i will leave my mark

this might be a stretch for a theory but hear me out: each of the members’ solo shots are seen in one area for the entire mv except for jinyoung and why is that? this is where each member died. jackson died on impact of the collision which is why he’s seen crashing through the wall the same time the car hits the barrier. jaebum died when the car crashed in the water which is why he’s seen on the top of the car as it’s submerging. yugyeom died on the way to the emergency room probably in the hallway as they were rushing him in. bambam died upon resuscitation, he’s wearing a mask (even though it’s a gas mask it’s emitting some sort of gas could represent oxygen). youngjae died while trying to break the car windows, he broke the glass case jinyoung was trapped in here and in hard carry and mark died while saving jinyoung, he swam back to rescue jinyoung from the accident and died from drowning. jinyoung is seen in all of scenes because he’s the only member to survive and go through each of these moments.

How I learnt to study

During High school I was one of those students who never really had to work for my marks, I had the uncanny ability to leave my assignment till the night before and still manage full marks that is ..till I got to university, my first year was a disaster I was barely passing my units I was stressed and depressed, what got me through high school was clearly not working in university. So to stop my second year in university from being a disaster as well and to save my gpa I decided to learn how to study from scratch!  spoiler: It worked and my marks have tripled since I adopted these habits. So here are the things I started doing!

- I invested in school supplies that I NEEDED and not just for aesthetic, example I bought tons and tons of basic cheap notebooks because I knew I was going to do a lot of writing and things like flashcards. My rule of thumb was if its functional its perfect.

- I attended every lecture and every class no matter what the time was! This is essential as it saves time later when you are rushing around trying to catch up. 

- I tried to stay up to date no matter what! Before I would let lecture after lecture pile up but ever since doing this, my study life has been much easier to cope with. 

- UNDERSTANDING EVERYTHING YOU LEARN FROM THAT WEEK, I cannot stress how much this has helped me. If I am learning about a topic in week 5, I have to understand it fully in week 5, not when I am in finals week and stressing out. I use resources such as textbooks and the internet to help me understand or I will ask my teacher. The important thing is I understand it fully.

- Be organised!  Know when you have an assignment due, there are so many ways to do this. Handheld planner, wall planner, phone reminders, there is apps such as my study life. Anything that will remind you to get started on the thing before it is too late.

- Review your notes weekly or fortnightly!!! Memory works by relearning, instead of cramming the night before exams, review weeks before.

- Break down your essays weeks before its due, you don’t have to start writing them right away but at least start thinking about them.

- Utilise any free time, for example instead of listening to music on my 45 min bus ride to uni I started listening to a psych podcast or doing my readings for that day.

- Have mental health days, I found out how difficult it is to study and how necessary it is to take breaks. Studying is stressful, have days/half days where you relax and look after yourself.

-Cut down on caffeine, I was a serial coffee addict, Im talking 4 shots a cup three times a day. Cutting down reduced my anxiety and got me sleeping more, which improved my mood and energy.

- Have a study buddy/group, find someone who is serious about their study and have study sessions with them, you get to study and have a social life.

- Find a study schedule that suits you, don’t feel pressure to get up at 5 am if you find it easier to study at 6pm.

- Have a study place, that you know you will study in! It can be your local library, your desk, your bed. Anything that you find will work for you!


What does the future hold for Ashton Sanders?

Hard work. Dedication. Knowing myself, continuously being myself and not conforming for other people. I want to have my hands in everything: acting, fashion, cinematography, directing. So I’m just building myself up right now. I’ve been having some conversations with God and following my intuition. I want to leave a mark on this world. I want to inspire. That is what the future is: having my hands in everything, building myself up. Hopefully the result will leave a mark. I already know that I’m going to put in the work. It’s the law of attraction. I’m a strong believer in that. I’ll be calling shit out so the universe will hear it.

