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GRIMM | 5.03

Isn’t it the baby that’s supposed to keep the parents awake?

Kelly’s got a lot less to worry about.

For now at least.

my whole life has just.. passed me by so fucking fast. like. eighteen years of living is stuck in my head and half of that shit doesn’t even seem real anymore? i remember staring at the puddles on the street while walking home from preschool with my brother, and hitting myself in the face with one of those kiddie chairs and getting a bloody nose, and how my brother would make my lunch, eggs cut up into neat squares, ketchup, slice of toast. and my crib, i remember my crib, sitting their listening to the rain curled up in my loony tunes blanket and staring at the soft glow of the bedroom lamp, which was the only think that was turned on. I remember the first night i slept in my own bed, and watching the antique roadshow because nothing else was on, and the last day of kindergarten, where i got a boy to sign my yearbook by pretending to be a car and making him laugh. and i remember writing a dumb Narnia rip off in the first grade where all i did was just inserted me and my classmates in the story, and i begged the teacher to let me read it to the class, but i got embarrassed halfway through and changed all the names because i didn’t want people to think i was weird for writing about them. but my teacher put the book, which was really just printer paper stapled together with crude drawings, in our mini library, and a boy read it immediately after and came up to me later to tell me it was really cool that i wrote him into the story. and i remember making a diorama on the Kookaburra, cutting pictures of trees and flowers out of magazines while my mom knitted, pulling out moss from my backyard and gluing it onto the cardboard box. i was really proud of that diorama.

i made a bug hospital under a big pine tree in my backyard, tried to nurse dying moths back to health and take care of wounded spiders. ate strawberry popsicles on blankets in my backyard with my friend. i remember the first time i was able to ride a bike without falling, how good it felt. i remember my mom’s cookies, and the way she always ended up burning the breaded chicken she made. i remember trying to part my hair all the way to the side, how it was perpetually over one eye for the entirety of my 5th grade year. i remember writing music lyrics on my wrists and having a guy mistake it for my own poetry. i remember standing in department store’s makeup isles and smearing as much of their ‘try me!’ black eye shadow across my lids as i could. i remember buying bright red, dappled aquamarine, deep blue pants and pairing them with rainbow polka-dot rain boots, and calling that fashion. i remember the halls of my elementary school, the halls of my middle school, the way the doors looked, the way the carpet felt. 

i remember being that person, i remember living those moments, but it just all just seems so far away, at the same time? it’s frustrating to remember, and yet, not have those memories completely in my grasp. those times are gone. they’re gone and they’re not coming back. and.. i’m happy with where i’m at now. i’m in a better state than i ever was. but at the same time, i can’t help but feel like time has been taken from me. and it has, obviously, but part of me just wants those moments back.

Exam Stress - Jimin (Smut/Slight Fluff)

First smutty one! I’ll hopefully write some more heated stuff like in the future. Please forgive me if it isn’t great… - Admin E 💕

Title: Exam Stress
Idol: Jimin (BTS)
Type: Smut
Warnings: Mention of smut
Word count: 1793 words ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Y/N, I’m home!” Jimin called as he walked through the door.
“I’m in the living room!” You called back.
Jimin walked into the room to see you sat on the floor surrounded by various papers and files, looking slightly frazzled and gripping a mug of coffee like your life depended on it. Armed with a highlighter you looked like you wanted to do nothing more than burn every single piece of paper and sticky note you had in front of you.

“You revising babe?” He asked coming to sit on the floor next to you.
“Yep, and I hate it.” You said quickly giving him a kiss.
“Just think though, you have one more exam and then you’re finished.” He sat behind you and pulled you back against him.
“I know, but it’s the hardest one!” You whined throwing down the highlighter and covering your face with your hands. Jimin laughed and kissed your head.
“How long have you been working today?” He asked you.
“All day.” You sighed
“Have you had a break?”
“Yes…” He looked at you sideways
“No.” You reluctantly told him the truth.

