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I WANNA KILL YOU AND A GROUP OF PEOPLE OVER A WEBCOMIC!!! Hilarious right? 😒 Such Humor, Much Class, So wow.

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So funny I’m dying of laughter. Jokes like that aren’t cute nor funny never have nor will be. Say that stuff seek help cause it’s clear you’re unstable. 

 Honestly do antis not realized this type of behavior is getting normalized? Saying you want to do harm cause someone reading a comic that has kill and stalk in it. Also where are the ones getting mad at other horror shows, movies, and books. Hannibal, American Horror Story? All slasher torture porn films you can name, IT!? Has killer clowns in it. So why aren’t those getting hate huh? Can’t just pick and choose it. Look at Aliens that movie got all types of innuendos like rape and sex. For once can antis think before they speak. 

Honestly I don’t get all these bare-minimum breadcrumb gay moments in movies because, like, homophobes will be like “the what? gay?” and boycott the movie over Craig Ferguson The Viking saying “ha ha that’s why I never got married! That and one other reason!” so like, if you’re in for a penny go in for a pound, clearly you want to tap into the lucrative market for content with same-sex relationships, and the Homophobe Market is going to pitch a hissy fit and boycott whether you toss in a few breadcrumbs or the entire loaf. Anybody who’s gonna boycott over gay stuff is probably already boycotting stuff where characters just wink-wink-nudge-nudge but never explicitly confirm anything so there’s no reason to hesitate. You could put in an entire gay wedding and it would be no different, from a homophobe’s point of view, than having a woman in your movie roll her eyes at a male character’s advances and say “sorry, you’re not my type if-you-know-what-i-mean!”

It’s like how my old high school marked you as tardy starting from one minute after the beginning of the school day (7:46 AM) through to 10:30 AM, at which point you’d be marked absent. The punishment was the same whether you arrived at 7:46 or 10:29, so if you were running late and couldn’t make it to school by 7:45, you’d essentially been given a free pass to skip first and second period and go get breakfast at McDonald’s because you’re already in the same amount of trouble regardless of when you actually show up, so long as you do so within the next two and a half hours

Don’t skip school, kids, but hollywood, take note, go big or go home on the gay stuff because the homophobes are already boycotting the movie even if you just put in a blink-and-you-miss-it nudge-nudge hint-hint background reference and you could be making a lot more money by giving the Yellow Ranger a gf in the sequel


and the things that I think what made it a surprisingly good movie. 

SPOILERS AHEAD and a really LONG post 

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The Long Game

standalone; nc-17; smut & fluff; season 7; it’s pretty much PWP between two agents who are stupidly in love and probably mistakenly believe they have all the time in the world to be together. 


She doesn’t kiss him when he gets off the plane, bleary-eyed and harassed, although she kind of wants to. Pissy Mulder with his grim little mouth is cute when it’s not directed at her or government conspiracies or poor nurses who have no clue why he’s shouting at them. He mutters some interesting curses while throwing bags around in the luggage claim and Scully watches him patiently, hands clasped behind her back. 

When he finally finds his bag he curses a little more, but his tone lifts, and when he swivels to see Scully standing behind him, his face goes soft and the tension drains from his body like air from a popped balloon.

“Scully,” he smiles. “Hi.” 

He is not a little bit shamed by his petulant display.

“Hi yourself,” Scully says. She reaches to smooth some wrinkles from his jacket, and his eyes follow her hands. “Let’s get out of here. There’s a whole lot of terrible Chinese takeout with our names on it.”

He doesn’t kiss her, either, but it’s pretty obvious he wants to.

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Yes - Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 4)

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Part 3

*Word Count 5,135

That next morning you woke up in bed alone. You groaned wrapping the sheets around you because you were freezing. All of a sudden you heard shouting and looked over at Harry pacing out on the balcony. He was on the phone with someone and you’ve never seen him so angry. 

Yes, over the years you two have had your fair share of arguments where you both had gotten angry, but he never got that upset. 

“I don’t fucking care! I’m not going to use my girlfriend as a way to sell albums! I don’t give a shit if it helps my name get out there and publicity. I already told you that I wanted my music to do the talking! Not who I’m dating or seen with! And to go behind my back like that and invade my privacy! I can’t believe that someone from my own fucking team did it,” he screamed. 

You sighed wanting to go out there and calm him down, but all of a sudden you felt a lurch in your stomach and quickly ran into the bathroom. After get sick a few times, you sat against the wall and wiped your mouth. You sighed tilting your head back and closing your eyes. 

When the sick feeling subsided, you reached into your bag to find some medicine. You had some anti-nausea medicine for when you traveled and would get motion sickness, but when you looked through your bag it was when you noticed something that you knew the medicine would no longer help. 

You had an entire supply of feminine products that you had yet to use. You quickly did the math in your head and realized that you should have had your period by now.  

No. No. No. No. No. You mumbled to yourself as you went back into the room and grabbed your phone. You had an app on your phone and it would tell you when you were supposed to be having your period. When you clicked on it, you saw that you were more than a few days late, but what freaked you out, even more, was that the week you were in New York was also the week that was highlighted as a “Best Chance of Getting Pregnant” week. 

Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. 

For the second time that morning, you found yourself running to the bathroom. 


“Jeff, I don’t care. You better find out who arranged it and when you do, they’re fired,” he said before hanging up. 

He was beyond pissed at this point and knew he needed to calm down. He decided to head to the gym. He went back into the room and saw you walking out of the bathroom. 

“Hey, is everything okay?” He asked. 

“Yeah,” you mumbled. “I’m just… uh… not feeling well.” 

“Do you have a fever?” He asked. 

“I don’t think so,” you sighed sitting on the bed. 

“Do you want to run to the store and get you some things?” He asked. 

“No, I’m just going to get some rest,” you said. 

“Do you mind if I go to the gym for an hour or do you need me here?” He asked. 

“Oh, no I’ll be fine,” you said. “How’d the phone call go?” 

He sighed grabbing his gym clothes from his bag and changing. “Not well,” he said. “Jeff didn’t know anything, but then he had the audacity to say that even though it wasn’t ideal, it helps to get my name out there.” 

“Wow,” you said. 

“I know, I told him I didn’t care and want to know who sold me out because the second I do, they’re fired,” he said. 

You nodded laying back on the bed. 

“Are you sure you don’t need anything?” He asked. 

“Yeah, I’m sure,” you said. 

He looked at you suspiciously but just gave you a kiss on the forehead. “I’ll have my phone if you need anything,” he said.

“Okay,” you said. 

He grabs his gym bag and walked out of the room. Once you were sure he was gone, you grabbed your phone and called Manny. 

“What?” He groaned into the phone when he answered it. 

“I-I need you to do me a favor,” you said. 

“This early in the morning?” He groaned. 

“It’s not that early,” you sighed. “And this is serious.” 

“Okay, what it is?” He asked. 

You sighed. “I-I need you to go to the drugstore and buy a pregnancy test.” 

“Why would I need to get- HOLY SHIT ARE YOU PREGNANT!” He screamed. 

“No! I mean I don’t fucking know,” you sighed. “Which is why I need you to get the test and we both know that I can’t exactly go and buy it without the chance of someone seeing.” 

“Does Harry know?” He asked. 

“No, he doesn’t. He’s at the gym right now, so you should have time to run there and bring it back and you can’t tell him or mention it to him,” you said quickly. 

“You’re going to have to tell him, you know,” he said. 

“He doesn’t have to know anything unless I’m pregnant,” you said. 

He sighed, “Okay, I’ll be there in ten.” 

You hung up the phone and laid back. You didn’t know what you were going to do. 


Manny arrived with the test in hand a few minutes later. You let him in and he sat on the bed. 

“So, you’re going to take it without Harry knowing about it?” He asked. 

“Yes, I don’t want to freak him out when it could be nothing to freak out about,” you said. 

“I still think you should at least tell him that you two had a scare,” he said. “But I thought you were on Birth Control anyway.” 

“I am,” you sighed. “But sometimes if you don’t take it at the exact time every day it might not be as effective…” 

“But you still use other forms of protection right?” He asked. 

“We didn’t in New York,” you mumbled. “I mean we didn’t exactly plan on hooking up, so we didn’t have other means of protection handy.” 

“Do you want me to stay while you take it?” He asked. 

“Please,” you whispered. 

He nodded and you grabbed the bag and go into the bathroom. You opened up the test and read the directions. After you took the test, you set the timer on your phone and sat next to Manny on the bed. You both were silent until the timer went off. 

You felt sick again, but you knew it was from the nerves. You looked down at the test and saw the word “PREGNANT” written across the little screen. You immediately broke down in tears and Manny wrapped his arms around you. 

He rubbed your back and let you cry onto his shoulder. 

“What am I going to do?” You cried. 

“I don’t know, but you need to talk to Harry about it,” he whispered. 

You shook your head. “I can’t… I mean not right now. He’s going through so much and I-” You cried. 

“Y/N, you need to tell him. You don’t have to go through this alone. I mean it is his baby right?” He asked. 

“Of course it is,” you sighed. 

“Then you need to tell him,” he whispered. 

“He should be back from the gym soon,” you mumbled. 

“Do you want me to leave?” He asked. 

“No, but you probably should,” you whispered. 

