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I have always found it somewhat amusing in Mirai Sentai Timeranger that the method of transporting things through time involves them being punched through a time gate by a giant robot.

Also that apparently time isn’t entirely linear as to get from the year 3,000 to the year 2,000 involves traumatizing dinosaurs in the Jurrasic:

Giving Pharoah and his men a close encounter in Ancient Egypt:

And messing with a Ninja castle siege during the Sengoku Period:

It seems more like they are heading from the past to the future.  Are the Timerangers really from the future or from one of those ancient, super high tech lost civilizations from the distant past?  Or maybe time really is circular and they have to take the long way around to get where they need to go.

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can i pls know your absolute most fave smutty yoonjin fic and your absolute most fave fluffy yoonjin fic? 😁😀

i know you probably only ask for one each but i can’t hold myself because there are just so many that i love and i have free time now so prepare yourself it’s gonna be a long ride (also becase than i don’t have to make another fic rec at least for sometime now lol)


*cough* smut *cough*


Thursday is Bath Day

Get yourselves ready for some serious fluffy smushy shit. I love a good bath, and couldn’t get this out of my head so I thought I’d type it out.

Let me know what you think, and if you have any requests for future oneshots, you can ask me HERE.

906 words.

Harry hummed as he knelt by the free-standing bath, hands fiddling with the tap as he tried to find the perfect temperature. It was Thursday, and every Thursday his miss would get home at 6pm, tired and grumpy, and sink into the pre-run bath that Harry so carefully set up each week. It was a tradition that had gone on for as long as Harry could remember, and whenever he was at home in their shared apartment, he made sure he followed through.

Normally, his better half was a big snuggler, and the pair would spend every second that they could around each other. They were both keen on physical touch, and it was one of the things that made their relationship so fulfilling. Thursdays however, were sacred. She would always have her bath completely alone, and Harry knew that it was her time to just be with herself and think. So, while she was in the bath, he would go and run on the treadmill. He loved the feeling of running for the sake of running, his heart pounding and limbs covered in a light sheen of sweat. It was his alone time and it was just as sacred as hers.

Harry was pulled from his thoughts as he heard their front door open and closed, and the sound of shoes being kicked off carelessly, and he smiled to himself, shutting off the taps to the full bath and heading out to greet her. “Hey you,” he said, grinning at her, his arms open wide. She gladly accepted his embrace, her arms wrapping loosely around his waist and lips pressing a little kiss to his neck. “Hey,” she mumbled, eyes flickering shut. Harry pressed a gentle kiss to the top of her head, enjoying the feeling of their bodies against each other. “You had a big day love?” he asked softly, his large hand rubbing over her back. “Mm,” she hummed, her check against his chest. “C’mon then. Ran yer bath… C’mon,” he answered, pulling away gently, his hands finding her shoulders as he guided her to the bathroom.

“Righ’,” he said, fingers finding the zip to her dress. Unzipping her, he smiled, watching as she shivered slightly when his fingers made contact with her bare skin. He gently undid her bra, sliding the straps from her shoulders and tossing it into the laundry basket along with the dress. “There yer go,” he murmured, lips pressing a gentle kiss to her neck. He loved seeing her like this, and it wasn’t even that sexual for him. It was more comforting, and he felt so lucky to be the person she had chosen to share these vulnerable moments with. “’M gunna be runnin’,” he said, meeting her eyes as she turned to face him. “N’then we can make some dinner? Pasta good?” he asked, smiling at her. “Mm,” she answered, nodding and pressing a chaste kiss to his cheek. “Love yer,” he stated as moved to leave. “Love you more,” she replied as he shut the bathroom door.

He had only been running for about ten minutes before a familiar hand lightly touched his back. He jumped, stopping the treadmill and turning to look at the figure which had caused his surprise. “Oh! Sorry,” she giggled softly, wrapped up in a big, white towel. “S’ok,” he chuckled. “Tha’ was quick!” he smiled. “I…” she sighed, reaching out for his hand. “Not done. Just… I thought… I just would quite like you to join me.” Butterflies began to flutter in Harry’s stomach and he squeezed her hand, leaning in to press a kiss to her forehead. So often she caught him off guard like this, turning him back into the nervous, infatuated teenager he’d been for the first few months of their long term relationship. “F’course miss. I’d love to. Y’alright though?” he asked gently, concern causing his forehead to wrinkle. “Yeah. Just want to be close to you,” she answered. “Been one of those days,” she sighed, her shoulders tensing slightly. “Oh little one… C’mon,” he replied, leading her back to the bathroom.

