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Okay, allow me to explain:Recently, it was brought to my attention that some people on my page had a problem with me drawing black people because I, a black man, was drawing far too many of them (and not as stereotypes or tropes) when I’m known for having diverse character designs in the first place. This struck me as odd because there is literally no problem with me drawing characters of other backgrounds any other time, but the moment I start to draw us in a way that doesn’t make us look like the same stereotypes you’re used to seeing, it’s a problem? Check yourself. I literally got asked, “Do you ever draw white people?” And “You only draw black guys. Why?” In the same morning and I’m like, “Oh so this is a PROBLEM now?” Anyone that has seen my work knows that I draw people from all over. That said, there IS a conscious decision to represent my people in a way that is just and equal to how every other race has been represented since like…forever. Don’t come at me for actually taking the time and effort to show us in positive light. If me drawing people of color as characters and not stereotypes and over used tropes offends you, then get ready to hate my black ass then, because I’m not about to sit by and let us not be represented in a respectful, uplifting and positive light anymore and if you don’t like it well…. Too bad. But since it was an issue with me drawing my own heroes of color, I decided to do other heroes and villains from a game I’m fond of and make them people of color…. I specifically chose FFVII because it’s already a diverse case and to Square Enix’s credit, you could literally tell the same story with these designs. Enjoy.

the whole “i used to be a teen who hated authority only to grow up to become the authority that hates teens” is a bad bad thing that practically every other generation has fallen into and we all need to make an extremely conscious effort not to repeat the fucking pattern

“that’s my word”

peridot has a surprisingly emotional reaction to garnet teasingly calling her a clod, and at first i didn’t get why. i brushed it aside as a funny moment.

however, when i thought about it… of course peridot is emotional. garnet just showed her, in terms peridot can understand, how much she likes her.

peridot obviously has trouble with reading other people’s emotions, knowing how they feel about her, and how to make her own feelings known.

she has a lot of strategies to cope with this, some of which are obvious, like the tape recorder, some of which are not. one of the little things that i don’t think all the crystal gems have picked up on - she mimics their speech

the most obvious example is steven - where she has this now-infamous expression of gratitude from:

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she also picked up “cool” from him, and the tongue-out gesture all the way back in friend ship. steven was the first person she trusted among the crystal gems, and for a while, her only ally.

and he’s not the only example! remember how in barn mates, peridot said stuff like “holy smokes”, “i got yo numbah”, ect? i think we can be pretty sure that was amethyst’s influence. they’ve been hanging out more, and it’s pretty clear peridot considers her the “best” of the crystal gems. 

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again, this tells us that peridot parrots the people she likes! this is a very subtle, maybe not entirely conscious decision. again, i don’t think most of the other crystal gems have picked it up. 

however… i think garnet gets it. ever since log date, she’s been making a conscious decision of trying to understand peridot.

of course, this isn’t one-sided! garnet says it herself, peridot made an effort to understand her. i think garnet wants to do the same. 

in log date, we also saw she’s getting pretty good at understanding peridot’s needs; putting her relationship in terms she can understand (”i’m percy and pierre”), helping her calm down, and telling steven the tape recorder is important to peridot, so he should return it.

so when garnet uses peridot’s word, “clod”, she’s giving her what she needs - reassurance that garnet really does care about her, and has been paying attention to her. she’s doing exactly what peridot does to the people she likes - mimicking her words. 

because peridot was worried, peridot was scared, and garnet wants her to know she cares. peridot might struggle to understand others, but she gets it when they make the effort to understand her, and express love like she would.

everyday I’m growing and I know I’m not perfect by any means at all whatsoever but man I am realizing I am good and I am love and I love myself. I think that’s by far my greatest achievement in life and the only thing is I don’t know why I started off not loving myself in the first place? there is love in my life everyday and with every interaction I have and I am so blessed and thankful. each day I want to make a conscious effort to be better and do good and to love more. I’m happy. I’m happy being me and loving me and being by myself rn. for the first time in a while I’m not really getting kisses or anything but I have never felt so much genuine love in my life than this period that I’m living in.

