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autistic in a heatwave tips!

we’re having a heatwave !! which is lovely because i love hot weather, but im bad at temperature adjustment and regulation which can be bad. i also know that lots of other autistics find hot weather sensory hell, so here r a few things that i find help:

- you dont Have to be in the sun all day. lots of people will say stuff tht makes u feel guilty about “wasting the good weather”, but they dont know how it affects u personally, so do whats best for u. if u wanna stay inside all day or never leave the shade, do it!! its better to b comfortable than anything else
- this goes doubly if u live in a place where u actually get aircon in non commercial buildings
- wear as few clothes as possible. sounds obvious, but youd be surprised at how much difference not having even one layer makes. if youre self conscious abt ur body, invest in some mesh or sheer clothing - its stylish, v thin and light, and will obscure ur form - if u r wearing clothes, wet them !! this helps So Much its my fav tip. wetting a hat or pouring water down ur shirt cools u down a load, and can help u stay cool until it all evaporates. last year i managed to be the only one to mostly avoid heatstroke when hiking by doing this. having wet trousers/shorts is sensory hell for me, so i stick to just my shirt. if u cant cope w that, keep a damp cloth on u and put it on ur skin whenever u can
- drink A Lot. if ur thirsty, ur probably already dehydrated. dehydration can lead to feeling sick, headachy, and exasperates sensory issues (i usually burn out twice as often if im dehydrated). to avoid this, drink lots of water. do u hate drinking water? yeah, me too. keeping a bottle full on u is good because its just There so u end up drinking it because its smth to do.
alternately, drink lots of juice/iced tea/soda (fizzy drinks dehydrate u a bit, but theyre better than nothing!)
if u wanna rehydrate quickly, sports drinks r the way to go bc they replace electrolytes (cheap alternative: dissolve salt n sugar into water)
- crunch on ice !! it cools u down, it hydrates u, and u can Lov The Cronch
- dont get burnt: it leads to sunburn which is Sensory Hell, can give u heat stroke, and long term skin damage. do u hate sun cream? Me Too, but its better than sunburn. instead of the gross lotiony suncreams, u can get oil based ones (p20 is the brand here, idk if its international) which tend to b more expensive, but last a full 24hrs, feel non gloopy, and dont smell as strong
- sleep w just a bed sheet as covers bc its much cooler, but u still have the feeling of smth covering u
- ur feet r the most important for temp regulation , so keep them cool most importantly
- cold showers r great but also painful so a softer alternative is room temp showers bc theyll still cool u down without freezing ur various body parts off
- mope on the floor like 24/7 it doesnt exactly cool u down but it doesnt use much energy n its perfect for that summery sluggishness. fav activity 10/10 would recommend

anyone else pls add on suggestions!!

Ready to Run | uno

Summary: (Modern-Day AU) In which a two youngsters come to know how important it is to live your life to the fullest, leave an imprint of every single moment you’ve lived, on your heart, because you’re given the chance to live only once. [Movie AU]

Word Count: 2053

Pairing: Bucky x Reader (female)

Genre: RomCom (a wee bit of drama)

Warnings: None

Author’s Note: I think I love marrying Bucky with everyone except the reader. But y’all will read it anyway, bc I know you guys love slow burn. So here’s my Road Trip au that I promised you guys! Enjoy reading and please give me feedback, bc I love reading your comments and opinions. 

A special thanks to my wifey, Yvy ( @minervaem ​) for reminding me and pushing me to write this and also for being my beta reader. You know I love you more than dinosaurs

“Ready to Run” Masterlist

Main Masterlist

The Beginning

Could there be any other place where he could do this?

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You walk into the living room where you find Elijah with a bottle of alcohol

You: “hey Elijah, what are you doing here all by yourself?”
Elijah: “I’m having a very shit day so i just wanted to spent sometime alone”
You: “Oh then i’ll just leave you alone“
Elijah: *takes a sip of his drink* “no you don’t have to go, i like it when you keep me company. So how is your day going?”
You: ”My day hasn’t been the best either, I got in a fight with Klaus”
Elijah: *offers you the bottle* “looks like you’re gonna need this too”

i could love you in such a cherry sweet way,
our fingertips stained with childhood memories of
chipped front teeth.

come over here, let me show you what it’s like to love
when you’ve got nothing left to lose.
no better living than when you know
it won’t last forever.

this is the art of loving when you are always leaving.
this is how you wring magic out of the dusty places.
when my lips are all sugar,
when your body is all wet heat,
don’t look at my hands.

i am sorry if it feels like ash some days.
others will be better, i promise.
i will love you with all the grace of
a tumble down the stairs.

so come over here,
let me show you the sweetness that comes
not in spite of pain,
but because of it.

