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What have I been up to? Commissions, of course! Here are a few acrylic painting commissions I’ve recently finished, complete with dachshund for scale.

I’m also open for a few commissions currently! I’m on mobile right now so I can’t link but please check my commissions side tab for more information. I’m taking commissions by inquiry only rn, so feel free to message if interested!

a Film by Peter Parker - One-shot (Peter x Reader)

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Summary: While you wait for Peter to show up to study you find a video you were not expecting. 

A/N: This is my first fic written in second point of view so bear with me please, and tell me what y’all think. I’m so use to writing in first and third I don’ know if I did this well. I’ve pretty much had this idea playing in my head since the video was released. If you haven’t seen it or the movie here is a link. X

You knocked on the closed door twice and waited. A few seconds later the door swings open. “Hi May,” you grin. “Is Peter here?”

“He’s in his room,” she tells her opening in the door wider and stepping to the side so you could walk in. “Are you two going to study.”

“Yeah,” you nod, “Ned was going to come too, but texted me a few minutes ago that he wasn’t going to make it.”

“Are you going to stay for dinner,” May asks closing the door once you are both in. “And before you make an excuse to say no, you should know that I am not cooking, we are getting takeout.”

“From that new place down the street,” you ask.

“Yeah,” she laughs, “how’d you know?”

“Peter might have mentioned that you told him you’ve been wanting to try it out,” you explain.

“Does that mean you are staying,” May grins.

You nod excitedly. “Definitely.”

“Great,” she claps. “Now go study, I’ll call to place the order in an hour.”

“Ok. Thanks.”

You make my way to Peter’s room without having to be told where it was. You were here practically every other day and could make your way around the apartment with your eyes closed.

“Peter, estas listo para estudiar,” you ask in Spanish as you walk in his room. You didn’t get an answer, and when you were fully in the room you found out why. Peter was nowhere to be seen. You were about to call his name out again, a little louder this time, but stopped yourself from doing so. May thought Peter was in his room, and seeing as he wasn’t meant that for some reason Peter had snuck out without his aunt knowing.

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i didn’t even listen to Chester’s music, but this feels so real to me. his death has weighed so heavily on my heart since yesterday, and i want the world to stop being so happy around me when something so horrible has happened. 

my only real exposure to Chester was a couple of Rhett and Link episodes he was on… but even now thinking of those episodes blow my mind. how can someone be there one second, and then gone the next? how could he have been alive and well a few weeks ago, and dead now? 

his death is such a sharp reminder in the dullness of peace that is currently around my life. it’s a time stamp on love, proof of how everything can come crashing down in an instance. suicide has never seemed more real to me. 

most of all, it’s just sad. not in the poetic, aesthetic, quotable kind of sadness, but in the “i could lay here forever if it meant i didn’t have to face a world without you” kind of sadness. its raw, broken hurt. there is no filter over it, no poems that can portray what it feels like.

i can only imagine what his family and band mates are feeling right now.

i know everyone is supposed to go somehow, but not like this. not like this. 


Hello lovelies!

This is Mod Trinity. I am really sorry to say that I am going to be resigning my role as a mod on this blog due to personal reasons. I want to take a step back and really focus on other things right now. I am embarking on personal missions both in my life and on Tumblr. I want to devote more of my attention to my sapphic blog in addition to starting a new aesthetic moodboard blog. I just feel like I cannot contribute to this blog as much as it deserves and it is mentally exhausting to try.

I will probably be staying on this blog for the next few days, after which I will formally leave.

I don’t know what the owner of this blog will want to do in regard to new mods so I leave that decision up to you.

Goodbye my darlings, it has been a wonderful journey working with you guys! If you want to stay in touch I will post links to my other blogs in a couple of days!

Lots of love!

-Mod Trinity

8 Sterek drabbles

I haven’t been writing in ages (as some of you have noticed). This is a little something I did a few years ago (with a few, I mean ten) with Drarry and Deamus, but I’ve never done it with Sterek.

Anyway, the rules are: turn on shuffle on whatever playlist you want. Then you write a drabble to the song that comes on. You can only write for as long as the song goes on.

These eight drabbles is what I came up with. I’ve put links to youtube on all the songs so you can look them up I you want to. Number 7 is rated M but the others are G. Numbers 2 and 6 are angsty. Otherwise it’s pretty much fluff. 

I must admit though, I cheated. James Blunt’s Goodbye my lover came on and I nope’d my way out of that one. 

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eswstudies  asked:

Hi I was just wondering if you have any tips on bullet journaling 😊

hey!! yes, i can give you some tips and resources :)

first, ill give you some links of posts i and other people have made that would help you out :)))

bujoing for one month (made by me)

my posts (this will show you what my journal looks like)

my inspiration tag  (this will put some inspo inside of you :0)

how to start a bujo for students (made by @juliebunny-study)

bullet journal spread ideas (made by @eintsein)

a guide to bullet journals (made by @rhubarbstudies)

guide to bullet journals (made by @eruditeestudy)

those are a few, i know there’s so many more, but those are to start off with!

second, here a few quick tips from me:

- keep in mind bujoing isn’t for everyone. this doesn’t mean don’t try it! let yourself decide whether you want to continue or not, without any pressure. 

