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Promises (Smut)


Request: Can you do a smut where Shawns on tour and him and his girlfriend traditionally have post-concert sex but she hasn’t been with him for the last few concerts so she surprises him after a concert and they have rough/passionate sex in the dressing room

Word count: 2,825

Promises (Smut) 

“Hey Geoff, it’s y/n” I said, after pressing on Geoff’s number on my phone.

“Hey, did you land already?”

“Yes, I’m on my way to the venue now, I’ll take a couple hours though”

“It’s fine, you’ll surprise Shawn after the concert” Geoff told me, which made me smile widely.

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Outside of food time and getting her leash on, Epic has stuck to her crate. But after our walk just now she didn’t head right into the crate and instead hung out with me for a bit! She got more pets than she’s probably had the rest of the time combined and even some belly scratches! @thedognamedepic

“My judgement was clouded by the fact that, on some primal and fundamental level, all I really want to do is hang out with a giant talking burger. I know that about myself now, and I gladly accept it.”
- Jughead Jones, Jughead (2015) #11

Any comic with this sentence as the emotional resolution of a three issue crossover is worth reading, trust me. 

This Ending is Better

Summary: During the airport scene in Captain America Civil War, Bucky Barnes is shocked to learn that someone has invited a child to the fight. Determined to protect this smol bean, he marches in the middle of the battle to give Tony Stark a piece of his mind. 

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Peter Parker, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, T’Challa

Warnings: cursing

A/N: This story is based off this post I found from @magellan-88 . I know there’s a bunch more characters in the movie, but I am not the Russo brothers, so you get the main ones. As always, thanks for reading!

One Shot Masterlist

Bucky Barnes was convinced he had the worst luck of anyone on the planet. First, there was the whole train/HYDRA thing. Then, just as he’s getting his life together, some asshole accuses him of killing a bunch of people in a bombing at the United Nations. He was all the way in Romania buying plums for Pete’s sake! Romania is nowhere near the UN in case anyone forgot their geography lesson (which apparently, half the world did). It was bad enough that the entire world had it out for him, but he also had to drive around in a car the size of a matchbox with some idiot who wouldn’t even move his seat up. Now Bucky’s only hope of escaping was through an airport overrun with people who liked to hit each other and blow things up.

Oh yeah, Bucky Barnes was definitely the unluckiest guy ever.

Currently, he was running away from some red flash swinging across the building from what appeared to be string. The thing moved quickly as it flung itself on top of the glass roof and ran overtop of Bucky and Sam Wilson.

“What the hell is that?” Bucky yelled.

Sam shook his head as he continued to make his way down the hall. “Everyone’s got a gimmick now,” he panted.

The red thing suddenly swung away from the building and came crashing through the glass, slamming Sam into a nearby railing. Bucky secretly grinned as he got ready to take this thing out. Sam deserved to get knocked down a peg after the car incident.

Bucky pulled back his left arm and swung it full-force at the costumed superhero, but was shocked when his attack was stopped. The thing’s masked eyes widened as it held Bucky’s fist in its hand.

“You have a metal arm?” the voice gasped. “That is awesome dude!”

Bucky gaped at what he realized the outfit contained a teenage boy. His voice sounded like it had barely exited puberty, and now that Bucky got a better look, he realized the kid was a bit…underdeveloped compared to the others in the fight.

This was no place for a kid to be! What kind of moron would let a teenager come and fight someone else’s battle? Shouldn’t he be in school or something?

In his peripheral, Bucky could see Sam flying towards them ready to attack. He couldn’t stand to let the kid get hurt, so he yanked him just out of Sam’s reach.

“Ahh!” he yelped as Bucky lifted him over his left shoulder in a vice-like grip. “Let me go!” He struggled and kicked, but Bucky was stronger.

It was clear this kid had gumption. A wry grin took over Bucky’s face as his mind flashed back to all the times he had to help small Stevie out of sticky situations. Stevie could never back down from a fight, no matter how outmatched he was. And this kid was definitely out of his league.

“Barnes, what the hell are you doing?” Sam yelled as he pushed himself up. Bucky ignored him as he walked outside.

“What’s your name?” Bucky asked the kid.

“Peter,” he replied. “Now let me go!

“Not a chance.” Bucky passed a whole group of suitcases that had been thrown out of one of the planes. He reached down into a broken one to pull out a blanket.