He was quick to discard his sweats, jockeys and tshirt, slipping into the bath, his legs spread to create a space for her. “Ooh…” he exhaled, enjoying the feeling of the warm water against his skin. “In yer get,” he grinned, adjusting slightly as she got in with him, her figure slotting almost impossibly perfectly against his own. “Can see why yer love this so much,” he murmured, his eyes half closed and his fingers trailing lightly up and down her arms. He could feel her relaxing against him, and he hummed happily, enjoying being so close to her. He knew she felt the same way as she nuzzled into him, her own eyes closing and body going almost floppy at his touch.

“I am so grateful for you, Haz,” she murmured, her voice almost a whisper. “Was thinking about it today. How you always seem to be able to give me exactly what I need. I don’t even think you know how much better everything is when you’re around… Mm… I love you,” she finished, pressing a couple of lazy kisses to strong arm that was cradling her. It didn’t take much to get Harry emotional, and her words washed over him, his eyes almost threatening tears. “Love yer to the moon ‘n back,” he murmured, smiling contentedly.

Reyna Writes: Hello Again - A Louper Reunion Fic



(Two things: let it be known that I know nothing about hacking, and that this is canon divergent…but I’m a fanfic writer, so that should surprise no one. :P)

Okay, fiddle with a code here, enter a new algorithm there–whoa, seriously? Someone was trying to trace him? Really?

Louis snorted and ducked through another digital backdoor, leading the tracer astray with a false IP address. Once that was done, he continued on with his work, smirking all the while. This was way too easy at this point–either Louis had gotten way too good at what he does, or his targets just kept getting dumber and dumber. Either way, this was basically child’s play now.

There was a small tap to his arm, and Louis paused.

Speaking of children…

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Ok but imagine George and possibly captain underpants meeting billy for the first time and just being like overprotective dads e.g "what is your intention with our harold" "what plans do you have for the future" "u hurt him, I kill u :)"

Honestly I feel like Captain would be super happy to meet Billy while George would be a bit ‘’over protective’’

just a bit

On Bittersweet Endings

Anonymous asked: “What, in your opinion, is a bittersweet ending?”

Sometimes writers will try to tell me that the endings of stories like The Great Gatsby or Hamlet have bittersweet endings but those are tragedies. There isn’t “sweetness” attached to them. 

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Meet Me in the Hallway

The first of my one shot series inspired by each song on Harry’s album! And also, the first piece of writing I’m ever posting - eeeeh! 

Let me know what you think, and if you have any requests for future oneshots, you can ask me HERE.

2165 words.

WARNING - Drug use, sexual assault, workplace assault.

Harry sighed softly, rolling his head from one side of his pillow to the other. His torso was exposed, a lightly tanned arm resting on his stomach, with a sheet covering him from his inked butterfly down. His feet were stuck out the end of the light fabric, a habit Harry had developed when he was little. He hated the feeling of being too tucked in, especially in those hotel beds where the sheets are so tightly secured under the mattress it feels impossible to move.

His eyes half opened and then closed again for a few seconds before properly opening, taking in the bare back and messy hair of the girl next to him. He smiled, reaching his hand out and tracing a strong, lean finger up and down her spine. She shivered, snuggling her head against the pillow and subconsciously reaching down to tug up the sheets for more warmth. Harry let out a soft chuckle, shuffling in behind her and wrapping a strong but gentle arm around her waist, his lips pressing a soft kiss to nape of her neck. He breathed in, taking in her scent. He loved her like this, naked and natural, skin bare and hair undone.

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(#askGolzy)ave you ever thought of publishing your comics into comic book? I know a company called komik-M(which in malaysia) that does so(no age limit)

I know Komik-M, but most of my comic are against the rules that they have put.

Because of Komik-M is more likely more to ‘MALAYSIA’ themes, and they dont want any kind of scene that against 'shariah.’

My comics are majority’s violence; and mostly western/japanese/etc themes other than malaysia.
So no, i cant publish my comic to KOMIK-M
Unless if im making an one shot comic that is related to Malaysia themes.

Gempakstarz in other hand is more free themes, but probably my future ONJU comic wont get accept, (i concerned the fact Onju might involving culture shock/ politics and new religion. )

I’ll be better self published, and sell in few numbers.

