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Hai! :3 I've got a other Prompt idea! A Sonamy cute one! I have this fascination about "pruning" a hedgehog, that is Adjusting Hedgehog quill's time at a time, I could tell this is a personal "Hedgehog Thing". So I have wonder how can Sonic Modern! Ask for help of a certain Pink Hedgehog to resolve his issues with his quills? Btw Sonic already is feeling a light pain from all the quill's he has to take out of his way. I bet we both we can see Sonic being all "ugh! it's getting annoying!" *Hug!*

Pruning, tending, preening, same diff right? lol! I’d love too :) I’ve done things like this before, so I’ll do my best to keep it interesting and differently new!


Sonic scratched at his head, as Tails looked worriedly to him.

“You alright?”

He continued to itch his head, before shaking it off, and seemed to ignore Tails’s inquiry.

Tails sighed, “You know, if you’re quills are bothering you, I could help…” He got up and picked up a tool from his table, before turning around…

With a gleam in his eyes as he held up a big pair of pilers.

“I could help~”

Sonic’s vision made it look diabolical and he shook his head in fright, before zipping out the door.

Tails blinked in surprised, “Huh? What was that all about?” He lowered the tool.

Dashing about, Sonic would scrape his head along the sides of rocky cliffs, gritting his teeth of the pain as he tried to loosen the already pulled Quills out more and get them to snap free.

He couldn’t fully reach back there and it was annoying to feel them drooping and sliding but still hanging on like a loose tooth.

It hurt…

He finally sat down outside of Amy’s home, not trusting hands that weren’t so tender as a girl’s to do the job, but still attempted to do it himself before she opened the door.

Looking ready to go shopping for groceries or something, she gasped as she looked down.

“Sonic!?” she looked thrilled, before seeing him messing with his quills, ruffling his hands around, and not paying her much mind.

“…Hmm…” she recognized the behavior, and smiled.

She set her purse down and sat on the first step to her home, smiling to him, knowingly. “You know… there’s a place just down the city block that has a great tender for hair! We could get you an appointment? I do it all the time!” she beamed.

He frowned, looking less than enthusiastic about a stranger doing the job, and kept fiddling before twitching in pain.



Amy quickly moved to one knee and held her hands over his head, looking through his quills.

“Huh?” he moved his hands out, looking up at her.

Would she do the job?

“Sonic! You’ve neglected them for so long! They’re starting to poke into your head.” she ‘tsk’ed, seeing the damage done, and even little droplets of blood here and there.

“Ohhh…” she puffed up the side of her cheek. “Why are you so stubborn? You’re going to hurt your head at this rate.”

She started to look for loose ones, as Sonic tilted his head, as if obliging to her consent.

She found a wobbly one, and saw how badly it had fallen, and her eyes went wide.

“Ah! Got one.” she started to seriously strain as Sonic’s face stretched, feeling the pain.

She wiggled it and then popped it out!

“Ye-ouch!” Sonic shook his head, before rubbing it lightly upon his quills.

“There’s one.” she smiled, and moved to the upper floor to sit on her knees, and then motioned with her hand for him to lean back.

He hesitated, staring at her.

He then slowly lowered his head back to her, and she nodded before setting out to work.

“Honestly,… you just need to ask if it’s getting this bad..”

As she tended to his head, the pain subsided with each little tweak or breaking off of the more seriously neglected quills, where the rest weren’t quite as painful.

Sonic closed his eyes, though they twitched every now and then as she tugged, but her method was relaxing in that as her hands moved, she would stroke the quills to relax them from flexing up and poking her.

This way was the most comfortable for Sonic, he could remain relatively calm while she did her usual method of getting her own quills done.

“I’m no expert, but you should really get this done professionally.”

He wiggled his nose, as if not going to abide by her advice.

She puffed up her cheek again, leaning over to see his face. “Ohh.. Come on, Sonic. It’s not so bad.”

“…I like your way better.” he turned his head, giving her access to the sides.

“….Can’t you reach these?”

He fidgeted in his face, the corner of his lip bouncing a little as she realized he just wanted her to keep at it.

She giggled, “Aww~ I get it.” she knew that most of the time, she didn’t like people touching her quills either. It was probably double that for Sonic… who didn’t always make close friends very easily…

She continued to prune, preen, or whatever you may call it till the quills were drawn into a basket and she poured them into a trashcan, making sure they were all gone.

She later made him 2 chilidogs and gave him strict instruction to come to her if they start getting loose again.

He nodded, shyly embarrassed it seemed, before eating the chilidogs and taking off.

Amy smiled and returned to her purse to shop.

When she got back, she noticed some roses at her door, and smiled.

“He’s so funny sometimes.” she giggled out.

(He is funny, isn’t he? Head massages and getting your hair did by a cutie, you wonder if he’s just lazy enough to call that a date..?)

Prettiest Friend. | Sonamy Oneshot|

  It was dusk. The sun just barely disappeared behind the horizon line and stole the warm tones of the sky away, leaving a dark indigo space. The stars began to appear along with a huge full moon, and together they lit up the night sky. Sadly, even the peaceful stars couldn’t calm Sonic down, at least, not in the predicament he found himself in.

  There he was, sitting under a large pine tree in a forest, wheezing. He rested his head against the tree’s stump, trying to catch his breath. About a hundred yards in front of him, a large robot toppled to the ground, out of service for good. Normally, this would have been just another brawl with Eggman, but boy, the doctor surely put up a fight that night. Yet, even though his robot nearly beat Sonic into the ground, the blue blur managed to triumph.

  Sonic was ready to fall asleep right there when he felt the bundle in his arms stir. He glanced down, running his fingers gently through its pink quills. “Ahh…that’s right. I better take you home first.” he said softly. Sonic stood up, groaning as sharp pains ran through every muscle in his body. With whatever bit of energy he could muster, he dashed straight towards Amy Rose’s house.

  Thankfully, his trip didn’t take long and he found himself on Amy’s doorstep. He reached under the welcome mat, pulled out a key, and unlocked the door. Quickly, he tiptoed through the house and placed Amy on her bed. He would have loved to be asleep as well, but there was more work to be done. Sonic made his way to Amy’s bathroom and took out a first aid kit she always kept in there. He walked back over to Amy, who was knocked unconscious after a blow to the face, and turned her over on her back. Her dress was torn in various places and she was covered in dirt and dried blood. 

    Sonic decided to wet a bath towel and wipe off as much gunk was he can to clean her up a bit, then tended to her wounds. Most of her body seemed to be alright, just a few scrapes here and there. But, Sonic was most worried about her face. He brushed away her bangs and almost gasped in horror of what he saw. The robot didn’t hit her with a blunt blow to the eye like he thought, but actually clawed at her, leaving a huge scratch from the top of her left eye and down to the apple of her left cheek. It was bleeding pretty badly, so Sonic had to ignore his shock as he grabbed the wet towel he used before and applied pressure to her face.

  Amy whimpered a little, making Sonic nervously pull away. He held his breath for a moment as she wiggled her nose in annoyance, and fell back to sleep. He sighed a breath of relief. “I totally understand…”

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Hiya! Um, I was wondering if you had any advice on how to make tears transparent? Thank you!

hi! well i have to say i’m not an expert on draw like tears or water drops..but i have a very simple and kinda rustic technique

still i recomend to see other more elaborated tutorials

i had to search a picture where i draw a character crying.. and i found this one XP

1. draw the tear, 

2 with white add some white lights on it and done

repeat process and… awww…

poor little thing.. we made him cry… XS

A Dragon Sized Adventure Chapter 40

(Oh, @kaotickanine, how can I thank you!)

Chapter 40: Mind Your Mind

*As our heroes were walking to the next terrarium…*

Sonic asked Aku-Aku. “So, you are a great and mighty witch doctor?“

Aku-Aku: "Yes, that is I, Aku-Aku (I would like to note that his and Uka-Uka name should not have a hyphen, it’s just so Tumblr stops marking it in red.). My duty is to protect anyone who needs my guidance.”

Crash smiles. “I missed you, Aku-Aku!” Crash hugs his spiritual protector.

Aku-Aku smiles. "I see you have been doing fine without me, Crash.“

Knuckles: "Well, we did help him by letting him use our rings and Chaos Emeralds as protection in lieu of you.”

Aku-Aku: “Well, thank you, my children.”

Cream: “Mr. Aku-Aku. Most of us are over 6, you know.”

Aku-Aku: “Of course, but I see myself as a father figure for everyone, no matter what world they are in.” He looks at Sonic, Spyro, and all of their friends in a pleasing manner.

Shadow: “So, you are going to protect us?”

Aku-Aku: “Indeed. I bet you already broke plenty of crates with my face on them, but finding nothing inside. But fear not, I shall come and protect you now. I can at least offer enough protection to keep you from losing your rings.”

Spyro was still a little confused. “Who was that black mask we met?”

Aku-Aku: “Ah, that was my brother, Uka-Uka. He chose the dark side of witch doctoring as I took the light side. I locked him away eons ago, but Cortex accidentally awoke him again and Cortex attempts to work with my brother for world domination. Thankfully, they haven’t succeeded yet.”

Sonic: “Well, don’t worry, we’ll end their plan right now for good.”

*The door to the next Terrarium opens with a flash of white and reveals…*

Silver: “White space?”

Tails: “That doesn’t make sense. We’re not in a place without time. My clocks are still working on my devices.”

*Our heroes walk a bit forward and another flash of light, much more darker, occurs.*

Sonic: “What the-”

N. Trance appears. “Well, well, well. If it isn’t those heroes that are giving Dr. Cortex and Dr. Eggman so much trouble.”

Once Sonic sees N. Trance, he laughs.

N. Trance: “What? What’s so funny?”

Sonic tries speaking between laughs: “… I’m sorry… I can’t take this… I thought ‘Eggman’ was too much… but this villain… he’s an ACTUAL EGG!!! I got so many egg puns!” *Sonic collapses on the floor laughing.*

Aku-Aku: “Uh-oh, I am worried he angered him…”

N. Trance, surprisingly, is unfazed. “Are you quite finished?”

Sonic is still laughing, but gets up. “Like, are you a well-rounded villain? *Sonic laughs* "Or are you too hard-boiled to handle my puns?!” *Sonic keeps laughing as the others groan in displeasure.*

N. Trance smiles: “Oh, I see. Well, I’ll tell you one thing, you aren’t cracking my shell, for sure.”

*Sonic stops laughing when he hears N. Trance make his pun.* “Huh?”

N. Trance: “That shut you up. Too bad your puns are useless to break me. I am Dr. N. Trance, master hypnotist from the 5th dimension.”

Spyro: “What the heck is a 5th Dimension?”

