i will live in a home like this


Ishida can we please do this Sleeping Beauty style, like after they dig up Ken’s body he’s totally out of it and Nishiki tries to wake him up to no avail, Tsukiyama tries and nothing, Touka tries and gets a FAST NO, then Hide steps up, smiling and hesitating and he just goes “Kaneki… let’s just go home dude” and the King suddenly zones in on him and all around Tokyo the monster starts shriveling and turning to dust and Kaneki’s crying because he didnt kill Hide and he’s right there holding him as Kaneki collapses in relief and exhaustion and Hide’s swallowing tears like “I’m glad you were able to live on to wait for me”

So yesterday was not bad. The line of people waiting at the door was only like… four, though I did see someone try to kick the door open. Not like…. full on kick it down, but they did do a swift kick at the joint to see if that would make it open. The line for the store next to us (Carters) was nearly wrapped around the building. It make our line look longer. 

We depleted most of our trees which is good because I was starting to feel like I was inhabiting a postmodern forest. Three people told me it was such a shame that I had to work on T-day. I just told them that I don’t celebrate the holiday. 

When I told co-workers I was hungry, they were super confused because ‘did you not eat much at Thanksgiving?’ And I’m like… I got home at 1am that night and I had a shift starting at 5pm. My family lives about three hours away and my girlfriend gets out of work at 2. Our kitchen is the size of our janitor’s closet. We don’t get a Thanksgiving in this house. I’m making tiny quiches today to make up for it. 

Two character moments:

  • One lady spent a total of FIVE HOURS in the beading section. She came in when we opened and went straight to the beads and started grabbing whatever when she saw that they were on sale. But then she saw that it was only the green-tagged beads and she had to sort through them. When she got up to the register, finally, at 10pm, she decided suddenly that she didn’t want any of them and had us put thema ll back.
  • On my way to get a tree from the back a dude in a ‘The South Will Rise Again’ hat asked me if we had any spittoons. “No, I don’t believe we do.” “Well… why not?” “It’s not something we carry at this craft store.” Blank silence. 


  • Someone was very clearly smoking pot behind the building. We could smell it, but everyone in the building seemed accounted for. Either it was someone from our neighboring store or we have a g-g-g-ghost. 

One particularly frustrating interaction from yesterday was kind of anticipated. We can’t use any coupons on Christmas trees- never have been able to, it’s the rule. A couple came up to my register and tried to use a 30% off including sale items coupon and I gave my spiel. ‘We cannot use any coupons on trees.’

“We were told that we could.”

I’m sorry, but we cannot. They are exempt.” 

“But THEY told me we COULD!”

I asked over the headset if anyone informed a customer of such and was given complete silence. “May I ask who told you this?”

He points to some women in the crowd who do not work here, have never worked here, and give no impression of working here- who are in line right now buying things because they do not work here. They are listening to this conversation and the entire line is searching through their coupons to see WHERE it says that we can’t use them on trees. 

The man in front of me is daring me to find where it says so, but he won’t hold the paper still enough for me to find it. I had to snatch the  paper from his hand so I could highlight it. Meanwhile, the person who told him this lie is doing the same thing and points to her coupons: “This on one doesn’t have ANY exceptions at all.” Head slide. 

“The exceptions are on the back.”

Collective moan from every person in line. 

We were severely misled.’

That’s nice. Maybe you should have asked someone who works here instead of a fucking customer. 

But that was it. I mean it was the normal amount of ridiculous to be honest. But it being an eight-day week, I was too tired to really care. 

They are training one of the cashiers to be my assistant for the month of December. The bad news is that it’s the one that gave me the cough drop so I don’t know how well that’s going to work out. 

But it’s only for a month. I can get through something if there’s a promise of an end to it. 

I have my bad days, okay, lots and lots of bad days, but I just want to note how truly thankful I am for what I have. I have a loving caring family who supports me and my interests, going so far as to come to a convention with me to see what it’s all about. My grandma walked back from a contest with me, trophy in hand, and shouted “MY GRANDDAUGHTER WON A TROPHY! LOOK! SHE’S THE BEST HARLEY QUINN!” People who when I walk into the living room and say “I want to build a giant mallet.”, have no hesitation before helping me. Like “Heck yeah lets go to Home Depot for giant mallet supplies.” I feel so truly accepted for who I am. They’re nice to me even when I don’t deserve it, and I’m eternally grateful to them for saving me from an abusive household. I mean it when I say that without them, I’d be dead. For sure. 

