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Steven and Connie playlist

1. Rhythm Of Love by Plain White T’s

2. Count On Me by Bruno Mars

3. Lucky by Jason Mraz

4. Gray or Blue by Jaymay

5. The Calculation by Regina Spektor

6. Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon

7. Can’t Sleep Love by Pentatonix

8. The Way You Look Tonight by Maroon 5 (cover)

9. I Do by Colbie Caillat

for @stevenquartz !!

In which Lance finds out Keith is kpop trash

(He’s watching ‘TT’ by Twice)

Inktober Day 25 - Error

I couldn’t help it so I threw it all out
I erased all of my emotions
But I couldn’t erase you (let me free)
Because my heart was too sad (let me breathe)

I just need to live like this, I just need to breathe
I just need to be alive, why can’t I?
I said it’s okay (let me free)
This is better for me (let me breathe) oh

black mirror S03E01 ‘nosedive’ dir. joe wright au except it’s dave and rose meeting in a pastel martha stewart aesthetic boarding school  and quickly engaging in a rapid spiral down of subtle petty behavior all the way to moderate misdemeanors to see who can cause the most scandal and reach the lowest rating in the fastest yet least suspiciously deliberate way