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ello ello!! so it’s been about a year since i first started listening to the 5 beautiful shines and thought it was time to do my first follow forever(also i feel like this blog has come a long way starting about 10 months ago)!! i don’t follow many blogs yet but i’m sure the list will grow in the next year or so^^ anyway i’d like to personally thank each and every one of you for existing and everybody that follows me and dealing with this trash<3

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anonymous asked:

Bruh 55 degrees is not cold. Out here in Chicago 55 is basically summer for us. So stop crying lmfao love your blog btw

I live in SoCal I dead spend 90% of the year between 75 & 100, 55 is unheard of most of the time!!!

i have zero patience for anyone whos offended by “no uterus no opinion”

anti-abortion laws are a serious threat to millions of female people, some of us will lose their life if abortion gets banned, and you whine because youre not included?

buddy not being affected by anti-choice bullshit is a PRIVILEGE

like how fucking self absorbed do you have to be to think that cis women talking about how their lives are at stake is a personal attack against you, or that its somehow unfair because how DARE female people speak up against the violence they face right? like were only allowed to be against oppression if its YOUR oppression??

the sheer entitlement that ive seen on this site is appalling. just because not every woman has a vagina doesnt mean that those who do have to shut up about it or else theyre mean transphobes. people are in actual danger from possible anti abortion laws and if you think talking about that is in any way transphobic you need to get over yourself and ask yourself why you want to be included in having your bodily autonomy taken away so badly

female people are in actual danger due to a government that doesnt respect them and all you have to say about it is “what about me”

i dont care what gender you are, if you arent affected by abortion laws, you dont get decide on what we can do with our bodies, and you sure as hell dont get to decide whether or not us being angry at the society that harms us is nice enough to you

just because something isnt about you doesnt mean it shouldnt be said. if you actually gave a fuck about women youd give a fuck about the women who will be affected by anti abortion laws, not stand next to them and whine because they should be talking about you instead.

being inclusive doesnt mean silencing ourselves, especially if it means leaving such a huge issue unchallenged

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I know I asked before (I'm sorry, but your blog is really really good and I might ask for few. <when ever you have the time, you don't have to do them right away>), but could you make one for the song, 'I Lived" by OneRepublic? that song kinda means a lot to me, it doesn't really matter which lyrics :) and again, amazing blog!!!

i lived - onerepublic moodboard

You know when I started this blog
There were no intentions to bring the incest over
I thought to myself ‘no, the incest can stay on Finn’s blog
Now I’m like ‘lmao bring it, John is ready to earn his place in hell