Climb on top of me

Like fuck. Climb on top of me. Show me what you want. Hold my hands over my head. Cover my eyes. Drive me crazy. Kiss my neck. Leave marks so everyone knows I’m yours. Tease me so bad my toes curl. But then let me take control. Let me touch every inch of you. Let me make you feel so intensely you have to hold on to me for your life. Holding so tight you leave marks on my back. Let me show you passion. Let me show you fire.

I can’t wait for the day my husband comes home one night to find me in bed, completely naked with the sheets tangled around my body. I want him to get in bed and touch me while I’m still asleep. I want him to caress my tits, suck and nibble my nipples. I want him to finger my pussy, slowly at first before gradually increasing speed. I want him to leave multiple hickies all over my fucking body so he marks his territory. I want him to remove his clothes and position his cock by my pussy. I want him to enter in me slowly – while I’m still asleep. I want him to fuck me – hard, slow, roughly, sensually, it doesn’t matter – awake. I wanna be waken up to the feeling of his long, hard dick sliding in and out of me repeatedly. I want him to pin me to the bed, leaving me absolutely no escape as he pounds my pussy. I want him to show me absolutely no mercy. I want him to fuck me as rough as he can – rough enough that I won’t be able to walk for days – until he cums all over and inside of me.

Give Okuyasu kisses!!!

Got7 date series!

This is the third installment in the series, sorry for the delay! It took forever to write and I didn’t want it to end! I’m probably going to end up doing a JB series all on its own bc I’m JB trash these days, so look forward to that. Enjoy! 


Your pulse jumped as your phone vibrated in your hand, causing adrenaline to fire through your body. You were waiting for a text or some form of clarification that he was actually coming. You were practically in hysterics as the clock inched toward eight o’clock. You reread all the texts, trying to find some kind of sign, some kind of understanding as to what was taking so long, or what could possibly have gone wrong, only to press the lock button again. You clicked the button again, even though you’d literally just locked it. The screen lit up to reveal his name, your heart doing somersaults.

I’m on my way, sorry this is taking so long. I can’t wait to see you.

You couldn’t help but grin. He was so sweet.

It’s totally fine! I’ll see you soon! :) 

You breathed a huge sigh of relief, and barely had enough time to slip into your heels, throw another layer of deodorant and a cardigan on, and brush your teeth again before the doorbell announced his arrival. You checked your reflection one last time, took a deep breath, and headed to the front door.

“Y/N-ah… aish, you look great!” He was positively beaming as you opened the door. You flushed a deep red and smiled sheepishly.

“Thank you, Oppa.”

He pulled his hand from behind his back, revealing a beautiful bouquet of red roses, arranged with baby’s breath. “These are for you… that’s what took me so long. I was waiting in line forever to get them. The shops are packed because of Prom. Tons of guys, trying to get their girls flowers before they close up for the weekend.”

“Oh, JB, they’re beautiful! Thank you so much!” You hugged him, and he looked a tad startled, almost not knowing what to do for a second, before his arms wrapped around you tightly.

“You’re very welcome, Y/N,” he whispered in your ear.

“Let me put these in a vase before we leave, just a second. Come on in,” you ushered him, closed the door and immediately found a vase. You were filling it with water when the doorbell rang again.

“Could you get that for me?”

He obliged as you fit the flowers into the vase distractedly.

“Hi, uh, is Y/N here?” your mother’s voice floated through the air, and in a panic, you threw the door that divided the kitchen and living room open. Just a tad too rough, you thought. Be more gentle next time.

“Hi, Momma.” You smiled as your mom put two and two together, drinking in the sight of you in your little cocktail dress, and JB in his dress shirt and tie, his slacks and nice-looking Supras. “This is Jaebum.”

“Oh, sweetie, I’ve heard so much about you!” she was gushing. She was gushing and almost definitely laying it on way too thick. “Y/N literally never shuts up about you… needless to say, I’m sure.” She cast you a teasingly annoyed look.

“Mom, JB and I were actually just on our way out…”

“Oh! Well, in that case, I won’t keep you. Go have fun. I love you.” She kissed your cheek and shook Jaebum’s hand. “It was so nice to finally put a face to your name.”