He gently began to press kisses to your neck massaging you shoulders.
“Babe, your shoulders are so knotted and tight.” He looked at you before gently caressing your cheek, trailing his other hand down to squeeze your hip. You groaned slightly and rested your head back against his shoulder. “How about I help you relax a bit baby?” You sighed happily, hearing him call you baby always made you feel hot and flustered. “Mmmm, yeah.” You moaned breathily as he chuckled behind you. “Well, I can’t help you relax when you’re surrounded by work.” He stood up from behind you and dragged you to your bedroom. You shrieked with laughter as you tumbled down into the bed together. “Roll onto your back.” Jimin coaxed you tapping your thighs. You rolled over willingly closed your eyes as Jimin moved down the bed to where your calves were. He gently took one leg and began to rub the lower half before morning to the other leg. He moved further and further up your leg before reaching your hips. He pushed your shirt up slightly and you felt his hot breath hit your waist. You couldn’t help but feel disappointed as he completely skipped over where you wanted him most. He kissed up your stomach as he gently rubbed your sides and you felt yourself beginning to feel warm and tingly. He reached your breasts and encouraged you to sit up. Once you were, you felt his mouth on yours. The kiss although quite passionate started out fairly gently. As much as it frustrated you, you loved a slow build up and Jimin knew it. He loved pushing your buttons and seeing how far he could take you before you hit breaking point. You felt his teeth gently bite your lower lip and felt tingles shoot down to your core. You gasped, allowing his tongue to gently enter. Making out with Jimin always left your head spinning and feeling like you wanted more. “Jimin…” You moaned lightly as he broke off the kiss and began to attack your neck littering it with kisses and small bites here and there. He reached for the hem of your t-shirt and gently peeled it up and over your head, licking his lips as he saw your naked top half. “No bra baby?” He gently pushed you back down before attacking your breasts with his mouth, licking and sucking. You grabbed onto a handful of his hair and wrapped you legs around his waist trying to pull him even closer. One hand left your hips to gently trail down and reach for the top of your shorts. He sat up quickly and pulled your shorts down your legs before inhaling sharply at the sight of your clothed core, a damp path already visible thanks to your heavy makeout session. He smirked done at you as you began whining at the loss of contact. He began stroking his hands up and down your thighs but you quickly pushed him back. “I don’t think it’s fair that you’re still dressed.” You practically jumped on Jimin and ripped his t-shirt off of his torso, running your hands over his defined abs and strong muscular back. You began to kiss his torso as he had done to you earlier, gently moving down to his belt buckle where you began to tease him moving slowly but firmly, rubbing your palm over his crotch. “Y/N, baby…” Jimin groaned huskily immediately making you even wetter. You loved it when his voice went deeper and huskier than normal. You quickly removed his jeans but left his boxers on. He flipped you over so you were underneath and began to rub your core through the thin material of your underwear. “Oppa… Please… I need more.” You whined grinding your hips into his hand. “More of what baby?” Jimin asked cockily knowing exactly what you wanted. “I want your mouth.” You said firmly. “You’re gonna have to ask nicely.” Jimin said halting the movement of his hands leaving you frustrated. “Jimin, please. I want your mouth so badly!” You grabbed his biceps and squeezed feeling them tense under your touch. He moved almost instantly to pull your underwear down, kissing and licking his way back up. He left a few kisses on your damp core, before giving a few kitten licks but avoiding your most sensitive spot. He looked up to where you were led back but propped up on your elbows to watch what he was doing, before burying himself back down between your thighs. He pulled your legs apart to reveal you and felt himself