i will kill your infant daughter

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if you were an ex-assassin on the run from dangerous and angry people who are trying to kill you, would you give your helpless infant daughter your actual name, one that you apparently used while assassinating for the CIA, so that they can instantly be tied back to you?

i mean absolutely it seems like a foolproof plan


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Genre: The fluffiest cotton candy fluff to ever exist

Pairing: Park Jimin x Reader

Length: 770

Request: For a jimin scenario you could do something like, maybe you come home from shopping to see your husband jimin and either, your infant child is a mess while jimin is trying to clean them up before you got home or like him playing a silly game with his 5-6 year old son or daughter! It would be so cute!

A/N: I kinda put together the ideas in your request, but i hope you like it! BUT FOR REL THOUGH, JIMIN AS A DAD WOULD KILL ME -Jacy x

Getting up in the morning was always the hardest for you. You slowly pulled back the covers and headed towards the bathroom. With your toothbrush stuck in your mouth, Jimin came from behind to wrap his arms around your waist. His head laid on your shoulder with a sleepy grin.

“Morning to you,” he said as he playfully rocked your bodies from side to side. Just as you were about to respond, a cry was heard from the room across from your bedroom. You quickly moved towards the door and he stopped you.

“It’s fine, I got it.” You nodded gratefully and continued on your routine. When you finished, you stepped out of the bathroom.

You slowly approached the two sleeping figures on your bed. The scene in front of you was the result of an early morning wake up.

Your daughter Ji-yoo was snuggled at his side. Her head laid on his arm as they lightly dozed. You slowly eased onto the bed and bended down to place a light kiss on her nose, careful not to wake her. Her nose wrinkled a bit in response and turned her head to snuggle deeper to her father.

You reached across her to place a kiss on Jimin’s lips. His eyes slowly fluttered open and his lips curved up into a smile. “I’m going out to get groceries, okay?” You whispered with a smile in return. He nodded and you placed another kiss on his lips before heading out.

Driving up to the grocery store was no problem, but the problem retained in the situation outside of your car. Rain poured down as if there was no tomorrow. Without an umbrella, you ran towards the grocery store doors in hopes it wouldn’t be like this when you were done.

You were halfway done your list when your phone rang.

“Jagi, are you done yet?” His voice sounded odd. In the background you could hear your toddler giggling and the water running. Maybe he was doing dishes?

“No, but almost,” your answer being short.

“Did you remember everything?”

“Yeah, I have a li-,” he cut you off.

“Milk? Bread?” The list continued and he listed almost everything on your list. Your suspicions started rising.

“Jimin, is something wrong?” You questioned frowning.

“N-no, just take your time, alright?” You could hear his tone begin to sugar coat the words he spoke.

“Okay?” You answered before he ended the call with a quick ‘I love you’. Your worries begin to appear and your thoughts clouded with them. With them in mind, you quickly finished your trip and headed home.

When you opened the door, with groceries in hand, you headed towards the kitchen. When you arrived in the kitchen, muddy footprints spread across the floor. Little ones and bigger ones. They trailed out of the kitchen and up the stairs. You followed them to the bathroom.

“Baby, I told you that mommy would kill me if we got dirty.” You could hear the frown in his voice, but somewhere in there was fear.

You heard the running water from inside and twisted the doorknob. Ji-yoo’s cheeks were covered in mud and Jimin was attempting to bath her. He didn’t seem to notice your presence until your Ji-yoo pointed a finger at you and grinned.

He turned around with a sheepish smile on his face.

“So this is why I was suppose to take my time?” You raised an eyebrow with a daring grin.

“I can explain. She wanted to go outside to play since it just rained. Puddles and all.” His hands raised up surrendering.

A part of you wanted to grab his ear as punishment, but the other part wanted to just laugh at his innocent face. Before deciding what to do, you finished bathing Ji-yoo. After helping her settle with her toys, Jimin followed you in tow.

You turned around and grabbed his ear.

“Ah, ow, ow. I’m sorry, (Y/N),” he pleaded. His hands raised in surrender and after a couple seconds, you released him of his punishment.

“Just go clean up the floor,” you said rolling your eyes. He quickly placed a kiss on you cheek in response. Never the less, you couldn’t stop the smile rising on your face. You shook your head following him towards your playing toddler.

“Mommy is the best,” he cheered as he bounced Ji-yoo on his hip. She cheered at how happy her father was and clapped her hands.

This was the small family that you call home.


Citizens of Luna, I ask that you stop what you’re doing to listen to this message. My name is Selene Blackburn. I am the daughter of the late Queen Channary, niece to Princess Levana, and the rightful heir to Luna’s throne. You were told that I died thirteen years ago in a nursery fire, but the truth is that my aunt, Levana, did try to kill me, but I was rescued and taken to Earth. There, I have been raised and protected in preparation for the time when I would return to Luna and reclaim my birthright.
      In my absence, Levana has enslaved you. She takes your sons and turns them into monsters. She takes your shell infants and slaughters them. She lets you go hungry, while the people in Artemisia gorge themselves on rich foods and delicacies. But Levana’s rule is coming to an end. I have returned and I am here to take back what’s mine.
Soon, Levana is going to marry Emperor Kaito of Earth and be crowned the empress of the Eastern Commonwealth, an honor that could not be given to anyone less deserving. I refuse to allow Levana to extend her tyranny. I will not stand aside while my aunt enslaves and abuses my people here on Luna, and wages a war across Earth. Which is why, before an Earthen crown can be placed on Levana’s head, I will bring an army to the gates of Artemisia.
      I ask that you, citizens of Luna, be that army. You have the power to fight against Levana and the people that oppress you. Beginning now, tonight, I urge you to join me in rebelling against this regime. No longer will we obey her curfews or forgo our rights to meet and talk and be heard. No longer will we give up our children to become her disposable guards and soldiers. No longer will we slave away growing food and raising wildlife, only to see it shipped off to Artemisia while our children starve around us. No longer will we build weapons for Levana’s war. Instead, we will take them for ourselves, for our war.
      Become my army. Stand up and reclaim your homes from the guards who abuse and terrorize you. Send a message to Levana that you will no longer be controlled by fear and manipulation. And upon the commencement of the royal coronation, I ask that all able-bodied citizens join me in a march against Artemisia and the queen’s palace. Together we will guarantee a better future for Luna. A future without oppression. A future in which any Lunar, no matter the sector they live in or the family they were born to, can achieve their ambitions and live without fear of unjust persecution or a lifetime of slavery.
      I understand that I am asking you to risk your lives. Levana’s thaumaturges are powerful, her guards are skilled, her soldiers are brutal. But if we join together, we can be invincible. They can’t control us all. With the people united into one army, we will surround the capital city and overthrow the imposter who sits on my throne. Help me. Fight for me. And I will be the first ruler in the history of Luna who will also fight for you.

A messages from Selene Blackburn

*sheds tear* so proud of Cinder