“Put me down!” the kid continued to whine. “I’ve gotta impress Mr. Stark, and I can’t do it from here!” He punched Bucky’s back causing him to grunt. That was one difference between this kid and Stevie…Stevie’s punches never made anyone wince.

“Stark, huh?” Bucky mumbled. He dodged one of Wanda’s incoming cars and stood in the middle of the tarmac. “HEY STARK!” he yelled over the explosions.

Suddenly, all movement ceased. Once the rest of Wanda’s cars came crashing down, all anyone could hear was the roar of the flames from an earlier tanker explosion. Steve looked over his shield and began rushing towards Bucky once he realized who his best friend was about to take on.

Bucky saw Tony hover in the air a few yards ahead. The faceplate of his mask came off, and his eyes widened in fear as he saw who Bucky was holding.

“Hey!” Tony exclaimed, lowering his suit to the ground. “He’s mine!”

“Buck,” Steve said, “what are you-”

Bucky glared at both Tony and Steve since they were the leaders of this little assembly of heros. “Who the hell,” he growled, “brings a kid to a full-on battle?”

Tony held up a finger as his the bottom of his suit reached the ground. “First of all, he’s not…exactly a kid,” Tony reasoned.

Peter struggled as Bucky put him on the ground and wrapped him tightly in the blanket. The poor kid had to be in shock, he reasoned with himself. Peter let out a surprised yelp as Bucky tugged his blanketed form against his broad chest.

“You are significantly older,” Bucky growled. “You should know better than to bring a kid with something to prove to a fight like this!”

Peter huffed underneath his mask. “I’m not a kid,” he muttered. He tried again to wriggle out of Bucky’s grasp, but he had no luck.

“He can handle himself!” Tony shot back. “I told him to stay out of serious danger, and I’ve got his back!”

Bucky scoffed. “Serious danger? Trust me, I spent my entire teenage years keeping Stevie over there out of “serious danger”. When they’ve got fight in ‘em, there’s no holding them back.”

Steve couldn’t believe his best friend. “Now hang on,” he argued. “I handled myself just fine when we were kids. And this kid isn’t helpless, you know.”

“Like hell you did!” Bucky exclaimed. “You got in tons of fights, and each time, I had to pick your sorry ass off the ground!”

Peter looked between Steve and Bucky as they continued to bicker and argue. He had no desire to make the strong, metal armed guy any angrier than he already was. Plus, the blanket did feel kind of nice against his sore muscles.

Tony tried to interject, but the super soldiers left no room for interruption. “When did this become a damn parent-teacher conference?” he groaned to himself. Before he could try once again to stop the fighting, another voice spoke up.

“That is ENOUGH!” Everyone’s heads turned to face T’Challa. His Black Panther suit glistened under the intense gaze of the sun. Even though no one could see his actual face, they could feel the anger seething off of him.

Bucky sighed and stared at T’Challa. “I didn’t kill your father,” he declared.

T’Chall turned his head slightly, clearly not believing him. “Then why did you run?” he asked, his thick accent muffled by his mask.

Bucky blinked once, then twice, then three times. “Why did I…why did I run?” he asked, a sharp laugh escaping his throat. “Why did I run?” he repeated, his volume increasing almost to the point of hysterics. “Hmm, let’s see…”

Bucky pushed Peter down so he was sitting on the tarmac. The young Spiderman’s eyes drooped as exhaustion finally overtook his body. Bucky stalked over to T’Challa, officially done with everyone’s nonsense.

“I ran because a bunch of SWAT people tried to kill me in my own pathetic apartment! I ran because a guy in a glorified cat suit chased me off a damn roof and cost me my backpack! No normal person sticks around waiting to get attacked!” He chuckled again as he looked towards the sky. “And they want to know why I ran.”

Tony pinched his nose and stepped towards Bucky. “You have no proof, and we have footage of you at the United Nations.”

“Zemo was proof,” Steve interjected. “And he’s getting away to Siberia to wake up more super soldiers.” He pointed towards the quinjet in the hanger across the airport. “We need to go stop him.”

“And why should we believe you?” T’Challa asked.

“Do you really have anything to lose?” Steve countered.

T’Challa considered Steve’s words and nodded. “Let us go track down this Zemo character. But if you are lying,” he said, staring directly at Bucky, “I will kill you.”

“Fine!” Bucky exclaimed. “But I’m not lying.”

