i will just go to bed

why is the first phrase that comes to mind when I wake up ‘wakey wakey eggs spaghetti’ like srsly brain now is not the time for carbonara

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Well you kow the Hamilton fandom they come in like a 'Huricane' and are 'non-stop'... It'll never be Quiet Uptown...

Ye I think it’s time for me to go to bed. 

Don’t take it too personal it’s just that I don’t like hamilton so I guess it’s making it a lil bit of a pet peeve for me and I’d appreciate it if yall stopped. The music is nice though I give ya that. 

“I was so worried. Where did you go?”

“I’m sorry I ran out and you had to miss your outing, Mom.”

“I’m just glad you are okay. Did you see Darren?”

Dustin nodded as Darren knocked lightly on the door and entered the house.

“Thank you for going to look for him Darren.”

Darren looks over at Dustin who doesn’t seem surprised he followed him home.

“Anytime you need help you can call me, Brandi.”

“I’m going to go to bed.” Dustin interjected.

Brandi nodded, and stroked Dustin’s arm as if to make sure he was real and still standing next to her.

“I…I’m sorry I worried you Mom.”

Brandi nodded again, not trusting her voice.

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I mean, Sasuke already has the crazy scientist hair, some round glasses and a lab coat splashed with unidentifiable substances would really just be completing the look. Then he can stand around, inventing terrifying jutsu and cackling like a madman, right until Naruto comes in like 'dude stop being creepy and come eat some dinner, also go to bed you haven't slept in ages.'

xD When Naruto is the sensible one on the team you know there are going to be problems. 

Fic: Can’t turn away from your light

As part of my goal to write a fic for each episode, here is my post-5x17 piece. Read it on Ao3 or below. Enjoy! 

Can’t turn away from your light

Diggle turned around at the sound of heels clicking quickly down the hospital’s corridor. Thea Queen was barreling toward him at an alarming rate.

“I’m here! I’m here! I’m so sorry, I just got Felicity’s messages! How is her?” She peered into the hospital room to see her brother lying unconscious in the bed, and the blonde hacker sitting in a chair next to him, holding his hand.

“Physically, it’s not great, but he’ll be fine. He has several broken ribs, wounds from three arrows, blood loss, and a burn injury on his chest,” Diggle explained. “He was also severely dehydrated and sleep deprived.”

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I felt a little down when I woke up. I was just laying in bed and thinking of all the things I had to do but don’t want to do or somehow can’t manage to do. I thought that going to the gym would help a bit so I did. When I checked for sport clothes I noticed that I didn’t have any of my usual running pants… Instead I had that short. But I hate shorts because I don’t feel good in it (plus, it’s not always useful for running) and I’m worried of what people my think because you can see cellulite and everything. Anyway… I decided to overcome that and told myself that my body deserves to exercise, and fuck what people might think because I’m here to improve myself! 💪💖

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Hey mama! You have such good skin! Have you ever had acne before? If you have, could you please give some tips to either shrink the acne or get rid of it? Sorry if i'm bothering you.

I get this ask a lot. I was lucky, I never had ache. But my advice is if you are young (13-17 in which case get off my blog), your hormones are whack and acne is pretty common. As you get older it will decrease but my advice for now is a clean face.

✩Cleansing and acne reducing face masks, exfoliating scrubs, a small amount of moisturizer can help.
✩ Don’t wear make up if you dont have to even if you are embarrassed. If your chilling at home or just going to the store forget make up.
✩ Always wash your face before bed. Don’t let make up or excess natural oils sit in the pours.
✩Avoid moisturizing where acne is. If your skin is dry, your body makes more oils to rehydrate and a pimple can form. If you use too much moisturizer then the excess can form acne too. It’s about balance.
✩ Try not to touch your face, it rubs dirt into the pours.
✩Drink heaps of water
✩Exercise makes you sweat and cleanses pours.

Hope this helped you babe ♡

Cold Stares JugheadxReader In readers point of view Pairing: Jugheadxreader

Hey guys! So I was inspired by a story I was reading and decided to start a spin off of it. Let me know what you guys think and I’ll finish it. This is part one! 

Pulling the covers around my body tightly I rolled onto my side enjoying the warmth of the sun hitting my face. I was relaxed, warm, and-”y/n it’s time to get up” my mother’s voice drifted down the hall and into my room. Grimacing I could already picture her leaning against my door frame. “Mom, it’s the last day of summer can’t I just enjoy it from my bed?” I questioned shuffling farther under my covers. “No you are not going to spend your day cooped up in your room. You already stayed up all night watching reruns of Friends-” My mouth dropped open in a mix of shock and embarrassment sitting up quickly staring at my mom. “I-” My mom held her hand up stopping me from speaking and said “I could hear you clapping your hands every time the theme song came on don’t even try and lie to me. You have to get up any ways.” she finished crossing her arms smirking lightly. “And why is that?” I ask. “Lily got out again.” “Oh for the lord of-” I cried throwing the covers off my body getting out of my warm bed. “Finally” my mom chuckled pushing herself off the door and walking down the hall. “Talking to you always makes my day” I muttered sarcastically under my breath. “I heard that” She calls from down the hall. “Watch it, I can disown you”. Lily was my dog. She was sweet but somehow always found a way out of the house and roamed around the neighborhood until I found her and chased her back home. Now, I was never worried when she did get out because she never strayed too far. Turning towards my closet I pulled out some comfortable clothes and grabbed my worn out pair of converse pulling my hair into a quick bun letting strands fall around my face. I never really was a fan of dressing up, to be honest. My wardrobe consisted of the same black pants with different shirts consisting of my favorite bands or old camp shirts from over the years. Walking towards the window I pulled the curtains open looking around the neighborhood. Everything was how it’s always been until my eyes landed on a moving truck parked outside the house next to ours. Raising an eyebrow I searched for my new neighbors curiosity bubbling inside me. (I were a very curious person, and it was going to kill me one day)