He nodded and gave you a hug before walking out the door. You were freaking out and you didn’t know what you were going to do. You sat on the bed with your knees to your chest. You hid the pregnancy test under the pillow when you heard the door open. 

Harry walked in and threw his bag on the ground. “Hey baby, feeling better?” He asked leaning into kiss you. 

You turned your head away and he looked at you confused. “What’s wrong?” He asked. 

“I think you should leave,” you whispered. 

“Wait, what?” He asked. 

“I think you should leave. I think you should pack your things and move on,” you sniffled. 

“Y/N, baby, what are you talking about?” He said. “You’re scaring me.” 

“You just need to go,” you said pushing him away. “Just go!” 

“Not until you tell me what’s wrong,” he said grabbing your hands as you hit them against his chest. 

“Everything is wrong! Everything is ruined,” you cried. “I’m just going to hold you back, so just go!” 

“Baby, I think we should call a doctor,” he said. “What’s going on?” 

“I’m not sick,” you sniffled. 

“Then what’s wrong, please tell me,” he whispered taking your face into his hands and making you look at him. 

“You’re going to hate me,” you whispered. “You’re going to leave me.” 

“No, I’m not. I love you, I’m not leaving you again,” he whispered. “Just please tell me what’s wrong.” 

“I-I’m” you whispered. “I’m pregnant.” 

All color drained from his face and his hands dropped to his sides. “W-What?” He asked. 

You got the test from underneath the pillow and showed it to him. He took it in his hands and saw that it was positive. “But we’ve been safe…” he whispered. “And you’re on the pill.” 

“The pill is only 100% effective if you take it at the exact same time each day and when I’m traveling… with time zones and everything, it throws me off. So, I guess when we were in New York… the pill wasn’t as safe…” you sniffled. 

“You knew?” He said. “I told you that we shouldn’t have because I didn’t have any protection, but you said that we were fine.” 

“Because I thought we were! Damn it we only did it a couple of times and I figured that being on the pill, in general, was better than nothing! Do you think I wanted this right now? Do you think I purposely got pregnant?” You said. 

“No! I don’t, but I just.. this can’t be fucking happening right now,” he said running his hands through his hair. 

“See this is why you should just leave,” you sniffled. 

Harry turned around and looked over at you. “Do you honestly think I’m would just leave?” He whispered. “That I would just leave you to raise this baby or leave you alone while you dealt with this?” 

You shook your head. He walked over to you and wrapped you in his arms. “When I said I’m never leaving you and that I was going to be with you forever, I meant it,” he whispered. 

“But you don’t have time to worry about a baby,” you sniffled. “Your album is coming out in a few weeks, then you have your movie in the summer and touring later on in the year. You’d be in the middle of a tour when the baby would be born.” 

“Is this the most opportune time for us? Hell no,” he sighed. “But that doesn’t mean I’m just going to abandon you,” he sniffled. 

“What are we going to do?” You whispered laying your head against his chest. 

“Well, we should probably consider our options first and then go from there,” he whispered. 

“I want to have the baby,” you whispered. “I don’t know how we’re going to fucking have a baby, but I could never personally go through the other options.” 

“Hey, we’ll figure it out,” he said. “But before we do anything, you should see a doctor. I want to make sure everything is okay with you.” 

“I’ll call my doctor and see if she recommends anyone in the next city,” you sniffled. 

“But baby, it’s going to be okay. We’re going to get through this,” he said. 

“What if we can’t?” You cried. “What if this pulls us apart?” 

“We won’t let that happen,” he said taking your head in his hands again. “We love each other and this baby… our baby was made by and with that love. It won’t break us.” 

You looked at him and couldn’t help, but break down in tears once again. 


Over the next few days, things were a little bit different between you and Harry. It wasn’t anything bad, but you could tell that you both were nervous and scared about the pregnancy and the doctor’s appointment. 

The only people who knew about you being pregnant was you and Harry and the Manny. Harry was a little upset that you hadn’t confided in him that morning when you took the test, but he understood your decision in involving Manny. 

You were waiting in the doctor’s office right now and the doctor arranged for you to come before they opened so that none of the other patients might recognize you and Harry. 

Harry held your hand the entire time. “I know this might sound a bit old fashioned, but I kinda always thought I would be in this position after I was married,” he said. 

“Me too,” you sighed. “And I didn’t expect this to happen until I was much closer to thirty.” 

Harry kissed your head and the doctor called you back. They ran a few tests and then gave you an exam before coming back with the results. 

“Okay, Y/N, Harry,” she said. “We have the test results from both your urine and blood tests and they both confirm that you’re pregnant.” 

Tears filled your eyes and Harry took your hand. 

“How far along?” You whispered. 

“A few weeks,” she said. “We go by the date that you start ovulating not when you conceived.” 

You nodded. 

“And just so you know, you do have more than one option,” she stated. 

“We know, but we’ve decided to keep the baby,” you said quietly. 

“Okay, we’ll send these results to your primary doctor and I suggest that you make an appointment with them asap, so you can get your prenatal care started. We can give you some vitamins to start taking, but as far as other care, it’s better for your doctor to assess that,” she said. 

“Thank you,” you whispered. 

“I’ll let you get dressed and be back with the information,” she said. 

You nodded. 

After she left, Harry looked over at you. “Well, looks like Niall is the last one of the group,” he laughed. 

You looked at him confused. “To have a kid? Louis, then Liam, now me,” he said. 

“Oh! Right,” you laughed. “He’s gonna feel the pressure now.” 

You stand up from the table and reach for your shirt when Harry put his hand on your belly. “I can’t believe that our baby is growing inside of there,” he whispered. 

“I know. I’m a whirlwind of emotions right now,” you laughed. “I’m absolutely terrified, but I’m also happy.” 

“I know exactly what you mean,” he whispered. “I keep thinking this is not the best time and I’m scared as hell about it, but I’m having a baby with the love my life,” he smiled. “I’m gonna be a daddy.” 

“Yeah, you are,” you smiled putting your hand over his. 

He leaned down to kiss you and then the nurse came back in. She handed you a packet of information and some vitamin samples to get you started. After you leave, you two head to a nearby Starbucks to grab some breakfast. 

“So, I guess our next step in this whole process would be to tell everyone,” he said. “I mean not everyone, but our families for sure.” 

“Yeah, but I think it would be best to maybe wait a bit,” you said. “I just want to see my own doctor and make sure everything is still going well.”

He nodded. “Will it be after tour?” 

You nodded taking a sip of your green tea. “Luckily I only have a few weeks left,” you said. 

“And then we’ll go from there,” he said taking your hand. “I’ll only be with you for another week and then I’ll be going back to London for a few things and then New York and LA. I’ll be doing quite a bit of traveling once the album is released, so I don’t know how we’ll be able to be together during that time.” 

“I can join you. I’ll be back in LA by the time that you’re there and then I can go to the doctor while I’m back and we can try and figure out when to tell our family,” you said. 

“I just don’t want you to travel any more than you after too because you’ve already been traveling so much and now that… you know… you’ll be traveling for a few more weeks and I want you to be able to take it easy,” he said. 

“And I will. I promise,” you smiled. “And hopefully we can take that nice, romantic vacation together that you promised.” 

“As long as you’re still feeling up to it,” he smiled. 

“I plan on it,” you laughed. 

After a quick bite to eat, the two of you head back to the hotel. You looked through the little pamphlets and information packets that the nurse gave you. 

“Anything interesting?”  He asked jumping on the bed beside you. 

“Yes and no,” you said. “Apparently our baby is only about this big,” you said making an itty bitty circle with your hand. “And it’s going to go from that to like baby sized, which means I’m gonna get fat,” you groaned. “I mean I know I’m not exactly super duper skinny right now, but I’m not like really really big either,” you mumbled. “But I will be.” 

“You’ll be pregnant, not fat and even if you were, I’d still love you,” he said grabbing some of the papers from you and reading them. 

“But would you still find me attractive?” You said. 

“Of course I would,” he said. 

“So, when I look like I’m carrying a 20-pound watermelon under my shirt, you’re still gonna be like all over me and wanting to fuck?” You asked looking at him. 

He looked at you and laughed. 

“What? That’s not funny!” You whined. “I’m being serious.” 

“I know, but I just I wasn’t expecting you to word it like that,” he laughed. “But yes, you could look like you’re carrying a 50+ pound watermelon under your shirt and I would still wanna fuck you every chance I had.” 

“What about stretch marks? Cause there’s gonna be tons of those,” you said. 

“Even then,” he said. 

“What about the aftermath of being pregnant? Like I’m not gonna look the same as I do now,” you said. 

“Baby, you don’t have to worry about me ever not being attracted to you and finding you sexy,” he said. 

“You say that now when I still look like this, but that could change when I start showing,” you said. 

“Actually, I think I’m going to find you even more attractive because I’ll look at you and see our little bundle of love growing inside of you,” he smiled. 

“You’re so fucking cheesy,” you laughed. 

“It’s all those Rom-Coms,” he joked. 

You laughed shaking your head as you laid back on the bed and Harry joined you. 

“This isn’t a mistake right?” You whispered looking over at him. “I mean we’re both still really young and we have our careers going for us. Not to mention that we just got back together.” 

