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One of the songwriter's of BTY wife posted about BTY! so sweet x

Aw that’s nice!! Give the song all the support!

18 years ago a man walked into a school in Dunblane, Scotland with four handguns and killed 16 students all under 6 years old, a teacher and then himself.

This led to a debate on gun control and in 1997 2 firearms amendment acts were passed making it illegal to own a handgun for personal use in the United Kingdom.  We have had no shooting on a similar scale to this since.

6 weeks later in Australia was the massacre in Port Arthur when 35 people were killed and 23 wounded, which led to the imposing strict gun control. There have been no shootings on a similar scale to this since, either.

If I hear one more person tell me that there’s nothing that can be done in the US when there are massacres after massacre I will scream because it is so clear and people are pretending to be blind.

About ALL those Cophine s5e5 spoilers
  • OB writers: Okay guys, they wanted Cophine love, we gave them Cophine love.
  • OB showrunners: Well done! This is what they have been whining about for 3 years!
  • OB medical advisors: But just dropping this scene on them would cause potential massive health crisis. We're talking about everything from fandom fainting to drowning in a pool of wet panties to broken heart attacks.
  • OB producers: We smell lawsuits.
  • OB promo team: What if we spoon feed them these scenes over three months? Ease them into Cophine love?
  • OB creative content staff: *all murmur in agreement*

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Originally posted by luuuuuke-evans

Titled: ‘Tease’

Warnings: Gaston/Luke Evans feels, FLUFF 

Word Count: 1,392 

Tagging: @norrihiddleskittycap  @captainemwinchester @little-red-83 @impalaimagining@sherlocks-timetraveling-assbutt @hobbithorse19 @feelmyroarrrr @lefouismylife@redimagines @letowolfie @ciaprincess @speedycatbluebird @haniiix33 @mademoiselle-lani @winchester-writes  rexhepierijona

A/N:   Request from @btrombley13:  You should write a Gaston x reader where, much like Belle, he just keeps trying to win her over but the reader just keeps denying. Maybe where the reader continously teases him, whether it’s by joking with him or wearing a dress which just compliments the reader in best ways. I just thought that would be funny and actually kind of cute. Cause lets face it, Luke Evans Gaston is amazing ^_^ have a good day :)

A/N: Sure! Of course! I hope this was what you were looking for!! 

For years, Gaston offered you his heart and hand, but you would respectfully decline his wish. You liked Gaston and all, but you feared of settling. You didn’t want to settle to early on in life. You were young and ambitious. Plus, Gaston and you have been companions longer then before Gaston showed you signs of love. You also didn’t want to see that kindled relationship be destroyed if things fell through. Gaston, on the other hand, knew he had you reeled in, it only just a matter of time. But since you and Gaston were still only friends, you were certainly not shy from the idea of messing with one another. 

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Eight | Yoongi

Scenario: Eight times Min Yoongi tells you he loves you
Genre: Fluff and implied sexual activities
Word Count: 5,154
Author’s Note: Inspired by R. McKinley’s “8 Ways To Say I Love You”

i. when he gets a little too drunk and calls you

The first time he lets those three damn little words escape his mouth, he had been drunk—swimming in the courage that could only be ignited by alcohol. The alcohol had been brought forth by Taehyung as a celebratory congratulations for another successful comeback. The guys had all figured what the hell, they deserved this break, even if the freedom that comes with downing shots only lasts so long, everyone jumped at the chance to let loose for a little while. At least, until the sun rises with the promise of a new day.

Yoongi loses count after his fifth shot, the night slowly blending into shared laughter, jokes, crude memories, and conversations about the short existence of human life. Jimin and Jungkook had drunk lots more than Yoongi—and Yoongi had downed a lot—and the pair of younger boys appear to be having a private conversation of their own. Hoseok is knocked out on the couch. Yoongi barely hears something about pigeons and black holes, before he dismisses himself out of the living room and into the hallway.

He can hear Taehyung, Seokjin, and Namjoon in another room, laughing over the sound of what could be a video game. Barely paying attention to any of that, Yoongi lazily manages to reach for the phone in his back pocket as he stops in the middle of the hallway to dial the only seven digits he’ll ever bother to memorize.

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Hearing People & Sign Language

I just saw a post on my dash about how hearing people shouldn’t learn sign language, that it’s “”“”“"ableist”“”“”“ or "culturally appropriative” and i’m sososoooo angry

As someone who was born deaf, I’d just like to say that without “"hearing people”“ knowing sign language, I would’ve had absolutely no way to communicate with my family other than through written language. I would’ve been completely unable to make friends in school because I wouldn’t have had a way to communicate with a single one of my peers. I would not have LEARNED anything in school if it weren’t for the interpreter who COULD HEAR.
I could go on, but I was fortunate enough to have access to specialists and surgeons who were able to operate on me and correct my hearing at a young age, so I can hear now.
But honestly, I want people to think about how isolating it can be when you’re in a room with people who all speak a language you know how to read and write, but you can’t communicate with any of them because you can’t understand spoken word, and they can’t sign.
If you think that learning sign language as someone who hears is somehow damaging, re-evaluate where you’re coming from. I would have loved nothing more than for all of the hearing people in my life who didn’t know sign language to know sign language so that I could have communicated with them, and not been limited to a select few people with whom I could sign.