Detective Agency Courtship AU part 1/?

Huge thanks to @bedruil for this idea, I had so much fun to write about it ^____^ 

This is part 1, may be I’ll write more in the future~

  • At first they worked separately, but they were tired of colliding with each other every time in the same places and having completely identical thoughts. After disputes, they decide to unite and make their detective agency, where they both will be “boss”. In addition to the ordinary “are my wife/husband cheating on me?” sometimes they get really interesting cases.
  • Blue is more focused on the details. She notices all sorts of trivia, can find evidence where no one else will find them. Yellow never interferes in her search for evidence, standing and watching from behind.
  • Yellow reads people’s emotions well and can catch on the right word in conversation. She perfectly manipulates the person at conversation and can find in their speech something that will help to solve the case. Blue enrages when Yellow uses it on her, saying “I can see on your face that something is wrong.”
  • Blue is a bad cop, she can’t be trusted to question someone. If she senses a lie or a person mumbles, she will most likely yell at them. Therefore, Yellow works with people, and Blue silently searches for evidence.
  • Their office is small, with a couple of tables, a sofa, a fridge and a microwave. Yellow likes to bring there all sorts of things that are not related to work. For example, posters for walls. Blue brings there tea, coffee and cookies x)
  • Yellow never hesitates to hit bad guys in the face, especially if she knows for sure that they are guilty.
  • Solving especially difficult cases, they remain in the office for the night. They have only one sofa, and while they don’t dating yet (although there are certain feelings between them), one who has won a rock-paper-scissors goes to sleep on a sofa. Who lost is left to sleep at the table.
  • Detective work is dangerous, and one day one of the bad guys takes Yellow as a hostage, hiding behind her and threatening to cut her throat. Yellow doesn’t panic, jokes “dude, it’s another eight-year jail sentence, do you want a life sentence?”. Blue watches helplessly, but the police arrive just in time and the criminal is shot. Yellow shakes herself off, saying “It wasn’t funny,” but Blue perfectly sees how she trembles. Blue just hugs her, asking not to scare her like that.
  • They begin to date imperceptibly for themselves. Yellow, going to sleep on the sofa, kisses Blue at night, and Blue reacts as if everything is normal. She realizes what happened about ten minutes later, but she doesn’t give it any special significance. They already behaved for several months as an old married couple, adjusting ties to each other and asking “didn’t you forget to eat today?”. From that night, they go to bed together, somehow lying down on a small sofa.
Some news from you favourite mun (hoho) ♥

I’m currently in vacation to see some friends and familly and also to go to one of LP’s concert.

I have some non-undertale-relate projects for the future that you guys might like- (or not, I’m not forcing you *outs the gun*)

SO It’s mostly streams!
-Assassin’s Creed Origins frequent streams with Castel and Weyl IN ENGLISH (yes we’re goingto try it’s gonna be awful but fun)

-Dark Souls Coop Stream with Weyl and Shails

Why am I announcing that, because as you guys know we often play minecraft together, so I was wondering if you guys would like to us stream some minecraft too ?
Because the game is kinda special I’m not sure if it’sreally enjoyable to watch OwO’



Inspired by pride month, here are some of my lgbt+ characters :D I chose these ones because they haven’t appeared on this blog as much as some others. These are not all of them though, since I try to have diverse characters I have plenty of others that could’ve also been in this post but tumblrs picture limit is 10 so… not much I can do about that.

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Do you not want kids? Not asking accusingly, your tags on a recent post just made me curious as to what your actual stance was.

Hey Nonnie! 

Nope, no kids for me in the near or far future :) 

I don’t see myself fit to raise a child, and I honestly wouldn’t want to bring one into this fucked up world. I also don’t want to be pregnant, I’m frankly scared of all the changes to my body and I’m scared of childbirth and I honestly don’t see myself ready/fit/suitable to take care of a kid. It’s just a whirlwind of reasons I don’t want to have kids :)

I’m fully supportive of those who do want them, though. If you’re ready and it’s something that you want, I 100% got your back :) We’re all free to make the choices we want in order to live our lives as happy as possible :)

Hugs! <3

Random Musing: From what we’ve seen so far, real!Ciel was a lot like Vincent in that he could be charming and outgoing. He appeared to be a happy child, and he was being trained to the future Watchdog. At the same time, our!Ciel has shown that he’s good at strategy and have a talent for chess. Since both attributes would be important for a good Watchdog, what if the idea that both would have played the part? What I mean is that real!Ciel would have always been the visible watchdog and rightful heir to everything. He would have been the one with the title and engaged to Lizzie. Behind the scenes, however, our!Ciel would have also played a part as he would have been the one to figure out strategy and create plans. He wouldn’t have had the title or even the glory, but he was still important. He could have even taken his brother’s place if that was necessary, which appears to be precisely what he did.