“It’s not a mistake,” he whispered. “Would I change things if I could? Maybe, at least maybe until we were a bit older, but I can’t change it and I don’t want to change it. I’m happy, I really am. At first, I was scared and upset because it wasn’t planned, obviously, but now I couldn’t be more happy and excited.” 

You smiled. “That makes me happy to hear that. I was so scared to tell you that day when I found out,” you whispered. 

He sighed looking over at you. “Baby, I wish you didn’t feel that way.” 

“I know, but I was just afraid of how you would react,” you sighed sadly. “I thought maybe you’d be upset and think that I and this baby would ruin your life.” 

“Y/N, no,” he whispered pulling you on top of him. “You could never ruin my life and a baby couldn’t either.” 

You smiled a bit laying your head down on his chest. He wrapped his arms around you and rubbed your back. “We’re having a baby,” you whispered. 

“I know,” he smiled widely. “We’re going to have a baby just in time for Christmas.” 

“Wow, yeah, we will,” you said. “How do you think our family is going to take it?” 

“I’d hope they’d be happy for us,” he said. 

“Me too, but both your Mom and your sister were apprehensive about us getting back together in the first place, do you really think they’d be happy that we’re having a baby together,” you sighed.

“If they know that I’m happy and that I want this, they’re gonna be thrilled,” he said. 

“And you do want this right?” You asked. 

“Yeah, I do,” he smiled. “And you want this right?” 

“Of course,” you smiled. “Do you want a boy or a girl?” 

“I just want a healthy baby,” he smiled. “I want both my babies to be healthy.” 

You giggled sitting up and lifting your shirt up a bit. Harry smiled and put his hand on your belly for the second time that day. “Hi, baby,” he whispered. “It’s your daddy.” 

You smiled looking down at him. 

“And I love you so much,” he smiled. “And I love your Mummy, so make sure you’re good to her. We don’t want her feeling bad, okay?” 

“I don’t think they can hear you,” you giggled. 

“You don’t know that,” he said. 

“Actually I do,” you laughed. “The baby is only a teeny tiny speck.” 

“That’s so rude! Our baby isn’t a speck,” he laughed. 

“Technically it is,” you laughed. 

Harry rolled his eyes and pulled you back down onto his stomach. You laughed looking up at him. “What was that about?” You asked. 

“Nothing, nothing,” he smirked. “Just wanna cuddle is all.” 

“You and your cuddling,” you joked. 

“Hey! If I remember correctly it was my cuddling that made you fall for me,” he smirked. 

“Just because I literally fell on you and you wrapped your arms around me and had a quick drunken chat doesn’t exactly qualify as cuddling,” you said poking his nose. 

He laughed. “Maybe not, but after that specific moment we did cuddle.” 

“Only because you’re a handsy drunk,” you laughed. “We were talking and you couldn’t keep your hands off me. Ed was laughing his ass off because he thought you were going to regret your actions in the morning.” 

“Well, it seemed to work,” he smirked. “Because now you can’t keep your hands off me.” 

“Oh, whatever,” you rolled your eyes. “Anyway, I want some frozen yogurt.” 

He groaned. “But I don’t want to get up.” 

“Then don’t, I’ll just go all by myself,” you pouted. 

“Ugh, fine,” he said sitting up. “I’ll go, but then we come back and cuddle.” 

“Maybe,” you said grabbing your purse. 

“Y/N,” he whined with a stomp of his foot. 

“What?” You smirked. 

“You’re so mean,” he said wrapping his arms around your shoulders as he walked behind you. “All I wanna do is cuddle with my girlfriend, but noooo you want to frozen yogurt.” 

“Oh my goodness, we’ll come back,” you laughed. “The place is right next door.” 

“We could get it to go,” he said. 

“Sure,” you laughed. 

While the two of you were at the frozen yogurt shop, you could see cameras outside and some fans standing across the street. You bit your lip and sighed. 

“What’s wrong?” Harry asks pouring his flavor of choice into the cup. 

“Seeing the paps outside and the fans has me thinking…” you sighed. “What are we going to do once I start to show? I don’t want to make this huge annoucement or have everyone know about it. Not until we’re ready.” 

“I agree. It’s no one else’s business but ours, our family, and close friends,” he said adding some fruit. “But we’ll figure something out to protect you and the little one.” 

“Speaking of figuring out, did you ever find out who sold you out?” You asked adding some fruit and cookie bits to yours. 

“No, I honestly think Jeff knows, but he won’t tell me,” he sighed. 

“That’s not like him,” you said. “But I mean, do you think it was him though?” 

“That did cross my mind, but I wouldn’t see him doing that,” he said. 

“Maybe he thought it would be okay since you’ve sort of done in it in the past,” you said putting your cup on the weighing station. 

The cashier adds up the totals and Harry pays before handing you yours. You quickly take a bite and he gets his change before putting it all in the tip jar and grabbing his. 

“There’s a huge difference between those “relationships” and ours,” he said taking a bite. “Those were arranged strickly for publictiy. I mean sure, I got on with them, but there wasn’t any feelings there.” 

“Good to know,” you mumbled as you walked back to the hotel. 

“Baby, you know you’re the only one that’s ever had my heart,” he smirked. 

You laughed sneaking a spoonful of his yogurt. 

“Hey! That’s mine,” he groaned. 

“Hey, I’m eating for two now,” you whispered. 

“I still can’t believe it,” he said shaking his head. 

“Me either, but it’s happening,” you said. 

He smiled and wrapped his arm around your shoulder again. “Now, back to the conversation, maybe he did and maybe he did it with good intentions but the paps took it too far,” he sighed. “But either way, I would be really disappointed because he could have at least told me.” 

“Yeah,” you nodded. 


When you got back up to the hotel, you decided to change into something more comfortable. Before you put your shirt on, however, you looked at yourself in the mirror. 

“It’s crazy to think that there’s something in there,” you whispered looking down at your stomach. 

“Yeah and to think it was all because we fucked,” Harry said with a big mouthful of yogurt. 

You picked up a pillow from the couch and threw it at him. 

“Oi! What was that for?” He laughed. 

“You make it sound like we just hooked up and out comes a baby,” you said. 

“I was joking,” he laughed. 

You bit your lip again and then looked over at him. “You know how you said eariler at the doctor’s that you had always thought you would be married before you had kids?” You asked. 

“Yeah,” he said. 

“When you thought of that, did you ever- did you ever hope that it would be with me?” You whispered. 

“That I would have the babies with you and that we’d be married?” He asked. 

You nodded. 

“Come here,” he said opening his arms. 

You walked over and sat on his lap. He wrapped his arms around you and you leaned against his chest. 

“When I was younger, I’d always hoped that I would meet the girl of my dreams and fall in love, get married, and have babies,” he laughed. “I thought that was what people did you know? I mean that’s what they do in the movies and in love songs.” 

“But then, my life changed and I was traveling and girls were throwing themselves at me and people were trying to use me and I started wondering if I’d ever find that person for me. I knew I was still young and that I wasn’t even thinking about marriage or kids then, but it didn’t mean that I didn’t want someone to love.” he whispered. 

“Then you came to Ed’s party and I had always been a huge fan of you and thought you were so hot, but once we started talking, even though we were both shitfaced,” he laughed. “I felt something with you that I never felt with anyone. I remember when Ed told me how I was that night with you, I was so embarrased and thought I fucked up any chance I had to ask you out, but somehow I didn’t and we went out for breakfast one morning.” 

“And that first year we were together, I kept picturing a future with you. I pictured us going on holidays to celebrate our anniversaries. I thought about going to a ring shop one day and picking out the best ring for you and planning this huge romantic propsal. And you walking down the aisle and us getting married and spending our lives together and everything that goes along with that,” he smiled. 

“However, things got in the way and we broke up. I was devestated because not only did I lose you, but I lost the future that I pictured us having,” he whispered. “And each time we tried getting back together, my hope grew back, only to be let down again.” 

“And now?” You asked. “What do you feel now?” 

“I feel like… no I know that one day we’ll get married and that this baby is just the first of many,” he smiled putting his hand on your belly. 

“Oh really?” You giggled. “You’re just so sure that I’m gonna carry more than one baby.” 

He laughed. “Well not anytime soon, but one day.” 

You shook your head with a laugh and put your head on his shoulder and your face in his neck. “I’m scared, Harry,” you whispered after a bit. 

“I know baby, I am too, but we have each other,” he whispered. “And we’re going to get through this together.” 

“What if I’m a horrible mother?” You sniffled. “Or what if this is my last tour and my career is over.” 

“You’re not going to be a horrible mother. You’re going to be the best damn mother ever and our baby is going to love you so much,” he smiled. “And there are plenty of female artists who are Mums and still kill it on stage and have a career.” 

“But can I do that?” You whispered. 

“If anyone can do it, it’s you baby,” he smiled. “You’re too fucking talented and amazing not to.” 

You smiled a bit. “I love you,” you whispered. “You can always make me feel better.” 

“I love you too and that’s my job, baby,” he smiled kissing your head. 

“Now, I believe you wanted to cuddle,” you giggled. 

He smirked laying you both back on the bed. You smiled cuddling up to him as much as you could. Both of you were scared of what was happening, but you had each other and that was all that mattered. 