Learn sign language, we’ll always be grateful.


Reasons the Jedi Should End 11/?

Obi-Wan(’s inability to communicate in emotional terms makes it sound as if he) cares more about lightsabers than people.

Shabby Sandcastles; C.H.

“Man, you’re staring an awful lot at that new girl.” Luke comments, his elbow harshly digging into my side. It elicits a raw groan from my lips, rubbing the now sore spot as I throw a glare in my best mate’s direction. “What? No man, I ain’t.”

“I hope you realise she is almost officially part of the nerds and so inevitably off limits.” Luke huffs, clearly not buying any word that comes out of my mouth, but it wasn’t like he’d be thrilled with me if I told him what happened over summer. I had met her, Y/n her name was, during my three-week trip with my parents and sister down to the beach. It was something we did every year, staying at my grandmother’s flat to have some ‘well deserved family time’ as my mom called it.

I saw it more like a dreaded, hostage-like situation where my mom would try to get my sister to talk – she was in her rebellious phase – and forcing me along to her bake-cookies-kinda-days. So one day, when I’ve had enough of my mum trying to communicate – poorly – with my sister, and her yelling constantly throughout the small space, I decided to bail.

I walked around town for maybe a few hours that day, wasted my money on snacks and drinks, but ended up on the beach at the end of the day. I was sitting in the sand, trying to make a tiny sandcastle with the sand between my legs when I heard her angelic chuckle.

I didn’t know where she so suddenly appeared from, but I instantly knew I wanted to hear that laugh more often. She was doing absolutely nothing but enjoying the sea breeze and staring off in the distance. I don’t even think she had noticed me yet.

When she does, she stills her movements and just stares at me from a few meters away. “Hi.”
“Uh, hi. Sorry, I thought I was alone.” She sheepishly laughs, awkwardly scratching the back of her neck. “Don’t mind me, just trying to get away.” I shrug my shoulders, giving her one of my more kind grins before I return back to my merged sandcastle.

“Getting away from what, exactly?” She smiles kindly as she steps closer, hoisting her knee length skirt higher so she could manoeuvre across the loose sand towards me. “My parents, my sister. Mostly everything.” I shrug again, pressing my flat hand against my crappy sandcastle.

“And then you sneak off to a secluded beach and build a shoddy sandcastle?” She chuckles heartily as she drops beside me, tucking her feet underneath her bum. I can’t help but laugh along, shaking my head before I let my gaze fall onto her face again.

“Well, what is a lad supposed to do around here to receive some entertainment?” The girl shrugs her shoulders, contorting her face in the funniest way before she speaks up. “Maybe converse with some strangers?”

“Nah, my mom told me explicitly not to do such things.” I counteract, shaking my head as I dig my fingers back into the sand. I don’t know how or why, but being around this friendly stranger makes me shy. “Well then, let’s do something about that.” She speaks, but laughs when I throw her a puzzled look.

“I’m Y/n.” My mouth forms the shape of an ‘o’, nodding my head as I hold out my hand for her to take. “I’m Calum.”
“Well, nice to meet you Calum. Now tell me, why are you running?”

I tell her about the shabby situation at home. I don’t know why exactly, because not even my best friend back home, Luke, doesn’t even know about my current home situation. But somehow, I just spill all the beans against this complete stranger and it feels like a heavy load is lifted off my chest.

“Well, it seems like you’re not in any fault here. But you could try and talk to your parents about all of this, they seem like reasonable people.” Y/n smiles, leaning more towards me as she bumps her shoulder against mine. “I wish that were true. They just don’t – don’t seem to notice me. Everything’s about my sister nowadays.”

“That’s because you’re the good kid. She needs a bit more help than you. It’s not that they don’t love you, they just think you’re mature enough to take care of your own.” Y/n speaks. She seems very wise and I somehow, deep down, know she’s right. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t deserve some attention nowadays as well. She wouldn’t think this highly of me if she knew.

“Well, a good kid is a bit overestimated, I think. But thanks.” I smile again. I spent the rest of the day, well into the evening, after the sun had set and a partial moon had illuminated the sky. We decided to hangout again the day after, and after that. I had spent almost my entire vacation with Y/n, and I could – not slowly, rather quickly – feel myself falling for her.

The last day of my stay was coming around and we got to hang out one last time. After almost two weeks of us constantly hanging out together, for the first time in years, I didn’t want to leave this place. I didn’t even know where she was from and I didn’t mind. She was my little secret, my first – and probably last – summer love, and it felt amazing to have such a small, yet meaningful secret to myself.

“I’ll text you when I get home.” I smile down on her, letting my fingertips drag along her exposed arm, pulling shivers in their wake. “I’ll look forward to it. It was nice meeting you Calum, really.” Instead of answering, I cup her face in between my hands and press my lips gently to hers.