Ideas for self care
  1. Make a warm bath with the works - bath bomb, lots of bubbles, lit candles
  2. Cook your favorite healthy meal and enjoy every bite, knowing it’s so good for your body
  3. Go somewhere quiet where no one can disturb you, and allow yourself a big cry - get out all of that frustration and stress
  4. Spend the evening watching your favorite shows with a big bowl of popcorn
  5. Allow yourself at least one day a week to sleep in an extra hour
  6. Call a favorite loved one for a good chat
  7. Put together a happiness playlist for when you’re feeling down and need a musical pick-me-up
  8. Treat yourself to something special like that lipstick you’ve had your eye on or a fresh batch of oatmeal cookies
  9. Clean up your room every night so you won’t feel stressed when you wake up in the morning
  10. Keep a positivity journal where you write down things you’re grateful for and positive thoughts about yourself
  11. Start your mornings off slowly and as stress-free as possible
  12. Plan pamper evenings with luxurious face masks, a fresh coat of nail polish
  13. Always have a favorite candle on hand to make your environment more pleasant
  14. Reserve a day at the salon to get your hair and nails done, as well as a message
  15. Give yourself an afternoon off to do something leisurely and fun
  16. Set your alarm for 20 minutes earlier than normal so you can lay around in bed for a while before you actually have to get up
  17. Go for a stroll through your favorite part of town
  18. Spend couple hours in a cute coffee shop with a good book or magazine
  19. Learn to let things go that weigh you down and cause you stress
  20. Embrace an attitude of gratitude
  21. Allow yourself moments to just let your guard down and be silly for a bit
  22. Unplug from social media for the day
  23. Make healthier choices when it comes to what you eat so you can feel better in your body every day
  24. Do something wonderful for someone else
  25. Enjoy some nostalgic from your childhood
  26. Drink lots and lots of water (try it infused with fresh fruit!) so you stay hydrated
  27. Do something that will make you laugh like crazy
  28. Take a nice long nap
  29. If possible, open all of your windows to enjoy the nice weather and fresh air
  30. Reach out to someone else for help or guidance
  31. Plan a weekend getaway for either yourself or with some close friends
  32. Brew a pot of delicious herbal tea and sweeten it with natural honey
  33. Spend some time journaling and writing down all of your thoughts
  34. Do something creative, like cooking a new recipe or trying a popular Pinterest DIY
  35. Write yourself a sweet note and hide it somewhere - you’ll find it some day in the future and smile
  36. Put on your favorite playlist and have a little dance party
  37. Buy yourself some fresh flowers at the start of every week
  38. Make your bed in the morning so you have something nice and cozy to crawl into at night
  39. Download an app that will send you positive affirmations every day
  40. Spend a little time out in the sun, soaking up that vitamin D
  41. Make a conscious effort to hug your loved ones more often - physical touch does wonders for the soul
  42. Jot down a list of reminders to tell yourself the next time you get overwhelmed
  43. Start and end your day with some light stretching and breathing exercises
  44. Surround yourself with things that make you feel happy, inspired, and at ease
  45. Always congratulate yourself on every task accomplished, big or small
Self-care advice from someone who lost a scholarship

• Going to bed at a reasonable hour is self-care.

• Staying up late to finish binge-watching some show or another is not self-care.

• Getting homework in on time is self-care.

• Putting off assignments until you feel “more ready” to do them is not self-care, and you’ll never feel more ready to do them.

• Paying attention in class and taking notes is self-care.

• Browsing tumblr in a “boring” class is completely not self-care.

• Self-care involves making a conscious effort to get yourself into a somewhat better shape.

DOING WHATEVER YOU WANT, WHENEVER YOU WANT TO is NOT self-care, it is self-sabotage.


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This one is dedicated to @onceuponagladerhead, @noones-girl1980 and that one anon who said they wanted it I appreciate you guys so here it is

Pairing: Jughead x reader

Summary: AU in which Jughead and the reader are roommates at boarding school and they hate each other. The reader employs some ~interesting~ techniques to find out if Jughead likes her


A/N: I know some people really want Jughead to be asexual but he is not in this fic so if you don’t like the idea then please don’t read it 

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Take the Lead

// Another Man’s Treasure // Mind on a Mission // Take the Lead // Worth the Pain // Wings of Butterflies

You stared at each other for an eternity, you on the bed and Harry standing a million miles away. Somehow you ended up toe-to-toe with him, Harry towering over you. And your hands rested on his chest, while his slowly fell to rest on your bum. No words were exchanged, only the fire between your eyes.

You could feel him pulling you nearer, and you weren’t imagining the way he lowered his head to meet your gaze. But when you made the move to press your lips to his, lifting up on your tiptoes to close the minimal distance, he stiffened. The kiss hardly lasted a second before he pulled away, bringing a hand to cover his mouth as he stepped out of your hold.

“Should go,” he mumbled, looking around for his boots.

“Did I–?” You felt self-conscious, uncomfortable even. Just moments ago you thought he was going to fuck you into next year, but now he wouldn’t even let you kiss him?