**I feel like this part was all over the place and doesn’t make sense… Sorry! I hope you like it anyway! 

When writing about Team Rocket, A Guide for Headcannons (master post)

So I am a big fan of Team Rocket from Pokémon and I also read/review and edit fanfiction for my friends. If you are like me, then you have probably noticed that when it comes to writing the Rockets, people tend to go in many different directions. Some people really enjoy AU (Alternate Universe) fics, but this discussion is for those of us who prefer fics that focus on situations that have some continuity with the original anime. These fics are challenging to write because it is really hard to capture Jessie, James, and Meowth’s individual personalities. They have a lot of personality, so knowing how to work with them is difficult at times. I noticed over the years (I am 20) that the vast majority of Team Rocket fanfictions out there depict the TRio way too OOC (out of character). This post is not a rant, rather it is a guide I made for anyone who wants to write about the TRio and keep them in character. I personally watched the English dubbed version up until the start of the diamond and pearl saga, then I switched to Japanese version with English subs, so I am basing these cannons off of my knowledge based on that. If you have objections/amendments, please share them when you reblog. My goal is to organize as much as the cannon information as possible so that future writers can have an easier time trying to write the TRio. I am not trying to offend anyone so sorry if this post sounds rude. If you never wrote a fic, try it out. I don’t have my own, but I assist my friend chipotlepeppers (fanfiction.net) sometimes, and I love to review other peoples’ work.

**AN: when I say ‘writers’, I am referring to fanfiction writers, not official paid scriptwriters.

1.    When writing about Jessie:

·     BEHAVIOR: Writers often make Jessie either this overly mean dominatrix who bosses the other two around to no mercy, or they make her very, very soft. The truth is that Jessie does have a temper, but this is only one side of her. She isn’t always cruel, and she isn’t always soft. Jessie has triggers for her temper. The most common ones are: having the twerps interrupt her plans, being called old, being called less beautiful/young/nice than some other woman, James and Meowth being overly negative, and lack of food. These things make Jessie very angry and likely to lash out. Otherwise, she is generally pleasant. She is a bit moody but is generally optimistic, being known to say things like “What a beautiful day! Today is our day!” on a regular basis, which most 25 year olds don’t usually do, especially when they are trapped in the wilderness with barely any food. She is dorky, clumsy, and obviously not as bright as many of the other adults in the show, but that doesn’t affect her confidence. She is the leader of the group, which, if you are a leader, than you know can be stressful, and for someone who has been travelling nonstop for years and never has enough to eat, not to mention she is stuck with the same two companions the whole time, she is does a very good job of keeping her cool most of the time. Now for her soft side. Jessie likes cute Pokémon and babies, but dislikes small children that whine a lot and disobedient Pokémon. Not only does she say this herself in both the Japanese and English versions of the anime, but she also shows it from time to time. She also loves shopping, dressing up, performing, love-stories, dolls, and  fashion. She also cannot resist her partners begging, especially when it comes to James, and she will make sacrifices for them occasionally. She is aggressive, but she is also a girly-girl. She also isn’t that smart, even though she claims to be the brains of the group. 

·   RELATIONSHIPS WITH TEAM: Jessie is the clear leader of the group, though it is unclear whether or not she does anything other than just tell the other two what to do. Jessie and Meowth have a sibling-like relationship. They are both pretty devious and often times have ideas that are a bit more malicious than those of their lavender-haired partner. I think it is safe to say that Jessie argues with Meowth more than she argues with James, especially in the Japanese version of the anime. That doesn’t mean that Jessie dislike Meowth. Writers sometimes make Meowth go away for some irrelevant reason or treat him like a pet in their fics. Jessie really cares for Meowth, as she has been known to stick up for him and make personal sacrifices for his comfort, safety, and dignity. If she ever did treat him like a pet, it would be in a teasing way, not serious. Same with James. She teases James a lot, but she feels guilty when she triggers something that makes his very upset (like how he shouldn’t cry over lost Pokémon). They always make up after a fight, and it is usually a teary-eyed reunion for all three members of the group (so don’t tell me that Jessie is too strong to cry).

·      PAST: Jessie’s past is the most confusing yet elaborate of all (in the TRio, at least). Instead of trying to put it all together in some fabrication, I am just going to list what I know is cannon. Jessie’s mother, Miyamoto, went missing when she was five, and it is implied that she is dead. She was a top team rocket agent and a favorite of the boss’s (Madam Boss at the time, Giovanni’s mother). Jessie grew up in poverty, and her family was so poor that they had to eat snow (we don’t know if this was before or after her mother’s death, or both times, and her father is never mentioned). Jessie met James in Pokémon tech. According to a Team Rocket Radio Drama, they were both going to help a kid who fell and they bumped heads. Jessie said that it hurt but they both laughed anyway. Later they were both searching for the same book by coincidence in the library. Now I am going to assume that this is around the same time Jessie tried out for that  dance audition and got rejected, as in her flashback she looked young and was wearing a school uniform (this is from the episode. This is also the same time that her first crush left her. Later her and James failed out of the school together and at some point joined the bridge bike gang. Jessie earned the nickname “Trainer Jess”. At some point her and James split up, as she has another flashback in which she is training to become a nurse, and James is clearly shocked by this, and the Jessie in the flashback is older. This means that he never knew about that incident. She fails at that and then joins Team Rocket, where she is finally reunited with James in the episode “Training Daze”. They are not very friendly at first (maybe they had some kind of argument, or maybe they were never really that close to begin with). During training they do warm up to one another. This is when they meet Meowth for the first time and the three of them become friends and an official team. Throughout the series, we see them learn more about one another, but at the same time it is clear that they have known each other for a while.

2.     When writing about James:

·    BEHAVIOR: writers have a tendency to make James whiny, submissive, dumb, love-struck, overly softhearted, or too childish. Some writers go the opposite way and give him far too many dominant traits. James, like Jessie, has multiple sides to him. He does act childish, but that doesn’t mean that he is obsessed with donuts and bottle caps ( I think every TR fic mentions these two things). James is a guy, but that doesn’t mean that he has to be the dominant one in a romantic or physical relationship (with Jessie or anyone else). Also, James is not gay. In over 936 episodes, multiple mangas, movies, and specials, not once has James ever shown any interest in a man (I have googled relentlessly on this). Not once. Honestly, I think it would be adorable if he were gay, but he never says it or shows any interest in another man. Poor James has been stereotyped. Why? Because he occasionally likes to wear a dress, has lavender hair, babies his Pokémon, and ran away from marriage like six times throughout the series. Also, in the English dub, he used to have a cute camp British accent, which according to some is the official ‘accent of the gay’.  James does act feminine(he likes fashion, keeping clean, cooking, dancing, decorating, doing hair and makeup), so naturally he is softer than most guys. In addition to that, in the Japanese version of the anime, in the motto, he is called the ‘soft-heart’ of the trio (awe<3), and so yes, he is ‘less evil’ than Jessie and Meowth, this is brought up a lot in the TRio’s arguments. James does have a wicked side though. He does attack people with his Pokémon and hurt them. He still separates Pokémon from their trainers. In the Black and White saga, while Meowth is away with Ash and friends for a while and it is just him and Jessie for a bunch of episodes, James becomes even more wicked. Of course, it is clear that Jessie is still in charge, but they are actually very successful and get on the boss’s good side again, mostly because of James. So, while James prefers to act goofy, childish, and nice, he is still a villain (or he thinks he is anyway). James does have some major issues, it is obvious that he was traumatized by his parents and Jessiebelle. Also, though James is usually depicted as the whiney one,  I noticed that Jessie and Meowth whine just as much. And all together I think their whining is not even that intense, considering their extremely stressful lifestyle.

·   RELATIONSHIP WITH TEAMMATES: James seems to be a little bit closer to Jessie than he does Meowth, but it is clear that he cares about both of them very much. He treats Meowth like a human co-worker, and like Jessie treats the feline, as he sticks up for the Pokémon when someone tries to treat him as anything less than a human being. James clearly admires Jessie. In the Japanese version, he calls her Musashi-sama, and always dotes on her. He didn’t like her contests and performances at first, but once she started doing well, he started to really enjoy it too.  James lets himself get bossed around by Jessie because he claims it is ‘easier that way’. It is unclear exactly what he means by this, but he obviously doesn’t want to be on her bad side, and he would rather cross Meowth than cross her. Also, the he and Jessie have a lot in common as far as interests go, which is where their friendship grows. James does keep some secrets from his teammates (like how he didn’t tell them about his wealth until it was forced out of him, or how he sometimes hides food) but he never lies about anything that he thinks would hurt them.

· PAST: James ran away from his mansion when he was young, probably between the ages of 7-10, as he looks to be about that age in his last appearances at the mansion. He met Jessie at Pokémon tech, later failed and joined the bike gang with her, and after they split up, he eventually joined Team Rocket. James was assigned to work with Jessie because she couldn’t hold on to a partner. James was determined to become her last partner. They were joined with Meowth, and the rest is history.