A decision made, everyone clambered over to the quinjet to head for Siberia. Steve guided it out of the airport, and it soon disappeared in the sky.

Peter, meanwhile, jolted awake at the sound of the roaring aircraft. He shrugged the blanket off his shoulders as he stood up. A completely deserted airport greeted him from him slumber.

“Um, guys? Where’d you go?”

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YES!! I finally got the time to draw my favourite BSD AU/headcanon(?) where Yumeno meets Fyodor and death, destruction and happy times follow. Thank you to @kyusakusuggestions and @fyodorsuggestions for making this AU, or at least rping it so I can be die happily.


Baekhyun’s (Baek) Fake Text + Short Story:Cuddling with you because your boyfriend dumped you!

Request said:  EXO fake texts: you are best friends and you want them to come over so you can cuddle because your boyfriend dumped u badly

Short Story: Reader P.O.V

I am just laying down on the sofa. I’ve been crying all day. I haven’t even eaten anything from ever since the incident. I could feel myself weak, but I don’t care because my love for him was bigger than anything. But that Jerk just didn’t care about me nor my feelings at all. He just wanted to have fun with me and then leave me hanging. I am so mad with myself right now, for letting this happen. Everyone warned me about him but I’ve never listened to any of it. I just didn’t care about it, not until now. I guess each and every rumor was true about him. I keep blaming myself over and over, until I heard someone come. “SO…you’re alive” Baek wold joke around. I didn’t answer or moved. But when he came to my side he got very alarmed and worried. “Y/N why are you so pale?” he would say. “Come on get up and let’s eat your favorite…” he would say as he tried to get me up and as soon as he did my body gave up and so myself. I felt myself drift apart from my consciousness and eventually closed my eyes. After an hour or so, I came back and Baek was on the verge of tears. “Baek are you crying” I asked weakly. “Y/N you’re up” he would say wiping away his tears and then he hugged me tight. “I thought you died” he would say. “Here eat this…Kyungsoo made this special soup for you. I hope you like it” he would say as he feed me, I didn’t complain and just ate. After that, we cuddled until I fell asleep. 

Harvest Moon saved my life.

It’s weird that I want to share this to you people, which I have kept hidden from my current friends for years. I really don’t why to be honest, but here’s the full (long) story.

Harvest Moon saved my life.

I was bullied since I was a freshman in high school. I don’t know the reason, it might be because I was fat, I was “weird”, a nerd, a lesbian, take your pick. I was depressed, I was angry, I wanted to kill myself, and I tried but I seem to have a tolerance for sleeping pills. Soon I just gave up. I feel like I wasn’t alive, I just existed. I sometimes cut myself or eat just so I can make myself feel better. Gaming was my only escape from hell. Everyday after school, I would play my PS1 and for that time, I was genuinely happy, where I can feel alive again. Well one day, some of this kids beat me up and locked me in the old janitor’s closet. Now a lot of people know that I have claustrophobia, so I was terrified for hours until they let me go, I cried when they just left and making me feel worthless. I thought for that moment, I would hang myself.

No more pills, no more cutting, just tie a rope to my neck and end it all. When I went home, I passed by the game store I frequent and saw a game on display. “New Arrival” it said on the case, it was a copy of Harvest Moon: Back to Nature .It was a simple cover art, it has Comic Sans, yet it mesmerized me. Now I didn’t know why I bought it, maybe make it like a “last meal”.

So I took it home.

I put it in the CD, tearing up since I know this was my last day, and this was my last game.

I started to play.

As I played, I felt better just taking care of my farm, and helping the people of Mineral Town, getting to know them made me pretend I had friends. As night fell, I completely forgot I want to hang myself. It was like magic. I now ignore all those bullies, and just get excited on playing Harvest Moon when I get home.I was doodling pictures of them, planning my farm. In Mineral Town, I had friends, I have love interest, lots of animals and vegetable to take care and make happy.I won races, shows, I played the ocarina in church, went to festivals, got married and had a kid. It feels as though my real life is there inside the game. I was living my ideal life.

I loved the feeling that people need me, and I need them. I found my courage to stand up and believe I have the right to live. I was reborn in Mineral Town, and made my real back to the real world to be a new and better person.

