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Bread and Salt

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Alfie Solomons x Reader

Request: Hey! Can I request a reader x Alfie fic where the reader is on a date or just about to go out on a date, and Alfie calls/shows up pretending with a fake emergency or pretending to need something to get the reader away from her date because he likes her but hasn’t told her and is jealous/protective? Thanks ✨💕

A/N: Requests are still open!

Y/N was placing her pearl earrings in as she heard a knock at her door. Her penciled in brows furrowed as she looked at the clock. James wasn’t supposed to be there for another half hour. With a heavy sigh she pinned her last curl up to set. She got up, her heels clicking across the floor to the door. She cracked it, still locked with the chain, and peaked her head through. Oli stood on the other side, hands held behind his back.

“Boss needs ya,”

“I can’t. I have plans tonight,” Y/N went to shut the door, rolling her lined eyes, but he quickly held his hand out.

“You know how he is, Y/N. He calls, you answer.”

“What could he possibly want with me on a Tuesday night?”

“He just said to come collect you,”

“Well, you can tell him to come get me himself. It’s my night off and I have plans.” She slammed the door in poor Oli’s face. Y/N stomped back to her dressing table. Y/N pinched her cheeks, giving herself a lively flush, then finished off with some lipstick.

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(Part 1, @midnigtartist I literally just finished it now LOL) 

“Madison you can’t be sick this is an incredibly important dinner party, I can’t show up alone!–Yes…yes a fever is bad…yes…I am aware that as my best friend you are not obligated to do everything me. Yes-Yes I know…fine…feel better. Tell Monroe I said hi.” Thomas closed his phone and placed it faced down on the table. This was a huge business party, one that Thomas was hosting and he could not go without a ‘date’. James has been a constant choice, a best friend. With James by his side Thomas could weather any setting with his spiking social anxiety. Now he was Madison-less…it was time to make up some excuse to Washington that the dinner was a no go. The day of… “Oh sweet tender lord give me strength.”

There was a cackle beside Thomas’s desk, “Religion in the workplace? I didn’t you know were a man who was so devote.” Alexander, the intern and Washington’s favorite, stood there with his tenth cup of coffee.

“Don’t come to me about devotion, the only devotion you’ve ever displayed is your constant pilgrimage to the coffee machine in the lounge, which you always leave dirty.”

“Do not”

“Hamilton–” Thomas sighed holding his head in his hands, “I don’t have time for this bullshit right now.” His mind was throbbing, he did not want to disappoint on on his dinner but there was no way he could do it. Just the thought of being alone in a sea of people who were respected and looking to Jefferson for hosting was enough to make him run home. “I have to cancel some plans.”

“Plans like Washington’s ritzy business mixer? You canceling that, aren’t you the host?” Alex sounded almost in disbelief. Why wouldn’t he? He, like so many others, only knew Jefferson skin deep. They could never understand why the rich, handsome, well-to-do Thomas Jefferson would ever be anxious around other rich men. They wouldn’t understand all of his words were practiced and well edited for hours, which his opinions were backed with physical agree-ers. Out of all of them, Alex would know less.

Thomas couldn’t help the fire Alexander placed in his stomach when they started their banter. At first it was simply him barking back insults. Then came the fast arguments, the toe to toe throwing of wits and intelligence. It was a daily fix now, a show boating of IQ. It was few moments he stood his own comfortably (most of the time). “Madison is out, which means I’ll be hosting alone. I’m not up for juggling more than I can handle” He spoke coolly between white lies and half-truths hoping Alexander would not pry.

“You know, I’ve been told I’m the life of a party.”

Why was Thomas surprised that Alex wanted to do this? He shouldn’t be. The greedy gremlin wanted to get his paws on this party. In a moment of what Thomas would call insanity, he considered it. Hamilton would walk in and be overwhelmed. He was just an intern, and from what Thomas knew he wasn’t at all part of this circle. Yes watching Hamilton stumble and flop, yes that would be delightful. Put him in his place, toss him into the deep end and watch him drown among the sharks. “If you can find a suit and a ride, sure just pretend to be my date” Thomas teased more in love with the idea of his failure than anything else.

“Thomas you are aware that if Hamilton ruins this party having been invited by you, this will be on you when it all goes to shit.” James coughed over the Skype call as Thomas went through his entire wardrobe.