“Bye Y/n.”

I had texted her, but she stopped responding after a while. I know she spoke of moving and settling into her new house but I didn’t think that meant ignoring me all together. I glare at her from afar when I remember what had happened over the course of the last few weeks.

It’s immediately replaced by shock and wonder though when our gazes lock, a bright grin forms on her lips and she starts making her way over. I rack my brain for any reason to quickly bail and get the fuck out of here, but before I know it, she’s standing right in front of me.

“Hi Calum.” She smiles, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear and staring up at me from between her lashes. I can just feel the judgemental stare of Luke and when he huffs, I don’t know what I can do to make Luke less like himself and not hurt Y/N in the process. But sometimes you don’t have a choice.

“Do I know you?” I grin down on her, crossing my arms over my chest. As soon as I see her face contort into something unexplainable, I already feel my chest constrict, tightening so quickly I might almost struggle to breathe. I feel my features soften visibly as I keep my gaze locked upon hers. I raise my hand to softly touch her shoulder but stop mid-air when I realise what I was about to do.

She stays quiet, searching my eyes for an answer to my behaviour. I avert my gaze, down the court yard, as I bite the inside of my lip. If she would just go away for now I’d find her later and have a proper conversation – one where Luke wasn’t eagerly eavesdropping.

“We saw you talking to those nerdy girls. Maybe you should move along…” Luke waves his hand so nonchalantly, it lowers the corners of Y/n’s lips even more and I feel horrible about doing this. I know I should speak up, but I just can’t. I’ve spent my entire high school career building this reputation of nonchalance and arrogance – something that somehow the girls found attractive – and I wasn’t willing to give it up in a split of a second because Luke was such a superficial asshole.

She turns without another word, but her face spoke volumes. I open my mouth to utter something, anything, but I come up with nothing. A simple ‘wait’ would have been sufficient, but I just can’t.

“I don’t know how you do it, Cal, but every girl seems to throw themselves at your feet.” Luke chuckles dryly as he lights another cigarette. I can’t help but ignore him and stare after Y/n as she disappears inside the building. I should apologize. And I shouldn’t wait. Fuck this. Fuck Luke. “Y/n!”

Worn to Paper (part 1)

He does not move.

Even as the sun dips below the mountain ridge, with its last flair of light setting the peaks ablaze with the amber-gold that gave Beacon Hills its name. Even as the evening bell sounds from the upper levels of town, finally bringing an end to the constant murmur of the open marketplace. And, yes, even when a snarl of hunger protests his refusal to follow the townsmen to the taverns for supper.

Even then, he does not move.

He waits, and the sky sinks into dusty blues, the first freckles of starlight shining brighter and more friendly than any tavern window. It’s only when the lamp-lighters make their rounds, sluggish from the heat of the day and full bellies, does he dare move an inch. Just enough to chance a look through the window he so precariously perched under all those hours ago. Unfortunately, the room remains dark, so he returns to his uncomfortable position with a silent grumble. He’d managed to wedge himself between the stone windowsill that, while lovingly carved with flowers, is also terribly pointy, and a small, slanted ledge designed for sending rain away from the lower windows. Not many could have managed the squeeze, but a good twenty minutes of silent prayers and sheer determination were all he needed before he settled in for the inevitable torture of waiting.

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Just deserts

There,  I fixed it.  For @thegladelf and her “boy thinks the worst of himself and is proven radically wrong by his loved ones kink” 6x13 continuation, aka SPOILERS

She couldn’t stop smiling.  And if he let himself forget for a moment, get lost in her delirious joy, in light giggles and soft kisses; In soft looks and her hand reaching for his-  

It’s what he always wanted for her,  and that he was the one to bring her such joy was an honor beyond anything he could have imagined in all his dark years.  But she’s burying her head in his shoulder on the couch, some movie or another long forgotten on low volume in front of them and he’s never felt like such a villain in his entire existence.  

His ring sparkles on her finger and he can hardly take his eyes from it.  It fit perfectly, a sparkling reminder that Emma Swan wanted to spend the rest of her life with him,  with a pirate.   With the man who murdered her grandfather.  He bent and pressed a kiss to the top of her head,  memorizing this moment.  He could let it go,  bask in her light for a while longer,  let her keep the unconcerned joyous smile on her lips for just a little while longer  She was saying something and he tried to focus on her words caching the tail end of a sentence.

“-we both know that mom is going to turn this into an extravaganza.   Dancing and dresses and sparkling lights and you know what Killian?  I don’t care.  I’ll wear the biggest fricken dress that she can come up with and throw all the stupid flower petals wherever she wants as long as at the end of the day I can be married to you.”


“Hmmm?”  she hummed contentedly.  

“I love you.”

“Yeah.  I love you too,  got the ring to prove it-” she teased.

