroo man, who is he?” Bokuto whines as Kuroo locks the shop and brushes the sweat gathering on his forehead. It’s the height of summer and Bokuto is slightly worried of the flowers wilting in this heat. “Who’s the hot tattoo guy?”“Sorry, there were a lot of customers today. Can you describe the one you’re talking about?"Bokuto seethes. "The one wearing the muscle tank with arms that I will kill for!” Then, “And he has really nice hair. And a tattoo.”

Darcy of Shield

I have several different Darcy Lewis headcanons because Darcy is awesome and can be anyone. The first is Darcy of SHIELD, for whom I got the original idea from a fantastic fic on ff.net which I can’t currently find, when I do I’ll put a link.

When she was a baby her parents died and she ended up with her much older brother, who worked for SHIELD. Her brother is Phil Coulson and she was born Darcy Coulson. Since Phil was working with Fury he was pretty involved with Shield’s inner workings. When he got Darcy, he stayed out of the field for several years, but she ended up spending a lot of time in Shield HQ with certain higher up Shield people. Since small children aren’t always good at keeping secrets, it was decided that she would get her basic education from Shield members instead of risking her telling secrets at school.

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Haikyuu!! 219

Not a THRILLING chapter, but a thought provoking one. What happened here could have interesting implications for the future… 

EDIT: alright I re-read the chapter from a different translator and saw everything in a new light!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This snake nearly got me but I STAYED WOKE.

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