3.     When writing about Meowth:

·      BEHAVIOR: Meowth is cowardly and greedy, and it is rare that these two instincts are over powered by the feelings of friendship and love. Meowth likes to tease his human companions about their love-hate relationship, but it is unsure whether or not he ever really thinks that much into it, as he makes wisecracks about almost everything. Meowth falls in and out of love easily, though this is more accurately called lust, as he never really sticks with a human/Pokémon for long after ‘falling in love’ with them. Meowth also hates cold or splashing water, dog-type Pokémon, Persians, being cold, and being told it is ‘strange’ or ‘wrong’ for him to act like a human. He would never evolve, unless maybe you can come up with some really good reason that will change his mind, but he seems pretty adamant on the subject, so I would avoid that when writing about him. Meowth is over Meowzie, and although he probably would return to her if she asked, that is most likely to never happen. If she wanted him, she would have joined the TRio 800 episodes ago.

·  RELATIONSHIP WITH TEAMMATES: Meowth obviously relies on Jessie and James a lot. Meowth doesn’t do well on his own, and whenever he is alone, he is desperate for company. He is arguably the most intelligent member of the TRio, not only because of his ability to speak like a human, but also because he apparently manages the Team’s finances and also builds many of those huge robots they use to try and steal Pokémon. Meowth likes James more, as he has mentioned several times throughout the series, but he tends to pair Jessie and James as one entity, calling them ‘his humans’ If one of them does something wrong, Meowth naturally blames both of them. Meowth also gets very jealous when Jessie and James do things without him.  He is usually the one to bring them all back together in the end after some kind of argument or disagreement.

· PAST: Meowth’s backstory is the most straightforward and well known. Meowth was abandoned as a kitten. He raises himself in a city and spends most of his time being hungry. He dreams of going to Hollywood, because he sees ads and there is always lots of food in the ads. In Hollywood he meets Meowzie, who belongs to a wealthy woman. She calls him a ‘dirty street Meowth’, and says that she likes humans more. Meowth takes this to heart and decides to make himself more human-like. He teaches himself to talk and how to walk on two legs. When he returns to Meowzie and shows off his new talents, she rejects him again, this time calling him a freak. Meowth runs away and eventually joins Team Rocket. In the episode “Training Daze”, we see Meowth come to Giovanni’s office. He tells Giovanni that ‘It has always been a dream of mine to become a real Team Rocket field agent’. Giovanni is clearly disturbed by his presence, and assigns him to work with Jessie and James, hoping to keep the strange Pokemon out of his way. Meowth can tell there is tension between Jessie and James, but tries to ignore it and get the three of them to work together. Eventually they end up as friends and promise to stick together forever (awe).

So that is it for the individual characters, now for some other random Team Rocket stuff:

ON ROCKETSHIPPING: Rocketshipping is cannon based on who you ask and what you mean by ‘Rocketshipping’. Some writers and shippers mean it to be a very strong platonic friendship between the two, and this is cannon. It has been confirmed several times, mostly in the Japanese version, that James and Jessie share a very special bond. Most people mean it to be something more. According to the Electric Tales of Pikachu Manga, they do get married and have a baby, though the story ends after that. This manga was written and published by someone who did work for the show and helped write a few of the episodes, but that manga did a lot of things that differed from the anime. I honestly believe, just by observance, that Jessie and James have that whole ‘strong platonic friendship’ thing down. I mean, we’ve seen them hug hundreds of times, cry together, share stories of their past, bath in the hot springs together and even sleep in the same bed. And we have seen in the past what happens when one of them almost leaves the group. They fall apart and run crying back into one another’s arms. I think that realistically, they will be together forever, and maybe one day Jessie will realize that the ‘prince charming’ was the same man she spent the last two decades with, and James will realize that marriage isn’t so scary after all, since he has been living with a woman for more than half his life already. Would Meowth support it? It depends, I think. He would no doubt tease them, like he has done in the past, but I think it depends on the situation and how it all works out.


›   Yes, Jessie and James both can dance, they both can cook, and they both can sing (at least in Japanese).

›   James did not ALWAYS hate Jessiebelle. He used to love her. Keep in mind they were once friends, and that she wasn’t evil her entire life.

›   Twice Jessie supported James getting married to Jessiebelle, and one other time to another girl. She just thought it would be temporary, though.

›   Jessie is desperate to find someone to marry. Like really desperate, it just so happens that no one else is as desperate as she is. James on the other hand, has mentioned several times how he would never get married because he wants to stay with Jessie and Meowth in Team Rocket (if only there was a solution to that).

›   All three of them love to eat. They will eat just about anything too. Meowth loves fish, and has also been seen eating cans of something suspiciously labeled ‘Cat Food”. I just thought this was weird and worth mentioning. He eats Pokémon food too though, he just doesn’t like it as much.

›   Jessie and James actually were successful in the Black and White Series. Why does Giovanni keep them around and not just fire them? In the Japanese veriosn of the anime, it is strongly implied that they used to do good work (before Jari-boy came along with Pikachu). I also noticed how he treats them like his misbehaving children, a little but differently from his other agents.  Maybe he is looking after Jessie. After all, Miyamoto (Jessie’s mother) did help Madam Boss raise Giovanni, and it could be that he is just returning the favor now that she is gone. Or maybe Giovanni really is fooled by them. Team Rocket is a big organization, and maybe he actually believes that the TRio is contributing as much as they claim they are when they send in the progress reports.

›   Jessie loves Wobbufet. She used to dislike him, now he is like her favorite Pokémon (except for maybe Gourgeist). She rarely gets mad at him anymore.

›   James and Jessie’s other Pokémon, minus the ones they released/traded, are with Giovanni. Giovanni took them, claiming that their new captures (Yamask, Woobat, ect.) were really his and that they caught them for him. They are all still at TR HQ, and the only reason Jessie has Wobbufet still is because he snuck out to be with her, and Giovanni either doesn’t know about this or care enough to try and get Wobbafet back.

›   James’ parents aren’t pure evil, as far as we know. They are, however, neglectful and selfish.  James mentions how he was always put down as a child and made miserable by his parents, schoolmates, and Jessiebelle. They really don’t care much about James. Example: despite being superrich, they didn’t really put that much effort into looking for him when he ran away, as his ‘missing’ poster depicted him as a child, and by the time he saw them again, he was already a grown man. When he ran away the second time, he presumably argued with them again, but they didn’t really go after him, Meowth, and Jessie. It is revealed later (like, four or five seasons later) that he snuck away, and that  they were still trying to get him back home that entire time.

So that about wraps it up. There must be more, so add in those other deets/comments when you reblog. I tagged all the artists, I would like to tgive them credit where credit is due. I also tagged the blogs that I found the artwork on. Thanks to @pokemonfanthings for helping me with Meowth’s headcannons and offering to post this on her blog first, @pokemonshipsblogwithteamrocket for helping me with Jessie and the part about Rocketshipping, @paradoxinyourpantshorse for correcting some of the errors and reminding me that I am not insane for wasting two hours making this post, and my little sister Meg who told me about the Black & White series, which I didn’t watch until last week (with Japanese subs though). Please share and Peace out!

sketch for something I really want to turn into a cool painting. But first of all I have to get a new drawing tablet… which is bad, I don’t have the money at the moment. But someday it will be done. 

I finally saw DSOD yesterday and [maybe spoiler] the end with the summoning of Palladium Oracle Mahad totally got me. I actually never was a fan of Mahad even so I love the Dark Magician, but I think this changed over the past half year and this moment was so great. [/spoiler]

But I cannot bring myself to draw the black Dark Magician design. I like it, but that’s just not my favourite magician… maybe I will change it once I’m starting to paint the whole thing to make it a true DSOD fan piece. Let’s see what will happen.

you know what i’m here for? skam not having sana’s brother being all overprotective over sana but instead trying to match up his best friend with his little sister because he thinks they could be good together and because he loves them both instead of being all “anyone but my sister” to yousef as older brothers always are portrayed. i have honestly never seen a brother being supportive of his friend and his sister being together in ANY OTHER show or movie before (maybe in the very end of some cliche rom com but not really) and this shit is groundbreaking

Rising of the Second Sun

*A series of important birthdays Fitz has experienced over the years that have each changed the course of his life irrevocably.*

Title based on this quote: “Most of us can remember a time when a birthday - especially if it was one’s own - brightened the world as if a second sun has risen.” - Robert Staughton Lynd

Fun fact: Pierre Curie’s birthday is today, meaning that section of the story would actually be taking place today - and also that I’ve gone twenty-one years without realizing his birthday was May 15th too?? Well, here’s to me and you, Pierre!


Two and a half months.

It’s been two and a half months since Fitz first laid eyes on Jemma Simmons, who is twenty-three days younger than him and the holder of two PhDs and a dizzying intellect. In all his life, Fitz has never before been intimidated by someone smarter than him (likely because he’s never met anyone who even comes close), and he has no idea what to say to her.

When they were paired together in chem class, he’d seen it as the perfect opportunity to show her that he’s just as smart as her and they could get on quite well. But, nothing in his life is ever that easy, and he may have the perfect opportunity, but the perfect words are nowhere to be found.

By circumstance, it just so happens that is on Marie Curie’s birthday that Fitz is in chem class, sitting silently beside Jemma and silently running through, then quickly shooting down, a list of clever things he could say to her, much like he does every other day.

But, today is different. Today, Jemma seems to be frustrated with their current assignment, muttering under her breath as she tries to figure her way around an issue that’s stopping her from completing it. It hits Fitz with all the subtly of a lightning strike that he has already solved that particular issue.

