i will have it on here many more in the future prob

First of all, I just want to thank all my 3k + followers, whether you’re on here or not because I obviously couldn’t have made it here without you! And I know I missed a lot of people that I should’ve added onto this, but I’m gonna be real, I’m shit at doing stuff like this. So even if you’re not on here, that doesn’t mean you won’t be in the future, because I’ll eventually update this (probs when I reach my next k) So mostly the people I picked for this showed up most in my notifications, I reblogged from the most , my fav urls or just showed up on my dash a lot. And even if you qualify for one of those options above and I missed you, I still notice you :-) I feel so happy to be apart of the 5sos fam and to have met so many cool people from tumblr and I just want everyone to know I appreciate the heck out of all you lil cuties

Bold = favs

Italics = mutuals 

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aquaticmuke / abcdefghemmo / alltimemxchael / ashtons–reject / alltimehellalow / blazed-calum / blurryfacelucas /bitchnluke / blueberrycliff0rd / babylrh / cliffoholic / cxddly-calxm / cliquecalum / calumfood / dibsonthedrumma / daddyh00d

      F - J

freakshowmalum / fxckmehoodx / fivesosaudios / fluffymgc / fluffycalum / gtamuke / gamercliffxrd / grungeluxas / hearteyesmgc / heavydirtymichael / holymolymuke / hellohemminqs / holdmee-down/ handsomemichael/ hemmojaw /hucuslemmings / idecidediwasafeministinsidethehood-lum / jackhemmingz / hemmingsaddict

      K - O

kisshood / lewkhmmngs/ lashtuns / mukeshot/ moaningcake / mikeymouseandfriends / mikeyshusband/ michaelsboobies/ muke-aesthetic / mimicliffcliff / mashtoncliffin / ninjaturtlemgc / offspringirwin / ohemmoh

      P - T

playlistlucas / pornhubhood / platinumuke / psychocliffordpossiblemukepastelashtonirwin / sunflowerluke / sincerelymgc / spaceshipclifford / snapbackmxchaelgivesmelife / shitmike / supportbra / teacupmuke

      U - #

ughclifford / ukuluke​ / ughyesmuke / unpredicahood / vividgreenmichael / vevo5sos / wellhellomikey / wtfhxmmings / w4ybefor3nirv4na / 2k13calum / 2k15luke

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