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The Light

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 2,203 

Request: By Anon! “Bucky overhears your friend talking about how much better your ex was for you <3″

Warning: Angst, fluff 

A/N: Arg, man this wasn’t even supposed to be with such feels, but I just can’t control myself. Lol. I love you all sooo much, I feel like I haven’t said that in some time! Hope you enjoy anon, and as always, feedback is greatly appreciated! 

You loved your friends for many reasons: they were true copies of yourself, they always made you laugh, they would always tell you if your eyebrows were far from being on fleek and best of all, they always had your back.

There were, however, reasons that could sometimes make you hate your friends and that reason was when they decided they knew your boyfriend better than you did. Which they didn’t, not even a little bit.  

“Not this again, please just shut it or you know where the door is,” you said, pointing towards the hallway of your apartment. Nina and Sophia looked at you offended and held up their hands defensively.

“We’re just being good friends here!” they stated in unison, you sighed deeply.

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Am i the only one who's bothered by those posts talking about cute things gay couples do, etc. and somebody replies with like "omg imagine your otp!!" ? idk if it's like, a 'valid' thing to get uncomfortable over, but i kinda hate it? Like everytime there's a cute story about a gay couple there's always the "OMG IMAGINE UR OTP, THO!" ppl, and it's like.... it feels like they're always taking the experiences and stories of gay men and using it for their ships instead of acting like we're real ppl

Nah I totally agree with you, it’s super dehumanizing! Gay people aren’t just puppets for people to play around with, our real lives aren’t fictional scenarios! It’s one thing to go “omg that’s so cute, I love hearing about this,” it’s another to treat real people as nothing more than fanfiction fodder.

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Hi! Can I request how seventeen would react to a girlfriend who's a bit closed off, like she's not really open about her feelings? Thanks so much! Love your blog btw~

Thank you very much for the compliment and request! Here you go:


  • would find it hot? tbh would be into the idea of being your Most Trusted
  • would be very patient to an extent, but after he bares his soul to you and cries in front of you multiple times he might start to be concerned that you don’t trust him, and would do anything to prove to you that you can tell him things without worry
  • when you do tell him things, he would TREASURE the moment and thank you for your faith in him very sincerely and remember the details forever


  • would not know quite how to deal with it at first and would be afraid to be vulnerable in front of you
  • once he realizes it’s just a part of who you are he learns to tell all the different subtle ways you say “i love you” and show your feelings without verbally exposing yourself, and he’s all the more enchanted by you 
  • he LOVES to tease you about it though. loves to make you admit you love him in front of people and see you get flustered


  • he would be flustered and fascinated by your cool calm image, and would kind of love how put together you seem 
  • both of you might end up in little fights though after not confronting problems head on (him because he avoids confrontation, you because you aren’t so ready to say how you feel about things) so you’d have to learn how to work together without accidentally hurting each other 
  • but if anyone can get someone to open up, it’s quiet, good listener josh, so maybe you would surprise yourself with how much you feel safe telling him, and even if it’s just a bit, he would really appreciate it!!!


  • jun would be fascinated and he would AMP UP that constant flirting to a ridiculous degree just to try getting any reaction he could 
  • he seems very good at reading his members insecurities, so he would probably be the same with you, and it might scare you a little even because he seems to know you so well
  • a very patient person in general, so he’s going to be very happy letting you take it at your own pace, and he’ll back off as soon as he knows he’s smothering you


  • this bright light of a boy is going to be so caught up in jokes and banter at the start that he may take a while to work out you’re a bit closed off with deeper things
  • would be very upset to think he can’t be your shoulder to cry on, but if you reassure him that you’re actually more open with him than anyone, it will open his eyes to your perspective and he’ll be VERY FLATTERED
  • would try to coax more info out of you by being ridiculous and embarrassing until you can’t resist him (and there’s less worry about opening up when he’s clearly willing to humiliate himself in front of you already)


  • he’s the same in all honesty. maybe not even closed off, but just with a general lack of that urge to share that some people have
  • but he does love deep conversations after all, so he probably likes staying up late and venting frustrations that he will tell to you and only you, and it takes him a while to get used to the fact that you don’t willingly reveal as much, but he loves the moments when you do even more because they’re rare
  • has a little catalog in his mind of every personal thing you’ve ever told him probably. and he never EVER forgets


  • another boy with a lack of ability to share. we all know woozi gets grumpy and lashes out before he’s willing to unload to another person, so he 100% understands you
  • might cause problems if you both just bottle up and close off and refuse to say anything meaningful, like a stubborn battle of the wills, i-won’t-be-vulnerable-if-you-won’t thing
  • but woozi is also logical, and because he cares for you he would eventually get some advice from coups or something, who would tell him to just SHARE. and you would be able to follow his lead because you know he gets that it’s hard, but he’s doing it for YOU


  • as an oversharer himself, he’s intrigued by your lack of openness, and i’ll admit it kind of draws him in even more in an opposites-attract kind of way
  • probably builds up a lot of worry thinking he should also try to be as closed off as you until one day he EXPLODES with feelings and emotions and you have to deal with comforting him that of course he can tell you stuff. it’s just harder for you to do the same.
  • once he knows that closed off is just the way you are he’s your biggest defender whenever other people are trying to get you to spill a secret