Running down the stairs I walked into the kitchen where my mom stood raising an eyebrow at me. “Mom,” I asked grabbing at a granola bar “Since when did our neighbors move out?” I questioned her glancing down at the dishes of food she was making. “Isn’t it obvious. They moved out.” Rolling my eyes I took a bite of the bar. “Okay, next question. Why are you cooking?” I said walking over to  mom glancing over her shoulder curiously. “I’m making a dish for the new neighbors” She said pushing past me pulling the oven open. “you’re going to burn the house down” She turned towards me setting her hands on her hips glaring at me. “y/n I will disown you”  Sheepishly smiling I muttered an apology before turning on my heel and running towards the door shoving the last bite on the bar into my mouth. Once outside I breathed in the fresh warm air and started the hunt for Lily. The weather was warm and not windy, just the way I liked it. Turning to my right I took a step only to crash right into someone falling straight onto my butt.

Great I thought as I felt warmth flood my face. Squinting against the light I pushed myself off the ground dusting my hands off “Sorry-” I started staring up at the person I ran into. I stopped talking taking in his appearance. The boy in front of me wore a faded t-shirt with a flannel tied around his waist. Black jeans that folded at the cuff. He had messy dark curls that were tucked into his beanie. tilting my head to the side I stared curiously at his beanie It looks like a crown I thought instantly intrigued by this boy.

And then I realized. I had been staring at him for a solid three minutes. Meeting his eyes I felt the familiar warmth on my face. “Can I help you?” He asked. His voice was nowhere near nice. He looked like he already wanted to end the conversation. The conversation where I stood staring at him for three minutes not saying anything. Yeah that one. “Can I help you” he asked again seething with anger, clearly annoyed. I tend to freeze in the middle of conversations. This being one of them. “Are you going to say something or can you move out of my way?”. Ohh he was a charmer. I thought sarcastically. Shaking my head quickly I finally sputtered out, “Crap sorry, no I was just walking and I turned and next thing you know i was on my butt” laughing awkwardly my eyes met his cold ones. His face clearly looked unamused. “Kay” He simply said brushing past me hitting my shoulder as he walked away. I blinked.  Did he just- staring at where he once was I stood there blinking. He was actually being serious. The nerve! “Why you-”. Turning on your heels I stomped my way over to him grabbing his shoulder turning him around. His face looked surprised for a second then turned back to his basic glare. “What the hell do you want?” He questioned glaring down at me. “Let us recap shall we?”  Despite your major height difference of you only reaching his shoulders you glared up at him just as angrily. “One, you talked to me in a rude manner, two, It takes two to run into each other and three, you didn’t even apologize. So I demand an apology”. Once I was finished I realized what I had done and looked up realizing he was glaring at me even harder. I pursed my lips. “Please and thank you?” He stood there staring at me not saying anything. Crossing my arms I said, “You know you’re not very good when it comes to first impressions. “Oh and you are?” Rolling my eyes I stuck out my hand “y/n, sorry for, um, running into you and, um, yelling at you”. Awkwardly chuckling I tucked a strand of my y/h/c behind my ear. Raising an eyebrow he stared at you silent “whatever” he finally said continuing walking down the road away from me. Scrunching my eyebrows I stared confused at his actions before all thoughts about the mysterious boy were pushed out of my mind when my eyes fell upon my dog. “Lily!” I called running after her. She liked to race me home.

After I got home I showered and ate dinner sitting in my room listening to music. Walking towards my window I left open I stared out looking around the neighborhood wrapping my arms around my body. I stopped suddenly when I saw the boy from earlier walking down the street headphones plugged into his ears.

I wondered where guys like him went this late at night. Shrugging my shoulder I turned around back into my room and turning the light off.


Cant do this anymore.
I’ll try to keep this short and simple.

college /work life has thrown me some impossible deadlines. And home /personal life has given me some sudden responsibilities that are fucking with me.

Ive been slowly moving into a new place too, so amongst the chaos i dont even have a bed to sleep on. Wifi finally came, thats the only good news. Lol.

If youve been sticking with me since beginning you might remember my first comic… Mentioned my agoraphobia. I think ive been getting better. Obviously, moving is a huge step…considering i havent gone outside for almost four years…

Its a lot of change and I think i just need to have a breakdown. Lol. A good cry. Im okay. No worries, and ill definitly come back, but for now just wanted to make it official im going. Im off to the closet. Ha. Bye-bye

Fuck me sideways I'm tired

Last night our dog started barking. Our dog NEVER barks unless he trees a Coon. He’s a really old dog so he never does anymore.