“Isn’t Tommy on his way over?” Harry yanked one boot on after the other before snatching his keys and phone off your dresser, shoving them in his pockets.

“He and Michael are taking me for dinner…” Your voice was quiet. Harry was acting strange, his haste to leave almost hurtful. “Why don’t you join us? Said summat about gettin’ a curry, and I know how you love a curry, Haz.” You tried to smile, attempting to break the awkward tension Harry was creating, but the incredulous look he gave you signaled you’d not said the right thing.

“I’ve just heard you promise yeh brother that you’d stay away from me, Bubbles. What’d’ya think’s gon’ happen when he turns up and I’m here?”

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Decided to detail some of the past wounds Oranhys’s sustained in the Mist War. Mortar thru the chest produced a permanent stress-flower!

Very nearly didn’t survive his injury, and it didn’t quite heal right either because of the inability to get him to a Sylvari Mender in time. He had to get Asura-crafted bolts installed to prevent the permanent crack in his chest from splitting further up and down. He’s extremely self conscious about it, and shies away from undressing in front of others for this reason. It also had the unfortunate side effect of rendering him unable to speak at any register above a hoarse whisper with extreme effort as it hecked up his lungs and vocal cords something fierce. 

 (aka I love the Fervid Censer backpack’s look and I wanted to make it an integral part of his background somehow)

Sylvari belong to Arenanet, Oranhys is mine.

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You did a post on the similarities between Slytherin and Ravenclaw, what similarities does Slytherin share with the other two houses?

I could’ve sworn I had an older post that was about the shared traits and similarities with the other houses but I can’t find it. Nevermind I found it!! It’s here! But it’s also a lot smaller than I thought it was so here’s a bit of a longer answer for you my dear nonnie:

Gryffindor & Slytherin:

  • Brave, Courageous & Daring, 
  • the Gryffindors make the conscious choice to be brave, courageous and daring rather frequently; 
  • but it takes a great deal of bravery, daring and courage to go after what you want like Slytherins do
  • Confident & Chivalrous:
  • Again Gryffindors make the conscious choice/effort to be confident and chivalrous
  • Most Slytherins are raised to be chivalrous because it’s one of those traditional traits that are valued and those who aren’t brought up to be chivalrous are generally taught in Slytherin house by way of example
  • Slytherins taught to be confident, and if you aren’t able to be truly confident you should be able to come across as if you are
  • Also I feel like these two houses are probably the most likely to respond to dares, Gryffindors from basically anyone, Slytherins are more likely to only respond to dares from their friends and housemates
  • Both are ridiculously competitive, like to the point of stupidity 

Hufflepuff & Slytherin:

  • Loyal & Friendly:
  • Both houses are incredibly loyal, Hufflepuff are naturally loyal and see no reason not to be unless you give them one
  • Slytherins however are selectively loyal, generally to their family (unless their family is so atrocious or horrible), friends, causes and house.
  • Hufflepuff again see no reason to not be friendly, whereas Slytherin see every reason to be friendly, honey catches more flies than vinegar after all.
  • Hard Working, Patient & Dedicated
  • Hufflepuffs and Slytherins are both incredibly aware that hard work, patience and dedication are needed when trying to get something done, and at times, dealing with other people
  • Slytherins are just more likely to find ways to reduce the workload and time to help them accomplish their goals more efficiently, but both feel the satisfaction when their hard work and patience have paid off
  • Tolerant
  • Hufflepuffs are generally much more naturally tolerant than Slytherins, but you will find so many more Slytherins who don’t care about blood status and you will find a lot of people with multiple identifiers that aren’t the social norm or majority in Slytherin House

Ravenclaw & Slytherin:

  • Intellectual & Logical:
  • Both houses tend to lean towards intellectualism and logically ruled these houses are very similar
  • Ravenclaws love knowledge and learning because it’s knowledge and learning, Slytherins love knowledge and learning because knowledge is power and it never hurts to learn something new,
  • Both Ravenclaws and Slytherins love intellectual conversation and debate, we crave it, and even the introverts of the houses will brave others to have an intellectual conversation,
  • Sharp Minded, Clever and Wisdom:
  • Again both houses show a similar fondness and natural lean to being sharp minded, Slytherins use their sharp minds to notice all those little things in the everyday and file them away for later to use in their machinations, Ravenclaws use their sharp minds to not only get into their common room but also to further their academic and intellectual pursuits
  • Inhabitants of both houses are clever, they both use their cleverness to see all the angles and find an efficient solution,
  • Both Ravenclaws and Slytherins learn from their mistakes and mistakes of others
  • They are also the most likely to be the houses that get into ridiculous sounding arguments over completely nerdy things and possibilities
  • Creativity:
  • Slytherins and Ravenclaws are both creative, artistically and otherwise.
  • Slytherins are creative in the sense that we we can get very creative with our means to the end
  • Ravenclaws and Slytherins are both creative in the sense that we are curious and can get creative when we try to see if there is a more efficient or effective way to get the results we want.

