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hi! I don't expect you to answer this but I remade my tumblr and I am having trouble finding people to follow :( do you know of any amazing armys on here who I should follow? thank you!! I hope you have a great day

ahhhh hi! i always try to answer my asks as soon as i can and hopefully this helps you!! i know i’m definitely going to forget some but these are just a few of my favs! i hope you have a great day as well💓

@jeonbegins @hobgi @mytaeddy @syeons @2jungkook @kths @softheartae @ilovbangtan @jungkxook @mintbean @bfjoonie @rosykook @abeautae @jjktae @bts420 @tahyungs @1una @taehyu @ilovmyg @protectaetae @kooksgf @milknochu @4oclockbytaehyungandnamjoon @pretentioustrashcan @rudetae @sftae @yoonseok @yoohkook @95s @4oongi @dorkytaehyung @kittaee @inktae @hobih @cowjimin @sweaterpawsjimin @sweatae @jeonify @bang-tan @chimchams @jiminsoftgf @blushguk @bangtanbighit @peachychimu @ygcutie -there’s so many more but these are the one’s i could think from the top of my head ahhh

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Hi !! I'm super new to the army and I'm still kinda having a tuff time knowing who's who? I was wondering if you could help me ?? :)

I can answer this from experience! I had a difficult time knowing who was who, too. What I did was watch a lot of old content. For example, I watched all the old Bangtan TV videos / Bangtan Bombs from the beginning up until now. Through this, I was able to get to know their personalities better, which helped me to differentiate members not only based on looks, but character as well. ^__^ Hope this helps! 
- Kristi

I have a bunch of white stripes 7″s from an appropriate time and then this fucking “hand springs” record store day rerelease lmfao. I don’t remember buying that–having someone buy it??–but it has an $8 price tag which I think would make it the most I ever paid for a 7″ and… I would. I’m a sentimental asshole like that and I loved “hand springs.” that was my favorite white stripes song, “hand springs” and “apple blossom” maybe somehow, and another song I don’t remember exists right now, until “good to me.” I have “good to me” here, too, the b-side for “7 nation army.” “good to me” was my favorite white stripes song from that moment until I stopped having favorite white stripes songs which was probably only a year or two later but time moved so slow back then

Trouble in Canada

Request: “I’m your husband, it’s my job.”

a/n: I hope you enjoy this itty bitty 10 page writing that I’ve been working on for a few days now ! 😉 ALSO @whitechocolateperfection wanted some angst so I wrote some angst and I hope y’all enjoy and I’d love to know your thoughts!!!

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“I’ll see you at the next session?”

            You picked your head up from rummaging in your bag and smiled at Ethan, your cooking class instructor, “My husband might be back in town, but I’ll see,”

           Ethan nodded his head steadily.  After a while of looking at each other, you diverted your gaze down towards the wooden table.  You saw his tapping fingers slowly make their way towards your hand that was rested on the table.

           Quickly, you moved your hand, and placed your engagement and wedding ring back on your left hand.  You did’t like cooking with your rings on in fear that they could fall down the drain if you were washing your hands, “Uh, Thanks for the lesson, I’ll see you later.”

           You heard an audible sigh escape his lips, “See you next week, Mrs. Mendes.” 

           As fast as you could, you scurried out the door and saw your friend, Jessie, waiting for you outside.  She saw your flustered expression and smirked, “Looks like the teacher has a crush on the student.” 

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i have a green army jacket and i’m gonna cover it in patches and it will b a very personal and detailed item and i’ll wear it forever and on my death bed i’ll give it to my grandchildren and tell them to treasure it but once i die they’ll sell it on ebay for £12.99 


the man from uncle: gaby & illya bts  vs  actual  scene

Interviewer:  The dancing slash wrestling scene. Is something like that completely improvised or did you have to choreograph that?
No, it’s completely improvised that’s why it’s so much fun! I’ve really enjoyed it.

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How's the WINGS tour so far? Are you enjoying it?

JK: >:D

Sometimes I miss you more than I love you. And if I close my eyes and think hard enough, you’re right there next to me. Smiling that goofy smile that I love so freakin much. And then i can hear your voice promising me we’re going to be okay. And I believe it, even with tears in my eyes, I believe you.

170401 Jikook/Kookmin

Hi~, I’m back again with this. Such a coincidence it was released when I couldn’t sleep so yeah, why shouldn’t I do a screen cap series again xD

Since I’m a shipper so I see things a shipper sees, please don’t come at me and say I’m biased and stuff, there’s no need, because I am :-). Again, I hope people don’t take shipping too seriously.

Okay let’s go~

so it all starts with this

Satellite Jeon - hovering Jeon is back

Jungkook is in the other side

then start moving to the other side where Jimin is

but then BTS thinks there should be more people on the other side, so Hobi taps on Jungkook shoulder as a sign for him to move

but nope, “I ain’t move~” since Jin hyung is moving anyway

until Jimin pushes him to move 

Good thing they don’t need more people there, so Jungkook is back in between Jimin and Hobi (they are pushing each other a bit right there, Kook can actually go and stand on the right end ya know, but no!)