Keep reading

The boys reaction to their s/o being a complete meme. Hope you like it!



-          A meme?

-          What’s a meme?!

-          Are you okay!?!

-          He did a bit of research and can confirm a meme is NOT an illness

-          He also notices people can be obsessed with the topic and he’s                         confused?

-          Me-mes, as he calls them, are just jokes?

-          You decide not o go further into the conversation.


Shuichi Saihara:

-          What?

-          He has heard of them but he didn’t think of it as something to obsess                over.

-          Or BE

-          But he loves you for the meme you are.

-          Despite your need spam him with them!

-          But he’s not watching the bee movie again.

-          It weirds him out.


Rantarou Amami:

-          Oh!

-          He likes it, it makes you unique!

-          In the best way though!

-          He sends you pictures he thinks you will like.

-          He is like a dad who tries to be ‘relatable’.

-          It’s sometimes cute all the time mortifying.


Ouma Kokichi:

-          Honestly same.

-          But he will never admit it!

-          “A meme? What’s a meme? I never-“

-          Notification from his secret meme account pops up on his phone.

-          …

-          He accepts your lifestyle and you don’t question his.

-          Things are nicer that way.

Korekiyo Shinguuji:

-          …interesting

-          It’s not really for him but everyone is different!

-          Over wise it would be boring.

-          He likes the fact the fact that the two of you are different

-          Because you learn something different everyday!

-          And you generally make him laugh, which he loves.


Gonta Gokuhara:

-          He doesn’t mind that much.

-          Although he doesn’t really know what a meme is?

-          When you tell him he’s more confused, but he just goes with it.

-          He finds some of the things you do pretty odd. ( Early P!ATD Yasss )

-          But he thinks it is cute all the same!

-          Because what gentleman judges?!


Ryoma Hoshi:

-          He pretends that he doesn’t care.

-          But he finds your awkwardness and sense of humor…. nice!

-          And he thinks he’s a pro at hiding it but there is no denying the smile on            his face.

-          So you have made it your official job to make him confess…

-          That he to, is one with the memes.


Kaito Momota:

-          Okay let’s be honest…. same.

-          You two together is one of the most traumatic things for those around                you.

-          What are you talking about?

-          Was that a reference?

-          WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!

-          Of course he is usually a lot worse than you.

-          People don’t o out with you two a lot anymore.

Sing For Me

Betty and Jughead were cuddled on her couch in the basement. Ever since her dad had moved out the room had felt cold and empty. Betty didn’t like coming down here because it made her think of her dad which made her think of all of the crap going on in her family. But, Betty had promised Jughead they could watch an old movie since she had dragged him out of the double feature. Plus, Jughead hadn’t felt like going home yet and Betty didn’t mind an excuse to spend more time with him.

“What’s wrong?” Jughead’s arms tightened around her. Betty looked up from where her head was resting on his shoulder and found him looking down at her in concern. He had obviously picked up on her tenseness. Betty sighed and reached over to pause the movie.

“I’m sorry. I was just thinking about my dad. This was always his space.”

“Do you miss him?” Jughead asked

“I do. It seems crazy considering what he did to Polly. But he’s still my dad and the house feels so empty without him.” Betty admitted

“I know how that is.” Jughead said in a voice that indicated that he knew all too well what it was like to miss a parent. Betty reached up and stroked his cheek. There was a new closeness in their relationship after their conversation in Pop’s. They had both been vulnerable and open and they had both accepted each other for who they were. Betty thought back to Jughead kissing her hands and how intimate that simple gesture had been.

“You don’t really talk about your mom or Jellybean” Betty said gently. She was opening the door for him to share, but if he didn’t take it, she wasn’t going to push him. Betty had vowed never to push Jughead into doing something he didn’t want to do ever again.

“Yeah, that’s because it hurts too much” Jughead said simply and honestly, but he didn’t seem inclined to say more.

“Well, I’m here if you ever decide talking might help” Betty said with a small smile, brushing a stray curl out of his eyes.

“I know” Jughead caught her hand and kissed her palm, right over her cuts. Betty knew that was his way of telling her that she could always talk to him as well. Betty snuggled back up against him and resumed the movie.

They didn’t move when the movie ended, or when the credits stopped rolling. They sat in comfortable silence, enjoying the feeling of being in each other’s arms. Betty would’ve gladly stayed there all night. There was no place where she felt safer or at peace.

“Betty” Jughead broke the silence with a soft whisper


“I didn’t realize that you could sing like that.” Jughead said, his fingers rubbing her shoulder

“Oh, I’m not that good.” Betty thought about Josie, Veronica, Archie, Val, and Melody’s voices. She was nothing compared to them. “You called it haunting remember” Betty said, thinking about the odd comment he made after she sang for him.

“I meant that as a compliment.” Jughead said, pulling away and turning to look at her. “Your voice is beautiful, it gave me chills.”

“Really?” Betty had never been great at accepting compliments, but when they came from Jughead, she found herself believing them. There was something in the slightly intense way that he delivered them, like it was deeply important to him that she believed what he was saying.

“Yes, would you…” Jughead bit his lip and looked away from her

“Would I what?” Betty took his hand and squeezed it lightly. Jughead took a deep breath and looked back at her.

“Would you sing something for me?” Jughead asked almost sheepishly. Betty’s first instinct was to say no, she always felt incredibly self conscious singing. But she couldn’t say no to Jughead. Not when he was sitting there, looking at her hopefully with eyes that adored her and a smile that made her feel safe.

“What do you want me to sing?”

“Anything” Jughead relaxed at her acceptance of his request. Betty thought for a moment. Tons of her favorite pop songs flashed across her mind, but she ultimately settled on a song that Polly used to sing . Taking a deep breath, Betty began to sing.

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don’t take my sunshine away

The other night dear, as I lay sleeping
I dreamed I held you in my arms
But when I awoke, dear, I was mistaken
So I hung my head and I cried.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don’t take my sunshine away

I’ll always love you and make you happy,
If you will only say the same.
But if you leave me and love another,
You’ll regret it all some day:

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don’t take my sunshine away

You told me once, dear, you really loved me
And no one else could come between.
But now you’ve left me and love another;
You have shattered all of my dreams:

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don’t take my sunshine away

In all my dreams, dear, you seem to leave me
When I awake my poor heart pains.
So when you come back and make me happy
I’ll forgive you dear, I’ll take all the blame.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don’t take my sunshine away.”

“Wow” When Betty finished, she found Jughead staring at her with wide eyes. “Just wow. Again, beautiful and haunting and wow I didn’t realize that song was so dark.” Jughead said shaking his head.

“Polly loves it, but my mom hates it. She used to never let Polly sing it. But Polly used to sneak into my room and sing it to me to help me fall asleep.”

“I really didn’t know you could sing like that” Jughead echoed what he had said earlier. Betty shrugged and tried to come up with a reply, but when he cupped her face in his hands the any words she was about to speak died on her lips. Jughead pulled her close and pressed their lips together. He kissed her intensely and almost desperately, it was unlike any of their other kisses which had been soft and sweet. Betty found that she enjoyed the heat just as much and matched his intensity as she kissed him back.

“I think that might be my new favorite song” Jughead said breathlessly when they finally pulled apart. Betty laughed and threw her arms around his neck and pulling him close. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her onto his lap. “I would offer to sing for you, but I’m pretty sure that would be the end of us.” Jughead said with a laugh as Betty snuggled up against his chest.

“Oh you can’t be that bad.” She teased, suddenly incredibly curious

“That is bait and I’m not taking it” Jughead said stubbornly

“Please?” Betty said with a pout.

“Betty Cooper, you are incredibly cute and very persuasive and you know I have a hard time saying no to you, but even those puppy dog eyes can not make me sing for you.” Jughead pronounced loudly. Betty huffed and accepted defeat.

“Alright, no singing”

“Trust me darling, if I could sing, I would.”

“Okay, so singing isn’t one of your talents. But writing is, so maybe you can write me a story instead. Maybe the story of us?” Betty’s face lit up in excitement as she thought of the idea.

“Oh Bets, I’ve been writing the story of us since I met you in first grade.” Jughead responded. Betty looked at his face to see if he was joking. She was only slightly surprised to see that he wasn’t.

“Can I read it?”

“Maybe…” Jughead said slyly

“What’s it gonna cost me?”

“Nothing much, just a few more songs” Jughead said with a smile and kissed her forehead.

“That I can do” Betty smiled back at him. She could tell how much her singing impacted Jughead, and that alone was enough encouragement for her to sing for him.

“Betty! It’s getting late, time for Jughead to leave!” The always timely Alice Cooper shouted from the top of the stairs.

“We’re coming” Betty yelled back. Jughead gave her one last lingering kiss and whispered,

“To be continued”


I would like to propose a toast: To my partner, Seeley Booth…I know who he is, but I forget sometimes. Because- because he never shines a light on himself. He shines it on other people…Anthropology teaches us that, the alpha male is the man wearing the crown, displaying the most colorful plumage and the shiniest baubles. He stands out from the others. But I now think that anthropology may have it wrong. In working with Booth, I have come to realize that the quiet man, the invisible man, the man who is always there for friends and family- that’s the real alpha male.