Fuck. James was right but it was far too late to call it off again. Thomas was filled with the same dread as before. Not only did he have to tread around conversations on his own, he now had to worry about Hamilton not ruining the entire party by…being him damn self. The skype call with James was nothing but Thomas desperately begging the fever ridden man to come to the party. With no avail, Monroe entered the room and with the largest smile imaginable he HUNG UP on Thomas.

The dinner party was set at a penthouse space. Floor to ceiling windows that looked out at the New York City skyline, chandeliers projected hundreds of thousands of soft, glowy crystals. The old farts walked in like peacocks, sporting their status and money on their suits. All potential interests to George if Thomas could make an impression, any impression would have been nice. Thomas sported his finest Italian suit, purple bowtie he bought in Paris years ago. His hair fluffed up, hopefully enough to make him look less approachable. His mask, on, snarky, snobbish and hopefully looking as though he was not up for just any conversation.

There was a sweat pooling at the back of Thomas’s neck. Each time the music changed, his heart raced. Did he have to dance? No someone was looking at him was that a possible conversation? What would he say? What small talk was most friendly but also most direct to end the chatter soon? Thomas downed his third drink doing nothing for the heat rising to his head giving him a dizzy spell when the music dipped. Strange, the party was at full swing, servers were dealing food why the dip?

In that brief moment, Thomas heard very clearly the slimy cackle that belonged to Alexander. He knew it anywhere, it was smug and sultry. He whipped his head so fast his mind was now doing full 360s in his skull. He immediately started making his way to Alexander; he had to stop him from making an utter ass of himself like he usually did. Thomas could only handle one emotional mess at a time.

“…then I told him, Jay, 9 documents is not going to cut it. Madison was sick and managed to get 29 to me. I mean I don’t expect everyone to have that certain éthique de travail comme moi” Alex got a crowd of tight belted old men to chuckle. Thomas blinked, not because of his lack luster accent when using French. But…he cleaned up nicer than he imagined. The suit was a dark green with black trim, a thin black tie down the middle. He had his hair that looked like a greasy mop most days, pulled back into a youthful but stylish bun at the back of his neck. “Ah Thomas” Alex beamed up at the dumbfounded Jefferson. “I was just about to tell them about your merger last week.”

“M-My …merger?” He lost his ability to think momentarily as he struggled to make sense of his reality.

“Fellas, I’ll tell you when I said I fought him on this deal I really did. Somehow he just managed to hit it out of the park out of all the odds against –“

Thomas quickly found his footing, “You were the odds against it, importing commerce does nothing for us. American materials is what we should be using.” He grumbled back, the fire slowly being poked as if they were in the office…he was annoyed but not…anxious, not entirely when the flames of banter and rivalry clouded his mind.

“That might be great for the economy but we’re talking about a 15th of the price coming from half way around the world” Alex shrugged stepping up to the plate with easy as he motioned for a server to pass around the wine like he was hosting this dinner. How dare he?

“Ah, yes because quality control overseas is so easy. You know how many good industries we have here?”

“You know how much American industries cut corners? There is a reason nearly no one trades with us.” Alex shot back.

“The reason is pricing and a couple of bad deals but I have faith in an American based future.” Thomas sneered as a server came by with full glasses of wine. He watched Hamilton pluck two and hand one to Thomas with a smile that was free of his usual cocky smirk or coy attitude.

“And I respect that, which is why…I told Washington it wasn’t half bad seeing as long as we source it from certain places.” Alex took a long sip of his drink. “Honestly, the man is a genius playing for the wrong team.” Alex’s eyes slid up to Thomas, whose face was unmistakably shocked. Of course he meant it EXACTLY how Thomas thought it. “Real shame, gentleman but I think Thomas has more people to make rounds with. Don’t be strangers, make sure you take a business card on the way out, try the wine it is divine.” Alex turned placing a hand on Thomas’s arm, leading him away.

“What…was that?”

“That is how you do business, Jefferson.” He turned Thomas around to a new crowd. The fire that masked his anxiousness and fanned his face with a flush now subsided. “Look alive, Thomas.”

GoT Afterthoughts 7x03 The Queen's Justice (Jonsa Edition) SPOILERS

I’m sorry for the delay, but ffs this is LONG! Well …now we know that this week’s episode title was def. referring to Cersei, let’s get to it. 