Tails: “Well, science suggests that-”

N. Trance: “Shut it, you two tailed fox!” *He uses his left mechanical arm, revealing a hypnotization device and uses it to hypnotise Tails, leaving him frozen for the moment.*

Sonic gets surprised and is angered to see his best friend hypnotized. “What the hell, you shelled freak?! Why did you hypnotize my friend?”

N. Trance: “Because no matter what you guys think you know, it is wrong! Besides, he was an easy target to start off on.”

Sonic: “What do you mean by that?”

*Sonic soon learned what he meant when N. Trance started hypnotizing anyone else he could. N. Trance had an easy time hypnotising Rouge, Espio, Charmy, Vector, Silver, Blaze, Spyro, Cynder, Sheila, Sgt. Byrd, Bentley, Agent 9, Coco, and Crunch as well.

Luckily, Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow, OMEGA, Amy, Cream, Big, Ember and Bandit, Hunter, Bianca, Crash, Aku-Aku, Pasadena and Von Clutch were able to avoid being hypnotized, but their minds were still probed for their memories.*

N. Trance: “Darn, I didn’t get all of you. No matter, I stole what I needed. Now SLEEP!” *He snaps his fingers, making everyone else fall asleep. He takes his hypnotized subjects and prepares his world…*


Sonic is the one to wake up first. “Ugh… why do I feel like I have a hangover?”

*The others slowly wake up too.*

Stew: “I haven’t been this hungover since my bachelor party.”

Crash: “AH! Our friends! They’re gone!”

Aku-Aku: “Indeed. I think N. Trance took them.”

N. Trance’s voice is heard, but is nowhere to be seen. “Not exactly taken, more in a deep sleep. And if you want them back, you’re going to have to make it through my twisted world!”

Shadow: “Huh?”

*They look around, and the white area from before became a sort of dreamscape, the land separated into different sections for each individual and for any large amounts of memory N. Trance replicated. In the specific section for someone, their area had them floating in the center in a deep sleep. A button was in front of each of them. When it is pressed, the dreamer is sent deep into the dreamscape, having you search for the character.*

Sonic noticed the closest area was for Tails. “Ah! We got to help my little buddy!” *Sonic presses the button and entered the dream. Knuckles just so happened to be next and jumped in to help to as a friend…*


Level 71: Tails’ Adventure

Crates: 133

Time Trial

  • Sapphire: 1:30.00

  • Gold: 1:25.00

  • Platinum: 1:20.00

Tappers to Save: 5

Friends: Sonic and Knuckles

WWI and WWII Lab Assistant Pawns: They fly their planes and bombers around the level. They’re more aiming at each other and at random places, but you should still watch the skies.
Cluckoids: They sure can blow up a storm!

Thun-dars: Strange, black clouds that hover around, looking for targets to shock with a lightning bolt.
Tapper: A Tapir + Ripper Roo hybrid with the power of hypnotism. I think N. Trance has been watching a bit too much anime since it has a lovely yellow sheen like a certain Pokemon. Instead of a pocket watch, it uses its swirling eyes similar to Ripper Roo to hypnotize it’s victims. It also looks like Ripper Roo, but only has a bit of his DNA, while also having some Tapir characteristics. Be careful not to let it hypnotize you, otherwise it will make you walk into the nearest trap to damage you. Although, I bet it might be useful to turn that power around on the enemies… NOTE: Watch out for their Tapir trunks! Should they connect onto anyone, it will instantly kill the victim since their mind is sucked away here in this dreamscape. But controlling the Tapper will let you do the same insta-kill to the enemies too.

Knuckles: “Where are we, Sonic?”

Sonic: “Looks like we are in Tails’ mind, considering the planes flying around.”

Knuckles: “So our friend is in here, somewhere.”

Sonic: “And we have to wake him up. I don’t trust whatever that N. Trance did.”

Knuckles: “Right.”

Kaotickanine says: A technological paradise taking place on tropical islands and in the sky. On the islands, technology works in harmony with nature (think Sonic CD’s Good Future) while the sky is filled with old-fashioned planes of all kinds soaring through the clouds. However, N. Trance’s influence is causing parts of Tails’ dream to resemble Eggman’s dreams, with harmful technology polluting the islands, war planes firing at others and dropping bombs, and a few storm clouds striking lightning.

The only thing I have to add is that Tails can be found asleep in a bed at the end of the island chain.

Sonic: “Tails!” *He hurries to him, with Knuckles in tow.*

Knuckles: “How do we wake him up?”

Sonic: “I’m not sure…” *The only thing Sonic had in mind was to touch Tails’ forehead. Luckily, it woke up the sleeping kitsune.*

Tails: “Huh? Oh, hey, Sonic, Knuckles. What happened? Last I remember is N. Trance knocking us out.”

Sonic: “He placed you in this dreamlike world that is most likely made from your mind.”

Tails: “Hmm, sounds right. Well, no time for resting, I got to help out!”

*Tails get out of bed and leaves the level with Sonic and Knuckles.*

Achievement Unlocked: Believe in Myself


Level 72: Rouge’s Night Out

Crates: 147

Time Trial

  • Sapphire: 1:35.00

  • Gold: 1:30.00

  • Platinum: 1:25.00

Tappers to Save: 5

Friends: Shadow And Omega

Spy Lab Assistant Pawns: They carry various gizmos and guns that they fire upon you with almost laser-like precision.
Thief Lab Assistant Pawns: They carry around big bags of loot that they swing around like clubs.

Jewel-anhas: Various colored and types of gems that have gained a sentience and a thirst for blood. Best to attack these things from a distance.

*Shadow and Omega enter the dream world.*


Shadow: “I think that is right, Omega, but i think this her imagined version of it. I don’t trust this place since it looks so similar. We better find Rouge.”

Kaotickanine notes: We’re inside the mental version of Rouge’s own casino, Club Rouge! Rouge’s dream is almost identical to the actual place, but instead of money or even gold everyone is gambling for jewels and there are a few “twists” as to be expected in a dream. Rouge’s other lifestyles seem to also be seeping in, with spies and thieves comprising all the people, and they’re none too friendly of each other or you. N. Trance’s influence, however, is causing a lot of the gems to actually be hostile monsters that attack like hungry piranhas. Be careful when jumping over a pit filled with jewels, for they will jump up and try to drag you down with them…

Rouge can be found at the back of the safe area, hanging from a bar, asleep.

OMEGA sees Rouge with his targeting system. “TARGET LOCATED! ROUGE HAS BEEN FOUND!”

Shadow: “Hmm, but she is sleeping…”


Shadow: “No, I remember she said she hates loud noises. Hmmm…” *The only thing to come to Shadow’s mind was to pet her head. She wakes up quick.*

Rouge: “Mmm… hey boys. Feels like it’s been a while.”

Shadow: “We better get you out of here, Rouge. N. Trance has made-”

Rouge cuts him off. “Why leave? I’m surrounded by jewels! Who cares about N. Trance?”


Rouge gets angry. “WHAT!!!!!! NO ONE MESSES WITH JEWELRY!!! I’m going to personally kick that shell’s ass!”

*She leaves her perch and the trio leaves.*

Achievement Unlocked: Fly in the Freedom


Level 73: Espio’s Ninja Training

Crates: 151

Time Trial

  • Sapphire: 1:40.00

  • Gold: 1:35.00

  • Platinum: 1:30.00

Tappers to Save: 5

Friends: Sonic and Cream

Yakuza Lab Assistant Pawns: They fire their tommy guns in a sweeping motion across the ground and air, so watch how they are firing their gun.
Ninja Lab Assistant Pawns: They appear out of nowhere, throw a ninja star or 3, then disappear after a few seconds and appear elsewhere.

Oni: Various Yōkai creatures that seem hungry… for you.

*Sonic and Cream enter the world…*

Sonic gets a teardrop on his face from confusion. “Huh? What’s this place? Feels like old-timey Japan.”

Cream has the happy anime face. “Sound right, Sonic. I heard that Espio really loves anime a whole bunch!”

Sonic: “I see… that’s why I feel like paper and ink. Heh.”

Cream: “Espio ought to be around here somewhere for meditation. Let’s search the city and forest.”

Kaotickanine mentions: Espio’s dream resembles a combination of an anime taking place in the woods and a city noir film, with Japanese style dojos scattered around. Gun toting mafia goons serve as the more outward enemies while ninjas serve as the hidden type, hiding in the shadows waiting for the kill. N. Trance’s influence has also caused sinister Oni to appear and wreck things. Think you can restore harmony to Espio’s turmoiled mind?

Espio can be found on a tree stump in the forest, meditating…

Sonic dons the classic anime pointing look. “Hey! There’s Espio!”

*They walk towards him, but he is meditating on the stump. It may not look like it, but he is doing it against his will.*

Cream notices something. “Hey, Sonic! I think he is chained by literal chains around him, *The chains become visible.* and they are keeping him in the meditative state!”

Sonic: “Hmmm, how do we wake him?”

Cream giggles. “How about a Super Sonic Spin-Dash Overdrive?!” *A japanese translation appears.*

Sonic smiles. “Smart kid. Well, here goes: ‘SUPER SONIC SPIN-DASH OVERDRIVE!!!!’ ” *Sonic revs up his aerial spin-dash and tears through all the chains. They break and fall to the ground and Espio wakes up.*

Espio has the surprised anime face. “Huh? What happened?”

Cream: “You were chained up here in your dreams.”

Espio: “Oh. I see my ninja training has failed me.”

Sonic: “Meh. I think N. Trance cheated really. I don’t think they teach ninjas about hypnotism.”

Espio: “True… Thanks for saving me Sonic and Cream.”

Sonic: “Of course.” *They leave the world.*

Achievement Unlocked: Annie, Are Yōkai?


Level 74: Charmy’s Hive

Crates: 157

Time Trial

  • Sapphire: 1:40.00

  • Gold: 1:35.00

  • Platinum: 1:30.00

Tappers to Save: 5

Friends: Sonic and Espio

Buzz-Bombers: Simple badnik, simple destruction
Buzzer: How appropriate.

Wasps: Angry little buzzers, aren’t they?

Sonic: “Hmm, so this is Charmy’s mind?” *The world definitely looks abstract and crazy.*

Espio: “Oh, my… I never realized this is what goes on in Charmy’s head. I thought it was because he was a kid…”

Sonic: “Well, let’s do right, and find Charmy.”

Kaotickanine says: A massive beehive oozing with honey and has flowers and all sorts of fun stuff scattered all over, such as roller coasters. What do you expect from someone as fun-loving and scatterbrained as Charmy? This place is normally harmless, but N. Trance has caused huge wasps to invade this hive, stealing the honey and the flowers, wrecking the fun stuff, and aiming their very pointy stingers at you!

Charmy can be found at the end of the last roller coaster, on top of a flower.