get even harder. He licked firm stripes up your pussy but left your clit untouched. You began to get frustrated with him. It felt good but you needed more. You reached one hand down to grab onto his hair. “Jimin, Oppa. Please!” You threw your head back as Jimin sucked on your sensitive bundle of nerves. You felt him smile into your skin as moans and gasps poured from your lips. He began to build you up alternating between licking all of you and kissing and sucking smaller areas. He used one arm to hold your hips down and reached down with the other one to gently rub your entrance. You gasped lightly as his finger began to gently push into you, he worked you like this for a little bit before adding another finger, scissoring you and stretching you out. All the while you peak had been bubbling under the surface but you could feel it building. The thing that really began to tip you over the edge was when he added another finger to you, you groaned at the feeling and you could feel your stomach tightening. Your finally came undone when he began to lick and suck on just your clit. You strained to attempt to raise your hips but Jimin kept you pinned down. You inhaled sharply and shuddered as your climax hit you. “Fuck…” You let out breathy groans as Jimin continued licking to prolong your orgasm. You sat up still feeling dazed as you reached for his underwear, outlining how solid and hard he was. “Ah ah ah, no baby.” He said grabbing you hand. “Maybe next time, right now I just want to fuck you.” He said reaching for a condom. He pulled his underwear down and his length hit his torso. No matter how many times you had been with Jimin, his body still made you hot and bothered. He rolled the condom on and crawled back into the bed. “Hands and knees baby.” He said lightly slapping the tops of your thighs and your ass as you got yourself into position. He gently rubbed his length up and down your slit a few times before slowly beginning to push into you. He gently caressed your sides, back and ass in an effort to make you relax. Eventually he was all the way in, he gave you a few seconds to adjust before slowly moving in and out of you. Jimin loved to start off slow before building up to a fast, hard pace. He slapped your ass a couple of times before he began to thrust a bit faster. You moaned and pushed your ass back to meet his thrusts, you felt your climax beginning to build again when he pulled all the way out. You quickly swung your head around but dropped your head down as Jimin unexpectedly thrust himself all the way back in. You let out a high pitched moan as Jimin began to pound into you much harder and faster than before. You felt your walls clench around him and your thighs began to quiver. He reached round with one hand to rub your clit and that’s when you almost lost it. His thrusting became irregular as he neared his own finish but he was determined for you to finish first. “Come on baby.” He spurred you on. “You close?” He spanked you again and you bit your lip. Jimin was definitely an ass man… “He bang to rub your clit quicker and with almost every thrust hitting deeper and deeper inside of you, your climax kept building and building. You pushed yourself back to meet his thrusts once more and you felt him exhale heavily as he got closer to his own orgasm. You closed your eyes as the sound of skin on skin filled the room, Jimin’s moans the perfect harmony over the top. He bent over your back so he could get deeper and began thrusting into you as quickly as he possibly could. You shrieked as your orgasm hit you hard, your body convulsing around his cock which was buried deep inside of you as Jimin reached his own peak. He slowly thrusted as you both came down from your highs before he slowly pulled out of you. He cleaned himself up before grabbing a washcloth to clean you up. You led on the bed next to each other, skin flushed and covered in a sweaty sheen, as you began to cuddle. “Feel more relaxed now?” Jimin asked you, sweetly pressing a kiss to your forehead. “Mmm-hmm” you sighed sleepily as fatigue hit you. “Sleep now and I’ll help you revise tomorrow morning.” Jimin promised as you drifted off to sleep in his arms feeling much less stressed about your exam now.