I think all the houses share traits, they are just displayed differently. 

Gryffindor is the house that tries its hardest to live up to their traits, both Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw live up to their traits rather naturally, they don’t particularly try or think about it. Slytherin is a house with a bad rep, because we aren’t afraid to own up to our bad eggs, so we think about which traits we display to the rest of the world and how, we also take the risks and rewards of which traits and how we display them into account. We are known for our cunning after all.

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Can I request being friends with Daniel howell would include please?


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  • classy innuendos
  • because he’s British
  • “I am literally not okay.”
  • many times will he zone out while talking with you
  • he values your opinion
  • like a lot
  • “fight me.”
  • you calling him DaneYell HowkGell
  • him ignoring you
  • him leaning on you at first because he’s tall and then just putting all his weight on you
  • who can go the longest without swearing
  • he usually wins
  • because he’s articulate
  • screaming
  • no one knows why
  • just random yelling
  • him threatening to spill hot tea on your future children
  • you offering to help him film
  • you getting him to get shit done for once
  • him making no effort when you aren’t around
  • “I regret you.”
  • his fans loving you to bits
  • even when he tries to convince them you are terrible
  • “I wouldn’t do that, she’s vicious.”
  • Dan makes every conscious effort to embarrass you
  • accusing him of faking his accent on multiple occasions
  • just to see him try and sound more English because he’s offended
  • dancing to rude sirens together
  • Phil is very confused as to how you sometimes don’t talk for a month yet are still so close
  • you go along with each others bullshit it’s great
  • realizing that he’s an idiot
  • and so are you


(A/n): okay wow never again request for Dan or Phil because I won’t write it

gosh diddily darn you are lucky I’m nice

A contact sheet from MOMO TOKYO with just two of the many amazing women who allowed me to photograph them and were the only reason I was able to successfully create a book in three months. “Thank you” doesn’t do justice to what I owe all of the women that have made my art possible, especially in an already male dominated field. Male artists need to continue to make a conscious effort to raise up women by acknowledging their inherent struggle. Reciprocate the support you’ve undoubtedly received from women to other female artists and all who identify as a woman. 

Happy International Women’s Day 

Chamber of Secrets - Part 19

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Pairing: Bucky x Reader 

Summary: After the Avenger’s falling out, you were put in charge of putting Bucky together. Under King T’Challa’s orders, you were given a month’s time to create a new arm while simultaneously figure out how to get the triggering memories of his past out of his mind. As the time goes by, you found yourself confiding in him, despite his frozen state.

A/N: OKAY WE’RE GETTING SOMEWHERE. This took longer than I anticipated, but that’s only because I’m trash and I got distracted by another fic idea that I might be doing. 

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I’m reading all of those crazy customers’ stories from US and I wish those customers came to Poland and be served by an older cashier, who lived in Poland in times of communism. Hooooo boi, what a shock would that be!

Carts: all carts require a coin and you have to put the cart back to get back your coin –> no mess with carts. 

All cashiers are sitting down. No one would like to stand for hours if they can sit! Sitting down makes you look lazy?? Crazy idea.

No small talk: the general rule is you come to the store to exchange money for goods, not to make friends. Of course you can make a small talk, but it’s not a part of the customer service. My usual transactions look like this:
cashier: Good morning *starts scanning*
customer: Good morning *starts bagging items*
cashier: your total is…
customer: *hands cash/shows card to indicate that I’ll be paying by card*
cashier: *gives change and receipt* Thank you, good bye
customer: Thank you, good bye

No baggers. Even in the poshest of the supermarkets. When I was a kid the bags were free, but now we’re environmentally conscious  and customers have to bring their own bags. If they don’t have them, they can purchase the bags and customers bag their own purchases.

And why an older cashier? In times of communism the cashier had all the power and could do as they pleased, so sometimes older people still work in said mindset, so they can even be rude (well, not rude, but doesn’t make an effort kind of dismissive?) to the customers and everyone rolls with that. But what if someone complains about them you ask? Well, no one will! I wouldn’t even know where to start, lol. If you asked for the manager, the manager would stand by the store’s policy, no mater what kind of a tantrum the customer is throwing and maybe even ask the security to escort them out? (later all of the staff would have a good laugh about this).
I’m talking here about invalid complaints, when it’s customers fault.