A happy person. In time, I found my courage and because of an incident where I just punched a bully in the face, I was left alone. I grew up, and made real friend, a real love interest. I have self-confidence and self-esteem. I am happy. I moved on to the PS2, the Xbox, the 360, the PS3 and PC. Even though I still have some psychological damage and issues because of the bullying, like anger problems. I try to keep them in check for my sake and others. Now whenever I hear the soundtrack from Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, I cry. I cry because they made me realize that I can be happy, and I am. I realized that it saved me from death 10 years ago.


Your Past. My Present. Our Future Part 5

Beginning: Your Past. My Present. Our Future Part 1

Warning: Cussing

Your Past. My Present. Our Future Part 5

Chapter 8

“How can I be so fucken stupid?” Negan said, banging his head against the cabin. “What the fuck was I thinking?”

“It could have been worse.” Simon said, leaning against the cabin.

“Could be worse?” Negan said, looking over at him. “It is fucken worse man. I fucken asked Ally to marry and she just fucken looked at me. Fuck” Negan went back to banging his head against the cabin. “She probably thinks I just  want to fuck her. Fuck” He kept banging his head. “I’m such a…”

“…Dumbass” Ally said, banging her head on a tree. “What the hell was I thinking?”

“It could be worse.” Jr said, leaning against a tree nearby.

“Could be worse?” Alley said, looking over at him. “It is worse man. He asked me to marry him and I just looked at him. Fuck.” Ally started banging her head against the tree again. “He probably thinks, I think he just asked me just to sleep with me. Oh my god, he probably things I hate him now. Fuck.” She kept banging her head. “I’m such a…”

“…Jackass.” Negan said, pacing back and forth. “I just fucken told her I was tired and going to bed. Fuck, she probably thinks I hate her now.” He stopped pacing and looked over at Simon. “Can you shot me in the head? Like the side of my fucken head. My face is too fucken pretty to get fucken blown off.”

“You’re acting like a teenager right now Negan.” Simon said, crossing his arms and shaking his head. “I’m sure Ally is more grown up about this than you are right now.”

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Zenmasters AU Week: day six: role reversal au ♡ rich!hyde and badgirl!jackie au

Steven Hyde is probably the richest person in Wisconsin. And the lonliest. Despite inheriting his father’s business and hanging out with a bunch of the rich, posh kids of the city on a daily basis, his father is basically never around, his mom ran off the same day she gave birth to Steven and his friends have made it obvious that they are hanging around him just because of his financial status.

That was until his half sister, Angie started dating Michael Kelso, one of the dumbest kids on his year and eventually Hyde and Angie become part of Kelso’s group of friends. They had Donna Pinciotti, the red headed chick Hyde had a crush on during his freshman year, Eric Forman, her scrawny boyfriend, Fez, the foreign kid, Michael Kelso, the dumbest human Hyde had ever seen and Jackie Burkhart, the bad girl that drinks and parties and smokes and is every parent’s worst nightmare.

To no one’s surprise, Jackie despises Steven. She despises how rich and handsome he is, how his life is so perfect and awesome and how he has everything she could have if her parents didn’t ditch her. And Hyde doesn’t understand why. Jackie has four supporting, loving friends, the nicest foster family who took her in without asking any questions and she can do whatever the hell she wants. She basically had everything Hyde didn’t.

Hyde starts developing feelings for her. He never knew how it started. Maybe it was her smile or her eyes or how cool she was but before he knew it, he had a crush on her. He confesses his feelings to her and Jackie shuts him off everytime. Perhaps she liked him too at the time, but God he wore suits, and said ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ and she was afraid. Afraid of commitment, afraid of Hyde leaving her someday and afraid that she will get too attached to him.

After learning how much Jackie dislikes him, Hyde tries to win her heart with expensive jewelry and clothes. That doesn’t work (obviously) so he asks her for a second chance and gets her front row tickets to Led Zeppelin. That was the most fun Jackie ever had and that was the start of the strangest relationship the people of Point Place had ever witnessed.

“I got this for you.”

“A silver necklace? Great, now I have something to hang myself with.”

Tag Chain for Quality Blogs.

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So, I was too lazy to go through and reblog and respond to the 4 people that happened to tag me in this chain, so instead I’m making my own post and gonna give reasons why I find them fit for this title.

@imagines–assemble : You’re first on this list, because you’re the very first friend I ever made on here. I use our friendship as an example with many things. It’s hard to believe I haven’t known you longer, because honestly, it feels like we’ve been friends for years. You’re like a sister I never had. I can’t believe this friendship started over a simple message of me requesting a fic from you. I love you so much.