Sonic spots the bee first. “There’s Charmy!” *They hurry to him.*

Espio: “Oh, Charmy…” *He hugs the bee and this wakes up Charmy.*

Charmy: ♪ “Oh… oh! Hi, guys!” ♫

Espio: “Charmy! You’re okay!” *He hugs him more.*

Charmy: ♪ “Aw, thanks, Espio.” ♫

Sonic: “Come on, let’s leave before the wasps come back.” *They leave the honeycomb.*

Achievement Unlocked: You Better Bee-have


Level 75: Vector’s Swamp

Crates: 147

Time Trial

  • Sapphire: 1:35.00

  • Gold: 1:30.00

  • Platinum: 1:25.00

Tappers to Save: 5

Friends: Espio and Charmy

Mafia Lab Assistant Pawns: They Mafia here seems to love firing rifles at you, so keep moving to avoid those bullets.
Bard Lab Assistant Pawns: They play music so terribly that they can make physical sharp notes appear and send them flying your way. There are a few others though that may try to hit you with their instruments instead.

Crocodiles: They may be Vector’s friends and family, but they don’t know it and are always hungry for an easy meal.

Fi-ras: Strange beings that are made of pure fire that walk around trying to burn someone. Too bad that they are idiotic enough to put themselves out if they run into the water.

*Espio and Charmy land in the dark part of the swamp.*

Espio: “Hmmm, Vector’s home, I assume?”

Charmy: ♪ “I think so! Let’s go find our croc! Whee!” ♫

Kaotickanine says: It seems Vector is dreaming of his original home; a bubbly, disgusting swamp. However, for very odd reasons, a huge band concert is occurring and tons of music lovers have gathered, oblivious to the many dangers present in this swamp. And not only that, but Mafia goons have also arrived for some agenda only Vector knows about. And just to make things even more complicated, N. Trance has caused a few fires and horrible musicians to pop up, causing even more danger and threatening to ruin the party!

Vector can be found a part of the big band in the big gazebo.

*Vector is singing about something…*

Espio: “Sounds like he’s been singing for a while.”

*Charmy quickly grabs the snare drums and does a drumroll to awaken Vector.*

Vector: “Huh? What? Why am I here?”

Charmy: ♪ ”We’re in your home, Vector! In your dreams! We came to save you!” ♫

Vector: “Oh! Right, that N. Trance. Thanks for saving me.”

Espio: “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

Achievement Unlocked: Team Chaotix!


Level 76: Silver’s Future Imperfect

Crates: 163

Time Trial

  • Sapphire: 1:45.00

  • Gold: 1:40.00

  • Platinum: 1:35.00

Tappers to Save: 5

Friends: Shadow and Big

Police Lab Assistant Pawns: Sporting a more futuristic look, they still will either fire their pistol lasers at you or swinging their lightsaber clubs at you.

Security Cameras: They observe area with visible line of sight, that, if entered, will shock you.

Iblis: It’s more aiming to tear down the city, but you should still watch out for its fists punching about.
Iblis Monsters: The various Biters, Golems, Takers and Worms return, but they aren’t hard to defeat still.

Shadow: “Hmm, I know this is Silver’s dreams…”

Big: “But it feels too good to be true?”

Shadow: “Yep. So you had the same idea, Big.”

Big: “Yeah, we better watch out.”

Kaotickanine says: Ah, the future! An idealistic utopia of all sorts of convenient high-tech, like hovercars, and everything shines like silver (pun intended). Although, this future seems a little too perfect, even for a dream, and it seems Silver’s mind is aware of that as there are security cameras all over and robotic police that are very brutal with upholding the law… And now N. Trance is resurfacing Silver’s memories of the horrible futures he once came from, where Iblis and the Ifrit turned everything into a flaming wasteland, what with lava sprouting from underneath and spawning fire demons!

Silver can be found near the outskirts of the city, being held in a similar way that Shadow was once in (In ‘06).

Big: “Hmm, there’s Silver, but how do we save him?”

Shadow: “Hmm… break those things holding his body?”

*Big uses Shadow as a baseball and swings him into the devices. They break and release and awaken Silver.*

Silver: “Huh? Where am I?”

Shadow: “We assumed your dreams, as it has been so far.”

SIlver looks around. “I… don’t know, this place feels a little exaggerated. I’m not this paranoid.”

Big: “I doubt N. Trances worlds are accurately telling the truth… or at least, the right truth. EIther way, let’s get out of here. We need to save your friend.”

Silver: “Blaze! I got to save her!” *They leave the world.*

Achievement Unlocked: Welcome to the Future!


Level 77: Blaze’s Sol

Crates: 172

Time Trial

  • Sapphire: 1:50.00

  • Gold: 1:45.00

  • Platinum: 1:40.00

Tappers to Save: 5

Friends: Crash and Silver

Pirate Lab Assistant Pawns: They carry about muskets and sabers to attempt to harm you,

Iblis: He’s still attacking you, but all his fiery attacks are making at least rocky pathways to the next islands.
Iblis Monsters

Silver: “Mm, it’s Blaze’s world. It may be new to me, but I will still find her!”

Crash: “That’s the spirit!”

Kaotickanine notes: At last, we move on to Blaze’s mind, which manifests as the endless ocean that is the Sol Dimension. However, due to her duty as Guardian of the Sol Emeralds, numerous small islands of stone pillars and jewels are all over the place, and the sun appears much closer than it should be. As you might expect, you’ll be running into pirates (ROBOT pirates) and, just like with Silver, N. Trance is resurfacing memories of Iblis, causing small volcanoes to sprout all over the place and summon fire demons…

Blaze is laying on an island far in, covered in flames, save for a path to her.

Silver: “Blaze!” *He hurries to her.*

Crash: “How do we wake her up… and avoid being burned?”

*Silver can only think of one thing… and kisses Blaze on the cheek. The flames disappear into her, and she wakes up.*

Blaze: “Huh? Silver?”

Silver was blushing a bit. “Good… you’re awake.”

Blaze teases. “Was I the princess you expected?”

*Silver blushes red, clearly suggesting his feelings.*

Crash: “Not to break up any love or anything, but we need to save more people. Can we move out now?”

Blaze smiles “Well, I’m ready to go. But I am a little worried about loverhog here.” *Silver blushes even redder as they leave.*

Achievement Unlocked: Robot Pirate Island


Level 78: Spyro’s Accidental Darkness

Crates: 157

Time Trial

  • Sapphire: 1:40.00

  • Gold: 1:35.00

  • Platinum: 1:30.00

Tappers to Save: 5

Friends: Shadow and Amy

Ape Soldiers, Leaders and Commanders: The memories of Malefor’s Ape army were retooled by N. Trance to a more badnik appearance. But don’t let the badnik look fool you; they still have their dangerous claws and explosives to hurt you hard!
Hell-Hounds: Those strange dogs from Spyro’s memories may have been turned into badniks, but they still have a dangerous and harmful bite.

*Shadow and Amy land outside the front door into the Well of Souls’ halls.*

Amy: “Oh, my! What is this place? This is not the kind of images i would expect to see in his mind. He looked so cheerful…”

Shadow: “Hmm, if I had to guess, N. Trance has grabbed some of the Dragon’s darker memories and made this dark and desolate place.”

Amy: “Oh, my! We should hurry and find him then!”

Spyro’s mind world is quite a drop in cheerfulness from the others, almost like it was filled with darkness. And that’s the best way to describe the place since it seems to be N. Trance’s version of the Well of Souls. Roboticized apes and bandik hell-hounds patrol the dark and dangerous halls that would house Malefor underneath. Can you fight your way through and rescue Spyro, who is close to the well, before the darkness consumes him?

Amy: “Look! There’s Spyro! Near that hole!” *Amy starts walking forward, but Shadow grabs her arm and holds her back.*

Shadow: “No! Don’t get close to him, Amy!”

Amy: “Huh, why not?”

Shadow: “Don’t you feel it, a dark presence…”

Amy focuses a bit. “Oh, yeah. And I can see that Spyro seems to be sucking the darkness from the well. But how do we save him then?”

Shadow: “Let me grab him. I think we need to get him out of here.”

Amy: “Alright, but be careful.”

Shadow: “Hmph, don’t worry, I should be fine.” *Shadow goes and grabs Spyro and gets him away from the well.*

Amy: “He still hasn’t woken up. Did he take too much darkness?”

Shadow: “I think i have an idea, but we need to go save that darker dragon.” *Shadow and Amy carry Spyro out of the world and set him down outside as they go for Cynder next… *

Achievement Unlocked: Our Hero Takes A Rest.


Level 79: Cynder’s Lonely Heart

Crates: 189

Time Trial

  • Sapphire: 2:05.00

  • Gold: 2:00.00

  • Platinum: 1:55.00

Tappers to Save: 5

Friends: Shadow and Amy

*When Shadow and Amy enter, they find a magical chain has bound them together, preventing them from separating too far away.*

Amy “We’ve been chained together, Shadow.”

Shadow: “I bet it’s from her dark memories too. N. Trance thought it would hinder us.”

Amy: “Well, let’s show him how wrong he was and find Cynder.”

Cynder’s memories do not seem much better than Spyro’s. Her’s are dark and quiet, nary an enemy to be found. Her dreamscapes seems to be made of parts of her domain, Convexity, the Fellmuth Arena ship and the deeper areas of the Well of Souls. This place is more of a platforming challenge, but you must succeed if you want to save Cynder, who is also near to the Well of Souls. Hurry and save her before it is too late!

Amy gasps “It’s Cynder! And it looks as though she is too near to the hole too! We better get her away quick!!”

*Shadow goes and grabs Cynder and they escape the dream world. He goes and places Cynder next to Spyro. It seems to have worked because placing them together awakens both of them.*

Amy: “Yay! They’re waking up!”

Spyro: “Huh? W-what happened?”

Shadow: “N. Trance left you guys in your darkest memories.”

Cynder: “H-he did?” *She clearly didn’t look happy at all.*

Spyro: “It’s alright, Cynder. Our friends saved us.” *He gives her a kiss on the snout which eliminates her anger.*

Cynder: “Thanks.” *She gets up.* “Alright, no more lazing about. Let’s help out.”

Spyro gets up too. “Right.”

Achievement Unlocked: Dragon Love


Level 80: Sheila’s Alps

Crates: 136

Time Trial

  • Sapphire: 1:40.00

  • Gold: 1:35.00

  • Platinum: 1:30.00

Tappers to Save: 5

Friends: Spyro and Cynder

Pickaxe Rhybots: If they spot you, they will attempt to attack you with their pickaxe.
Moose-bot: They try to charge and run over you.

Spyro: “I see we are in Sheila’s mind and it looks like her home.”

Cynder: “I hope we can find her.”

Thankfully, Spyro’s friends have dreamscapes that a ton less on the dark side. We visit the mind of Sheila, which appears to be her home in the alps with those prankster billy goats. I bet if you help them out by breaking the rocks and defeating the ‘rhynocs’ and ‘moose’, they will lead you to the kangaroo.

