i will i promisse

So, I did a thing–

—-a Victor in a backless sweater kinda thing. This is just a colored sketch since I didn’t have the patience to do the lineart, but here you go.

Also, Bonus! The here’s the last drawing I posted with some fixes:

I promisse I’ll do a properly lineart for this one guys.

Also, will I ever draw Victor’s hair in a consistent maner? Who knows, certainly not me.


Hamilton ensemble appreciation post the chicago edition:

as promissed I did one for the chicago cast

and I updated the broadway one

Isaac Lahey | Panic Attack (part one)

Count of words: 1022

Warnings: None I think. Maybe a little bit sad.

A/N: Hey so this is my first imagine here ♥ Yeyyy!!! Please if you have requests for more feel free to sent them to me.


Summer was not over yet. It was actually still blooming. Music was still audible every night from everywhere. Today I was the day I had just got to Crete for vacation and this year I had promissed my self to enjoy it as much as I could. So , it was currently 3 am and I was sitting just accross a beach bar, listening to my favorite song , Stand By Me, brust from the speakers of the night club. The sea was like glass and it was beautiful. And eventually I was left with my thoughts and only my thoughts.

“No fancy car, no trips to mars. All I need is you. Oh girl I know you want me too” the music was so loud into my ears even though I was about 200 ft away from the club. It didn’t bother me though I liked it. I wanted to have music take away all my worries no matter what. Things have been harsh for me the past 2 years and I don’t know how to fix them. Friends left and friends came. Some were proved to be “snakes” and I still don’t know what to do.

I felt so alone, the breeze of the night hitting me in the face. Goosebumps were going through my body due to the slightly cold air that was taking my hair back. The sea was slightly wavy now and the sound of it was so calming creating an amazing rythm to much the songs playing from above. The moon was shinning bright, or at least enough to let me find my way back to my house. The beach was covered in little stones, in beautiful and unique shapes and designs. Very different colours were covering most of them. You could see a lot of black, but blue and pink were covering an extensive amound of rocks, too.

The street lights were making my walk home way brighter than the moon already did. 10 ft away from the beach, the music of the bar was just loud. 40 ft away from the beach, it was as if the music was a whisper. 60 ft away from the beach, the music was now muted to me and the only sound audible was from the owls. Trees sourounded my route home from now on, the sounds making the duration of it terrifing for me. 100 more ft Y/N, I thought to my self.

Eventually the lights of my house were not really far. 5 ft closer to my house, the light of the door was open. 5 more ft closer to my house, the door was now open and my mom was looking at me with a smile. 5 more ft and I was in front of my door. My mom that was there embraced me in a loving hug and that’s when I knew something was wrong. Turns out she was just worried about me cause she was expecting me to come home earlier. At least everything was ok. Or so they thought. My thoughts are never really nice. To explain something I said before, a couple years back I fought with my, so called, best friend and since then we dont really talk. I also lost my other, so called, best friends for no absolute reason. But that’s ok.

The summer came to an end very quickly and the memories that I didn’t create hunted me. Like the time I could’ve talk to that guy laughing at how weird, funny and loving me and my mum are. I could’ve gone out my self and meet knew people. I could’ve asked that little girl to play volleyball with me. But no, I was so scared. And now that I am not, those opportunities are lost.

It was a very casual day for me in Beacon Hills. I went to school, came back, studied and stared at the ceiling for hours letting thoughts flood inside my head and then if that brings me to tears going for a late night walk. I was currently walking back home from one of my infamous late night walks. The moon was lighting my way once again and the winter breeze was hitting my face fiercefully. The sound of the braches hitting against each other due to the wind was surprisingly calming and the clear sky above my head looked like an unending ocean.

