i will live in a home like this

Rejected from society due to a relapse in alcoholism, Lieutenant Killian Jones wants nothing more than to be worthy of his brother and captain’s approval. After falling into his shameful darkness, he gains a companion who too lives without a home and approval of others, and finds the light his life was denied.

I live in a continuous bubble of Killian Jones being a dog person, and when Colin confirmed it a few weeks ago, I had to paint something. The inspiration for the dog was Buckley. He’s the pirate dog Colin said he was xD 

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I'm a closeted cottage witch any tips✨

Woaaah, baby do I. Of course none of this is necessary to be a witch but fun little things I enjoyed when I lived at home and still some things I love doing because they’re just pleasant!

  • So there’s this app called Viridi, you can get on your phone or computer. Basically, you grow a pot of succulents from seed and other cute stuff like you can name it and choose which plants you want in it. It’s also good for low spoon witches because it only takes a few minutes a day to water it and such!
  • Drink tea or coffee! Coffee is a great morning routine for grounding and you can say a little incantation when stirring in milk or sugar. The same goes for tea you can align the herbs and flavors to whatever properties you need in your life that day.
  • Paint your nails or wear make up that matches your intent. Bonus enchant your make up or jewelry with glamours or protection spells.
    • I’m just going to throw in here that I think bath magic is great and if you can DO IT.
  • When you clean your room cleanse it at the same time. If you’re a fan of cleansing by scent essential oil diffusers are pretty casual as are candles (my parents were always weird about incense).
  • Keep a small notebook or sketchbook with you, you can play it off casually but keep it a grimoire, a place to take notes, or doodle your sigils. I have a small one I take everywhere that’s filled with travel/protection sigils and things I tend to need to know on the fly(but don’t).
  • If you can’t have an altar out in the open you can always make one in a shoe box. Or you can make a side blog to use as an altar.
  • Make a playlist! Songs that you make you feel confident, powerful, and witchy.

I hope this helps a little sweet pea!💞


But the truth is: when I saw him standing across from me in the arena and I knew only one of us could live…I wanted it to be me.

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Could you do something like tooth rotting fluffy with Zen with he sees smol MC all sleepy and cute in one of his big shirts? Like she's all cute and blinky with messy hair and just wants to cuddle~ I just need some major flufffffff Thanksss😉

  • Zen had just gotten back from rehearsals
  • He felt horrible because he told you that he’d be home two hours ago, but the director kept them late
  • He hoped that you didn’t wait up for him, his princess needed her beauty sleep
  • Zen walked into the house and sighed softly when he heard the TV on
  • He kicked his shoes and took his jacket off before he walked into the living room
  • There was his princess laying down on the couch in one of his shirts
  • His heart just M E L T E D
  • You were the cutest princess he has ever seen
  • He turned the TV off and went to pick you up to carry you to the bedroom, but you woke up 
  • “Zen?” You yawned and rubbed your eyes
  • Oh man, Zen was a goner. He loved you too much 
  • “Yes, princess?”
  • “What time is it?”
  • “It’s a little past one. I’m sorry I’m home late.”
  • You nuzzled your head into his chest 
  • “It’s okay”
  • Zen walks you to the bedroom and lays you down
  • He goes to move away so he can change, but you grab his hand and tug it
  • “Stay and cuddle”
  • Who is he to not obey his princess’ wish
  • He strips down to his boxers and lays behind you, pulling you into his arms
  • “I love you, Zen”
  • Zen just smiles to himself
  • “I love you too, MC”

Those of you that I can’t see,
Those of you who ache like me.
We are borne of stars and light,
We are the keepers of the night.

Folded hands and bruised knees
Bargaining and desperate pleas.
We greet dawn warily; beginning and end
Grateful for the messages we didn’t send.

We are soul living in an empty home,
Haunted bodies with nowhere to roam.
We are confessions no one wants to hear
We are everything we love and fear.




Bellamy Blake was nowhere near close to coming home. Things in Mount Weather had proved to be more difficult than originally thought and of course, being a leader, Clarke was needed there. You wondered how many more of your friends are going to have to put their lives at risk.

When Bellamy updated Clarke about the situation regarding the Mountain men, it was the last time you heard his voice. The desperation to talk to him was unreal, almost like if you didn’t you would pass out. You wanted him to know that you were there for him. Closing your eyes, you let the warmth hit you as you remember the conversation. 

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This request though 🖤

It had all happened quite naturally. Daryl had been friends with your older brother and you’d become close with him ever since you’d met. He was easy going, funny, and quiet, like you. He spent most of his time at your house, getting away from his family. Ever since you’d moved out he basically lived with you, and you weren’t complaining. You were at home relaxing after work when Daryl text.

