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(a hiddleswift fanfic)

We sat on the Adirondack chair on the second floor balcony of the beachfront house, the white woodwork of the railing in front of us, and the pebbled beach and the North Sea in the distance. A mild but decidedly cool breeze intermittently brushed over our skin, occasionally giving me goosebumps. The chilly air was a gentle reminder that it was still only February and it was still very much winter. The rain from earlier in the day had left the sky clear and the air clean, and the ability to see for miles. In the distance, a full moon was just barely peeking over the horizon.

Taylor leaned back into me, pulling the thick red and white patchwork quilt up to her chin and nestling into it.  

“You warm enough?”  I slid my hand from her shoulder down her arm, brushing over the top of her navy cable-knit sweater. My palm settled upon her hip so that I was hugging her body tightly to mine. She shifted and leaned back into my chest. “We can go inside,” I suggested.

“No, I’m good,” she assured me, and moved her hand atop mine. 

I felt Taylor’s head turn towards me as she spoke, and I looked at her. She smiled one of her smiles that says everything without a single word. This one said ‘I am a little bit cold, actually, but I really want to be out here with you looking at the water as the sun sets, and I’m really happy right now, so cuddle me close and keep me warm. Oh, and, PS I love you. A lot.’

If you’ve known someone like I know Taylor, then you know exactly what I mean by reading a smile.

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and you drive me wild

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PART SIX: Let’s make your outfit look hot

“Laf?” Alex called from his bedroom. He was standing in front of his bed, six different outfits spread out in front of him.

“Oui, mon ami?” Lafayette poked his head into Alex’s room. He had little green spots all over his face–– a face mask to treat his nonexistent acne.

“I can’t decide on what to wear,” Alex whined.

“Mon ami, seriously?” Laf asked, picking up the suit Alexander wore to all of the Washington’s uber formal events.

Alex gave a nervous laugh and shrugged. “I… wanted to make a good first impression?”

Laf shoved the suit at Alex for him to hang back up in the closet. While Alex was doing so, Laf had rejected three more potential outfits.

Alex went to gather them up when Laf stopped him.

“I must tell you why not to wear these for this kind of moment or you will never learn,” he said. He cleared his throat as he picked up the first outfit, a faded t-shirt for an obscure band and torn jeans. “This is not at all you,” Laf said. “Wasn’t this a Halloween costume?”

Alex blushed. “But what if he likes the whole grunge thing?”

Lafayette tsked. “Mon ami, do not lie about who you are or what you like to get a boy or girl or anyone. Ever. It is not worth it.”

With that, he picked up the next outfit, a bright blue polo shirt and khakis. “Alexander, mon ami,” Laf said, cocking an eyebrow at his brother. “What the, how you say, fuck?”

“Remember my job at the snack shack on the golf course last summer?”

“You were going to wear your work uniform?” Lafayette exclaimed. “I do not believe I even have to explain why you should never do that.” He shoved the clothes into Alex’s arms.

“I was trying to look professional!” Alex said.

“Professionally bad a fashion,” Laf muttered.

Alex glared at him, but stayed silent. Lafayette was just trying to help, after all, even if he was being the ultimate sass queen about it.

“And this little number,” Laf said, holding up the final outfit. It consisted of tight black pants and a purple sequins top. “This was from a talent show performance. From eighth grade. Do you even fit it anymore?”

“Fuck off,” Alex muttered, swiping the outfit out of Laf’s hands.

“Were you going to wear the hat, too, and bring your wand?”


“Ah, I am only teasing, mon ami,” Laf said with a wink.

Alexander crossed his arms and huffed at his brother.

“Now, let us look at the final two outfits.”

All that was left were two pairs of dark blue jeans, a collared flannel shirt, and a dark green cable knit sweater.

“The sweater,” Laf said confidently. “It goes well with your skin and brings out your eyes.”

Alexander studied the sweater. “And which pair of jeans?”

Laf looked at each pair before turning to Alex in confusion. “They are the same, non?”

“One has more of a distressed look than the other,” Alex said as if it should have been obvious.

