i will hunt you down xo

Nice to Meet You

Original Requests: Hey can you do a fun one where the reader is with the boys as a hunter and meets Crowley for the first time. But shes not intimidated at all, in fact she pokes jokes and insults and is quite cheeky. Crowley instantly takes a shine to her. Maybe stops a demon from hurting her or something (but like a platonic relationship) xo


Hi ! I really really like your writing ! I was wonderinf if you could write an imagine where the reader is dean’s girlfriend and has been hunting with TFW for a while. One night she gets bitten by a werewolf and turn into one. Afraid to kill anyone, she asks Dean to take her down… They have no other options. Thanks very much !

Word Count: 1678

Summary: The reader meets Crowley for the first time and leaves quite the impression on him, which may come in handy when the Winchesters and the reader go on a hunt to find a demon who is breeding werewolves.

The time had come. Crowley had always been illusive, and the Winchesters did their best to make sure that I never met him. They were certain he would some sort of nefarious plan to destroy me to get to them. I was afraid, sure. But I knew that I had two of the best hunters around with me. We needed information on a demon, and Crowley had been surprisingly cooperative.  It felt wrong, getting help from him, but Sam and Dean assured me that it was necessary.

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