Couch ~S.W.~

Summary: the Omaha squad catches you and sam

Writer: Tristyn

Requested: yes

Me and Sammy were on the couch downstairs watching movies like we usually did on Thursday nights. It was like a way to rest before partying hard on Friday and Saturday.

Me and Sam have been pretty busy doing our own things lately so it was great to have time with him and just him. And honestly Im kinda horny, it’s been almost 2 weeks since me and Sam last had sex.

I look over at Sammy to see him laughing at a part of the movie. His eyes were scrunched up and he looked adorable. When his laughter calmed down he bit his lip and then turned to look at me.

“Y/n, I would ask you why you’re staring at me but I already know it’s because I’m incredibly sexy and you’ve never ever ever seen someone who looks as good as I do and you’d love to take me on this couch right now.” He says smirking like he always is, except this time his eyes of a childlike glimmer in it.

I immediately smash my lips into his. His hands automatically go to my face and hips. I take my clothes off quickly and Sammy does the same. I lay myself down while never breaking the kiss. Sam’s hand went down to my thigh and he ran it up to hips and squeezed them. I broke the kiss to breathe and Sam moved his lips down to my neck.

I reached down and lined Sammy up with my entrance.

“Wasting now time I see” he says groaning as he pushes into me.

“It’s been almost 2 weeks. I’m sick of waiting.” I say before moaning at the feeling of Sam filling me up. “Please move Sammy please” I almost cry out.

Sammy begins moving at a moderate pace. He’s not going that deep but we’ve both waited so long it doesn’t matter.

“Fuck Sammy. Please give me more Daddy, fuck me deeper and faster” I scream at Sammy. He pauses for a quick second looks at me and smiles.

I grab his face and kiss him before he goes absolutely savage. He’s moving faster than I thought possible. I was moaning and whispering in Sams ear to encourage him.

“Fuck right there Sammy I-”

“Hey guys sorry we didn’t AHHHHHH STOP”




We shoot our heads over and see J, G, Nate, and Hayes standing by the front door. Our couch faces the door so they can see everything. Sam pulls the blanket over us and looks at the boys.


“Hey, I’m not the one with my dick out, dick” Hayes says

“You do realize this is our house and we can have sex where ever and whenever we want correct?” I ask the boy.

“My virgin eyes are still in pain” Nate says rubbing his eyes.

“Nathan please, you fuck more in a day then me and Sam do in a month, which is a lot considering we try our best to have sex everyday.” I say looking at him.

“Anyways sorry we didn’t call, but do you guys want to hang out. We miss you both” Johnson says. I look beside him and see G with his hands still over his eyes.

“Of course. Now if you don’t mind I’ll be taking the blanket and going upstairs to get dressed. ” I say as I snatch the blanket and wrap it around my body and run upstairs to my room leaving Sammy naked in front of his friends.

right as rain, soft as snow (part vii)

title: right as rain, soft as snow

pairing: spider-man x reader/peter parker x reader

warnings: lotsa FLUFF! a lil violence an a lotta love

 word count:6,175 (WOW)

summary: in which the reader is an avenger and a whole lot happens before peter finds out about it. drama ensues. 


              When you woke up the next morning, you were laying on your side, in his arms, warm and content. With your ear against his chest you listened to his steady heartbeat and felt the rise and fall of his breathing chest on your cheek. You moved your head up to look at him from underneath his chin, finding that he was still fast asleep. You strained your eyes so you could see without moving enough to wake him, and barely saw the morning light through his bedroom window. You moved your head back down, snuggling back up into his chest. You smiled when you felt him unconsciously snuggle back in his sleep and hold you tighter, and closed your eyes to fall back asleep.

       You woke the second time a good few hours later, and your phone ringing and buzzing on the floor beside the bed. You jolted awake at the loud sound, opening your eyes to see that Peter was already awake and staring up at the ceiling, not moving as to not disturb you. The both of you glanced towards your phone and it was then he realized that you were awake. He smiled at you before letting you go, watching you roll out of his arms and out of bed to get to your phone.

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Thoughts during 1x13

- That crossover between Alice and Jug is everything I’ve ever wanted

- Why Archie and Betty, why specifically them? And how does the mayor know they solved it? Heck, Archie didn’t even slove it, he just put on the jacket because Betty wanted him too. 

- That side glance of Jug to Betty was so cute, I actually screamed. 

- Thank God there’s no drama

- I’m praying that Cheryl looking at the hanging rope isn’t foreshadowing




- DID YOU JUST GIVE HEART EYES TO BETTY, LIKE HOW JUG LOOKS AT HER WHAT ARE YOU DOING STOP, RETRACK YOUR STEPS AND GO TO RONNIE. I swear to God if the triangle gets in motion in s2 I will fucking lose my shit. Archibald, focus on Ronnie, don’t think of the “picture perfect” relationship with Betty. We’ve closed that book. Thank you.

- bitch Hermione that company is Fred’s life. 

- Cheryl gave away her leading spot on the Vixen’s… that was her life. Cheryl, what are you doing?  

- Veronica asking Betty yet again if she’s fine with the relationship. What’re they trying to do? 


- social services is taking him in? Hell no. 


- FP is honestly the best dad. He sees, observes, knows. He knows his son. My dad would never know those things about me. 

- “He got some darkness in him” - cue to Jug eating a hamburger. I feel so much pity for Jug. I just want to give him a thousand and one hugs. 

- RONNIE AND JUG HAVE A LOT IN COMMON AND IT’S TRUE! watch them fighting over what movie is better THAT IS CANON AND YOU CAN’T DENY IT. 

 - Cheryl is really freaking me out. Is that vulnerable, scared girl the real Cheryl? Was all that sass and sparkle fake? 

- “I’m…” WHAT YOU ARE WHAT? NOT ENDING YOUR LIFE, RIGHT? you are not ending your life, cheryl. 

- and it is Bets locker. Probably because of the article. 

- Oh fight me no one speaks like that to Betty. 

- “and I can’t do anything.” that’s right, Arch. You can’t do anything. for 13 episodes. Still love you though. 

- “I’ve been showing up all year dad, and it hasn’t been shwoing any difference.” I really like this. The show acknowledges Arch had been on the sidelines, which is in his personality triat. Loyal, but submissive. Maybe i s2 we’ll see an active Archie? Curious…

- Hermione, you are such a bitch. You are the people my mom warns me about.

- Penelope is a robot. 

- Having someone close to you commit suicide can increase your chances of doing the same. Jason got mudered and her dad killed herself. I REALLY HOPE CHERYL STAYS SAFE 

- Alice crying and with “no make-up”, the truth? 

- And now… who is the brother? 


- Is that a thing they do at school? Those detectors and police officers? That’s a thing? Is that a thing? 





- awww… idk, am I glad Jug is making friends? It’s not like those people are bad. Probably misunderstood. Like him. Yeah, I’m glad. 

- What the hell is this square relationship tension thing. Bughead are “soulmates” (ronnie’s words) but Archie looks at them (and specifically betty) with uncertainity. I do not like how this is going. 

- “Archie, what is it?” oh god here it comes





- Archie is gonna get Cheryl out of the ice! That’s the scene!

- Cheryl…

- Archie completely lost his shit. I think that’s the… idk moment(?) where all Archie’s pent up emotions go free. he can finally DO something. He was agitated. Loved this. 

- Hermione. I thought you were nice. You are a real serpent. 

- Good explanation, Archie, not sure if it’s 100% legit though…

- Poor Valerie. 

- I suppose Archie is a “local hero” now. He did save Cheryl. 


- The speech was okay, definitely had an impact. 

- boom bitch Hermione you are going down

- is… Cheryl putting herself to flames? 



- Cole’s acting… holy shit dude

- Jughead… picked her UP I AM LIVING

- Archie x Ronnie make-out scene?

- oh yep

- oh it’s sex. that’s cool too. 



- that cockblock doorbell. they would’ve had sex if it wasn’t for the cockblock at the door

- Jug… as a serpent? But you’re a troubled writer, not a weed selling person… thing. 

- Betty I get that you’re frowning but Jug looks fucking hot right now you can’t deny that

- Archie had sex with a broken hand? Damn. 

- Wow wait but this does not mean Fred dies. He was still alive when we last see him. They’ll go to the hospital, right? 

- Now who has the burglar? And what was the point of this scene? 

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the end of season one of Riverdale. See ya in 2018 folks. 

“You’re stuck with me.” (Grayson)

Requested by anonymous: “One where Grayson makes u jealous???”


“Hey (Y/N)?” You heard Grayson call from the bedroom.

“What’s up?” You asked as you walked into room and over to him.

“Before I tell you this, I want you to know that I know we were planning on spending the weekend with each other,”

“But?” You interrupted.

 “But, Ethan and I got invited to a movie premiere. And going to this would be really good for Ethan and I. It’s an amazing opportunity for us.” He explained.

“Awe, really? That stinks, I was really looking forward to hanging out this weekend. But, I understand.” You said.

“I’m really sorry.” He said, a sad look on his face.

“Can you bring a plus one? I’ve always wanted to go to a movie premiere.” You asked.

“I wish I could. The invite is only for me and Ethan. Trust me, I’d take you if I could.” He explained.

“Awe, okay. It’s alright. I’ll just have a quiet evening at home then.” You said.