“The pleasure is entirely mine,” he beamed and kissed the back of her hand. That was it. She was sold. She didn’t even have to say anything to you, the look on her face said it all.

“She seems nice,” he grinned as she walked out the door.

“She’s cool. Sometimes.” You grinned and rechecked to make sure everything was in your purse. “Ready?”

“Whenever you are.” He smiled and took the liberty of opening the door for you, and then made a fuss out of helping you down the stairs. “What if you fall and break your arm? That’d be the worst first date in history. I simply can’t allow it.”

You sighed and let him take your hands, helping you down the stairs one at a time. He then proceeded to open the car door for you, and slid into the driver’s seat himself.

“I’m glad you dressed so nicely, I have something beautiful planned for us.”

“Am I allowed to know the plans?” You grinned and he shook his head.

“It’s a surprise, Y/N.”


           He pulled into the driveway of a beautiful chateau-like restaurant. The building was off-white, the roof grey, tiled, and ancient-looking, with blue trim around the enormous bay windows, which were giving off a warm glow. The whole scene was like something out of a fairy tale. Lush green gardens stretched for about an acre, and every inch was covered in fountains, ponds and flowers, and warmth-tinged streetlamps gave it a new kind of life. His eyes lit up at the sight. “I’ve been here before, but never in the evening, and never with anyone as beautiful as you.”

“It’s stunning… I’m honored.” You grinned and flushed deeply as he helped you out of the car.

“Here, let me carry your purse.” He smiled and took it from you, and opened the door for you as you reached it.

You walked through, and it felt like you had just stepped into a movie. There was an usher in the front part of the restaurant, waiting to give out slips for the inside. She asked to see JB’s ID and let you two through, and you walked into a stone-tiled room filled with warm light, white-clothed tables and, in the very center of the room, an elegant chandelier. You stared up in awe as JB led you by the hand to your seat.

“How can I start you off tonight, sir?” the waiter bowed and waited for Jaebum’s response.

“Could we get a bottle of the Pinot Noir Chardonnay, please?”

“Yes sir, right away.” The waiter hurried off.

“Do you know what you want yet?” He peeked over his menu and smiled.

“This lobster looks good.”

“Ah, that’s what I was gonna get. Should we just order two then?”

The waiter had returned with the bottle of champagne, and you paused at the lull in the conversation, giving the waiter an opportunity to speak.

“Your champagne, monsieur,” He said, and poured two glasses halfway full. “Have you and the lady” he inclined his head toward you with a shy smile, “decided on a meal yet?”

“We have, in fact. We’ll have two of the lobster tails, please.”

“That comes with an appetizer and dessert as well.”

“Surprise us. Tell the chef we’ll have his special.”

“Very good, sir.” He shuffled off again, leaving you two to yourselves.

“So, Y/N, what do you think?” Jaebum inquired.

“I think it’s beautiful, and this champagne is delicious,” you said, taking a sip.

He grinned and took a sip from his own fluted glass. “Pinot noir has always been a favorite of mine. I’m curious to learn about your favorites, if you’ll tell me.”

You flushed again, and this time you welcomed it. “I have a ton of favorite things. You’ll have to be more specific.” You smiled teasingly and waited for an answer.

“What kind of music is your favorite, miss Y/N?” You melted where you were sitting. He called you miss. That was a surefire way to turn you into putty, as if that wasn’t already your current state.

“I’ve always liked all different kinds of music. I just like the way all of it makes me feel.”

“Me too,” he said, laughing just a little, “It’s such a beautiful feeling, being so connected to another person’s way of thinking. I feel like music is what brings us all together.”


           You two were talking, laughing and smiling all the way through dinner, connecting and bonding through a mutual understanding of what made the other tick. There was nothing you didn’t like about him, and you hoped he felt the same way about you. You kept catching him staring at you for just a second, and then his eyes would wander around the room, coming to rest on one of the authentic Monet paintings just behind you and above your head. He’d sigh and shake his head slightly at himself, and then go back to engaging you.

