i will likely talk about them again

C: These white kids from South Africa recently moved to a school district near mine. One of them applied for an African American scholarship (what the fuck) and he actually won it (again, what the fuck). Apparently when he went to receive the scholarship the board found out that he wasn’t in fact African American. His reasoning was that he’s South African & now an American citizen so “technically” he’s African American. Anyway, they snatched that scholarship away and the community white tears came like a tsunami. We were talking about it in my classroom and I was so angry (yet not surprised) that these white people genuinely can’t grasp the difference between nationality, ethnicity, citizenship, etc. If my black ass went to china and became a citizen does that make me Afro-Chinese? Hell the fuck naw!


“Thanks for today, Samantha. I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to listen to me.”

Samantha shakes her head gently, stopping to look for the taxi. “No need to thank me. I admit I was feeling a bit skeptical when you showed up, unsure what your intentions were. Luckily, it turned out alright in the end.”

With an unsure laugh, Johnathan rubs the back of his neck once again. “Yeah, I don’t blame you. I probably should’ve had your father let you know beforehand.”

“Don’t worry about that. I’ll have a little talk with him about secrets.”

Johnathan laughs at that. Before he speaks up, he spots a taxi pulling up on the other side of the road. The driver looks at them through his window, his gaze clearly unimpressed. “Ah. Looks like your taxi is here.”

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Y'know, I think it would be very interesting to see a chapter Through Real Ciel! :D I would love to see his thoughts and feelings in next flashback chapter or in future chapters!

That could be awesome! I’d love to see something like that. I was talking to @jastea about RC’s cinematic record and they reminded me that Bizarre Dolls still have their records inside of them, so if we’re ever given the chance to see RC’s perhaps we’ll get an insight into his thoughts! Though it isn’t necessary, we’ve gotten an introspective view of other characters before (Wolfram, Lizzy, Sieglinde) so it could easily happen again.

It feels pretty important too, if Yana wants us to understand what RC is doing and why he’s acting like he is then we’ll have to see things from his POV. Plus, I already feel pretty sorry for RC considering this was him:

But then this happened:

Then he was probably subjected to blood donations and experiments in this scary looking room, since there are two beds:

It’s no wonder he’s a bit messed up right now, that and the fact he literally died.

I’m not saying RC should be forgiven for what he did to Agni and Soma, but he certainly shouldn’t receive any less sympathy than is given to OC. If anything, OC has gotten the better end of the deal when you consider everything that’s happened to RC. I’d also believe RC has been misinformed about the true situation he’s in, whether that relates to himself being a potential Bizarre Doll or what OC has done! :(

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Sophie sometimes i find your tone towards 5h condescending objectively speaking even camila could have possibly hit her peak while in 5h because shes yet to have a worldwide smash hit like work from home or worth it (billions of views, streams) obviously as a celebrity shes rapidly gaining success due to endorsements and visibility but as an artist shes yet to break out commercially so i got offended by ur dismissal of 5h future we cn never predict mayb they end up makin anothr album who knows😐

That’s you projecting you own thoughts and your own tone onto my answers sweets - and again you can’t help yourself, you have to bring Camila into it… Why the need to always compare them? The question was about 5H so I answered talking about 5H! It doesn’t mean that I think Camila would do better than them, she’s probably not gonna do better than WFH either. That song was a fucking hit, most watch video of 2016! It’s gonna be hard to beat that.

I don’t know why you always think I have a mean secret agenda, that I’m being subtly shady or whatever, but truly I’m not sweets - I’m just trying to be honest in my answers. Just because I feel uncomfortable with Ot4 doesn’t mean I hate the girls or want them to fail, I truly don’t. But again, having an opinion, even a negative one, is my right. As long as I’m being respectful to the girls I’ll allow myself to share my feelings and thoughts on certain things on my own personal blog - just because you stan someone doesn’t mean you have to like and agree with everything they do. That being said, there is definitely a big part of me that does want for 5H to end soon, simply so I can go back to stanning the girls 100% without feeling guilty. But I do hope they end on a bang.