Yeah... March Madness...

For those of you that don’t know, March madness is a college basketball tournament. And I live in a college town with a really good basketball team. So our restaurant was packed with people just staying there and not leaving, some people were understanding that the wait was going to be a while, others not so much. Like did they think they were the only ones with the bright idea to go watch the game at a sports bar?
Also, oh my god, there was this group that was there from open (11am) to 930pm. That’s 10.5 hours… Who goes to a restaurant for 10.5 hours? WHAT THE FUCK? Why? Go home. For most of that they were sitting in the bar on bar stools and then they moved to the dining room with still very uncomfortable chairs. Again, why?

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Do you think Joker Leto and Harley Robbie have a mansion?


I don’t know it’s kinda hard for me to imagine Joker and Harley living in anything other than a temporary old warehouse until they have to move again maybe a month later. But of the interpretations of Joker and Harley, I think the DCEU versions are the most likely to live in a nicer place. 

Having said that, I do kind of like the idea that SS Joker and Harley live in a penthouse outside of Gotham and maybe all the henchmen live in the hotel rooms under the penthouse. I also like this headcanon that Frost is the only henchmen allowed up to their penthouse, that he’s the only one ‘worthy’ enough to go up and be before Joker in Joker’s home.


It’s a Friday afternoon and Reid came home with Ruby after school for that sleepover. And she showed him her house

Reid: Woooow

Ruby: I know it’s nothing to comparison to your house, but-

Reid: No, Iove it! It’s so cute like you, my Ruby Rose! I want to live in something like this, not a big penthouse. But one of my mom’s wanted it, so we got it

Urgent: ISO pet safety net in North Carolina

Hey all! I was wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a pet safety net in North Carolina, near Raleigh or Richmond.

My friend’s girlfriend just died, leaving behind a sweet dog. We need to get this dog into a foster home until early June. He is not allowed at her current rental, and isn’t safely cared for with the deceased’s family. He isn’t eating at the moment.

I know we have safety nets like this where I live a few states south, but would like to find someplace local to my friend. That way the dog can be safe until she can get a new place that allows dogs.

Thanks for any info ❤️❤️

so apparently today is breakfast club day (idk i saw a meme on fb i double checked and it is) and i just wanted to take a moment to tell you guys that my parents lived in korea when the film came out. my dad was in the air force and stationed there in 1985 and my mom wrote monthly letters home to her parents because it cost entirely too much to call home. ANYWAY my grandma kept them all so I got to read some of them and I remember reading one where my mom talked about how she loved The Breakfast Club. 

THE POINT OF THIS IS TO TELL YOU my mom wrote like 3 pages single spaced gushing about the breakfast club in 1985 when i was a toddler and she could have been talking about how great i was but instead she was obsessed with the breakfast club, what an embarrassing fangirl my mom was. can’t relate.

How Got7 would ask you out.

JB: He would ask to take you to dinner. You wouldn’t have any idea as to what he was up to. As soon the waiter left the table after taking your order. JB would confidently ask you to be his girlfriend, but before you could answer he would tell you that this is “our” first day as a couple. 

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Mark: Mark would be taking you home from watching a movie, when suddenly he stops the car in the middle of the street and asks you to his. Flustered by his actions you couldn’t possibly say no. I mean, it’s not like you had a huge crush on him or anything ;)

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Jinyoung: Jinyoung would try to be a man in this kind of situation. He would try to make it all romantic, but ends up looking like a cute monster threw up all over his kitchen, dining room, and living room. He had up so much effort into the perfect way to ask you out. Jinyoung thought that you would end up saying no, but in the end he ends up asking you over hot chocolate. The cute gesture was enough to move you. Smiling like a little kid, you nearly screamed “yes”. The night ended with both of you smiling and talking like fifth graders. :3

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Jackson: Oh lord. Jackson, now this boy is boyfriend material (not that the others aren’t either). He would end up taking you to get ice cream, while ordering you went to grab a seat. He asked the person who made the ice cream to write, “y/n, will you be my girlfriend?” in whip cream over the ice cream. Jackson coming back with the ice cream and a gigantic smile across his face. Placing the ice cream in-front of you and yelling, “Will you be my girlfriend?” at the top of his lungs. The pressure of everyone looking at you was nothing compared to Jackson staring at you with wide eyes. He knew you couldn’t resest the wangpuppy eyes, you wiped the cream all over his face and hugged him while saying “yes’ 

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Youngjae: Youngjae, this sweet boy. He would take you to get a snowcone, because he knows how much you love them. When you would sit down at the table that was provided at the stand, he would mumble something under his breath. You would have to ask him a couple times before he finally mustered up the courage to ask you. 

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Bambam: We all know that this boy has no shame. He would bring you some snacks at lunch and tell you that “starting today, we are the school’s power couple.” 

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Yugyeom: My bias  He can be kind of shy when it comes to things like this, but he’s had enough of just watching you get played by all these boys and wants you to be his. He would confidently walk up to you, confess and ask you to be his. 

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My thoughts on the new episode per queen

Valentina: amazing. Outstanding. Beautiful. Deserved to win the pageant since she was not criticized once. Clearly top 3 Material

Nina: smart. Funny, im glad that she won as well, super super nice. Maybe middle of the pack

Aja: loved the first look, didn’t love the second one as much. She is SICKENING though, and she will definitely go far. Top 3 material

Kimora: probably one of the fashion queens of the seasons for me. They didn’t like her outfits but I live for them. Probably top 5.

