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skam meme: 2/6 characters  ≡ Sana Bakkoush
Islam says the same as always: That all people in this world, have the same worth and that no person should be spoken about behind their back, be violated, judged or mocked. So if you hear anyone use religion as an argument for their hatred, don’t listen.


My three stages of reaction while lurking at the creative signs at Women’s March

Casually lurking

These are too good!!!

Oh I do not live there :(

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Amber Scenario - ‘I’ll keep you safe’

Requested by a lovely anon <3

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Author: Sherlock  (Just a side not but I know this is sad but I got really excited at the idea of Amber calling me oppa.)

“Get down!”

With those words, everyone followed without hesitation, whilst I rushed to get the rest of the girls into the car.


Recognizing the voice all too well, my head towards the direction of the scream, I saw an armed man holding Amber by her waist, gun aimed at everyone, then briefly at her, “Put the gun down- don’t do anything stupid”, I said, trying my best to keep my voice steady, despite feeling my heart nearly escaping my chest being overwhelming.

“Why should I do that huh”, he said confidently, aiming it directly at my head, “Not even doing your job correctly huh”, he laughed, making it extremely difficult not to just jump at-

“Oppa don’t do anything- don’t let anyone get hurt”, she yelled, trying to be brave as well.

Hearing her voice snapped my senses back, slightly calming down when I remembered I had trained to do this.

Approaching him slowly, he continued to point the gun straight at me, a bit hesitant.

I grabbed the gun swiftly, “Don’t!” I heard, trying to ignore it, but it caught me by surprise.

I successfully took the gun from me, but felt a sharp pain in my shoulder, but I managed to stop myself from crying out in pain by gritting my teeth tightly.

Using the strength I still had in me, I pointed the gun at him, using the arm that hadn’t been shot to aim at him, “Put her down now” I ordered, making him let her go and run towards me, yet was stopped by a kick in his groin.

The other bodyguards finally intercepted, arriving once again after dropping the rest of the girls somewhere safer.

Feeling relieved, I took the bullets out of the gun quickly, before suddenly dropping everything, feeling myself go along with them, feeling everything go black.

“Please don’t leave me oppa, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry”, I heard a voice say, and suddenly I was able to open my eyes again.


“Oh my god- you’re okay–! Guys he’s okay!” she exclaimed, her tear stained cheeks suddenly glow when she started to smile.

“Mr. (Y/N)”, a man in a white coat said, approaching the bed, making me realize I was in the hospital, “I am glad to say your surgery was a success, luckily the man managed to just barely miss a major artery.”

I was shocked, in all of my years of training and experience, I never managed to be shot by anything, “I’m sorry oppa, if only I didn’t call out to you, you would have never gotten shot.”

I smiled, turning back to face Amber, slowly reaching to stroke her cheek with my healthy hand and arm, “Don’t blame yourself, I was just doing my job- I shouldn’t have gotten my feelings involved- I got cocky and acted prematurely.”

She let her head slightly drop into my hand, “I’m still sorry… I was really nervous but you were so cool back there.”

I smiled, “I was too, I just had to fake it- I didn’t want anyone to hurt or take you.”

She sighed in relief, “I love you oppa.”

I caressed her cheek, “I love you too, Amber.”

anonymous asked:

I don't understand why you keep remaking gif sets that have been around for ages? What's the point?

Okay, where do I start… 

I’m in the fandom since 3 months so I don’t know what was posted years ago lol If I find gif-sets on my dash then I reblog them! Also, I usually post all of my gifs on twitter too (and maybe i tag the cast) so, I prefer to use gifs made by me then by somebody else [i mean, I feel “guilty” using other people’s gifs bc it takes time to make them lol] 

You ask me what’s the point… Well, the point is that 1) i love making gifs 2) it’s my blog so I think I can post whatever I want? xD I don’t wanna sound rude, bc it’s absolutely not my intention, but I don’t repost someone else gifs, I just make personal gifs so i think there’s nothing wrong with that? Also, after an episode there are tons of gif-sets about the same scene and I don’t get what’s the problem??

I mean, if you know that a specific gif-set was made years ago you can reblog that, u don’t have to reblog mine xD I do them mostly bc i have fun lmao 


The Flash describing Draco Malfoy

“I come from a pretty wealth family, back at England. A long line of generations of old money, tradition, nonsense really and I was the heir. I was their first born son.“