“And are you distressed, mon ami?” Laf said, his tone light.

“Always,” Alex mumbled, rolling his eyes.

“Then the more distressed ones it is!” Laf turned to leave the room, but stopped short of the doorway. “And when you are done, mon ami, come to my room. I will fix your hair.”

“But my hair is fine, L––”

“I will fix it,” Laf said again.

Alex knew it was useless to argue. “Fine,” he said with a sigh.

“Magnifique,” Lafayette said with a grin. “Let us prepare for game night!”


Everyday Holtzmann

How to create a Jillian Holtzmann inspired capsule wardrobe

When I saw Ghostbusters: Answer the Call for the first time earlier this year, I fell in love with Jillian Holtzmann very quickly for a number of reasons. One of these reasons was her sense of style; she always looks so incredibly interesting and cool, and I knew I wanted to try and absorb some of a her quirky choices into my own wardrobe. I’ve posted a few ‘Holtzmann-inspired’ outfits and so far the response has been pretty positive. I’ve been working on creating a ‘capsule wardrobe’ in the style of Holtzmann - a capsule wardrobe is a collection of around 25 items of clothing which follow a similar style/colour scheme, and so can be combined in many different ways to create multiple different outfits. I know there are a lot of fans out there who have similar goals, and so I’ve decided to post my own collection as a kind of guide, which you’ll find under the cut below.

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““Trix! Can you come help me with this,” Katya is carrying a huge basket filled with nonperishable items, her biceps more defined in her tight yellow tank top. She has a god-awful colorful knit sweater over it, it’s fucking hot out but she’s wearing it anyway, and it’s falling off of both shoulders and pooling at her inner elbows where Trixie knows that she’s left a hickey.”

am i right!>!>!>!>!>!?!?!??!


Two current WIPs:
Top is the Pebble Vest. I’ve knit the whole thing and woven in most of the ends and kitchener stitched the shoulder. All that’s left is to add buttons and weave in a few more ends. There are so many *bleep* ends in this thing!
Bottom is a seamless, bulky-weight kimono-style sweater. There are several permutations of the style on Ravelry, and this one seems to be working quite well! We’ll see how this turns out!

In the Arms of a Woman

inspired by own damn post because fuck me right?? what wonderful cuddly boyfriend vibes he gives off here….. (i could talk about this all day so I’ll shut up) also this isn’t edited so……

“What’s for lunch?” I ask, trying to keep my mind off Niall who I know is thinking the same thing that I am. I wanted to get him out of that sweater this morning; I didn’t want him to leave me this morning. I wanted to keep in the walls of our home. I don’t care if I ripped the knitted pullover I wanted him this morning as bad as he wants me right now wearing the same pullover.

“You,” Niall breathes as we pull onto the highway, and I pray our driver doesn’t hear the words that verbal and non.

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Gravel And Ash [Part 1/3]

Title: Gravel And Ash [Part 1/3]

Summary: He’s the guy who asks if he can join you and you’re the girl with a flowery backpack who doesn’t belong in a place like this.

Or, the one where two very different people have two things in common: their end destination and the secrets they keep.

Written for @torn-and-frayed​​‘s Songs of Season 2 Challenge for the song Hellhound on my Trail by Robert Johnson. The next part will be up this weekend, hopefully.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester

Word count: 2,600ish

Warnings/tropes: Un-betaed, aesthetic fic, road tripping, hitchhiking, semi AU but still in the Supernatural world [smut in next part]

A/N: Yet another one of my aesthetic fics, the first one of which was Organically Grown, a Sam x Reader fic. This one’s a little different (and maybe even more experimental) and I’ve split it into three parts because otherwise this would’ve gone over the word limit, lol. I still gotta finish Part 2 because I re-wrote this whole thing a bajillion freaking times, but in true Nebula fashion, Part 3 is done, wtf. Hope y'all enjoy! :) I’d love to read your comments/critiques and please do point out any mistakes I may have missed. ^^

Chapter List: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Epilogue

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Warm leather and the tang of silver bullets; skin kissed by the summer and a sandy scattering of freckles; sharp green eyes with even sharper focus. Then he grins and it’s like the goddamn sun.