  • very VERY attracted to your closed off nature because i think he’s someone who likes some mystery in a relationship
  • probably accidentally offends you sometimes by making you feel vulnerable in front of other people or teasing you too much, because he can be thoughtless at times, but always apologizes after with those puppy eyes of his  
  • loves to make you flustered with a very open soul-bared compliment and loves nothing more than to hear your grudging “i love you”s in response


  • will take a while for the8 to warm up to talking as well, so maybe the two of you will work through it together
  • problems may arise with this savage boy if he accidentally hurts your feelings without realizing, and since you don’t like to make it clear, he might take a while to learn when something is off with you
  • but as soon as he gets used to the signs he will be the best at very firmly reassuring you without you even needing to say anything. so matter-of-fact and no-room-to-argue that you can know for sure he’s being honest and trustworthy.


  • he cries all the time so he would be surprised to fall for someone so different, but he would kind of love feeling like he has someone strong in his life
  • would probably get sulky with your continued closed off nature at some point and would worry that it reflected your feelings for him. would definitely need you to explain, but once you did, he would tell you he would just have to “feel enough for both of you” and give you the sweetest smile, and become okay with it
  • the best at giving unexpected hugs when he spots that something is going on with you. no need to talk, but just that solid warm comfort


  • vernon is such an understanding person that he’s there to fully support you for being yourself no matter what that is
  • he is also a very thoughtful person though so would want to discuss deep topics with you and might be discouraged if you hesitated to show some part of yourself, since he believes in honest communication 
  • but most of all he would be patient with you and willing to learn how to make the relationship work as a team, both getting used to each other, and both consciously working on how to become comfortable and close


  • dino would appreciate the lack of drama that comes with you not wanting to constantly talk about issues- he gets enough drama from his hyungs 
  • he could be uncertain though (because it’s the maknae’s first relationship and everyone would be giving him so much advice it would be confusing) and worry it was a sign of you not trusting him
  • but he would be so genuine with his love that it would become very clear to you that it’s safe to talk about some things to him, and he would appreciate even the small things he learns about your inner thoughts
Certain As The Sun: Feysand Fic Part 1

In honor of Feysand Smut Week, I am using prompt 4.) Reunion Sex. Trust me, I know I’m waaaay late on starting this.

So here is one of the other stories that you guys voted on! ***WARNING: DOES CONTAIN MATURE CONTENT*** I had a lot of fun writing this one, so I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. Anyways, enjoy! And don’t forget to like, reblog, and leave a comment! This is only part one of maybe two or three, so please be active and let me know if you’d like me to continue it and find out what happens!

Find the other story you all voted for(a Mature Rowaelin Fic) here.


I paced back and forth, surprised I hadn’t yet worn a path into the floor. Since before dawn I had been awake, alone to deal with all the thoughts racing about in my head thanks to the news that had come from the Summer Court.

I had been sitting in the garden, just opening my first bottle of brandy for the night. It had been foolish of me to do so, but earlier that day I had visited the cabin where Feyre and I had stayed for a bit, grasping at anything that would make me feel close to her even if just for a few moments.

I had taken all but one step into that cabin and seen the eyes she’d painted, the shadowy purples and blues and pearl hues of Velaris at night, seen how she’d been able to capture everything we were with nothing but a few brushes and some paint—and completely lost it.

Everything came back to me in a rush, and I remembered that that was the table I had first fucked her on, that was the pot she had cooked that soup in…the one that had sealed our Mating Bond, that was the bed on which we’d made love. She was everywhere. She had come to this place, having walked into it a stranger and left with every crack and crevice screaming of her presence.

So I returned to Velaris, feeling utterly hopeless with that aching in my chest and I was screaming—roaring down the bond. Waiting for her to respond. Waiting for anything, anything to reassure me that everything that had happened in Hybern had been an act. That she really was still alive, and still loved me as fiercely as I loved her.

I was going to get excessively drunk that night—an activity I usually liked to invite Cassian to join in on, but that night was one for drinking alone— hoping and praying that the alcohol would dull my senses, that it would fight off the nightmares I could feel clawing at the back of my mind. For the first time in a long time, I was scared. Frightened out of my ass that I would lose myself to the terrors that haunted me at night—the ones that had been slowly awakening from their slumber ever since Feyre returned to the Spring Court—and I would lose control and not be able to come back.

And then Tarquin had suddenly appeared, and though I had given him access to Velaris what seemed like moons ago but had truly only been no more than a few months, he startled me in a way I never allowed myself to be.

His face told me all I needed to know. Something serious had happened.

I only smiled grimly and motioned to a chair, another glass appearing on the small table. “You may as well get comfortable.” And then he’d gone on to tell me of things that I’d already known, things I hadn’t, and things I wished I had never heard and could erase from my memory.

