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can people please please please stop harassing me and bringing up stuff that has happened in the past? i am trying so hard to be a better person. i really really am. but its hard when people keep throwing in my face past mistakes ive made. i know ive made a lot of mistakes and done some questionable things, but im sorry. i really really am. ive made multiple apology posts on my personal @theoriginalcrybaby. i dont want to hurt anyone anymore. i just want to run my blog in peace and not be bombarded by hateful comments everywhere i turn. i feel like sometimes people forget that there is an actual person behind this blog. i am human. i have feelings. i get upset when people keep saying all this bad stuff to me/about me when i have apologized so many times. i’m sorry about what i did in the past. i know it was bad, it was wrong, and i own up to that and i want to change now, im trying to change. im trying to be better. but please can we leave the past in the past and move forward? is that too much to ask?

edit: someone expressed this post might sound guilt trippy or me begging for sympathy. im not. i just want to move forward and live in the present and not focus on my past anymore and i hope others can do the same.

i want to know what the fuck happened to alec and magnus in the parallel universe. did they get together??? did magnus leave immediately after the whole portal thing happened?? did they have a fling?? did they get married?? have kids?? grow old together??? i need answers

Will you now forever remain/ out of reach of my arms~
—  Lumière & Plumette, Beauty and the Beast (2017) aka two extra lines I didn’t expect Ewan to sing

If you have it checked off that your blog can show up in search results, people will see your posts. 

If you talk shit about otherkin and I search the word ‘otherkin’, I will see your bullshit post even if you haven’t tagged it. 

If you’re going to talk shit about any group you shouldn’t be bloody surprised if members of that group get annoyed and speak up or try to correct your bullshit.

That’s what people do when you shit all over them, or make bullshit up about them, or if you spread misinformation about them: they fucking have the natural inclination to defend themselves whether you like it or not.

If you get your panties in such a fucking twist because you talked shit about someone and they spoke up, then shut the fuck up and stay in your lane or… ignore our responses to you rather than throwing a tantrum. It’s not fucking difficult. 

Ya’ll anti otherkin shouldn’t be so fucking surprised that otherkin try to correct misinformation. We’re not 7r1663r3d, we don’t give a fuck about you, we just care about misinformation.

Still going to pitch a fit? Too fucking bad for you. Take your blog out of the search results or cry a river and build yourselves a bridge to get over it. 

Most of us don’t give a fuck about your feels when you’re being an asshole. 

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From the way I worded, it came across as zigi was meant to end before STB. I want to clarify that. No, zigi was not meant to end that early. Zigi is a contract with FAE, not with Syco/Sony. The record label wanted a zigi break up to promote the single. He negotiated a temporary break up but he was suspicious of the record labels motives. He's been played before ( March 2015 and Jan 2013), so he knew they are upto something. Which is why Gigi pretended that they are still together (1)

He went along with the break up promotional strategy but let Gigi go against it. The label can only control Zayn, they cannot control her. So what Gigi was doing was something Zayn+Gigi+FAE planned together. When he figured out their real motive was (Syco/Simon’s real motives), he refused to go along with their plan. That’s how he had to ditch his whole album. Keeping the ‘Perrie’ tattoo was also a contractual obligation. He covered it soon after he ditched his album (2)

You’re gonna have to totally forgive me, but I just have a really lot of questions about this, because I have a hard time believing that Zayn is the complete Master of his Business Hoe Domain or given Zayn and Gigith’s super awkward body language (they even lack the basic intimacy friendly co-workers have a lot of the time), that they’re happy business partners the way this implies. Especially when you factor in that there were signs of problems in Zayn’s career way before Summer Time Ball. Plus, there’s Syco, what I’m sure is a contract that puts Zayn’s balls in an iron vice, and Yolanda’s determination to be the next Kris Jenner. 

This got kind of long (what else is new), so I’m putting it under the cut. 

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05. Are they sexually confident or more of the shy type?

The Xaela’s eyes slowly closed, silent for a few long seconds with fingertips pressed gently along the top ridge of scale laid into his cheek, the heel of his hand resting nearly as delicately against his jaw. Ashen fingers shifted only slightly in subtle sideways motion, nigh caress upon his own skin. Lips barely parted to draw a deeper breath as if to sigh, but instead green hues reappeared and no such thing came. Softly he responded, a hint of his steppe accent lingering where normally it would not amidst his clipped Eorzean, “I know what I want.”

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I just listened to Everybody's Son by Cloves.... tell me that is not a Jo/Nate song.. I am so.... sad now. Help.

You watched me lose my way
And I didn’t want to hear it
Made all the big mistakes
Didn’t know I was being selfish


I didn’t know before
But now I’ve seen it all
Give me some more
Give me some more
It took a little time
To open up my eyes
Know you were mine
Know you were always mine

I’M SCREECHING. Why are songs always trying to hurt us when applied to Jo/Nate. I just want them to be happy :(

Consider this instead: It took Jo some time to realize that he’s been blind when it comes to him and Nate, he’s made some mistakes when it comes to his relationship/friendship and his career, but Nate never wavered. And when Jo finally opens his eyes he realizes that Nate was always there to catch him. That’s a good and soft thought