Spyro: “Sheila!” *They find her sleeping near the mountain top.*

Cynder: “How do we wake her?”

*Spyro immediately sends one of the billy goats flying of the mountain with a headbutt. It woke Sheila.*

Sheila: “Wha- what happened?”

Cynder: “You were asleep because of N. Trance.”

Sheila: “Mm, that little egg-shaped freak, huh? Well, thanks for waking me. Come on, let’s go!” *The 3 leave.*

Achievement Unlocked: Up on the Mountaintop


Level 81: Sgt. Byrd’s Base

Crates: 129

Time Trial

  • Sapphire: 1:40.00

  • Gold: 1:35.00

  • Platinum: 1:30.00

Tappers to Save: 5

Friends: Sheila and Cynder

Flowerpot-throwing Rhybots: Gardening has never been so dangerous.
Net-Swinging Rhybots: Be vewy quiet, we’re hunting dragons.
Tranquilizer-Shooting Rhybots: Nighty night.

Sheila: “I see we are in the base of Sgt Byrd. He’s nice.”

Cynder: “Indeed. Let’s go find him!”

N. Trance has worked his magic to create his version of Sgt Byrd’s Base. He’s made it more like army barracks, with close walls and ceilings, making the rhybots more dangerous than usual. You have to fight your way through to reach Sgt. Byrd.

Sheila: “Look! There’s Sgt. Byrd!” *They go down to him.*

Cynder: “He’s in a cage. How do we get him out?”

*Sheila uses her powerful kick to break down the door, which wakes up Sgt. Byrd*

Sgt. Byrd: “Huh?! Oh! Hello, Spyro’s friends Cynder and Sheila. Golly, what am I doing here?”

Cynder: “N. Trance left you in your dreamscape. We came and rescued you.”

Sgt. Byrd: “Well, thanks for the rescue. No time to dawdle, misses, we got more POWs to save!” *The 3 of them leave.*

Achievement Unlocked: Forward! March!


Level 82: Bentley’s Outpost

Crates: 141

Time Trial

  • Sapphire: 1:40.00

  • Gold: 1:35.00

  • Platinum: 1:30.00

Tappers to Save: 5

Friends: Spyro and Sgt. Byrd

Torch-Carrying Rhybots: hey really have a wanting to burn your ass, huh? I wonder if they are hungry…
Seal-bots: These seals are much too dangerous for a circus act. Mind their fastballs!

*Spyro and Sgt. Byrd find themselves at the base of a mountain when a familiar face comes running up.*

Bartholomew pants heavily. “I… I… I…”

Spyro: “Calm down, Bartholomew, and tell us what’s up?”

Bartholomew: “I… I found Bentley at the top of the mountain sleeping but was chased off by the rhynocs… Can you help me save him?”

Sgt. Byrd: “Of course we will, little yeti. My rockets should easily take those rhynocs, and anything else we find, out.”

Since when did mountain climbing get so dangerous? N. Trance has not made it easy to ascend the mountain, what with all the bouncing giant snowballs about. He’s even made the seals and the rhynocs more deranged! Can you make it to the top with Bartholomew in tow without getting squished?

*Once the 3 reach the top.*

Bartholomew: “Thanks lads for getting us to the mountaintop! Let’s go wake Bentley.”

Spyro: “Right!”

*They walk up to the sleeping Bentley. It appears helping out Bartholomew wakes Bentley from his slumber as he wakes up as soon as they get close.*

Bentley yawns. “Ah! Mmm, such an exquisite slumber! I feel well rested.”

Spyro: “Good! Cause we need to hurry on and help out the others.”

Bentley: “Indeed we do, young dragon Spyro. Let’s leave!”

*The trio leaves, as the memory of Bartholomew goes into slumber.*

Achievement Unlocked: Deadly Seals


Level 83: Agent 9’s Lab

Crates: 132

Time Trial

  • Sapphire: 1:40.00

  • Gold: 1:35.00

  • Platinum: 1:30.00

Tappers to Save: 5

Friends: Bentley and Tails

Laser-Shooting Rhybots: They’ll fire a shot off and on to try and zap you. There are also armor wearing ones that need to be crushed by Bentley’s club to defeat them.
Bird-bots: They hang around in their nests until you get close, which evokes a dive-bomb attack from them. It’s better keep moving to avoid it and attack them as they return.

*Bentley and Tails enter the dream world.*

Tails: “So this is Agent 9’s mind, huh? Feels quite happy what with the beachy theme.”

Bentley: “All the more reason to be cautious where we step.”

Don’t let the happy beach theme fool you, this is still a dangerous area made by N. Trance! The lab is overrun with those rhynocs and there is a whole lot of fighting to do if you want to go save Agent 9.

*Tails and Bentley approach Agent 9, who is sleeping on the beach.*

Tails: “How do we wake him up?”

Bentley: “I’m unsure. Spyro told me to pronounce: ‘There’s a rhynoc in the bushes!’ “

*Hearing this makes Agent 9’s eyelids fly open.* “Did somebody mention a rhynoc?! I heard about some rhynocs!-” *Sees Bentley and Tails and calms down.* “Oh, hey, Tails, Bentley.”

Tails: “Phew! He’s awake.”

Agent 9: “Why so worried? I feel fine! Oh! That’s right! That N. Trance freak! Let’s go and fry him!” *He bounces away and Bentley and Tails follow him out of the dream.*

Achievement Unlocked: Crazy Monkey Action Figure


Level 84: Gone a Bit Coco

Crates: 119

Time Trial

  • Sapphire: 1:20.00

  • Gold: 1:15.00

  • Platinum: 1:10.00

Tappers to Save: 5

Friends: Crash and Amy

Teddy-bots: Teddy bear toys that look cute but will immediately try to bite and claw you when you get close.
Candy: This Candy sure isn’t sweet at all, since it wants to eat you!

*Crash and Amy find themselves in Coco’s mental laboratory.*

Amy: “Your sister’s lab sure looks sweet, Crash! And that’s including the pancakes!”

Crash: “PANCAKES!!!” *He goes to lick one of the stacks and touches the butter, which makes him wince in pain.* “Yow! Acidic butter! That’s not tasty at all!”

Amy: “I bet N. Trance had something to do with it, and I don’t trust those dancing bears and candy too. Darn you, N. Trance! You don’t mess with good stuff!”

Crash: “Yeah! We better go find Coco!”

Kaotickanine says: It appears N. Trance has messed with the good mind that is Coco. Much like Tails’ dream, it’s a technological paradise, though this one manifests as a giant laboratory underground, giant computer screens featuring cute things bouncing and dancing. However, this techno-paradise is also interspersed with all sorts of things Coco enjoys, such as teddy bears, candy, and PANCAKES!!! However, the candy and teddy bears are out for blood and want to eat you! Also the syrup and butter on the pancakes are acidic (the pancakes themselves are fine, thankfully)

*Crash and Amy find Coco deep in her laboratory, running around between computers and typing stuff.*

Amy looks at what she’s typing. “Is it just me, or is what she coding ruining her dreamscape? I swear I keep seeing her typing things that are causing damage to them.”

Crash: “You’re right, Amy! Coco, stop!”

*He goes and stands in front of her, which doesn’t stop her. But when he grabs her arm, she breaks out of her trance.*

Coco: “Huh? Oh! Hey, Crash! And Amy. What are you guys doing here?”

Amy: “We came into your dreams to find you, and we find you here destroying your mindscape!”

Crash: “And you were making pancakes terrible!!!” *Crash sobs.*

Coco: “What?! No one can make pancakes terrible! Let’s move it, guys, cause N. Trance is about to not become a side of this breakfast!” *The trio leave.*  

Achievement Unlocked: A Pastel-Colored Horrorland


Level 85: Crunch’s Gym

Crates: 195

Time Trial

  • Sapphire: 2:20.00

  • Gold: 2:15.00

  • Platinum: 2:10.00

Tappers to Save: 5

Friends: Crash and Silver

Tiger Bodybuilders: They’re usually lifting weights of massive sizes. If you get close, they won’t hesitate to swing them around like a ballet dancer pole.
Bear Boxers: They’re punching those punching bags hard enough to swing them back and forth widely, so you want to watch where you walk.
Lion, Wolf and Dragon Fighters: They are a flurry of attacks all around at each other, and are certainly very dangerous if they spot you. I would suggest running away unless you can find some way to defeat them.

*Crash and Silver enter the gym and find the unconscious Crunch in the middle of the floor.*

Crash: “CRUNCH!!!” *He tries to run to him, but shields form around Crunch’s sleeping body.*

Silver: “It’s no use. He seems to be protected by those shields. We need to find some way to disarm them.”

Crash looks and sees the Elemental Masks at the end of the 4 halls. “I think I know who’s making those shields.”

Kaotickanine says: We all knew Crunch likes to work out, so it’s no surprise that his dream is a giant gym, filled with all sorts of muscle builders! Unfortunately, unlike Crunch himself, these muscle builders aren’t the welcoming type and they are all too willing to use the gym equipment to take you out. And if that wasn’t enough, N. Trance is causing the Elementals to manifest in Crunch’s mind, turning parts of the gym into hazards befitting their respective elements and empowering the muscle builders!

Indeed N. Trance did, he split the gym into 4 sections: One for Rocko, one for Wa-Wa, one for Pyro, and one for Lo-Lo. Other than giving protective barriers to the fighters, they have also the transformed the gym in their areas. Rocko has plenty of rolling rocks and boulders lying about, Wa-Wa’s is filled with water so that means it’s time for swimming, Lo-Lo’s has tornados and wind blowing about, and Pyro has fire burning everywhere. You need to make it to the end of the section and beat the masks until they disappear, taking away their elemental shield that is around Crunch.

*Once the 4th one is broken and Crash and Silver return, Crunch wakes up.*

Crash: “Crunch! You’re awake now!” *He goes and hugs Crunch.*

Crunch: “Aw, hey, Crash.” *Yawn* “I feel well rested.”

Silver: “Good, that means we can go and deal with whatever else N. Trance has for us.”

Crunch: “Yeah. Let’s go smash that egg.” *The trio leave*

Achievement Unlocked: Train Your Brain


*N Trance appears as a hologram in the main area.*

N. Trance: “Well, well, so you saved all your friends, eh? Well, you still got a long way to go to fight me! See if you can handle levels made by me mangling your memories!” *He laughs and disappears and unlocks a new path.*


Level 86: N. Trance’s MotorWorld

Crates: 104

Time Trial

  • Sapphire: 3:30.00

  • Gold: 3:25.00

  • Platinum: 3:20.00

Tappers to Save: 5

Friends: Pasadena and Von Clutch and Crash

Kaotickanine notes: N. Trance has combined the memories of Pasadena and Von Clutch with Crash’s, creating a mindscape that mostly resembles Von Clutch’s park but with desert roads and large pools of water from Crash’s moments where he had to race Cortex’s goons in vehicles or water ski while chased by a shark. Goes without saying that you’re going to be doing a LOT of driving and riding, all while contending with the combined obstacles of Von Clutch’s park and the hazards from Crash’s experience.

