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Imagine Request - Leaked Nudes

So last year a lot of celeb nudes got leaked and was wondering if you could do that with y/n like scooter or someone has to tell her they leaked them from J s phone or something like that

“What’s up?” I smiled over at Scooter, sitting down on the couch. I hadn’t the slightest idea why Scooter suddenly needed to talk to me, but I was curious to find out.

“I need to talk to you about something,” His hand flew to the back of his neck, scratching it as he looked down at the ground. “I don’t really know how you’re going to react.” He seemed nervous.

I sighed deeply. “What did he do this time? Did he dye his hair again? What animal did he get now?” I questioned, figuring it could only be something Justin had done.

“It’s not just Justin, it’s both of you.” He sighed. “Someone somehow got access to Justin’s phone, and for some reason, that boy has some graphic photos of you.” He sent me a sympathetic look as my face dropped.

“Please tell me this is a joke.” I chuckled, leaning forward, my elbows rested on my thighs. “I’m going to kill him; I told him that they weren’t secure on his phone but he insisted.” I muttered.

Hey!” The door shot open and Justin walked through cheerily, making me grumble. I jumped up, storming towards him. “What’s wrong?” His eyebrows furrowed as he examined my face.

“Justin, come sit down.” His eyes darted to Scooter who sat patiently in his seat, speaking up now so I didn’t attack the defenceless Justin stood before me.

“What? What’s going on?” He slumped down in on the couch, bringing his arm around me once I sat next to him.

Scooter sighed, knowing he had to reveal the truth one more time. “Someone got into your phone, they leaked the photos you had of [Y/N].” He sent Justin a glare.

“Oh.” Justin nodded his head, not phased. A few seconds later, his face dropped and he looked between Scooter and I. “Oh, shit.” He whispered.

“Justin, you knew it wasn’t safe. Why could you possibly need them so much that you’d risk [Y/N]’s privacy?”

Justin’s leg bounced up and down nervously. He sighed. “I’m away a lot, okay? I need..something to..help me.” He grabbed a hold of my hand and looked over at me. “But I never thought it’d actually be a problem! I didn’t think someone would actually get hold of them, I’m so sorry.”

I came to a realisation. “To be honest, it’s not your fault, Justin; guys in relationships have photos like this of their girlfriends all the time, just because you’re a celebrity, doesn’t take away your right to be able to have these.” I gripped his hand in mine, letting him know it was okay. “I’m just so embarrassed.” I chuckled.

“I wish there were something we could do, but there out there now. I guess you’ve just got to wait for it all to blow over and Justin, we’ll have to get your phone secured again.” Scooter stood up, wiped down his shirt. “I’ll let you know if I hear anything, I’ll see you both later.” We nodded and Justin said his goodbye, we sat alone in silence.

“Do you know which photos they were?” Justin muttered, looking down at the black TV screen in front of him.

I turned to him. “What does it matter? My everything is still out there for the world to see.” I threw my head back agains the back of the couch.

“Some were worse than others, you know? Some were just you posing with a sheet around you and some were good enough they got me off in minutes.” He chuckled, his face dropping when he saw me glaring at him. “Sorry.” He muttered, pulling out his phone.

It was quiet for another few minutes. I laid still, force to drown myself in the fact that everyone had now seen the me I only wanted Justin to ever have the privilege to. From beside me, Justin let out a low groan, but he didn’t move. “What?” I gazed over at him.

“Shit.” He mumbled. “Well, there’s about four of them; they’re not so bad, only one of them is of you fully nude and I’m also in one of them too.” He looked over at me sympathetic. “You look hot in all of them though.” He shrugged as though it was supposed to make me feel better.

“Will you get bashed for the one you’re in?” Worry flooded me as I imagined the media trying to take him down.

“Well I’m naked so, probably.” He chuckled, running a hand through his hair. “But we’ll manage this together, right?”

“We always do.” I chuckled, nudging my body into his.


AMC Orders “Geeking Out” Late Night Talk Show With Hosts Kevin Smith & Greg Grunberg

AMC has just dedicated themselves to more nerd content by ordering a pilot called Geeking Out, a late night show with Kevin Smith and Greg Grunberg.