—  Cherry Sweet / / Lana Rafaela (sunsetablaze.co.vu)

Hai, Apa Khabar !

I just wanted to announce that I’ve been officially accepted as one of the Ambassadors for Malaysia in the hetalia fandom. I’ll try my best to share some of my knowledge regarding this country and hope that i’ll live up to your expectations! 

So here’s some introduction about me. My name is Bella and I’m 20 years old. Currently studying in a local university in Malaysia to become a professional veterinarian one day (wish me luck!) I’ve been living in Malaysia my entire life in a state called Selangor. I can speak Malay, English (obviously) and a little bit of mandarin (still learning).

My role as an ambassador is to provide information and answer questions regarding Malaysia (You will see the photo up there whenever I post something about this country)

If you’re curious about the Malaysian culture, history etc. do hit up the ask button or message me~!

okay but Peter  “i’ve known you for a day but here take my mask while i suffocate”  “let me just grab this stone i know will kill me instantly”  “killing my dad will leave me powerless and unable to escape but you guys live so cool i’ll just chill here while the planet explodes”  Quill is so down to die for his family and it’s honestly?? killing me??

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first impressions on tendo/yaku !!

It’s ur lucky day I already did Tendou! Here is the tenderest of salamis!

As for Yaku! My cat babby! Let’s do this.

First impression

CUTE AS HELLLLLL. I was like ahh he’s the suga of nekoma! Tiny bab. I was almost expecting him to be more fired up like Noya?? I was pleasantly surprised to see he was pretty calm… Until Lev comes along lol.

Impression now

TINY CUTE LIBERO CAT. Lives to kick Lev but I mean I probably would too. He’s an amazing libero who really kicks ass on the back-line. He’s got his team’s back and that’s super comforting for them. He definitely is the Suga of the team, he’s soft but will kick your ass or rip you a new one NO HESITATION.

Favorite moment

“Kenma’s talking” he actually wipes away a tear ಥ‿ಥ

Idea for a story Fic Rec

Here’s a cute Yaku/Lev fic!! (4K words, Gen rating)

Unpopular opinion

His fave food is stir fried vegetables and i just wanna say… is he stupid (there are so many better foods) idk man i’m reaching for this unpopular opinion i feel like i don’t have many for any character

Favorite relationship

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m weak for Yaku/Lev. 

Favorite headcanon

Is a fucking gentleman. Will lay his coat on a puddle to let someone walk over it, gets out of the car and runs to passenger door to open it, holds the umbrella even tho he’s short


talk shit get hit

Thanks for asking!!

L'inferno dei viventi non è qualcosa che sarà; se ce n'è uno, è quello che è già qui, l'inferno che abitiamo tutti i giorni, che formiamo stando insieme. Due modi ci sono per non soffrirne. Il primo riesce facile a molti: accettare l'inferno e diventarne parte fino al punto di non vederlo più. Il secondo è rischioso ed esige attenzione e apprendimento continui: cercare e saper riconoscere chi e cosa, in mezzo all'inferno, non è inferno, e farlo durare, e dargli spazio.

Italo Calvino, Le città invisibili

“The inferno of the living is not something that will be; if there is one, it is what is already here, the inferno where we live every day, that we form by being together. There are two ways to escape suffering it. The first is easy for many: accept the inferno and become such a part of it that you can no longer see it. The second is risky and demands constant vigilance and apprehension: seek and learn to recognize who and what, in the midst of inferno, are not inferno, then make them endure, give them space.”

A Portrait of Kevin Price as a Young Mormon

Get lost,” says Connor, smiling. “We are nineteen years old, we have our whole lives ahead of us. Screw secure futures. It’s about here and now, right?”