The neglect

So the positions are settled, but Kook’s arms/hands ain’t settle

but Jimin once again ain’t having any of it, he takes Kook’s hand and pushes it back down

Personal space

Again, how to spell it when it comes to Jungkook and Jimin?

Uhm… I’m not saying that Jungkook keeps holding his hands together or moving his hand around Jibooty but that’s exactly what I’m trying to say…

Like it’s really questionable in my eyes

You can see that the members don’t stand right behind each other, you have quite a different hobby there, Kook ah~

Anw, back to our topic of personal space, now it’s Jimin’s turn

Okay, last one, we thought we were over Jungkook’s hesitation towards Jimin, yeah, we were wrong.

Hesitating hand (in 2 different angles for you)

So he looks at Jimin 1st

before moving his hand towards his target

but I guess the MC’s sudden request cut him off. He kinda looks like he’s caught off guard or sth I think, but he didn’t even do anything bad to begin with xD

Again, you should see for yourself in motion here

Yeah~~~~, I’m done. Time to sleep for real, it’s already 2am TT_TT

Thank you~~~ and have a nice day or good night wherever you are~, be happy with Jikook and Bangtan ♥


The ‘Centaurians adopt every cute thing they see’ factoid is actually due to statistical error. The average centaurian adopts 0 children per year. Spiders Udonta, who lives in a spaceship & adopts over 10,000 each day, is an outlier and should not have been counted 

If u want ‘Yondu adopts the guardians’ fic you should totally check out WHO’S YOUR DADDY. It’s a lot less kinky than it sounds.

17.05.25 fancafe - bts_Jhope

after a long time
I’m writing~~~
guys is this the place where the lovely fans of billboard are?????? hahahahahahahahahahahahhahaah
I came to say thank you. even after four days?? have gone by, I still cant believe it.  thanks to your (ARMYs) great love we received a great award !!!!!
you know that right !!!????? this award is your award!!!!
lets give love and praise to everyone as much as this moment !!!!!!!!!
today we arrived in australia. we went to a nice place and at delicious food
I’m sure we will perform well tomorrow!!!!!!
I will do well as always ~

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daily texts with boyfriend!jimin

requests are CLOSED

21. Imagine having kids with Loki

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It’s been thirteen years since you married Loki. It was really weird having this big, sophisticated wedding in Asgard with all those acient rituals and garment. Your familly was very alienated at first but over time they started to have fun. 

Now you and Loki are happy parents of triplets. Magical triplets. All of them inharited their dad’s powers. Altough they have to be trained. You were glad that your husband promised to take care of it. 

“Honey, I need to… WHAT THE HELL???” you shouted as you saw your children dressed up in armors and running inside labirynth which out of nowhere appeared in your garden

“They’re children of Loki of Asgard and Midgardian Y/N. All burdened with glorius purposes.”

“I know, I meant those armors and labirynth. You were supposed to teach them”

“Yes. But even in this bright year of freedom we need to be prepared. And now I have an army” he said with proud father’s tone

You tried not to laugh and scold him but you failed miserably. 

“Just don’t hurt them. Or don’t let them hurt you.”

“Promise.” Loki smiled and started giving commands to your infants

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“OMG hold me and my horses MA BOYS are making history. KIM NAMJOON,KIM SEOKJIN, MIN … BTS BTS BTS ” (Probably a JHope fan)

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“It’s not that big of an award, don’t come cry at me if they get it handed to them during commercial break. *sigh* I am too cool *forever judging you*”

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 “Soon we will find in youtube ‘Bruno Mars reacting to BTS NotToday Fancam’. OH BOI, I can’t wait”

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“What if they hate them? What if they get depressed and we go back to the run Era? What if we get new ARMYs who like them just for their faces?”

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Blink one second in this fandom and you miss an Era, 3 Vlives, 124435 selfie, 7 annoucements and more…So he/she is now like “I hope BTS will get invited” *Tweets invite BTS to the BBMAs #BTSBBMAS* 

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“And if one sh*tty lil piece of foreign cr*p dares to even THINK of Boo-ing them. Tell them I HAVE A BOMB. And if they dare to run the inspector Armys will find them for me”

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“We need ARMYs to attend the event, also we are preparing banners, the fanchant can be downloaded in the link bellow. and let’s all wear blue to tell BTS that we are the sky they can fly in”.

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He thought it was keeping up with BTS. Mainly here for the drama and memes *Grabs popcorn*. “OMG Beliebers said that? And ARMY did what?”

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Too busy with life right now. Will appear once they win and act like he was here supporting them from day one.

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Which one are you? By @mimibtsghost