Smith and Grunberg are huge nerds so this has got to be super cool news for them but as we’re now almost constantly talking about diversity issues in Hollywood it makes sense to see some on Geeking Out. Nerds are diverse, just like the rest of the population (and the viewers watching your show). Putting two people on screen who basically represent the same outlook isn’t doing you any favors. We can’t keep pretending women and people of color don’t exist by showing the same thing over and over and over again. I’m sure there will be a plethora of rotating guests on the show but representation matters in all areas.

Read more of my ranting, and bid for the job with co-host Aisha Tyler (cuz she’s AWESOME), at TheNerdyBird.com!

I was talking about all the shitty people in my social/work/no-other-fucking-choice-but-to-be-around-them circles to my mum yesterday and she suggested building up positive people around me to get some good vibrations in my life again. I nearly cried. I actually have no one. I wish so much some of you were here. I really need it. I’m heading down to London to see some of my best friends next week and I might have to kidnap them and bring them back up. Just like they always try to do to me to keep me there. I hate this waiting. I hate that it might not be worth it when <br>
It’s a lonely existence when I think about it. When the people in your life start shitting on you and making you life harder you just can’t help but think about.<br>
Looking forward to the escape. That’s all I’ve got and then it’s the finishing line. Passing my tests. Making my life. Please be worth it

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I get that he's hurting, but, the way he served her papers was so shitty, she deserved better than that. They BOTH deserved better than that. And, like you said, a grand gesture won't fix things. He can't treat her like that and then be like "i'm sorry babe, I luv you and I want you back" and she comes running to him. I hope he EARNS her trust again and they work through their shit. Jackson is trying to protect himself but is shitty that he hurts her to do so.

For me for now 12x09 scene was pretty meaningless because of the time jump unless we know what they talked about. Has April explained to him why she needed to go? Has Jackson shared his feelings? Or they’re going in circles talking but avoiding  actually talking about everything that bugs them? So even though the papers were served I’m not going to be mad about Jackson’s decision (for now) as I wasn’t about April’s decision’s to go (or more like I’m not mad at characters maybe a little at writers) cause I don’t have my answers to why.

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You've probably answered this before? But if not/if you don't mind doing it again... Where did the original idea for Haymitch/Finnick come from?

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever been asked this, funny enough, although I’m sure it’d have come up in conversation at various points. Though, I never have a problem with talking about Haymitch and Finnick. :) 

Quite honestly, a little bit of it was just that I liked both characters and I wanted to write fic that has both of them in it. I was more into Haymitch originally, but he gave me a hard time when I tried to write him, while Finnick came easier. So I wrote Moss on the Ruins, which is a gen story about Finnick that features Haymitch as a supportive character. In the story, they have a scene together where they talk about fun stuff like rape and suicide, and when I wrote that, I really was struck by how much they click, and what a great chemistry they have together. It was really striking to me as I was writing them. 

So I started thinking about it, and about how we never once see them talking to each other in the books, apart from that one time when Finnick decides to give his big propo interview, and Haymitch makes sure that this is really what he wants to do. We don’t get the dialogue; we just see Kat observing it. But I still found it striking. There’s the guy who makes sure the other guy is alright, and that he’s putting his health and happiness above politics and revolution, and he is completely respectful of his choice ultimately; he just asks, he doesn’t try to tell him what he should be doing or feeling. But he still checks. And there’s the other guy who obviously respects him enough to listen and to give him a serious answer. We also know that Finnick and Haymitch joined the revolution together, so they trust each other to have each other’s back — that’s quite remarkable considering that Haymitch is an end stage alcoholic, and Finnick is pretty much a puppy from Haymitch’s POV. So we do know that whatever else they feel about each other, there’s a ton of mutual respect and trust and empathy. And I just thought it’d be really nice to write a pairing that starts out with that. :) 

It also occurred to me in MOTR that Finnick would be predisposed to really feeling drawn to Haymitch’s looks / weight because if there’s one person who wouldn’t buy into beauty ideals, it’s Finnick. And he’d associate Haymitch’s weight with safety, both because it means no prostitution and because it means enough food. I really wanted Haymitch to get some, and I liked the idea that the hottest man in Panem would just find him physically appealing. 