We begin this week with foreboding music -Jon and Davos riding the crashing waves onto the shores of Dragonstone -which I still highly prefer the exterior to the interior -though, I suppose it fits the “mood”. Little bit of banter between the boys, and after a friendly introduction and a smiling face, Missandei asks for their weapons. A skeptical and non-to-pleased looking Jon obeys, then turns to watch warily while the Dothraki take their rowboat as well. Okay Gendry, you can row up at any time now …we may need you as the getaway boat. 

So they proceed up the long winding staircase (which has more steps than Dany does titles) and not even a full 3 minutes into the episode, Sansa is already brought up in conversation. I’m dead serious - 02:30 minute mark on the dot. I actually only know this, because at this particular moment, I paused the DVR to grab a snack -but I like how in what is supposed to be such a J/D-centric episode (er-meh-gerd they’re finally meeting!!!), Sansa takes precedence. Good call D&D …I see what you did there

Now about that conversation -is it odd that Tyrion would bring up Sansa in passing conversation with Jon? No, not at all -she is a connection that they both share, but ….

T: Sansa, I hear she’s alive and well? 

J: She is. 

T: Does she miss me terribly? (clearly he’s attempting a bit of a joke here). 

J: *silence as he stares down at Tyrion like he damn well better explain himself*

T: *looks over his shoulder, to see that Jon is not amused, quickly explains* A sham marriage, never consummated. 

J: I didn’t ask. 

T: Well it was, it wasn’t. Anyway, she’s much smarter than she lets on.

J: She’s starting to let on. 

T: Good. 

So, what exactly was the point of this conversation? If Tyrion just wanted to know if Sansa was well, and the narrative wanted to establish how clever Sansa is, they could have done that without all that “missing me and marriage sham and unconsummated” banter in between. We as an audience already know all of these things, so how does that little nugget of information help in furthering the narrative? To put it quite simply -it doesn’t. Again ..I see you D&D, I see exactly what you did there. 

A bit more banter between the boys -Tyrion’s ironic statement about Starks not faring well in the South, as to which Jon replies that he’s not a Stark (shut up baby, yes you fucking are!) and BOOM! Cue: Drogon swooping down over the crowd, and Jon and Davos hitting the deck like a bunch of dropped wet rocks. You will NEVER convince me that was coincidence. Dany is in full control of her Dragons now, and that was a total (cheap) intimidation tactic. 

PS: Jon is wearing leggings! Show me tha booty! 

Cut to Varys and Melisandre perched high above on a cliff and watching the welcoming committee march up the guests. Varys prods her on why she won’t greet them considering she spoke so highly of Jon Snow. She replies with how she’s “brought fire and ice together and she’s done her part” -I believe this is a deliberate misdirection from the writers. We already know that Jon is fire and ice on his own -the characters do not, and you know the dark ship is going wild over this line right now, but don’t any of you pay it any mind. It’s like a magicians trick -slight of hand ..look over there, while we do this over here. 

Varys still has a healthy skepticism of this religion and these priestesses -and I’m still 1100000% with him. Melisandre is going back to Volantis (spelled right??) it seems -but will return to die -just like Varys. Ohhhh prophetic. And damn but these red witches get under his skin! Why???? I must know!

Poor Jonny-boy walking into the throne room looks nervous AS HELL, with the Mad Kings daughter perched on that wiggy-ass throne, and half of Dany’s face is bathed in shadows, and she’s once again cloaked in all black -shadows, darkness = symbolism at its finest folks. Hiding ones face half in shadow is a popular trope to emphasize that someone has a “sinister side” , and wearing all black is also a trope - “evil wears black." 

Now, for arguments sake (and because I like to play devils advocate -the Nights Watch also wear all black, and Jon did too -however, Dany’s wardrobe went from bright white (innocence and purity) to black upon coming to Westeros.  

So as Missandei rambles off all 101 of Dany’s titles (like I swear they do this purposely to annoy us at this point), Davos shoots back with "This is Jon Snow and he’s King of the North”. (See this juxtaposition they just shoved RIGHT IN OUR FACES???). LMAO -by the way, I just fucking adore Davos! He is a damn precious dewdrop, and I will fight you if you say otherwise! 

D: You are here to bend the knee?

J: I am not. 

Who else screeched with glee here? Huh? Huh? 

Bend the knee. Bend the knee. BEND THE KNEE. 