- have fun with it! make it yours.

- its never too late to start! pick up a journal and a pen and go!!

- im kind of speechless because ive said things like this before, but do check the posts up there ^^

i hope this was helpful! thanks for the ask!

anonymous asked:

Hi everyone! So my parents finally agreed to letting me buy a betta! I'm very excited but I will be honest I don't have any clue how filters work or what the best one for a betta is. Or how to check water quality. 😬The only place I can buy supplies from is petsmart or amazon. If anyone has any suggestions for simple setups or a checklist of things I need to buy it will be greatly appreciated. And maybe a few tips on the filters?

There’s a quick How-To about betta tanks here

It gives a brief breakdown of how to set up a good home for your betta and lists the things you’ll need. At the bottom of the post, there’s a betta caresheet linked, that will tell you water temperatures, minimum tank size, feeding, etc. It doesn’t go super in depth with what kind of filters, but generally, you’ll want a basic filter that’s appropriate for the gallon size of your tank (so for a ten gallon tank, you want a filter designed for ten gallons), but bettas like gentle water, so you’ll want a low output filter or one that has an adjustable stream. I’m sure there are brands that are better than others, but since bettas don’t have a particularly huge bioload like goldfish and obviously aren’t saltwater fish, you shouldn’t need anything too fancy. I used an aqueon with mine and it did the trick.

This should give you a pretty good place to start, but of course feel free to ask if you have questions :) and if anyone has a particular brand of filter or heater they swear by, feel free to add suggestions, too!


my friends are v new to the exo fandom and i don’t want to scare them by sending them massive spam texts about how hot and talented everyone is so instead let’s kill two birds with one stone and post this so i can send the link to them whoopsies

1. do not attempt to memorize all of their names immediately (especially with ot12).

  • you will regret it
  • you’ll probably mix up baekhyun and kyungsoo how is that possible and end up triggering baekhyun and kyungsoo stans
  • also it’ll give you a pretty bad headache because even some older exo-l still screw up 

2. do not attempt to pick a bias when you watch your first music video.

  • if you do, prepare to go to war with yourself in a few hours after picking your “bias” because you have yet to see their entire character
  • don’t pick based on looks because they’re always changing
  • don’t pick based on popularity because that’s just shallow af

3. do not try to remember members by their hairstyle or hair colour

  • so many of them will change their hairstyle or color every single instagram post and it will horrify you
  • every comeback we don’t know what the fuck sm is gonna do with jongin (kai)’s hair so you really don’t wanna remember what hair he had last
  • sehun i swear changes his hair color every 0.37 seconds so take notes

4. now that you are at step 4, you can attempt to memorize their names.

  • you’ve probably ended up researching them a lil’ bit at this point so i think it’s safe for you to try remembering some names
  • choose a sub-group to start memorizing—it’ll make it much easier because there’s less members
  • once you remember one sub-group, try the other one.

5. you now know their names, now link with their faces.

  • if you’re like me (op), then you’ll probably be able to distinguish the members by looking at their third left toe. just remember facial features first.
  • some good features to remember are: eye shape, face shape, smile, dimples, jawline
  • take your time with this. choose a bias now

6. go to tumblr

  • if you feel that you’re ready to screw up your kpop life by scrolling down thousands of posts that are #relatable, then go to tumblr
  • you’ll find so many fangirls that it’ll scare the living shit out of you

now it’s time to convert some people

wish me luck

anonymous asked:

Could you link me the best vlives? Or a few montage videos?

well.. with the number of vids on vlive im not really sure if it’s going to be easy to pick the ‘best’ vlives… however, i guess i could recommend some of my fav vlives..

freckledandspectacled  asked:

I like what you did with Tetch's kid, ramping up the mind control and technological savvy instead of emphasizing the Carrollesque elements. Also, one of Nygma's kids clearly takes after him, but the other one seems to have an affinity for warm browns. What's the story there? Is there a master list of your 25 Rogue kid ocs and their backstories btw? Probably should have asked that first.

I have a masterlist of their appearances and parentage, but some have less backstory than others. [link to the masterlist]

Nygma’s two girls, Ellie and Lizzie, are also Selina’s (because 25 is enough I paired up a few rogues and gave them two kids each, but I only really did this twice and then let my crackship take over with Jon’s).  I liked the brown instead of black for Ellie because I felt it was a bit more down to earth, which I think is a nice contrast to Lizzie.

I have a few backstories that are specific and more detailed but have been through updates.  If you want to know specific kids I’d be happy to give them.