So after that it was just a matter of finding a plot that gets rid of Annie without killing her off, because I might like the pairing, but I don’t like it that much. ;) 

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how did you and destructiveglitch get together? what is the whole love story like anyway tell us!

(rubs hands together) OH BOY !!! sit down folks prepare for a love story for the ages. the one i spend every waking moment waiting for someone to ask me about again so i can tell everyone. 

farida and i have pretty much spoken every day since we started talking w/ few sad wifi-less exceptions. i took to them instantly ! and was always real excited to talk to them and probably made a fool of myself quite a few times when we first started talking even tho they insist i didn’t. LMAO. our 1st skype call was spent watching tanic videos, all of them literally, but that was actually their idea.

and so we became close friends pretty fast! and then best friends even faster ! which was a title i wore very proudly Always and still wear now. that I, Brandie, have my best friend as Farida, and they call ME their best friend and favorite too! because really how common is it that someone whose relationship u value the most actually values ur relationship just as much. its a great feeling. i promise. i think it goes w/o saying by now that i felt pretty strongly about them since we met.

sooo! the first year of our friendship we basically forge the Ultimate Best Friendship. now we are entering the second act of our story. Sometime in March-April of last year, us BFFs and fresh and single, there’s a mutual unsaid realization. we are incredibly loving and honestly not even discreetly gay (a bunch of loving and gay shit is said. ironic no homos are followed that leave us both confused. (this is also hilarious bc the no homo turned romance was even a Love Plot we used for an OTP once.) 

anyways. so it is late march or april. i don’t remember the exact date. Farida comes to my doorstep and knocks, in the pouring rain. i love you and you’re the best thing in this cruel cruel world and i’m in love with you. it’s you forever. i’m just kidding we live on different sides of the world. but they confessed to me and i reciprocated and i’m going to leave some specific details on how private n special. but it was gay and good and my heart fluttered.

we didn’t actually start dating right at that point but we have basically been exclusive since then? and it felt pretty great ! that feels like an understatement it’s the best feeling in the world! they’re my favorite and i’m theirs! and we are madly in love! in august farida asked me out to start dating officially. you will notice the pattern here is that farida just cannot resist me. ;) (actually i cry i wanted to be the one to confess first i had a rough speech concept for it n everythin).

and as of now we have been OFFICIALLY together for six months!!! (and almost a full year since we confessed Romantically). And this summer we will finally get to meet IRL when they come to America to live with me for 10 weeks! n_n !!! i love ha!

this is long but i don’t give a shit try to silence my lesbian ass and i’ll come out swinging

  • <p><b><p></b> <b><b></b> me:</b> [externally] *at work, gettin shit done, Talking with People about Music and Local news, satisfying customers, delivering food*<p/><b><b></b> me:</b> [internally] what is lexa gonna do now she literally put her life on the line for skaikru and now look at their fuckin mess wtf wtf not just her life but her position and her legacy and her love for clarke and now is there gonna be tension between them again ?? but like it legit wasnt clarke's fault and what the hell bellamy that was an award winning dickish about face turn what the hell what the hell this stress is too irl omg<p/></p><p/></p>

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What if the reason we never see or hear about Garmy's mom is because he lost her at an early age and can't remember her or she was evil and had to be banished and he doesn't like to talk about it

Hmm…. possibly. Like I mentioned before, Wu’s background seems to be kept kind of mysterious for the sake of keeping his character mysterious. We have do little information on their mom I can’t even BEGIN to guess where she is. 

Then again, one must wonder if the Garmadon brothers even had a mother. The First Spinjitzu Master has a sort of God-like status in Ninjago mythos. He might have created them by himself like he did the rest of Ninjago. 

since Maggie’s got me thinking about them again here’s a little quick fact about my self insert

They have a hard time taking candid photos. like as soon as they see a camera , theirface becomes a smile and drops immediately when it goes away.they’ve had mishaps and still smile while the camera is on their face

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So I got stuck on yOUR BLOG IM SORRY AND ALL THIS CANADIAN SHIT IM SCREAAAAMING. Ive never seen people talk about Canada this much in forever oh my godddd. We're boring af, esp in SK god theres nOTHING HERE ITS JUST FARMS EVERYWHERE (I hate this I want a beaver tail again but no one sells them here :,)))

canada is boring everywhere I think like don’t go to canada it’s a lie we’re actually very rude and make bad fast food