Dean stares because you’re out of place; you’re awkward angles and long knitted sweaters with roses, left unbuttoned and flowing behind you like a cape in the midst of tank tops and tight ripped jeans and hair flowing easier than the beer is.

Dean stares because you’re alone with a flowery backpack stuffed with clothes, you’re heavy boots over black tights and you look too young - too naive - to be in a place like this. But there’s a bus station half a mile down and people fall asleep in corners with hats over their eyes as they wait seven, eight hours for the next bus.

You’re not a runaway. You’re a purse hanging around your neck like some Victorian lady and vague concern through the corner of your eye.

People stare. You don’t pretend not to notice.

You’re a laptop and a frayed paperback. You’re legs crossed up on the seat and a hopeless, helpless smile when a gruff guy in a white apron puts a sandwich in front of you. He doesn’t notice and Dean wonders whether that upsets you.

A taste of fondness first comes as a tickle in his chest when you’re all shifty eyes before you lift the sandwich up to your mouth and take a bite bigger than your mouth can open. You’re big, puffed up cheeks and fingers gripping bread as if someone might take it away. But you’re also long sips from the straw and almost audible sighs that he can hear all the way from where he’s sitting as the cold fizz of Coke hits your tongue.

Dean is a flirty grin and an arched brow when a waitress saunters up to him and offers more beer, and Sam is knowing eyes over the rim of his brown bottle.


Sam’s lips twitch.


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The wind was blowing so hard, and it was actually warm. I think this is the first day I actually felt warmth in the air. I was wearing a tank top and a thin knitted mesh sweater, and was so comfortable. It was amazing. A breath of fresh air after one of the most difficult winters I’ve had. So many unfortunate things left me heartbroken and empty. Days like this give me hope that there are brighter, wonderful days ahead. I am thankful to be free, and happy to be alive. <3 

When a boy tells me he loves me, I say: that’s really great, just let me know when you’ve run out. Tell me when it’s gone. Tell me, while you open up the door, that you are leaving. When there’s not enough love left to drown me, tell me, or I won’t stop diving in. When I’ve knitted so many useless sweaters in attempt to keep myself warm and you’ve ran out of yarn, let me know. I hate half-sleeves or crop tops. I don’t need half-love to fill my time, I too get angry when I see something die. I do not want to watch it freeze to death slowly. I do not want you to ration your love. Let me know when I’ve been wasteful, when I’ve asked too much. Let me know when I should stop loving you or I’ll love you full with emptiness. I’m sorry I’m both insatiable and inexhaustible but I don’t. Know. How. To. What’s the word for love like learning is for knowledge?
—  When A Boy Tells Me He Loves Me by B.G.

(Inspired by Ashes - Alex Vargas)
[Kingdom Love - Kris] 다섯 (Part Five)

Parts: [1]    [2]    [3]    [4]   [5]   [6]   [7]   [8]   [9] 

I won’t ask anymore.

“Come here.” Her soft voice echoed into your ears as your eyes locked onto the material – you were busy at the moment…

“Hey,” She chuckled quietly, causing you to hum quietly as your hands worked on the wool you were knitting – you wanted this to be as perfect as you could. It has been a month or so since that incident at the garden, ever since that morning… it still blew your mind everyday just thinking about how it all happened; it felt so surreal; as if everything was just a dream. Those nonchalant talks in the garden seemed to be a regular thing, those little touches he’d sneak in as he passed by you, those handsome smiles he’d give you as he ‘coincidentally’ passed by your room – it was impossible to not fall in love with him a bit more each day.

Yet you couldn’t be happier as each day passed.

You wanted to make this sweater for him. At least, that was what you could do.