Eureka: her only objectives are to win over Trinity and to send her home. No. Her objectives should be winning the competition. She will go home early.

Trinity: I didn’t feel her in the promos but after that lady Gaga look DAMN that was amazing

Alexis : she slayed this challenge. She is the look queen. Amazing make up, amazing padding, amazing EVERYTHING. Maybe top 7

Sasha: very smart and creative, even though she didn’t deserve her spot in the top three of the week she is still one of my faves, top 5.

Peppermint: my opinions on her are normal. I don’t see her in the top 7 though.

Shea: she is a nice fucking person. And very funny as well, personally she is not in my top 5 but if she were to be there I would not protest.

Charlie: I love her. But this weeks performance was… underwhelming in some way? Her first look was giving me a “mother, has arrived” realness. It was messy… her second look though was good. Hopefully she will get far. I love her.

Farrah: even though she got many many critiques I know she will be a front runner, top three material. Her looks were visually appealing and I loved them

Mimi Imfurst AKA Jaymes Mansfield: she tries so hard. Since the moment she came into the werk room she looked uncomfortable and out of place. She tries so hard to be a character she simply is not. The first look was underwhelming and the second look was just terrible. I gave her the benefit of the doubt, but honestly, she is my pick to the one that goes home first, maybe second.

Cynthia: yas miss cucu. Get ready to be slayed by her. She has grown so much since her season. And she is the first miss congeniality to miss the snatch game, and I want her to do it.

Bad news

This is a life update so if you don’t give a shit, just scroll past this.

My father has been in the hospital for the past month after he had a seizure from diabetic shock. He somewhat responds and opens his eyes, but he isn’t talking at all. Today the doctors said that he’s getting worse and they don’t want him to continue living in pain. Now they are going to send him home on Monday so he can spend his final days somewhere familiar.

I feel empty inside. I can’t react. This all feels like a dream. I’m moving to a friend’s house and we’ll be packing stuff today.

I don’t know what to do anymore…

thinking too much

vax/grog | 2/3 | ao3

Summary: Vax adjusts.  Grog gets revenge.  Vox Machina returns home.

Notes: I promise this will wrap up in part three.  Also, how do people write like 17k word chapters? this is just 3k and i feel like it drags

Months drag past.  Vax is bored in a way he hasn’t been since he lived in Syngorn; there is nothing for him to do in Whitestone, not really, so he spends his days following around Vex or someone with an actual job and waiting for another quest from the Raven Queen.  He can’t go anywhere else, because Vex is here, but Percy hardly needs a professional thief/paladin in his employ. 

Not that Vax truly wants to work for Percy, anyway.  He loves him, but if Percy ever seriously turns his poncey commanding voice on Vax he might find his underpants hanging from the battlements.

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So my girl @isayweallgetdrunk has been my #1 fan since day one. She’s also one of the biggest JDM (and Norman Reedus) fans I know. But she lives in a smaller country that Jeff isn’t likely to visit.

So here you go, Jovana. An autographed picture from THEE man himself, Mr. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (who prefers to just be called “Jeff,” by the way). I love you girl and can’t wait to get home so I can mail this to you ❤

SBOTQFR – so they basically re-told the story of Did You Get Me Anything, except this time they said it ended in marriage? The original sketch makes so much more sense now, if you consider the boys to be married and lounging at home at the beginning, having a married couple argument. Rhett did promise for the rest of their lives in the wilderness after all. So this was a dimension of the story all along.

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How do you feel about the world tour slavegirl bodices? I've always adored them because I think the darker colors look so rich and lovely. I don't have a solid opinion on the decorations lol. So sorry if you've been asked this before!

I was never super loving them UNTIL I SAW THEM LIVE. They looked so good on stage. Well tailored, deep jewel colours, nicely moving skirts, and so glittering. I became a fan.

I liked better the gold spiral appliquées they did in the past. The appliquées they use now is beige-ish gold embroidery, much more flat and non-shiny. It can give them a kinda home decor touch when seen up close. But they make up for it in the lovely glass “gems” sewn on. It sparkles wonderfully on stage.

There’s also sequins and glittering stuff in the gold trims on the seams. Which again adds to the sparkly stage look these costumes have. So yeah, I’m a fan, after seeing the costumes in their right element - on stage.