I’m not going to rehash this entire exchange, but a few important things that stuck out to me: 

  • Jon’s primary focus is “us”, “we” -he’s concerned about saving people.   
  • Dany’s primary focus is “Me, me, me!!”  
  •  It is interesting how she asked that the father’s sins not be passed onto the daughter -reminiscent of Jon’s own words regarding the Karstark and Umber children. I wonder if this is a sort of foreshadowing that by not being more wary of Dany’s Targ temper, it just may bite him in the ass later.   
  •  Also Dany is a hypocrite. “Don’t blame me for my ancestors -blah blah blah, but bend the knee because of my ancestors.” Sigh.   
  • I’m insanely curious why Jon didn’t want Davos to tell them he’d been resurrected -or why Melisandre left that little tidbit out too??? 
  •  Jon is now essentially Dany’s prisoner.  
  • Dany’s narcissism is growing by the day. I can’t believe people don’t understand what GRRM (D&D) are deliberately doing with her character! This is an actual quote: “Do you know what kept me standing all those years in exile? Faith. Not in any god, not in myths, and legends. In myself. Daenerys Targaryen. The world hadn’t seen a dragon in centuries, until my children were born. The Dothraki hadn’t crossed the sea, any sea. They did for me. I was born to rule the Seven Kingdoms. And I will.”  

Varys delivers the news that Dany’s  fleet is gone, and then Theon is fished from the sea by his people. And let me slip in here that if you’re one of the people bashing Theon for jumping overboard because he so clearly suffers from PTSD -you’re a shit, and you need to stop. That’s not something that just suddenly disappears …he will struggle with that for whatever is left of his life. He’s gonna rescue Yara …I just know it. 

Now we’re in Kings Landing and Euron is parading Yara and the Sand Snakes through the city. Like, I’m so torn, because I hate this dude, but I also kinda love him? His teasing of Jamie is PRICELESS, if not highly inappropriate. It’s also pretty clear to me that Cersei has no intent on marrying him. In typical Cersei fashion, she’ll keep him at arms length while she uses him, and then dispose of him when he wears out his usefulness -clever girl that she is. 

And now we’re in the dungeon where the Sand Snakes are chained -after a bit of tormenting them, she takes Tyene the same way they took her daughter -with a kiss of death. As a mother, I truly feel for Cersei here as she talks about Mrycella -for both of these mothers actually. Say what you will about Cersei, but Lena is a fucking GODDESS! She owns this role so well. Like, I can’t stand Cersei, and yet, I literally cheer for her sometimes. One thing is for certain -people better stop underestimating her ruthlessness. And my God, the Sand Snakes -magnificent acting with no dialogue!

After a romantic romp with her dear brother (and damn, Jamie has a sweet ass), she boldly allows the servant to see them together -she’s queen now, and apparently has no more fucks to give. It’s time for the Lannister’s to pay their debts, and she’s off to meet with a rep. of the Iron Bank. Using the sharp negotiation skills she inherited from Tywin, and the same “foreign invader/mad Kings daughter” approach that she used to sway the Lords, it appears she gets what she wants and the Iron Bank will extend her the credit she needs - “gold wins wars." 

We jump back to Dragonstone, where our brooding prisoner/hero is staring forlornly at the sea. He’s a Northern fool who didn’t listen (to Sansa). Tyrion tries to appeal to Jon’s good side, and talks up Dany a bit, while simultaneously trying to help him. He’s looking to strike an alliance -"use each other to further your own needs approach”, and after a somewhat comical conversation with Dany (thank God because we need a bit of levity surrounding her scenes) -he urges her to let Jon mine the dragon glass. I think Tyrion does truly believe Jon is telling the truth. The knife in the heart comment comes up again -and again, I wonder why Jon didn’t want them to know about his resurrection -but clearly, it’s important because it was brought up again. 

Now Jon approaches Dany who’s gazing off towards the sea and watching her Dragons soaring in the distance. Sounds kinda romantic, right? Well not really, as during most of this conversation they stood facing opposite directions, barely making eye contact -save for a few moments. Shipping goggles are fully affixed here, but compare this to the way Jon and Sansa are always staring into each other’s eyes (usually in softly lit rooms). Just sayin’. 