A soft knock sounded, and moments later Azriel entered. He took one look at me and only said softly, “Rhysand.” It was a question I didn’t have a solid answer to, so I only shook my head and ordered him to sit. “Something’s happened.” I nodded. Azriel seemed to steel himself, his jaw setting and eyes hardening before he encouraged me to go on. Once I had told him everything, he merely asked, “So when will you tell the others? Do you wish for me to inform them of this?”

“I plan to inform them only of what I have deemed absolutely necessary for them to know. But I do not want you to tell anyone of this, Az. Not even Mor.” He scowled, but didn’t protest. He know I was right; If there was any one thing in this world that was his weakness, it was my cousin. Even if he refused to acknowledge it.

“When will you tell them?” The Illyrian warrior sat back in his chair, seeming to understand the gravity of the situation at hand.

My thumb and forefinger rubbed absently across my lips before I murmured, “Soon.”

There was another knock on the door, and I muttered for the rest of the Inner Circle to enter. They were all unusually quiet, even Cassian who was always known for cracking some joke or other. But they joined me, taking their seats around the table.

Almost in unison, the five members of the Night Court looked at the unoccupied sixth chair, the chair directly to my right. I looked at each of my friends in turn; one visibly shaking in anger, one staring somberly at the empty spot, one wearing a grim expression, and one wearing no expression at all.

Mor was the first to speak. “Have you heard from her?”

She needn’t specify whom she was referring to. Feyre had been absent from the Night Court for nearly eight months now. In all that time, I nearly never heard from her. Sometimes there would be whispers, or she’d send me a fleeting image of herself while I slept. Sometimes they’d be ones of her reading, other times they’d be ones that sent my blood roaring through my veins and had me wide awake for the remainder of the night.

But whenever I attempted to contact her, I got nothing. No matter how much I screamed I was met with nothing but silence. She wasn’t blocking me; I knew what that was like. If she was blocking my advances, I’d feel that steel wall of adamant she preferred to use. I used to receive it with a mixture of pride and frustration, but now it only made me worry. And now, I’d much rather be met with that impenetrable wall than the empty void I was now left to deal with. It was like I was standing on one end of a dark tunnel, screaming into a darkness that was never ending.

I knew she was more than capable of taking care of herself, knew that she must be unharmed because if she was I was certain I would have felt it and would have rushed to that great, gaudy castle like a bat out of hell, High Lord of the Spring Court be damned.

“No.” The word rang throughout the room, echoing off the walls and filling me with a sudden, desperate need to be beside her. “But that’s not what we’re gathered to discuss. Feyre is fine, I am sure of it.”

“Yes,” Amren cut in softly. “Feyre spent years single-handedly caring for not only herself, but for her entire family.” She paused, making eye contact with each of us as she said, “I’m sure our High Lady is able to look after herself for a while.”

“Damn right she is,” Cassian heartily agreed, but sighed. “Still, I miss her all the same. She was the only one who recognized true beauty when she saw it.”

A devilish smirk graced my lips. “Thank you for the compliment, Cassian, but I believe we have more important matters to discuss.” The Illyrian warrior only glared, though there was a hint of amusement in his eyes.

“Speaking of which…Why, exactly, are we here?”

I smiled “Can’t I just have wanted to see all of you?”

Mor snorted, waving a hand of dismissal. “Oh, please. Cut the shit.”

“We are here, my dear cousin, because there’s been word on some new…developments regarding Jurian and the King of Hybern.”

“Finally,” Mor exclaimed, excitement glittering in her eyes. “Go ahead and sign me up. As lovely as it is has been being stuck in this city with all of you, I’m dying to get out of this damned house.”

“Now before you jump on the bandwagon, Mor, it goes without saying that this will be extremely dangerous. Any spies who’ve dared travel into the Sarguin lands has never been seen or heard of again.”

“Not to mention,” Amren drawled, filing away at her nails so that they became wicked sharp points, “We’ve all got death warrants sitting on our heads from some of the most powerful people in Prythian.”

Mor only grinned, “Then it’s a good thing we’re not going as spies,” she said. “Isn’t that right, Rhysand?”

I only nodded. Mor was too damn clever for her own good.“I need all of you,” I continued, “If you’re up for it, that is.”

“Well I, for one, am offended you’d even think I’d say no.” Cassian placed a fist over his chest. “I will do all I can to help, or die trying.”

“For Feyre,” Mor agreed, placing a fist to her heart. I could have sworn there was a slight bobble in her throat as she swallowed.

“For our High Lady.”

I noticed the change in the room moments before I heard, “Are you talking shit again, Cassian?”


As one our heads whipped towards the open balcony. For what seemed like an eternity we all just sat there, barely breathing and not believing what was before us.

Feyre stood on the balcony, dressed in a peach colored dress with elegant rose-gold embroidery—typical Spring Court fashion. Her hair was swept back with snow white pearls and beads, a diamond necklace winking at her throat. All of it was utterly ridiculous to be wearing in the middle of the afternoon, and she looked more like she was about to hold court than just be walking about, but—

She was smiling, and it appeared that she had not been missing meals as she had been when she had first been at the Spring Court. Her skin held a healthy glow to it, her posture showing not even a whisper of neither defeat nor sadness.