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Trump totes knows Asstard's about to gas the kurds or smthing ~~ are we actually going to kill an airfield this time?

Mmmmmmmmmaybe. The Tomahawk strike, as I said, was a slap on the wrist - we destroyed some planes, blazed a lot of fuel/muntions, etc. The Syrian government doesn’t actually have that many planes, so that was sufficient. 

However, the goal was to punish the Syrians for breaking the taboo on the use of chemical weapons. It was a demonstration of our willingness to strike to prevent their use in the future. They apparently think we’re bluffing. This leaves us two options: 

1. Strike Al-Shayrat airbase again - preemptively. This base (the same one where the chemical attacks sortied from the last time) is once again where they’re seeing prep work being taken. This is not the base near Lakatika, where most of the Russian airpower is - so the impact will be limited to Syrian casualties. This is more “aggressive” in that it’s not waiting for the rock-solid justification of a retaliatory strike, after the regime has launched another chemical attack… but that’s more than balanced by it preventing more civilian casualties from happening at all, thus fulfilling the promises the administration has made; 1. that we will not tolerate chemical weapons usage against civilians, and 2. that if losing some planes is considered “acceptable losses” by the Syrians, we will escalate till we find a cost they are not willing to pay. 

2. Apply post-facto punishment. This is essentially the same approach that we took last time, except now - since they’ve been slapped on the wrist and given due notice - the punishment will be extreme. You don’t need to hit the airbase - to punish them, you just have to blow up something, anything, they really need, and really don’t want you blowing up. This accomplishes the same results outlined under #1 above, but affords you more freedom in target selection (if someone’s worried about hitting Al-Shayrat again, lest the Russians get spooked,) more latitude in follow-on effects (it could be used as an excuse to deal a real blow to the regime’s warmaking ability in other areas, or to target Syrian chemical weapon stockpiles across the country,) and above all it’s more conservative - because the Syrians might back off, and then you can claim victory anyways (because you successfully intimidated them into backing off) without risking any personnel, assets, or escalation of tensions. On the flip side, you could be accused of using the chemical attack as a casus belli to launch direct strikes on the Syrian regime’s warmaking ability for your own partisan interests, rather than any humanitarian concern over WMD use. 

Which is better? That depends on many factors, most of which are only known with precision by people with intelligence clearances. And there’s many permutations of the above, as well. For instance, a pre-emptive strike that sends a few B-2s with F-22 escorts (or, for that matter, F-22s alone with those new bunker-busting SBD glide-bombs,)  to directly nail the chemical weapons bunkers on Al-Shayrat airbase - thus eliminating the danger, and if anyone on the airbase gets gassed because of it, boo fucking hoo - would both prevent the strike and be a pretty limited application of force that wouldn’t impact the regime’s conventional warmaking ability or assets at Al-Shayrat. Or, you could adopt more of a “punishment” approach without going full nationwide shock-and-awe and simply level Al-Shayrat - there’s been some public pushing for a united front on this from the coalition, and a massive “alpha strike” against Al-Shayrat would be a perfect opportunity for it. It’d also raise the stakes for any Russian fuckery immensely - they might fancy taking pot-shots at us (of course, it’d be “Syrian forces” using brand-new Sa-17 Grizzlies from Russia, so it’d just be the rightful, sovereign regime defending their airspace,) but taking pot-shots at a massive multinational force is inviting backlash from all of NATO. 

And we must remember that Trump does pay attention to the mediasphere and understands its importance, so if we do hit Al-Shayrat again, I’d expect him to politely request that those runways end up looking like the far side of the goddamned moon - if only for the optics. 

RFA Kids/2nd Generation

HI, it’s one in the morning *so sorry for typos!!* and I have my own official..RFA kids little generation going on! May be added to in the future!
So far, the people I haven’t thought of kids for yet are Vanderwood, V, Rika (if anyone wanted?), Jaehee, and Yoosung!
But I will add them once I get some ideas! 