Last night he started and he would not stop and I was so tired and I was up all night Wed so I forced my lover to get up and deal with it. Apparently it was some sort of albino type raccoon and now he/she has gone to heaven or wherever they go and I’m super sad. I didn’t actually get out of bed to see it but I’m still super sad.

My lover has a lot of guns but he’s not a hunter really, he’s a good shot but he is a hopeless animal lover and would literally deal with anything I brought home. Come on, you know how many cats we have, right? We should just claim sanctuary status and start a go fund me for vet bills lol.

I want to have a big camp out star party and have our fav local band come play. His brother retires in June and his sister in law wants to plan a party so now I have an excuse because that’s just the kind of party he would approve of….

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Hiii, wow your blog os amazing reading Jin as your boyfriend killed me , thanks for that. But there is a little thing, and i hope this is not much for ask, you didn't wrote how he would be un sex like others _as_ 🙈🙈🙈🙈 I just saw that video where he moans bc of V's hands and omg I went crazy 😂. Thank you and hope everything is ok, if not I love you 😘

well hello! thank you so so so much for the compliments, they mean so much! i’m also slightly surprised you noticed this. i don’t always include what the member would be like in bed in our _as_ posts, simply because i can’t find a way to fit it without it being awkward lol, so i guess Jin’s just got left out. however, because you were so kind, i’ll go ahead and write a little thing here for ya ;)

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- oh lord how jin would be in bed

- so a lot of people would assume like, vanilla af which i’m like???

- have you seen him???

- fecking daddy

- dirty talker

- hickeys for dayyyyssssss

- food play ofc

- “kitten, don’t misbehave, i don’t want to punish you like before…”

- holeh shit

- grip and run your nails down his shoulders while you’re under him

- i d a r e you

- “moan for me”

- he’s literally so vocal in bed like lord help me

- also like the oral god omfg

- have you seen his lips

- okay that’s enough

- i’m gonna pass out

-Admin Yeonie


Diego: “You, Boy! Who was that girl that approached you?”

Hiran: “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Diego. I didn’t see anyone! I was just out for a walk and now I’m going to bed because I have school tomorrow.”

Diego: “You are going no where, Boy, until you tell me the truth! I recognised that girl! She is the one that Grayson has been sent to watch over to see if she is worthy of our legacy! What did she say to you?!”

Hiran: “Nothing! It’s none of your business. Now back off! I’m going to -”

Diego: “What did she say to you?!”

Lunchtime Drabble: Searching the Ship, Part 4

Lunchtime Drabble: Searching the Ship, Part 4
Word Count: 560
Warnings: Fluff mostly, I’m pretty much just having fun with this story now… Just go with me on this, it’ll be fun!
(Parenthesis are Jim’s thoughts.) [Brackets are Bones’ thoughts.]

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Jim and Bones left the office, after each took a healthy swig of bourbon, and silently went back to where Y/N lay on the bed. She had stopped crying and looked like she had drifted to sleep, her hands resting on her pregnant belly. Christine had brought her a blanket and helped her let her hair down. She looked quite comfortable laying there with her hair spread over the pillow, face peaceful and relaxed.

Jim’s breath caught in his chest. (She’s so beautiful. So amazing.)

“You’re beautiful too, Jim” she murmured in her sleep.

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I was tagged by the very lovely @somevelvetmornin to sds. I just did my “cover me Thursday” song, and I’ve been busy getting ready to head to Alaska on Sunday to go cod fishing. Im only gone for a month and some, then its back to record and go to school. Life is good, but Im tired. So I tag @ivanaholgerhan @hellomynewadventure @ascenicviewofhell @jojofreckles @amanda-intheskywithdiamondeyes @burnrubber-breakhearts @tumbleweedsinmyvagina and @youcantspelltruthwithoutruth to carry it on.

Didn’t do nails- sold the decision to myself as being about gender equality but really I was just too tired to go. Worked on train, but will chillax on way home. Need much more coffee. Awful circles under my eyes. Not bothering to deal with makeup until right before interview. Shoes are killing me, might write a complaint letter about these shoes. M got her second wind and wouldn’t go to bed last night until a time that i’m embarrassed to even type. I was scared I’d sleep through alarm, woke up every half hour, finally gave in and took shower at 4:30. We’ll get through the day though. Sorry for all the stress blogging!

6:30 in the morning and I haven’t even gotten up to pee yet and I’m laying in bed bawling. I literally hate my life so much at the moment. I have no one to go to, nowhere to turn for comfort..I’m just hoping I made the right decision, because right now I feel like I fucked up everything.😔

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Reply with five things that make you happy and send this to the last ten people in your notes. 💛💛💛💛

  • quiet nights to finish chapters
  • FOLLOWED BY INADVISABLE RANTING ON TUMBLR because one cannot simply go to bED
  • dramione. I just like it okay
  • also? theo I love him
  • writing dramione that features a theo who CANNOT BE STOPPED