And her eyes.

Cauldron damn me, tears ran down her cheeks as Mor ran to her, crushing her in a hug. They clutched each other, Feyre’s face buried in Mor’s shoulder as if she herself couldn’t believe she was really here. And then my cousin must have said something amusing, for Feyre laughed, sniffling before turning to the rest of them.

They all hugged and greeted her, Cassian probably saying something that was more than mildly inappropriate, but I could hear nothing over the roaring in my ears. My blood raced through my veins, and I wasn’t sure I was breathing at all as she at last turned to me.

A lie.

This was all a cruel, impossible lie. She wasn’t here, she couldn’t be here in Velaris, in the Night Court and so close that I could close the distance between us in half a breath before I would be in her arms.

But then I felt a tender caressing down the bond, my senses awakening as if they’d been asleep all this time and I was just now realizing it. And everything was screaming that this was my mate—my mate. My Feyre. She was here. And I was here and—

Rhys,” she breathed.

And I shattered.

A broken gasp expelled from my lips and then she was there, right in front of me. Feyre was so close that our breaths mingled, and all I could do was stare at her.

Her hand reached up, cupping my cheek. I leaned into her touch almost instinctively, clutching her hand. I was absolutely certain that if I were to let go for even a split second she would disappear again and I’d never hear from her just as I hadn’t these past eight months.

I swallowed, “Feyre.” The room was utterly still and quiet, perhaps because the rest of the Inner Circle had made a sudden yet gracious disappearance. “Feyre,” I said again because I wasn’t quite believing this.

“Yes,” she nodded, swallowing. “I’m here.”

“I can’t believe it. Tamlin would never…Why—How—?

She stiffened almost imperceptibly at the name, a gesture that would have gone unnoticed by anyone else. “Tamlin doesn’t know. He and Lucien left a few days ago to meet with the King of Hybern and refused to take me with them.”

It didn’t surprise me. Tamlin, the stubborn bastard, would never change his ways. It seemed he still thought of Feyre as a precious, porcelain doll, the typical damsel in distress that couldn’t handle anything other than hosting parties and bearing children. The thought had my jaw clenching in anger.

Feyre gently squeezed my hand, pulling me from that dark place I was close to entering.

“And they haven’t hurt you? You’re truly okay?” I had to know. Eight months without hearing anything from her had me slowly losing my mind. What if something had happened and I didn’t know?

She nodded. “I had to refrain from communicating with you, Rhysand because…Because there are things that I’ve had to do that I would never want you to see or know about.” Feyre swallowed, tearing her gaze from mine as if ashamed.

I had a very good guess as to some of the things she had to do to keep up the facade that she was still infatuated with the High Asshole of the Spring Court, and I couldn’t deny that the images that flashed in my mind made me want to go find him and play with his mind until he’d need that lapdog Lucien of his to wipe his ass for him, but I could see that Feyre was upset. I could tell that despite knowing that what she was doing was invaluable to the future of Prythian, she felt disgusted at herself for having done these things.

So I pulled her closer, my fingers gently tipping her chin up to meet my eyes. “Feyre, there is not a thing in this world that would ever tempt me to think of you differently. What you have done, what you have to do…believe me, I understand it all.” A tear raced down her cheek, but she kept her gaze on me. “And if I could take your place I would. In less than a heartbeat, I swear I would.”

My thumb gently wiped the tear away, though it was quickly followed by another. “I’m sorry,” she softly apologized.

I shook my head. “There’s nothing to apologize for.” And just because i couldn’t stand to see her cry I added, “Although, if there is anything you should be apologizing for, it’s those naughty little images you tended to enjoy sending in the middle of the night.”

Feyre laughed, a full, head-tilted back laugh that filled both the room and my soul while taking my breathe away. “Are you saying you didn’t enjoy them?” She lifted an arched brow. The question was a territory I’d have to tread lightly on as although there was amusement lighting up her eyes, there was a much darker emotion hiding in them as well.

My arms circled around her waist, trapping her so that she was nearly flush against my body. I lowered my lips to her neck, breath fanning over her skin before reaching her ear. “Oh, I very much enjoyed them. Would you like to know why?”

“Enlighten me,” she purred.

“It’s because, Feyre, darling, I got to make up a bit of a list every time you sent me one of those images. A list of all the things I’d do to you once you returned as retribution.”

“Oh really?”

“If my memory serves me correctly,” I purred, my grip on her tightening, “I promised that  the next time we had a moment to ourselves, I’d fuck you.”

I pulled back, meeting her eyes. All trace of amusement had vanished, leaving behind only lust. A corner of her lips lifted slightly and I braced myself before she said, “I believe there was mention of a wall.”

I was a breath away from replying with an equally venereal retort when a thunderous BOOM! sounded, so loud I could have sworn the walls shook.

