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Hi do you know any fics where Cas and Dean have had some sort of a history (but they were never together), and they meet again after years of not seeing each other? Something like Forget Me Not Blues and Angel Cookies. Thanks.

Most of the canon fics (tagged SU for supernatural universe) on our reunion tag are like this, so check them out! There is also a section that focuses on fics where Cas reunites with Dean on our recent ask about Cas hunting solo. When it comes to AU, we don’t have a list like this.  We have now pulled together a few AU fics with this theme. If you like reunions, be sure to also check out our AU reunion list that highlights both long and short break ups and Reunion tag. 

All links go to our reviews unless noted differently. 

I. Cas and Dean finally getting together after separation. They have a history  (friendship, unrequited crushes, mutual pining, long distance relationship) but were not together together. Not all fics on this list are tagged with Reunion tag since in some cases they stayed in contact while separated and pining miserably. Check out our Anonymity/ Internet tag and Long distance tag for first time meetings after online interactions. 


Gonna be posting some compilations of my tf merch y’all, don’t mind me. ;p

I got all of these (mostly as gifts cuz i’m broke asf tbh) off of Redbubble/Society 6 in case y’all interested :D Feel free to hit me up if you want links/specific artist! <3

What I have so far of the comics. Collected so slowly because I rarely get commissions. 


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hey tamara! the first time i played da:o was on console, but recently ive purchased the game on my steam account and am planning to start a pc playthrough. what mods would you recommend?

I have. so many mods. and I just started playing it on pc not too long ago, so I did some hunting and I’m pretty happy with what I’m at right now.

Here’s links to the ones I’ve endorsed on nexus! (there’s a few da2 mods at the bottom but most are for dao)

The Flirty Freshman (Part 2)

Link to Part 1

After making sure that Chris had her number Becca excused herself from Chris’ company, leaving him in the hands of a few of his teamates. Becca had to go run the Kappa Phi Sigma tent, which Madison had been setting up.
She could see the tent from the opposite side of the quad, it was bright pink which was not surprising. Well, Becca thought, I told her the tent needed to be noticeable and she delivered. She hurried over, weaving through the crowds of people taking in the events. 

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Could there be a link between sexual attraction and gender for some trans people? I don't really identify as trans, but I've never really identified with the label "woman" (it doesn't feel exactly wrong, but not exactly right either). And I was starting to explore the possibility of being demi-girl (don't really like the mention of girl in it though?), agender or nb, asked a close friend to use neutral pronouns & all but then started dating this guy and felt more woman(ly) than ever before???

I’ve known a few people who have had genders that were influenced by the people they were around, so yes I think there absolutely could be!

Most people count is as a type of genderfluidity, but there are specific labels for these kinds of genders too. Here’s some of them that I know of (many of them have very similar definitions):

  • Amicagender: A gender that changes depending on the people you’re with.
  • Mirrorgender: A gender that changes to match the person you’re with.
  • Locugender: A gender that changes depending on situation or location.
  • Absorgender: A gender that is heavily influenced by the people around you.
  • Pivotgender: A gender that changes depending on who you are around.
  • Mutogender: A gender that changes depending on situation or people you’re around.
  • Sexogender: A gender that is heavily influenced by sex or sexuality.
  • Erotogender: A gender strongly marked or affected by sexual desire.
  • Amatogender: A gender relating to expressing sexual love.
  • Amorogender: A gender strongly moved by love.

You could also replace the -gender ending with a specific gender in these. For example “locuwoman”, “erotowoman”, etc. if you want to emphazise that you’re feeling womanly.

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hey there i hate to bug you with this but ive been following you a bit and im kinda desperate lmao. i was wondering if i could ask you to post this ask with my link so your followers could see, i dont have any money for food rn and i havent eaten since monday night. a dollar for ramen would literally save my life (you totally dont have to post this if you dont want i understand but thank you so much for reading this) thank you to anyone who sees this paypal(.)me/meganblovesyou

of course i can post this!! i hope you get food soon and i can donate a few dollars too

Hi, I love you guys?

@zerogettie : oh my gosh I’m so sorry this asks is there since Christmas..? ….Christmas??? 

Wow I feel bad, see what I mean when I say that I answer asks really friggin slowly?? I’m so sorry. But oh gosh to answer your wonderful ask, I literally have no words. I kept your ask for so long cause I loved to see it in my inbox, and because I literally have no idea how to respond to it.

Thank YOU for enjoying my content, thank you for listening to the songs I link, I thought nobody ever click those. I have a few commissions left, as soon as I’m done with those, I’m getting back to the Dancing AU!

Ah jeez, speaking of which-!