“Is that for Kris?” She asked quietly, kneeling down beside you where you blushed a little before your eyes lifted to meet with hers shyly. “Y-Yeah…” You mumbled softly, causing her to grin as she patted your head, you were so diligent in making this that you actually lost nights of sleep just perfecting this – you wanted to give it to him by tonight before he left for a trip to another village where he would be dealing with some issues. You heard that the trip there would be very chilly and he would be gone for a few days or so. Not wanting to risk anything, you wanted him to be warm and maybe… maybe think of you while he was gone?

“I’m sure he’ll love it, dear…” She whispered, causing you to look down on the pure white sweater you knitted with a small letter K at the top right – would he really like it?

“I… I’m not sure, though…”

She couldn’t help but laugh at how nervous you were – why were you even nervous in the first place? Ma had already sensed that the Prince had feelings for you even way before he confessed, even way before the two of you had secretly gotten together – she, had already figured out. She noticed the little signs he gave; those moments where he’d specifically ask for you to clean his bedroom, those moments he’d ask about you and hurriedly skip to asking about the other maidens he didn’t care about – he was being a little too obvious to a woman who has a lot of experience in noticing young love.

“He’ll love it – it’s perfect.”

You sighed as your hands ended the hem of the sweater with a few knots before you pulled the sticks out, your hands patting the well-knitted sweater with a small frown, “I really hope he does…”

Ma reached for the sweater, putting it down on the floor before she assisted you up to follow her to the other side of the room. She made you kneel down with her in front of a chest – it was her special chest in which she kept some of her valuable items. “M-Ma…” You croaked out unsurely, eyes following her hands as she lifted the chest open only to pull out a white material that made your eyes go wide. She lifted it up in front of you beside her face where she showed you this full length white dress – it looked so beautiful… It had long sleeves along with a v-cut at the back, white lacing over the white material – it was a very plain yet elegant dress…

“Wear this tonight when you meet him by the garden. I want him to remember how beautiful you are while he is away.”

You gulped and shook your head, “M-Ma, I can’t. That’s your favorite dress…”

She sighed and made you hold onto the dress with a smile, how are you so considerate?

“I want you to wear it – I’m sure, and your parents are sure that you will look stunning in this. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Plus… Isn’t today your first month with Kris?”

You immediately gasped, using your other hand to plaster it over Ma’s lips with a shocked and worried expression, “Shh! What if people hear?” You were so frantic, it was so amusing to her as she held onto your hand whilst laughing, “We’re living at the lowest ground in the castle – what makes you think there are people listening to maids talk?”

You frowned and shrugged, “I don’t know…”

She snickered, patting your hand with another hushed sigh, “Wear this tonight and I hope, no, I know things will go well.”

You fiddled with the box you were holding on – what if he didn’t like it? What if he thought it was too corny? What if he thought that… it was something too… cheap for him? He was, after all, a prince. A prince who has the good life, the luxury and such but you do not have any of that. You couldn’t even afford a good piece of silk even if you tried. Wool was the best you could buy from the village (even with that, you risked sneaking out just to buy it). You remembered vaguely one night in his bedroom where he made you sleep in his arms in his bed, he had mentioned white was one of his favorite colors. Taking note of that quick, you had bought the right about of white wool just for his body size.

You sat down on the bench behind the trees – it was the regular place you’d meet Kris here every other night. You had your legs crossed – this dress was a bit shorter than the long skirts you’d usually wear. You had the box on your lap, still waiting for him to arrive that you had closed your eyes for a moment.

Him, on the other hand, had a bit of trouble trying to escape from his bedroom without much questions from his mother. As soon as he managed to lock his bedroom door, he snuck out from the window, climbing down from the side before he hurriedly used the stairs to reach the ground. He then continuously jogged all around the back to get to the other side where he could vaguely see your figure under the dim moonlight. He was slightly breathless, but he quickened his pace in walking nevertheless until…

Until he could finally see up close on how you looked like.

He was merely just ten steps away from you, opposite you but he couldn’t take any more steps when he was taken away by your looks.

You looked, stunning.

You were breathtakingly beautiful to his eyes as he stared at you.