I have a boyfriend who is one of the most patient people I know. If not the most patient. I have a total breakdown like once a week and he’s never angry about it. I fuck up a lot. I get angry for no reason. I lash out at him for no reason. But he’s always so fucking patient and waits for me to get through whatever I’m going through until I can recoup and apologize. And on the other end, he always apologizes when he fucks up too. I’m so grateful to have someone who I can truly be myself around. He’s seen me at my worst, and he doesn’t love me any less for it. I never knew how wonderful love could be. Real love. Like holding your hair while you throw up love. Itching your rash for you love. Love that makes you sacrifice and compromise. But it’s real and I wouldn’t have it any other way. And maybe that’s me being a naive 21 year old, but I really think I’ve found my partner for life. And in the case that I AM being a naive 21 year old, I at least know that right now, in this moment, I am thankful and happy. And I’m going to enjoy it as long as I possibly can.

I am not in a good state of mind at the moment. I’ve been on the brink of a panic attack all day, I feel so alone and I feel like no one really cares about me. I was driving home and almost broke down because of terrible I’m feeling.

I know people have their own lives and stuff but shit I just feel so isolated from everyone. Does anyone really care about me? I don’t know, I don’t think so. If they did then why do they leave so often?

I’m still hoping for an accident to happen to me. It’s happening more and more each day, I just need a break from everything. I need someone maybe idk. I just want this to be over

Dead Spiders and Other Tiny Corpses: Notes from a Death Witch

Spiders die all the time, and can often be found in homes. Whenever I see one, I usually ignore it, up until recently, that is. More and more often, I’ve been burying the spider corpses, or even asking permission from the spirit to add to a spirit vessel, or a spell. Sometimes I try to befriend the spirit of the spider, and give them a place in my home. They never stay for long, but its nice to think we’ve crossed paths.

I like the idea of using bones. But I can’t, for many reasons: I don’t know of any ethically sourced bones, my mother would kill me if I tried to keep any, and I am honestly not too sure how to harvest them myself anyway. So I use dead bugs. It sounds weird, I know. But why? It was once living, it held breath in its body. Why then, do we neglect their remains?

Just something to think about.


The whole day the Greenwood family fold their things. 

Iris: Why should we move at night?

Daryl: When we arrive in a new house, then we will rest. I think that you will like our new house, there is a big garden.

On the way to the new house, Aqua looked at the new town with curiosity. 

Aqua: This city is so old! Is this really a city?

When they arrived at their new home, Aqua began to look for something interesting for her around the house.

Aqua: There’s only our house and the forest. Nothing else. We will definitely live here? I don’t want. I want to go to our old city.


Jasper: So, Scarlett- Nile tells me that you’ve been living here and helping with the garden. What do you think about this place?

Scarlett: I have. I’m very thankful to Nile for letting me stay. This place is lovely, a lot different than my home-

Jasper: And where would that be?

Nile: Any more soup anyone? Jasper- tell us about your adventures. What sort of tales do you have this time around? 

Scarlett Enchanted 

Why do I feel like that was a close call?


A/N: This was a requested imagine! I tried my best but I don’t think I did the request justice so I am happy to redo it! Also it’s really short! 

Summary: Y/N is innocent and sheltered, complete opposite to Sweet Pea. 

Being from the Northside of Riverdale, my parents ensured I lived a safe, sheltered life. Which was perfect for a while. However, when Jason Blossom was murdered, and a serial killer known as the Black Hood started his vendetta against the people of Riverdale, the bubble they kept me in popped. 

My parents have always been strict but now it’s like they’ve turned my home into a prison; no getting in or out.
So, I shocked myself when I got in a relationship with Southside Highs resident bad boy, Sweet Pea. We met at Pop’s and instantly hit it off.

