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tessa herondale carstairs,” he whispered. “you should never worry about borrowing my name when you know that you can have it to keep.”

“we have time to do everything,” he said, tracing one of his fingers down the side of her face. “we have forever.” 



so I recently was not feeling too good about my inability to use colors in unconventional way so I started randomizing my palette for my daily doodles (the exact colors used are in caption, those were colored with Promarkers for the record)

I must say I’m quite happy with the results and I have been very surprised by some color combos and I’m definitely going to use some in future works

also there’s a bonus Kiraboss under the cut, which was the first doodle I did for the soft pink/orange/blue one but I’m too chickenshit about ship stuff so I did a little Doppio to hide my shame

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Future AU as Programmer of death and his pizza delivery boy.

ONE PEAZZA at your service ❤


I drew this for attending China Lawlu fandom event, they have several theme and one of those were “Programmer and Delivery guy”, for some reason this scene appeared on my mind, and so I made it lolz. 

 Gosh I drew it for whole day.

govincentzhou: Hi everyone. Today, I skated my SP here in Grenoble. To say the least, my performance was dismal. It was not a representation of how I train or who I am. Smiling and waving while my heart is breaking is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I have been following my Olympic dream for as long as I can remember, fighting, being set back, conquering obstacles, and experiencing the ups and downs of striving to better myself every single day. I am capable of so much more. I am a fighter. I fully believe that I can and will draw on my spirit, inner strength, and faith to my words to perform much better in the future.
Yours truly,

Hearing Impaired - Peter Parker

What’s up what’s up! I’m back and with a little Peter Parker action caused I rewatched SMH and I have major Peter feels at the moment. 
Little side note, this character, although I’m putting her as Y/N is actually based off of me. I have some hearing loss in my left ear that I’ve been struggling with for a few years now. Recently I got a hearing aid to help me but we still have no idea why this has happened or if it could continue so there is a possibility that it could get worse in the future. This is kinda just a little blurb that I thought of one night. If you have any questions, stories of your own or if you are struggling with something similar, please please please feel free to message me. Comment or message me for a request! I posted a prompt list if you would like to look there. 

Summary: In which the reader had a hearing aid in her left ear and has been hiding it from her boyfriend Peter. 

Warning: some making out

Word Count: 4.7k

You had been doing so well. Too well, almost. Ever since you had found about the loss of nearly half of your hearing in your left ear, you had done your best to hide it from the world. You tried to pay attention so people wouldn’t notice. You would always wear your hair down to cover the small machine tucked behind your ear. It was quite unnoticeable unless someone was directly behind you. A few of your close friends knew, but there was one person you never wanted to find out. 

Peter Parker. 

You and Peter had been dating for months now, and somehow, your efforts to hide everything from him had worked. You began to care less and less about hiding the hearing aid at school, still making some efforts, but around Peter, you took extra precautions. You never, ever wore your hair up when you had the small gadget in your ear. Most times you were with Peter, you would slyly take it out and stash it away safely. When you didn’t have the aid assisting you, you would be careful to pay extra attention. You knew that Peter was smart enough to catch onto the fact that you had hearing issues if you constantly ask him to repeat what he is saying or flat out don’t hear him if he is standing to your left side. 

There had been many times in which Peter had tried to get your attention, and when he finally did, he would jokingly mention you need to get your hearing checked or you being deaf. To this, you would shoot a joke right back, trying to get rid of the hot nervousness that spread through your body. You would convince yourself that he was onto you, then you would convince your self that he wasn’t. 

You honestly had no idea why you wanted to keep it from him so bad. Deep down, you know that he wouldn’t care what so ever. But there was a crawling, pestering fear on the surface that told you that for some reason that he would be scared off or see it as a problem. 

But of course, he found out eventually. 

It was a cold day in Queens and you and Peter had been cuddled up in the living room of his apartment watching a movie while May was at work. He had surprised yo with the idea during school that Friday. He showed up to school asking you if you would come over after the day was done and spend a cozy night together. Of course, you had said yes. 

You weren’t even thinking about your small issue as you walked to his apartment in the chilling weather. Upon arriving, you changed into one of Peters large sweatshirts and a part of joggers that you had left there. 

The two of you were sitting upright on the couch, leaning against each other. Your head rested on his chest as his arm was strung around your shoulders. At one point, Peter had thrown a large blanket over your legs.