-Can I come over? Had a bad day x
-Of course. I have a beer waiting for you already x

The doorbell rang shortly after and he entered with a fresh cut on his face.
“What happened?” You gasped, holding his face in your hands, stroking his cheeks.
“Same old,” he mumbles.
“Come here, let me clean you up,” you say, taking his hand and leading him to the sofa. You sit him down and go to get the first aid kit. Kneeling next to him on the sofa, you hold his chin to look to the side so you can clean his cut and out a plaster on it. Once done, you kiss his cheek lightly and let go. Daryl blushes and looks down at his lap.
“Anytime. Want that beer now?” You ask, getting up.
“Please.” He replies. You both sit in silence drinking and watching films. When you finally get up to go to the toilet you suddenly feel the drink going to your head and wobble slightly as you stand. Daryl instantly holds onto your legs to steady you and you look down at him smiling.
“Thanks. Didn’t realise I’d drunk so much,” you say.
“I’ll fix ya something to eat,” he says, standing up next to you, his hands running up your body as he does. You look at him with wide eyes, feeling electricity shoot through your veins.
“Sorry,” he apologises, shaking his head.
“Don’t be,” you whisper. You straighten up and head to the bathroom then come back to some beans on toast.
“Best I could do,” Daryl shrugs as he sees you enter the kitchen.
“It’s perfect,” you smile. You sit and eat then go back into the lounge whilst Daryl washes up. He joins you shortly after and you out on another film and carry on drinking.
“How’s it going with that guy at work?” Daryl breaks the silence with some general chat.
“Oh god, creepy Colin?” You laugh.
“Yeah, he wearing ya down yet?”
“Good lord no! Not my type at all.”
“Poor creepy Colin. What is yer type then?” He chuckles.
“Umm, I don’t know,” you stall, trying to avoid the question.
“Come on, I won’t tell no one,” he smirks, nudging into your shoulder.
“Well, umm, I guess tall, kinda longish dark hair, tattoos, strong, kind hearted, trustworthy. Someone who can be my best friend as well…” you trail off, realising you’ve just described Daryl, “what about you?” Daryl clears his throats before he answers, and puts his beer down on the table in front of you both.
“You,” he states, looking down at his hands, fiddling with the rips in his jeans. You turn to him, shocked at how forward he was.
“I didn’t know you felt the same,” you gasp.
“How couldn’t I? Yer everything to me,” he says, finally looking up at you. He leans in and kisses you hesitantly, not sure if he should have down this so quick, but you soon react to the kiss, deepening it and pulling him towards you. He lays you back on the couch gently, then you panic and push him up a little.
“I’m sorry, I should never-” he starts, automatically thinking it’s something he’s done wrong.
“No, Daryl, it’s not you… I’ve never… y'know,” you stutter. He looks at you then down to your body and frowns.
“How?” He asks.
“Never found the right person,” you answer shyly.
“It’s okay, I’ll be gentle,” he soothes, pulling on your hands and leading you to the bedroom. You get into the room and start clawing at each other’s clothes until they’re laying in a pile on the floor and you’re both standing there naked. You attach yourself to his lips again after seeing the size of him and getting excited.
“Lay down,” he mumbles against your lips. You do as he says and he crawls on top of you, starting at your belly button and kissing his way up to your mouth. You feel heat rise within you as he does this, and you put your legs together, feeling excitement between them. He gently pushes them apart with his feet then puts himself in the middle of them.
“It’s gonna hurt, jus’ tell me if it’s too painful and I’ll stop,” he says, looking down at your expectant face. You nod and close your eyes in preparation. He puts his fingers inside first, feeling your wetness and knowing you’re ready, then he gently inserts himself inside you.
“Ah!” You cry out, from both pain and pleasure.
“Ya okay?” He asks concerned, stopping still straight away.
“Yeah, keep going,” you nod, gripping onto his arms. He pushes in until he’s filled you completely and looks down at your face. You look up at him and smile, then reach up to touch his face and he nuzzles his cheek into your hand.
“How’s that feel?” He asks eventually.
“Good, better,” you answer, “you can start… y'know.”
“Makin’ love to ya?” He smiles. You blush at him saying it like that, bite your lip then nod at him. He slowly pulls back then forwards and builds up a steady rhythm. Now the pain has gone, all you can feel is a fullness and each thrust excites you all over. He sees your eyes roll back into your head and you start to relax, loosening your grip on him and he starts pumping a bit faster.
“Oh Daryl,” you moan. He twitches inside you, loving the sound of his name being called by you.
“(Y/N), I’ve wanted this for so long,” he pants.
“Me too,” you breathe as he picks up the pace. He lifts himself up slightly and now with every thrust he hits your clit, which brings a whole new feeling to your body and your stomach starts to tighten. You claw at his back as he leans down and kisses your neck.
“Daryl!” You shout, feeling breathless and close to letting go.
“Go with it,” he mumbles against your skin. After a few more pumps you come over his cock and feel yourself clench and relax a few times afterwards, riding out the high as he continues, eventually releasing. He grunts and holds himself inside you as he comes. His forehead rests on your shoulder for a while as he comes down from his climax, then turns to face you.
“How’d that feel?”
“Amazing,” you grin. He kisses your nose then pulls out and lays next to you, pulling your body to lay on top of him. You nuzzle into his neck and sigh happily.
“Ya think we can stay like this forever?” He asks.
“Yeah, why not?” You reply, tracing light circles on his chest.