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'That chilly red carpet'? Have you actually seen it? Look again without shipper goggles on. Cait is talking to Tobias and Sam is looking out for MM. He mouths something to her and she gives him a wave. Sometimes I think you all look for things to be angry and disappointed about. More anti sometimes than the antis. It was an awkwardly organized red carpet and they were shuffled along like cattle. But yeah, see the worst if that works for you all.

This is going to be a bit terse as I am writing this on my phone.

I did watch it. Twice.

If I had never seen them on a red carpet before, I wouldn’t have thought anything was off. Since I have, I noticed that no one gave a genuine smile. Cait pretended like Sam didn’t exist. When Sophie bumped into a directionless Sam, she didn’t laugh or say anything to him. The mood was tense, ya ken?

The blonde woman in the black dress who waved was a different woman, one that was directing red carpet traffic.

Sam seemed tipsy during the one interview he did on the red carpet. Since no one else stopped to give an interview, I think it was a last second decision for him. Perhaps it was a way to avoid dealing with the situation going on behind him?

Didn’t see him mouth anything.

Curious how no one in the cast acknowledged anyone NOT in the cast on that red carpet. Like, maybe they didn’t like her presence there?

Calling that red carpet awkward isn’t negative. As a former champion of the buzzkill, I think THE worst conclusion you could jump to from that red carpet is that the whole cast hates each other, especially S and C. We all know that’s not true.

It’s a shame ableism is a quick and dirty way to make someone a jerk

Because making Jessica talk about “Diversity hires” is a low blow and a lazy way of doing things. I get it, the only thing she knows is he’s blind but, come on.

I think the best blind joke in the series was Stick talking about seeing Sowande again as he stands in front of them, talking to him. Then stick waving his hand in front of his face and says something like “Guess I still won’t”


so i was talking to a friend about artist woes and one thing really made me wanna say something

i get that criticism is a good thing. but there’s a difference between criticism and bashing or making a sarcastic comment. i’ve seen many comments pointing out small things or making jokes about them. it might seem funny, but to the artist, that shit hurts. artists are really insecure of their art, no matter how good they are. it only takes one simple comment like that to completely ruin that picture for the artist

once again, there is a difference between helping an artist and telling them what they can improve rather than just saying comments like that

please be mindful of the artist when commenting

“Well that was a fun ‘fight’ wasn’t it, Medex?”


“Don’t like the nickname much? Well ‘Metal Credexen’ is pretty long in my opinion, so I hope ya don’t mind!”


“I’m realizing you don’t talk much. If you don’t like socializing that’s okay! I’ll do the talkin’ for ya, in a way! Oh, by the way, you gotta get back to that eggnut pretty soon, right?”


“Ah, I see. Welp, it was really nice talking to you Medex! I honestly hope we can meet again someday. Up top!”


“Oh, don’t like high fives huh? How about a fist bump then?? See, you just curl your fist and them bump it against mine. Not too hard though, don’t wanna hurt nobody right?”

“..[Nod nod]”

“Have a good day, y’hear?”

“…[you too.]”

Request Masterlist

All the current requests I have! Requests are in plain text, notes are in italics!

Hi I would like to request a karma x !Latin s/o, thanks ♥️
(working on this a bit, I’ll be sure to ask for help on it!)

Omg heyyy I came across ur blog and I saw ur list of anime to talk to u about and I had to give u a request for ass class reaction on meeting/ coming across Mikoshiba (Gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun) and Usui (Kaichou wa maid sama) since like they both share the same v/a. Like eg: meeting on the streets, field trip, Neighbourhood event etc…)
(again, working on this, I’ll hopefully be done soon!)

Nagisa and Karma reactions to finding out their sweet s/o’s father is high up in the yakuza, she was afraid to tell them as she thought it would scare them away like everyone else, how would they feel about her crime family?
This will likely be the next one up!

yo! i’m requesting headcanons for my husband karma and what he does in his free time. thanks!