About thirty minutes into the movie, you both ha started to pay little attention to it. You were both focused on the conversation you were engaged in. Peter leaned his head down to kiss you lightly, pulling away after a moment, when you decided not to let him. You softly placed a hand on the base of his neck at the start of his hairline, telling him that you did not wish him to stop just yet. He smirked and continued to kiss you. 

You soon found the need to shift positions. You let him take a hold your waist, letting him feel your skin. You brought your leg and swung it over his lap, straddling him. Although the new position, you both knew and respected each other’s boundaries, and you did not intend to break them today. You continued to make out, not planning for it to go any farther than that. 

You run one hand through his curls, the other supporting yourself on top of him. Peters’ hands were nothing but gentle, it was when his fingers reach your hair that you panicked. 

Most girls swoon when their boyfriend runs his fingers through their hair. Most girls smile when their boyfriend’s knuckle rests under their ear, thumb on their cheeks, fingers grazing their hair. You almost did, but then Peter’s index finger had hit the bottom of your hearing aid. 

Your eyes widened in fear, you pulled away from his lips. 

“What’s that?” Peter questions, his eyes focused on your ear, not seeing your fear-stricken face. You stand up just as his finger moves to feel out the device, running over the microphone, sending a small scratching noise through your left ear. 

“Nothing,” You say convincingly, standing confidently in front of your boyfriend. But he had felt something behind your ear, and there was no convincing him otherwise. 

“Y/N” Peter questions, standing up from his place on the couch. 

You were at a loss for words. You opened your mouth, but the only thing escaping was a small noise that Peter took as you not knowing what to say. You look down to your feet, you had been caught. 

Peter takes a step towards you. You nearly flinch away when he reached his hand to your left side. He tucks a strand of hair behind your left ear, feeling the tiny contraption once again. His calloused fingertip traces over the single button on the machine as well as over the microphone. He couldn’t feel the mic, as it was so small, but you could hear his finger skimming it. 

“Is that a hearing aid?” He asks, trying to hide his large surprise. He felt puzzled. There’s no way that he wouldn’t have noticed something like that. Right? He thinks to himself for a moment. 

You nod slightly, still looking at your sock-clad toes. 

“W-wha, how-” Peter mutters, unsure of what to say.

“I’ve had it since last summer” She starts. 

“You’ve had that the entire time we’ve been together?” Peter asks, not believing what he is hearing. She nods once more. “How could I not have noticed that?” He then inquires himself, running a stressed hand through his hair, feeling like an awful boyfriend. 

“Peter I never wanted you to know. I take it out every time you and I are together. Trust me, you didn’t know because I didn’t want you to” There is a sort of weight lifted off of his shoulders, but it is soon replaced with a new one. A different one. 

“Why did you not want me to know?” He looks at you with loving eyes that make you feel awful. 

“Honestly, I don’t know” You lower your self onto the couch with sad eyes. Peter soon follows, placing a hand on your lower back. He intently searches your eyes for an answer when you continue. “I don’t know I guess I was ashamed or scared maybe” 

“Scared? Y/N scared of what?” Peter requests, astonished that you would ever be scared of telling him something. 

“I don’t know!” You purse your lips together exasperatingly. “Scared that it would be a problem or that you would think less or me or that you would see it as a flaw. I think I always knew you wouldn’t think those things, I know you better than that but, I was just scared” You admit to him. 

“Oh babe,” Peter pulls you into him from the side. “I would never ever think less of you. Okay? Y/N it’s not a flaw, it’s what makes you, you! It’s a quirk!” He decides. “A part of your charm” 

“Okay, now you’re just being ridiculous” You laugh, nudging his chest gently with your shoulder. 

“I’m serious Y/N! It’s just another part of what makes you different from everyone else, in the best” he pecks your lips. “way” He pecks you again. “Possible” He ends kissing you longer than the kisses before. “Just another thing to love” You blush madly as you had only begun to say that to each other. 

“I love you too Peter” 

You stay in that position for a while, enjoying the presence on each other. 

“So, why do you need it?” Peter looks at you. “What happened?” You sigh, remembering the day. 