The whole walk home I was thinking. Once again thinking about the chances I didn’t take. That was untill my small body hit something hard as a rock but soft as a shirt falling on top of a very toned body. Indeed, I was right. I fell on top of a boy. After a while my eyes were looking at his while he did the same. His eyes were ocean blue and his face seemed as if it was sculptured by Greek Gods. They were actually full of tears and that got me worried. “I’m sorry,” I softly said after an intense moment of staring into his eyes. “It’s ok. It’s my fault. I could not see well.” He said and looked away. “Are you ok?” I asked the boy. “Yes,” he replied. “Maybe,” he said this time after I gave him a ‘you can’t lie to me’ face. “Ok, I’m not,” he said breaking down and falling onto his knees. “Hey, shhh. I’m here. It’s gonna be ok.” I told him carefully embracing his gigantic (for me) frame as he slowly and hesitently did the same.

Turned out his name was Isaac. He lived just across the street from the McCalls. That nigh he was running away from his abusive dad trying to escape. And he did. My mum was surprisingly glad to help him. He was sleeping in our house, we were going school together. I was even the only person that would calm him down when having panic attacks or a nightmare. He said that it was as if my touch was brought from the heavens cause he would always know when I was the one touching him and he would automaticly cling onto it.

anonymous asked:

IM TIRED IM TIRED OF PRETENDING, IM TIRED OF FAKING SMILES, IM TIRED! I WISH I COULD SLEEP TODAY AND NOT WAKE UP ANYMORE sorry... im just really depressed and i needed to say this to someone.. im sorry for breaking the no cutting promisse you said, i tried i swear! (Im the same anon from that ask) I tried not to cry myself to sleep at night too... im really sorry for this dumb, useless ask... im sorry... i really am...

friend,listen to me

you do not have to pretend to be happy for someone elses sake

if you are ever happy then be happy for yourself

it’s not the promise that i worry about,but im just worried about you

cutting is not gonna solve anything,please believe me when i say that

the pain is a lie and not a bliss

more of that pain will be able to ends someones life in an instance ;m;

its okay to cry!

it really is! no matter who you are,how old you are,what gender you are or anything! 

hell even buff guys cry and emotionally or physically strong people

its really okay to shed tears and let out your emotions

its honestly better than keeping it all in

and this ask is not useless

and i really mean if that if you want to speak to me about this then go ahead! i do not mind

it will not get me down nor it will ruin my day!

just making someone relieved for a while will make me happy too

its okay to talk about this to someone

and its certainly okay to cry about things like this or smaller things


we are humans and we are emotionally unstable most of the times

but we should not let our emotions take actions which can result in us hurting ourselves

if you ever feel like self harming

then i suggest using ice or sharpies to draw on your body

write down all of your worries (keep them,burn them or tear them) 

take a shower and a day off from everything

warn everyone if you NEED to take a day off from every kind of thing

to get back on feet again

we fall and we get up

if not then we help each other up

a lot of people have gone through this and i honestly have those bad thoughts myself from time to time

but i dont let my emotions get to me

they lie to you to make you feel worse and worse

isnt it better to have fun rather than feel pain 24/7?

it doesnt matter if i dont know you or if you’re from some other country or evenplanetimeanimjustsayin’-

that does not mean i do not worry about you nor it doesnt mean that a lot of people worry about you right now 

life is hard

it really really easy

but i believe that you are strong

and that you were able to send me this message

you are strong and brave

and i assure you that i dont get annoyed of talking about those kinds of things

a lot of people even texted me about this and i was glad to help them out and even put a lil smile on their face

thats why there isnt just one human on this planet

there are many which can help you 

you are brave 


and you matter

repeat that to yourself in the mirrors many many times 

just look at how far you have come?

you beautiful bastard you

just look at your living breathing organism with dem cool human functions



As I promissed, I made a video of my Medli wings to show you guys the moves that I can do when I’m using them! 💕🐦 I intended to make the video outside my house with some sun, but today is raining a lot so I had to do inside my house with some lame illumination. 😭⚡💧
But soon enough I’ll have a good camera to make some lives of my cosplays and then I’ll be able to make lots of videos with good quality to you! 😢💕
[#medli #medlicosplay #windwaker #thelegendofzelda #zeldacosplay #nintendo #hyrulewarriors #hyrulewarriorscosplay #windwakercosplay #zelda #legendofzelda #windwakethd #kazenotakuto #layzemichelle #cosplaywings]

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