Achievement Unlocked: Sister C’rashin’


Level 87: Darkness Strikes Innocence

Crates: 184

Time Trial

  • Sapphire: 2:05.00

  • Gold: 2:00.00

  • Platinum: 1:55.00

Tappers to Save: 5

Friends: Shadow and Cream

GUN Troop Lab Assistant Pawns: They may be acting ‘good’ by attacking the Artificial Chaos and Black Arms, but they are still on a mission to destroy Shadow too.

Artificial Chaos: Watch out for the water tendrils, ouch!
Black Arms: Various sized aliens that are out to kill Shadow, mostly because of betrayal.

*Shadow and Cream find themselves outside of Cream’s home. Vanilla, Chocola, quite a few Chao, and even Maria sit in front of the house.*

Cream: “Heh he, it’s home, sweet, home! There’s Mama, Chocola, and our other Chao friends!”

*Vanilla, Chocola and the Chao, and Maria wave at Cream and Shadow, who then wave back*

Shadow smiles. “Indeed, quite a happy place. It sure is- Wait, Maria!? But how is she-” *He remembers where they are.* “Oh, no.”

Cream: “What is it? Is something the matter?” *She remembers too.* “Oh… N. Trance is going to do something terrible to our memories, isn’t he?”

*On cue, a dark portal opens up in the far distance and out comes the army of Black Doom, the Black Arms. Also dispersed in their ranks is Artificial Chaos. From down the nearby road in the other direction, the distinct coloring of GUN trucks come rolling past.*

Vanilla: “Oh my! What’s going on here!?”

Maria: “Shadow, I don’t like the look of this… You’ll help us, right?”

*Suddenly, a huge beam of energy shoots down from the sky and blasts Cream’s house, destroying it and causing Vanilla, the Chao, and Maria to be knocked forward from the shockwave. Cream gasps and tears form in her eyes*

Cream and Shadow: “NO!!!”

*The three loved ones, dazed by the explosion, try to get up from the ground, but they are lifted into the air. Then a familiar enemy of Shadow’s materializes behind them: Black Doom.*

Black Doom: “Hello, Shadow!”

Shadow: “DOOM!!! How dare you show you haunt my mind again!”


Black Doom: “Hahahaha! You should thank that egg-shaped entity for restoring me, even if only in your memory! I may not be able to destroy your world, but I WILL shatter your mind and drag this innocent child with you! You want your family back so much, you pathetic bunny and hedgehog?! GO FIND THEM!!” *He raises a hand and sends Vanilla, the Chao, and Maria in different directions. Once he was done, he disappeared. Cream then breaks down, sobbing.*

Cream: “My home… *Sniff* My family… *Sob* And Maria… This can’t be happening…”

Shadow places a sympathetic hand on Cream’s head. “Calm down , Cream. Remember, these are just our memories. Your home and family are perfectly alright. And Maria… Point is, there’s nothing to be tearful about.”

Cream calms down. “O-oh yeah… It felt so real…”

Shadow: “Hm, well now that I think about it, all this is taking place in our minds. And an attack on our memories… Even if they’re memories, we best hurry and save our loved ones before they are killed! I’m not going to allow my memories of Maria to die nor will I let yours perish as well!”

Cream: “Right! I’ll help you the best I can, Mr. Shadow!”

Kaotickanine says: N. Trance has revived Black Doom from Shadow’s memories and now that demon of an alien is savaging both his and Cream’s minds by attacking Cream’s home, flower field, and Chao Garden with Artificial Chaos, GUN Troops, and Black Arms, and hiding with Vanilla, Chocola and the Chao, and Maria around the area with the hostiles! You must quickly find these three and rescue them before they meet their doom! Even if they are merely memories, Shadow and especially Cream’s minds will be shattered should their loved ones die…

*Once they find them all and return back to the destroyed home, Black Doom appears.*

Black Doom: “So, the pathetic life forms found their friends, hmmm? Well, too bad you are stuck here unless you can defeat me!” *He laughs evilly.*

Shadow gets an idea and whispers it to Cream, who smiles in agreement.

Black Doom: “Prepare to die, you pathetic-”

Cream interject, saying: “CHEESE, GET HIM!!”

*Cream’s chao Cheese flies about Black Doom, and then runs into him. Either because he is a memory, or because Cheese is a ball of pure kindness, Black Doom shatters into tiny pieces like glass, only getting to say: “NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” as he breaks apart.*

Cream: “Yay! We did it!”

Shadow sees the warp orb. “And we can get out of here too.” *The 2 waste no time jumping in and escaping the memory world.*

Achievement Unlocked: I Am All of Me


Level 88: Experimental Horror Film


Time Trial

  • Sapphire: 1:35.00

  • Gold: 1:30.00

  • Platinum: 1:25.00

Tappers to Save: 5

Friends: Crash, Coco, and Crunch

*Crash, Coco, and Crunch enter the next dream world and find themselves in cages.*

Coco: “What? Hey! What’s going on?”

N. Trance appears. “Oh, just my next trap for you.”

Crunch: “Once we break out of here, we will kick your butt!”

N. Trance: “I know that, that’s why the cages aren’t very strong. No, the trap is what you will see ahead!” *He laughs and disappears.*

Just as he said, the cages were easy to break apart and escape from. But when they did that, an alarm sounded.

Alarm: “WARNING! Bandicoot experiments have escaped! WARNING! Bandicoot experiments have escaped!”

A memory Cortex can be heard shouting from far away. “Stop sitting about, you imbeciles! Go round them up!”

Memory N. Brio: “Y-y-yes! S-s-s-so we c-c-can perform more experiments on t-t-them!!”

Crash: “Uh-oh! We better get out of here!”

Coco and Crunch: “Right!”

Lab Assistants: Nothing really special about them. One throws beakers around and another tries to shock you.

Kaotickanine notes: N. Trance is forcing the Bandicoot trio to relive their days as Cortex’s mutated experiments; being forcibly evolved into members of his army. In order to get out of this nightmare, the Bandicoots must escape from their prisons and free the other animals being subjected to this torture, all while evading the memory of Cortex, N. Brio, and his goons.

The exit here is jumping out of the window Crash originally jumped out of in his debut game.

Achievement Unlocked: Mutations


Level 89: DOOMed Once Again…

Crates: 173

Time Trial

  • Sapphire: 1:50.00

  • Gold: 1:45.00

  • Platinum: 1:40.00

Tappers to Save: 5

Friends: Hunter and Bianca

*Bianca and Hunter enter the next memory world and find someplace familiar…*

Bianca: “Oh! Look at this! It’s our old honeymoon spot in Fireworks Factory!”

Hunter: “Yeah, it was pretty beautiful, especially with you there.”

*Bianca blushes.*

*Unfortunately, the scene changed to the deep insides of the base of Fireworks Factory.*

Bianca: “Huh?”

N. Trance appears on one of the monitors. “Sorry to interrupt some fond memories, you lovebirds.” *He smirked.*

Hunter: “Where the hell did you send us?”

N. Trance keeps smirking. “HELL is a pretty accurate term for where you are, for sure. I hope you guys aren’t DOOMed” *He laughs and cuts the monitor as the door in front of them opens, revealing an army of ninjas, but looking a little different…*

Trident-Swinging Demon/Ninja Rhybots: You better be quick to attack them, or they will give you a swift smack with their tridents.
Gun-Firing Demon/Ninja Rhybots: They pop off 5 fireballs in a row from their ‘guns’, so you might want to keep moving or defeat them from a distance.
Bomb-Throwing Demon Rhybots: They bounce fiery bombs around until they blow up. They are too strong to hit anywhere, save for their backside. But, you better run, cause they will charge after you as a suicide attempt.
Fireworks Demon Rhybots: They fire off homing rockets at you, so you’ll want to keep on your toes. In a fair return, if you can set them on fire, they will shoot off like a firework and hit the nearest enemy, killing them.

Well, isn’t this honeymoon revisit turning into a disaster! N. Trance has sent a whole demon/ninja army after the happy couple to try and kill them! Can you fight your way through this personal HELL in a dangerous facility full of explosive material without becoming singed?

*Hunter and Bianca escape out the last door and into the warp orb as the place blows up to pieces.*

Achievement Unlocked: Big Rhybots Have Big Robot Guts


Level 90: Panic Aboveground

Crates: 109

Time Trial

  • Sapphire: 1:15.00

  • Gold: 1:10.00

  • Platinum: 1:05.00

Tappers to Save: 5

Friends: Blink and Spyro

*Blink and Spyro enter the next dream world which looks a little out of sight.*

Blink: “I think it’s my mind. I even like my memories dark. Heh.”

Spyro: “That’s all good for you, but I wouldn’t mind a little light.” *He uses his flame breath to create a little light around them.* “Now, where are we…”

N. Trance’s voice can be heard. “Here, let me help you!” *He deletes the darkness from Blink’s mind.*

Blink: “Hey! Don’t do… that…” *He sees the location they are in and is immediately scared.*

N. Trance: “Heh he. I knew you would be immediately scared of the sky, especially of a place like Cloudy Domain! Hope you can find the way out!” *He laughs and leaves.*

Spyro: “Come on, Blink. I’ll carry you out of here. Get on my back.”

Blink does so. “Thanks… I don’t like the sky, you know my fresh-air-a-phobia.”

Spyro: “I know. Come on, let’s find the elevator down…”

Kaotickanine says: We now enter Blink’s mind. Although something’s not quite right… Our underground loving friend is WAY above ground in the Cloudy Domain! Even though Blink has never set foot in the floating city, for good reason, N. Trance has forced the entire location into his mind and now the mole’s “fresh-air-phobia” threatens to make him experience a panic attack, which will shatter his mind. Only way to escape this is to get Blink to the elevator of the city.

Achievement Unlocked: Clouded Minds


Level 91: Sour Passion

Crates: 197

Time Trial

  • Sapphire: 2:10.00

  • Gold: 2:05.00

  • Platinum: 2:00.00

Tappers to Save: 5

Friends: Amy, Cream, and Big

Horrific Egg Pawns: Various Egg Pawns that have taken some ‘scary’ shots from the badnik maker.
One appears to look like Black Doom’s Eye, but with more tentacles that will try to grab you and throw you into its eye, which is also its mouth.
Another appears to be the Egg Magician, but more taller and slender and grey (Perhaps the SlenderEgg?). And it looks like it forgot to get the Egg face, which has made it creepier. It warps around to try to spook you and take some rings.
A third, which could only be called the Egg Minotaur, appears to have a bull for its head piece and is more built (taller and more muscular) than the standard Egg Pawn. Other than looking big and mean, it will charge around until it crashes into something.
A 4th, called the Egg Imp, is probably Eggman’s craziest Pawn yet. It flies around like a maniac, shooting fireballs from its trident. But it also has some making from the Egg Bishop, as it can heal and call badniks as well. That’s very crazy.