Let’s say the customer wants something against the store’s policy/makes a mistake and cashier doesn’t grant their ridiculous demand, and said customer is very displeased. The manager stands by the cashier, and later the customer sends some kind of official complain to the corporate. IF the letter doesn’t get lost, the customer will get a dismissive answer about how their complaint is invalid.

But, the best thing is - this doesn’t happen. Customers know that if a cashier says “no, that’s not possible (explanation why, not always super polite)” then that’s it, and there’s no sense in arguing.

Some of the stores that are big international corporates (think fruit electronics) or from US, work in American system and complaints affect the employees, so I guess they have to give in to ridiculous demands and have to be always super polite.

My point is: US cashiers would have it so good here! (Unless they enjoy small talk)

being autistic is a lot to live up to tbh. people like your cutesy aesthetics and sophisticated sense of color, but they hate explaining jokes, watching you stim irl, and get offended when you don’t have the spoons to have a conversation with them. being a sapphic autistic is really hard, bc all these messages get to you and make you feel undesirable and you start to doubt you’ll ever find a girl who really, genuinely likes you and accepts you. I make a conscious effort not to flap in front of my girlfriend, who loves me very much and reassures me I’m not a freak 24/7, because so many people have told me I look weird doing it. and I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure that’s fucked up.

I think there really should be separate words for “a person who has learnt another language near fluently” kinda bilingual and a “has acquired two languages as a child as their first languages” kinda bilingual.
One of my phonetics professors in university was a part of a study that showed that people who acquire two languages as babies have those languages stored in the same spot in their brain, just in this kind of language mush, but the people who volitionally learn another language have that language stored separately in their brain from their first language, so their brain has to make the conscious effort to change from one system to the other, which results in those little glitchy moments when you struggle to f.ex say something in your native language after speaking English for a little while and vice versa. 
So it’s a very significant difference which kind of bilingual you are.
I want terms for this.


Tadatsugu finally getting Ieyasu’s gratitude and appreciation makes me so happy 😩😭 AFTER SO LONG HIS LORD SAYS WHAT HES ALWAYS WANTED TO HEAR IM SO HAPPY FOR HIM

Olivia's Spell Casting Basics

I have received a few messages from people who are just starting to practice and want some guidance. There are a million resources that are super helpful for beginners and I plowed through witchcraft books when I first started out. It took me a while to really get a feel for casting though so here are my basics that I use and would recommend to anyone looking for guidance with spell casting.

🌕– Raise your energy before you cast a spell. Personally I imagine myself tapping into my energetic core and then attaching it to the energy of the earth and drawing up energy from the earth. It doesn’t matter how you do it but make a conscious effort to raise your energy. Picture yourself filling with golden light or lighting or whatever image speaks to you. Listen to music that helps you trance into a powerful place. Dance or work out and feel your body humming. Whatever you do, raise that energy!

🌕– Repeat your incantation three times. This piece of advice helped me so much. This way you can pace yourself and find a rhythm to the spell and it doesn’t feel so abrupt when you finish.

🌕– Always phrase your intent in the present tense as if you already have it. (Ex: I am healed instead of I want to heal or I will heal)

🌕– Release the energy you built up into the spell. Sounds obvious and yet it isn’t. I used to feel antsy and excited after I did magick because I was building the energy but not releasing it. Before you end your spell consciously send as much of the energy you raised into your spell as you can manage. Imagine the energy flowing out of you and into the spell, filling and anchoring it, and use your final words to sever your connection to that energy, like tying off a ballon or breaking a bridge.

🌕– Once you’re done, be done. Try not to think about it. Don’t picture how your spell will happen or wonder if it worked. Go about your life and whenever something comes up related to it remind yourself you have it taken care of and let the thought pass.

🌕– Be specific but open to possibilities. If you are casting a spell for love and by love you mean a girlfriend say that! Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. However, be open to possibilities. Life is random and sometimes unforeseen things are what we need. Try to really boil down what you want and then be open about it’s form. Using the girlfriend example I just gave maybe you are picturing this classic meet cute where your eyes lock and you know it’s her. It’s possible but it could also be that girl that just messaged you on Tinder or the friend you’re getting closer to, or the cute waitress you feel compelled to leave your number for. Idk man I’m single but you get my point, accept opportunities as they come.

🌕– Believe in yourself! Believe in your magick! At the end of the day this is all you and if you don’t trust yourself you’re getting in your own way. Magick is complicated but you know yourself and your needs and can listen to your intuition. Trust it, trust yourself, and know you are a kick ass witch. You’ve got this!