Headcanons for Karma with a hardcore cute punk s/o please? Like they’re still adorable but they’ve also got spikes from head to toe.

Headcanons for Karma with a stoner s/o please? Like his s/o has severe anxiety and smokes in order to relieve anxiety but also smokes because they like it

Some sick Karma headcanons, please? Maybe a scenario, I don’t know??
Scenarios are closed, so it will be headcanons ^^ I’m thinking of reopening them soon though

Hello, it’s me again. Do you have any headcanons about Nagisa, Karma, Kayano, and Gakushuu’s patronus? I’m really curious, thank you. -Cherry Anon

How would grown up Karma, Chiba, and Sugino react to finding out their s/o works as a showgirl in a burlesque joint?

hey can I have headcannons for karasuma and karma with a chubby s/o? 💕

I freaking love you blog, can I request a headcanon of how would rio feel with a Latin s/o?

Headcanons for a prison/orange is the new black au?

Hi. I would love to see some more Karmanami (Karma x Manami) posts. it´s kinda selfish and weird but I was told I am similar to Manami a bit. And Karma was always number one. So this like the only love life I have :D. Thanks.

How about some NagisaxKayano relationship HCs? Thank you!!! <333

Can I get ChibaxKarma headcanons? I know it’s such a rarepair but oh how I love it.

Matchup please? I am a female ambivert with more of a introvert tendency, i have curvy body feature with thick thighs that seems to have more strength in them, long dark chocolate brown hair with similar eyes, I’m friendly and very loyal to my close friends which is 2 features i love most about myself. I can’t say what i like to do most as i always try to enjoy myself doing anything i am doing so hope that’s not a problem! I prefer guys! Thank you!

Yeah to LGBTQ! A few dating LUNCHTIME headcannons between guy x guy for our red haired demon of the class, the blue haired cinnamon roll and mr sniper no eye? Its up to you to pick who is one the dominant side and who is on the receiving side. Lets imagine the guy they are dating is quiet type of man is he quiet and shy or quiet and bold? I’ll leave that up to you ro-sensei!

Hey I would like a matchup please <3, I’m rather shy when you first meet me but open up quickly if I feel like you won’t judge me for my quirkiness. I’m sarcastic, funny and prefer to keep things on the light-hearted side. I’m also rather clumsy and gullible, but deep down it’s difficult for me to put 100% faith and trust in others. I’m usually a happy person and keep most of my issues to myself. Hope this is detailed enough xx Who do you think I’ll match nicely with? (I’m female and like guys)

I’m curious as to what Korosensei would look like with Nagisa’s hair
This is more a photoshop thing, I’ll do it later

If your request isn’t on here, it most likely got eaten! Feel free to resend it!

I almost got fired bc of my love for tøp today

I work at a coffee shop and I served a girl wearing a tøp shirt. I opened the conversation with “oh my gosh I love your shirt” and then we preceded to have a 10 min long convo about when she went to see them and how much I wanna see them but I’m broke so in my dreams. Long story short, even though the shop was quite possibly the quietest it’s been in a while, my boss has some weird unspoken hatred for tøp and said if he ever hears me talk about “stupid backpack man and alien boy” again I’m losing my job. I mean like, what the fuck Brian.



Do you know what pisses me off the most about the dreaded “Autism Moms”?

Let me tell you, as an autistic adult who also was a main caregiver for an autistic boy (my brother). 

For the record:  I swear that if you use this post to say autism makes people violent and abusive, I will send 12,000 angry geese to flock in your bedroom and destroy every item that you treasure the most. AND I will eat the leftovers you had planned on eating for lunch tomorrow. Don’t you fuckin dare miss the point of this post. 

Listen up. I got a story for you.

Bit of background first.

My boy, my little hobbit, was born when I was ten years old. My mother left him alone with my grandparents and me. She legit abandoned him. 

My grandparents weren’t sure they could take him in. 
I begged. I pleaded. I asked as hard as I could to let us keep him and not give him back to my mother. 

Of course, they said yes. 

I dutifully became the protective older sister.