*Amy, Cream, and Big enter the next dream world*

Amy: “Are you sure you want to come with us, Cream? I love having you tag along with me, but I can sense you’re still recovering from that trip with Shadow… “

Cream: “Don’t worry Amy, I’m fine. I don’t want to be doing nothing while you and everyone else work to save the world!”

Amy: “Alright then! So long you’re feeling up to to! Anyway, where are we?”

*Team Rose finds themselves atop a high hill, overlooking three “zones” of differing appearances*

Big. “Hm… That place looks familiar!”

*Big points to the “zone” on the far right, which contains various biomes with rivers and ponds within*

Cream: “Really, Big?”

Big: “Yeah! Although I don’t think I’ve ever actually been to that place but I think about something like that all the time. It’s the perfect fishing spot for me and Froggy to catch all sorts of fish!”

Amy: “Interesting… And actually, that area over there looks like all the things I think about a lot transformed into a location! I can see parts of Twinkle Park, soft served ice cream, a wizards tower surrounded by a magical garden, and there’s me and Sonic dating!” *Amy looks even closer at that area* “Oh my God! And there’s me and Sonic’s children! “

Cream: “Really!?”

Amy: “Yeah! Um, but let’s not dwell on that…” *Blushes with a “sweat drop”* “Unless people dream about their future children often.”

Cream: “Heh, I’m not sure…” *Cream looks at the middle area* “OH MY GOSH!!! I imagine that place all the time! It’s the perfect Chao Garden with all sorts of fun rides, games, and sweets!” *Cream and Cheese grab each others hands and jump up and down* “Cheese! It’s our dream come true!”

*N. Trance’s voice echoes around the three* “HA!!! Sure, it looks like a dream now, but soon it will be a permanent nightmare!”

*Amy, Cream, and Big all huddle together in a defensive stance while looking around for the fifth dimensional madman. Suddenly N. Trance appears in front of them, floating in the air overlooking the three areas*

N. Trance: “In case you haven’t figured it out, which I’m sure you haven’t given how dim-witted all three of you are…”

Amy: “Says the guy who failed to mind-control all three of us.”

*Cream and Big openly laugh while Amy smiles with a proud look*

N. Trance: “SHUT UP!!! These three areas are your respective imaginations! The things that define your whole beings! I was not amused at all by you three resisting my mind-control despite your poor brains, so now I’m going to make you suffer in the worst ways! You, pink hedgehog, consider yourself an unrelentless optimist? Let’s see how optimistic you’ll be once my ‘Seeds of Doubt’ are finished!”

*N. Trance materializes evil looking seeds, which he then tosses onto various areas in Amy’s imagination*

N. Trance: “It will take time, but soon enough those seeds will overwhelm you with doubt! And with doubt comes despondence, and with despondence comes depression. It won’t be long until you become a hopeless pessimist and the only thing you look forward to is death rather than love!“

*One of Amy’s “dream children”, a pink baby hedgehog, touches the “Seed of Doubt” and disappears*

Amy: *In tears* “NO!!! DIAMOND DESTINY!!!” *Breaks down sobbing*

Cream: “You monster!”

N. Trance: “Thank you for the compliment! As for you, sickening little girl, I’m once again going to send some minions of mine to attack your peaceful paradise! And this time…”

*N. Trance fires off his “clock hand” at Cheese and grabs the Chao*

Cream: *Gasp* “CHEESE!!!”

N. Trance: “This pixie won’t interfere by giving you lingering hope and fighting my creations! And also for you, dumb cat!”

*N. Trance grabs Froggy, who was perched on top of Big’s head*

Big: “FROGGY!!!”

*N. Trance tosses Cheese and Froggy somewhere into Cream and Big’s respective imagination, which are then overrun by scary and violent robots*

N. Trance: “I sure hope my forces find them before you do! Toodles!”

*N. Trance disappears, leaving behind a saddened, openly crying Team Rose. Amy, however, soon stops bawling over Diamond Destiny and her eyes blaze with fury*

Amy: “THAT SLIMEBALL IS GOING TO PAY FOR THIS!!! Come on guys! Let’s rescue Cheese and Froggy and destroy those Seeds of Doubt!”

Cream: “Don’t need to tell me! Me and Cheese are inseparable!”

Big: “And I won’t allow any harm to come to Froggy!”

Kaotickanie says: Team Rose have been reunited at last! Too bad it isn’t a happy occasion… N. Trance is now attacking their imagination: using “Seeds of Doubt” to corrupt Amy from a cheerful optimist and into a depressed pessimist, stealing away Cheese and Froggy from Cream and Big and hiding them somewhere in their respective imaginations, and has overrun all three locations with violent robots! To keep Team Rose from wilting, you must venture into “Amy-tropolis” and destroy the Seeds of Doubt, Cream’s “Chao Funland” and find Cheese, and Big’s “Fishing Paradise” and rescue Froggy!

*After Team Rose solve their respective problems, Cream and Cheese are deeply hugging each other, as are Big and Froggy, and Amy looks at the four with a heartfelt smile.*

Cream: “Oh Cheese! I’m never letting anything separate us again!”

Cheese: “Chao!”

Big: “Me neither! I’ll protect you forever Froggy!”

Amy: “Aww, I’m so happy for you guys!”

*Amy’s face grows saddened and she sighs, which Cream takes note of and reacts accordingly*

Cream: “Something wrong, Amy? You don’t sound very happy…”

Amy: “Well… I’m genuinely happy for you two! I-I just wish I was able to protect something of my- Huh?”

*Amy looks down and Diamond Destiny on top of her feet, looking up at Amy*

Amy: *Overjoyed gasp* “DIAMOND DESTINY!!! YOU’RE ALIVE!!!“

*With tears of joy, Amy scoops up her imaginary infant and repeatedly kisses her, much to the infant, and Cream and Big’s amusement*

Cream: “I’m so glad she’s okay now! I was honestly worried…”

Big: “But she’s not-”

Cream: “Shh! Don’t ruin the moment, Big.”

Big: “Oh! Sorry.”

Amy: “I know what you were going to say Big, Diamond Destiny isn’t real. But I love her like she is! And she WILL become real soon enough, heehee!”

Big: “Sure, Amy, and we will be enjoying the fanfictions that come out of it.”

*Team Rose laughs as they take the warp orb out*

Achievement Unlocked: Follow Me


Level 92: A Forgotten Robot’s Vengeance

Crates: 164

Time Trial

  • Sapphire: 1:45.00

  • Gold: 1:40.00

  • Platinum: 1:35.00

Tappers to Save: 5

Friends: Omega, Shadow and Rouge

E-100 Alpha ‘ZERO’ : Eggman’s starting failure of the E-100 series. Even though he is not considered part of the series, he is still quite dangerous with his electric extendable arms and rocketry. To defeat this robot, you’re going to have to shock him so you can destroy his insides.
E-101 β: Eggman’s first successful entry in the series, this robot is outfitted with tons of missiles and energy spheres. It even comes with a frontal shield to block attacks! To defeat Beta, you need to find some way to attack his backside…
E-102 γ: Eggman’s second successful entry into the series, this one has homing rockets firing off of its arms. Gamma is pretty durable so it might take a few hits to defeat him.
E-103 δ: Eggman’s 3rd robot in the series. It’s not as interesting, as all it does is fly around and shooting missiles off and on. Defeat by homing attacks is probably the easiest to do.
E-104 ε: Eggman’s 4th robot in the series. Like Delta, Epsilon is not very interesting either, just flying around and firing missiles off and on. It should be no match for the Dark gang.
E-105 ζ: Eggman’s 5th robot in the series. Zeta looks like the construction he had when fought in the Hot Shelter, with the rotating ring and 8 missile-launching tubes. Still, it shouldn’t pose too much of a challenge.
E-1000: Fake Gammas, just to add in some extra rocketry support for the robots.

*Team Dark decide to enter the next dream world.*

Rouge looks around at the cyberspace. “Well, this looks new. Where are we?”

Shadow: “If I had to guess, some kind of digital space. Reminds me of GUNs and Eggman’s cyberspace.” (It does take some cues off of them.)


Shadow: “Hmm, so it is your memories, it seems…”

*Explosions from missiles can be heard.*


N. Trance appears holographically: “Let me save you some trouble. I brought the memories of the original E-series. I know how you regard them, Omega, but let’s see if you are the superior robot.”


N. Trance: “Then prove it! Destroy them before they destroy you!” *He disappears.*

Kaotickanine says: Apparently, even the mind of a computer is not safe from N. Trance as we now delve into Omega’s “psyche”. Of course Omega’s mind is a lot different from everyone else’s, being a cyberspace filled with info and all sorts of digital stuff. All the same though, Omega’s memories make up this world and this time N. Trance is feeding on the robots superiority complex, reviving the first E-100 series, including the famous Gamma, and having them wreak havoc. To keep Omega from suffering a blue screen of death, the E-100 Series robots must be destroyed.

Achievement Unlocked: This Machine


Level 93: Dark Hedgehog Minds

Crates: 142

Time Trial

  • Sapphire: 1:40.00

  • Gold: 1:35.00

  • Platinum: 1:30.00

Tappers to Save: 5

Friends: Shadow, Rouge, and Omega

Shadow Androids: Robotic copies of Shadow that have the new memories of Shadow’s more revenge-set mind. If they spot you, they will fire homing rockets after you.

Mephileses: The shadowy replicas made from Shadow’s, er, shadow. They know karate, just like the real one, but they aren’t very good at it. It should be pretty easy to dispatch.

*Shadow, Rouge and Omega are immediately sent to the next dreamworld after the last one.*

Rouge: “What- Hey! Why did we jump into another memory world?”

N. Trance appears as a hologram again. “Cause I am not done with you! I bet this place looks familiar to you, Shadow.”

Shadow looks around and sees the ARK. “It’s the ARK, so what?”

N. Trance: “Don’t act so naive, I know how much you care about this place. I bet it would anger you if it was getting destroyed…” *He messes with Shadow’s shadow and makes what could only be called Mephiles.*

Mephiles the Dark: “Yes, Master N. Trance?”

N. Trance: “Go, memory Mephiles, destroy the ARK!”

Mephiles: “Yes, Master.” *He makes an army of copies of himself. N. Trance helps and makes an army of Shadow Androids for them to go into.*

Mephile Clones as Shadow Androids: “We will destroy everything, including the Earth, for killing Maria.” *They chant as they leave the area.*

N. Trance looks at Shadow, who is clearly annoyed. “Go ahead, destroy them. They are obviously not you. Get revenge!” *He laughs and leaves.*

Rouge grabs Shadow’s hand. “I think I see what he is trying to do, Shadow. Can we destroy them for you?”