           “Dinner was so delicious, I’m stuffed,” you said as he led you through one of the gardens. “Thank you for bringing me here. It really is beautiful.”

           “Yes, you are.” He paused, smiling as he realized what he’d just said. “Oh my god, that was an accident. Of course you’re beautiful, but I shouldn’t say exactly what I think sometimes.”

           “I like that you always say exactly what you’re thinking.” You grinned and flushed again, your entire body suddenly on fire. The shiver that followed was involuntary.

           “Y/N, are you cold? Here, take my jacket.” He removed his blazer immediately and settled it around your shoulders, squeezing them slightly. It was way too big for you and smelled faintly of his cologne, which gave you a feeling of immense security.

           “Thank you… for everything.” You gazed up into his eyes before he had the chance to move away, and that seemed to root him to the spot.

           “Yeah, of course… anything for you, beautiful.” His hand slid down your shoulder and landed in the small of your back, and guided you closer as he put the other hand on your hip. You leaned in close. His cologne filled your nostrils and he pulled you against him as his lips met yours, and then he was kissing you like he’d never see you again. Your tongue slid out slowly to meet his and he eagerly greeted it with his own, his lips soft but simultaneously insistent as he pulled you closer, if that were possible. You two pulled away for air, and he pecked you one more time before he slid his hand into yours.

           “It’s getting late, Jagi. I should take you home.”

           You sighed in response, and he smiled. “There will be plenty more of these kinds of kisses in the future, don’t be upset, please.”

           You held his hand and let him lead you to the car, where he pecked you one last time before opening your door, placing you in the passenger seat, shutting the door behind you and climbing into the driver’s seat beside you.


           The ride home was so pleasant. He held your hand the whole way home. You two sang songs you knew on the radio together, and he engaged you in conversation during the ones you didn’t. You had overall had a wonderful night, and JB had been the cause of it all. Once you arrived at your apartment, he made you wait for him to open your door, and he helped you out of the car and up the stairs like the true gentleman he was.

           “Y/N, thank you for a beautiful night. I truly had a wonderful time.”

           “Thank you. You’re the sweetest.” You turned to unlock the door, and you realized you were still wearing his jacket. “You might want this back, right?” you chuckled and removed his jacket, which likely smelled like your perfume by now.

           “Yeah, might be a good idea.” Jaebum grinned and stepped closer to you, leaning in just slightly as he pulled the blazer on. He pulled it all the way on and lingered close to you. You took the initiative and put your arms around his shoulders.

           “Thank you for everything, Im Jaebum. Really.”

           His arms wrapped around your waist tightly, and then his mouth was on yours again. His lips were so soft and he smelled so good that you just melted into his touch. He smiled against your mouth as you swooned.

           “This has been the best night of my life. Go get some rest.”

           “I’ll text you when I get in.” He pecked you one last time on the cheek, and sent you on your way. He didn’t leave the doorstep until he heard your door lock.

           I’m home safe. Goodnight, Princess.

           Goodnight, Jaebummie.

kamiladalmate  asked:

Nissi can you Rex me a good bottom jimin fic to distract me from my long day at work 😩

sure !! these r some newer ones ive read im sry this is late
candy boy on the weekends by 27book; jikook
light side of the moon by themelonlord; yoonmin
- i feel pretty by levetrate; vmin
- the way i fuck him (you’d think i love this –) by jonghyunslisterine; yoonmin
- patience is a virtue by novilunar; minjoon
- waiting for you right here by taromilktae; jikook
longing: a yearning desire by nahe; jikook
every kiss is a cursive line by vmingif; vmin
- leave your mark by snarcsics; jikook
- i like my friend (he’s a real guy’s guy) by ineffectivewishing; vmin
- backseat by nomilkonlysuga; yoonmin
- all you need is love (and a cat) by yururin; yoonmin
- constraint by harlot; jikook
- you’re a dime, a straight ten by taetaeq; vmin
- don’t go (i’ve found a home in your heart) by kamuu; jikook
- stupid batteries by zelupsi; jikook
- eyes on you (hands on me) by nutterbutterbisquit; jikook
- burn it up by pornographicpenguin; yoonmin