As another side note, Gwen is also technopathic, so the emphasis on the tech is also an offshoot of her meta-ability, originally she had a pretty carrollesque aesthetic but decided that’s a touch stereotypical and furthermore: Gwen simply isn’t Alice, giving her a carrollesque aesthetic just doesn’t fit her.

anonymous asked:

Ever try your hand at writing?

Yes, actually!  I’ve written a few things, but I don’t know if they’re any good, haha.

All the pony stuff I’ve written, with the exception of one story that I never got off the ground, is here:  https://www.fimfiction.net/user/239426/goattrain/stories

I also wrote a five-chapter story for my dragon girl Lady, which you can find starting here:


But besides that (and a couple things that haven’t been published anywhere), that’s about it.            

EDIT:  I’m an moron who doesn’t know how links work!  Thanks for the catch, @askshyassassin !


So here’s the deal. My sister and her husband are headed to Nairobi, Kenya for two years to do humanitarian work. As you can imagine the expenses of traveling and staying abroad are immense as well as the pressure of getting ‘back on their feet’ when they return to the states. What they are doing is a very heartfelt thing and certainly not easy; as they had to give up their careers, material possessions, and their friends and family for two years in order to help others. Emily and Christians actions have inspired to help in anyway I can; so for the next two years I will be streaming on Twitch and accepting donations where 100% of the proceeds will go towards supporting them now, and when they return. Streams will probably happen a few times a week, but hang with me as I’m a little new 😅
Here’s to Emily and Christian and their compassion.
The link to the channel can be found below. Keep an eye out for streams! The first one will start in a few minutes :)

Link: twitch.tv/quincharity

shatteredpane  asked:

I've read about spirits communicating telepathically, and I think I've experienced that. The problem is, I have no idea what it's even supposed to sound like! So I have no reference for what is happening. Could you maybe elaborate a bit on what telepathic communication is like with a spirit? Or link me to something that explains it?

Sometimes it won’t sound like something different. It’s mainly an unexpected thought or response that sounds like you but isn’t what you would say. At least in my experience that is what happened. For others it’s very different. Maybe ask a few of the Mods/Interns here and on other shops for more details? ~Intern MC

yuudoshi  asked:

M2U - Gypsytronic


couldn’t listen all the way through | not my thing | i feel like i heard it somewhere before | boring | it’s okay | goofy | kinda catchy | ok i really like this | dis my thing | catchy | love it | adding into my playlist | downloading immediately | already in my library | LOOPING FOR DAYSS | ITS M2UUU AYYYYYYYYY

VERI GOOD TASTE YUU ! I LOVE M2U (unfortunately their latest songs have differed from the piano/jazz like music which they have made in the past so I am really disappointed at them right now…). THANKSU YUU FOR SENDING THIS BEAUTIFUL SONG TO MEEEE. But regardless what I said! They are still one of my favourite music artists and I hope y’all would give a shot or two to listen to their beautiful works! 

Social Network Links: Soundcloud | YouTube 

Rating: 8.5/10

Few of my personal favourites:


anonymous asked:

pls tell me theres a video/audio of louis calling nick 'nick' or like a video of the WHOLE interview

Hi anon! The whole audio without songs is here or you can access it via iplayer too if you want the songs. I haven’t seen a full video which isn’t unusual for R1. On the audio I’ve linked here, Louis says ‘Nick’ at around the 6:50 mark. I may have listened a few times *coughs.* There’s a also a podcast available on iplayer but that’s pretty much just a recap of the interviews with Harry and Louis bookended by a bit of chat about Taylor S and Nick being easily distracted at school, LOL.

I’m starting a Family/Network page – I know, I know! It took me long enough! – for all my beloved mutuals. Trash fam, fandom fam, fellow writers, etc – oh mutuals, my mutuals, this is for you! I’m on some of yours, only appropriate you finally be on mine!


  • We must be mutuals
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Send me an ask with:

  • Name/Nickname/Penname (whatever you’re comfortable with)
  • Birthday
  • Link to your blog
  • 3 comic characters you love
  • A short description, quote, or a few words that describe you

What you get:

  • A spot on my Fam Page (obviously)
  • My continued love and adoration

In regards to the comic characters you’ll ask for, one will be your icon on the page and it doesn’t matter what they’re from: Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Vertigo, favorite media turned graphic novel (ex. BtVS/Angel, Star Trek, Supernatural, some animes), etc. Whatever you want! But I don’t want repeats on the page so you send 3 names; better chances of getting a character you love if you send three in case two of your options are taken. If there are repeats, I’ll message you privately to ask for other options; we’ll sort it out, no worries!

ckhasacamera  asked:

(Sorry on mobile) Looking for: Someone to let me come to their town to collect seashells. (I know they spawn after a while but I'm impatient and need a lot) I'll pay 25k bells or maybe a wishlist item or a few (if I have them). It'll take me more than one town so don't hesitate to message me! My FC is 1607-1639-9663 Can't link on an ask but my blog is @mayor-emerson !

ask // IM