Jon comments on Dany’s Dragons, and she tells them that she named them for her brothers -Viserys and Rhaegar. This made me smile. And what I find so amusing about this, is just a few nights ago, I had a Nonny send me an ask referring to the general audience possibly forgetting that Rhaegar (Jon’s daddy dearest) was Dany’s brother –well, there you have it, Nonny, the narrative just delivered your reminder. Heh heh heh. ;)   I don’t think that Dany believes Jon about the WW/NK yet (and really, we can’t fault her) but he is getting his dragon glass, and in the meantime, it keeps Jon hanging around -more time to woo him to their side. 

And we head North to Winterfell (finally) to see that the Sass QitN is pretty freaking good at this ruling stuff. Like really, did we ever have any doubts? She’s preparing for the enemy coming from both sides, because she’s clever as hell (and I’m so proud of her!!!). Can’t-take-a-hint Lord Creepyfinger is at it again -whispering in her ear with his creepy-creep-ness, and our girl once again, deliciously puts him in his place. Look, this constant talk of Cersei with Sansa, and the fact that she’s lived and learned from her -plus this emphasis on how well she’s taken up the helm at “ruling” and caring for her people, all while Tyrion, Jon and LF are all saying how smart she is …I’m really starting to get the feeling that Sansa is THAT queen. Ya know -the one from Cersei’s prophecy …  

“You’ll be queen, for a time. Then comes another, younger, more beautiful, to cast you down and take all you hold dear." 

I usually try not to get tin foilish in my recaps, but this is the Jonsa edition after all, so bear with me. Sansa has literally learned from the master of ruthlessness, and I truly believe all this emphasis on that this season, is setting up the fact that Sansa will be the only one clever enough to see through Cersei’s scheming, won’t underestimate her, and in fact, be the one to bring her down. Sansa, if not indirectly, could be linked to all of Cersei’s children’s deaths (all she holds dear): 

She was betrothed to Joffrey, who after he cruelly tortured her for a time, discarded her for Margaery. Being the clever old bird that she was, Olenna got Sansa to open up about Joffrey’s cruelty, which ultimately led to his death.  

Thrusting Sansa into a marriage with Tyrion who then were both accused by Cersei of murdering Joffrey. Sansa escapes due to LF’s scheming, leading to Tyrion’s trial by combat with Oberyn as his champion. When he is killed by the Mountain, Ellaria exacts revenge on the Lannisters by killing Mrycella.   

Due to Joffrey’s death, Tommon becomes king, and takes his brothers widow for a wife -the same family responsible for Joffrey’s death -who only murdered him because Sansa confirmed his cruelness. Tommon falls hopelessly in love with Margaery, and upon her death, commits suicide.   

It’s also important to note, that Cersei is technically the one to blame for the deaths of all of her children, although she will never see it that way. While I was studying up on this prophecy, I also stumbled onto this from one of the book wiki sites:

When will I marry the prince?

Cersei is talking about Prince Rhaegar, whom Tywin Lannister intended to offer her to for marriage. Maggy tells Cersei that she will never marry the prince, but will marry the king. This foreshadows King Aerys refusing Tywin’s offer, Robert’s Rebellion, and Cersei eventually marrying Robert Baratheon after he is crowned king.

I just find highly coincidental that Cersei was almost wed to a Targaryen prince (and Jon Snow’s father, to boot), and if we’re all correct in our assumptions that Jonsa is in fact endgame (it is, by the way) then Sansa will take that from her, too. Which also strangely ties Sansa to -going from in the beginning of the story, wanting the prince who was actually a bastard, to getting the bastard who is actually a prince. Just sayin’ ….

Okay, back to the show. 

Bran has arrived at Winterfell! I repeat BRAN HAS ARRIVED AT WINTERFELL!! And we are treated to yet another beautiful Stark reunion -minus "the nuzzle” -I repeat MINUS THE NUZZLE!! 

They are catching up in the Godswood, and the first thing out of Sansa’s mouth (when she’s in what she perceives is a safe space, and she’s allowed to be vulnerable) is “I wish Jon were here”. Ship them or not, there’s a reason that they both mentioned each other in this episode -if only to remind us (the general audience) that they are, indeed, on each other’s minds. 