“Well, I was doing a physical when my doctor found that my left ear wasn’t as responsive as my right. So they sent me to an audiologist where they confirmed that I had lost nearly half of my hearing in that ear. I had noticed it before then but, I had no idea what to think about it. And because it was only in my one ear, they were worried that it could be something other than a sickness or something. Because if I were to get sick, it would affect both ears. So, I got x-rays to look for a break or fracture, nothing. I got an MRI to look for a tumor, nothing, thank God. They did over a year of testing before giving me the hearing aid and still, to this day we still have no idea how it happened so, there is a chance that it could get worse, or possibly even start affecting my right ear. But um,”  He then watches as you slip the small thing from behind your ear, then pulling a rather clear tube out from around the form of your ear. Then, a narrow rubber connected to the clear tube appeared from inside her ear. The rubber bit reminded Peter of an earbud slightly, but a lot smaller, and apparently harder to see. “This is it” You show him. 

“It’s tiny” he widens his eyes, hesitantly taking it from your hands. He takes a few moments to look at the small device. The color of the piece that rests behind your ear matches your hair, yet another way that he had missed it. You notice him looking at it for a while. 

“Do you wanna try it on?” You giggle as he examines the hearing aid, taking a little too much interest. 

“Yeah, kinda” He smiles sheepishly, it was like you had read his mind. You laugh at his expression. You take the machine from his hand and move to his left side. You position the box behind his ear, reaching the tube over his ear and slipping the rubber into his ear. 

“There you go” You sit back down. 

“Whoa!!” His head whips to face you. You burst out laughing at his reaction and the noise coming from your lips makes his face change even more as if he is experiencing the world for the first time. “It’s different huh?” 

“You kinda sound like a robot” He mentions. “And it tickles” 

“Yeah that goes away after a while” 

“Do you hear everything like this?” He questions. “It sounds like everything is through a little bit of static” 

“You get used to that too” You shrug. You have forgotten what it was like for that to be new. “It’s because it doesn’t replace hearing, but it amplifies what you already have.” You move over to his left side again, bringing his hand to his ear. “This is the mic,” You run your fingertip over and you watch his face and he jumps slightly at the static. “And if the mic gets completely covered” You press your finger to the microphone gently. Knowing that once this happened, a loud ringing feedback will erupt in his ear. 

“Ow!” Peter pulls away from you. You chuckle as takes the gadget out of his ear. He copies your previous actions to the best of his ability, not wanting to break the aid that he knows was most likely extremely expensive. 

“Yeah, I fell asleep with it in once, that sound is not fun to wake up to” You swiftly place the hearing aid back into your own ear, a routine that had become all too familiar. 

“You know, a lot of things make a lot of sense now,” Peter says. 

“Yeah, I bet” You lean back, cuddling up to his chest again. 

“You almost never wear your hair up” You nod, humming in agreement. “When people try to get attention and you don’t respond because of your ‘zoning out’ thing, is that because you can’t hear them?” You hum again, confirming. “You never wear an earbud in your left side” 


“You always insist on walking to my left so that your right ear is closest to me. And that’s why you can’t hear Ned sometimes” You smile and nod along as Peter begins connecting puzzle pieces. You both chuckle as you realize that this has definitely pulled you two closer together, and made your relationship stronger. You slide into a spooning position, playing the movie once again. 

“You know, I don’t think you should hide it anymore. It’s nothing to be ashamed of” Peter says after the movie had ended. 

“I know that you’re right Peter” You remain with your back to his chest. “I just, don’t know” You sigh, feeling weak. 

“Just think about it.” Peter places a gentle kiss on your earlobe. 

Being that it was nearly your curfew, you said your goodbyes and shared a goodnight kiss once Peter had dropped you off at your house. All weekend you thought about Peter’s words, debating on what actions to take. 

The following Monday, you wore your hair in a bun on the top of your head. One of your favorite ways to wear your hair before you had gotten your hearing aid. It had been nearly a year since you had worn your hair up at school, and you missed it. You took prideful steps when nearing your boyfriend at his locker. The strands of hair falling around your face frame it perfectly, just the way you had remembered. 

“Look at you!” Peter had never seen you with your hair in a bun before, he loved how he could see your entire face, just as much as he loved what it meant to you personally. “I’m proud of you babe” Peter wraps his arm around your shoulder, kissing your cheek. 

“It feels good” You nod in agreement, proud of yourself as well. “I’m not ashamed anymore”  

swanscapitan  asked:

Favorite episode of each season?

 It always depends on what day you ask me.