The way you had your hair swept to one side as it was laid down on your shoulders, that gorgeous dress hugging your body nicely as you sat down comfortably, the way your eyes closed as if you were in a deep sleep but you were actually just waiting for him to arrive – it all made his heart beat faster as he came closer towards you. The moment you heard his last step towards you, which is right in front of you, your eyes opened carefully only to gasp when he was suddenly here – so close to you. You gasped and jerked backwards with your eyes wide open, a hand on your chest where you were shocked – he has got to stop doing this…

“K-Kris!” You half-whispered, half-shouted as you blinked at him.

He chuckled, sitting down beside you with a grin, “Sorry, mei li. But… you were just so pretty from afar that I wanted a closer look without disturbing you.”

You frowned and looked away with a quiet huff. He couldn’t help but snicker, reaching for your hand where he gave you a squeeze, “Don’t be mad… You’re prettier when you’re happy.”

You peeked to look at him – he was already grinning at you as he made you turn your body to face him.

His eyes looked up and down on you – as if he was scanning you from head to toe. You gulped and lightly poked his arm, “W-What are you looking at?”

He sighed, giving your hand another squeeze, “You look so beautiful…” He continued staring at you in awe, not wanting to look away from you as you shyly looked down. Your lips parted in a gasp when his fingers tilted your chin up, where your eyes met gazes with him, “Don’t look away from me – I want to see your eyes…”

You blinked at him slowly a few times, as if you were putting him in a trance just by looking at your beauty – he could go on staring at you forever. But he knew his time was limited, so he had to carry on what he wanted to do; what he intended to do for a while now.

“So, I-“ The two of you had mumbled the same words, causing a small eruption of laughter at the same time.

“You first.” Again, the same words came out from your lips.

You leaned away with a small smile, shaking your head as you used a hand to motion him to go first, “You first.”

He shook his head, “You first, mei li.”

You frowned at him, but went first nevertheless. Your hand holding to his had released, moving to the box where you gripped onto it tight, “I… I know you’re going to the village for a few issues so… I made this for you.” Your hands shyly moved forward, handing him the box where you looked away the moment he held it in his hands. He chuckled, eyes smiling at you as he held onto the box, “Why are you getting so nervous, mei li?”

You gulped, shrugging, “I don’t know…”

He patted your hand, “I’m sure I’ll love it.”

Your heart nearly stopped when his hands lifted up the cover of the box, revealing the perfectly knitted sweater that was fitted folded to fit the box. His hands placed the lid to the side, where his hands lifted up the sweater by the collar as his eyes grew wide from looking at it – he has never received a gift like this before…

Indeed he was a prince, and that he had the luxurious life but he has never received something that could radiate warmth and love in an instant – he has never received a gift that contained such sincerity before…

His eyes blinked at his as he lowered it down, feeling the material as his fingers brushed on the wool – he felt the tingles running up and down his spine.

You on the other hand, had no idea what’s going on in that mind of his that you mumbled out, “I… I know it isn’t much but, it was the best I could do. I didn’t have much to work with.”

His head turned to look at you – in disbelief. How could you think this wasn’t enough when this was more than enough?

“I know that it may be nothing to you but I hope that it can at least warm you up on your journey there. I heard from Tao that it’s going to be very chilly so maybe this could help. I’m sorry I couldn’t get a better gift-“

“I love it.”

“-but I… what?” You breathed out in the end, eyes growing wide as you stared at him. You cleared your throat, “You what?”

He smiled, eyes looking back at the sweater where his fingers brushed over the small letter ‘K’ you sowed at the top, “I love it…”

He carefully put the sweater into the box, closing it before he turned to face you. “I love it so much, mei li. Don’t ever think it’s not enough because it’s more than just enough. I’ll definitely wear it every night when I go to sleep, thinking about you and how you made it just for me. It’ll be like feeling your touch, your warmth when I’m away. Thank you so much.”

You gulped, heart skipping a beat from what he had said about the sweater you made. He loved it…


He grinned at you, a hand he had raised up to place it at the back of your head where he gave you a loving stroke, “Really.”