As a fan,,, this picture is nice,,,

but as an industrial worker™,,, RAVI THIS IS UNSAFE,,, put that helmet on thats what its ment for,,,, ur gonna go blind!!!! dont look at it,,, godadamn

SMUT Imagine: Impatient Part 2


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Your P.O.V.

The meeting ended and we were finally allowed to go. J and I got up to our penthouse and as soon as we were up, I pulled him by his jacket close to me so I could kiss him. He kissed me back and pushed me against the wall.His lips were so warm against mine. Then he bit my bottom lip and it caused me to open my mouth. He used that chance to push his long tongue in my mouth which caused me to moan.

His hands touched my body hungrily and I loved it. J’s lips moved from my lips to my neck. He peppered kisses until he found my sweet spot. ‘’Aw fuck Puddin’’ I breathed out as he started sucking on my skin to leave a visible mark that I was his. It felt so good. ‘’I can’t wait to fuck you babe’’ He purred and then took off my shirt, throwing it somewhere on the floor. I giggled at him because he was so impatient today.

J picked me up so my legs were straddling his waist and his hands were on my bum. Then he took us to our lovely master bedroom. Excitement and lust were mixed in my body and I could see that in his eyes as well. Before I knew it, he threw me on the bed. I watched as J stood by the edge of the bed and undressed himself, this time getting me impatient.

Just to be a tease, I took off my bra and then leaned against the big pillows. He licked his lips as he saw my bare chest visible just for him. ‘’Come on daddy’’ I meowed at him and made his eyes turn darker. J was only in his boxers when he climbed in bed and headed straight between my legs. ‘’These..’’ he started with a deeper voice and pinched my leggings. ‘’..are awfully in the way’’ He continued and then dragged them off. He looked into my eyes eagerly as he lowered himself between my legs.

J wrapped his strong arms around my legs and started to kiss my inner thighs. His warm lips felt amazing against my skin. Slowly he started to kiss a trail from my knees closer to my heat. He took his time and it frustrated me. I wanted to feel him now. ‘’Daddyyy’’ I whined and tried to buck my hips. He stopped me with his strong arms. Then he pressed a kiss against my undies, making me gasp from the sudden touch.

‘’Seems like you’re the impatient one kitten’’ He chuckled at me. Then he bit my lace undies and looked straight into my eyes as he pulled them off with his shiny teeth. The sight was so hot and it nearly made me moan. His hands touched my legs softly until he threw the undies across the room. I opened my legs wide for him and smiled, knowing that he could see my wetness right in front of him. He licked his lips and looked at me like I was his last meal.

‘’Eat all you want’’ I encouraged him and then did a ‘come here’ gesture with my finger. J smiled and got back between my legs. ‘’Hold on tight’’ He told me and then held my legs tightly so I wouldn’t squirm. I bit my lower lip and then he licked my slit hungrily. My head fell back against the pillows as J started to eat me out.

His tongue tasted me closely and he kept eye contact whilst doing it. A moan escaped my lips as he started to give my clit some much needed attention. He nibbled it with his teeth a little harshly ,but I liked it. ‘’Oh yes daddy’’ I breathed out and then tangled my fingers in his green hair. J knew exactly what I liked. So he freed one of his arms and then pushed two fingers inside me while he was sucking on my throbbing clit. My heart started to beat faster from the pleasure I was getting.