Season 1 – Snow Falls. Honestly it’s the only one I remember, but I did really enjoy the meeting between Snow and Charming, definitely a stand out for me.

Season 2 – Tallahassee –  The truth is that I haven’t seen every episode of S2, however even if I have I suspect this would still be tops. Because… Beanstalk!  Talk about a swash-buckling, epic romantic adventure to set the tone for how Hook and Emma would relate to one another for the rest of their lives.  It’s also super fun to rewatch and talk to the characters, “Hey, now, that’s your future husband!” or  “Slow your role, sir, you’re talking to the future mother of your children.” Love it.

Season 3a – Dark Hollow. Honestly, it all comes down to one scene, “When I win your heart, Emma, and I will win it, it will not be because of any trickery, it will be because you want me.”  I seriously wanted to punch anyone in the throat who took issue with that line. He was NOT stealing her agency, he was giving her full agency by stating his feelings truthfully, being transparent about his intentions and telling her it was all going to be on her terms. Swoon. One of my favorite scenes ever.  

Season 3b – Snow Drifts. I talked about this episode recently, it might be one of the best this show ever produced.  It had humor, heart, romance, action, a clever plot and excellent pacing. Not to mention the incredible acting and technical work by everyone behind the scenes. It’s gorgeously shot, expertly scored, perfectly costumed and one of the best all-around hours of OUAT.

Season 4a – White Out. This one is a bit of a toss-up between it and The Apprentice.  However, White Out usually wins.  Of course, I love the end. The first hug, the first snuggle, the first real displays of affection in front of her family.  But I also love Warlord Bo Peep, Charming with the flowing hair, Regina being confirmed as the worst mother on the planet, Elsa and Emma meeting, and loads of Captain Charming working as a team.

Season 4b – Poor Unfortunate Soul.  It’s hard to get better than the “it’s you” scene. In fact, I have an entire tag on my blog devoted to “it’s you.”  One of my favorite declarations between them. And Jennifer Morrison! That single beautiful tear rolling down her cheek as Emma kisses Killian, this has to be one of the most emotional and expressive kisses that they share.  The episode also had lots of good stuff, Hook making amends with not only Ursula, but Ariel, and Emma standing up for her man with her parents.

Season 5a – Birth. Sometimes I lean towards Broken Kingdom, but for CS focus, angst, romance and heartfelt devotion, almost no episode of the series comes close to this level.   It’s a rollercoaster going from thrills when Arthur has them all cornered, to iconic moments such as lighting the eternal flame with their kiss to dark devotion when Hook jumps off the roof to get DarkSwan’s attention to sheer shock when we find out Hook is also the Dark One.  

Season 5b – Last Rites. At times I might be tempted to name The Brother Jones or Firebird, but I’m always swayed by the reunion scene. Plus, I love them separated by life/death, dimensions/realms and still managing to find a way to work as a team.

Season 6a – The Other Shoe. This is one of the easiest to pick. It’s one of the only episodes from 6a that is excellent from top to bottom and so much good CS to choose from. Captain Cobra Swan working a problem together, and Emma leaning on her boys and the moving in scenes is one of the most romantic of the season. I enjoyed the Cinderella bits as well.

Season 6b – The Song in Your Heart. I was super skeptical about a musical episode and used to cringe like crazy when fans would ask for one at cons, however, I believe that OUAT produced one of the best musical episodes of TV ever done.  The story flowed, there was a reason for the music, the songs were well done and relevant and of course the wedding. Emma Swan marrying her pirate prince in front of their friends and family in a dress fit for a princess, a fairy tale beginning if ever I saw one.

I see a lot of writing advice, particularly about giving characters flaws. The main advice is “everyone has flaws! make sure to give your character flaws or else it’s not realistic!” And after thinking about it… I would like to challenge this.

It essentially posits a view of human nature that there are good and bad traits, and that these traits can be neatly diagrammed into separate columns, one set of which can and should be eliminated. It tends to go along with a view that posits character development should be about scrubbing away of “flawed” traits until the character achieves more a higher level of goodness, or else the character doesn’t and falls into tragedy. This is not untrue, necessarily. There are definitely some “flaws” that are 100% bad and sometimes a good arc is about slowly losing them. However, I could call this advice incomplete.

Consider thinking about it this way. Characters have traits and often whether or not that trait is a flaw is purely circumstantial.