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I'm in a very similar situation with my abuse, but i'm not in a romantic relationship with them. I was wondering if I should end our friendship because of how abusive they are and how to go about doing it?

please end the friendship, its honestly not worth it to stay in a relationship like that and it will only hurt you in the end

id say to just tell them straight up that theyre being shitty and the reason why youre ending the friendship? and then just dont talk to them again

Castiel receives a text from Dean around midnight. He’s back at the bunker, doing research while Dean and Sam are out, working on a case that looks an awful lot like a vengeful spirit.

‘Heya Cas, I love you, if you’re still awake could you look up a few things for me?’

The former angel almost drops his phone, his heart doing a tiny jump. Love. Dean said love.

His fingers tremble as he tries to type a reply, nervous, because it appears that his best friend is finally willing to talk about whatever it is that is going on between the two of them.

Before he can finish and send his reply, his phone buzzes again. Another message from Dean.

‘Son of a bitch! What the hell is this?! Sorry about that, Cas… Looks like I love to kick my brother’s ass.’

This is something Castiel knows; the option to automatically correct certain words and change them to other words while texting. A classic Winchester prank between brothers, it would seem.

He feels oddly disappointed, hurt even, and doesn’t bother to reply. Instead he goes to sleep; the brothers will surely manage to solve the case without him, like they often do. Sleep is something he’s learning to appreciate ever since he’s lost his grace. The most effective way to escape reality, if only for a little while.

When he wakes up, hours later, he notices a new message from Dean. He expects an angry rant, Dean complaining about Castiel sleeping on the job. He gets none of that.

‘Yeah, so you probably figured it out, but Sammy thought it was hilarious to change ‘need’ to ‘love’ in my phone.’

Immediately, Castiel spots a second message.

‘By the way, I changed it back… I can type ‘need’ again.’

Castiel rolls his eyes; Dean’s first message made that perfectly clear.

But then he sees the third message that Dean left him right after those first two.

‘I’ll text you a pic of the crime scene, need you to look into these Enochian sigils for me… PS: I guess Sam wasn’t wrong. I love you.’

Cheeks flushed and heart racing, Castiel fully plans on doing the research and type a long text with all of the required info soon. However for now, he sticks to a language much simpler when he texts Dean back. 



I really like these three scenes. 

1. I love that whatever plans Dean have in life begins and ends with Sam.  
2. Later, Dean is still hung up about the fact that Sam doesn’t think they’ll live long enough to retire. 
3. I love that Sam kept the pamphlet. I think the talk Sam had with Dean at the end about forgiveness and them being together kind of reaffirmed the faith Sam might have lost in the cage with Lucifer. I feel like he might start to believe that things would actually be okay again. 

Adrien, this is not the recording of the film, you know…

I thought about Adrien and Marinette wanting to talk about that kiss they were gonna record for Nino’s film. Adrien preferably, since he was so into kissing her without a problem and just pulling her onto him, like saying ‘god dang, you’re beautiful, now let’s kiss’

Thought randomly about them sitting in front of Mari’s computer for the bg, so there you go. 

-So. Do you want to… try it again?

-Y-you mean, that scene?

-Yeah…Just a…quick…kiss…- *grabs chair* *pulls onto him* *leans in* *smooch* 

Well, not a very tiny smooch it seems.

Yeah, well. I don’t understand Adrien. Touching her shoulders all the time but seems to me that he has a problem when putting a hand on her while in her room. <w<


Because the thing is, it’s like my friend Vicky. She lived with this bloke—student housing, five of them all packed in. And this bloke was called Sean. And she loved him. She did. She completely adored him. Spent all day long talking about him… He never looked at her twice. I mean he liked her. That was it. And she wasted years pining after him. Years of her life. ‘Cause while he was around she never looked at anyone else. And I told her, I always said to her, time and time again, I said, ‘Get out.’ So this is me, getting out. ladies meme 7/10 lead female characters: Dr. Martha Jones (Doctor Who)

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Bellarke scenes you want to see this season? :)))