Immediately, one name came to mind.


The Reunion

Per the lovely @illyriangoddess1‘s wishes, I have attempted to bring what was craved (short and sweet maybe?). The reunion between the Inner Circle after Rhys was freed…

I was reeling. My mate. Feyre was my mate. This changed everything.

I vanished from her sight, against all instinct, and winnowed to above the House of Wind, letting my wings out as I coasted to the balcony. I pushed open the balcony door hastily. Mor was in the kitchen holding a plate of fruit. “She’s my mate!” I all but shouted, the adrenaline coursing through my veins, causing me to forget all reason, the fact that I was seeing my cousin again for the first time in 50 years momentarily set aside.

Mor dropped the plate and it shattered, sending the coloured fruits scattering around the room. Her eyes had grown wide and her tanned skin, pale. “Rhys?” She whispered, not quite believing what she was seeing.

She took a tentative step forward and then sprinted across the floor and threw herself at me. I caught her in my arms and tucked her in. I breathed her scent in, as familiar to me as my own but something I had been missing for years. She was sobbing, my name was mixed in between her tears and gasping breaths.

“Mor, it’s okay. I’m here. It’s real. I’ve missed you. I’m sorry.”

She pulled back, not enough to leave my arms but enough to search my face, looking for any injuries. She grasped my face between her hands, “you’re not hurt? How did you get out? How are you here? I never thought I would see you again!” She released my face but hugged me again, hard, almost as though she was assuring herself that I was truly here.

I squeezed her to my chest. “I can’t believe I’m here again. It’s surreal. Thank you for taking care of our home. Thank you for never giving up, even when I did.”

She pulled away, out of my arms this time. “I need to know everything. Mate? Who? What happened?” She was trembling but I could see the strength I always knew she had, holding her together. She had never given up hope on me, on my return home. I could feel that she always expected me to come home, even on the hard days.

At that moment, two more scents swept into the room.

My brothers.

I turned to face them.

Azriel came forward and clasped my forearm just as I clasped his. “Welcome back, Rhys.” He gave me a significant smile, I suspected he was fully apprised of the events that led me back home already but showed nothing else in current company. I would likely be hearing more about my little trick 50 years ago from my Spymaster when we were alone.

Cassian on the other hand, looked murderous. He stalked towards me and I braced myself for it, I deserved it, whatever it was. I would take everything because he gave everything for me, for our Court.

“You’re a damned idiot, Rhys. How could you be so stupid? What were you thinking? Oh, that’s right. You weren’t. You were so caught up in your thirst for revenge that you didn’t think about us and what you left behind that it got you caught under a fucking mountain for 50 years!” He was roaring at this point.

I felt tears sliding down my face, but made no move to wipe them away.

“I thought you were dead or going to die if you hadn’t already. That silence was the worst thing I’ve ever heard. You were gone and there was nothing, nothing I could do to get you back.”

“Cass…” Mor moved towards him and placed a soothing hand on his forearm, concern marring her brow. The tears were openly flowing down his handsome rugged face.

Az had bowed his head, silent acquiescence.

I could feel my heart breaking, again, for what I had put my family through. I could feel how little I truly deserved them, now more than ever. I had imagined this reunion since I had been trapped and it was every bit as heartbreaking as I imagined. Facing them after my stupidity… I would try to make up for that pain for as long as I lived.

Cassian regained his composure and then he pulled me into a hug. He patted me roughly on the back and withdrew. “What I really mean to say is, welcome home ass. Don’t pull that shit again.”

I laughed and wiped my face free of tears. “It’s not something I wish to repeat anytime soon, believe me. I never thought I’d see you guys or Velaris again. It’s like I’m in a dream.”

Az smiled knowingly. “Well, I couldn’t let these two burn it down while you were away. There was always the chance you would get out.”

We all laughed at that and a few protests came from Mor.

‘Where’s Amren? Why isn’t she here crying at my feet now that I’ve returned?” I asked, trying to let the real me back into the world after having had to suppress everything I truly was for so long.

“You know how she is. I told her you had come back and she just shrugged and said she knew you would.” Az answered.

“I expect she’ll wait until there’s food and wine and then make an appearance.” Mor shrugged, the tension lifting from her shoulders.

“What do you take me for? A common dog begging for your scraps? We all know who the dogs of our circle are.” Amren sauntered into the room, a smirk plastered on her face.

I smiled broadly at my second who returned my smile and gave a slight dip of her head.

“Welcome back, High Lord. It’s about time you returned. I was growing weary of the lack of acceptable company.”

I laughed, “Remind me to buy you a gift to add to your collection as an apology for your boredom.”

“Ah, yes. I will never say no to your gifts, especially where apology is due. You have exquisite taste after all.”

Mor glared at Amren and opened her mouth to argue but I interrupted, mostly to save my home which I was very interested in getting reacquainted with, “I have a lot to tell you and we have a lot to do to prepare but first, I need a bath. I need to wash that place off of me for good. Then, let’s eat and we begin.”