Also, if you are interested in these kiddos and would like to request for them too, I would love that!! I would really really love if they became a thing on this blog, where you guys also get to request headcanons and such for them..I would be so happy! So please don’t be afraid!

For now, I hope you all enjoy these~ Long post ahead!

Zen: One child

Junyoung Ryu. Junyoung is a tol, 17 year old boy who stands at about 6′0″. Looks an awful lot like his father, but differs from him in many ways. Junyoung doesn’t keep his hair as long! His only reaches a little past his shoulders, but, like Zen, he often keeps it in a ponytail. His bangs cover his left eye and, speaking of eyes, his eyes take on a golden-orange color rather than red. Junyoung isn’t very talkative, just by nature, but has no problem with carrying on a conversation with someone if it’s something he’s interested about. When it comes to his friends, he cares very deeply for them, and he’s almost like the team leader. (Sweet and protective, yoU GO GET EM JUNYOUNG)

Jumin: Two children

Jaehyun and Jiae Han. They are both 16! Jiae is 5′6″ and Jaehyun is only an inch taller than her. Jiae has thick, luscious brown hair that, unfortunately, tends to become a problem when there’s wind outside, and she has bright bluish-hazel eyes. (It gets very difficult to handle, save her) Jaehyun, when it comes to looks, is almost a carbon copy of his dad; their expressions and facial structures are almost identical. Jaehyun, however, just has lighter hair; it’s brown like Jiae’s.
Jiae and Jaehyun’s personalities are on entirely opposite sides of the spectrum from one another. Jiae is typically very bouncy and energetic while her brother is quieter. Jaehyun can also get angry and violent very quickly depending on the situation. (Junyoung is usually the only one who is able to calm him down. He and Junyoung are, indeed, very close) Jiae likes to poke her brother’s cheeks and call him a Grumpy Gills, but, she has gotten the chance to see the times where he can act like a dork by imitating their friends and making them laugh. 

Saeyoung: One Child

Taeyang Choi. 17 year old Taeyang is quite the character. He’s about 5′10″ and has light red *it’s more pink than red!* hair and pretty emerald eyes. Taeyang is an extremely bubbly and friendly person, often physical with the affection he displays towards his friends. Taeyang doesn’t exactly grasp the concept of “personal space”, but the others don’t mind because he brings more life to the group! Taeyang is also a little on the muscular side, so he tends to do things like scoop Jaehyun up out of nowhere and spin him around like a fairy princess. *Much to everyone else’s enjoyment* It’s rare that he isn’t smiling! he’s a happy boi who loves his mama

Saeran: Two children

The twins; Maxim and Luciel Choi. These two are both 5′6″ and 16 years old! Maxim has brown hair while Luciel has red hair, and both boys are affected by Heterochromia Iridis! So: Maxim’s right eye is golden while his left eye is emerald. Opposite to him, Luciel’s right eye is emerald while his left eye is golden! Both boys are quiet, moreso than Junyoung. However, when they do talk, they tend to do the following:

1. Finish each-other’s sentences

2. Say things in sync

3. Speak in a monotone 

They, like Taeyang, are mama’s boys. It’s also important to note that quietness doesn’t equal unfriendliness! Both of them are very happy and friendly when spoken to! So don’t worry!

I really hope you guys enjoy the new additions! If you want to request headcanons for them then that would be wonderful!!! I would adore writing for them! Thank you so much for reading!
*Will add the others’ kids too of course!*

jadespider  asked:

I know that this is a weird questiuon but do you guys like kids. Like one day in the future you two could possibly have one?? Plz don't kill me if it's to personal.😢😢

We do like kids!

We’ve discussed that question in great detail actually. 
We decided that, as of right now, we are not ready for kids. We don’t know when/if we will be in the future. But if the time and opportunity arises, we would love to have kids together, but if not we are happy living our lives with just us.