I’m glad you also enjoy seeing my commissions! Other people’s ocs don’t get enough recognition for sure. I’m currently drawing two scenes from fanfics, sanders sides related. after that I have another sanders sides drawing, and then a few ocs. I’m sorry, I know I’m slow with these, I just want to give my best for each, and it takes more time. Thank you tho!

Yeah! Nose to meet you! (get it)

Hi, I love you guys. Thankfully everything’s going well. Can I hug you?

Hi, don’t make me tear up, if I could I’d hug you too-

That’s it i’m tearing up but please reconsider being stabbed by anyone or anything ever I don’t want you getting hurt thank you ♥♥♥

@moonibinbon :  Ah jeez ; >; Thank you for enjoying my content, I’m so glad I can have fun while also making you smile, I’m so glad, oh my gosh- This really warms my heart, thank you so much!!


There were a few people who contacted me during OC Kiss Week to have their apprentices smooched after my slots were full. I’m still in the mood for my apprentices to smooch or hug other apprentices. So I’m reopening a few more slots. Rules are the same; give me a link to references for your apprentice, if they want a smooch or hug (also their reactions too), and which of my apprentices they want the interaction with. My apprentices are Samaria and Vis :3

1. Vis x Akisse (mojavia)

2. Vis x Mae (heimdallwatchesyou)

3. Samaria x Juniper (cutie-hemmings-penguins)

4. Samaria x Meera(cutie-pinay)

5. Vis x Izidor (quiptastic)

Fic A Day 2018 - Day 14

Title: Safe

Author: darriness

Word Count: 1028

Summary: Another problem on vacation.

Author’s Note: Advent verse. Title is the word of the day. Enjoy! I wanted to get this out before ACS tonight but I have a feeling it’s going to get lost in the shuffle of today’s craziness anyway lol That’s okay though! I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss a day! It also happens to be the longest one I’ve written. Oops!

AO3 Link

When Lizzy and Matty are nine and five years old respectively, Kurt and Blaine take them on a vacation to Disneyland. The family has the most magical time…until they experience an earthquake on their last day there.

It’s not a horribly violent earthquake, but it’s enough to be felt, cause things in their hotel room to come crashing to the floor, and the power to go out for a few hours. Both Lizzy and Matty are scared (if Kurt and Blaine are honest they’d been a little scared as well) and refuse to leave the hotel until it is time for their flight.

When they get home, Kurt and Blaine make sure to tell the kids that earthquakes are very rare in New York and it is doubtful they’ll experience one now that their home. Lizzy seems to understand and quickly moves on, turning the event into a cool story she tells her friends. Matty on the other hand, can’t seem to let it go.

He seems okay during the day, school and friends keeping him busy, but as soon as night hits his anxieties worsen. It’s a struggle to get him to sleep and more often than not Kurt and Blaine find him at their bedside in the middle of the night.

At first, they simply kiss his head and put him between them on the bed. He sleeps better with them (even if sleeping in a queen sized bed with a five year old means a lot of kicks in the face and groin) and both Kurt and Blaine figure this phase won’t last forever, that eventually Matty will fully understand that there is no danger of an earthquake in New York.

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In what may be the stupidest cry for ‘equality,’ and the worst conflation of unrelated issues we’ve seen, a female-free recut of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” is making the rounds. It’s dumb, the person who made it is misguided, and the men’s rights movement should be ashamed it exists.

The new cut weighs in at a lofty 46 minutes (down from 2.5 hours) and features sweeping cuts anywhere that a creature with boobs appears (save, a few scenes, including an action sequence with General Leia Organa).

If it really bothers anyone that Daisy Ridley plays the main character or John Boyega is black, I’ve got some really simple advice for you: grow the fuck up.

- Tristan Greene (abridged, link below for full article)

[I’ve seen the Twitter responses of Rian Johnson, Mark Hamill, and John Boyega, but someone decided that emoticons are not curt enough.]

Calling all reylo artists

So I’m having a great deal of trouble with shading. What I do is have the line art on one layer, and the color on another. But it never quite comes out the way I want it to. Exhibit A

I love my line work, love how it looks overall, but it seems like everyone else has a much better handle on how to do this digitally than I do.

I use a Wacom tablet and photoshop btw.

Any advice would be helpful. Honestly if there’s any videos out there with a step by step type of thing, that would be amazing. If anyone has any advice or links to share, please don’t hesitate to contact me! Message me or ask, doesn’t matter

It just sucks bc I have so many ideas that I struggle to bring to life because of a few hang ups 😟

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In #3 they go for a swim and Rogue continues to pull away. The Shadow King is apparently messing with them again. I know if anyone has the current power to influence Rogue and Gambits longevity it's this story, your writing and Peres art. If we can have it, can we please keep them together?

So…I think maybe you’re confused? And maybe you’re confusing Rogue & Gambit with recently released Astonishing X-Men issues which involve Shadow King (and Rogue and Gambit to a degree)? Can you link to what you’re talking about?