‘’You taste so sweet babe’’ He let me know with such a raspy voice. His fingers brushed against my G-spot and it made me arch my back. J noticed and added some pace to his fingers, curling them each time at my sensitive spot. I started to moan more as he repeated the lovely action. A knot started to form in my stomach and I knew my orgasm was close. ‘’I..I’m close’’ I whimpered and bucked my hips against his face. Suddenly he pulled out his fingers and stopped everything. He looked at me darkly, so hungrily and so passionately.

‘’Why’d you do that?’’ I whined and pouted. ‘’Because I can’’ He snickered and then took off his boxers.  His member was looking so hard that it excited me. J climbed closer to my face and kissed me so I could taste myself. What a dirty kiss.  ‘’Turn around for daddy’’ He whispered against my lips. I nodded and then got on my stomach so my back was exposed to him.

J ran his hands on my sides softly, but then he gave my bum a smack, making me gasp in surprise, but I loved it. ‘’Do you like it rough?’’ He hissed at me and then waited for me to answer. ‘’Yes-AH’’ I whimpered ,but another smack caught me off guard. J smacked my bum a couple more times until tears stung my eyes. Even tho it hurt a little, the pleasure was stronger. Now he rubbed my reddened skin with his hands to smooth it out. ‘’Now be a good girl and get on all four’’ He purred softly.

I did as told and then bit my lip. He was turning me on so much it was like magic. My arousal was running down my leg and I was ready to beg for his big cock. Luckily J was just as horny so there was no need to beg. He grabbed my hips, or as he liked to say ‘love handles’ and positioned himself on my entrance. Finally he slid his cock in me and it made me moan out in pure pleasure.

His length filled me up completely and my eyes rolled to the back of my head. ‘’Fuck you’re so tight’’He grunted deeply and then stopped so I could adjust to his size. I felt his warm yet harsh hand move from my hip to my hair and he yanked me up a little so I had to hold the black bedpost for support. ‘’Fuck me’’ I dared him and needed to feel some friction. He didn’t have to hear me twice.

J started to thrust in and out of me, first with a normal rhythm. His big size stretched my soft walls and caused me to moan loudly, not being able to hold it back. I wanted him to fuck me like never before, that’s how horny he got me. Quickly our bedroom was filled with the sound of skin slapping together and our moans. ‘’You take me so well babe’’ J grunted out sexily and started to push himself harder into me. 

‘’Mm I love you cock’’ I smiled, but a quick and hard thrust made me gasp. Then he pushed he forwards, causing me to loose my grip of the bedpost and land on my face against the mattress. I looked to my side as J pushed my cheek against the sheets. He loved taking control in bed and I loved that he took control over me. He was unusually rough, sometimes sweet, but when we wanted it rough, it was that. He wasn’t like a normal man who would break role in the middle of everything - thank God for that.

‘’Don’t make a sound unless I tell you to’’ He spat deeply at me and then used his other hand to spank my ass. I gritted my teeth together so I wouldn’t make a sound. His cock kept rubbing against my soft, yet so wet walls and the pleasure was driving me insane. Being quiet was super hard and I knew I’d fail. Suddenly he slowed down and looked at me so hungrily. He pulled out and that caused me to bite my bottom lip hard, but it wasn’t enough to keep a small moan to myself.

‘’What did I tell you ?’’ He licked his lips and then turned me around so I was on my back, my chest visible to him. I met his darkened eyes. ‘’Not to make a sound’’ I whimpered quietly and wanted him to fuck me again. ‘’Exactly’’ He just whispered and then spread my legs. My legs found their way on his shoulders and he pushed himself inside of me without warning and started thrusting with a quick pace. His arms wrapped around my legs as he fucked me hard.

I wanted to moan and scream out his name, but he didn’t allow me to. I had to bite my lip so hard I could nearly taste the irony flavor of blood. My tits bounced as he fucked me and he pleasure was adding up inside of me. The tip of his big cock hit my G-spot and it sent waves of a wonderful feeling through me. ‘’Struggling, are we?’’ Mr. J panted, obviously coming closer to his own orgasm as well. I looked into his eyes and tried to plead for a chance to moan.