For instance, fairy tales I read as a child. In some, when an old beggar asked for money on the road, it was a secret test of character. The prince who gave the old man money or food would be rewarded. But in other folktales I read, the old beggar would be malevolent, and any prince who stooped to help him would be beaten, punished for letting his guard down. Now, in a story as well as in real life, either of these scenarios can occur–a stranger who asks for help can be benevolent or malevolent. So which is the flaw? Is it a “flaw” to be compassionate? or is it a “flaw” to be guarded? 

Trick question–it’s purely conditional. Both traits are simultaneously a strength and a weakness. Either has an advantage, but either comes with a price as well. And whether the price is greater than the advantage depends on circumstance. The same can be said for most character traits, in fact!

An agreeable character who gets along with everyone will be pressured into agreeing with something atrocious because it’s a commonly held viewpoint. A character who’s principled and holds firm even under great pressure will take much, much longer to change their mind when they are actually in the wrong. A character who loves animals and loves to shower them with affection will get bitten if they try the same on every animal. As the circumstances change, flaws become strengths, and strengths become weaknesses. And even a trait that’s wholly virtuous, such as compassion, comes with a price and can be turned for the worst.

You don’t have to think about inserting flaws into your character. Your character, even the most perfect “Mary Sue,” is already flawed the moment you give her any traits at all. The problem with Mary Sue isn’t a lack of flaws, it’s a lack of circumstances to challenge her properly, to show her paying the natural price. Your job as an author is to create circumstances in the narrative that 1) justify why these traits exist in your character 2) show what your character gains from these traits and then 3) change the circumstances to challenge her. 

Make your character pay the price for their traits, for their choices. And then, when challenged, you can make a hell of a story by showing us how they adapt, or why they stick to their guns anyway.

if ur not cherokee then you shouldn’t b stickin nastee synthetic feathers (or any feathers really) in your hair to cosplay piper mclean, stop doin that shit. 

in cherokee culture collecting feathers involves traditional rituals, and only certain members of the tribe are allowed to do it (as far as i know, feel free to correct me/add onto this if you are cherokee)

for future reference: if ur not sure if doing something like this is okay, just assume it’s not and don’t do it. if you have to ask yourself if it’s disrespectful, then it probably is

anonymous asked:

In Monster Bash when Marco started talking about the bigotry and hate between Mewmans and monsters Tom had a really surprising reaction? Like he said "I'm gonna stop you right there, I'm not into politics" the way he said it made me feel as if there was more than just mere disinterest going on. Marco even mentions that Tom is a prince, so everything he does is political which is the show just drawing even more attention to this one little line. Thoughts?

People are really looking into that line from Tom, but i think people do have to keep in mind Tom is supposed to be 14-15.

It’s kinda like with Star in MCC, where she didn’t ask to be queen or have these responsibilities, but in the end it’s inevitable.

Tom’s still a growing kid, who didn’t ask to be a prince or be in charge of so much (Kinda hope we dive more into him as a prince in the future). 

I mean, is he supposed to like politics? He’s been forced into this since he was  little, because he doesn’t really have much of a choice. I doubt all the other mewni heirs would consider politics to ever be their thing. Not to mention they do make it clear in an earlier ep Tom does and can be discriminated against, politics just might either make him uncomfortable because he wants to have fun tonight, or he’s had some experience with it before and it brings up some bad memories.

Politics can be heavy on younger individuals and Tom didn’t want to feel bad about the world tonight.

Tom will have to grow into it someday, because he doesn’t have much of a choice if he’s gonna be a king someday

But you can’t get too mad at him about it, he clearly has his own prince responsibilities to worry about and it’s taken a different tole on him then it has for Star.

He came to the party, probably because he not only wanted to have fun, but he also already considers the party a success political wise anyway.

my moms one friend goes out to eat every friday, watches everyone, finds someone who seems to be having a hard time, and pays for their meal (and of course tips well). honestly i hope i can afford to do shit like that in the future.

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Hm, you can skip this one if it's too personal, but, as much as I'm inspired by your work choices, do you have plans for retirement? How will you make money when you won't be able to work anymore? I'm in high school and this inquiry always comes up when I'm talking to my parents...

