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you kept staring at me with your gorgeous eyes but little did you know you were killing me inside.
—  mixed signals.

“I’m gonna miss you, buddy.”

My very first screencap redraw… ever I think.

I was trying to work on the stuff i need to get done but after watching season 3 I literally couldn’t function hahaha

This scene killed me.

Do you think Blue Lion ever sees the resemblance between Lance and Blaytz? Do you think maybe that’s part of how she chooses her Paladins?

I think about this a lot now

also i thought Blaytz’s name was Blades first and all i could think was “blue lion, do you have a thing for handsome flirty goofballs named after weapons?”

i hit post limit before i could post it so i’m just posting this now instead of yesterday morning, it was literally 10am when i hit post limit omfg

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- Ignis, can you… sense light?
- To a degree, yes.
- So when dawn breaks, you’ll know it.
- I should.
- Good to know.

Dark Sea Witchcraft

Many sea witches forget that the ocean is a dark, dangerous place, filled with deadly traps and monsters. This post is a collection of ideas on blending dark witchcraft with sea magick. (Note: I, along with many others, do not believe in the threefold law, so please keep your personal ethics to yourself)

  • Seashells are great for curses, as they can be broken into shards and put in a curse bottle. Research certain shell correspondences if you want a very specific curse.
  • Black sand can be mixed with black salt (or used by itself) for protective or cursing magick.
  • Saltwater gathered on the night of a dark moon makes the water even more potent for dark witchcraft.
  • Fish or turtle bones can be used in curse bottles or for divination. (Please only use bones that you find without actually hurting an animal. If you do sacrifice an animal, don’t be wasteful and please be humane. And definitely don’t sacrifice anything endangered!)
  • Shark teeth can be used for curses to cause fear in someone, or even bring real harm to them if used that way.
  • If you think on a broader scale, you can harness the power of the entire sea. Hurricanes and things like that are incredibly powerful, and are aspects of the sea. They kill many, many people, so I don’t recommend a hurricane curse, as they aren’t specific to who they harm.

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Square you had your chance to use the skull motif on Prompto in a good way
So instead I took the opportunity because y’all know me and my design trips lmao
The first drawing was is the less refined version of the second one! Man, I wold kill to have these masks instead, square take notes pls. 


kill all your friends // my chemical romance 

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In honor of the Lightning Thief Musical, I did a drawing of Chris McCarrell who’s playing Percy!! This drawing took unbelievably long and is 1,429 layers, so please like and reblog if you like it!! Also please don’t repost you guys!


to the most caring and special boy: thanks for always being this amazing human, friend and idol. for always being there for both bangtan and army’s. i hope you realize how amazing, beautiful and talented you’re and how much we love you. may this special day be filled with love from your loved ones and lots of happiness, because that’s what an amazing person like you deserve! remember: you were a star but now you’re the whole universe. keep lighting up the world with your smile 태어나 줘서 고마워요♡°◌̊ ‧˚₊*̥ #HappyJiminDay #지민생일ㅊㅋ

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Khary Payton‏  ||  So proud of all my Kingdommers. Thank you for your commitment. #GoneButNeverForgotten #twdfamily 

Khary Payton  ||  Hot. Humid. Dirty. Killin’ it. My ladies. Doing their thing in all conditions!!! #twd  #twdfamily  Repost:  trayswats || I’d follow you anywhere, Melissa! Even into radioactive waste.

Carlos Navarro   ||  Damn..I looked at the flowers! 💐🤴🏿👀😩🙀
SPOILER ALERT: Carol did not kill Alvaro. Mellisa was nice enough to grab this pic with me to share on that fateful day…which is today. Follow me @tothetopcarlos & on FB Carlos Navarro as I purge a bunch of BTS pics of #TWD this week as I move on to the next chapter in my acting career! What an amazing ride! To The Top, Never Stop! 👍🏼 

Cooper Andrews  ||  @tothetopcarlos I think we earned some time in Disney.

this is so bad

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