Kevin nods. “Latter Day doesn’t mean afterlife, it means tomorrow.”

“Right,”Connor says. He hums to himself, a tune that Kevin doesn’t recognise. “Screw the past, too.”

“Aye aye, Captain,” says Kevin. “Screw the past.”

Or; Arnold is the greatest best friend in the world, Connor is a jerk, and Kevin Price is hot and bothered.

Hopping on here for some slightly shameful self promotion. I worked for five months on this thing and I’m really proud of how it came out and the amazing response so far. I would really appreciate it if you gave it a read (if you haven’t already). Thank you lovelies 💖

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We see a lot of them in their younger days, but what becomes of Bentley, Torako and Dipper as they get older (well, except Dipper of course). What happens later on in their lives?

Mod K here! I haven’t fleshed out a lot of what happens in their older days; I know that (and there’s an ask collecting dust in the drafts about this) they adopt a couple of non-human kids at some point (after Orange Lilies). I don’t know if they decide to go for trying for a kid of their own (via artificial insemination, or something else), or if their brood just stays at those two kids. All three raise those kids together. They continue to get into shenanigans, though their cult-bashing days (such as they were) stay mostly in the realm of undergrad and post-undergrad for Tora. Bentley becomes one of the best minds in his field. Torako does a lot of jobs relating to demons and inter-species understanding. She’s really good at mediating, and has a couple stints related to that. She coaches hurling in her off-time.

Once they retire, they do some travelling. They pick a place and try to live there for a year, maybe more. Bentley sells trinkets and art and some runic stuff for extra money. Maybe writes a bit. Gets invited as a guest lecturer a whole lot and accepts some of the invites, especially to places abroad. Torako kicks ass well up into her 80s. She does a lot of the talking, a lot of the friend-making. Dipper hangs out and steals all their candy. He grows older. Not really older-older, but he looks the part.

Torako and Bentley live long, long lives. They die within a year of each other. And by that time–with all the people they’ve met, that they’ve forced Dipper to meet or have exposed him to and trust or that Dipper has sought out on his own, with their kids and grandkids–Dipper mourns, but he does not break. Not this time. 

And Mizar is reborn, and Torako is reborn, and he starts all over with them–and this time, it’s not to Mizar spending years and years being afraid.


I’m getting some goods ready for you guys coming out to the Jazz Reggae Festival this Monday!! Here’s a #WorkInProgress video of some notebooks I’m painting on! I’ll also be painting live on a huge art cube at the festival! I’m super excited!!! Hope you’re all having a wonderful day!!! 🎨☺️🌈🌻❤️💜💐🌺@jazzreggaefest ✨✨✨✨✨#jazzreggaefest#ucla#festival#doodle#drawing#wip#workinprogress#watchmework#watchmepaint#art#artvideo#video#progress#paintingvideo#painting#paint

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im not exaggerating for Tumblr Effect here, your posts just made me want to share my story. i met my closest group of friends to this day through wmm teen titans amvs on youtube in 2006 and we lived in all different places and now i've toured a foreign country with one of them and ive been in a relationship with another one of them for 8 years now and we live together. teen titans amvs from 2006 are magic.

thanks for sharing!! this is cute, i’m glad it worked out for you and your friends! i didnt make any friends from them lol but i think all the my immortal amvs are permanently burned into my brain sooo sounds like we all won

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Hey it's the angst gremlin here to give you feelings! I was considering that Adler is a sweet child who would definitely have a lot of smile lines when he's older, and then I remembered that he doesn't live to see thirty. Babs why did you kill him I'm sobbing



But if Adler’s dreams did come true, and he did live to see beyond thirty, and he and Lyra lived a sweet life in a little house in the country (him metalworking for fun and art, her pursuing a singing and writing career), I think he would look something like this!!!


