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Request: y/n is a rich spoiled girl, at least that's how she looks like, she's everything harry hates. People say that she is very confident and the life of every party. No one knows how she feels inside and she is always looking for attention of men bc her dad is a very busy person.

I’m making this a series ‘cause I just fell in love with the concept. Seriously, I love that trope way too much. I’ll be including another request I received as part II of this. Here’s a preview:

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friends”

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"Now would you please just kiss me to shut me up before I keep talking?"

Bruce smirks as he continues to stare at you, unabashedly, listening to you rambling about whatever you have done throughout the entire morning. He thinks it is really adorable watching you talk about your work passionately but he also thinks it is very endearing when you talk and Bruce also loves listening to you talk.

“I really hated it when they look down on me just because I ask one dumb question!” You huff angrily before turning to look at Bruce. You realize that he is not even listening to you anymore so you swallow the sigh that threaten to come out.

“Bruce, you aren’t even listening to me.” You place a hand on his chest, causing Bruce to finally really look at you. “Now would you please just kiss me to shut me up before I keep talking again?” You ask teasingly because you know once you start talking, it’s really hard to get you to stop.

“Gladly.” Bruce pulls you to him before pressing his lips on top of yours. You hum in to the kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck, pulling him closer. Bruce smiles against the kiss. He definitely prefers this better even though he really loves listening to your voice.

Aaron and I are officially split up. As of this morning, him and I are both single

The relationship had become one sided and toxic for me. I was sick of waiting for any sign of affection, and being turned down every time I wanted to spend time with him or do anything together. I ask that y'all still respect him, and not shit talk him or send him hate. I’m keeping my blog up, and I will eventually post more once I’m in a new relationship. Please reblog this so more people can see

spongebob sentences

  • i definitely see i can’t help the mentally atrophied.
  • she looked good enough to eat.
  • __ are meant to be loved. and eaten.
  • goodnight, ___! i love you!
  • good morning, ___. honk.
  • how are we today? everything a-okay here? 
  • i guess i’ll have to find a new best friend.
  • i know that i never want to see you two again.
  • that’s what i call music.
  • thanks for sharing this moment with us, ___. 
  • wow, that’s a nice one.
  • boomerangs? oh no! they might break my windows! 
  • is this the part where we start kicking?
  • you’ve reached the house of unrecognized talent.
  • that’s right. i’m living your dreams, ___. 
  • you don’t even have a band! 
  • so when do we get the free food?
  • that’s his. eager face. 
  • i know what i’ve done.
  • well, you did it. you took my one chance at happiness… and crushed it! crushed it into little tiny, bite-size pieces.
  • if we play loud, people might think we’re good.
  • alright, ___, that is enough! 
  • this will prove to be my greatest evil scheme ever.
  • sooner or later, you’re gonna have to go outside.
  • look at those fools, risking their lives.
  • he must be in too much pain to make courtesy noises.
  • ain’t you gonna get lonesome? 
  • as if i don’t know … no, really. who is it? i don’t know.
  • is she rich?
  • and that’s when i punch him, right? 
  • don’t worry, guys. everything is under control. because i’m an EXPEEEERT! 
  • don’t you have to be stupid somewhere else?
  • the customers come here for cheap food and verbal abuse.
  • you’re talking about girls, right? girl-girls?
  • i was wrong to go against nature.
  • i say we take a bath.
  • never ever never ever for never ever?
  • do it again, i wasn’t looking.
  • that’s why you must always pay attention to the mountain.
  • aren’t you supposed to be out front? 
  • did you notice something different about ___? 
  • could you pass the chips, ___? 
  • i got nothing to live for, ___. 
  • the way you drove the ___ while lying on the ground was kind of cool.
  • gee,  i wonder what ___ has been up to since i saw him last and went home to do nothing of particular interest until this very moment.
  • we can do without the name calling, thank you very much, ___. 
  • from the safety of my home.. to the outside world.
  • what am i gonna do with all this dip?
  • we’re gonna find something that’s so dang fun that you HAVE to come outside.
  • we ___ work alone.
  • i’m listening to you, mountain! 
  • i thought i was doing a pretty good job.
  • okay, guys, really. this is your saddest attempt yet.
  • c’mere, ya little piggies. 
  • look at ‘em. so weak and malnourished. 
  • what about the money? i mean, uh. what about the children?
  • at 3:47 in the morning. in my bedroom?!?
  • whatch’y’all doin’, sitting in the middle of the floor like that?
  • just get out of here, you stupid, dumb animal.
  • from now on, i am on round-the-clock butt patrol.
  • he’s probably happy about his new glasses.
  • well it may be stupid, but it’s also dumb.
  • he had to take the bus.
  • they seem to respond to me being in pain. they enjoy other peoples misery.
  • my butt is not safe out here.
  • this is exactly the kind of thing i was talking about.
  • stop naming moves after me.
  • you’re a lucky lucky lucky lucky lucky luck boy.
  • ___ told me to help you.
  • ahhh! dimples!
  • you sure have a scorching case of summer fever.
  • ehhh.. that reminds me. i forgot to give you these coloring books slash liability waivers. 
  • i’ve never picnicked on a catapult before.
  • okay then. you look like you need some alone time.
  • you sneak into my house EVERY MORNING?!
  • do you remember what i told you happens to my brain every time i see you?
  • before i do this, i want you to know that i only do it out of love.

my original plan tonight was to spend it stuffing my face with pizza and also eating this weird brownie cake thing alone (fuck you i worked hard today and i deserve a giant brownie) and then crash the hell out. but i just got a phone call from a good friend inviting me to chill at her place and watch movies and i know its 10pm and i have work at 10am tomorrow but like

fuck it. im gonna go watch movies and stay awake until 3am. I’M AN ADULT AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME FROM BEING AWFUL.