Parents are going to say what they have to say because they want to know that you’re going to be fine, they worry about your future because that’s their job. Some parents have higher hopes than they should but, at the end of the day, your life is yours. You have to make decisions for your own well-being. Difficult life decisions involve finding the right balance between all of your concerns. It’s hard to feel good if you don’t have financial stability but, on the other hand, if you work like a mule and never get to enjoy the fruits of your labor, then life is not really worth living, is it? These are not easy decisions to make because financial “security” is in part a subjective feeling. How much security is enough? “Enough” is hard to quantify because it’s different for everyone. If you finish college, chances are that you can at least get a middle class job. While a middle class salary doesn’t extend as far as it used to, such positions have more room for advancement and you should be able to save a decent amount of money… if you’re savvy. A low to minimum wage job over a lifetime is not going to prepare you for retirement, in which case you may need outside assistance. That’s the reality of the world. But how you deal with that reality is up to you and how well you take advantage of the opportunities available to you.

I don’t often talk about myself, so even the people closest to me don’t know how I manage my private affairs, and they don’t grasp the full extent of how future-oriented I am and always have been. I begged to open a bank account at age 8 because I wanted to save and earn interest on my allowance and gift money. I wanted to earn my own money as soon as possible so I started working as soon as I could at 16. I have meticulously recorded every cent of income/expense since then because I always create and follow a budget. I took finance courses in university to learn proper money management. I spend my spare time building knowledge because I enjoy it and it often comes in handy in the future when I least expect it. I explored different jobs/fields in order to have the freedom and competence to move around any time. If I get bored, I could switch back to an old career track, I could go back to school just for kicks, I could even revisit a menial job I enjoyed long ago if I want to shut my brain off for awhile. For me, life is about potential. Almost everything I do is about realizing my personal potential or expanding my reach in the world so that I always have more than one option available to me. If you seek to make yourself a useful person, you’ll encounter more opportunities in life because… who wouldn’t want to keep you around? I gave my all at every good and crappy job so that they would miss me and I could go back in case I failed in my next endeavor. I act for the future today so that I don’t have to worry about tomorrow, which seems counter-intuitive to a lot of people because they think planning ahead means wasting the present. I made a conscious decision to go my own way in life, which means that my attitude about work and retirement is somewhat unconventional. Work is important to me and I’ll continue to work if it gives me a sense of purpose in life, I don’t imagine that I would retire just because I hit a certain age. I’m lucky in that the work I can do is mostly mental and not really age restrictive. I’m confident about the future because I’m confident in myself, and I’m confident in myself because I’m always working on myself, and I’m always working on myself because I care about myself, and I care about myself because, if I don’t take responsibility for my life, who will? Sure, there are things you can’t prepare for, like random accident or disease, but there’s no sense worrying about what you can’t control. The best you can do is buy insurance.

The first rule of financial planning is that you should start saving money yesterday. A little planning goes a long way, e.g., if you know that great deals on big items like electronics come around thanksgiving or xmas, then put away a little money each month throughout the year and you’ll have the freedom to take advantage of year-end discounts, off-season sales, or bulk purchases. You could easily save hundreds every year just by doing this. Retirement has been in the back of my mind since I was a kid and I’ve always had a saver’s mentality, partly because my parents taught me the value of money and the difference between a need and a want, partly because Ni low-key fears not having enough money for some future desire/disaster, partly because I work in finance and handle investments. I invest the money I save. For me, saving money today equals freedom to roam tomorrow. I don’t spend much money beyond food, shelter, and transportation because I don’t want for many things. My priorities are in order. I have what I most need in life and appreciate the f*ck out of it, therefore, saving money just comes down to strategy, not psychology. I meal-plan and cook whenever possible, I cut my own hair, I collect points and use coupons, I track prices to get good deals, I take care of my health, I don’t really vacation because I enjoy daily life and rarely want to “get away”. I pay a little extra for quality and I’m quite meticulous about maintaining the things I purchase, e.g., I only own one belt (leather) which I’ve been wearing for >15 years and it still looks great, I air-dry certain clothes to slowdown wear and tear (and save electricity), I learn to fix things to delay replacing them, I’ve been driving the same (fuel efficient) car for a decade, I’ve had the same cell phone for six years because I rarely use it (it was a hand-me-down from my brother), etc. I set up a little slush fund for days when I want to chill in style and then I never have to dip into my savings account. Some people would find it very hard to live like this, perhaps because they have grown accustomed to a certain standard of living, but I enjoy being frugal and handy as it gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment, with the added bonus of having monetary freedom in the bank. Many people cannot save money because they view it as a “restriction”, but I perceive it as an investment in my future self, so I’m happy to do it because I value my life in its entirety, both today and the tomorrows, I make decisions with the whole of my life in view, always. Many people spend like crazy because they use objects to band-aid their emotional ills in the now, which means the real problem is not the boring job or lack of money but their psychology.