And I think even when he’s a young man like in the story, he already has worry lines. (It’s criminal that someone so young should have forehead lines so deep)


We have recently been receiving many confessions about the amount of content the blog is posting daily. It seems that people are upset that GFC is not posting as many confessions per day as we have in the past, and I just wanted to clarify a few things:

-We are currently posting 15 confessions a day.
-Nobody on staff is receiving any sort of financial compensation for the countless hours of work we’ve put into the blog. All the admins are working completely for free.
-At this time we effectively only have 3-4 admins, including myself, on staff. We all have our own lives outside of the Internet and are unable to devote enough time to the blog to churn out 50+ confessions a day.
-I personally am struggling mightily with physical and mental illness and often simply do not have the energy to engage with this website in any way.

While I understand and appreciate that people enjoy the content that gets posted here and would like to see more of it, I also really need people to understand that the admins have jobs, classes, relationships, and lives outside of GFC. Please stop sending us comments along the lines of “this blog never posts” or “when will GFC post more confessions” - we are doing the best we can right now and those confessions will be deleted upon receipt. We may add more staff in the future, but that is not something that’s going to be done right away.

Thanks to all our followers for being such huge fans of the blog!


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hello~! I'm new to the k project fandom and I was wondering where I could watch the stage plays? thank you thank you ^^/

Hi @not-someday-today-is-the-day! Welcome to the K Project fandom! :) You can watch the first two plays on Bilibili. No one has English subbed the plays though, afaik. Here are the Bilibili links:

K The Stage (2014) (alt vid) || Backstage
K The Stage II: Arousal of King (Chinese subbed) || Backstage
♔ Lost Small World (no stream online yet) || Black Dog Live (Idol K) || Backstage

You can download these videos using the Bilibili app, though I think it doesn’t save as mp4 anymore after the latest update, but blv. VLC player should still be able to play it though. Pretty sure there are a few people sharing Baidu & Mega download links to the first play, but I can’t remember who and I’m too lazy to search for them haha.

If you’re looking for Mega DL links to the second play though, please refer to this post.

If you’re looking for Mega DL links to LSW stage, please refer to this post.

Hi all!

I’m going to try and structure this message in a way that makes sense, but I’m probably going to struggle, so I’ll apologise for that upfront.

As most of you know, I live in Manchester, and as some of you saw, I was out on Monday night after the attack trying to help the victims.
As I’m sure you can imagine, I’ve been really struggling to kind of get back into my normal routine and… even trying to feel normal has been really difficult over the past few days. I’m not fully myself, I’m not fully present. I’m still feeling very disoriented and numb.

I feel like I need a bit of time away from here to just escape things for a while. I’m fortunate enough to be going on holiday tomorrow morning, so I wouldn’t have been on here much anyway, but I just wanted to let you guys know that my presence on here is going to be way down for a week or two, or maybe a little longer depending on how I’m feeling. I won’t be writing. I won’t be posting any writing. I’ll barely be blogging at all.

I know I don’t need to explain myself, but you guys are very lovely and enthusiastic and you’re always talking to me and I love you all, so I thought I should. Thank you for being wonderful, and I’ll be back in action soon. I hope.

Love and peace and good thoughts to all.

Too Hot (Lachlan Imagine)

Requested?: Yes by: @wroetominter
Warnings?: Smut
Pairing: Lachlan and Reader

Practically begged me over Skype to finish writing this for her. So here you go Mon.



Today has got to be one of the hottest days this year. I’m not lying when. I say its probably over 100 degrees (Fahrenheit). The hot days, like this, is one of the few downsides of living in Australia. But of course the reason I move here makes it all the worth while. Especially because I can make him suffer through the heat with me.

As of right now, Lachlan and I are laying about in our living room, him on the couch and me on the floor. Trying our best to cool off with fans blowing in our direction, as our AC is broken. Our new puppy is also sleeping on my stomach, and I refuse to move the little thing. Even if he is causing more heat.

“Why does it have to be so hot?” I complain, dramatically wiping the sweat from my forehead.

“Why not take it off then?” He says, glancing over at me

I look over at him questioningly, hoping that he meant what I was thinking. By that I meant, stripping myself of my clothing.

Which I proceed to do. Moving the small animal from my lap, I then take off my top first, before he stops me.

“What are you doing?” He asks, looking a bit shocked

“Doing what you said and taking it off.” I say, looking at him

“I meant the dog, not your clothes.”

I shrug “Oh well. It’s already off.”

“For fucks sake Y/N. Please put your shirt back on.”