‘’Go ahead, let everyone know who you belong to’’ He encouraged me and I was so relieved that I could speak. He started to pound harder, making me squirm under his touch. ‘’Daddy!’’ I cried out loudly and started to roll my hips against his. Sweat started to cover both of our bodies. ‘’Mr J..Fuck fuck..yes’’ I moaned loudly and started to struggle. I squeezed the sheets with my hands hard and my breathing got unstable. ‘’Oh doll.. you feel so good around my cock..’’ J panted again and gritted his teeth.

He was so hot. I brought my hand to my clit that was throbbing and hungry for more attention. Then I started to rub circles on it to bring me closer to my orgasm. J licked his lips as he saw what I was doing. ‘’You filthy little slut..’’ He chuckled darkly, but it was obvious he was struggling to talk straight as well. I just tried to smile at him, but whenever he saw I was nearly taking control of myself, he gave me harder thrusts that made me moan out loudly again.

‘’I’m so fucking close’’ I warned him and then gulped. J bent closer to my face and then put his hand around my throat. ‘’Look into my eyes when you come’’ He demanded sternly. I nodded and then felt like I was on the edge. Suddenly my orgasm ripped through my body hard, washing away every other sense in my body than feeling.My walls tightened around J’s cock and it didn’t take long for him to follow and I felt him squirting his load inside of me.

I bet I was moaning his name loudly, but I was so taken over the pleasure that I didn’t even notice it. J slowed down so he could ride down our high. Then he pulled out and I started to pant, catching my breath. His cum dripped down on my ass and then onto the sheets. He laid down on the bed next to me and I smiled. His cheeks were a little redder even tho it seemed impossible for someone as white as him.’’Damn’’ He breathed out and looked at me. I squeezed my legs together and shut my eyes for a second because I was so sensitive after the powerful orgasm he gave me. 

J pulled me closer to his body and I nuzzled into the crook of his neck. He smelled like sex and it made me giggle. ‘’You fuck me so good J’’ I let him know with a tired voice. His fingers drew patterns on my back. ‘’Vice versa girl’’ he let me know with his raspy voice that seemed even raspier from all the grunting and moaning. 

NCT 127 Reacting To Their Girlfriend Giving Them a Hickey

Anonymous: Hi, I would like to request a reaction with Nct127 : what about one when their girlfriend give them hickeys ? Thank you and I wish you an incredible day ❤ 

A/N: I will leave my babies Mark and Haecha out of this scenario <3


Taeyong looked in the mirror and his bruised neck. He was a little surprised by your eager touches and wild movements. He smiled at them and blushed, a little embarrassed by it. “Why don’t I get to see this side of you often,” he asked, smirking.

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Jaehyun being lowkey kinky isn’t a secret and he totally admired the way you took over him. When he saw the line of hickeys on his neck, he was shocked but pleased and wouldn’t stop teasing you about it. “That was very cool, do it again maybe?”

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Taeil had always taken you as a gentle shy girl, but when you left the skin on his collarbones assaulted, he was surprised but turned on as well. 

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Winwin blushed when he saw the hickeys and smiled to himself through out the day, careful to not display them to the public.

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Johnny was astounded by your burning confidence and just smirked at you. He will never let you forget the time you gave him a hickey and he’ll probably make it an anniversary.

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Yuta couldn’t stop looking at them, they looked just so good. He purposely wore a tank top just to showcase them but you told him he couldn’t do that. His face turned into an expression of dismay. “PLEASEEEEEE ONLY THIS ONCE!!” But he knew it wasn’t happening.

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Doyoung was a little shy about it and hated himself for being so shy. He was beyond surprised that you could be so wild as well. “You didn’t have to be this harsh,” he muttered and wore a sweater to cover it up.

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Lotus Park

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It’s time to leave - go out, explore, screw up. I’m young enough to make mistakes, old enough to learn from them, dumb enough that I probably won’t. I want to have adventures and see the world, paint and draw and leave my mark. I want to do something that matters.