Random money tips: it pays to be a couple because you can pool resources and save together; live with others and share costs to save more; if you are in a long term relationship, hammer out good financial agreements to protect yourself in case of breakup; avoid debt if possible and shop around for the best deal if you must borrow; always pay off credit cards; save a certain percentage of every paycheck; know the value of products and never overpay; always have a plan B if you’re going to take a financial risk; address emotional spending problems sooner rather than later; improve financial literacy to avoid being fleeced by predators.

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One of Dean's deaths, could have been stabbed by a ghoul in a graveyard. so does that mean he dodged one of his possible deaths in 13x06?

Could be. I mean, if Cas hadn’t come back, if he’d still been in his suicidal mindset, it could’ve easily gone that way. That’s the most interesting thing about Billie’s books… are they all still potential future deaths? Are some of them in the past? Are all the times he actually DID die and then came back recorded there? Even all the times he died in Mystery Spot? Death by funny tasting taco? Choked on a sausage?

He was supposed to have originally died in 1.12 of that heart attack, but due to the meddling of Sue Ann and her pet reaper, he was given a second chance.

Death by Hellhound? It took a while, but he eventually came back even from that. I mean, he’s died a lot. And there were an AWFUL lot of books on that shelf… I hate to think he’s got that many potential future brushes with death to look forward to. And considering he did actually die in order to talk to Billie in 13.05, and it wasn’t recorded in any of her books and therefore came as a surprise to her, I’m thinking Dean’s impulsive act of killing himself there DESPITE Death having no record that he would try something like that, means Billie is 100% right about him… he is important. He defies Death, even when Death insists he should go on living. I mean… it’s wild.

Regardless of what he does, he seems to defy the natural order, and yet the natural order doesn’t behave as if its been defied… does that make sense? Like Dean’s somehow ~outside~ of things in a metaphysical way now. Chuck called him the firewall between light and darkness, and that seems to have more cosmic weight and importance that we’ve thought before.

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Ronnie, I know your posts about gender and identity and the difficulty of labels and all that are for you and not for random followers, but thank you anyway, because I'm struggling with a lot of the same topics and sometimes you put stuff better than I ever could. (no need to reply to this at all, just, thanks and i hope you get to pet a puppy in the very near future)

hey thats cool, im glad you found them as helpful as I have, and its nice to see as, like, not to get all Hetero up in here, but this site, and other sites populated by marginalised young ppl, does have an extremely weird and narrow view of labels being the be all and end all of identities, and what those identities mean. We become so caught up in the “right” one and trying to jam ourselves into it even when it doesn’t fit entirely that it becomes smothering.

Anyway, there is a lot to be said about finding comfort in labels, but there is also a lot to be said about the alienation of how those labels are applied to us by others, and the fear of using them “incorrectly”

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Perhaps a more insightful hivemind may answer this: If I fall in love with my anxiety will it leave me too?

one could only dream.
but hopefully you won’t have to deal with anxiety inducing scenarios in the future.

Eri - Present and Future

((So… I decided to make a write-up for Eri’s future selves, just for the sake of characterization and world-building. 

The summaries are in the points, and if you want more details, feel free to read the paragraphs! 8D))

“No matter what happens… I’m… I’m glad to have met everyone…!”

Eri Philomele - Two Tailed Kitsune (This one!)

  • Naive and clueless, but helpful
  • Not very strong
  • Teases people who are close to him
  • Relies on his powers way too much, typical child behavior
  • Excels in shapeshifting, and nothing else

I won’t really talk about this version, since this is pretty much the blog itself!

