i will literally post this every 4th of july i am on tumblr

this is just something i need to address,

when i started doing this 4thofjulys thing i was 15, just finished my freshman year of high school and i had nothing to do on the 4th of july because it was raining and i was away from my friends so i decided to do something fun, i had no idea it was going to bring me complete internet fame and i was signing my life away for one day every year to entertain others.  4 years later i’m 18 and i’m literally going away to college in 2 months so obviously i’ve grown a little and i’ve come to actually do things on the 4th of july like hang out with my friends and family?? like people do on holidays!!!! truth be told i barely have time to come on tumblr for normal blogging let alone spend an entire day trying to be creative when all the 4th of july jokes were already made by 15 year old me. but i transform my blog, reblog my old posts and if i think of a few i’ll post them but that’s the best i can do. maybe next year or something i’ll be really into it again but this year i just don’t have the time or energy. now i suggest you all be adults like i am and stop sending me horrible messages and actually do something productive like enjoy the holiday and watch some fireworks, thanks.