i will lead them in the glorious battle

The Dothraki fighting in the open field lead by Dany on a dragon is by far the most epic and glorious battle on GoT ever. It’s totally worth watching the leaked episode. This was Wonder Woman no man’s land scene x 10 for me. Still haven’t recovered. I didn’t know it was possible for me to be any more Deanerys trash! 

*Spoiler alert*

Jon and Dany freggin touch. I literally screamed during that cave scene with just the two of them!

Ginny is the Gryffindor Quidditch captain her sixth year. The school is on Carrow-lockdown, and nearly lifeless: ransacked with guerilla warfare, and entirely lacking in Muggleborns, but there is still Quidditch. 

Her boyfriend, her best friend, and her whole family are out there fighting the war, and here she is playing Quidditch. 

Part of her resents it, resents trying to act like everything is normal, but the rest of her takes pleasure in House rivalry on the pitch, in leading her team to a victory that won’t get them what passes for “detention” in a war, in doing what she is undeniably brilliant at even when everything else is stunted. 

The only thing that keeps her playing is that she’s winning - it feels good to win somewhere, even if it’s not in the battles that matter.

marauders karaoke night headcanons:

- sirius belting out “i love rock'n'roll” without changing the pronouns
- james and sirius performing uptown funk complete with choreography
- peter and remus are forced to compete in singing “dancing queen” and it turns out peter knows all abba songs by heart
- james loves singing ok listen he l o v e s it (but he’s shit at it someone take the mike away from him)
- remus makes everyone cry when he sings ballads even if the lyrics aren’t sad
- sirius calls shotgun on every britney spears song
- peter has hands down the best voice of them but never volunteers for a song
- remus has to get tipsy before singing but if he gets too drunk it leads to him randomly shouting “DROP THE BASS” and flinging the microphone across the room
- sirius has to be physically restrained from stripping during “lady marmalade”
- there are only two possible ways the night can end
- the first is james and sirius out screaming each other in a rap battle
- the second is sirius and remus making out shamelessly while peter serenades them with a love song and james cries
- sometimes the two occur simultaneously
- it’s a glorious disaster

Theories for Magnus Chase

I’ve grown up with the Norse Myths and have devoted a lot of study to them. I also love PJO, and have been waiting for the Norse Series. So when I heard the Magnus Chase announcement I was super excited and plunged through my books.  What follows is my theories on parents, myths, and plot.

Beware a massive wall of text under the cut.

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