“Welcome to my cafe, stranger. A penny for your thoughts, perhaps?“

Eri Philomele - Fourth/Fifth Tailed Kitsune

  • Owns a magical-themed cafe in the outside world
  • Shapeshfiting master, knows basic curses and creative with pyromancy
  • A bit of a sweet talker, teases much more than his two-tailed self.
  • Still abuses his shapeshifting powers quite a bit for pranks and teasing, but not using his powers as much as his younger self
  • Like his adoptive mother, Satori, really good in analyzing personalities
  • An adviser, blessing people with either good or bad fortune

A teenage version of Eri, Eri in his teens lived away from Satori for a moment to mingle more with the outside world, becoming an owner in a humble magical-themed cafe, moving locations and wiping memories of most of his patrons from ever meeting him every fifty years.

Wearing a magician outfit over his old Youmu-themed one, Eri is known to be an adviser his later years. He’s able to maintain his presence in the outside world due to the kitsune legend being extremely prevalent, and blesses fortunate travelers with good luck should he see witness them perform good things, and bad luck to drunkards and violent people.

While his cafe serves impeccable food, most people visit him mostly to seek out advice. These people are legends in the making such as kings, queens, and legendary warriors. Once every month, he visits Satori and his friends, either having a talk or teasing them occasionally.

“Until Gensokyo’s ready to be more open-minded, I’m stuck like this, am I?”

Eri Philomele - Nine Tailed Kitsune

Yes, he’s actually disguised as a woman here.

  • Representative of Chireiden, speaks upon Satori’s behalf as well
  • Extremely good in calming conflicts and getting what he wants
  • His revealing outfit is intentional, it serves as a distracting point and can sway the conversation to his favor quicker while being fashionable at the same time
  • Rarely uses his powers, except in self-defense situations
  • Disguised as a woman in public due to Gensokyo’s nature, only shows his true form to those close to him such as Remilia or Chen

Imagine our society, where women are ridiculed for taking male-dominated positions, such as mechanics, the police, or even the the army. Reverse that and amplify that feeling, and you get Gensokyo.

With women being the most prevalent in high positions even after hundreds of years such as the Hakurei Shrine Maiden, Youkai Sage, the pillars of religion in Gensokyo and others being women, Eri too was forced to disguise himself as one as well, after being selected by Satori to become Chireiden’s representative.

Returning back from the outside world after they advanced far too much, Eri returned as a fully-fledged kitsune with impeccable knowledge. Considering how powerful women are viewed in Gensokyo, Eri presented himself as one as well to the public, unless it’s towards people he’s close with.

He works most of the time being an adviser for Satori, perhaps even raising a disciple of his own. He does revert to his two-tailed self in private, as it’s the biggest turning point in his life for him.

As I’m rewatching the episode, I really love how much the crew rallied around Alara’s crisis, and how genuinely supportive all the performances came across.

Ed refused to let her quit at her first mistake, but also gave her really understanding guidance about how to confront her insecurity. He told her it was okay to be afraid and that she should take the time to work our her problems rather than just asking her to outright conquer them.

Later at the end, everybody’s main concern was just to make sure Alara knew they were worried about her, and that she was completely capable of handling herself. She could have been punished, but instead they let her use it as a learning experience.

Like, this. This is what I’m here for in my classic sci-fi. SFX and space battles are cool, sure, but I like the warm fuzzies I get from being shown a future that actually seems like something I’d want us to achieve one day. It makes you feel safe about the future’s unknowns, that there’s something worth while up ahead. We need more of that feeling on TV.

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my only doubt about T staying in MTL: she always said that one day she would have liked to go school full time. Is that even possible for her to do in MTL? Don't u have to follow french courses? maybe she changed her mind :) On the other hand he always said his fav place is where his fam is sooo I don't see him staying in MTL without her. uuu I wish we got more about future project from that interview

Idk…like honestly I have no clue.

But I think after 2014, TS have done more than enough to prove how much they enjoy working together and being around one another.

So, if y’all doubt they will stick around together…well that is up to you…but I think  they have more plans together.

Seems like both have some unfinished things in Montreal and it is a stepping stone into whatever they are interested in for the future.

They’re not young kids anymore and have a ton of experience, plus acquired businesses and network connections. So, I have not doubt those around them have given them good advice on their future plans and ideas.

I know many worry about 2018 being a post Sochi 2.0 but the closer we get to the Olys, the more confident they seem about their plans. This season is not like the last Olympic season. They have grown more, learned from their past…things are just different. I have never seen them as happy as I do now.

So Idk, I feel like they know what they want. I don’t think we can forget that unlike many of the teams retiring (some are exceptions) they got to take a break and get a taste of what retirement is like.

So I just keep that in mind.