Sitting alongside the delicate and subverted boyhood of Mashrou Leila is a real anger - an anger at a country punctured by militarized checkpoints, an anger at a country that has held onto the scars of a civil war that, like all things in Lebanon, was less a civil war than it was the boiling point of the region’s larger geopolitical tensions. History says the Lebanese Civil War ended in 1990, but no one in Lebanon lives this version of truth. The truth is that everyone got tired of fighting in 1990, and they all retreated to the segregated neighborhoods the civil war had drawn: Sunni, Shia, Maronite, and Druze. The leaders fashioned by the Civil War are still at the helm of the country today, and for a whole generation - Mashrou Leila’s generation - there’s almost nothing to do but to wait for them to die, and pray that with their death, the sectarianism they sowed and fanned is finally laid to rest.

In El Hajez (The Checkpoint) and Min el Taboor (From the Queue / Line) this anger is wry, tinged with a dejectedness that has been at times, difficult for me to listen to. From California, I can’t properly understand what the loss of hope looks like in the banality of everyday life. It’s one thing to feel hopeless about the general course of a generation, the course of a government, the course of a city, the course of a war, but another to go through the motions of daily existence - to fill gas, drink coffee, smoke a cigarette, make plans to meet, clean the bathroom, check the mail - and feel, in your body, the senselessness of it all. That meaninglessness, that vacancy creates a new psychology, one I’m not sure I’m in a position to cling to or even understand. All I can do is recognize where my comprehension ends, and make room for everything else. 

Both songs are ultimately about acts of utterance. In El Hajez, our narrator is stopped at a checkpoint, “this is my home, I’m not here to bomb it,” he sings, “But I hold my tongue, my mother’s tear is more precious than him.” In Min el Taboor, a song about the agitation of a restless citizenry festering to get out, Sinno writes:

We’ve been fighting for fifty years
the same war, we can’t forget.
And the country is like a waiting room
And the queue reaches the airport
We’re fed up (disgusted) with religion, tired of humiliation
Aching for hunger, sick of eating shit
We’re fed up with religion, tired of humiliation
Aching for hunger, sick of eating shit
We’re fed up with religion, tired of humiliation
And our tongues are sharp.

That line between holding your tongue and knowing that same tongue is sharp, eager, itself militarized by years of repression and being held, is light, and the burden of carrying it heavy. It creates a psychosis whose horror is expressed in both songs’ sonic landscape. Both songs are more classically rock, more about yelling, but both harbor an instinctual harshness familiar to us like a horror movie soundtracks. There’s an unexpectedness to the sound, an ominousness, a Hitchcockian chord, like the next corner, the next verse, promises to creep up on your, stun you, and kill you. 

El Hajez does end in death, “I’m dying,” is the last line. Min El Taboor’s death is different, more about ghostliness, about being temporally, existentially, eternally displaced: 

It’s like I know this place
But I’m in the wrong time
It’s like I know I’m here
But they’ve forgotten it’s today

I hope that I see the world as you did, ‘cause I know a life with
love is a life that's been lived. So I'll sing, Hallelujah, you were
an angel in the shape of my mum. When I fell down you'd be there
holding me up. You got to see the person I have become. Spread your
wings and I know that when God took you back, he said, Hallelujah,
you're home”.

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zevran: i like living

zevran: i didn’t buy the leather boots cause i was going to buy them when i got home from killing you for a job well done

me: zevran why you always lyin’


I get so ridiculously prideful when people reblog photos of western Canada. Like… “Ah, these people covet MY home.” And I want to reblog those photos with smug tags like “I live here fuckers - sucks to be you” and “oh those mountains? short drive from my front door”

I might be a bit of a smug Canadian asshole. Except I never DO those things, which is the ultimate sign of being Canadian, right? That I’m too polite to say the rude things in my head?

I went to the drive thru and the guy workin looked so pumped on life I was like yes my man and then when I got home and checked my food he had given me so many bonus fries like there was a whole medium fry in the bottom of my bag I swear I was living large 

I have never felt more blessed in my entire life than I did in that moment