i will make a conscious effort

i love how louis has a hard time looking right at harry 

even when theyre talkin and louis is clearly responding to something like i imagine he makes a conscious effort to focus on harrys left ear or whatevers behind his shoulder bc he knows that a) theres a 99% chance harry is being real fuckin cute and b) he has zero control over his face when it comes to harry just existing so


SO. maybe if he just doesnt. look. right at him. for too long. he wont embarrass himself. i mean its not working lmao all that relentless affection is written all over his face but i admire his dedication


“So I think that’s the biggest part of having a job like I have is that it makes me absent.In fact I have one of my best friend said to me that my biggest enemy is my absence, when it comes to my friends. And that’s why he is one of my best friends, cause he says stuff like that and he’s right. So I have to make a conscious effort to overcome that absence with phone calls, emails - whenever I have a spare moment, I’ll be like, "Okay, who can I call? Who can I talk to for even just for 5 minutes?”, just so we can have that friendship because that’s important to me. And I need those friends around me, most of my friends, most of my very close friends aren’t actors, they are not in the business at all, and some of them don’t even live-, in fact my two best friends, one lives in Texas and one lives in San Francisco, so I don’t even see them when I go home, so we really have to make an effort to stay in touch, we plan vacations together, we get together as many times a year as we can. And that goes to most of my friends and my family as well. So I think dealing with the absence of not being physically around the people that I love is the biggest thing that my job has put on me, as far as my personal life. But if you make the effort you can handle it, you can overcome it. I always like to say that this is a good problem to have.“[x]

not to get all sentimental but taylor saying that she puts us first is so wonderful like the majority of her dedicated fanbase is made up of teenagers and she must know that as a teenager one of your biggest desires is just to feel like you matter to somebody and the fact that she makes a conscious effort to always make us feel like we matter to her is so….. i’m not saying i’m crying but HYPOTHETICALLY if i was crying would someone bring a tissue to my home

i became a carefree black girl the day i made the conscious decision to stop comparing myself to other people and measuring my worth based on other people and how other people see me

i became carefree the moment when i decided to look at other black girls and make effort to uplift them instead of seeing them as competition

i became a carefree black girl when i realized that having a man is cool and all, but that i’m so damn amazing that whether i was or wasn’t in a relationship, i’d still be amazing

i became a carefree black girl when i eliminated the negativity from my life. both in the people i surround myself with, and the negative way that i saw myself

in light of pete’s recent retweets, i think we should all make a conscious effort not to post/reblog any pictures with bronx in them. i know he’s adorable and pete seems to be a great dad, but obviously it upsets him that paparazzi are taking pictures of him and, if you think about it, it’s pretty creepy. i know i’m not going to do it anymore, so i think we should all, as a fandom, try to stay away from those pictures!



Last year at AN there was a TON of theft. I’m not trying to scare you guys, but I’m KINDA trying to scare you guys. $10,000 worth of Taiko Drums were stolen. $200 and a full wallet was stolen from my friend, right as she was paying an artist in the artist alley. After the con, I heard of numerous other stories of theft from the official facebook group and tumblr as well. What can we do to combat this?

Keep ALERT. I know it’s tough because it’s Anime North and everyone is super hyped and we aren’t really in our right minds at a convention, let’s face it. We need make a conscious effort to know where our wallets, bags, and purses are at all times. I don’t want to hear any more stories of theft this year! So keep watch!

Why do white people hate being reminded that they have privilege? Like I’m sorry you don’t face systematic oppression? I’m sorry you already have many advantages in life for being white? I’m sorry that you’re not being harassed and killed because of your skin color? People need to make more of a conscious effort to acknowledge this privilege because they can’t empathize. They will never fully be able to put themselves in a PoC’s shoes. When people bring up the fact that you’re white its not to demean you and other white people its to bring up the fact that some white people are constantly forgetting that they have privilege. That they don’t experience a lot of the stuff PoC are so sick of. When you try minimizing someone’s experiences that you know nothing about and you’re only seeing things from a privileged perspective then you’re going to look like a huge ass and I hope you’re called out on in because people need to learn.