“I’m really sorry. But, we can just move our plans from this weekend to next weekend.” Grayson said.

“I’m holding you to it.” You laughed.

* * *

It was finally the night of the movie premiere and you lounging around as Grayson and Ethan were getting ready.

“Oh my god, I cannot decide on an outfit.” Grayson said as he walked out of the closet in nothing but his underwear and a t-shirt.

“You’ve been in the closet for like thirty minutes, how have you not decided on anything?” You asked.

“I have a few outfits picked out, but I can’t decide on one.” He whined.

“Let me help you then.” You laughed. After about another half hour of helping Grayson get ready, he was finally dressed and ready to go. Ethan then came into the room wearing an outfit that was in the same color scheme as Grayson’s.

“Hmm, twins.” You laughed. Ethan and Grayson just looked at each other and giggled. 

“You ready to go?” Ethan asked Grayson. Grayson nodded.

“Alright, have fun you two. Take lots of pictures, I’ll see you later.” You said as you walked them out.

“Bye baby.” Grayson said as he kissed you. “Try not to have too much fun without me.” He joked.

“I wont make any promises.” You said, kissing him again.

“Bye.” You said as you waved at them as they pulled out of the driveway. You went back inside, showered and put on your pajamas. You ordered yourself a pizza and once it was delivered you turned on a movie. You spent the night lying in bed, eating pizza and enjoying your alone time. An hour and a half had gone by since the twins left, and you started to get instagram notifications of them posting pictures and whatnot. You saw a picture that Ethan posted of him and Grayson on the carpet. Grayson posted one of just himself and he had another post that took your attention away from the movie you had on. It was a slideshow of him, Ethan and a couple of girls on the red carpet, and then there was a picture of the four of them getting cozy in their seats, sharing popcorn. You shook your head and just put your phone back on the charger and tried to turn your attention back to the movie you were watching, but you couldn’t help but think about Grayson and those girls. You knew he would never cheat on you, but sometimes you let your insecurities get the best of you.

You put on another movie and about halfway through it, your phone buzzed, alerting you of a text from Grayson.

“Hey babe. We’re leaving the movie now. Probably gonna stop to get something to eat. Do you want anything?” He asked.

“No, I ordered pizza earlier. I got extra and there’s tons left over if you two dont wanna stop.” You replied.

“We were actually gonna stop for pizza anyway. Guess we’ll just come straight home then.” He said.

“Alright, see you when you get home.” You said. You put your phone back on the charger and got back to the movie.

“(Y/N)! We’re home.” You heard Grayson call.

“I’m in the room.” You called back. Grayson walked into the bedroom and took off his jacket and climbed into bed next to you, kissing you on the cheek.

“Hi.” He said softly.

“Hey. Did you have a nice night?” You asked.

“Yeah, it was fun. The red carpet was cool, the movie was good. I had a great time. I wish you could’ve come with me though. It would’ve been a lot more fun with you there.” He said.

“You didn’t seem to have a hard time finding someone else to spend your night with.” You said.

“What? Are you jealous of those girls I hung out with tonight?” Grayson asked.

“It’s nothing. I’m tired, I’m going to bed. Good night.” You said as you rolled over and turned off your lamp.

“No, talk to me. Why are you jealous?.” He said as he turned on his lamp.

“Shh, I’m sleeping.” You said, your back still facing him.

“(Y/N) listen to me. It was all for promo. It was an AwesomenessTV movie and they kinda threw Ethan and I with those girls. I’d never heard of them, and I honestly don’t even remember their names. They were actually kind of annoying, if I’m being honest. But, I swear, you have no reason to be jealous.” He explained. You let out a loud sigh and rolled over to face him.

“You mean it?” You asked.

“Of course I do. You have nothing to worry about.” He said.

“I’m sorry I overreacted. It’s just, you have a job where you’re around all these famous and beautiful girls all the time, that are way better than boring old me, and I just think that you’re gonna come across someone you really like, and I just-”

“Hey, that’s not even true. You’re my best friend and I’m beyond lucky to have you in my life. You’ve been by my side before Ethan and I even started with youtube, so I know our love is genuine and not forced for the cameras. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me, and nothing and no one is ever going to change that. You’re stuck with me.” He laughed as he pulled you into his arms and kissed you on the forehead.

“Good, I wouldn’t wanna be stuck with anyone else.” You smiled as you kissed him.

anonymous asked:

That gif set is evil. It suddenly puts a new connotation on "have you done this before?" Like JD has written his own suicide note a few times but never went through with it... Stop making me sad over this edgelord.

when jd gives her a look after she asks him that everyone’s like “oh no he’s killed before!!” but honestly I think if that were true it would’ve come up at the end of the movie, it seemed to have sadder implications to me.

Pants On Fire - Smut

Originally posted by procrastinationoutlet

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader and Scott McCall/Reader (Not a threesome, sorry)
Words: 5,183 (DAMN)
Request:  Anonymous said to dumbass-stilinski: Could you write a reader x Scott/reader x Stiles where the reader sleeps with them both (separately) and when they find out they’re not even mad. Instead they want to know who’s better- Stiles or Scott. Basically a lot of smut with a lot of humor.

AN: Ask and you shall receive! Lots of smut. Like lots. And then hilarity I guess. Thanks to @writing-obrien and @thelittlestkitsune for helping out like usual!

“Hey!” Stiles came bounding down the hallway, sliding to a stop in front of you. You reached out to grab his arm and keep him from overcorrecting.

“Hi, Stilinski.”

He blushed, smiling sheepishly. “Hi.”

You stood there awkwardly, waiting for him to continue. When you raised your eyebrow at him he sputtered.

“Right, sorry. Uhm. So. I talked to Scott.”

“Oh yeah?” You grinned.

“Yeah. He said that you two…”

“Had sex?”

Stiles choked on his own spit. “Yeah?”

You rolled your eyes. He was so adorable. “And?”

“Well, we uh, so did we. Have sex. We had sex.”

Reaching out, you patted his head. “Yes we did Stiles. Do you have a point?”

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Why I don’t like Split:

This post isn’t for starting fights with anyone, so don’t go jumping down my throat trying to defend this movie. If you don’t like this post, then just block it or block me, easy as that. It costs you $0 to not fight with me. These are just my thoughts and opinions. Anyways, here’s questions, i’ve seen about it.

Q: Why are you mad about a character having DID? Aren’t you happy for representation?

A: I’m not mad at a character for having DID, I’m mad that it’s always the same thing over and over again, which is it’s always the villain in a show or movie having alters. Lots of media shows someone with alters being evil and scary. It’s always a horror movie that has a character with DID. 

Q: But the movie is an eye opener! It made me learn about DID! Isn’t that a good thing?

A: You don’t need to wait for a horror movie to come out to do research, there’s many people in the world that have DID you can learn from and many other places you can learn about it.

Q: Why are you and other people making this a big deal? Many movies done this! 

A: Exactly many horror movies always makes the villain have DID. This probably isn’t the first time people have been mad with a movie like this, you’re seeing it more because of social media. 

Q: People do their research! Stop being so angry! Nobody is causing harm!

A: Honestly many people do not do research, also there has been many jokes about people with “more than one personality” or many people saying anyone with DID is “crazy” or “scary”. Lots of people think they’re cute and quirky claiming they have “multiple personalities” when they do something wrong or become mean. They pull the “lol sorry i have another personality who’s always doing something crazy or always mad lmao” instead of taking responsibility for their actions. Besides nobody actually listens to us after this movie, we get made fun of, screamed at, or get talked over from people who think this movie is good and thinking they know about DID.

Q: You being mad won’t stop people from watching the movie or stop the movie from existing:

A: Yes, i’m very aware of that. Just like if you hate an actor or singer, it isn’t going stop the fans from loving them or stop the person from acting or singing. But that isn’t going to stop me from hating the movie. 

Q: It’s just a movie! It’s not real! Get over yourself! 

A: Yup, I know it’s a movie and not real, i’m aware of that too. Anyways, many people who watched it seem to be the ones forgetting that it’s not real which makes them treat people with DID horribly and thinking being with anyone who has DID would be a nightmare. 

Q: Some people are actually like that! They can be violent! 

A: I’m not denying that people with DID can be violent, but not everyone who has it is violent. I can honestly say that i’ve never heard of someone with DID kidnap people and locking them away somewhere. Even if they did, you can’t just assume everyone with DID will do the same thing as that one person. You might notice that the news will take any criminal and try to justify their actions by slapping on a mental illness. If they do have a mental illness, that doesn’t excuse them for their actions and it doesn’t make everyone who has whatever the person has, be exactly the same as that person who committed the crime. Which many people do not understand that and just groups everyone together. Everyone with a disorder is different and effected differently. 

Q: I thought the movie was great! I loved it!

A: Okay, just don’t go shoving the movie in people’s faces. Before you say “but you’re pushing that you hate the movie in people’s faces!”, i’m not. I’m not starting an arguments with people, i’m not screaming at people. I’m just sitting here expressing my thoughts and feelings in a calm way. Lots of people who like the movie have jumped in my face telling me that i shouldn’t be “offended” and going on about how “beautiful” it is. If you like it, then fine. Just know that i will not feel comfortable or safe around you.

This is all I have to say for now.