@thiickreigns : You’re second on this list because you are a reader that trusted me with a fic request, and it was my first request. This request soon became my Undeniable Forbidden Love series. I know we hardly talk, but I adore you.

@cynda-wrasslin @cynda-kiwi : You’re on here, because I’ve helped you start up your stories and you told me if it weren’t for me motivating you that they wouldn’t be as far as they are now. I also honed in on beta reader skills because of you, so I’m grateful for that. You are like a little sister to me, even though it’s been a while since we’ve actually messaged. cx

@imaginingwwesuperstars : You are on here because you are just simply awesome all together. I really can’t say anymore than that. We talk often, but not every day. I started talking to you before you took a break, but you’re freaking awesome. XD

@i-kneel-for-king-loki : We just started talking what, a month ago? Yet, I could totally see myself hanging out with you in person. Now, if one of us could drive, I’m sure that could happen, but for now, I’m definitely enjoying talking to you on a day to day basis. I tell you some of my ideas that I have, and you’re the only person I give spoilers to. Not to mention your recent help on a certain cross over series I have in the works for posting on my blog. We have a lot in common, and I can say that I see you as an older sister.

@valeonmars : You’re on here simply because you’re one of the first fans of mine that actually seemed to enjoy messaging me. I haven’t talked to you lately, but I see you Reblogging and liking a bunch of my posts, so I’m grateful you check out my blog almost daily. You’re an awesome person and I’m so glad you’re a reader and fan of me. c:

@wwesmutdonedirtcheap : Jen, we hardly talk, but when we do, it’s usually about ideas and for updates on your fics due to the tags not working. BUT, you’re an amazing writer and friend. I know I request from you a bunch, but who can blame me? Your stories are fucking amazing.

@p0tat0catofwesteros : I’m sure I can be a pest to you at times, but I’m in love with what you’ve done to that idea I gave you. I totally want Mr. Ambrose as a teacher. Lmao. But, your writing is amazing too, and you’re a pretty awesome friend.

@obsoleteobsessor : You share a thirst for Johnny Mundo and Angelico with me. And you’re just outright such a nice person. You’re definitely a great friend.

@wildandfreepinkv0dka : You’re pretty awesome on your own. I don’t even remember how I came across your blog, but I’m glad I did, because you’re a great friend to me already. And you share a love for Sami Callihan with me, so that makes it even better.

@50shadesofadamcolebaybay : We don’t talk as often anymore, but I blame your work schedule for that. XD But, you are like a sister to me and we share so many things in common. To think, we started talking because you wanted to see my writing inspiration playlist, if I recall? None the less, you’re amazing and I hope your work schedule changes so we can talk more. c:

As for the blogs that I really have no reason for other than them being fucking AWESOME, these are those:

@concussed-to-pieces | @hiitsmecharlie | @misswweuniverse | @llowkeys | @sammiielli | @fuckyeahbulletclub | @withwordslikeweapons | @wrestlingbabe | @kailynnyukari21 | @wwereaderinserts | @toosweetme | @that-lolachick | @attilasgurl2001 | @superrezzy00 | @moxleyunstable |

Pretty sure I forgot some, but this is off the top of my head, so bare with me. Thanks for reading!

everything will be okay in the end. if it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

I want to hold you and tell you everything’s okay when it’s not. Stroke your hair and not let you go until you are okay. Lay on your bed with you and talk about the highs and lows of life. Watch movies on Netflix while cuddling and laugh together. I want to hold your hand when we walk. I want to steal kisses from you when you’re not expecting them. I want to run my hands through your hair and whisper how beautiful you are to me. I want to get to know what makes you happy, get to know everything about your life. I want us to go on random adventures and take stupid pictures. I want to show you off in public and say that you’re mine. I want us to call each other at 3 in the morning and talk about our days. I want to try to make some of the hurt go away from your soul. I want us to listen to music while lying in a field starring at the stars, and think that if just for that moment, everything is right in the world. I want you to let me in, not just think of me as a pebble in your garden of stones. I wish I could tell you this but you would reply with “I don’t want to date you.” That would break me. So for now I’ll keep on imagining in my head that we do these things, while you go on with your life, not thinking of me.
—  Me to my unattainable crush