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I was playing destiny with one of those spottily playlist playing in the background and in the middle of a strike boss fight a super sad song came on and then my teammates started dying, and the traveller is dead, the hive have taken over earth, the darkness is here… It was awful.

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S/M/T reaction to their S/O or Girlfriend a lap dance?

sure !

Shu : Ah, what a lewd young lady you are. But I don’t mind this at all, keep going …

Reiji : Ah! Excuse me Young Lady, what do you think you’re doing ? This is a private activity only ! Being so immodest, I will have to punish you . . 

Ayato : Ha, wow Pancake ! I didn’t think you were into this kinda stuff . .  No, don’t stop, I like it.

Laito : Ahh wow ! Dirty dirty girl … You move in ways I’ve never seen ! I’d like to see you like this more often.

Subaru :  H-hey ! Not now . . Later … .


Ruki : Ahh how bothersome, I don’t want to deal with this. Perhaps tonight you can finish this ‘dance’ ?

Yuuma : Heh, how cute. Little Sow, dancing so lewdly, very cute ! What ? Are you trying to provoke me ?

Azusa : H…m..? Ah … . this dance . . it’s pretty …Continue pl.. ease .. 

Kou : **giggle** Keep ging M-Neko-Chan !! You’re doing great !


Carla : Please, not now. Ah, don’t do that . . Stop! It’s too . .

Shin : Oh goodness ! I didn’t perceive you as the lewd type. No matter ! I will enjoy this evening to the fullest.

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Hi! You know the ask about the annoying dog stealing the ring? How the skeles react if later they find their s/o, who has the stolen ring in their hands? And the s/o is looking at them and the ring in wonder, and asks: is this for me?

UT!Sans: Eh heh. Surprise? He’s just so relieved that he wont have to go through the trouble of getting a new ring. He had meant for this to be a little more romantic. But this’ll work to. He takes the ring from you and gets on one knee. How he manages to seem so smug in a scenario like this I have no idea. But somehow he turns the whole situation around like he meant for this to happen. 

UF!Sans: OH MY GODDD. He might actually flip the nearest table like surface because just oh my god. All those overwhelming emotions from losing the ring and the stress of everything just comes back ten fold. Along with the added question of how the hell is he supposed to save the situation. He just stands there unresponsive for a few seconds. Then he takes a deep breath and goes down on one knee. Luckily enough he memorized the proposal speech because he went through it in his head so many times. He looks absolutely nerv wrecked but he gets through the whole thing without stuttering. 

US!Papyrus: It catches him off guard, that’s for sure. He’s used to being in control in stressful situations like this and when he’s not he tends to panic. He blurts out ‘’Do you like it?’’ Because for some reason that’s his main concern. When you say yes, (You will, he picked a really nice ring) he takes the ring from you and gets on one knee. ‘’Good, then I guess that worry is outta the way. Marry me?’’ 

SF!Papyrus:  He is so relieved. He was not looking forward to getting a new ring. He goes up to you and takes the ring to put it on a nearby table. Then he pulls you in close and goes through all the reasons he loves you. He’s saying the most heartfelt speech you’ve ever received. He wanted the proposal to be a little more special than this but he’s doing his best to make this good enough for you. 

Eduardo: Of course you guys can see my tatts, *heh* I mean, who wouldn’t wanna see this gorgeous bod?

Jon: Ha ha, yeah, we all have quite a few tattoos! I have one on my wrist here…

Eduardo: Just- Lemme…

Jon: Yeah, I got my arrow here, and these stars on my hip! I have a few others but they’re a lot more inconvenient to show, though I’m sure later I can-

Eduardo: Uh.


Eduardo: Fuck.

Eduardo: MARK.

Jon: *snrk* Eddie, oh nooo…

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I would be inclined to believe Carrie about the affair ending after ANH but I do wonder about some instances like when they were seen at Elaine's restaurant and Harrison went out the back or her tweet about making out at the Playboy's mansion or something like that. It wouldn't have been a relationship obviously, never really was, but just random hook ups between both movies. I don't know, just useless speculations really. I guess it is a bit funny that people used to wonder if it happened at

(cont.) all and now that Carrie said it did people wonder if it happened MORE than what she said heh The mistery is nice and for me helps me focus about something other than her death, not that I talk about it obsessively but I’d rather talk about The Princess Diarist than what happened a month later. Last point: What a hot power couple they would have been!

Hahahaha well, people will always want and expect more. We should consider ourselves lucky that she not only admitted but also wrote about it a lot in her last book. But, yeah – they would have been the hottest couple in those days!

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I finally heckin’ published a Jaehee Kang x MC fanfic! So, if you’re into that ship, feel free to read, comment, (tho pls forgive for any grammar/typo issues as I do not have a beta, heh), etc!

Your Fault

Fandom: Gravity Falls

Summary: Mabel feels guilty about giving the rift to Bill, and does something drastic. Later, she and Dipper deal with the fallout.

Warnings: Some angst. Attempted self-sacrifice and very mild descriptions of violence.

Word Count: ~3510 (heh…)

A/N: This fic was a request from @waldorkler, they wanted a story where Mabel feels overwhelmingly guilty and those feelings come out during the scene when Stan and Ford switch places, and then she and Dipper reconcile afterwards. It was a lot of fun to write (though I fear I may have gone overboard) and I included more of Ford’s perspective than I expected to. Although I guess it makes sense. It is kinda his mess.

Also, for those of you familiar with Into the Woods, the title connection is purely coincidental. (Although that would be an interesting crossover.) I hope you enjoy!

“Alright Ford, time’s up. I’ve got the kids!” Bill sang, crawling back through the giant doorway. He straightened, towering over the older twins in their cage. Near enough to the humans on the ground that they could be seen struggling were the kids Stan had promised to take care of. Mabel and Dipper were trying in vain to writhe their way out of the giant Bill’s grasp, but his once-comical hand held fast. “I think I’m gonna kill one of them now, just for the heck of it.” He almost said it like it was nothing. Almost. Underneath his would-be nonchalance was a very real threat.

Keep reading


And that wraps up this entire arc. Whew! It went really long, but I hope you all enjoyed a bit of character interaction. Many thanks to @askparch for being great and having fun with this! If we continue on it later, we’ll have a different method of releasing it. But maybe in the future!

I think I need a break for a bit, heh. We’ll return to our regular schedule of updating spontaneously. Look forward to some more Heart Song! She’s been neglected a bit with all this, so please give her some love~

Okay here’s the true story of what happened this morning as my mom finished Korra at 7:30

Me: *Trying to evoke reaction* So how’d you like the ending?

Mom: Oh it was great! I’m glad they decided to end it on friends instead of romance!

Me: *Tries to look disapproving and about to follow up that Korra and Asami are a couple, but notices little sister walk in. Then tries to look away and not show my face or It’ll be found out.*

Me: Yeah… heh…

Later by text…

Me: I can’t have phone out during school so I’ll make this quick. Korra and Asami are more than friends. Look it up. Bye!

Mom: That’s dumb.

Me:What? Why is that dumb?

Mom: Giving no real hint then ending like that

Me: Come on, you saw books 3 and 4, there so was.

Mom: Not!

Me: Try telling that to the rest of the fandom who totally picked up on the hints that Bryan and Mike confirmed were intentional

Mom: Bah!

Me: I saw it coming :p

Mom: No way.

Me: Well I didn’t think they’d do it, but I thought they should after a while, and I thought they were just trolling till the finale.

And that’s that! Little brother and sister don’t know, but I’m gonna tell them. Everyone else, keep loving that ship! Korrasami forever!