I would bathe him up until the week I left for college. I measured his medications and crushed them into his favorite yogurt. Blue, if you were curious.I made sure his food was perfect - french fries made just like he wanted, a chicken fry sandwich complete with his favorite McDonald’s sauce we bought in bulk.  
I went to his speech and occupational therapies several times a week, and practiced the things he learned. I went with him to his first day of school.

I even did a middle school project all about autism (which I am slightly embarrassed about, as I mentioned A$ in it ugh). I read all the autism books a 12 year old could find, and immersed myself in the Vanderbilt paperwork. I delved into the world of IEPs, visual schedules, and basic sign language.

And now, I’m still sending them resources and information on medications, papers for teachers, and going over doctor notes for him - despite being six hours away. 

(Of course, I was an undiagnosed autistic girl who also needed quiet. When I wasn’t needed to do these things, I was often in my room away from the loud television and people. I wasn’t a perfect caregiver, but I did do a lot.)

All of that to say: yeah, it wasn’t easy. But since when is raising a kid ever easy? I started looking after this boy when I was ten years old.

But here’s what infuriates me.

I read all the time about these autism moms who complain about how terrible their lives are. They say they’re afraid of being hurt and their lives are destroyed. Some even talk about killing their kids.

You know what?

Yeah, I got hurt by him or when helping him. I got bit, scratched, hit, and everything else. Usually it was just him being frustrated over lack of communicating his needs, so I was rarely angry. 
I ran after him when he went out the door straight for a lawnmower and I fell to the concrete. I grabbed him right before he ran into a street and ended up with my arm covered in blood.

I was kicked in the head and given a traumatic brain injury that requires me to now use a cane, and has caused a ton of nervous system issues. I even use a wheelchair part-time due to another condition that occurred afterwards. I’m only 20, and my health is pretty comparable to someone with congestive heart failure.

And you know what? 

I never in a million years thought about hurting my little brother.

I still don’t blame him. He was often overwhelmed, and had meltdowns. As an autistic person myself, I understood it - even if I didn’t know I was autistic at the time. (I suspected, but was too focused on other things.) 
I don’t know if I’ll ever get better health-wise, and that’s okay. I don’t know if I’ll get to run and dance again, or if there’s worse effects to come. It’s just what it is, and I’ve accepted that. 

He’s a child. It’s not his fault. He once asked me if it was, and I hugged him tight and said absolutely not. 

I say all this not to demonstrate how violent autistic people can be, but to demonstrate that I get where these autism moms are coming from.

  Again, for the record, autistic people are far more likely to be abused and assaulted. 

Remember how I said  I get where they’re coming from?

Yeah, that’s still not an excuse to be harmful toward your child. Ever.

You don’t give your babies bleach, shock them, or starve them. You don’t talk about them as if they’re literally a death sentence for you. And you sure as hell don’t want to murder your little ones. 

And if you literally want to kill your kid, if you would rather have a dead child than an autistic one, I have news for you.

You don’t deserve that child, and you better back up and understand this.

You autism moms need to stop. You need to listen. 

Your kids are going through a world that wants to “cure” them, force them into suffering so they can look “normal.” Your kids are going to spend their entire lives dealing with a world that is hostile to them. People try to assimilate us to save their own pride, at the expense of our own comfort and stability. 
Your kid is going to go through life being told that they should be literally “treated” with electroshock therapy because of their neurology. They’re going to be told that they shouldn’t reproduce. They’re going to be told that they’re not worth having space in this world. Your kid is going to grow up one day, and they’re going to hear this and internalize it. 

I know that, because that’s what I hear every day. 

You say it’s so hard to have an autistic kid?

Well, of course it is. But you know what?

Kids are hard.
They’re going to kick, hit, pinch, and everything else. Even neurotypical kids do that. I don’t know a single kid who hasn’t bit their caregiver or thrown something when grumpy. 
(I’ll say it again for those in the back: autistic kids are way way way more likely to be abused and hurt.)