“No, it actually feels better,” I say looking at him “You should honestly try it.”

He looks at me before sighing. The proceeding to take off his shirt, throwing it to the floor beside him.

“Isn’t that cooler?” I ask him

“I guess it is, but I don’t know how long I can look at you when you look like that.” He says now moving to the floor beside me

“Look like what?”

“You know what I’m talking about.” He says, his face now inches from mine.

“I don’t. Please enlighten me on the subject.”

With those words, he presses his lips to mine. I immediately react and move my lips with his.

Lachlan, the slowly, climbs on top of me. Wrapping my arms around his shoulders, I pull him closer to me.

Before the both of our clothes are thrown all over the room, only leaving us in our underwear.

“You sure you want to do this?” He asks, pulling away from the kiss and looking into my eyes.

I nod my head “I’m positive.”

“I mean it will make us even hotter.”

“I don’t think we can get any hotter than we already are.”

He laughs and just leans down pressing a kiss to my lips, then moving to my neck. Pressing kisses to my neck, moving down and sucking a small place onto my neck.

Then slowly moving down, he presses kisses down my stomach, stopping just above the line of my underwear.

He looks up at me, before pulling them off.

“No, teasing.” I say looking at him

“As you wish.” He says, moving back so he is face level with me

I feel him pull off his underwear, before grabbing a condom from the couch side table.

Rolling it onto himself, he pushes himself into me. I let out a soft groan, arching my back up into him, as he lets out a soft moan.

“Lach, move please.” I mumble

He complies, moving his hips.

His hips are now snapping against mine, and his head is buried in my neck. Pressing small kisses to it.

“Lachlan.” I mumble

“I know baby girl,” He mumbles “Together, like always.”

He then moves his hand down, connecting it to my clit. Rubbing his fingers in small circles.

“Oh god.” I groan

Before long, I can feel my release coming. Lachlan following seconds after.

He slowly pulls out of me, laying down beside me on the floor.

“I think it got a little hotter in here.” He says after a few minutes

“I wonder why.” I say, looking over at him

“Don’t be sarcastic.” He says, sitting up

“I will be if I want to be.” I say sitting up as well

“Let’s just go to bed.” He says, slipping on his boxers, and standing up.

I follow in suit, slipping on a shirt and my underwear.

We both are now laying in bed, now covering ourselves with blankets, as suddenly it has become very cold in the house.

“How has it suddenly become so cold in this house, when it was so hot in here earlier?” I ask, cuddling into him

“That’s Australia for you.” He says pulling me close to him

“This is worse than the weather where I’m from and you could experience all four season in one week.”

“Go to sleep.” He says, reaching over and turning off the lamp beside the bed

“Fine, bossy.” I say, laying my head on his chest closing my eyes

“Good Night.” He says, kissing my forehead “I love you.”

“Good Night. I love you too.” I mumble, slowly falling asleep

For the first time in a couple of nights, I can fall asleep easily without a problem.

Maybe all I needed was just a little something to make me tired so I would go right to sleep.

Whatever it was, I’m happy for it, and I’m also happy for the man I fell asleep next too.

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Ok so here's my shitty bmc overused hc. So Micheal has freckles but due to his tan skin you can't see them ok but one day Micheal is sick and Jeremy's taking care of him and since Michaels sick he's considerably paler then usual and all of a sudden Jeremy looks at him and BAM, he sees Micheal face is littered with tiny clusters of freckles and he just mELtS

I must live under a rock because I’ve never heard this hc before BUT I LOVE IT?? SO MUCH!! A+ right here!

At the risk of sounding obnoxious, you guy’s do know that there has been representation for things but yall don’t gave enough of a damn about it. Like how you guys constantly talk about “a black version of Friends” when Living Single came out FIRST and it was 2000x better but yall not about to go watch it. That “I want to see older women being seen as desirable and fun”, here’s a great fact: The Golden Girls have 7 seasons of that but you won’t watch it. And in recent events, yall will jump up and down for representation but wouldn’t give The Get Down the time of day or you ignore the artist of color who are willing to provide these shows.

When you are given good representation yall “oh no! Not that!”. You can not complain about representation if you are not willing to give it the support it deserves to thrive.