So a few questions left...

- what had miss grunwald to do with it all in the end. Her smelling of darkness obviously didnt worked out as well as jennas.

- what had the comic and arcturus to do with any of it?

- whats with the spinderwebz lady in the puzzle.

- why and by whom was bethany lured into the backyard that night?

- was alex in the first dollhouse?

- so sarah harvey just ran away from home to earn money helping out a psychopath torturing random girls for several years? How rude.

- to be honest i find the whole revenge plot a bit odd. Why not take revenge on mary or the veronica and peter?! Like spencer was a newborn baby. It was not that she actively filed for being adopted to live the golden live of a hastings. Why not just get to know her like she did with cece?

The Peculiar Children as Things That I Said Last Night

Background information: I went to a place out of town Monday morning to look for homes near my university. I had to leave really early (like 4 in the morning) and I didn’t get home until 11 at night. Then, I had to wake up at 9 am to go to work, and I was just exhausted. It resulting in me saying some pretty strange stuff.

Enoch: death sounds good right about now… 

Jacob: fuck adulting, I can live my life off of mac n cheese 

Emma: I’m pretty sure there weren’t any drugs in there. 

Olive: if someone offers you chicken, you take it! 

Millard: it’s scientifically proven that you’re an idiot. 

Horace:  if I die doing this, tell people that my last words were “fuck y'all" 

Claire: what do you mean you won’t wish your fish a happy birthday? 

Bronwyn: can you make sure that I didn’t fuck up my life? I think I did and it’s not even noon.

House n.2 Sandtrap Flat Renovated

This is the house where Jackson, Piper and the tots are gonna stay into, after their big house fell apart… This is the house where Jackson used to live when he was a child and they renovated it so that they could properly live there!

Now it look like this:



Living Room:

Master Bedroom:

Kids Bedroom:




I think this house renovation turned out to be a good one! I like it!

If you’re interested in downloading this house you can find it on the gallery!

ORIGIN ID: lulisimblr

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Heey Chubby!! Can I get a headcanon of the boys when they see you dance and sing one of their songs pls?? (like BS&T or Fire, or Not Today, etc...) Thank you!!

BTS Reaction To You Dancing And Singing To One Of Their Songs


Luna: Yoongi would be coming home early from the studio only to hear Agust D playing. As he walked into the living room, he saw you using the remote control as a mic while swaying your hips and trying to keep up with his fast rapping. Right you stick up your middle finger like Yoongi did in the music video, you finally turn in his direction and notice him. Immediately, you face flushes as Yoongi’s smirk grows. “Oh I didn’t know that you were a naughty girl, baby. You’re rapping may have been good but I think you need a punishment.” He said as he walked over to you, grabbing your waist.

SugaSweet: Yoongi would be walking into the room when he he hears Cypher Pt, 2, He caught you holding your hairbrush like a microphone and your hood thrown over your head as you attempted to rap his part of the song. As soon as you were done, he’d be smirking and slowly clap, startling you.”Not bad, maybe you’ll have a part in Cypher Pt. 5 before Taehyung.”


Luna: You were in the kitchen baking cookies for the boys while you waited for them to come back to the dorm. You always sang and danced as you baked when no one was around. Right as Taehyung walked through the door, he was hit with a warm spice scent and the sound of your lovely voice singing Just One Day. Tae walked into the kitchen to find you slowing moving your hips, he made his way over to you and wrapped his arms around you. You instantly froze. “Keep on singing, you sound heavenly.” He said as he kissed under your earlobe.

