i will love you forever for this


[170921] Happy 25th birthday to EXO’s angel, Kim Jongdae 💚✨

13K FOLLOWER! thank you all so much holy fucking shit
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asfgdhjdak I NEED ANSWERS!!! I wish I could look into Iwa's mind in the fighter Au!! And see his thoughts!! He spent the whole night with Oikawa and took care of his drunken ass! Listened to his rambling! Heard all the complains!! So how does his day go now?? Does he think about? what does he do? He will only see Oikawa that night for the fight so what about his hours until then? What doe she think?? Any thoughts?

Iwaizumi has a lot to think about following Oikawa’s drunken night in chapter 8. 

I’ll put this below the cut, because some of this might be spoilers for those not caught up on the You’re now rockin’ with the champion/it’s a bit of insight into Iwaizumi’s POV, so if you want to be totally surprised with the coming events, don’t read this!

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Probably a month early since it’ll be 4 more chapters but...

Did a Series/Anime/Manga ever became so unique and dear to you that you can’t imagine how you gonna live on once it ends?

I have some really, really hard and bad years behind me and Magi is what kept me going and got me out of bed in the morning. Yes, i know. SnB is still there and i love it just as much but if Sin is gonna die, reading SnB is gonna hurt like throwing salt into my wounds.

I have been Manga/Anime fan since i was 6 or 7. I grew up with the classics and i never stopped watching or reading. I’m 28 now and Magi was the first Manga that has touched me on a very personal level.I grew never bored of it and was always looking forward to anything new. I also had several anime crushes in my life but Sinbad takes the crown for completely destroying my real life expectations. Thank you Sin.

“You’re welcome babe, i do it…”

It might sound stupid to other people and you can laugh at me if you want to but with Magi coming to an end, a small world will break down for me. It has given me so much. Lots of laughs, tears and great people in the fandom.

I hope the support and love for the series will not stop.

Thank you Ohtaka for creating Magi ( and ofc SnB wich will still continue ) and giving me something i truly love and appreciate in my life.

You’ll be forever my fictional hubby… (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡

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davenport with a quick retory, davenport gives a quarterly report, davenport laughs and then he snorts, davenport calls for the mission to abort, davenport davenport needs a taller escort, davenport builds a pillow fort, davenport looks at barrys jorts, davenport davenport had to go to court. davenport is really short. tons of stuff rhymes with davenport, suck my daven-dick.

I can’t even be mad at that last part I’m just bad at rhyming

Happy Birthday Brian Epstein!!!

I can no longer say congratulations, but I can certainly offer my prayers and thoughts. And you can be sure that everyone has a destination: you. Rest in peace!

I think this world has lost value the moment your body went to heaven. But you can be sure that here on Earth I will continue to remember and honor your legacy and all the wonderful things you have done. Have a peaceful day!!

There will never be a day when I won’t think of you.
Once you find that person that makes you happy just by hearing their voice,
That makes your stomach turn when they say your name,
That gives you shivers when they say I love you,
That deals with your problems, your mistakes, your arguments.
Once you find that person, never let them go.