From @TheMamaFesto: “ Haven’t said much on the #Duggars, but will say that #MikeHuckabee’s hypocrisy is appalling #JoshDuggar #MichaelBrown

If you’re surprised by this, you haven’t been paying attention.  This is what racism looks like and this is the damage it does.  Note, I didn’t say Mike Huckabee was a racist and we all know too many white people stop there, ready to proclaim “I’m not a racist!” instead of peeling back the layers.  

Huck didn’t consciously think to himself “the actions of this white teen should be seen as youthful immaturity while the actions of this Black teen should be used to justify his death.”  That’s just the end result of living in a country where racism and prejudice are so ingrained, most people will unknowingly perpetuate the cycle unless they make the conscious effort not to.  

We have the advantage of being Black.  White people don’t.  If the white people around you aren’t making an effort to be cognizant of hypocrisy like this and all of the contributing factors present on the subconscious level, then they are adding to the overall climate of prejudice regardless of how strongly they believe themselves to be open-minded free-thinkers who see everyone equally.  

I try to live by the motto “Carpe diem.” Seize the day. We need to make a conscious effort to live in the here and now, because we don’t know how much time we have. I met a lot of patients with [neurodegenerative disease] ALS when I was filming You’re Not You. That sort of experience keeps your feet on the ground. I’m less afraid of illness now than I used to be. And I try to make even more of an emotional commitment to people who have problems. If I see someone who needs help, I’m the first to get up and offer it. Avoiding people who are sick or just in some way different is the easiest thing to do. But it only takes a tiny effort to start a conversation. “What is it you have?” And then we talk about it. – Emmy Rossum

(written by Gráinne)

I am basically the breakfast queen, Hands down. For a few years now I really have been making a conscious effort with my morning feasts, improving recipes, and substituting sugar for healthier, nourishing alternatives, but that doesn’t mean they are elaborate and expensive!

I’ve decided to compile a list of my personal favourites, and a few breakfast hints along the way, all of which have maximum taste, and require minimum effort:

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if you’re clearly making someone uncomfortable it will not hurt you to step back and examine yourself and your actions for a bit. i promise you it will not. saying things like “but i was just being nice :/” and “you should take it as a compliment” to try to justify creepy invasive behavior directed at someone else doesn’t cut it and just further point to the fact that, surprise, you AREN’T just being nice. be self-aware. don’t step into someone else’s zone knowing that you’ll make them uncomfortable. be willing to recognize if you mess up and sincerely apologize for that and make a conscious effort to work on… not doing that/being like that.

     “I try to make a conscious effort to be nicer and kinder every day.”
     “What’s an example of something nice you’ve done recently?”
     “I just had lunch at a place that doesn’t have table service. You pick up your food at the counter and after you’re done eating, you’re supposed to grab all of your stuff and bring it to the bus buckets. There were a couple of empty tables that hadn’t done it. Maybe they forgot, maybe they just didn’t want to. So while I was waiting for my food, I bussed those tables for the staff, who were clearly very busy. It’s a small thing, but something I didn’t need to do. And doing it made me happier.”

Salem, MA


i dont think enough people realise dan makes a conscious effort to be as least offensive as he possibly can bc he is terrified of people getting offended and criticising him so by judging the things he says in liveshows/tweets makes everything so much worse because if youre hating him for the stuff he tries so hard to be nice about hes gonna stop!!! communicating!!! with!!! us!!!

“I have obliged myself to make a very conscious effort to have a normal life, because if I let myself be carried away by this industry, it wouldn’t be easy to have my feet on the ground. To be famous in this job means being very isolated from the rest of the world: you spend many hours in cars, in hotel rooms… but it does not longer affect me. In the end, I’ve always found a way to connect with reality.”


21st March 2015 // 8:58pm // did plenty of note taking in physics today! // I have never been a particularly neat person so it pleases me to note that even my sub-conscious self is making an effort to take notes in proper handwriting with each sentence written nicely in straight lines (I used to write horribly in crooked lines) // this is really one great improvement of mine thus I’m so so happy ☺️

💖Leo and Great Warrior💖 I make a conscious effort to include different types of people in my comic, I’m still working on it and hope that I can portray everyone positively- Help Us! Great Warrior is a Gag Comic, always was intended and will probably stay that way, so I miss the opportunity to give some characters more backstory! Leo was created as a trans woman (and shield maiden-warrior),yet with the nature of the Gag comic I felt as though there was never a natural way to let the reader know this about her- but i still want to share this because it’s who she is.

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