Art Rant

I sometimes worry about the future of Digital art….hear me out a couple of months ago they released this nifty nice website which will automatically color and fill in your line art. Its not perfect but you can even adjust the site’s edits to make it work. Then they released an app that will turn your sketch into a realistic painting. Those are just a couple of things, there still okay because one, they dont create something out of nothing, You still have to submit something to the app to get results. On the other hand how many people will use these sites and apps and claim its 100 percent their own doing? and now I saw a new add for anatomy Photoshop brushes which you can buy. These photoshop brushes give you hundreds of body parts for the male and female mode, in different perspective ways  , so the side, a close up, having the head turned, the arm to the left, walking, ect  which sounds really cool and all but I already know  a lot of people are not going to use these as references. Its pretty darn easy to make a layer above it and just trace over the part….the brushes even advertise themselves that’’’’ Artist will now safe time by cheating ‘’  …if you think I am being negative I kindly remind you of   the Bases-culture on Deviantart. What was first meant to be used as a practicing tool or just used for none-artist to create a character ….which became a common tracing tool where people just googled any sort of empty base, safe it and trace over the base or in some cases just lazy use ms paint to draw on the bases itself. and it has happened so many times not even online I have seen people SELLING base-traced art work in conventions….not only am I worried that this will stunt the growth and development of young artist and their skills but that this will futher create the idea that digital artist are just lazy because its easy. 

darker-bridges  asked:

I love all your winterironwidow stuff! I remember a few months ago looking on ao3 to try and find and but there was hardly any :( I love your writing and your headcanons and I always get excited when I see you've written something new. Your one of my favourite people in this fandom :)

I feel your pain, darling. Shipping a rare pair sucks. It’s so annoying when you just want to lean back and read a nice fic of a beloved pairing and there isn’t one. But that just means we have to create more content so others get to see the beauty of these characters together as well :)

Also YOU ARE SO SWEET I’M NOT EQUIPPED TO DEAL WITH THIS alksldklsofnlsl !!!! Seriously, I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve it but I’m gonna go with Doom here and say no takebacks now hehe. Thank you for being such a beautiful person!

“Intervention” - Part 3

“Intervention” - Requested Oneshot 

My Masterlist - Here

Tag List - Here

( Part 1 / Part 2 )

Father!Tony Stark x Reader

Word Count: 1,700-ish

Key: Y/N = Your Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Self Harm, Anxiety, Self Hatred, Intense Drinking, Mental Issues, Blood. If I missed any, please let me know.

Originally posted by hospitalheaven


Author’s Note: This is one of my most heaviest stories. I really hope you all get something from this. I hope this helps anyone who needs it in one way or another.

Also, I apologize to everyone who has requested prompts to me. Things have been more difficult than I thought recently and caused me to have a delay in all of my writing.

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces (All Works, Specific Fandoms, or Specific Multi-Parts), please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!

I hope you all are okay. If you ever need a friendly conversation or need someone, please talk to me. If you can’t confide in me, please reach out to someone. There are people to help you through any situation. You are not alone. You are loved.


- DreaSaurusREX

You woke up at around 11AM. Your dad wasn’t there anymore, but there was a note next to a couple of painkillers and a bottle of water. Leaning over, you reached out for the note and recognized the handwriting instantly.

(Y/N) -

Painkillers and water, for obvious reasons. Drink enough water today.

Gotta do some running around. Check in with Banner when you get up. Breakfast is in the microwave. Relax today. Shower, watch some Netflix, maybe get back into your art? Bruce brought a crutch incase your leg acts up today. Please use it. I’ll check in later.

Love you

- Dad

You flopped back on your back and sighed, remembering everything that happened last night. Lifting up your arm and seeing the bandages confirmed it in your head. Deciding not to dwell on it too long this morning, you got up.

Well, more like you tried. 

As soon as you stood up, your thigh stung and felt weaker. Apparently the cuts you did last night were more than you usually do. 

Guess who fucked up and now can’t work out with Steve and Natasha for awhile. You deserve this though. You fucked up. And now dad knows? You deserve this extra pain. Let’s see how you fuck up today.

You tried to lower the volume on those thoughts. Somehow you were able to do so. You washed your face and got into comfy clothes. You were readjusting the bandage on your thigh before you called out.

“Hey, Friday?” You hoped you didn’t have to talk much louder. You didn’t want to bother anyone else in the tower more than you had.

“Yes, Miss Stark?

“Can you tell Dr.Banner that I’m on my way to the lab?” You were reaching for your comfy socks. If you were supposed to relax today, you were going to try your best to, and comfy socks were a must in your book.

“Yes, ma’am. Anything else I can do for you?” You thought for a few seconds before responding.

“Do you know where my dad is?”

“Mr. Stark is out of the tower. He said to keep his location classified.” You just sigh and accept it. This isn’t the first time he’s done something like this, and you know that it won’t be the last.

“Alright. Tell Banner I’ll be there soon.” You took the crutch and gratefully leaned on it while you took your time getting to the lab.

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