I fucking hate anxiety, okay?

Mine just… Comes out of fucking nowhere, nothing triggers it at all, every morning and every night it just comes to bite me in my ass and I hate it. There’s little to nothing that isn’t intoxicating that I can do to handle it, because if I don’t do something constantly with my hands once it starts, they start to shake terribly.

I usually drink tea to help myself, but since I’m the worlds worst fucking dumbass to be here, I left them at home and sadly my friend doesn’t have any form of tea-bags so I’m freaking out right now but im also trying my best to keep myself calm 

Y'all can dislike my art style or think it’s immature or whatever but I already decided faking things isn’t healthy for me and I’d rather be honest and true to myself, so I’m not going to stop drawing big eyes and triangle noses anytime soon because that’s what I want to do and what I think looks good. I like it a lot precisely because it’s unique and let’s be honest, you couldn’t see my art and confuse it with someone else’s or vice versa. Additionally, I’ve never gotten a comment on it anywhere between “I love it” and “I hate it” which I think is pretty cool because apparently it stands out enough that people kinda have to form an opinion on it xD

Just writing out a thought I had this morning. I haven’t gotten any specific comments or anything in the last few days that brought this on.

I think I’d rather stop drawing (which I’m not gonna do) than change my style to please some random complainers so I'mma be myself and you can’t stop me!! 👍

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Tord seems happier in a way when drunk, I wish I was that happy. Maybe I will partake in some alchohol-

Hate to uh, burst that bubble anon, but. That was almost, if not ENTIRELY, self deprecation causing me to stop caring about if Tom killed me or not when he found me. As you could tell, from later in the morning, it’s very easy for me to get overwhelmed, when I do actually start to give a shit.

About Keith and Leadership.

I’m honestly so tired of seeing all the “Keith is a horrible leader. He should never become the black paladin because he’s reckless and he sucks!” on my dash… especially those that use the rescue scene in Season 1 Episode 1 as an example. 

Funny enough, if you stop and really really pay attention to this entire scene, you will realize that it actually highlights a lot of Keith’s traits that would make him a successful leader for Team Voltron (or any team, for that matter):

→  Despite it not being in his initial plan, Keith was able to think, act, and then successfully lead a group of people he didn’t even know in a strategic manner despite the obstacles and limitations that unexpectedly arose.

→  He was able to maintain his cool while in a pinch, even while everybody else was freaking out and screaming at him about everything. As someone who works very closely with the military and leads a team of people in combating casualties when they occur, I can attest that remaining calm in the face of chaos is an invaluable leadership skill. If the leader is calm, the rest of the team will more likely be able to calm down and focus on the task at hand.

→  He was able to direct this panicking group of people to take action in order to execute his plan (such as guiding Hunk to use his weight to help them steer the overloaded hover bike), which from personal experience I can tell you is not easy.

→  He was able to make split-second, confident decisions at just the right time in order to further their escape. I can’t emphasize enough how making solid decisions in a pinch can truly be the difference between success and failure, even between life and death. That being said…

→  He understood that risks were necessary if the team as a whole was to have a chance at success. Sure, people are complaining about how he drove himself and the others off the edge of a cliff, but it was all part of a plan he was able to develop on the fly. If you recall, not a single one of them got hurt.

→ Also tied to the bullet above, Keith was confident in his own skills to know he could execute said plan. He was confident enough to tell the others among their terrified screams to trust him.

In the end, Keith was able to rescue Shiro and lead everyone else to safety with no casualties on their end.

Some examples from later in the series also display other excellent leadership qualities that Keith possesses:

→  He is a team player. He understands that they all need to work together in order to achieve their common goal, and he also understands that personal desires must sometimes be sacrificed in favor of what is right for the greater good.

→  He recognizes others’ efforts and lets them know that they are noticed and appreciated, like when he tells Hunk how invaluable his efforts were during their mission to retrieve scaultrite from the belly of the Weblum.

→  The team’s current leader appears to know him better than anyone else (and definitely knows him better than we know Keith due to the very limited information we have on his past), and strongly believes that Keith is capable of leading the group. 

Do none of these things count for anything? Because honestly, Keith sounds like an excellent albeit unwilling leader to me.

P.S. This is not a post claiming that Keith should be the Black Paladin, it is simply a post to prove that all those who say he has zero leadership skills are wrong.