Shadow reassures her. “He thinks he can mess with my mind, but he’s wrong. I’m not getting revenge; I’m just destroying a terrible villain.”


Kaotickanine: We once again visit Shadow’s mind, manifesting as the Space Colony ARK in its prime, but this time he’s not sharing it with Cream nor is he dealing with the Black Arms or GUN. Now N. Trance has managed to revive the erased memories of Mephiles the Dark, who is now doing his best to corrupt Shadow’s mind into his servitude, and N. Trance also brought back a forgotten memory of Shadow’s: his revenge seeking self after being awakened by Eggman, who is now using the Shadow Androids to make Shadow seeks Earth’s destruction again.

Achievement Unlocked: Who I Am


Level 94: The Floating Isle

Crates: 197

Time Trial

  • Sapphire: 2:20.00

  • Gold: 2:15.00

  • Platinum: 2:10.00

Tappers to Save: 5

Friends: Knuckles, Tails, and Sonic

*Knuckles, Tails, and Sonic end up on a flying island, but it looks different.*

Sonic: “Hey, it’s Angel Island! But something looks different.”

Tails shivers. “Say… I don’t remember Angel Island being so cold.”

Knuckles: “It shouldn’t be! I think someone is messing with the memories of my island!”

N. Trance appears on one of the ring monitors nearby. “You got that right! I screwed with the environments on your island! Think you know your island so well? See if you can make it through this!”

Sonic smashes the monitor: “Ugh, I hate that channel. Come on, let’s go!”

Given that he’s lived on the place for his entire life, it’s no surprise that Knuckles’ mind takes on the form of Angel Island. However N. Trance is turning this floating paradise into a disaster by mismatching the many areas of the island; Hydrocity is all dried up and filled with sand, Sandopolis is flooded with water, Ice Caps has melted, and Mushroom Hill frozen over. Time for the Rad Red to protect his home once again, even if it’s only in his mind.

Achievement Unlocked: A Dragon Sized Adventure & Knuckles


Level 95: Sonic’s Nightmare

Crates: 121

Time Trial

  • Sapphire: 1:25.00

  • Gold: 1:20.00

  • Platinum: 1:15.00

Tappers to Save: 5

Helping Partner: Shadow

*Sonic and Shadow find themselves in the familiar down-sloped streets of City Escape.*

Shadow: “I suppose this last memory world is for you, Sonic?”

Sonic: “I think so, although I don’t see the reason why we are here. I don’t remember anything particularly dreadful in this place.”

N. Trance’s voice can be heard. “Oh, no? You don’t remember anything particularly dangerous here? Cause I looked and found the perfect nightmare here…”

Shadow: “What is he referring to, Sonic?”

Sonic starts panicking a bit. “I… I don’t know! What did I see here that was just so nightmarish?”

*Unbenounced to Shadow and Sonic, N. Trance appears behind the hedgehogs who are not looking behind. He appears in the Nightmare GUN Truck, packed with plenty of saws, rockets, spikes, and other dangerous objects.*

N. Trance: “Maybe a little BUZZ CUT may jog your memory!” *He swings one of the saws near the hedgehogs and bangs and spins it against the ground.*

Sonic is clearly scared when he hears the noise. “O-o-oh, no… I-i-i don’t want to look… I… must RUN!!!!” *Sonic starts running away really fast, leaving Shadow behind.*

Shadow: “Huh? Sonic! Wait up!” *He hurries after Sonic and N. Trance drives along behind them.*

N. Trance has prepared one last diabolical trap, and it is all for Sonic. He’s chasing the 2 hedgehogs in what can only be called the GUN Truck from Hell! It even supports a hellish paint job! N. Trance isn’t going to let anything stop him, as he will destroy anything you pass. He even warps you out of City Escape and into other worlds as well. You’re only escape is just rushing to the warp orb at the end.

Achievement Unlocked: Rolling on the Edge


*As the 2 hedgehogs left, N. Trance had been thrown out of the GUN Truck’s windshield and came out with them. He flew for a bit until he crashed into the ground, cracking his shell a bit. He got up in anger.*

N. Trance: “Okay, that’s it! No more ‘yolking’ around. I’m going to finish this! Is there any of you that thinks they can crack this egg?”

*Rouge and Coco step up for fighting.*

Coco: “We don’t like what you did to our minds.”

Rouge: “So we’re going to be the ones to ‘hard-boil’ you!”

N. Trance: “I’d love to see you try…”

Boss: N. Trance

Kaotickanine: The fight against N. Trance is a tough battle that comes in two phases. The first phase is fought entirely by Coco on the ground, wherein N. Trance starts off by summoning a powerful enemy from any of the character’s minds (Beta, Black Doom, etc.), which Coco needs to defeat with the assistance of the other characters aiding from the background. Thankfully, these summons are quick to defeat, and once they’re taken down N. Trance will re-enter the battle arena and shoot his clock hand at Coco like a grappling hook. Should he hit Coco, N. Trance will shoot at her again, but should you make him miss his hand will get stuck and he’ll struggle to get it loose, which is the perfect opportunity to jump onto his head. After that, N. Trance hops out of the arena and shoots at Coco with a “PSI ray” and the process repeats. Hit N. Trance four times and phase 2 with Rouge will begin, in which N. Trance’s flies his head off his body and into the air. N. Trance’s head is invulnerable to any of Rouge’s attacks, even her kicks. However, you can use your attacks to guide N. Trance’s head underneath these three containers in the arena: liquid nitrogen, acid, and lava. Should N. Trance’s head get underneath, one of the allies will pull on a lever, making the harmful substances descend right onto N. Trance’s head. After that, N. Trance will destroy the containers and fire off “PSI bullets” at Rouge, at which point the process repeats. Dropping everything on him will finally make him vulnerable enough for one last kick from Rouge, which will defeat him.

Achievement Unlocked: Humpty Dumpty Had a Big Fall

*N. Trance breaks apart, but before it gets too gruesome, he gets warped away. Rouge returns with the rest of the gang and they leave the Terrarium.*

Death Head’s Bridge

Uka Uka appears and finds the hypnotized Cortex and Eggman. He breaks it and berates Cortex. “CORTEX!!! Those stupid animals have defeated N. Trance!! You better have a plan to defeat them!”

Cortex appears unfazed by Uka-Uka’s anger. “Oh, what’s the point? They’re going to just defeat us again. I’ll go, but it just seems like we are heading for the same outcome. That’s the definition of insanity!”

Uka-Uka simmers in anger. “And what are you going to do, Eggman?!”

Eggman finally tires of Cortex and his minions. “Nothing really. As he said, there is no point!”

Uka-Uka rages: “WHAT??!!! Why not?!!”

Eggman is unconcerned with Uka-Uka and is clearly even more angrier. “Because you fools are the most pathetic bunch of villains that I have ever seen! Even my robots do a better job that what I have seen from his ‘experiments’ and from you and your friends! All I have seen is you guys offer little challenge to Sonic and his friends, and you know what? I rarely call them that way! I am DONE with you fools! Begone!” *He uses the transport beam to send Cortex and Uka-Uka to the next terrarium.*

Eggman: “Cut the power to the transporter, Metal Sonic!”

Metal Sonic: “YES, SIR.” *He cuts the power to them entirely.*

Eggman: “Follow me, my henchmen. We’re heading down to finish this.”

Cubot asks Orbot: “What does he mean by that?”

Orbot: “Best not to question the boss. We should follow him.”

*Eggman, Orbot, Cubot, and Metal Sonic leave the bridge.*

Next Time: WARNING! WARNING! Entering the Space Terrarium!

anonymous asked:

Sad Shadow idea: Shadow wanting to love someone, but being afraid to. So he isolates himself. But it tears him apart. And the person he loves gets old and dies. And regrets not loving them. Goes back through time to try again. Rinse wash and repeat.

mmmmmm i had that one idea where shadow keeps going back in time to spend more time with sonic because im sonadow trash

watching him grow old over and over again and sonic always telling him to let him go but he cant and goes back

and one day sonic confronts him and asks “how many centuries has this been going now?” 


and shadow acts confusid “what do you mean?”

“I know you keep going back to me, its so obvious. I see it in your eyes. The way you talk. The way you act, the way you move, the way you touch me.” and shadow just stares at him and doesnt know what to say but then he just whispers “I stopped counting after 27″

and sonic just hugs him and tries to comfort him. “People die, Shadow. Everything ends.”

“I don’t.” shadow replies.

“I know. But you can’t keep going back and do the same thing all over just to have more time, because it’s all a lie. It stops being special. I only have one lifetime with you, and I want it to be rad as heck. I don’t want you to be sad about me dieing, I want you to be glad about me exsisting! I want you to be glad about all the things we did and the fact you got woken by the eggman just in the right time to meet me.”

and shadow cant speak and he becaomes teary

“There will be more people in the future, people that are just amazing and great and they are worth protecting. There will always be a reason to go on, right? Just enjoy the things in the time you have.” he laughs. “I once knew someone, who wanted to rewrite the universe to make nothing end ever, because they were so sad about things having to die in the end. But then they realized how meaningless life would be when everything was perfect, no one died and no one felt pain. They realized that its just how things are, and they are there to protect the good things in their world.” he smiled. “You are the same am I right? You said it yourself once, you are here to protect the planet. I’ll be by your side as longa s I can, I’ll enjoy my time while it lasts. Will you?”

and shadow smiles for the first time in like literal ages and takes his hand “Yes.”

sorry that this turned into soadow LMAO i’ll maybe make a comic of this with less writing 8^) thx for reminding me anon!

anonymous asked:

Can you do a boom sonamy prompt? Like sonic realizing he likes amy? And she is kinda like "whaaaats goin on?" just a collection of sonic acting adorable and embarassed around her is good for me :)

Aw, that could be fun XD It’d be difficult with Modern Sonic… but with Boom Sonic? We’ve been told he’s a lot more comfortable around her, so maybe… dodging such affections could happen on a more cuter scale? (Modern Sonic would avoid her if he felt something and wait for the feeling to go away before seeing her again.) so yeah! :D This could be fun!

External image

(single greatest sonic boom sonamy art of all time)

Sonic, after spending loads of time around Amy, has began to start carrying some affection for her, and more than just friends! Unaware of his these new developments, however, he denies that anything is different or weird between the two of them.

He starts stuttering or acting weird, and simply plays it off as though he was just sweaty that day. As more and more incidences started to be noticed, Sonic began to worry and went to Doc about it.

“So… you’ve had sweaty palms, strange stutters, fire in your cheeks?”