It’s a cold, icy, night. So I decide to burrow myself into my room (not like I can leave the house, anyway), piling on blankets and layers of jumpers and hoodies. There’s a light rapping on my window.
Strange, I think, there’s no trees next to my window and I’m on the second level of the house.
I reluctantly push my cosy pile of warm blankets and see my boyfriend, Sweet Pea, at my window. I slide up my window and he carefully climbs in, so as not to raise any suspicions with loud bangs and crashes.

“What are you doing here?!” I whisper yell at him.
“I- …” He begins to explain himself.
“What the hell happened to your face?!” I cut him off, still whisper-yelling. As he moved his face into the light I could see a swollen eye, he then put his hands up in a surrender movement to stop me from yelling at him more, to no avail, however, because his knuckles are covered in blue and black bruises.
I furrow my eyebrows, “how on earth did this happen?” I ask softly.
He raises his eyebrows and lets out a sigh.
“Archie Andrews pulled a gun on me, on my turf. I had to teach him a lesson,” he shrugged.
“Why would you do that?” I stare at him.
“Y/N, its what we do. Its what Serpents do. If someone comes to your stomping ground and disrespects you, you fight back. I just shake my head at him in response.
“But-…” I start.
“What do you find so confusing, Y/N? You know I’m a Serpent. You know I’m part of a gang.”
“I didn’t think that actually meant attacking people.” I bite my lip and look down. “I thought that stuff only happened in movies and whatnot.”
Sweet Pea can’t help but half smile. He knows I’ve lived a sheltered life and he forgets how innocent I can be. He assures me it’s something that he loves about me.
He presses a soft kiss to my temple and gently holds my chin in his hands, pushes my head up s he can look me eye to eye.
“Y/N, I know this isn’t normal and isn’t what you approve of, but its how I live. Its part of being a Southside Serpent. You have to understand that,” he speaks so softly.
I nod in response, biting my lip once more. To stop me from doing this he places a gentle kiss on my lips.
“I love that you see good in me, in everyone,” he says as he presses his forehead to mine.
I place a kiss on his lips and wrap my arms around him. He sits himself on my bed, pulling me along with him an pulling me onto his lap He holds me and kisses my cheek, lovingly. 

i just remember that 16 y/o me, pure-hearted 16 y/o me saved money for the red tour and taylor didn’t come to her country and how she didn’t go out for like a year because she had to save her money for that stupid hypothetical concert. oh lets go to the movies??? nop lets go out and grab something to eat??? nop. cause i gotta save my 💰 hahahaha and like because of that i was home most of the time and that didn’t help at all with my depression??? but i knew what was hope back then. now i’m bitter and skeptic and i don’t believe taylor swift will ever come here and if she does i won’t go because i refuse to save my money like that again. i hope she knows she destroyed my innocence

Because it matters

While folks back home are celebrating Thanksgiving and I’m taking inventory of all I’ve got to be thankful for, I’d like to acknowledge that I grew up in Texas on Orcoquiza/Akokisa and Bidai land. 

Here in Oz, I live on beautiful Wurundjeri land.

To the indigenous owners of the places I called home and the place I now call home, I offer my gratitude.  

anonymous asked:

Do you have any favorite sites for looking and finding image sets like these? I would love to look at more places in areas near me, but the sites I’m finding only have blurry pictures :(

Most of the homes that I post come from Swedish real estate sites. I use Hemnet.se for that. I don’t know where you live so I’m not sure if this is helpful. I’m sure other countries have similar sites for real estate. 

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I'm deeply torn because I want to encourage and promote genderfluid squeaks because I love it on so many levels including kinda starting to express gendery feels at around the same time but I also don't wanna crump in on you living your life and finding your own truths since I don't even really know you

AH NAH MAN!! dont have hangups like that! like i would be honored if my positive actions lead to others making positive change in their lives. 

For a very long time, it was rough to be and express how i felt. aside from my home environment, online was nasty on its own… every time i would post even just A COSPLAY where i wasn’t some cutesy girl, i would lose supporters in droves…Or some nasty comments here and there (even as recent as Nora). I would have friends i knew in person react poorly to non-female representation, and heck, in all those cases, I didn’t even mention my true identity. and that behavior? that culture? is wrong. and the best way to change it, isnt to force me (or yourself!) into the closest, but its to be public, be open, and make people realize that theres nothing inherently wrong about it. Theres no crumping, no anything. dont force yourself into something just to avoid stepping on people’s toes. 