  • “She’s not your Wanheda.”
  • “Hey. That’s not who you have to be with me, some legend or story or commander. That’s not who you have to be.”
  • At the end of the season: A kiss that starts ugly, after a fight, after too much passion - this brutal beautiful release before they’re torn apart. Then, later in the episode, Bellamy finds Clarke, and she’s already got a chart of all the reasons they won’t work, but he’s like, “Let’s try that again” and oh my God.
  • Clarke talking about Bellamy’s interests and personality, about his love of history and mythology. For once, just let them see each other as the spirit and soul beneath their blood and bones like we got a glimpse of in this episode.
  • “I forgive you.”
  • Please, lots of slow burn at its culmination. Fiery touches, long talks about something other than war, Clarke saying, “No one wants me here” and Bellamy staring at her a little too long after that.
  • Clarke unfurling, Bellamy the only one who gets it. “I can’t do this, Bellamy. Everywhere I go, death is right there, at my side.” “But I am, too.”
  • The click that happens when Clarke realizes just how much she loves him. I want to see it on her face. I want her to find him in a crowd.
  • I want a Bellamy and Lexa scene. From Bellamy: “This is what it means to love her.”
  • I just want my children to have fun and talk about memories on the Ark and laugh and be nerds. I’m tired.
  • Also, I want them to finally have that drink for me.

reasons why i love the show shadowhunters in concerns of malec

  • they are treating alexander so nicely
  • magnus bane is a king
  • we will get to see the first date
  • the first kiss
  • alec probably falling down the stairs after magnus makes him all floosey
  • again: they are treating alexander’s character development so fucking beautifully like i lowkey prefer the way the show is writing him and giving him attention he has got more attention in four episodes then he got in all the books
  • we will hopefully get to see a very intense make out sex scene i am not even lowkey i really really wanna see that
  • also we can see them holding hands
  • long talks about jace’s stupidity that i love so much
  • alec with his head on magnus lap
  • alec with chairman meow
  • magnus staring at his boyfriend because he cant believe he’s lucky
  • also like im so grateful matt and harry are playing them theyre so good to these characters bye
I don’t like that feeling when someone starts to change. When you can feel that person slowly drifting away from you. When you can clearly see that they’re no longer the person who used to tell you everything about what happened on his day. That person used to talk to you almost everyday, anything no matter what it is, they’ll talk to you. I don’t like that feeling of being strangers again. It feels like you don’t know them. I hate that feeling when you look at them and they’re not the person you trusted. I know that people change and so their feelings, but it hurts to see them happy with someone else and they have forgotten about you.

I was reading the asks and replies on @sansybones’ Gaster, and they linked back to page 24 of DyD when they talked about convey to a sort of feeling, and when I looked at the last panel, it made me think of page 12 of YBN and THAT made me think of the feelings they were talking about. It’s like we think that yes, maybe he’ve changed and finally cares, only to have that shattered when we’re shown that, once again, the only one he cares about is himself. I think it shows how easily we get attached to things , and how eager we are to defend and protect them. But that just feels like we’re no better than Gaster, because is it really them we’re thinking about, or are we just trying to make us feel better? Sure, we obviously care more about them than Gaster, who only cares for himself, and we want them to be happy, but how much of that is directed to Sans and Papurys? Because if they’re happy, we’re happy.
So aren’t we just trying to make sure that we’re happy then?

And I just realized I jumped from one thing to another, what the hell?!
The point I wanted to make was that we thought one thing, only to have it proven wrong. And then I started ramble…

ugh, feelings >C


Headcanons written in a more fanfic-friendly form for @marauders-groupie because the tags that you left on this post really touched me :’) Thank you so much for the support!

Also tagging @bellamyblake because we talked about this and you deserve to read a happy ending *-* @inreyeswetrust because you wanted to read this <3 and @blake-family because some of this was based on a post you made.


“i could feel the blood on her hands, and I cursed myself for wanting to taste it on her lips.” // - the war will never end for souls like ours. 


Once again, he stands before her, which is about the lone similarity as his eyes have lost the softness that she has come to associate them with; something has hardened them, and Clarke finds herself internally begging that it isn’t her. Desperate, she attempts to persuade herself that this is Bellamy! The man who whispered “I will get you out of here,” who gently pulled her hair from her face and the cloth from her mouth - That this might as well be the one person in the entire universe, who will understand why she has to stay - the one person who won’t blame her.