“There’s more than that!” Sonic exclaims, looking worried about his health. “The other day I saw a flower, I turned away for a moment, looked back, and it was her face! WINKING at me! Winking, Doc!” he got on his knees and held her arms. “What’s wrong with me??? I get jittery, like… there’s something in my stomach!” he grabbed his waist. “And another thing! I can’t think straight around her.” he suddenly gasped, getting up. “Oh no… I’m… I’m..”

Doc leaned forward, hoping he had figured it out himself.

“I’m allergic to Amy.” He narrowed his eyes, completely convinced that was it.

“No!!” Doc jumped her small little frame up and whacked her clipboard down on his head.

“Ow! Wh-what-what?! You’re the Doctor, I’m just guessing here!”

“You’re in love, Sonic! And this is natural for a boy your age. Especially with a girl that you’re always around. I’m sure your fine. It’s all apart of growing up.”

“G-growing up..?” he looked afraid, “Wait, … in love?! With AMY!?!?!? W-w-wait you realize we’re talking about Amy ROSE, right?”

“….Yes, Sonic… I know.” Doc looked at him like he was being ridiculous. “Just… try and not spook her, alright deary? Heaven knows you’ll just mess this up for yourself. Good luck, kid!” She rolled her eyes and then walked away, giving him a thumbs up as she went.

”..I…I…” the camera zoomed in on Sonic’s horrified eyes. “I’m in love with Amy Rose?”

The screen turns back.

A montage starts of Sonic trying to desperately avoid Amy, but he ends up just putting himself into more awkward meetings with her. Like, for instance, he tries to hug the wall and avoid her seeing him going into the hub, but he gets startled by Knuckles greeting him and walking by, not really paying attention to his behavior as he stumbles and knocks a vase with flowers down. He grabs the flowers and the vase, but the hand with the flowers is toward Amy, as she turns around and happily squees, accepting the flowers.

Another time, he’s in the middle of battle and ends up taking out an enemy for her on accident, having rammed into it and watching it fall to reveal her. He freezes up, as she happily runs over, “Wow! Nice kill, Sonic!” she kisses his cheek and continues to fight.

This is usually a normal thing for her to do, flirt a little, but nothing really comes out of it…

Until now…

Sonic’s whole face flushes as he gets a spike of energy, and his feet vibrate as he suddenly takes down all the robots with super sonic speed, causing a few Sonic Booms as he suddenly stops cold turkey in the middle of the battlefield, gasping.

The robots all fall down as the team looks shocked, and laughs. “Sonic! What have we said about leaving some of the fun for us?” Tails teases.

Sonic is now banging his head on the table in front of him at the hub.

“Hi Sonic.”

“Hi Amy-AAAHH.” he stops, realizing whose come in and raises his head with a loud gasp of air being sucked into him, before closing his mouth and covering it with his hand.

“Hmm?” Amy notices the weird behavior, but usually didn’t say anything… until now. “What’s the matter with-?”

He turns around, letting out the air and glaring at her. “You’re pretty! That’s what wrong!”

“…Excuse me?” she blushes, holding the two books in her hands tighter to her.

“If you weren’t so…so… I don’t know! A girl! Then none of this would be happening!” he flailed his arms around as she looked at him, utterly confused.

“I’m sorry, did I miss something here?”

“Yeah! You’ve been missing it all WEEK!” he hollered out, before stepping up to her. “Look, I don’t know what you’ve done to me, but I’m gonna… I’m … IIIIII…” he had leaned forward, holding a finger up to her and glaring, before slowly realizing how close they were and leaning back, his eyes shrinking.

“…W-what?” Amy’s eyes glittered a bit in the light…

“…” he glared at her, blushing.

“….are you… blushing?”

“STAY OUT OF MY WAY! I WON’T GROW UP! I REFUSE TO LET CHEMICALS AFFECT MY LIFE. I AM FREE. I AM THE WIND!” he starts throwing a tantum, as Tails walks in.

“Woah, what’s wrong with him!?”

“AHHH!!!” he picks up a chair and throws it. “I WAS MEANT TO BE A HERO, NOT A SLAVE TO DARN… FEELINGS!" 

"I…I think he’s in love with me.” Amy concluded, gaping at that realization.

“…AHAHAHHAHA!” Tails starting laughing, hitting his knee, before looking back at her. “Oh, you’re serious.”

“CHAINED. GROUNDED TO THE EARTH.” Sonic fell to his knees, and continued to hit his head on the smaller table in the living room now. “What is my LIFE..!?”

“…Y-you know… Love’s not all THAT bad?” Tails tried to help, as Sonic growled and glared at him, turning his head slightly to him. “Ehh… nevermind. Go on with your pouting and hopeless shouting.”

Sonic nodded, and threw back his head, clutching it with his hands, “DOOMED!!! DOOOOMMEDDD!!!”

Amy walked over, very calmly standing behind him, and summoning her hammer.


“OW! Hey!” He turned around and looked dead center on her hammer’s back, and quickly scooted up more on the table. “He-he-hey now..!”

“Quit acting like a CHILD! Ever thought I might actually LIKE the idea of you crushing on me?” she looked really upset. “Geez, I’m so sorry that the world is ending just because you thought I was pretty!” she was about to cry, but held it in. “You’re… you’re really terrible sometimes… you know that? Is loving me really that horrible..?” she lowered her hammer, as Sonic felt something sting in his heart.

“Wait… n-no, no, no, no, you see, I’M THE ONE that’s suppose to feel horrible right now, not you!” he got up, doing a terrible job at comforting her as he reached for her, but pulled back and withdrew from that, looking awkward and nervously down and around the room. “L-look,.. I think… I might like..” he shook his head. “No, let me do this right. Amy-” he turned to her very seriously, as she sorrowfully looked up at him.

“…I like you.” he stated, and took a deep breath, feeling how scared he really was at admitting it out loud. “But I’m no where NEAR ready for a relationship right now! I mean, I’m still just a kid, especially at heart so um…” he looked away, a little more humbled it seemed now and lightly pressed his pointer fingers together, embarrassed.

“…I get it. It’s okay.” Amy smiled, seeing how it really was.

“Ah, it is?” Sonic looked back at her, amazed she understood him.

“Yeah. I can wait, and besides! You’re no where NEAR where I am when it comes to loving someone. So don’t worry about it. Just live your life, and be nice to me, okay?” she winked and patted his back reassuringly as she walked by him.

He took a sigh of relief, before twitching at something she said. “Wait.. no where near… Hey! Hold on! W-who do you love?!!? I’m ten times cooler than him, right..? A-Amy? Amy?” he spun around, noticing she had disappeared, and growing flighty with worry and panic. “AMMMY!!!” he dashed out, whining for her, and worried she may be in love with someone else! Someone cooler than him! Someone-

“Oh wait. It was me.” he stopped in mid-air running, realizing this and then sitting on air for a second, legs crossed and putting his hand up to his chin in thought, narrowing his eyes, before looking down. “Oh no…” he realized he had stopped over water…. 

he looked up at the camera and twitched an awkward smile out, before falling into the shallow end of the lake near there hub. “AHHH!!”

You could say he was…

drowning in love!



Feelings of love? Drowning? Water humor?

No..? No pun lovers out there?


(Totally not canon by the way, but I tried my best to keep him in character. Same with the rest, as always xD)

Interrupted by Fireworks

TW: panic attack

Length: 1289

A/n: I’ve never experienced a panic attack and have all my information from the internet. If I got something wrong or offended anyone please let me know! Probably the most overused title in our fandom, but whatever ;D Thank you for the prompt, little anon, it’s lovely ;*

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this summer was literally the best summer of my life! It was my first time at warped tour. as soon as I got to the venue I was really nervous about meeting Bryan, Jordan, Johnnie, and Damon. I mean they’re my idols. Whenever I’m upset they’re always there to cheer me up, even if it’s through a screen. as soon as the gates opened I ran as fast as I could to the warped youtubers tent(I spotted it very quickly) I was dragging my friend with me since she was so slow. I was about the 10th person in line. After 30 minutes of waiting I heard some girls in front of me freak out. I was right behind the tent so I couldn’t see if they were there. I asked a girl if they were and she let me look and see them. I was touching distance from Bryan and I was fangirling crazily in my head. When it came to my turn I thought I was gonna cry, but ended up just tearing up. Their merch girl took my phone to take the picture and I went to hug them. Bryan, Jordan, Damon, then Johnnie. I said hey awkwardly and they were very nice. I gave Jordan a sonic gamecube game and he was really happy. When I handed it to him Damon and Johnnie were like “no way, I’m so jealous” and I smiled and said you guys can play too. Their hugs were the BEST. and Johnnie told me I had really pretty hair, and told me and my friend we were beautiful. After that I bought some merch. Later that day I ran into Patty Walters. it was so damn cool. Me and my friends were around the youtuber tent walking around looking at merch and here comes Patty Walters walking towards us. Only one girl had noticed who he was. Me and my 2 friends hugged him and got a picture with him. he was very sweet to us. Then we headed to see Braden (saywecanfly) at the acoustic basement. When we got there he had already started, but I managed to get through a bunch of people. The last song he played was my all time favorite song by him. Called “scars”. I sung my heart out and it was a great feeling. After that me and a bunch of people ran to his tent to meet him. He was very sweet to me and I told him I loved him and how his song scars has helped me through a lot. He smiled and told me thank you. I’m only mad about one thing that happened that night after warped ended. Me and my friend stayed a few couple hours and walked through the tourbuses to go to the car. We saw some people who looked like they were bands but couldn’t identify who they were.  When we got in the car leaving, right next to us, not far from me in the back seat is Bryan, Johnnie, and Jordan walking passed us and I screamed like crazy. I’m mad that I didn’t jump out of the car and chase after them, because I’m crazy like that.  Also ends up if I would’ve stayed a little longer I could’ve met Andy Biersack and Jaime Preciado. But it’s alright because the people I met that day were enough for me. I’m looking forward to meeting them again. Thank you all so much for that wonderful day. It is something I will never forget.

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are you still taking those 10/rose prompts? if so, could you do an arranged marriage au where they're gonna get married??

Here you go, hope you like it :D

“There is no way in hell that I’m having an arranged marriage, Donna!” Lord John Smith, the youngest son of Lord Rassilon told his older sister Donna, for the umpteenth time that day.

Donna rolled her eyes. This was The Doctor Saga all over again, when he had run away from home and studied sciences in the university, instead of history and political science, as demanded by their father. “Ever the rebellious son. What are you gonna do?”

John thought for a moment. Maybe this woman was Lady Cassandra part two, an ambitious creature who wanted to use his title to gain social status. Or maybe she was just another poor soul being forced into marriage with a stranger, just like he was. He wanted to give her the benefit of doubt. “I’m going to meet her in person and tell her politely that I’m not going to marry her in a million years.”

Donna grinned. “Good luck with that, dumbo. Let me know how many teeth she knocks out.”

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