SugaSweet: Taehyung would be playing Overwatch while you listened to their music, singing along as you usually do. He felt the floor shake slightly and looked over to see you dancing to 21st Century Girl. He’d laugh and start singing along as he sneaked glances of you dancing as he continued playing, costing him a few deaths in the game, but he didn’t mind.


Luna: Since Kookie was a heavy sleeper, you thought he wouldn’t wake up any time soon to hear you singing to Butterfly. Little did you know that he had actually been awake to hear most of the song and and had turned his head to catch you dancing. At the end of the song, Kookie finally sat up and you walked over to kiss him. “I was awoken by a beautiful angel singing to me.” He smirked as your face turned red and you hide your face in his shoulder.

SugaSweet: Kookie felt his heart sell as he heard you singing Begin while in the shower. He peeked in to see the foggy image of you lightly imitating his dance. “You’re a bit off key.” He would call out and run off laughing when you shrieked and told him to stop spying.


Luna: You were watching Hoseok as he practiced the dance to Blood Sweat & Tears, while you were singing the lyrics. When he was on the floor ready to thrust upwards, you also laid down to do the same. However, you continued to thrust upwards since you were to lazy to get back up. Hoseok finally looked over at you and burst out laughing. “Baby, we can’t do that here.” He said wiggling his eyebrows.

SugaSweet: Hoseok regularly invites you over to keep him company in the dance studio. It took him by surprise when you not only started singing along but also started learning the dance to Dope alongside him. He purposely slowed down to help you and corrected you as you progressed. “You did great Jagi! I think you’re ready to learn Boy Meets Evil.” He laughed and hugged you after you joking hit him in the arm.


Luna: You were following along to BTS’ dance practice for I Need U since you decided to learn it to show Namjoon. However, Namjoon decided to invite himself over. He was about to state his arrival when to hear you rapping. He quietly walked in to see you body rolling. “Damn baby girl, when did you learn to do that.” He said as he ran a finger over his bottom lip. You groaned since he had ruined the surprise. “It’s ok baby. You can show me other moves you learned, but in your bedroom.” 

SugaSweet: Namjoon would be getting back from grabbing takeout for the two of you when he finds you in the dorm living room, dancing and singing along to Silver Spoon. He felt himself harden when you mimicked their alluring pelvic thrust, leg lifted in the air, lip biting and all. Once you finished the sing, he spoke up. “I never thought about how you would look like doing that pelvic thrust. Food can wait. Get to my room.” 


Luna: You were helping Jin make dinner when Awake starting playing on your phone, and you immediately put your knife down to turn to passionately sing. Turning dramatically to face Jin and sing with all your heart and dance around the kitchen. Jin laughing as you grabbed his hands to dance with him, turning him around and around.

SugaSweet: Jin would laugh as you adamantly practiced the choreography for Not Today. “Why is this hard?” You whined. You always picked on Jin for having trouble getting choreographs down. “Yeah not so easy, is it?” He teased. “Here, I’ll help you the best I can even though Hobi or Jimin would be better teachers.” You both had fun stumbling over your feet together.


Luna: You had just gotten out of the shower, towel wrapped around you, when you started to sing War of Hormone. You stood in front of your drawer as you applied different skin care products while occasionally dancing. You didn’t realize Jimin was watching you from the doorway, until you heard him grunt. “Jagi, you’re killing me. Dancing like that while you’re only wearing a towel, you’re definitely a bad girl.” He said as he walked over pulling you to the bed.

SugaSweet: You texted Jimin saying you wanted to show him something you were proud of when you fully memorized one of BTS’ songs, an accomplishment since Korean wasn’t your first language. Today however, you  surprised him with not only singing Fire, but also having learned the whole dance. “Well I still can’t do the 3:33 move. I look like a broken marionette.” He laughed. “You did amazing otherwise. Here, I’ll show you how to do it. You should move your hands like this,,,,”

idk if this is just me but

since i live in jersey….. im always scared of running into frank??? or anyone from the patience??? even if they’re on tour and even if they dont live ANYWHERE near me?? if im out and about i always have this perpetuating thought of “oh god what i run into fucking frank iero????” like even if im home im just like “what if evan nestor walked past my building at this very second what would happen”

hey so i want to cry because i hate it that i know dragon age 2 is fiction but i still feel uncomfortable when people say exploding a chantry is a necessary act of violence

like??? if it’s just a government building somehow im okay but a chantry is a place of worship, despite the institution itself being shitty, there are genuine believers who are not part of the abuse!!!

i live in a shitty country that uses religion as an excuse to be shitty and murderous

im part of the majority, and yet i still don’t fit because i’m not the orthodox kind of muslim, cause im fucking queer and i don’t think i can handle being here anymore


defend anders! support him! but don’t you dare act like it’s okay to say it’s a necessary act for freedom! don’t you dare act like it doesn’t happen in real life!

if you think fiction affects reality, that representation matter, don’t you fucking dare

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Faux fur, penthouse, wine? :)

FAUX FUR: describe your wardrobe.  loose cotton tees, oversized sweatshirts, lululemon leggings (they are comfortable and i don’t have a problem being basic because i don’t think it’s bad to dress like other girls.  let me live)

PENTHOUSE: what would you consider your dream home? describe it.  a small stone hut in iceland with a fireplace and goats.  it is near the sea.  i sit in my window seat and read and drink my tea.  it is raining.  