But she’s wrong. “You should come home to yours,” though it isn’t an order, it’s a plea, which is much worse, and within seconds tears are rising, clogging her throat. She can’t refuse a plea, not without hurting him - hurting Bellamy Blake goes against her nature; causes her whole body to shake and the tears to finally reach her eyes. Oh, how she wants to go back, twist her head toward Lexa with a ‘screw the coalition’ but she knows that she cannot do that, because that would be a selfish decision, which she doesn’t have the courage to make.

Her heart burns as the words tear from her throat, yet they do emerge: “I’m sorry.”

However, just when she dares to think that she made it, hurt flashes across his face and the single tear in his dark gaze tortures her until it’s gone, replaced by silent bitterness.

She watches him take the first few steps away; thinks about how on Earth he handled it when she left him at the gate - did he refuse to look? In earnest, she tries, and even though her mind is made up, completely determined and convinced that this is the only way - that this is what has to be done, her heart isn’t. Her heart still aches whenever it experiences something remotely close to the loss of him, and this is too damn real.  

She won’t lose him. She can’t. Not like this. “Bellamy!” Her mind now utterly dismissed, her legs start running, carrying her across the floor in a heartbeat. With her arms finally around him, her eyelids flutter shut and her nose buries itself in the crook of his neck to inhale the scent of something constant.

Something true.

“Thank you,” at last, at those words, Bellamy hugs her back, his solid body sheltering her a little while longer from what is about to crumble with the goodbye. It’s inevitable - they both know it. But that doesn’t mean that it won’t make her cause him pain or the other way around. Had she only been granted a choice, god, she would have made the one that would make him happy.


At night, Roan finds her on the balcony. For a while, he stands there in silence, simply watching as she fights to keep focused on Polis. When he speaks, though, the words startle her, and not only because of their abruptness: “And I, who thought you were wise. If you want that man to live, you must not show how weak he can make you.”

Clarke’s aware that pretending to not know what he is talking about is useless.

Because she’s knows that there’s only one man on Earth who doesn’t smell war and blood in her hair, who doesn’t look at her as if she’s just another black hole waiting to suck the life out of him - who would carry the weight of their world on his shoulders like Atlas, even if he wasn’t sure how to, just to keep her from crumbling underneath it.

Only one man who can still make her smile, who cherishes it and puts it in his pocket to lie safely for another time, because he won’t let her forget.  “I can’t lose him,“ is all that she can say.

“Then stay away from him.”


As it turns out, keeping Clarke away from Bellamy is as hopeless is trying to prevent the poles from meeting, or the high tides from rushing in. There may be something that is capable of separating them for a little while, but nothing that has ever hindered them from coming H O M E.

But what good does that do when he won’t look her in the eye? Not because he won’t see her, but because he’s scared of catching a glimpse of his own reflection in the blue of her gaze.

People constantly question when you can be sure that someone hates themselves more than anything else. Well, he puts her out of wonder with a simple outburst: “Why’d you save me? Why did you come here to warn me? Why won’t you let me suffer when I deserve it?!”

He’s crouched in a corner, tears streaming down his face, eyes blank yet somehow still cold as ice, and Clarke can feel it, pain clenching her heart when she walks straight into one of the invisible walls that he has rebuilt around himself. “Don’t shut me out,” she begs, “don’t shut me out.” Stubbornly, she breaks through the wall, but it’s the view of Bellamy so broken that manages to knock the air from her lungs. Brave Bellamy. Wonderful, wonderful Bellamy…

Even though he still refuses to meet her gaze, she kneels in front of him, taking his face between her hands. To give her heart a brief break from all of the pounding, Clarke presses a lingering kiss to his forehead. “Because you’re a good man, Bellamy. I know you are, and you deserve to live whether you want to or not,” then, she fakes a smile for him, brushing a stray, dark curl off his temple. “I can’t let Nia have you. Deal with that.”


“Because you’re–“ Her brain throws the suggestion my people at her, but somehow it doesn’t feel right… “Because you’re mine.”


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