Bran is quite emotionless, and I guess I get it. He needs to disconnect and emerge himself completely in this whole 3-eyed Raven deal, because the NK is coming, and he doesn’t have much time to hone his powers. In light of their reunion, the writers chose to have him bring up the horrors Sansa suffered at the hands of Ramsey Bolton -to prove his power. I’ve seen some speculate that this was in fact Bran seeing a future Sansa wedding, and this very well may be, as he admitted himself that it all comes to him in bits. Part of me REALLY wants to believe that, but I think this had more to do with choosing something that would shake Sansa enough to know that what he says is true (cuz come on, he does seem a bit eccentric and cray, peeps). Or maybe it’s both? Take it for what you will. 

Jorah has been successfully cured of his greyscale, and he is off to find his Dragon queen -and just ffs, I ship them so hard !!! They (Jorah/Sam) will meet again -although, I hope it’s not on different sides of the battlefield. *cough* Targbowl. 

Sam doesn’t get rewarded, but you can def. see that the Archmaester IS proud of him. Oh my heart! 

And we’re back to Dany’s war room. Two allies are down, her armada is gone. She wants to take her Dragons and go burn Euron’s fleet -oh, I’m so shocked! But, her wise council talks her out of it, and Tyrion narrates the scene of Casterly rock being taken, while quoting his bro, Bron (like -I can’t wait for these two to reunite). The siege is successful …..or is it? Well, NO -because Cersei is a BOSS! 

Euron has effectively taken out the rest of Dany’s ships, and trapped GW and the remaining Unsullied at Casterly Rock (which by the way, is gorgeous, and it’s about time we see it) -with limited supplies, and no one to come to their aid, they will likely die. 

So where is the rest of the Lannister army? Capturing High Garden, of course (and now Cersei will have their riches, as well). The battle scenes are skipped, and we see Jamie seek out Lady Olenna, who admits to being outsmarted. She warns Jamie that Cersei will be the death of him, and calls Joffrey a cunt (lmao, I love her), before swigging down the poison Jamie offers her. And right before the credits roll, she SAVAGELY admits to Jamie that she was behind Joffrey’s murder, and she wants Cersei to know that. Daaaaaammmmmnnn!

And that concludes my Afterthoughts  …see you next week. 

Oh, and Jonsa is endgame -spread the word. 

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I am conflicted about sasusaku. I shipped it hardcore when I was younger then bore resentment toward him when he defected and caused my queen sm pain. Now, though, I adore and cherish Sasuke as a member of team7 and a character. In SS pairing there are things that he does that makes me iffy. I'm not at all blind to his affections to Sakura but like when he put her in a genjutsu of him stabbing her… he could've put her in lala land but instead stabbed her. Why though? Im so conflicted. Help?

See, to be honest with you this is the kind of ask that can always get me stumped and it’s the reason why I have never argued with a Sakura stan about SasuSaku. I always mention this as if it weren’t obvious enough; I am a Sasuke stan. Before even being a fan of the series and before being any type of shipper, first and foremost, I am always just a little shit here for Sasuke. Asking me questions like ‘did Sakura deserve better from Sasuke?’ ‘did he hurt my queen?’ won’t get you the greatest answer from a Sakura stan’s POV, and that is why ic you have not noticed most my posts/answered asks are from Sasuke’s POV or are just me defending her against asshats with double standards shitting on her for caring for him; or just defending her with no context to SS. This question gets me thinking and I am not sure my answer will satisfy you. However, Let me try to do this to the best of my ability.

‘Did Sakura deserve better?’

Short answer: yes, but it’s not really a sasusaku thing.

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Stony Prompt #28

Anonymous said: “There’s only one Tony Stark. And he’s mine.”

Thanks for this Prompt! I hope you enjoy reading it.<3

Steve never thought of himself as the jealous type. He strongly believes that trust and faith in each other are stronger than jealousy. Where is the point in getting upset because your lover talks to someone else? Or even admires someone else? What matters is that they are still with you at the end of the day. It’s easy as that.

Or at least Steve thinks so.

Of course, that is before he gets together with Tony.

The thing about Tony is that he’s a public figure, known by the press, loved by his fans. There are countless people who he has business with and not a single party, gala, or charity event will go by without someone touching him.

It shouldn’t bother Steve. Because he knows that Tony loves him – and he also knows that Tony is faithful. The media likes to paint him as the notorious playboy, the guy who will take three girls at once to bed and never call any of them again. But this is not who Tony really is and Steve knows that.

But it’s still a fact that it drives him insane to be here at the current gala, damned to watch his lover schmooze business men, shake hands and laugh at awful jokes.

It’s the physical contact that bothers Steve the most.

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