WINE: what kind of drunk are you (happy/affectionate, angry, sad, fun/wild)? if you don’t drink, what kind do you think you WOULD be?  i don’t drink because i am 15 but i tried “drunk goggles” during driver’s ed and they literally did not affect me at all.  i feel like i might be a little giggly?  idk.

luxury asks

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Since Owen is so antisocial imagine you bringing him home to meet your family and he makes it his personal mission to get to know every single family member to make you happy.

I actually imagine this often, and allow me to share some thoughts!

If Owen had his way, he’d live alone with his velociraptor children and occasionally have a few hookups who’d leave in the morning and spread word of how incredible he is at sex (there’s an interview somewhere where Pratt actually says that he thinks Owen is like a dolphin because they both like to “Fight, fuck, and hunt–once I dig it up, I’ll update this ask with the link! Also, it’s canon that Owen was a dolphin trainer in the Navy, which makes sense, too.).

That being said, he’ s firmest belief is “mutual respect”. If you’ve lasted in a relationship long enough to get to the “meet your family” stage, then that means you’ve both shown each other that respect. You’ve both made changes and compromises and adaptations to one another’s lives. So if you want him involved in your family, then god dammit, he’ll get involved.

Owen is a charming guy in the right environment. He’s fun loving. He’s laid back. He’s open to learning new things, and he’s an expert when it comes to earning trust. He also loves a challenge. So yes. He’ll work his ass off to win over that one family member who is skeptical af of him.

i’d like to send a special thank you to rice, for always being there for me when i need it, every meal, every snack, every day for 17 years of my life, dad why do you make so much rice, please help it’s flooding the house this is ruining our lives and our home

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Do you think that either of the Stans would be into camping? I mean, they live in one of the best states for it. Or would they prefer to stay in other places such as hotels or their car if need be?

Ford definitely- he’s very used to sleeping under the stars and probably finds it a comfort after years and years of finding certain familiarities in the patterns they make. I feel like the stars begin to feel like home to him after a while… a kind of link back to his true dimension. I’m sure he’d also be happy to tromp around the woods and go exploring and such. 

Stan… I dunno, honestly. It’s hard to say how much he’d enjoy camping- or at least the night part of it. He’d get a kick out of fishing or hiking with Ford probably. But a part of me worries that he might be kinda twitchy sleeping outside on land without a locked door as protection anymore, simply from some lingering trauma from his homeless days. I mean back then he would have had very little protection from the elements or anyone who wanted to hurt him. In fact I guess this is kinda the same for Ford too, after all those years of evading bounty hunters. Well shucks.

So maybe they’d prefer sleeping in a rented camper then. Huh. Again I’m sure they’d love the outdoorsy aspect of it but I can’t help but wonder if after some rough past experiences they both might prefer the luxury of a locked door to merely a tent.

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I know this is random but can you tell me which songs remind you of luke and lorelai? Asshdjfj sorry I'm updating my spotify playlist lol

wow akjsdaka this is such a hard question hahaha i’m just kidding. tbh honestly truthfully frankly every love song reminds me of them (don’t @ me i know you do too!!!). anyway,,, most of the songs that remind me of l/l are from fanvids (jjdaily fanvid page) (esp i’ll be your home by phillip larue, the one by kodaline, forest fire by brighton etc etc) and ed songs OH MY GOD i honestly think that ed wrote Tenerife Sea for them ya know what i mean?

anyways… recently i’ve been really liking how deep is your love by chantal chamberland i can imagine them dancing to this song in the living room in the crapshack with lorelai in her whatever animal-designed pjs. or after dinner or something idk! this song is so soft. and pure. and now that they’re married, it’s even more perfect for them :’)

also, i found this luke & lorelai spotify playlist months ago someone posted the link on tumblr and the songs are 💯% them. go check it out it’s super good!

I like when

Dads that have daughters living at home talk to me about how they feel. It’s so amazing to know I’m not the only one.
I seriously felt alone.