These panels from issue #3 went up a few weeks ago as part of #XMenMonday on twitter. But there’s nothing about “pulling away” in those images (it’s also not a leak - just a teaser):

And the only mention of Shadow King is that people speculated (and I later confirmed) that based on the costumes found in this other released page (from Rogue & Gambit #2) that the scene took place back when Rogue and Gambit would have first met - when the X-Men were fighting The Shadow King on Muir Island:

So yeah, my guess is that you’re just confusing some disparate elements/books?


hey heyyy, I AM BACK (again) and it’s TIME (again) for lots of changes in my life, and something that really helps me is changing up the scenery/workspace, so my blog (schmillian) has undergone a few changes to help me get into the ‘new year, new me’ mindset :)

To have a feeling of starting new and getting a fresh start this year, I changed my avatar, username (used to be schmillian), and my theme.

I’ll also be starting a youtube channel (almost done posting my first video) and linking the videos here; any asks/submissions that I get through this tumblr, I can address in a separate video for you guys :)

It’s been a rough time for me this past year but now I really will get back to the swing of things and come back to give & interact more with my mutuals and followers alike. After taking a long break from tumblr, I can come back and say that honestly tumblr and blogging has helped me in many ways that I was previously unaware of, and that the communities on here are immensely helpful to my mental health. 

In conclusion, my goal here is to consistently post valuable content that caters towards college life, mental health, fitness, and nutrition. It all essentially boils down to 3 types of health: social, mental, and physical.

Groups I Write For

This is a fucking long ass list and will likely be added to as time goes on. So, after a few of them, the rest is under the cut. A link can also be found in my description. Yes, these are all boy groups.

  • N.Flying
  • Be.A
  • 24K
  • AlphaBAT
  • The Boss/DGNA
  • High4 (despite possible disbandment?)
  • History (despite disbandment)

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So for future reference, you don’t mind if people repost your art as long as they Credit you? I saw on a few past asks of people asking to repost your art to a specific platform and you said you didn’t mind. I’m just curious since I really like your art and might consider reposting it somewhere, with credit of course!

yeah as long as it’s unedited and you link back to me (where its easily visible), i dont really mind.

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do you happen to know what liveshow it is that an anon a few posts ago mentioned where dan told us about phil telling him any video he posts is probably way better than some other stuff? im stressed that i cant find it omg

yep! it’s from a live show dan did in 2013 but you can find that specific moment here >> https://youtu.be/g1ilma5n_6I

and in the description box you’ll find the link to the whole live show x


Oi, can you see? Two tagging times in two days, I’m in shape lmao


I was tagged by the best Karolina in the universe, @edgeworth-s, thanks dear! <3 (one link will be from spotify because, surprise surprise, there are songs not aviable on yt, who would have thought!)

1. Five Roses by Miracle Fortress (it’s like, my high school, and I have feels listening to this, my dear lord)
2. Curious by Hayley Kyioko (she’s like my queen, I don’t know how is that even possible, but her every song is my jam, bless)
3. Love song by Sara Bareilles (it’s another “wow look childhood” song but I was reminded about it few weeks ago and it’s my jam again now)
4. Adore adore by Yoav (it’s @edgeworth-s‘s fault, she send me it, now I listen to this few times in a day thanks)
5. Asido by Purity Ring (okay I don’t think there is any Purity Song I don’t like? That’s just my addiction for now, the beat is a killer!)
6. Wallowa Lake Monster by Sufjan Stevens (if you’ve ever listened to any of Sufjan’s song you know they’re magical. And that one just gives me goosebumps)
7. Are you ten years ago by PVRIS (I just found out it’s Tegan and Sara’s song but this cover. is so good. and emotional. jesus I love this song more than my life)
8. Into the Dark by Amarante (Amarante is like the cure for my depression, all the time, and this song, masterpiece. Just add the fact that Cryotic is at the end of it… just perfection)
9. Hanging on by Active Child (okay, last two months seeing me with my headphones on means one thing: I’m listening to “You are all I see” by Active Child… And picking one song is like picking favorite child, just don’t force me to do so. Hanging on because Patrick’s voice is A++ here, just HOW)
10. Ready for the floor by Hot Chip (okay I love my crazy sons okay. And this song is so weird, at first time I didn’t even like it, but now… god. And even Daughter made a cover of it, JUST WOW) 

Okay we all know I’m actually crazy over music, right :D So yeah I can’t be more happy to be tagged at sth! 
I’m tagging (of course, you don’t need to do this): @saltyassangel, @greywardenblue, @n0rrie, @sr96b, @izzywhatsup, @fangtasticsaphael, @lastdragon-lady, @blueberrysenpaii, @everydayisonfire and @blackpanthfr <3 <3