When you have a kid, you sign up for this. You love that little one unconditionally, you protect them with all your heart. You give them support. You love that child even if they have a disability, especially when they have a disability.

You teach them that they are allowed to exist, that they are just as valuable and needed in this world like anyone else. We need all the neurodiversity in this world we can get. 

You teach your child that they’re not a burden. You teach them how to say no and that autonomy is often more important than compliance. You teach them that you love them, and that they will always have someone in their corner to back them up when times are tough.

I don’t care how hard you think it is raise an autistic child.

Trust me, I know full well it’s hard. Parenting is hard. It’s not easy, and it’s not always roses and fluffy kittens. That has nothing to do with having an autistic kid; that’s just a fact of life. 

The fear of getting hurt is valid. I can attest to that, and I don’t think I can downplay that. But that behavior is communication, and you have to learn how to read it. I did. You have to fight for better supports, for ways to make it easier on your kid - and by doing this, easier for you too. 

Sure, it’s hard.

But you know what? Your kid’s going to have it much harder. 


Toby Stephens and Rupert Penry-Jones in Cambridge Spies [2003] and Black Sails [2014 – ]


Yoongi had one of Kurt Cobain’s letters? (cr. mylovelytaetae)

And all these… 

Nirvana - In Bloom

Album: Nevermind


He’s the one who likes all our pretty songs
And he likes to sing along
And he likes to shoot his gun
But he don’t know what it means
Don’t know what it means when I say
He’s the one who likes all our pretty songs
And he likes to sing along
And he likes to shoot his gun
But he don’t know what it means
Don’t know what it means when I say

The song talks about how people blindly join the masses and put the band in a pedestal without even knowing what they are talking about.

To prove this, they hid a few phrases in their song.

1st verse: 

Sell the kids for food
Weather changes moods
Spring is here again
Reproductive glands

2nd verse:

We can have some more
Nature is a whore
Bruises on the fruit
Tender age in bloom

Seems like random phrases… but put them together.

Sell the kids for food, We can have some more
Weather changes moods, Nature is a whore
Spring is here again, Bruises on the fruit
Reproductive glands, Tender age in bloom

Watch the MV. Tell me what you think. Trolling us like mad bosses!


Tomlinson-Styles household Week - 4/7
Cleaning after New Year’s party


Daniel Jacob Radcliffe is now 28 years old! (July 23rd, 1989)

“Rupert and I never text. We never have in 10 years of filming. We are crappy at texting each other back and we both know that’s how the other person is and we just accept it. The next time I see Rupert we will sit down next to each other and chat and it will be like old times. Me and Rupert are very, very good friends. It’s just that we are not constantly texting each other.” - Daniel Radcliffe.

The war may have been avoided, Valentine may be dead, but no one could afford more than a day or two to bask in any of that before the real world caught up, along with all its problems. For Alec, that meant running the Institute, holding the cabinet meetings, going on mission, and having almost daily calls with the Inquisitor since the Clave is in shambles, even more so than usual. But one thing that had returned to normal, one thing Alec was unsure ever would, was his relationship with Magnus.

Things between them were good, not perfect, not yet, but Alec has woken up to the sight of Magnus’ smile for the past five mornings, and really, that’s all he needs. He almost forgets that he’d spent over a week sleeping alone, over a week with his heart weighed and broken, over a week with his mind in a storm. He almost forgets he nearly lost the love of his life, multiple times in multiple ways, but there are moments when it hits him how close he was to never kissing Magnus again, to never making him laugh again, to never hearing him say Alexander again.

The first of those moments had been the first morning after the party, when Alec couldn’t find Magnus in the loft after his shower. He had begun to panic, but then Magnus came inside from the balcony, and it took a little time and a lot of words of comfort, but Alec had calmed down, thankful they had the rest of the day to spend together. Magnus had made him promise to call him if he felt like that again, even if it was just a five second conversation to make sure things were alright. 

That day, however, it was Alec’s phone that rang, a sharp noise cutting through the silence of his office. He picks up the phone, smiling at the bright expression on Magnus’ face that lights up his screen.

Keep reading