You couldn’t help but show this cute side of you where your feet shuffled excitedly on the ground, your hands fidgeting as you couldn’t contain the happiness in you. He snickered, catching your attention as you looked at him. This time, he gave a nod, as his free hand reached into his pocket after he whispered quietly, “Close your eyes, mei li.”

Your eyes fluttered shut on command as he told you to. You could feel him letting go of your hand but that was about it. It wasn’t even a minute when he had spoken.

“Open your eyes…” His voice echoed into your ears, making you open your eyes where you stared down at him - he was now kneeling down on the ground. His eyes seemed to have directed you to look down on your chest where this sparkling letter of your first name appeared. A necklace.

He had placed a necklace around your neck with your initial along with a letter ‘K’ linked to it with a heart.

Your lips parted as you reached for it with your fingers, blinking at it as if you were looking at something so foreign. It was so beautiful as it sparkled under the night sky. Your lips parted as you were taken away by this – it was a first for you to receive a necklace…

Your eyes flickered up to meet with his where he gave you a shy laugh, “U-Under such a short notice, I couldn’t get something else-“

“It’s so pretty…”

“-and I- oh?” He couldn’t help but sound surprised at your reaction – you were being so cute, too. Your eyes glancing at him as your eyes were looking at the necklace around your neck. “It’s so beautiful, Kris… I love it…” Your eyes looked away from the necklace this time, staring directly into his eyes where you whispered sincerely, “Thank you, Kris… It’s amazing…”

One of his hands reached up to hold onto yours, where he laced your fingers together, “I’m glad you like it.”

“I love it.” You corrected him, causing him to laugh quietly, “Alright, alright.”

You laughed along with him, but you let the laughter die when he let it fade away into the quiet atmosphere. You stared into his eyes and noticed this pinch of hidden feelings behind it – there was something he was silently asking for. Your lips curled up into a smile, making his heart warm up just looking at you smile like this. How can someone be so obliviously beautiful?

“What…? Your voice was so hushed, so quiet as it soothed into his ears.

He got on his knees, his body raising up to loom over you.

“Can I…” His voice was soft but that was the only thing you could hear. His other hand reached up to cup your cheek warmly, just taking its rightful spot as he stroked your skin lovingly with his thumb – he would want to do this for a very, very long time, whenever he’d could. If he didn’t do it now, he’d regret it all the way during his trip.

“Can I just…” He stammered this time, licking his lips uncertainly as his eyes flickered down to your lips and then back up to your beautiful eyes. You could see that he gulped nervously as his hand holding onto yours had moved over to cup your other cheek – both of his hands holding your face delicately as his lips inched closer.

And that was when it happened when your eyes fluttered shut the moment his lips brushed against yours before he covered his lips with yours. You felt how gentle the kiss was, how sincere and how much love it contained as he was being so delicate. He could feel you kissing him back – it sparked up the dominancy in him as he kissed you a bit harder, loving that quiet wince you let out as your hands clutched onto his shoulders as he got up from his knees, moving to sit beside you with your lips in lock as his hands moved down to hold you by your waist as you two were so close to one another on the bench. He pulled you closer, trying to get a better angle at prolonging the kiss. It felt so blissful and he felt like there was this promise he had created with you as soon as your lips touched.

It was as if silently and quietly, this was a promise that he belonged to you only.

And you, him.

It never felt so right – and not a single doubt crossed his mind.

He parted his lips away from yours just a mere inch – breaking the kiss as his forehead leaned against yours with his breath hitting your skin as he inhaled and exhaled; you were doing the same, too. He saw how pink your lips were, how slightly red your cheeks became from that kiss – it made him smile as he whispered on your lips, “I’m definitely going to miss you when I’m gone…”

You couldn’t help but sigh, your hands moving over to hug him by his neck, “M-Me too…”

You could see how he blinked at you, how his hand at your waist moved up to frame your cheek tenderly, “Can I kiss you again?”

A grin played on your lips as you nodded your head, nuzzling your nose with his, “I don’t think you need to ask, Kris…”

He smirked, lips coming closer again, “I don’t think I’ll ask anymore.”