I’m thankful for having you next to me when I wake up every morning, for you being there whenever I get home from the lab, for your smiles, for your kisses, for the bubble baths you make for us, I really love those" *blushes and giggles.*
“I’m thankful for you being not only my partner but also my friend, for the times you make me laugh with your jokes and the silly things you do, I may not like it when you don’t wash your dishes… but I can live with that” *laughs.*
“I’m thankful for the days you wake up in the middle of the night and see me working in my studio and you just make coffee for me and hug me before you go back to bed. I’m thankful for the pokémon battles you force me to have with you every Sunday morning because else my pokémon battle skills might have rotten by now” *dries a couple of tears from his eyes.*
“I guess I’m thankful for lots of things and I don’t want to keep everyone from eating their dinner, so I will just sum up everything in one last sentence: I’m thankful for having you. I love you, Ashy-boy.
—  Gary Oak, Thanksgiving Dinner Toast

Let me tell y'all about my Thanksgiving

Let me start off this adventure by saying I have 3 kids…age 10, 6, and 1.

So my sister lives an hour west of me and we had lunch there at noon. My mom lives an hour EAST of me and we had to be there by 5 for dinner ….so that’s a lot of driving with 3 kids. (Luckily the hour home was just the baby bc the other two stayed the night with my momma).

So my momma lives in a podunk town of like 1400 people. I went to the gas station quick halfway through visiting her. (Mind you, it’s like 5 blocks away from momma’s house)

As I’m driving (with aux plugged in) Bring It comes on shuffle.

As you do, I blare it.

I found out that in the town my mom lives in there is a city ordinance that prohibits “loud, intrusive music after dark” y'all I’m not even kidding.

I got a 55 dollar “disturbing the peace” ticket because of Kwon Soonyoung and Lee Jihoon.

Worth it.

willpower is walking home with a fresh baguette, not snacking on the most delightful crispy crust anyone has ever had the pleasure of tasting on their tongues. if i were a youtuber i’d have the most questionable ‘what’s in my bag’ video out there. other than the fact that my vintage find looks a bit like a rice cracker, it contains christmas ribbons, squeezy fruit for the ybab, vegan nuggets and enough hair ties to provide every living creature on the planet with plaits. 

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You can bet at least one student was circulating the rumor tgat the reason why they didn't go to school during sunny days was to have outdoor orgies or some shit... which awkwardly enough was kinda the truth for everyone but Edward, who preferred being emo in his meadow to have a 24 hrs private mental show of his family having sex. Hell, Jessica was implying something like this when she explained the Cullens weird familial relationships

Seriously the whole “they’re dating and the LIVE together” thing has to just be the most polite version of that gossip… it’s really weird and unusual and is going to draw attention. SM said an interview I think that it looks like the Cullens run a home for troubled teens–but the politest trouble teens ever. I think that would be a more believable/less weird story? That way the kids living there aren’t related at all, not even through adoption (because remember, the story is that Esme is Rosalie and Jasper’s aunt. Which means that R+J are legal, adoptive cousins of Emmett and Alice, which is another level of weirdness). If they’re running a foster home for kids who are a) unrelated and b) haven’t grown up together, them dating seems more “teenage hormones” and less “aren’t they foster siblings/cousins?”  

Or maybe it’s some weird counter-intuitive strategy where like, if they get people gossiping about their sex lives and cousin-dating it keeps them from talking about the no-eating and weird pallor and strange eyes? idk. I still feel like it’s not really conducive to keeping a low profile though. 

A concept:

Imagine you’re a student of special effects makeup for film and TV and you’re so bored at home you start paiting on your own body and Shawn comes home to a lot of fake blood in the living room, like it’s all over the floor and YOU are on the floor as you apply makeup on your leg and he has this mini heart attack and he’s like WTF WHAT HAPPENED, but then he sees all the makeup and your chilled expression and he’s like YOU CAN’T DO THIS IN HERE, I THOUGHT WE HAD AGREED! IT SCARED THE FUCK OUT OF ME! And you give him this innocent look, telling him it’s homework and then he lets you do it on his back and you basically end the up turning him into a zombie and,man I wish I could draw, but then again someone stop me